irclog2html for #wowwiki on 20070322

00:01.29Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, as awesome as they are, don't go too over the top with the scans - we don't want legal trouble :)
00:03.43Bagginswwsomeone complain?
00:03.43Kirkburn|afkI'm goint to remove the top Aldor v Scryer table
00:04.09Kirkburn|afkI was just writing "Any complaints?"
00:04.19Kirkburn|afkDifferent topic, but still weird
00:04.28BagginswwI've probably only scanned less than 1% of pictures :p
00:04.33Kirkburn|afkNo, no complaints, I just don't want any to happen
00:04.40BagginswwI don't have the time to scan every picture
00:05.10Bagginswwalso I don't like putting the stress on my books binding ;)
00:05.51Bagginswwsince some of them out out of print
00:07.07Kirkburn|afkAye, my Amazon order has been delayed for that reason I think
00:07.40Kirkburn|afkBtw, can you take a look over the {{BurningLegion}} stuff sometime? Probably could be improved
00:08.38Bagginswwhmm ok
00:10.36Bagginswwhmm well I'd fit in the traditional names for some of those, like succubus
00:10.49Bagginswwthat is general warlock version name ;)
00:11.49Bagginsww the picture could be improved... Ingame shot has to be better than the concept art :p
00:12.15Bagginswwonly problem I have with that particular concept art its half unfinished
00:12.40Bagginswwand models lookslightly different
00:13.17Bagginswwwell ttyl
00:17.35*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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00:18.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by Adys
00:19.57Peterinfobot: o_O
00:19.59infobotwell, o_o is some fucking creepy-arse eyes. o_O O_o
00:20.03Peterwhats it do! whats it do!
00:20.16Bleetergah, did Bagginsww just go afk?
00:24.31kasoGonna run another bunch of bot edits, etc etc.
00:31.13Adysnice kaso
00:31.18kasoI wonder
00:31.29kasoCould we edit {{cost}} to ignore zero values
00:31.51kaso{{gsc}} did and in converting from that this happened;
00:32.07kasonot a huge issue, but it seems like cost should be that way anyway
00:33.04Kirkburn|afkFun how most people won't even realise the pages have been made
00:33.11Adysand lol kirk, indeed
00:33.23Kirkburn|afkGo bot go!
00:33.47Adystbh i rather not do that
00:34.06kasoFair enough, may i enquire why?
00:34.19Adysbecause we are not supposed to have null values anyways
00:34.35Adysits like the category redirects
00:34.49Adysif we start autocorrecting people, people will never see that they are doing it wrong
00:34.56kasoi guess that makes sense
00:35.48kasomy log file is already 352KB long :> i spam too much info to it i think
00:36.20Adysi really wish there was a way to just purge useless edits from the database
00:36.39AdysIm like that, i dont like stuff taking up space uselessely
00:37.06kasoyou dont like those uselss trailing slashes taking up space :>
00:37.15Kirkburn|afkIf anyone finds valid references to WoWWiki around the web or in magazines, do tell. I want to get more stuff on the WoWWiki:About page
00:37.23Adysoh kirk
00:37.56Adyslemme find you it
00:38.20AdysIn fact, the wiki format lends itself very well to WoW info, just because this is a social game consisting of a lot of shared knowledge-- WoWWiki has been proving that theory for a while (and they've got lots of hunter info there as well, along with plenty of other necessary information).
00:38.37Adysalso expanded slightly the wowinsider page
00:38.59Kirkburn|afkI saw :P
00:42.04Adysfor the ones who didnt see
00:42.12Adysits not a great interview but its decent
00:46.18Kirkburn|afkKaso, currently I don't see any reason for your bot to ever stop :)
00:46.52kasoI'm still a little paranoid about the code, that some crazy error will make it rip apart the wiki
00:47.01kasobut its seems pretty stable at the moment
00:47.12KarriusIt becomes sentient and decides to doom manking for wasting their (and its) time on such frivilous matters.
00:47.20Karrius"Why, oh why couldn't I be a cancer research bot?" it lamets.
00:47.59kasoThe slight annoying thing is i cant run it whilst playing wow, theres no ability to pause execution in lua so to put in a delay between edits i have to do while true do end type loops >.<
00:49.31kasoif i knew the first thing about cancer research i would write a bot to help with that!
00:49.41Adysyou know
00:49.53Adysits quite weird checking the edits on my user page
00:50.01Adysone by one, from the first ot the last
00:50.11Kirkburn|afkI love doing that
00:50.20Kirkburn|afkIt's really good feeling seeing how far article have come
00:50.30AdysWoWWiki has a problem
00:50.34Adysstop the bot a sec :
00:50.48kasoi didnt do it!
00:50.49Adysany way to show bots by default in RC?
00:50.49Kirkburn|afkMight not have been you!
00:50.56Adysaye but stop it anyways><
00:50.58Kirkburn|afkPossible Adys, check prefs
00:51.08Adyshm cool
00:51.19Adysits really funny
00:51.29Kirkburn|afkStill no response
00:51.39Kirkburn|afkThis can't have been kasobot
00:51.41Adysthe fourth revision of my user page was plainly "Adys <Genesis> Level 60 Human Mage Stormrage (Europe)"
00:51.50Adysits fandy
00:52.24Kirkburn|afkT'weren't you
00:52.40kasoFound in...? what does that mean
00:52.56Adyssource param i guess
00:53.03Adysi think its silly tbh
00:53.06Adyswe look like thottbot
00:53.13Adysthese things can go on the page itself, imo
00:53.23Adyschecking the diff anyways.. when it loads
00:53.42Kirkburn|afkAnd we're back
00:53.44Adysbtw not poss to show bots by default in prefs kirk
00:53.50Kirkburn|afkoh ffs
00:53.57Kirkburn|afkHe broke it
00:54.24AdysIm rolling it back for now
00:54.42kasoi really need to save the Random/Grey list to a file on my PC to stop it being such a bitch to fix when i have to stop the bot
00:54.50Kirkburn|afkHe should come to IRC
00:55.19AdysKirk can you leave him a message - I rolled back the change on {{tooltip}}
00:55.27Adys(I think he doesnt really like me :P)
00:56.36Kirkburn|afkWe should lock the pages so that not even admins can edit them
00:57.39Adysyou know for a while i was pissed at the categories on the gsc, gs, gc, s, c, g and sc templates but didnt bother asking for a change because it was so ridiculous
00:57.50Adysand it was the first thing ive done when i had adminship i think ><
00:58.30Adyswiki still down?
00:59.14Adysmeanwhile btw -
00:59.36Kirkburn|afkNice innit
00:59.42Adysthis is cool :D
00:59.56Kirkburn|afkYes, still down
01:00.00Adysreally cool tbh
01:01.19Adysback up
01:02.17kasoI'd like to propose that be locked for editing, there is simply no way that page could be improved
01:02.36Bleeteryes there is!
01:03.09Kirkburn|afkThe rollback was incorrect!
01:03.23Kirkburn|afkYou rolled back his 10 March edit too
01:03.23Adysno please..
01:03.44Adysdont do that to me :p
01:03.45BleeterI should make a /Boobies page... 'There are no boobies in WoW', and put a pic up, and links to some bird watching organisation
01:04.14Kirkburn|afkSaving now
01:04.16Bleeterinterestingly, searching for 'boobies' returns a result
01:04.33Kirkburn|afkAnd I've attached a large angry change notice
01:04.34Bleeternot to mention the 'hot naked firm boobs' google ad
01:08.01kasoWell this problem has been good for me
01:08.07Kirkburn|afkHow so?
01:08.34kasoI found a bug where it would ignore recipes for items that when crafted had random enchants on
01:09.05kasoalso ive made it keep a local cache of the random/grey items array between edits to wiki so if i have to manually stop the bot, it isnt a huge pain in the ass
01:10.01Adysthis is odd tbh
01:10.19Adysat some poitn editing popular templates (like what, three or four weeks ago?) didnt generate that shit anymore
01:10.38Kirkburn|afkActually it was because we were moving to new templates
01:10.54Kirkburn|afkThe ones we were editing weren't much in use
01:11.20Kirkburn|afkAt least, that's my recollection
01:11.34Adysi recall editing elinksitem
01:11.39Adysand having a 20 seconds downtime
01:11.51Adyssomething like that
01:11.54kasoso, when you edit a template, does it have to go to each page that uses it and edit the page's rendered content? I'd have thought it would have done the rendering on request though when i think about it maybe that would have been even more taxing
01:12.53Gryphenthe pages that use it are cached
01:14.16Gryphenshould say, pages in general are cached, not dynamic
01:16.03kasois everything a-ok and back to normal on the wiki then?
01:16.14Kirkburn|afkUh, how do I put this
01:16.36Gryphenwowwiki can't be a-ok and normal
01:16.43Kirkburn|afkThe thing at fault was kasobot
01:16.47kasooh crap
01:16.51kasoWhat've i done
01:17.06Kirkburn|afkIt added a line break in the middle of the tooltip code
01:17.26Kirkburn|afkWait, wait
01:17.28kasothat affects it?
01:17.29Kirkburn|afkNow I'm confused
01:17.39kasoi thought whitespaces and newlines were ignored
01:17.47Kirkburn|afkSorry, hadn't refreshed
01:17.53Kirkburn|afkyeah, I think it was the tooltip change
01:18.04kasosure you're sure?
01:18.18Kirkburn|afkYeah, I just went back and checked it, looks fine
01:18.31kasoi can track down the mis-placed newline if you like, but uptil now i'd ignored it because i thought it was simply ignored
01:20.02Kirkburn|afkAfter level, before sell
01:20.09Kirkburn|afkI've left a note for Fandy
01:22.41Kirkburn|afkAdys, Bagginsw, Gryphen, Montagg, everyone - I want to make sure everyone understands: please do not edit popular templates without telling anyone. Even if you're an admin, you still have to be accountable.
01:23.04Kirkburn|afkkaso, should be fine to restart the bot :)
01:23.29kasoI might as well track down the newline whilst its offline, gimme 5min :<
01:27.15Kirkburn|afkFandy sounds pissed :/
01:29.48kasohokay that should fix the newline
01:32.11kasowhat does the hmm refer to?
01:32.28Bagginswwfandy is pissed?
01:32.38Kirkburn|afkSee his talk page
01:33.04Kirkburn|afk"In a huff", might be a better description?
01:33.19Bagginswwthe "whatever"?
01:34.16kasoshall i continue? i must admit I'm a feeling a little cautious at the moment
01:34.22Kirkburn|afkI think he feels a bit odd given that he was pretty much sole admins for a looong time
01:34.24Bagginswwwell I promise I won't touch templates much, especially the ones that do fancy things :p... I don't know wiki commands well enough :p
01:34.38Kirkburn|afkHe might feel put out by the "new guard"
01:34.47Kirkburn|afkkaso, go go
01:34.54Kirkburn|afkNone of this was to do with kasobot
01:36.56BagginswwI think the only templates I've mess with were updating the language ones, a few of the source templates, and a few of the clan and race ones :)
01:37.24Kirkburn|afkYeah, by popular I mean elinks, tooltip, etc
01:38.31Bagginswwahh, the ones I probably never use, and let experts include, ;)
01:38.55BagginswwIf its outside of lore, I'm clueless heh heh
01:41.21Kirkburn|afkUpdated my note to Fandy
01:41.33Kirkburn|afkFortunately I found proof he broke it
01:43.44Kirkburn|afkkaso, just wondering - did you fix just remove the sell and ilvl lines?
01:44.02kasoit shouldnt have
01:44.12kasothe stubs dont have sell and ilvl
01:44.28kasoi cant get that infomation so i only copy it over if it was already there in tooltipcss form
01:44.32Kirkburn|afkAh okay
01:44.48kasosame with {{spelllink}} for "green" text
01:48.36Kirkburn|afkWith your bot, we'll hit 30,000 pages in no time :)
01:49.16kasoAre bots allowed into the 10,000 club :>
01:49.43Kirkburn|afkVoidvectorBot is already there :)
01:49.54kasogot alot of catching up to do!
01:51.26kasoWhats quite interesting is watching how certain items are spread along the ItemID line, (and hence, giving a rough estimate as to went they werre made
01:52.00kasoI've just gotten into Stranglethorn vale items
01:52.53*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (n=rawsonat@
01:53.03kasoI was surpised at how low the indices are for most of the world drop epics
01:53.15kasoi mean teebu's is at like ~1700
01:53.19Skyfirewhat's goin on in dis hear thread?
01:53.23kasothats before barrens loot
01:54.43*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
01:54.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
01:55.44KarriusThey did the barrens after a lot of alliance stuff, didnt' they?
01:55.45Kirkburn|afkheu Tek
01:56.27kasoNot that i've noticed Karrius but its not like ive been keeping paying total attention
01:56.36kasoi just notice names scroll by every now and again
01:57.14KarriusI mean in actual design order, I thought they did alliance first, then horde.
01:57.28kasothat'd make sense
01:57.29KarriusAs opposed to "Level 1 stuff. Level 5 stuff. Level 10 stuff." etc
01:57.41KarriusA common complaint of horde: Our stuff was last and was rushed!
02:00.08Kirkburn|afkDRAMADRAMADRAMA! :P
02:00.17Skyfirewhen did fandy kill the template?
02:00.22Kirkburn|afkSorry, just felt like making an outburst
02:00.34kasoKirkburn dont let anyone take my monolithic {{tooltip}} i love it too  much
02:00.47Skyfire11 min ago
02:01.05Kirkburn|afk11 min ago? Much longer than that
02:01.23Skyfireok, 1:11
02:01.23Kirkburn|afk11 min was about the downtime :P
02:01.38*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
02:01.41Skyfirehola hobin!
02:02.38Skyfireit was kirkburn's first bout with fandy tonight! XD
02:02.50Kirkburn|afkkaso did it!
02:02.58kasoOne thing that seems exceedingly oblivious to me is the complete lack of thought that went into the whole spellcaster side of the game
02:03.03kasoyou meanie!
02:03.49*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
02:03.59Skyfirecheck out
02:04.08Skyfirehe's goin on an anti-tooltip attack
02:04.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
02:04.30AdysSo yes I was saying I hate my irc.
02:04.41Adysmy isp..
02:05.06Kirkburn|afkSince I spy many admins about
02:05.09Skyfireyah... uh, kirk, i deleted my comment. i noted that it was still locked, after having learned about the darma
02:05.21Adysdid fandy say anything?
02:05.30Kirkburn|afklol yeah
02:05.49Kirkburn|afkAdmin note! We should make sure that when we discussing stuff on here, that if it's some big decision, it should be noted on the wiki somehow
02:06.16Skyfirehmm... ?
02:06.16Kirkburn|afk"See IRC" as the change note is a bit cheeky :P
02:06.33Adyswoah Fandy is gone really mad ><
02:06.33Kirkburn|afkNah, I'm meaning on the relevant talk pages
02:06.49Skyfireit could be used as an archive type page though
02:07.04Skyfireyou can also put the note on the relevant talk page as well
02:07.05AdysI agree with skyfire btw, we should archive important IRC talks
02:07.35Kirkburn|afkFreenode keeps logs irrc?
02:07.46Kirkburn|afkBut I guess that's not good enough :
02:07.49Adysiirc.. irc.. very funny :P
02:07.52Skyfirewhy not?
02:07.52AdysI keep logs btw
02:07.55Adyswhile im online
02:08.03kasoibot keeps logs
02:08.10infobot[logs] apt/ibot/infobot/jbot/purl all log daily to<channelname>/ where channelname is html encoded ie: %23debian | lines that start with a space are not shown | some channels have stats at<channelname>.html.gz
02:08.10Skyfirekaso ftw
02:08.15Kirkburn|afkWho wants to trawl though pages of crap in french?
02:08.21AdysI hate you :P
02:08.25Skyfirepoor adys
02:08.28kasoi think "logs" are a bad think in my opinion
02:08.34kaso(just my 2c)
02:08.48Adysof the important talks about the wiki i dont see why not tbh
02:08.57kasoPeople never like to read logs, people never read logs
02:09.02Kirkburn|afkI'm on 9925 edits
02:09.07Skyfirethen we need a summary or something
02:09.17kasoIt should be more of a manual mirroring in talk pages than automatic logs
02:09.18Skyfirehow the hell do you know the number? have you been counting? :/
02:09.36Kirkburn|afkSkyfire, it's time consuming to find out :P
02:09.51Kirkburn|afkSafe to say, it requires lots of fiddling with Contribs
02:09.53AdysBwuhaha, I got more than you!
02:10.14kasoKirkburn|afk, if there is going to be discussion onto {[tooltip}} changes should i stop the bot for a while until something is sorted out.
02:10.16Skyfireoh... you're just counting how many pages of 500 you have, and then counting how many pages of 100, etc?
02:10.21AdysKaso, I see what you mean
02:10.24Kirkburn|afkkaso, nope
02:10.28Kirkburn|afkBot is fine
02:10.37Kirkburn|afkSkyfire, sort of
02:10.56Skyfirek, afk for dinner
02:11.23kasoAdys thats sort of the way free open source software dev teams do it, they have infomal chats in IRC but anything of actual worth is done in mailing lists
02:11.46Adysyar i get you
02:12.18AdysAnyhow, anything really big discussed on here should be logged and reported on the wiki or somewhere at least tbh
02:13.04Kirkburn|afkMy god! That sounds just like what I said! ;)
02:13.38Kirkburn|afkkaso, how does the bot work exactly?
02:14.18Kirkburn|afkIt is basically just going down the number list looking for empty articles
02:14.37Kirkburn|afkAnd if it finds a created one, it tries to fix the template?
02:15.24kasoIt goes through items ids 1-35000, gets the tooltip data off blizzard, if it falls under my "ignore" catagogies then it skips to the next, else, constructs a {{tooltip}} out of it, then inspects the current page on wowwiki, if it is blank it makes a sub, if it has a tooltipcss it replaces it with the new {{tooltip}} it made, otherwise it just skips over
02:16.03Kirkburn|afkIntelligent! :)
02:16.15Kirkburn|afkAnd so far we're only on 4500 :O
02:16.31Kirkburn|afkMost the poor ones are low numbers, no?
02:16.52kasonot most
02:16.57kasojust mostly lowbie items
02:17.27kasoits a good approximation for when the item was created, so it goes like 1-5 items, 10-20 items etc etc
02:17.38Kirkburn|afkWhat are the current ignore cats?
02:18.07kasoTrash, common, random suffix
02:18.40kasooh, also as a hackish fixed if there is more than one tooltipcss on the page it will be skipped
02:19.35kasocos it can get rather confused as to whats going on
02:20.28Kirkburn|afkI wonder how long the poor quality list will get
02:20.49Kirkburn|afkI know they're kinda pointless, but I want almost just want them for higher page counts ;)
02:21.11*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
02:21.19Kirkburn|afkA side benefit of this may at least be that the Unused Files list will go down
02:21.28kasooh the icons?
02:21.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o adys] by ChanServ
02:21.35adysSide benefit of?
02:21.50kasoDoes wowwiki have every icon?
02:22.06Kirkburn|afkAdys is having problems :/
02:22.10kasoi was working under that assumption
02:22.19*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
02:22.19*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
02:22.28Kirkburn|afkYes, it was a big thing, every icon is uploaded
02:22.33Adysfuck you tiscali, wanadoo, miranda, ARGH
02:22.48AdysAnd many icons are there for spells only
02:23.02Kirkburn|afkkasobot's next job? ;P
02:23.20Adysthere is a very simple way to empty up the unused file list
02:23.39kasoAdys'd delete count ++
02:24.26Kirkburn|afkI don't think that takes them off the list
02:24.36Kirkburn|afkIn fact, I'm pretty certain it doesn't :/
02:24.38kasoWho manages the icons nowadays i see most were uploaded by zeal
02:24.59AdysI do
02:25.01Kirkburn|afkI tried it with the high elf pictures - I had put them in a gallery to get them off the list
02:25.06AdysZeal uploaded the post bc ones
02:25.13Adystusva all the missing pre bc ones
02:25.17AdysI uploaded all the missing pngs
02:25.23Adysteamwork ;P
02:25.25kasocool cool
02:25.38kasodo you extract + convert them yourself?
02:25.51AdysI downloaded most from allakhazam
02:26.07Adyssome didnt have transparency etc so i did another round from the mpqs
02:27.07AdysIm not sure how this is going to come up
02:27.17AdysBut now there should be no unused icon
02:27.53kasothat is a large page :>
02:28.13AdysDont visit it too much tho :p
02:28.19Adysthe wiki has enough problems as it is lol
02:32.08kasoi have this issue with my blp converter that some images come out like this:
02:32.10Adys should that be deleted?
02:32.22Adysand yes kaso
02:32.31Adysbah zeal offline on msn
02:32.33Hobinheim|afkif you had to make a primary partition as small as you could, but still usable for vista and installing programs like wow, how big would you make it
02:32.44Adyshe has a decent converter for this kind of pics kaso
02:33.06Adys15gb small enough hob?
02:33.14kasoadys blizzard have a cool interactive SWF version of that nowadays
02:33.17Hobinheim|afk15gb is like the minimum for vista itself
02:33.27Hobinheim|afkbut you need to install programs n stuff later, right
02:33.38Adysgo with 25-30
02:33.45AdysAye i know kaso
02:33.47Adysthats why i asked
02:33.48Hobinheim|afkyeah kaso wtf is up with that chart
02:33.49kasoHobinheim|afk, why do you want to make it small
02:34.00Hobinheim|afkkaso, just messing around with dynamic disks
02:34.06kasowtf is up with it?
02:34.11Hobinheim|afkor thinking of when i get to reformatting
02:34.13Hobinheim|afkyeah it's ugly
02:34.20Adyswhine at blizz :p
02:34.20Hobinheim|afki dunno how it's usable at all
02:34.21Hobinheim|afkit's confusing
02:34.30kasowell the process *is* confusing!
02:34.31Adysyou got JS installed or what?
02:34.53Adysits prob the best chart ive ever seen
02:35.21Hobinheim|afkever go on a university internet connection and think... time to be abusive and watch quicktime trailers in hi def =)
02:35.23KarriusIf you click on it, the mouseovers stay.
02:35.35Hobinheim|afkadys, you like that chart better than the candy colored one?
02:35.41AdysMuch more
02:36.09Kirkburn|afkBloody hell Adys, sexy image page
02:36.19Adysthankyou :p
02:36.45Kirkburn|afkJust, er, let's hope no-one visits it
02:37.04*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
02:37.04*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
02:37.27Hobinheim|afkwow that's quite the page
02:37.36Hobinheim|afklet's stop talking about it, go back in time and stop you from linking it
02:37.42Hobinheim|afkerase it from your minds, everyone!
02:37.44Kirkburn|afkLol, down to 221 unused files
02:37.57Adysinfobot, forget that page
02:38.11Adys~that page?
02:38.23infoboti heard that page is confusing
02:38.43Hobinheim|afkkirk, what did you think of the pirates trailer
02:38.45Hobinheim|afki'm watching it again now
02:38.50Adys ffqs
02:38.54Kirkburn|afkCool, IE7 hated it though
02:40.36AdysVysygota deserves a star
02:40.56AdysKirkburn btw
02:41.00Adys should that be deleted?
02:41.04Adysnow is there
02:41.47Kirkburn|afkWe have anyway
02:41.53Kirkburn|afkSo yes
02:42.37Skyfirekirk, do you know where the recoloring came for the article? cause that is way cool
02:42.50Kirkburn|afkOh, don't say that :(
02:43.04Kirkburn|afkCheck his talk page though Sky
02:44.27Kirkburn|afkAdys, why "Vysygota deserves a star" ?
02:44.43Adyshe's done a shitload of work on the bc raid loot
02:44.44Skyfirelol, krik
02:44.49Skyfireyeah, he has
02:44.56Adyswhat skyfire said this morning
02:45.05Skyfirewell, last night...
02:45.08Skyfiresilly frenchies
02:45.17Adysyou forget i wake up at 10pm
02:45.30Kirkburn|afkkaso, your bot has finished a bunch :(
02:45.31Skyfiredamn frenchies on the nightshift
02:45.50kasoyah, im going to bed soon so thats it for the night i think
02:45.50Kirkburn|afkMe sleep now
02:46.02kasonote: not going to be with kirkburn
02:46.34Adysnn kirk
02:46.44Kirkburn|afkAww, I have to be on the couch tonight kaso?
02:47.12kasoMan how can Lapidis Tankard of Tidesippe not have had a page up till now, thats an awesome name
02:47.45Skyfirewho knows
02:48.31Adysis there any way to lock a page so that no one can visit it?
02:48.40Skyfiredelete it
02:48.49AdysLike if it was deleted, but with keeping links and stuff
02:48.52Skyfireneway, how the hell did gul'dan's soul end up in outland?
02:48.52kasoremove all links to it? people arent gonna just guess names
02:49.20Skyfireoh, i know...
02:49.20Adysskyfire he's been doing stuff to shadowmoon
02:49.29Skyfireno, not that
02:49.53kasoIm more concerned about how sand gnomes got to outlands!
02:50.09Kirkburn|afkYeah, just make sure it has no links
02:50.16AdysWell the problem is
02:50.22Adysevery single icon article links it :P
02:50.33AdysOutland kaso
02:50.45Kirkburn|afkIf only Ragestorm was here
02:50.48Skyfire says that he appears to have been trapped at the time of the opening of the dark portal... right when he was trying to jack medivh's info
02:50.59Skyfirethat's how
02:51.02Skyfirei r smart
02:51.47Kirkburn|afkAdys, you could split the page up a bit?
02:52.01AdysI could do that yeah
02:52.20AdysIm finishing up with OwlBoy's dirty work tho
02:52.20Kirkburn|afkIt's not really that bad of a page
02:52.33Kirkburn|afkIt's just an unneccessary amount of bandwidth
02:56.06*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
02:56.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
02:56.16AdysI hate miranda
02:57.00Bleetersady: why use it?
02:57.57Adysbecause it rocks
02:58.06AdysI dont hate it, i hate its bugs
02:58.14Adysits like people whining constantly about wow since two years
02:58.16Adysblizzard sucks
02:58.18Adyswow sucks
02:58.20Adysclass balance sucks
02:58.22Adyspvp sucks
02:58.25Adysthey play this game ffs
02:58.38Adyssee my point? Miranda is awesome. Who likes blames
02:59.25Bleeterfair nuff
03:14.11AdysWhere is this converter now
03:15.41winkilleruhm, how do I place a vote again?
03:18.14*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
03:19.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+v Skosiris] by Adys
03:19.16Adyslo Sk
03:30.28Adysanyone has pre bc mpqs?
03:30.35AdysI need something from interface.mpq
03:33.58winkillersomewhere on my laptopt I guess
03:34.40kasoi updated my windows install i forgot :<
03:34.45kasoWhatcha after?
03:35.04AdysI need the icon INV_Misc_Ore_Gold_01.blp
03:35.10Adysfrom pre bc
03:35.13*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
03:35.33kasoit changed?
03:35.45Adysseems so
03:42.24Adystheres the zul aman loading screen in the mpqs :)
03:43.01kaso'''Datamined pictures of unreleased content are not allowed'''
03:43.31*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
03:45.42winkillermade a favicon, anyone wanna use that?
03:45.57winkilleror is there a specific reason wowwiki has none, as also nobody replied
03:46.25kasoi think i'd be better if it were just the slanted W without the border thing
03:46.26winkiller <- so it looks
03:46.46winkillerwhere do I get that one?
03:47.34kasoi assumed it would be simple to make it :>
03:47.44winkillerwell, I need the original one
03:47.53winkillerthen I can convert it to the small icon :P
03:48.13Skyfirewhy not try clicking the symbol... :o
03:48.45winkillerargh. wrong domain. moved it:
03:56.14Adys needs to be fixed to lowercase Shortblade
03:58.54AdysSame for
04:00.18winkillerThe following pages link to this file:
04:00.32winkillerdo you change them or how will it be noticed?
04:00.38Adys same here
04:00.56AdysNah Ill take care of it
04:01.00Adysatm im just doing the uploads
04:01.09Adyswriting down here so that I can remember ><
04:01.16winkillerlol, ok
04:01.44winkillerbeacuse the first 2 are already nonexistent
04:02.45winkillerI already had that multiple times. someone posts here and minimum one other also rushes to do it
04:09.09Skosirishey, what's the "official" name for The Eye/Tempest Keep?
04:09.22Skosirisa lot of people use "The Eye", while the name in AreaTable.dbc is Tempest Keep
04:09.29AdysThe Eye
04:09.31KarriusI think that's it.
04:10.04KarriusI think the full is "The Eye of Tempest Keep", isn't it?
04:10.04Adysis lol
04:10.10AdysNo idea
04:10.26Adystbh blizz needs to come up with decent name
04:10.38AdysId have named it something like..
04:10.44Karrius"Kael'thas's fun house."
04:10.46AdysTempest Core or whatever
04:10.53Adysno thats taken wait
04:10.59AdysTempest Heart :P
04:11.04Adyssomething like that anyways
04:11.08AdysIm not paid to do this
04:12.50Bibi`ouFstill labeled as "Tempest Keep" on the new bc attunement tool
04:13.26Karrius"Bodacious Bloodelf Brothel"
04:13.34Karrius"Flying Flamey Fortress" ?
04:15.03Karrius...noone likes my suggestions?
04:15.32AdysWell well well
04:15.37AdysTempest Keep
04:15.41Adys"And its satellites"
04:16.03Adysthe exodar, the botanica, the mechanar and the arcatraz
04:16.53winkilleroh right..
04:17.16winkillerguess for horde that is the hardest to clear
04:17.37Adysspaceship pew pew lol
04:19.43Adysit seems its confirmed that Tempest Keep is the name for "The Eye"
04:20.32AdysThe Article The Eye should be moved to Tempest Keep
04:36.50Bibi`ouFAdys : the /who doesnt matter
04:36.59Bibi`ouFit shows coilfang reservoir when you're in serpentshrine
04:37.03Skosirissurprisingly enough, Serpentshrine Cavern's name in the DBC files is Coilfang Reservoir
04:37.40SkosirisI suggest that you keep the name "The Eye" for now
04:37.46Bibi`ouFit looks nice
04:37.47Adysfor now yes
04:37.57Adysbut I want baggins and ragestorm to give their opinions on that
04:38.06AdysBecause if we do rename it tempest keep
04:38.11Adyswe might have to rename serpentshrine
04:39.00Skosirisit's kind of strange that Blizzard used "Tempest Keep" and "serpentshrine cavern"
04:39.19AdysI guess the eye is just ugly
04:39.21Adysand i agree
04:39.40KarriusIt also bothers me that the BG has a similiar name
04:40.43Bibi`ouFoh great
04:40.47Bibi`ouFworldofraids stole more news from my site.
04:44.23AdysWhat site?
04:45.04Bibi` mentionned my site, but worldofraids forgot :/
04:49.22Bibi`ouFSkosiris : MSN c'est mal.
04:50.40AdysCan you check up something for me
04:51.04Adyssays on your site you got the t6 bonuses. Can you check up the mage 4 piece bonus
04:51.15Adysif there is any way to tell if its base dmg or total dmg
04:51.37KarriusAll things worded like that, that I've seen, have been total damage.
04:52.01Adysbut Ive seen the other mage setbonuses and some suck :P
04:52.10KarriusOf course, I look on WoWHead, and what do I see? People immediately saying that it should have ALL use removed for my spec, because noone plays my spec, so clearly, no bonuses should be given to it.
04:52.12sancusthat 4pc bonus is shit
04:52.24sancusit's the second best bonus :P
04:52.30sancustoo bad the best one is a 2pc
04:52.44AdysIm not so sure sancus
04:52.53Adysthings that scale with gear are good in general
04:53.00sancus2pc T5 is mathematically superior to that bonus
04:53.12Karrius1,283 mana with evocation for my 70, all blue mage.
04:53.13Adyswhats the bonus?
04:53.20sancus20% increase in arcane blast damage+mana cost
04:53.46sancusI'll grant that that bonus is more flexible
04:53.55sancusbut for an extra tier and 4pc instead of 2, still kinda meh
04:53.58Adysthats VERY situational
04:54.00sancusand that 2pc is HORRIBLE
04:54.01sancusno it's not
04:54.08KarriusThe 6 piece makes up for it in awesomeness.
04:54.13KarriusThe other two bonuses don't impress me.
04:54.17sancusIt makes 40/21 arc/fire the best raid damage build in the game
04:54.30Adysyes thats why i say its situational
04:54.33KarriusHold on, not to be rude, but just so I'm 100% certain.
04:54.35Adysit works for a spec
04:54.35KarriusYou guys play mages?
04:54.43sancusthe best spec, yes
04:54.51AdysI personally am never dropping ice block
04:54.53sancusthats really the only relevant thing
04:54.59sancusyou don't have to?
04:55.03sancusThe funny thing about that bonus
04:55.09Adysin a 40/21 arc/fire I do
04:55.18Karriuskay. And from what I've seen, ALL mages use AB... although, that bonus doesn't really enhance the reason WHY they use it.
04:55.28sancusis that 40/21 arcane/ice is the second best build with it
04:56.04KarriusYes, I know I'm crazy.
04:56.10sancusab/ab/fireball/fireball repeat outdamages fireball spam with 2pc T5, and has far superior DPM and sustainability
04:56.29sancuswith 40/21 arc/ice, you do ab/ab/frostbolt/frostbolt/fire blast, and it's almost as good dps/dpm
04:56.33Karriusab/fireball/fireball/ab also enhances out the sustainability fire
04:57.17sancusthose two builds are actually surprisingly close to 10/48/3 standard best current raid build
04:57.22sancusBut 2pc T5 pushes them over the top
04:57.37AdysWhen you're not specced heavy arcane, AB is quite shit tbh
04:57.38sancusAnd if you use those nuke patterns, that increases your damage by about 8-9%
04:57.51sancusif you're not specced heavy arcane then you're not an optimal raid build if T5 is available to you
04:57.55AdysTalking in general, not specifically about raids
04:58.11sancusthe other problem with that T6 bonus
04:58.13KarriusEh, I kinda disagree. I know I didn't use it AS much when I was ice, but I still occasionally used it.
04:58.16sancusis it requires you to give up Spellfire
04:58.20KarriusRemember raids are all about crazy sustainability
04:58.24sancuswhich is like a big 'GIMP ME' sign
04:58.30Karriussancus- Not all of us are tailors.
04:58.38sancusnot optimal raid setup, then
04:58.54sancusnot really important
04:59.08KarriusBut it is something to consider.
04:59.10sancus(it sucks that tailoring is a requirement, sadly it is)
04:59.30sancusand sustainbility's not really a problem in raids, heh
04:59.31AdysYou cant say that its a raid setup problem
04:59.37Adysso yes tailors will be better, but
04:59.38sancusat least not if you have a proper caster dps group
04:59.56Adyspersonally Ive had all the rare enchants from AQ etc and ive been given alot of rare enchants while levelling
05:00.09sancusyou have two professions
05:00.13AdysJust suppose I had enchanting and another prof
05:00.25sancusyou'd drop the other prof for tailoring
05:00.30AdysAnd the same situation for the other profession
05:00.35sancuswe had a warlock level enchanting just to enchant his rings
05:00.39sancusthen he dropped it and levelled tailoring :p
05:00.45sancusnow that's a serious player!
05:01.09KarriusHonestly, while Spellfire is really awesome, I still don't see it as a "must" simply because it's not THAT huge of an upgrade over blue stuff, and your spec will then be locked into place.
05:01.18sancusit's a pretty huge upgrade
05:01.30sancusI mean, it's better than T5
05:01.32KarriusCompared to how things used to be?
05:01.42AdysSancus, look ahead
05:01.44KarriusYeah, but t5 sucks. :p
05:01.46sancusyour spec isn't really locked ahead
05:01.48sancuser locked
05:01.51KarriusThat, really, is the problem.
05:01.52Adystherell be t6, t7, twhatever
05:01.53sancusit's locked into a fire or arcane based spec
05:01.58sancuswhich will always be the best for raiding anyhow so who cares
05:02.02Adysand I strongly, strongly doubt there will be a new tailoring set
05:02.12sancusthen drop tailoring and get something else
05:02.17sancusenchanting prob
05:02.40sancusyou have to stay up to date with whatever's the best at the particular time
05:03.16sancuspersonally I wish they would redesign tailoring so that it offers a minor enhancement like enchanting does with the ring enchants
05:03.19sancusinstead of stupid gear
05:03.19Adysthese things are ridiculous honestly. When it gets to get you forced to have different professions depending on whats better for the moment
05:03.30sancusbut it's quite possible that they are going to do what blacksmithing has
05:03.34Adysprofessions are aimed to be equal, even if they are not, blizz will constantly buff them and another
05:03.43sancusand make recipest hat are direct upgrades to spellfire/shadoweave
05:03.49sancuswhich require things from raids
05:04.08sancuser if you haven't noticed, adys
05:04.22sancusthe entire raid game is totally absurd and horrifically badly designed at the moment
05:04.43Karriuswelcome to the new raid, same as the old raid? ;)
05:04.44Adysyes, and trying to beat it that way is getting your guild members and raid members even more bored
05:04.58sancusThat's why they took out the heavy steel-bound nerf bat for gruul/magtheridon
05:05.04sancusand they "promised to fix" the raid epics
05:05.23sancusKarrius: no, old raids were fine
05:05.35Adysi disagree karrius, now even tho there is more stuff to do and get from many things, there are many more ways to fuck you up with them
05:05.40sancustheres no gear progression in new raids, and it was replaced with increasing consumable requirements instead
05:05.48sancusthey recognize that that is ridiculous and are fixing it
05:05.54sancusbut it'll be probably 6 months before it's properly rectified
05:06.21Karriussancus- Aye, because they eventually got around to fixing them all. Which is in the process of what they're doing now. I meant it more of a joke.
05:06.22sancusI mean, the whole situation sucks for mages anyhow right now
05:06.31sancusone of the reasons im not playing much
05:07.01sancusI would probably have cancelled my account if I were a rogue, mind you :p
05:07.14AdysI can understand really very top hardcore guilds race eachother and need you to do that kind of stupid stuff
05:07.18sancuswarlocks beat the shit out of every other dps in the game by so much
05:07.20sancusit's ridiculous
05:07.40Adysbut "regular" hardcore guilds should stop fucking up their members
05:07.50KarriusIt won't be long until we see 10-warlock Karazhan raids.
05:07.51sancusmy guild is really very top hardcore
05:07.54sancusthat's why I'm not playing right now
05:08.01AdysI figured sancus
05:08.11sancusbecause I don't have the time or inclination to work hard enough to keep their standards
05:08.15KarriusI honestly don't see the appeal in that.
05:08.18sancusbut I don't think they should lower their standards.
05:08.26sancusI have a lot of respect for those sorts of players
05:08.34sancusWoW is just not for me atm
05:08.41sancusI can't stand playing an MMOG without being the best
05:09.11sancusor striving to be the best, in any case
05:09.22KarriusEh, it just seems to me like that kinda stuff breeds assholeishness.
05:09.30AdysNo karrius
05:09.37sancuswe have some assholes in our guild
05:09.39Tekkubeletism much? :)
05:09.47sancusfor me, performance and ability > personality
05:10.02sancusofc I'm elitist
05:10.04sancusgee, is this news?
05:10.10Tekkubfuck you and your spelling elitism
05:10.13sancusI consider elitism to be necessary to my enjoyment of an mmo :)
05:10.14KarriusTekkub- Not trying to be. Maybe attracts, but at least in my experience, it tends to be the hardcore guilds that have the biggest problems.
05:10.28KarriusI mean, I can understand "Not playing with idiots"
05:10.35sancusThe hardcore guilds are usually the ones that stay together for the longest :P
05:10.55Adysdisagree. the most hardcore ones only
05:10.57Karriussancus, when a guild says "We can't have women in our guild because we're all too immature for that", you know there's something wrong.
05:10.59sancusthe most hardcore, sure
05:11.01Tekkubof course it is, you take anything too seriously and you start making problems that aren't there
05:11.06sancusI'd agree with that
05:11.13sancusthe 'middle hardcore' often do have a lot of problems, that's true
05:11.18Adyshardcore guilds fuck up much more easily when they have members that start not being able to maintain the standards like you
05:11.24Adysexcept that the most hardcore ones have applicants
05:11.31sancusThat's because if you think you're hardcore, but for some reason you can't keep up
05:11.32Adysits biggered and pictured, but overall thats how it works
05:11.35sancusit causes massive drama
05:11.37KarriusI mean, I don't mean ALL guilds are like that.
05:11.55sancusthat's true
05:12.01sancusThat's why I'm *not playing* right now, instead of playing half-assed
05:12.12sancusbecause playing half-assed is simply unacceptable
05:12.17TekkubI think what's trying to be said is, when a hardcore guild carshs and burns, they do it the most spectacularly
05:12.20KarriusBut in my smaller guilds, when we broke up, which we certainly did a lot, it was never over stuff that seemed downright cruel.
05:12.42KarriusIt seems to me like smaller guilds break apart peacefully. Big ones are never pretty. Yeah.
05:12.47sancusmy guild formed on the day wow released, and we are to date the last guild from our original server that hasn't broken up on our faction
05:13.00sancusactually I guess it formed in beta, nm
05:13.05sancuswasn't part of it at that point then though
05:13.16AdysIm getting so many complains from members of my exguild, which was and still is the topguild of my server - On one side there are most officers/raidleaders that complain about the fact they didn't kill Gruul and Magtheridon prenerf and that they are annoyed by the nerf. On the other side there is the members that are one by one getting burned out from the consumable farm, constant wipes, goldfarming, etc etc etc
05:13.58sancusyeah, your guild is not really what I'm talking about when I say 'hardcore'
05:14.09sancusso I guess there's a distinction
05:14.11Adysthats what i mean when i say "semi hardcore"
05:14.20AdysHardcore raiding, but not top worldwide progress
05:14.22Tekkubwhen he says hardcore, he means no life outside of work and wow :)
05:14.42Adysthey still raid 6 days and half a week, they just suck since bc
05:15.10AdysSandwich time, brb
05:15.28KarriusIn soviet russia, sandwich time you.
05:15.32sancusthey didnt kill gruul before the nerf and they raid 6 and a half days a week?
05:15.41sancusthat would make me kill myself
05:15.47sancus(or at least find another guild)
05:15.50AdysAt least you'd get to kill something
05:16.04sancusjust terrible
05:16.15Adysback, no bread ftl
05:16.20Adysand why do you think i left them
05:16.24Tekkubyou know how hardcore I am?
05:16.28Adysi knew they'd break apart when bc comes out
05:16.30TekkubI've been in since open beta
05:16.34KarriusWhen you wipe on a raid, you delete your character?
05:16.35TekkubI have a 64 hunter
05:16.47Tekkubmy next highest is a 30 priest
05:16.53sancusin my experience
05:17.06sancusthe difference between the actual top-end hardcore and the middle people who think they're hardcore
05:17.18sancusis tenacity and how many times they're willing to go back and wipe over and over again no matter what
05:17.21KarriusIs girlfriends.
05:17.24TekkubI'm hardcore damnit
05:17.25sancus... but clearly Adys' guild proves me wrong :P
05:17.36sancusif you can raid that hard and not kill gruul, something is seriously wrong with you
05:17.44Tekkubif blue gave exp for writing addons I'd have so many 70s by now
05:17.47KarriusMaybe they were just slow out of the gate?
05:17.54AdysThey have started late
05:17.54sancusmy guild killed gruul over a month ago
05:17.59sancusand they definitely DONT raid 6 days a week
05:18.09KarriusI mean, it's not particularly easy to key up and gear up 25 people, especially because you may not get full Karazhan groups.
05:18.09sancusmore like 4-5
05:18.19KarriusToo few warriors, too few priests, etc.
05:20.00sancuswe run just two kara groups
05:20.17sancusand meh, theres enough class flexibility now that thats not so big of an issue
05:20.24sancuslike we have a druid who specializes in tanking
05:21.09KarriusEh. I guess my view on things is warped/doesn't really matter, seeing as my guild still isn't in Karazhan yet. :p
05:22.10AdysSkosiris you still there?
05:22.43Skosirisof course
05:22.57AdysI found some odd spells a while ago
05:24.37Adys21229 21228 and 21230
05:24.42Adysany idea where they come from
05:25.44sancusthe arcane missiles one was the discarded Arcanist bonus
05:25.53sancusI suspect the others are discarded set bonuses also
05:26.05Adyswtb the arcane missile one tbh
05:26.16Skosirishehe I don`t know
05:26.32AdysSancus, any idea "when" it was discarded?
05:26.34Skosiristhere are about 30000 spells, a lot of them are unused
05:26.55sancusuh yeah
05:26.57sancusa long time ago
05:27.08sancussometime in early 2005 maybe?
05:27.16sancusor maybe even 2004, I cant remember
05:27.31sancusIt was the *first* set bonus that Arcanist had, no one ever actually got it
05:27.36sancusthe 8pc
05:27.50sancuswas changed before it was possible to get 8pcs
05:27.55sancusback when T2 was still partially dropping in MC heh
05:28.01Adysmc was out late in 2005
05:28.07Adyshow could you get t1 before then?
05:28.17sancusMC didn't come out late in 2005
05:28.36Adysit came out with 1.1.0 or something
05:28.48Adysi suck with dates tho
05:28.54sancusI'm sure it wasn't late 2005 :p
05:29.01sancusno one ever had that set bonus though
05:29.05sancusit was simply datamined in alla
05:29.14sancusthey changed it before it was obtainable
05:29.46Adyshmm ok, thanks
05:29.52Adysexplains a fair bit
05:30.18AdysNow is it me or even before mc was out blizzard had no idea about balance
05:30.34Adys24 dmg per fireball dot and 1 second duration on AM... lol
05:31.13AdysSo arcanist actually had decent bonuses at some point
05:31.40*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
05:31.46Skyfirei r back
05:31.48sancusyeah the AM bonus was great, lots of people looked forward to that one
05:31.59sancusuntil it got yanked out from under us and replaced with that worthless, shitty threat bonus
05:32.10sancusthen the joke become
05:32.13sancuser became
05:32.23sancus'the bonus is useless because if you're wearing arcanist you dont do enough damage to worry aobut threat'
05:32.47Skyfiresounds exactly what i said...
05:33.00Skyfirebut it was the truth
05:33.06Skyfirearcanist is crap
05:34.04sancuseveryone aspired to netherwind
05:34.08sancusI never even collected arcanist
05:34.12sancusonly piece I ever had was gloves
05:34.18sancusand I bitched loud and long about ever wasting dkp on those gloves
05:34.29sancusthey finally realized they had "forgotten" to add a +12 damage bonus to them
05:34.33Skyfirei was offered the boots one run; i simply refused.
05:34.38sancus... like 8 months after I completed netherwind, lolol
05:34.45AdysArcanist Pants were nice
05:34.52Adysor actually decent
05:34.56Skyfireif you can clear to garr, you can clear to rag
05:35.06sancusI wore, what do you call them
05:35.12sancusskyshroud?? pants from lbrs forever
05:35.26Skyfirei upgraded to those pants from zg
05:35.31Adysit drops from magmadar skyfire..
05:35.41Skyfirepoint is, arcanist was crap.
05:35.47Skyfireblack blizzard > arcanist
05:35.58AdysBlack blizzard is 1.9
05:36.06Adysbeetween 1.1 and 1.9 theres been a while
05:36.15Skyfireskyshroud was still better until then
05:36.20Skyfireand then the zg pants came out
05:36.24Skyfirein 1.6 i think :x
05:36.31Skyfireclose enuf
05:36.40sancusskyshroud were like the best pants avail for a long time :(
05:36.41Adys1.6 was bwl
05:37.30Skyfire ... ? :x
05:37.44sancusim pretty sure that I upgraded directly from skyshroud pants to netherwind pants
05:37.44Skyfirei r failure
05:37.49sancuswhich were the best available for a loooong time
05:38.02Adysthere is actually a large difference in stats tho
05:38.04Skyfirei really wanted black blizzard... think i have
05:38.16Skyfireargh, don't remember xD
05:38.17sancusyeah but stats were useless
05:38.22sancusespecially back then
05:38.23Skyfirein pve ayway
05:38.29Skyfirepvp was a diff matter
05:38.35sancusthe encounters were not big on randomly targeted incremental damage
05:38.57sancusif you were in the right spot and had the right resists on, you were good regardless of your hp
05:39.37Skyfirenever did get black blizzard
05:40.32sancusI kept netherwind until naxx, sup
05:40.46Adysi kept full netherwind until 70><
05:40.50Adyscouldnt be arsed to change
05:41.37Adyssince when is the arcanist 5/8 bonus (5) Set: Increases your spell penetration by 38.
05:41.40Skyfireyou're strange
05:41.44sancussince a while :p
05:41.49Skyfirea while indeed.'
05:41.55Adysdidnt it use to be 10?
05:42.04sancusI think so yeah
05:42.07AdysI remember it being shit
05:42.10sancusarcanist has been through a few changes :P
05:42.14Skyfirethat's still shit -_-
05:42.19sancusespecially for pve
05:42.25Adys38 is much less shit than 10
05:42.39Skyfire*most pve
05:42.48Skyfirethere are a couple of fights it provides aid with
05:42.50sancusyeah it would help with uh
05:42.53Skyfirebut not many
05:42.55sancussuppression room
05:42.56sancusI guess
05:42.58Adysnefarian chromatic dragons!
05:43.06sancusyeah those
05:43.28AdysIve often wore some basic spellpenetration gear for neffie
05:43.38Adysthat was my only "item set"
05:44.27Skyfirehere's my profile when i logged off for the last time in late dec...
05:44.38Skyfireone of the best sets pre bwl gear
05:45.14Adyseye of the beast egh
05:45.35Skyfire2% crit ftw
05:45.51Skyfireit's what you do when you can't get a gd briarwood
05:45.52Adysthe neck needs replacement if you want it a decent pre bwl gear set
05:46.09Skyfireyar, choker would've been ideal
05:46.11Adysid have gone with briarwood and one of the two mc chokers
05:46.17Skyfireof the fl
05:46.33Skyfireand, tbh, that neck's easily as good as enlightenment :/
05:46.38Adysdepends. razorgore isnt really much harder than rag
05:46.40Skyfire2 dmg and a stam dif
05:46.57Adysso depends what you mean by "pre bwl"
05:47.03Skyfireno items from bwl
05:47.17Adysall items from naxx ftw
05:47.24Skyfire is what i came up with ideally
05:47.33Skyfirethat profiles pre bwl also
05:47.37Skyfirebut preferable gear :/
05:47.51Adyspvp gloves ??
05:47.55Skyfireyup! :]
05:47.56AdysGet the epic ones><
05:48.03Adysits just as easy to get
05:48.09Skyfirei wasn't around after they made that change...
05:48.36Adysum thats not true
05:48.36Adysthe ones you have on this profile are the ones of the postpatch changes
05:49.01Skyfirei didn't have enuf time for grinding to r11, and that's when this profile is made
05:49.11Skyfirethey didn't make the changes to the honor system until early dec
05:49.44Skyfireand then, i hadn't been playing with any sort of regularity since the beginning of sep :/
05:51.08Adysis it possible to have 2 pc aldor regalia and 4 pc tempest regalia?
05:52.29sancushow should I know
05:52.41sancusthat gear isn't known yet
05:52.48sancusjust the set bonuses
05:53.11sancusprobably not, though, I dont see why they would change the slots
05:55.53SkosirisAlright I have a little challenge for you guys
05:56.21Skosiriseveryone who has some minutes of spare time is welcome to try to beat me at Turret Defense :P
05:56.38Skyfirelearn2towerdefense, nub
05:56.48Skyfirenot this so called turret defense
05:56.58Skosirisscore to beat: 7008
05:57.23Skosirison Normal mode
05:57.30Adysskosiris Ive got a challenge for you
05:57.51Skosirisactually you don't have to try to beat any score, just give this game a try, it's so addicting
05:58.03Skyfireyou never played warcraft iii, did you...?
05:58.05Adyswhile I beat you at your game, you beat me at mine
05:58.25Adysscore to beat, 173 436 650
05:58.52Skosiristhere were turret defense maps for Starcraft as well
05:59.04Skyfiretower tower tower tower
06:01.12Skosiris12 850
06:01.34SkosirisI love that bunny game!
06:03.06Skosirisdoes the Double score bird doubles your current score?
06:04.07AdysAfter a while once you got the hang of it, you fall when you're bored
06:04.23Skosiris31 380
06:04.26AdysSeen people with scores too long to be shown
06:05.34BagginswwLost was trippy tonight heh
06:05.39AdysI think 17 is the limit
06:05.41Adysoh baggins
06:05.43Bagginswwthis season has been great
06:05.44AdysI need your help
06:07.02Bagginswwadys The Eye was apparently once a sub-area within Tempest Keep I think
06:07.08Bagginswwwas it removed since beta?
06:07.27Adysno idea, dont disturb me Im bunnying :P
06:07.56Bagginswwprobalby changed though cause of confusion with Eye of the Storm, and The Eye of the Maelstrom
06:09.39Adys"Bunnying" sounded wrong didnt it
06:09.46Adys baggins try that
06:10.52Bagginswwwell ya bunnying could imply mating like bunnies
06:11.21Bagginswwinteresting game
06:12.50Adys|Bunnyingtheres not much lore behind this bunny
06:13.01Adys|Bunnyingbut its a cool game
06:13.17Skyfireskosiris, it goes too fast ;(
06:13.28Skyfirenot a real td if you can't plan your moves
06:22.32Skosiristry Easy mode to get more familiar with the available towers
06:22.43Skyfireeh, got up to 1.7k
06:22.47Skyfireill try again tomorrow
06:23.03*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
06:23.08Skyfiremuch easier when you know the hotkeys/can use a mouse :]
06:23.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
06:24.53Bagginswwbunny shoudl splat when ti falls from the sky. ;) well that usually happens on the happy friends.
06:25.18Bagginsww*happy tree friends
06:26.30Skyfirecould we change the item boilerplate to use <includeonly>s instead of <noinclude>s?
06:27.48Skyfireguess not
06:28.06Skosiristhe bells become smaller as you jump higher
06:28.14Skosiris539 300 :)
06:28.35AdysNew score to beat
06:29.10Adysas i said its nothing
06:29.17Adyssome peeps got 17 numbers in their score :P
06:29.45*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
06:32.30Skyfirethats nice
06:33.11Skyfiresomeone, do any of these zones have anything in common? i don't play anymore... :x
06:35.34Adysah the drop places
06:35.38Adysworld drop
06:38.58Skyfireso i have a question... what if an item really can only be obtained by owning tbc?...
06:41.08Adysthen its obvious and doesnt have to be precised
06:42.51Adysmade the change within reason you know :P
06:46.40Skyfirewhat should I cat in?
06:46.50Skyfireit's used in a billion professions
06:47.56AdysI was gonna get 1 000 000 000 :(
06:48.11Skyfireirony, no?
06:48.14AdysNew score to beat, 494 236 310
06:48.18Adysand i missed the bird
06:48.25Adysand yeah thats fucking ironic
06:54.23Skyfireif an item's epic, and it drops from a boss in a sub-lvl 70 instance, that would mean it's an heroic drop, correct?
06:55.06xlviiall bop ones anyway
06:55.08xlviii believe.
06:55.10xlviiboe are random.
06:55.40Skyfirei assumed as much :x
06:56.46Adysthis bunny game can be compared to wow
06:56.53AdysThe bells are PvE
06:57.01AdysThe birds are PvP
06:57.17AdysThe bunny is your character
06:57.27AdysAnd the score is your gear
06:58.02AdysPvE is a necessary step, whereas PvP - while taking more skills - is optional, but gives a better reward
06:58.44AdysSome may choose to progress fast through content and, while missing a fair bit of fun in the game, they have a different style and get rewarded much faster
06:59.28AdysWhile some choose to progress slowly, without skipping steps, at a more casual rythm. The time for them to have the same gear as hardcore players will be much higher, but eventually good ones will get it
07:00.28AdysOn the end, the game is a grind that is necessary but doesn't make you feel any better once you completed it. And even if there is always more competition (Higher scores to beat), that eventually drive you to keep going, you'll see when you stop playing that you have achieved nothing
07:00.46Adysthis game is sick, Im closing that
07:01.12Skyfiredon't compare it to wow, and your life will be better
07:07.11Adysyou can also compare the bells to Solo/Grinding content
07:07.18Adysand the birds to raid content
07:08.07Adysraiders will usually skip most of the solo content, but a minimum is necessary to keep progressing
07:08.15Adysfarming pots, cash and so on
07:11.31Skyfirethat's nice
07:11.54Skyfireadys, do you agree that items that have only been seen 3 times out of a lot on any given boss means that the item doesn't drop from that boss?
07:15.59*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:18.14*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:19.22*** join/#wowwiki tekkub1 (
07:27.21*** join/#wowwiki Daemonic (
07:29.21TheMagnumMnkeyanyone here?
07:34.37AdysSort of
07:36.06TheMagnumMnkeyso what server do u guys play on
07:46.06*** join/#wowwiki Eylena_aka_HJT (
07:50.54Eylena_aka_HJTgood morning every1!
08:03.06*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
08:03.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
10:38.34AdysOn boilerplate:Item im removing again the item introduction
10:39.35AdysAs we discussed before its most often quite a ridiculous introduction by itself (Ashbringer is a bigass warrior sword) so if anyone feels it should be kept just say so on talk or on here
10:41.34TekkubI think the intro is bullshit
10:41.44Tekkubfrankly most items don't even need section
10:41.59Tekkubthey have one use and a elinks section
10:42.02AdysThats what i thought too
10:42.17Tekkubthe only real exception are basic trade mats that are used a lot
10:42.17Adysbtw tekkub
10:42.25Tekkuband that should be sectioned by trade
10:42.41Adyswould it be possible to move the toc to the left of the tooltip, next to it?
10:42.46Adysinstead of being all the way to the left
10:42.58Adysso that we dont have to push the sections down
10:43.01TekkubI was actually trying to find a way to do that with images
10:44.01Tekkubokey back
10:44.17Tekkubyea lemme tinker, I hate {{Tooltip}}
10:44.29Tekkubfor one, it's always floating right on embed pages
10:45.02AdysMaybe there is a possibility to make a template something like..
10:45.16Tekkubit should float right only if the pagename is same, or if you manually make it
10:46.23Adyswell that should be doable easily tbh
10:46.24Tekkubwell if the item pages are made right, {{:Itemblahthing|right}}
10:46.24Tekkubissue is fixing current pages :P
10:46.24Adyshm, how can that be possible?
10:46.32Tekkubtemplate majicks
10:46.39Adysah wait i think i see
10:47.05Adysfloat={{{float|right}}} ?
10:47.25Tekkubdepends on if you want the param named, but yea
10:47.26Adysi see
10:48.10TekkubI think I know the issue with putting the toc on the right
10:48.25Tekkub{{Tooltip}} is clearing the right at the end isn't it?
10:48.35Adyshm id have to check to answer
10:48.41Adysbut thats probable
10:49.02Tekkubhrm... it's not unless it's in the div tag
10:50.20Tekkubwhat's <ul>
10:50.23Tekkubis that doing it?
10:50.37Adysul its for lists no?
10:50.41Tekkubno that's thi list thing
10:51.30Tekkubunless it's the newline at the end of the template that's doing it, but I doubt that
10:51.40Tekkubgod I hate the TOC thing
10:51.40Adysall pages have that
10:51.59AdysI just have an idea
10:52.12Adysis it possible to parse the page to check if a section exists, somehow?
10:52.18AdysWe could make a default toc
10:52.20Tekkubmost items pages don't need a toc
10:52.43Adysyeah thats why I added the notoc on the original bp
10:52.50Adysbut zeal insisted to get it back
10:53.07TekkubI think we should just leave the default TOCs in for now
10:53.13Tekkubit doesn't add a toc on short pages
10:53.40AdysTekkub, any idea if it is possible to parse the page for existing sections?
10:53.51Tekkubyes they're ugly, but they're not going to play nice with the tooltip and screenies on the right
10:53.52Tekkuband no
10:54.29AdysSomething like {{If|{{Sectionexists|Used in}}|then=[[{{PAGENAME}}#Used_in]]|else=}}
10:54.57Tekkubstupid idea
10:55.05Tekkubwhy not float the tooltips left?
10:55.17Adysthat would be ugly no?
10:55.26Adysyou mean, if source was right of the toc?
10:55.30Tekkub*sigh* god I hate these tooltips
10:55.41Tekkuband tocs
10:56.05AdysTOC is the french for OCT!
10:56.11Adysor was it COT..
10:56.22Adysobsessional compulsive troubles..
10:56.26Adyssomething like that
10:56.30Tekkubwhat if instead of a flota, we clrl after the tooltip
10:56.34Adyswhatever, thats not interesting. So what were we saying
10:56.43Tekkubtip left, screenie and TOC right, clr, then text
10:56.59Adyshm, that would be problematic on long tooltips
10:57.04Adysand also on very short ones (gems)
10:58.04Tekkubokey, fine, let me just put this out there... WHY do we need tocs on item pages? period?
10:58.13Tekkubtocs are designed to navigate big pages
10:58.14AdysBecause zeal said so
10:58.18Tekkubitem pages AR NOT big
10:58.23Tekkubzeal's not here
10:58.27AdysNo seriously i agree
10:58.32Tekkubgive me a reason, not an opinion
10:58.37Adys{{tooltip}} should include __NOTOC__
10:58.46TekkubI see no reason to, __NOTOC__ them
10:58.53Tekkubno it shouldn't
10:59.03Tekkubcause it'll notoc any transclude
10:59.23Adysif equal pagename {{name}} then=notoc else=
10:59.55Tekkubput it in the boilerplate, if anyone has a good arguement for having it at all times, instead of using editor judgement to manually add a toc to a long page, they can make their case
11:00.17Adyswe should standardize item disambiguations
11:00.28Tekkubbut I think TOCs should be super rare in item pages
11:00.32Adysmy idea was [[Itemname]], if disambig = [[Itemname (Itemid)]]
11:00.52Adysthat would make it very easy for the tooltip thing to actually check on pagenames on disambigs
11:01.09AdysInstead of if equal pagename itemname then=blah else=
11:01.12Tekkubcould work
11:01.32Adysyou get if equal pagename itemname then=blah else=if equal pagename itemname (itemid) then=blah else= }}}}
11:01.56TekkubI'd think just an optional pagename param would be cleaner
11:02.17Tekkublike [[blah]], [[blah|desc]]
11:02.30Adyshm,  i dont get it
11:03.03Adysgotta go afk 10 mins, ill think that over and possibly get a vote going in half a hour
11:03.05Tekkubdon't expect a standard disambig, instead hardcode the pagename into the tempalte
11:03.17Tekkubuse pagename, then itemname when testing
11:05.28*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
11:07.30Adysi think i see what you mean
11:08.00Adysoooh yeah
11:08.01AdysI got it
11:08.08AdysOptional itemname param
11:08.14Adysuse pagename as default
11:08.35Adyshm, not sure if itd work on transcludes tho
11:09.01Adysthe transclude works as if equal itemname pagename then smalltooltip
11:09.25Adysthat would make it if equal pagename pagename
11:18.15Tekkubno you're confused
11:18.22Tekkubnot {{PAGENAME}}
11:18.36Tekkubpagename=some manual input
11:19.03Tekkubitem name is always passed to a tooltip right?
11:19.32Tekkubif the pae name is different, the person would need to also add |pagename=The real page name
11:40.38Bleeterwtf is this? yer actually doing work on the wiki?! sickos!
11:42.38xlviihow would i go about grinding thrallmar reputation? i've done all the quests, no one ever pvps, and i'm like 6000 to revered.
11:43.25Tekkubshattered halls, hero-modes?
11:43.32TekkubI assume it's the same as honor hold
11:43.51xlvii6000 to revered.
12:29.36*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
13:19.25*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
13:53.16Tuqui-tuquiis it children's week already?
14:01.33*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|afk (
14:12.51*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
14:15.49Adysgood night people
14:17.38kasoAdys doesnt sleep normal hours!
14:17.46kasohe's nocturnal
14:44.41nemppu[16:15:51] <Adys> good night people
15:14.57Kirkburn|afkMuahahaha, I just removed a 1/3 of the Class page :)
15:15.11Kirkburn|afkkaso, morning
15:15.18Kirkburn|afkWhen's your bot gonna be going? :P
15:15.33kasowhen i finish playing wow
15:15.45kasodamn lua prevents me using both at once
15:19.36winkillerKirkburn|afk: - good idea?
15:19.51Kirkburn|afkWhy is it 32x32?
15:20.00winkillerI read so.
15:20.13winkillercan do 16▓ also
15:20.59Kirkburn|afkI already made and gave vlad_ one :/
15:21.16Kirkburn|afkCould pester him again I guess :)
15:24.12kasoI think offically favicons should be .ico formats with 64, 32, and 16 dimentions
15:24.23kaso128 if you wanna make the macos x people happy
15:24.49Kirkburn|afkAnd it's not enough just to call it favicon.ico and put in the root apparently
15:28.47kasowell, to meet the standards i think you need to put some stuff in your index, but i know firefox will automatiically check favicon.ico without anything on the site
15:29.20Kirkburn|afkI think it doesn't have a way to check if it's updated though, hence the meta bit
15:30.12Kirkburn|afkWhich reminds me, I need to add that line to my websites
15:32.07*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
15:34.38kasothat favicon seems a bit wierd when scaled to 1616 for me, perhaps the the icon should be scaled so the W fills the icon and the boarder is paritually cropped
15:37.03Kirkburn|afkI think I even did that for my version :(
15:40.30*** join/#wowwiki CrakeHunter (
15:40.55CrakeHunterhello, does anyone use linux with "burning crusade"? it tells me i need to install WoW first (which i have done already)
15:41.09Kirkburn|afkHave you checked the Linux article?
15:41.35CrakeHunterno - where can i find it?
15:42.21Kirkburn|afkHmm, the sound just went on my PC :/
15:44.20kasodoes TBC require a patched up wow install?
15:44.40kasoI know mine worked fine and i didnt even install it on linux just copied the files over from my windows part
15:48.11kasoCrakeHunter did you install wow to .wine/drive_c/Program Files/World of Warcraft
15:49.11CrakeHunterright, i just figured out i should use the same installation path :)
15:50.06CrakeHunterthanks guys - looking forward to play either bloodelf or draenas - which do you prefer :)
15:57.43*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
15:57.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:02.13kasoChucking the bot on for a bit now kirkburn
16:17.27kasoVery interesting
16:17.40kasoSTV quest drops were before Deadmines instance drops
16:20.28kasothats interesting also
16:20.35kasoafter deadmines theres a streak of wands
16:20.49kasoi wonder if they suddenly though itd be cool to introduce wands at that point
16:21.54kasoi find this all very interesting, gives a unique view into the development of wow
16:22.09kaso is my fav page on the wiki now!
16:23.03Kirkburn|afkYou're almost at 1000 edits
16:24.26kasois there some easy way of finding that or do you just count multiples of 500 ?
16:24.46Kirkburn|afksecond one
16:25.19kasoWhy can't be used as a skinning knife >.<
16:31.18kasoAre they the pants of a Tinker, that are greasy, or are they the pants of a greasy tinker
16:42.35kasotheres about 50 or so edits left on this session and im about to go out, it should be fine leaving it right?
16:42.49Kirkburn|afkAbandonneur :(
16:43.05kasoI have no food in the house :< and i havent eaten for a fair old while
16:43.17Kirkburn|afkPah, pah I say! :P
16:43.24Kirkburn|afkYeah, sure :)
16:44.58Kirkburn|afkLol, I never knew! Tauren is an anagram of "nature"!
16:52.48kasooh shit! it crashed
16:55.56kasoKirkburn, is there anyway to tell if wowwiki had a blip 1174582226
16:56.06kasouh i mean Thu, 22 Mar 2007 16:50:26 GMT
16:56.14Kirkburn|afkHad a blip?
16:56.26kasoWhere it returns the main page and "wowwiki had a problem"
16:56.31Kirkburn|afkOh right
16:56.44kasoi think that's what happened, but if not i might have a bug somewhere in my code  >>.<<
16:56.57Kirkburn|afkNo (non-bot) page edits occured between 16:46 and 16:52
16:57.32Kirkburn|afkSo it's possible
16:57.45Kirkburn|afkPage edits aren't the only reason for slow down
16:58.00Kirkburn|afkSome pages are a bitch to the wiki
16:58.05Kirkburn|afkWe try and identify them
16:58.22kasoWell good, i think i'll work on the assumption that that happened, it would make sense in this code
16:58.49kasofrom the error in the code it seems like it tried to retrieve an edit page but got something else instead
16:58.56Kirkburn|afkI'm making a guides navbox atm
16:59.53kasoah well i'll deal with this later on, time to go shopping!
17:46.59kasocould you do me a favour and delete some of the crap on my userpage left over from bot testing
17:47.06kaso(this is quicker than {{speedydelete}}
17:47.44Kirkburn|afkThe 5 bottest pages?
17:48.09Kirkburn|afkAnd BotTest and BotCats and Test_Templates?
17:48.24kasoKeep Test_Templates
17:48.40kasothat crap
17:48.49Kirkburn|afkWaiting for them to load atm :P
17:49.04kasohah yah im thinking pages like that with tonnes of tooltips on cant be helpful for the server
17:49.06Tuqui-tuquiI blame bot school
17:53.26*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
17:53.26*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:05.14Kirkburn|afkkaso, so what's the last highest ID atm? Any idea?
18:05.39kasoThe highest in general?
18:05.42kasoaround 32000
18:05.47Kirkburn|afkAnd we're on 6000
18:05.49Kirkburn|afkHmm :P
18:05.54kasoha yes
18:06.03kasowell there is lots of gaps :>
18:06.09Kirkburn|afkWait, if there's 32000 IDs ... and we have 26500 pages ...
18:06.40kasoi make like 1 page in every 10 IDs or something
18:06.59kasoprob more than that
18:07.10Kirkburn|afkI just hit the big 10,000!
18:09.48*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:31.46*** join/#wowwiki jadia (
18:44.16*** join/#wowwiki Tyka|Enigma (n=tyka@
18:45.07Tyka|Enigmahey guys
18:50.48Tyka|Enigmaah there's a name I recognise :-)
18:51.14Kirkburn|afkQuestion - have you forgotten your password?
18:51.26Kirkburn|afkOr is Tyka2 fake?
18:51.31Tyka|EnigmaTyka2 is fake
18:51.39Tyka|Enigmait's mudkipz I'm guessing
18:51.56*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
18:52.30Tyka|Enigmaotherwise known as Shoesfly, a player from Vashj:Europe who has a vendetta against me
18:52.59Kirkburn|afkBlocked and deleted image
18:53.32Tyka|Enigmathank you!
18:53.48Kirkburn|afknp, here's hoping they give up at some point
18:54.01Tyka|EnigmaI hope so :-/
18:54.26Tyka|EnigmaI think I found most of the 'edits' they made
18:57.18Kirkburn|afkkaso, I want more bot edits! :(
18:57.36Kirkburn|afkTyka|Enigma, keep reporting, we'll keep banning :)
18:59.36Tyka|EnigmaI will do Kirkburn|afk :-)
19:00.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:01.52kasoKirkburn|afk, give me a way to pause in lua without an infinte loop
19:05.56kasoeither that or i can run it without pauses between edits but im not sure thatd be good for the wiki
19:18.13Kirkburn|afkDoesn't seem to be causing problems so far
19:18.34kasoive been running on 10 second delays
19:46.31BleeterI wanna report a Wiki user... reckoned he 'cleaned up' a page.. pfft. 'sif. Bloody bignosing himself, I reckon. User's name is 'Kirkburn'
19:46.58Kirkburn|afkThis isn't about [[Class]] is it? :P
19:47.24Bleeternah, it's about reading emails and changes while still on first coffee of the morning, and being a cheeky bugger ;) :P
19:48.17Bleeterwell, there was a slight hope that you'd see the light and ban yerself! haha :-P
19:58.21Hobinheim|afkbow chikka bow chikka
20:02.03*** join/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
20:02.10Kirochihi ther
20:34.14*** join/#wowwiki Karrius (
20:37.23*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
20:39.35Skyfirebagginsww, you there?
20:42.14Kirkburn|afkYou may be interested to know, all set bonuses tier 6 are now on the wiki
20:42.44Kirochiyay \o/
20:42.52Tuqui-tuquithats my big surprised face
20:43.44*** join/#wowwiki Mishara (
20:43.59Kirkburn|afkHey that's weird, why did I type "set bonuses tier 6", and not the other way around?
20:44.08Tuqui-tuquiincreases duration of Evocation by 2 secs =\
20:44.17Skyfiremages got pwnt
20:44.18Misharahi, what did I miss? New mage set? :p
20:44.20Tuqui-tuquiincreases dmg by bolts by 5%
20:44.26Tuqui-tuquicrappy new mage set
20:44.30Skyfiread that's just a slap in the face
20:44.35Karrius+5% damage is huge. +2 seconds... is not.
20:44.44KarriusI'm hoping they change that to a mana gem bonus or something.
20:44.56Tuqui-tuquiI think my lvl 50 staff adds more damage then that
20:44.56Misharadoesnt sound too useful =/
20:45.03Tuqui-tuquiits NOT useful at all
20:45.22Skyfirethey take away my damage through talents and then give it back with the rediculous requirement of raiding
20:45.25Skyfiresounds good to me!
20:45.31Misharaof course!
20:45.37Misharadont raid? die!
20:45.47Misharagg blizz
20:45.53Tuqui-tuquianyone have a pic of what it looks like?
20:46.03Tuqui-tuquiis that the one that looks like a red raincoat?
20:46.06KarriusThere's no info but the set bonuses yet, as far as I can tell
20:46.14Tuqui-tuquiwhile everyone else got awesome helms?
20:46.14Mishara... what do rogues get...?
20:46.18KarriusEr... that's tier 5, isn't it? The one that'ss upposed to resemble Medivh's stuff.
20:46.18Misharaor.. do I want to know,
20:46.28Tuqui-tuquioh >.>
20:46.42KarriusNNot the stats, mind you.
20:46.43Skyfireyah, red rain-coat=t5
20:46.43KarriusThe look.
20:46.53KirochiMedivh's as much a Mage as a Warlock
20:46.54Tuqui-tuquiI dont like it at all
20:47.01Tuqui-tuquipriests and warlocks get looking glowing eyes
20:47.05Misharaoh, its T5? >_>
20:47.16Misharadidnt realise, thought its gonna be a new set or something
20:47.25Tuqui-tuquimages get dyed raincoat that will fade away on first laundry wash
20:47.36Misharacheck out rogue t4 and t5... looks, that is
20:47.44Tuqui-tuquilooks badass right?
20:47.54Tuqui-tuquidoesnt anyone play a mage in Blizzard? :p
20:47.55KarriusMishara- These bonuses we're talking about are tier 6
20:48.09Misharasomeone just said its t5 *puzzled*
20:48.17KarriusThe red raincoat is the LOOK of t5
20:48.24KarriusThe evocation and damage bonus is the BONUS of t6
20:48.30Tuqui-tuquiI know :D
20:48.32Skyfirei think he was noting the fact that tb and wowhead are different factions numbers..
20:48.36Tuqui-tuquiwe were just making fun of T5
20:48.43Tuqui-tuquibut even so, meh...
20:48.49KarriusRogue t6 bonuses are +5% haste with slice and dice, and +6% damage on backstab, sinister strike, and mutilate
20:49.07KirochiI have a question
20:49.11Mishara*looks at shadowpriest t6 set bonuses*
20:49.13Mishara*tears out his eyes*
20:49.21Tekkubnot on elinks faction
20:49.28KarriusJust reading it melts your face.
20:49.30Kirochican members of the Alliance earn rep with Tranquillien ?
20:49.48Skyfireyou sure tekkub? you follow the wowhead link, and 1 doesn't exist. follow the tb link...
20:50.05Tekkubthe template is only using {{{1}}}
20:50.10KarriusKirochi - Ithink the alliance have their own little rep place
20:50.13*** join/#wowwiki Karrion (
20:50.27KirochiKarrius whaddya mean ?
20:50.40KarriusI mean, I think they have a reputation place that's similiar, don't they?
20:51.01Skyfirepoint taken
20:51.01Mishara... ... i looked at the sets. pardon me but i dont think the mage one is the only sucky one >_<
20:51.13Misharaactually if its only the set bonus, its more like 1/2, or 4/6 of them suck
20:51.23Kirochithe only other rep point that seems to match
20:51.34Kirochiis the wintersabers trainers faction
20:51.42Kirochinot symetric at all
20:51.46Tuqui-tuquiWe have to wait to see what the total bonus is
20:51.55Tuqui-tuquibut stil... +5% dmg >.>
20:52.02Tuqui-tuquiarcane talent gave that a while ago
20:52.25*** join/#wowwiki MooMooFarm (
20:52.25Misharawarlock, malefic raiment, 4/5: warlocks are now wannabe shadowpriests?
20:52.46KarriusWarlock, 4/5: You can now solo raids alone
20:53.19Misharawarrior, 4/5, fury
20:53.29Mishara"+5% bloodthirst / MS"
20:53.30Mishara... ?
20:53.39Kirkburn|afkOddly, no-one complained that the Malefix Raiment page was complete crap
20:53.58Tuqui-tuquithe Malefix Raiment page is complete crap
20:54.00Tuqui-tuquiplease fix
20:54.06Kirkburn|afkIt appeared to be the Tier 5 page with changes names
20:54.24Kirkburn|afkwtb spellchecker
20:54.38KarriusMy main problem is that they all seem kinda... uninspired.
20:54.46KarriusI mean, the t3 set bonuses were -new-
20:54.59KarriusThese... not so much
20:55.06Misharay'got a point there
20:55.46Kirochiyou mean
20:55.47*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
20:55.50Karrius(I also wish mages got multiple sets, but that's another thing)
20:56.01Kirochiyou'd like a +5 ▄berroxxor4ge ?
20:56.33Mishara... you people seen hunter t5?
20:56.34Kirochithis'd be a new bonus
20:56.44Misharai mean, looks
20:58.23KarriusI'd be nice if everyone got three sets. I don't know much about fire spec, but I know frost spec gets more bonus from +crit and things like the trinket that proc on resisted spells, arcane spec gets more of a bonus from +damage and just plain does not need much +pen and +hit,
20:58.57Skyfireuh... how does frost get more bonus from +crit then fire?
20:59.09KarriusI more meant in comparison to arcane.
20:59.23Skyfirei hope so...
20:59.30KarriusI know fire has ignite
20:59.43KarriusAnd the watchacallit MP regen.
20:59.47MooMooFarmOk so now I am confused, what is the Mage's Invisiblity spell for? if not escape/pouncing on enemies?
20:59.57Misharalooks cool
21:00.01Misharabut i dont get it either
21:00.05KarriusMoo- Aggro reduction, running past mobs
21:00.10Kirochiblink+invisibility= ?
21:00.16MooMooFarmI see
21:00.18Skyfirenot so useful for running past mobs, but it is possible
21:00.19MooMooFarmso in instances?
21:00.21KarriusI've also used it for running away.
21:00.23Misharathats metaphysics, Kirochi =P
21:00.29KarriusFrost Nova + Invisibility
21:00.31Misharabeyond our consideration
21:00.35MooMooFarmdo you deaggro when you go compleley invis?
21:00.42MooMooFarmoh very nice
21:00.43Skyfire100% aggro loss
21:00.45Misharamage vanish? O_O
21:00.48MooMooFarmcan you be stopped from invis?
21:00.51Misharashould've rolled a mage..
21:00.55KarriusIf you're hit, it's instantly canceled.
21:00.57Skyfirejust about anything breaks invis
21:01.04KarriusJust about?
21:01.09MooMooFarmwell cool, i cant wait heh, im 64
21:01.10KarriusBreathing too hard breaths invis
21:01.25MooMooFarmwell frost nova + invis wold world
21:01.26Karrius"Oh crap I farted the ogre sees me"
21:01.35MooMooFarminvis fades over 6 sec right?
21:01.45MooMooFarmand frost nova on a good day is up to 8 sec
21:01.47MooMooFarmoh good
21:01.48Kirochiand how does the pet work ?
21:01.51KarriusWe've got a lot of mages in here, don't we? :p
21:02.00MooMooFarmmages ftw
21:02.05KirochiI'm a level 18 mage
21:02.08Misharayea, lots of mages... *23 mage* xD
21:02.11Kirochiwhich is my main at the time
21:02.14KarriusKir, you mean water elemental?
21:02.14MooMooFarm64 mage, 70 druid
21:02.15Skyfire60 :]
21:02.19Kirochikar yea
21:02.37KarriusIt largely works by you screaming obsenities at it while jamming kyes and doing nothing.
21:02.51MooMooFarmand a 20 hunter who can take hte lvl 19 elite ogres by himself in Loch Modan... hunters are cool
21:03.04KarriusIt's hard to control right, because you can't change its hotkeys (at least not that I know), and if you try to hit both abilities at once sometimes you'll both stand around and do nothing.
21:03.07MooMooFarmkarrius, lol
21:03.15Kirkburn|afkTekkub, you were just /asking/ for that reply on the Village pump
21:03.16KarriusIf you DO control it right, however, you can easily solo elites.
21:03.29KarriusYou guys know I'm right, right? :p
21:03.32MooMooFarmKarrius, with a water elemental?
21:03.43MisharaWater elemental? Heretic. FIRAH!
21:03.46Kirochiso, fire, earth and water elems
21:03.51Skyfirelern2fire imo
21:03.53Skyfiredb ftw!
21:03.54Kirochiwhere the heck are the air elemes ?
21:03.55KarriusWell, I should say "Elites that aren't immune to slow". You can still kite slow guys, it's just... hard.
21:04.02Karriusimmune to slow guys*
21:04.05MisharaOne word
21:04.07MooMooFarmso wait a sec, if i reroll frost, I can kill elites? neato
21:04.15Skyfireyou can kill elites as fire too...
21:04.19Kirochiwhere the heck are the air elemes ?
21:04.22Skyfireit's just a lot harder
21:04.22KarriusI don't have enough skill. :p
21:04.23MooMooFarmoutdps them
21:04.26Kirochiseems to lack
21:04.27Skyfirepretty much
21:04.35KarriusMoo, I highly reccommend frost for soloing.
21:04.37Misharablink fireblast blink fireblast - basically thats it :P
21:04.43Skyfirelern2use your FN correctly, as well as lvl1 Frostbolt :]
21:04.45KarriusAlthough I'll probablly be shouted down by fire people.
21:05.02Skyfireyeah, it's always a good idea to test both fire and frost out
21:05.10KirochiI love air elems :'(
21:05.11TekkubI like the rocks better than the balls
21:05.12Skyfireyou learn more about how much your mage can handle :)
21:05.22Tekkubthere's something more sinister about throwing arock
21:05.23MooMooFarmKarrius, I was hardcore Frost to lvl 60, then went fire b/c of mad dps
21:05.29MooMooFarmbut was always thinking of going back
21:05.29Tekkubsepecially if their back is to you
21:06.06KirochiMishara down \o/
21:06.12KarriusOk, so, mechanics quest for all these mages here.
21:06.22Karriusquestion*. I'm doing great today...
21:06.43MooMooFarmwhat mechanics quest?
21:06.49KarriusMany procs are "on spell hit" . Does each burst of Arcane Missile count as a spell hit? What about, say, Blizzard?
21:07.03MooMooFarmI would say so
21:07.23MooMooFarmthats why they ususally also have a "This effect can only occur every 10 sec" or something like that
21:07.57KarriusI haven't gotten my hands on any items to test it, and I was wondering.
21:08.32Skyfireyes karrius, to both
21:08.57Skyfireblizzard can proc frostbite on any of its waves.
21:09.03Skyfirethat much i remember ^^
21:09.06KarriusYeah, frostbite I've seen.
21:09.31KarriusBut that's on chill effect, not spell hit, technically. :p
21:11.28Tuqui-tuquibring back FN before patch and fix ice lance!
21:11.41Skyfireyou know it shouldn't have happened anyway
21:11.45Skyfire4 crits = imba
21:12.03Tuqui-tuquiwell you know why people complained
21:12.14Tuqui-tuquiand it messed up PvE and raiding
21:12.37Skyfirein anycase, does anyone think that still deserves a stub?
21:14.30BleeterKarrius: as far as I'm aware, each burst of AM is a spell hit, hence quite a number of mages are pissed that they rarely, if ever, do the number of shots that the tooltip says it should (can't recall, think it's meant to be 5 but rarely does more than 4, sometimes only 3)
21:14.42Kirochinot at all
21:14.42Bleeteralthough I haven't looked at that again in the past few patches
21:14.52Karriust's meant to be 5.
21:15.13Tuqui-tuquiBleeter, are yo ua mage?
21:15.15BleeterI suspect it's an unsolvable latency problem
21:15.17Tuqui-tuquiyou a*
21:15.24Skyfireblizzard has commented on it
21:15.25BleeterTuqui-tuqui: one of me is
21:15.41Tuqui-tuquihave you put any points into arcane concentration?
21:15.41Skyfiresays it's much the same problem that blink has with the whole issue of blinking backwards, nowhere, etc.
21:15.45Skyfirelocation "
21:15.51Skyfirefuck dude
21:15.54Tuqui-tuquiI think thats suppose to fix interruptions, wasnt it?
21:16.00KarriusIt seems to be working fine for me now....
21:16.03Skyfire5/5 arc concentration = clearcasting
21:16.16Skyfire2% per poit
21:16.16Tuqui-tuquidont have the tree in front of me :p
21:16.31KarriusTuqui- Improved Arcane Missiles
21:16.36Tuqui-tuquithere we go! :D
21:16.59Tuqui-tuquiI blame the schools
21:18.11Skyfirewell, no
21:18.15SkyfireAM is weaksauce for pve
21:18.15Tuqui-tuquiI PvP and full frosty :D
21:18.20Tuqui-tuquiI PvP in BGs though
21:18.33Tuqui-tuquiim in a carebear server :D
21:18.38Tuqui-tuquiI like to quest in peace
21:19.36Skyfirepvp during quest time is the funnest?
21:19.41Skyfire.* :)
21:20.16BleeterTuqui-tuqui: erm, dunno.. ain't played for a while....
21:21.18*** part/#wowwiki Kirochi (i=Kirochi@
21:22.21Bleeteryup, I gots Arcane Concentration.
21:23.13Tuqui-tuquiSkyfire lern2pvpimo
21:23.14Tuqui-tuquiSkyfire pvp during quest time is the funnest?
21:23.20BleeterI'm *so* hoping I get this job in Cali... I'll be able to PvP without a 400ms ping
21:23.30KarriusYou've got a problem.
21:23.53KarrionBleeter: yeah... but you'll have to live in america...
21:24.19BleeterKarrion: heh, true.. least it'll be at a company where a friend of mine is already working.. if it works out and I get the position :)
21:24.46Karrioncool... good luck ;-)
21:25.07Bleeterthx mate :)
21:29.09winkillerhow long do you need for Attumen?
21:34.59Skyfiregod, that's just...
21:35.04Skyfiredid you do that?
21:35.14Skyfire xD
21:35.55Skyfireyou can definitely tell we're not wikipedia when we have admins that say things like that ;P
21:36.24Kirkburn|afkTek started it :(
21:36.55Skyfireyou didn't have to continue it though!
21:39.14Skyfireis Tinker the same person as Tinkerer?
21:48.38nemppusomeone should link the blastball there
21:48.43nemppuRP leather ball game
21:48.51nemppuwith proper rules and all
21:50.58Skyfirekirkburn, why didn't you just remove the speculation...?
21:52.26Skyfirebtw, we really need a {{speculation-section}} :/
22:01.33Skyfireuh... first i've heard of the term "Caster stats"...
22:02.30Skyfirein that context anyway
22:10.31Skyfireman, you really have to ask yourself how tek and kirk got to be admins ;P
22:11.24Tekkubwhy do you have to ask, it's obvious
22:11.40TekkubI'll even give you a free 5min sample
22:11.44kasoSkyfire caster stats is mostly a hunter term
22:12.02kasoi think most hunters would (should) know i
22:12.02Kirkburn|afkSkyfire, I made Tekkub an admin :P
22:12.08Skyfirei think i;ll pass on that tekkub
22:12.14Kirkburn|afkAnd I became an admin because I complained a lot =)
22:12.30Skyfirei've always heard "Caster stats" when referring to int, mp5, and spldmg in general
22:12.38Skyfirenot... hunter pets
22:12.39TekkubI complain a lot and it just makes the root admins hate me and not do what I want
22:12.42*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
22:12.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
22:12.44Tekkubhuh VLAD
22:12.51Skyfireoh boy
22:13.55Tekkubdon't worry, been up 17hrnow, sleep will happen shortly after food
22:14.33kasoKirkburn|afk, finished playing wow now, just dinged 66 so, KasoBot time
22:14.36Skyfirei think kaso's gonna fire his bot up
22:14.50kasoHa, you RC spammer!
22:15.13SkyfireF5... 5 seconds later... F5... 5 seconds later... F5... ad infinitum
22:15.18Kirkburn|afkkaso, woo
22:16.02Skyfirekirkburn, can you add me to the rc patrol and rc/skip? :x
22:18.52Skyfireno quiero hacerla
22:19.03Skyfirehacerle... :
22:26.45Skyfirehow do you make text a certain color? <span="style:red">?
22:27.09Kirkburn|afk<span style="color:#whatever">Blah</span>
22:27.19Kirkburn|afk#xxxxxx for a hex code, even
22:27.34Kirkburn|afkIf you just want to use boring old red, it's color:red
22:27.51Skyfirecause i want to use boring old red
22:28.41Skyfireoooooo, all the little red exclamation points!
22:35.46*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
22:35.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
22:36.06kasoThat cat is clever! it releases the screen is preventing him from getting to it and tries to go around the back
22:37.24Skyfiredid my internet break, or did the wiki break?
22:37.36Skyfireim guessing the former...
22:37.41Tekkubyour wikinet intered
22:37.41kasoLatter i think
22:38.00Skyfirewho r borking it?
22:38.33kasoNot the bot defiantly not the bot, *cough* *cough*
22:38.43Skyfirewhat did the bot do...
22:39.40Kirkburn|afk<nowiki> :(
22:40.24Skyfirewhat did you do kaso?...
22:40.43kasonothing i dont think
22:40.59Skyfirethen y r the wiki borken:?
22:41.06kasoi think its unconnected
22:41.31Kirkburn|afksancus or vlad_ - either of you around?
22:41.34kasoIt made a page, 10seconds later i attemped to access the another page, got a time out and quit.
22:42.09Skyfireit r conected again
22:42.31kasoyah seems to be back
22:42.40kasojust slow
22:43.20Kirkburn|afkI don't see a problem on the RC list
22:43.26kasoWait, have i been made a RC patroler?
22:43.36Skyfireit was kirk's fault, i swear!
22:43.38kasoHow come noone told me that!
22:43.40Kirkburn|afkkaso, slow it to one every 20 secs maybe?
22:43.46kasowill do
22:44.04Skyfirehe just did it...
22:44.06kasoI was looking at RC and was like "What the hell are all these red!"
22:44.07Kirkburn|afkEveryone who is a patroller (including bots) please tick the "mark my edits as patrolled" box
22:44.25Kirkburn|afkSecond to last option on Prefs->Editing
22:44.43kasoDo i need to do that on KasoBot?
22:44.49Kirkburn|afkSo, of those here, that's kaso, Skyfire, Tekkub, Bagginsww, Hobinheim|afk
22:44.59Tekkubhas been long time
22:45.05Kirkburn|afkGood good :)
22:45.09Kirkburn|afkkaso, yes, bots too please
22:45.30kasoHow come the Prefs page's background is bright white making the text unreadable anyway
22:45.57Kirkburn|afkCSS ftw
22:45.57Tekkubkirky, zeal's gone :P
22:46.05Kirkburn|afkIn case he returns?
22:46.15Kirkburn|afkHe may get withdrawal symptoms ;)
22:46.27*** join/#wowwiki Jimmer (
22:46.32Tekkubhrm.... in my mind ya abandon something, you don't come back with elevated rights...
22:47.11Skyfireelevated rights?...
22:47.16kasoSo Kirkburn|afk why is the CSS fucking up on the preferences page for me?
22:47.22Kirkburn|afkOh hardly elevated rights
22:47.24ThraeBeware those with elevated tights...
22:47.38Tekkub"special in the head" then :P
22:47.42Kirkburn|afkThe only difference is that you have the ability to mark edits as patrolled - i.e. not with the red !
22:47.51Tekkubyes I know
22:47.57Tekkuband I ignore the ! anyway
22:48.09TekkubI know if it's not something I edited it can't be trusted
22:48.48kasoIs the marking edits as patroled done on the backend? i dont have to alter my bot to send some extra data to the server do i >.<
22:49.15Tekkubyour bot just needs to be a patroller and have that ticked
22:49.15Kirkburn|afkOnce the thing is ticked, every edit the bot makes is patrolled
22:49.32Skyfirei think it might be a good idea for you to turn your bot off..
22:49.36kasoit is odd
22:49.37Skyfirethe wiki is still dying ;(
22:49.59kasoim gonna get some dinner then hopefully wiki will be alive again when i get back
22:51.47Skyfiremight wanna leave a note on those ppl's talk pages kirk that aren't on to check that box
22:52.35Kirkburn|afkWhy am I not seeing /any/ edits in the last 15 mins?
22:53.00Skyfiretry hard-refreshing or clearing your cache
22:53.09kasoi arent seeing any either
22:53.27Tekkubbecause you didn't set your clock for shitty DLST?
22:53.30kasolast  edit i see is the last one my bot did before server died
22:53.49Tekkubso it's your fault
22:54.09Kirkburn|afkNo seriously, no edits are showing
22:54.24Skyfireok, u are right
22:55.04Skyfirethe wiki died
22:55.07Kirkburn|afksancus or vlad_ major problem!
22:55.20Kirkburn|afkThe RC list seems to have broken
22:55.43Kirkburn|afkHasn't updated for 20 mins
22:55.46Skyfirei blame kirkburn and kaso
22:55.58Skyfireyour spam + his spam = super spam!
22:56.08TekkubI blame kirk, he has head cooties
22:56.36Kirkburn|afkI hate you, Tekkub :)
22:56.39Tekkubaye, I just made an edit it's not showing on the list
22:56.53Tekkubwhen did you become kirk?
22:57.13Kirkburn|afkAll this time, I've been deceiving you, muahahahaha
22:57.27Tekkub*pokes sancus with the CSS stick*
22:57.30sancuswell I can't really do anything atm
22:57.35Kirkburn|afkNot even a restart?
22:57.42sancusI can restart it
22:57.50sancusnot sure that that will accomplish anything
22:57.51sancusbut sure
22:57.58Kirkburn|afkBest to try at least
22:59.48Skyfireits still broken to me
22:59.53Kirkburn|afkYeah, broken
22:59.55Skyfireill try clearing cache and stuff
23:00.51Skyfirenope, still borken for me as well
23:01.14Adyswowwow, activity
23:01.27winkillerme wants favicon :P
23:01.27*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
23:01.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
23:01.29Skyfireim guessing it unbroke
23:01.51Tekkubyes, and I "accidentally" download porn
23:02.20Hobinheim|afkwait so what's this about patrolled edits
23:02.26Kirkburn|afksancus, well, anything you can do (like poke vlad? :P) we'd appreciate. Kinda schtuck without the RC :(  /me kicks the wiki
23:02.48Kirkburn|afkSee the red ! next to stuff on the RC list?
23:03.04Kirkburn|afkPatrollers mark edits as patrolled and get rid of them
23:04.04Hobinheim|afkwait so is something missing that normally hides those?
23:04.04Hobinheim|afkbtw are only patrollers allowed to flag edits?
23:04.22Skyfireits working again
23:04.24Kirkburn|afkTick the "Mark own edits as patrolled" option in Prefs-Editing
23:04.29BagginswwYes I'm probably going to be afk today, lots of stuff going on LOL
23:04.31sancusI see new stuff on the RC list now
23:04.35Kirkburn|afkPraise the lord!
23:04.44Kirkburn|afksancus, did you do something?
23:05.05sancusnot really
23:05.14Kirkburn|afkHalf an hour of missed edits, but we can cope. Weird thing.
23:05.15sancusI poked at the recentchanges table a bit, but nothing that should have fixed any problems
23:05.23Kirkburn|afkAh well, thanks anyway :)
23:05.36Kirkburn|afkLet's just hope no vandal happened to appear in that time
23:05.39sancusits probably possible to find those and add them in
23:05.45sancusbut not really worth the time
23:05.51Adysdont bother
23:06.15Kirkburn|afkBtw, I have an idea for some future navboxes
23:06.31Kirkburn|afkSome for NPCs, like WC3 chars
23:06.35Kirkburn|afkAlliance leaders
23:06.39Kirkburn|afkStuff liek that
23:06.41Hobinheim|afkwhat wasn't working?
23:06.46Kirkburn|afkThe RC list
23:06.50Adys"It was a normal maintenance check for a computer tech at the Alaska Department of Revenue until he mistakenly wiped out application information for a $38 billion oil account, and then accidentally reformatted the backup drive. To add insult to injury, the backup tapes also ended up unreadable."
23:06.52Adyslol tekkub
23:06.57Hobinheim|afkthe special one or the normal one?
23:07.00Kirkburn|afkHobinheim|afk, notice how there are no edits for half an hour
23:07.10Tekkubyup, like I said, I accidentally download porn
23:07.11Hobinheim|afkno =(
23:07.15Hobinheim|afklolyeah i see now
23:07.17Hobinheim|afki guess
23:08.37Hobinheim|afki got kicked out of the vipers AGAIN
23:08.39Hobinheim|afkoh well
23:08.56Hobinheim|afklol wrong char
23:09.10Hobinheim|afki'm like why don't i have aspect of the cheetah. paladins don't like animals!
23:10.37AdysBubble up
23:10.41AdysAspect of the Cheeter
23:10.46Adys.... sorry
23:10.52Skyfirehow the hell do you mark something as patrolled?
23:10.58Adysdiff link
23:11.08Adysand for new pages, link at the bottom
23:14.14Hobinheim|afkman feeding pets is such a drag
23:14.19Hobinheim|afkdemons you don't have to feed shit... =(
23:15.50Bagginswwya skyfire?
23:16.32Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, mark the patrolled edits box pleeease
23:16.36Skyfirepreferences -> editing -> check the 2nd to last box that says "Mark edits by self as patrolled"
23:16.37*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:17.04Skyfirebtw kirk, all those edits did go through, I think
23:17.08Skyfirerc just didn't record them
23:18.03Skyfireyeah, they did go through.
23:18.14Skyfirei edited my sig during the whole thing
23:21.04Skyfirei might just get started on wc3 main characters... ;P
23:21.35Skyfirequestion though; would arthas be categorized as undead or human?
23:21.48Skyfireor sylvannus, for that matter
23:22.31Hobinheim|afkcuz he's a death kngith
23:22.36Kirkburn|afkYeah, do it by current status
23:28.10Skyfirekirk, would you call them "Warcraft III Heroes" or "Warcraft III Main Characters"? Or something else?
23:28.32Kirkburn|afkMain Chars, probably
23:28.39Skyfirewhat I thought
23:28.45Kirkburn|afkHeroes is too restrictive
23:29.24SkyfireTemplate:WarIIIMainChars woork for you?
23:30.19Kirkburn|afkyeah, maybe 3 instead?
23:30.35Skyfirei'll decapitalize the letters too :x
23:33.33Skyfirehow the hell do you spell sylvanus
23:33.44kasoHows the wiki then? back to life
23:34.17kasoive lost my !
23:34.18kasowhat sup
23:35.24kaso(Upload log); 23:17 . . Whyteboi101 (Talk | contribs) (uploaded "Image:SATAN.jpg")
23:38.00Skyfireok, got it started kirk
23:39.14Adys lol at the copyright
23:40.17kasoI wonder if he has full licence to use those blizzard images in his copyrighted creation
23:42.32kasoI know i shouldnt laugh but man this page is funny
23:42.52*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:44.24kasoHe's so proud of his charater
23:45.16Kirkburn|afkSky, Mannoroth under Undead?
23:45.26Kirkburn|afkFixed :)
23:45.52kasoOk im gonna unleash my bot again (abite with a longer edit delay
23:46.38kasoKirkburn ignore what i said about loosing my ! before
23:46.42kasoi wasnt logged in >.<
23:47.02kasoI had to log out to flag my bots edits!
23:47.47kasoSo how does this RC patrol thing work, you just check out edits on the RC list, and they're auto flagged as patroled?
23:48.46Skyfirego to the (dif) tag
23:50.16Skyfireok, kirk, that is very annoying
23:50.50Skyfireremind me not to do that to you again :x
23:52.10Skyfireugh, would you put vashj in the high elves or no? that's what naga were prior to the dispersion of the well
23:52.54Kirkburn|afkEr, what?
23:52.59Kirkburn|afkOh right
23:53.07Kirkburn|afkNo, the naga were night elves
23:53.10KarriusUh, no? They were night elves.
23:53.19KarriusHighborne, you mean?
23:53.54Kirkburn|afkMake a naga line :)
23:54.06Skyfireyeah, I think so
23:54.41kasonaga please.
23:54.43Skyfirewhat about cenarious :/
23:54.45Skyfireone sec you
23:54.52Kirkburn|afkkaso, lol
23:54.53Skyfireinternet died
23:55.07kasoNaga stole my bike
23:55.23kasoThat was a guild on tbc beta
23:55.23Kirkburn|afkCenarius - Demigods line?
23:55.43kasoThat was a guild on tbc beta
23:56.19Kirkburn|afkWas the Forsaken faction formed during WC3?
23:57.18Skyfirenot until after, i don't think
23:57.28kasoEither something is up with my proxy tonight or wiki isnt liking my bot somehow
23:57.31KarriusIt was formed during TFT
23:57.41Kirkburn|afkSkyfire, add back Forsaken please :)
23:57.54Skyfireturn off the bot kaso >_<
23:57.58Skyfirei think it's your fault
23:58.00*** join/#wowwiki Tem (n=tardmrr@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Dongle/Tem)
23:58.04Temdamnit, Kirkburn|afk
23:58.08Temneeds more favicon
23:58.15KarriusThere were two? Three? missions about sylvanus.
23:58.19Skyfireremind me to add Archimond and Cenarius
23:58.20Tem(or cowbell, that works too)
23:58.29KarriusI can't remember if she actually called herself "The forsaken" , but they were definately there.
23:58.39Adyswiki down?
23:58.45TemI'm on it right now
23:58.51Temso... no
23:59.25kasoit seems screwy
23:59.25kasoIm getting intermittent timeouts
23:59.36ThraeI don't think the Forsaken really became the Forsaken until after or near the end of TFT
23:59.56KarriusThey didn't appear until TFT, yeah.

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