irclog2html for #wowwiki on 20070317

00:08.07Bagginswwok finished adding in revenants that have specific lore
00:17.36KasoWell i had to write a few extra functions but i did it, my bot will now conserve {{effect}} data when it converts to {{tooltip}}
00:18.04Kasoi ask myself was it worth a nights work for 439 pages that use {{effect}} in tooltipcss
00:42.57KasoI thought you were saying about adding itemid to {{tooltip}}
00:43.47Adyswell i guess on the end its what e'll do
00:43.54Adysbut can be botted tbh
00:44.06KasoWell it makes sense for me to add it now
00:44.18Kasoif i add it to my tooltips it wont do anything at the moment will it?
00:47.47Kasoso it makes sense to me that if i have the infomation on my now as i make tooltips  i might was well enter it
00:47.57Kasoi was thinking of doing |itemid=9999
00:57.19KasoHokay i'm going to do a real live test run of my bot, its going to do thirty page creates/edits
01:04.42KasoI think that went pretty well.
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01:26.40Bagginswwwell I've finished most of the work adding in the new lore for various elemental types.
01:34.01KasoI must admit the new pages you've been spitting out are pretty good
01:39.06KasoBagginsww, the S&L quote on primal elemental seems to sound as if its referring to a single entity is that what it means?
01:39.47BagginswwUh well its a single type of elemental that has all four main elemental types
01:39.53Bagginswwbut there are many of them apparently
01:40.10Bagginswwwouldn't know all their "type" names though
01:40.18Bagginswwwater elementals encompass many types
01:40.28Bagginswwsea elementals, lake elementals, etc
01:40.46Bagginswwso I'd assume "complete/primal" would have several subtypes too
01:41.12Kasothe way it says "The only known complete elemental" a complete elemental with all four types is the definition of a primal elemental, it wouldnt be possible for there to be another kind, if you get what im saying
01:42.14Bagginswwuh link please
01:42.55Bagginswwuh its worded a bit funny
01:43.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
01:43.18Bagginswwnot exactly like the original source
01:43.20Kasoit seems to suggest that there could be another type of "complete" elemental
01:43.37Bagginswwlet me fix it
01:43.54Bagginswwthere should be, the rpg only used "Primal" as an exmaple
01:44.05Bagginswwactually it said you could call it eithe rway
01:44.16Bagginswwa complete elemental or primal elemental
01:44.41BagginswwBut I wouldn't be surprised if there are alot of sub-types, like any other elemental
01:44.41KasoIm no real expert on lore, nor have i read any of the books, so its all abit new to me, but it did seem a confusing wording
01:44.53Bagginswwya I'll fix the wording tell me what yout hin
01:46.13Bagginswwwording a bit better?
01:46.26Kasoyah thats clear
01:48.50BagginswwI think that's closer ot the original quote anyways
01:49.20Bagginswwwhoever made the last comment must have just interpreted based on what it said in the main conglomerate article.
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02:21.18Adyslo kirk
02:21.27Adysand yeah I get a dingdingding when you come online too
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03:05.04BagginswwSo adys, I've seperated "arcane wraiths"  from "mana surges" as they have completley different models
03:05.25BagginswwI made those subcategorizes of magic-based elementals
03:06.53Bagginswwmana elemental and magic elementals aren't confirmed titles yet, so deleted that category.
03:07.01Bagginswwwell I put it on speedydelete
03:07.26Bagginswwif blizzard establishes any actual categories down the line we can always convert it over
03:49.00Bagginswwadys your picture glitches out in wowbox :p
03:49.16Adysthats pngs
03:49.31Adysthumbs do that
03:49.39*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
03:49.56Bagginswwso convert it to gif?
03:50.11Bagginswwor jpg?
03:50.13Adyshm im not sure
03:50.21Adysmaybe 1.9.2 will fix it
03:50.47Bleetergot alpha?
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04:04.10bleetahtimes like this I kinda wish IRC supported 'buddy icons'.. I've set mine to the 0.0.png image
04:11.05Skosiristhe channel is quite quiet this evening
04:11.58AdysIm here
04:12.02Adysjust out of my guild drama :P
04:12.43Adys aww I just love my pretty "On" link
04:12.52Adysits cute :D
04:14.10SkosirisI love this comic
04:19.06Skosiriswhat are you guys up to?
04:19.19Adysdeleting stuff
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04:50.29PyrrhusSup all
04:53.16Hobinheim|workrepairing my broken life
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05:30.27Skyfirei found a really pretty guild page
05:30.27Skyfirethat doesn't use lots of tabling
05:31.23Skyfireand no ones listening.
05:33.44Skyfirethere are a couple more deletes that should probably happen :)
05:33.49PyrrhusIm here :)
05:33.58Pyrrhuschecking it out
05:36.09Skyfire , , , , and . The only one that might have a link is the ruby/tooltip
05:36.21Skyfireall the others are good for a delete
05:37.13Adysill delete them in a min, having lag issues atm
05:38.02Adysim keeping av mark and boj icon pages until the bot requests are done
05:39.05Skyfirethat makes no sense...
05:39.09Adysjust in case, cant hurt :p
05:39.20Skyfirebut they aren't used anywhere, are they?...
05:39.42Skyfireand the pages they're at are using tooltip
05:39.46Adyswhatlinksthese doesnt actually link these things
05:39.58Skyfireit does show inclusions -_-
05:40.11Skyfireand none are included in a page
05:53.34Skyfirehmm, sko isn't on
05:53.46SkosirisI'm here :)
05:54.11Skosirishow may I be of help?
05:56.19Skyfirewait... how?
05:56.27Skyfireoh, the +
05:56.57AdysIm here aswell
05:57.06Skyfiregive me a sec to phrase it sko
05:57.08Adysjust ding me if im not answering
05:57.25Skosirissure, take your time
05:57.51Skyfirewould it be possible to sort by rep required when viewing items purchasable from a faction specific vendor?
05:58.26Skyfireeg, have sortable by rep required
05:58.43Skyfirewell... hmm
05:58.55Skyfireblizzard did it for us XD
05:59.11Skyfireexcept for the tabard :/
05:59.28AdysSkosiris, are you able to manually fix some infos on wowhead?
05:59.44Adys shows up as sold by the lower city quartermaster, its not the case
06:01.02Skosiriseverything is possible Sky :)
06:01.25Skosirisnot yet implemented though!
06:01.55SkosirisAdys: of course, let me fix this right away
06:02.06Skyfirewell, it isn't really needed, except for the occasional item, like the tabard on that page
06:02.19Skyfireall the epic items req exalted, all the rare req revered, etc
06:02.19Skosiristhere you go:
06:03.51*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
06:06.56Hobinheim|playwhat time is it for you guys
06:06.59Hobinheim|playit's like two in the morning
06:07.13Skosiris2:07 AM
06:07.13Adysand i didnt sleep
06:07.28Adys thats quite a sweet trinket, 20% procrate
06:07.31Hobinheim|playSkosiris, where are you?
06:09.10AdysBtw skosiris
06:09.25Adysany chance to separate heroic and normal drops? :p
06:10.27Skyfirewe must be really annoying ^^
06:10.40AdysI'm here for that
06:11.04Skyfirewho made -you- admin :P
06:11.48Skyfirewhat does the + mean next to a name? @ means admin... :x
06:12.03Skosiris+ means "voice" I think
06:12.09AdysFandyllic -
06:12.14Skosirisin some channels people aren't allowed to speak
06:12.16Adys+ is voice @ is op
06:12.46Skosiristhe "voice" status lets someone speak
06:12.50Skyfirelol adys
06:13.07Pyrrhuslol how do you know know + and @ :)
06:13.34Pyrrhusand yes @ is Over Powered in case you didnt know :)
06:13.34Adysirc client
06:13.39Skosiris"<Skyfire> we must be really annoying ^^"
06:13.44Skosirisyou're far from being annoying
06:13.50SkosirisI love feature requests
06:14.01AdysMiranda is a yellow dot for the + and green dot for the @
06:14.05SkosirisHeroic drops must be the most requested feature atm :)
06:14.08AdysSkosiris, can I have 10 gold
06:14.08Skyfireoh, we know ;P
06:14.16Skyfirei was kidding
06:14.45PyrrhusHeroics are so easy :)
06:14.53PyrrhusBM is the only tough one
06:15.03BleeterSkosiris: any chance of heroic vs standard drops?
06:15.05Bleeteror BM?
06:15.37Adys Kirkburn has way too many protections
06:15.54PyrrhusBleeter: dont like BM?
06:16.02Bleeterthere's a line there I ain't gunna say, Adys
06:16.16BleeterPyrrhus: I'm just being stupid
06:16.31PyrrhusSo.. running game... whats the most packs you can skip in heroic slave pens?
06:18.52AdysGief a link on zone maps to show no quest giver at all
06:19.18Adysin fact if you made wowhead a wiki maybe I could make a template :P
06:19.18*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (
06:19.30Skosiriswhy would you want to hide all quest givers? :P
06:19.33Skyfirehey psyker
06:19.34Psyker7any sig experts here? *coughs*
06:19.43PyrrhusPsyker7: whats up?
06:19.55AdysBecause when theres too many it makes the page fugly :P
06:19.58Psyker7I change preferences.... and it just puts my whole sig code on the page instead of linking to it >.<
06:20.02Adysand I can help psyker
06:20.15Adysmake a page called User:Psyker7/SigX
06:20.28Psyker7got that
06:20.35Adysinside, put {{User:Psyker7/Sig}}
06:20.49Psyker7right :)
06:20.52Adysand put your sig code in User:Psyker7/Sig
06:21.00Adyscheck User:Adys/Sig and SigX
06:22.09Psyker7cool working now... having to have 2 pages for it's a bit wierd lol
06:22.21Skyfireisn't so pertty? :]
06:22.31Adysits because the preference substs by default
06:22.34Adysand cant be changed
06:22.45Adysactually tbh its ugly
06:23.02Psyker7nested tooltips do look pretty imo =) was fiddling with them myself a week or 2 ago
06:23.16Adysbut thats only my opinion so :P
06:23.18Skyfirethey dont look pretty after a 2nd transclusion ;(
06:23.42Psyker7i found that there's nothing for set items on {{tooltip}} atm today =(
06:23.55Skyfireyeah =[
06:24.00Skyfirezeal left before doing that
06:24.01Psyker7i picked a random boss and decided to update all his items to it and found out i couldnt /cry
06:24.17Skyfirethere's also no way to add the grey text on meta-gems currently
06:24.28Skyfirei found that out today
06:24.50Psyker7i found that out a while ago and put it on the talk page.... zeal said he'd do it by monday a month ago lol
06:25.04Psyker7thats the 'requires X red X yellow gems' etc  ya?
06:25.46AdysIm started to get mildly pissed at people reputting the {{bc}} tag when its been removed
06:26.22Skyfirebtw, this is what happens when you transclude a page twice (see dazzling peridot or pendant of withering)
06:26.22Psyker7why removing it?
06:26.22Skyfirebecause we decided items dont need it
06:26.32AdysNot only items, but also npcs etc
06:26.42Skyfirewhich should be changed, tbh. we should have a sub-cat named BC Items with an appropriate {{bc-item}}...
06:26.47Skyfireor {{bc-NPC}}
06:27.13Adysbeen discussed over and over and over
06:27.24Psyker7ew yuck =(
06:27.28Adysif an item drops from bc zones, or is lvl 61 required its obvious its bc
06:27.34Psyker7does the cat exist yet?
06:27.40Adysits said in the very page
06:27.47Adyssame goes for bc npcs
06:27.55Adyson the end we'd overflow with these pages
06:28.05Psyker7hrm..... i'm headin back home... b there in 10 min :P
06:28.12AdysPsyker7: Try and make your sig readable btw :P
06:28.26Psyker7does it not work for other people? it is the times new roman ones....
06:28.31Skyfirehey, i like his sig!
06:28.35AdysPut Psyker7 on mouseover
06:28.42Adyssomething like that
06:29.43Skyfire exists, but it isn't properly showing up on
06:32.16Skyfireim gonna upload a new version
06:32.42Adysit's not an image problem
06:32.50Skyfiretoo late... :x
06:32.54Skyfirewhat was da problem?
06:33.07AdysI dont know, but its not an image problem :p
06:33.20SkosirisI'm impressed by you guys :)
06:33.32Skyfirehow so? :O
06:33.36AdysDid I show you my muscles?
06:33.49Skyfirebigger than Adys's?
06:34.14SkosirisI find it cool that you're like 10+ people, working together on the site and making sure everything is perfect
06:34.28Adysdude its 7am
06:34.40Skosiris(more than 10 I know, I meant 10+ dedicated people)
06:34.43AdysWay more than 10 people :P
06:35.00Skyfireok, so is it a problem with icon? :/
06:35.06AdysI dont know
06:35.07Skyfirecause its driving me nuts
06:35.08Adyscheck the code
06:35.23Adys(Substing these templates is ... HELL)
06:35.32bleetahcollective insanity.. is addictive
06:37.20Skyfirebesides, how could it be an issue with the coding? every -other- image works; why not that one?
06:38.18*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
06:40.14Skyfirebtw, adys, do and need switching? :/
06:40.36Adyswhy would they?
06:40.45Skyfirejw if i had them set up correctly :x
06:40.51Adysoh sec
06:41.02AdysNo they dont
06:41.09Adysbut in the preferences be sure to link SigX
06:41.14Adysand not sig
06:41.43Skyfirein the nickname box?
06:42.04Skyfireand links what there? :x
06:42.10Skyfireor what should I put there?
06:43.07*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=Psyker7@
06:43.15Psyker7so yeah....
06:43.58Skyfireooh, that pretty
06:44.12Skyfiremah new sig!
06:44.36Psyker7its not
06:44.37Psyker7so what is it?
06:44.39Skyfireyou can tell i just drove adys over the cliff
06:45.03Adyssky where did you get your icon from?
06:45.16Psyker7 ?
06:45.25Adysyou eejit :p
06:45.36Skyfirewell, rv the image than nublet!
06:45.40Adysnever use thottbot's icons
06:45.53Adysbecause its jpgs they use
06:46.00Psyker7ew jpg!
06:46.00Skyfireand who uses pngs? alla?
06:46.25Skyfireso then, rv and delete
06:46.39AdysArgh, spam
06:47.00Psyker7So Adys - my alt characters in my sig not appearing for you?
06:47.21AdysNo not that
06:47.37Adysbut it's good to see who's writing when you sign something :P
06:47.45Hobinheim|playwow i'm really tired...
06:47.45Hobinheim|playlater guys
06:47.46Skosiris"<Psyker7> ew jpg!"    we use jpegs as well..
06:47.46*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|play (
06:47.54Psyker7not icons but
06:47.55Skosirisin an optimized way though!
06:48.08Adysyou want to be kicked out of this channel Skosiris?
06:48.19AdysNEVER say you use jpg icons
06:48.24Skyfirehe just did
06:48.40AdysPut "Psyker7" as mouseover on our sig for example
06:48.49Psyker7doing that now
06:49.05Psyker7fixing it to look a bit better as well.... thought the whole blown up box would be cool... but yeah.
06:49.27Psyker7k ill kill the alt chars =(
06:49.37Skyfirei like the alt chars =[
06:49.43Adysyou dont have to :P
06:50.06Adysthats my irc client
06:50.09Psyker7hrm... it don't like the y in here... even though its a yen page =(
06:50.15Psyker7*er yen symbol
06:50.47Skyfiretotd for alla: Siphon Life? 350 mana. Curse of Agony? 265 mana. Corruption? 370 mana. Soulstoning yourself a nanosecond before you get ganked? Priceless. For everything else, there's Fear.
06:50.57Psyker7saw that
06:51.15Psyker7i was already fixing it adys.... =) i'm on the edit page now :P
06:51.16Skosiriswhat's with the JPEG icons? :P
06:51.25AdysLmao skyfire
06:51.32AdysSkosiris: they aint pretty :P
06:51.41Psyker7no transparency
06:51.45AdysNah jk, they are not transparent thats it
06:51.46Skosirisa png icon can take about 10k each, while a jpeg one takes 1.5 kb
06:51.58Adysfor wowhead its handled very well
06:52.03Adysbecause you have a selfmade border
06:52.03Skosiriswe use a separate png image for the transparent border
06:52.19Adysbut thottbot uses straight jpgs
06:52.29Adysso when you use them on a page you sometimes have cyan corners etc
06:52.44Psyker7anyone know if there's an alt character or something of a '7' that has a line through it? like an old style 7? =)
06:53.13Skyfireyou shouldn't look at imo.
06:53.32Skyfireyou shouldn't look at imo.
06:53.44Skyfireand that fails also
06:53.59Adystry that
06:54.18Skyfirethat's not it!
06:54.26AdysWhat you doing :P er...
06:55.29Skyfirenot that file, there's another out there...
06:55.38Psyker7 better imo
06:56.08Adys ?
06:56.17Skyfire >_>
06:56.32Skyfirethat didn't come from thott, i swear
06:56.53Psyker7ew ! no transparency!
06:57.17SkosirisAllakhazam has a bunch of "transparencyless" png icons
06:57.38Adysskosiris: thats up to the game files mostly
06:57.53Adysthe problem was mainly when the jpgs were handling transparency into cyan corners
06:58.12Adysand some icons were simply ugly
06:59.03Gryphenoh my!
06:59.04Psyker7omg.... its st. pats day isn't it....
06:59.23Adyslol gryphen
06:59.43AdysI found many like that when I was converting them on the wiki :P
06:59.55Skyfiregryphen scares me
07:00.14Skyfirehe likes doing evil things to {{elinks-<type>}}
07:01.13Skosirishe did not demote Wowhead again, did he? :P
07:01.23Skyfireno... he's still evil
07:01.24Gryphenwhy not?
07:01.25AdysLook who's scared :P
07:01.28Skyfirehe likes breaking wikis
07:02.11Psyker7someone mentioned breaking?
07:02.46AdysVandals have fuck all imagination
07:02.56Adysimagine if someone uploaded the wow geek guy on this image:
07:03.01Bagginswwwell kirkburn, it took a while but I think elementals pages are much improved now :)
07:03.02Psyker7hence the sledgehammer
07:03.15Bagginswwalthough fire elemental's photo needs to be fixed again LOL
07:03.49AdysBagginsww: hopefully we'll get the wiki upgrade soon, and wikimedia 1.9.2 will fix that
07:04.07Skyfireit's not even being "linked to"
07:04.09Skyfireill brb
07:04.36Psyker7what's causing that?
07:05.25Psyker7with the ele pic?
07:05.55Adyswikimedia 1.6 is shit at thumbbing pngs
07:06.04Skyfiregd that's annoying
07:06.22Adyssome pngs seem to not be affected tho
07:06.24Psyker7Skyfire - fixed:
07:07.07Skyfireyou bitch
07:07.09Skyfirewtf did you do
07:07.18Psyker7you had |icon twice
07:07.21Psyker72nd one was empty
07:07.22Adysyou had two icon args
07:07.23Bagginswwadys hope so :)
07:07.37AdysYeah same baggins, its quite annoying
07:07.46Skyfirewow... am i a dumbass, or what?
07:07.57Psyker7i've done worse >.<
07:08.11AdysMeanwhile I think Im gonna add a param to the race box so that it doesnt thumb the image
07:08.33Psyker7time to update one more random item, and then dinner time =)
07:08.55Psyker7btw - are we removing all occurances of {{icon}} if we are adding {{tooltip}} ?
07:09.07Adysyes if you add the icon in {{tooltip}}
07:10.51Skyfirei actually have a project for you psyker!
07:11.03Psyker7argh... projects =(
07:11.26Skyfireare you just updating random items? or is there a base you're starting from?
07:11.32Psyker7random =)
07:11.58Skyfirego get em
07:12.27Psyker7cool nearly done =) not tonight but.... gota finish a damn maths assignment
07:12.45Skyfireno, not nearly done
07:14.30Skyfireit's something to fill your time
07:14.43Skyfirejust make sure to fix the actual item, rather than its /tooltip equivalent
07:14.56Skyfireand then edit the original page to transclude to the actual item
07:15.10Skyfirethat recipes page is going to hurt
07:15.20Psyker7something i saw suggested is to work off Category:Transcludeable Pages or whatever....
07:15.27Psyker7so u SD them once ur done
07:15.51Skyfirethat was probably my suggestion.
07:16.04Psyker7think it was adys actually ^.6
07:16.23*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
07:16.24Skyfiremustve been me...
07:16.30Psyker7i lie it was you
07:16.45Psyker7(Eltari is like my GM's wife lol)
07:17.17Skyfirethat's actually what ive been doing is working through that cat, but getting that comparison fixed would be great too
07:17.26Psyker7will do
07:17.38Psyker7time to make a ToDo list me thinks
07:17.40Skyfireand you're forgetting {{tocleft}}
07:18.18Skyfireand {{clrl}}
07:18.18Psyker7we including that even when there's crap all stuff on it?
07:18.33Skyfirein fact, i really don't like you did the source at all xD
07:19.57Skyfireoh, and one more thing ,that's a bit more important than that
07:20.30Skyfire|elink= needs to have what type of effect it is ;P
07:20.55Psyker7yeah... i remember getting halfway through and realizing i'd forgotten some today =(
07:21.35Skyfirenow your edits won't be so random! ;P
07:22.08Psyker7did we have a cat instead of bc? or leave em ftm?
07:22.55Psyker7{{bc}} = bc item cat?
07:23.07Skyfire{{bc}} = burning crusade cat :/
07:23.12Skyfiredon't use it, or so im told
07:23.22Psyker7meh i wont touch it ftm
07:23.40Skyfireugh, didn't realize what ftm meant... more used to seeing atm
07:25.03Psyker7fixed all the ones i updated today =) and off to dinner
07:36.33Skyfirebagginsww, how do you add the 3% indent to a page?
07:37.23Skyfireoh, thanks
07:38.15Bagginsww:: means even more indent
07:39.40Skyfireoh i know where
07:40.07Bagginswwwell I was just making suggestions, I'm not expert, :)
07:40.29Skyfire<div style="margin-left:3%;">
07:40.35Skyfirewith the obligator </div>
07:40.41BagginswwI noticed that Krasus dragon form in Ghostlands was based on Nozdormu's appearance in Shadows & Light
07:43.26Skyfireit was archimonde trying to enter the word in wota, correct?
07:44.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:49.33*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
07:49.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
07:49.56Psyker7Skyfire - i was just updating tooltips and not caring much about what else was on the page today, thats all =)
07:50.40Skyfirethat seems silly to me ;(
07:50.44Skyfireshoudl stub it at least
07:50.50Skyfireand i thought you were at dinner...
07:51.04Psyker7just got back
07:51.19Psyker7and .... having some people try to convince me to go out coz its st. pats.... its tempting
07:52.02Skyfirei do not like grell
07:52.07Skyfirei do not know why, but i do not
07:53.27Bagginswwheh heh
07:53.37Skyfirefuck you baggins
07:53.42Skyfirei was gonna do that
07:54.39Adystheres a rare grell in teldrassil, in a cave, iirc
07:54.43Skyfireimo, that was a ninja-edit, and i order you to undo it
07:55.11Skyfireoh well
07:55.13Skyfiregn all!
07:55.18Psyker7i b confused
07:55.24Skyfirenot you psyker
07:55.32Psyker7i know
07:55.34Psyker7but still confused
07:55.40Bagginswwdo what skyfire?
07:55.53Skyfireyou fixed your redirect
07:56.32Skyfireanyway, i need to go to bed, else im going to die tomorrow at the crack of dawn for swimming...
07:58.36Bagginswwran into rexxar by himself today
07:58.51Bagginswwso made  anice closeup shot
07:59.04BagginswwHe looks like an ogrish batman
10:14.42Adysalo kirk
10:15.10KirkburnThis is awesome -
10:15.56KirkburnI can't imagine any other leader of a country doing it
10:31.29sancusit's ok when no one takes you seriously in the first place
10:38.05*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=Psyker7@
11:12.48Kirkburnsancus, lol
11:23.56*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
11:23.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
11:24.12Adysalo kirk
11:24.23Adyshuh wait
11:24.24Adysnvm :P
11:33.31Adys interesting thread too
11:33.38Adysif you dont like american pie from the precedent one
11:45.11*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
11:45.57Adysalo kaso
11:46.37Adyslol, trend micro's housecall program translated in french
11:46.59AdysWhat the hell is a kek?
11:47.18kasokek? usually its used like lol
11:47.24*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
11:47.26kasodepending on the context
11:47.46AdysNo, it tells me cookies are called "keks" in english
11:48.10Adysand it made me bur (sry sry I didn't sleep)
11:48.26kasonever heard kek being use like that
11:48.48Adysbur.. kek... why the HELL isn't fin around when you need him for crappy jokes
12:18.17kasogo write somethin
12:18.43Adysfor itemid go for it
12:18.53Adysfor effect and elink i didnt follow so i have no idea
12:19.01Adysmake sure itemid is optionnal tho
12:19.06Adyswe got a lot of tooltip pages without it
12:19.15kasommhm ofc
12:19.41kasoMy idea is that if sometime in the future we want to add an itemid to the tooltip, we can and *poof*  half the tooltips will already have it
12:40.12Kirkburnkaso, your item pages are missing the {{clrl}} after the toc
12:40.28kasoThey are? damnit lemme see
12:40.52KirkburnApart from that, looking good :)
12:42.00kasoI'll edit my template, according to the boilerplate it should go directly after the tooltip, inside the noinclude right?
12:43.40KirkburnOutside, I thought
12:44.08KirkburnWhat Boilerplate are you reading?!?
12:44.16Kirkburn( )
12:44.29kasoby inside the include i mean within the main "body" of the page within a <noinclude></noinclude> tag
12:44.47kaso<noinclude> .- {{clrl}}
12:44.50kasolike that
12:46.03KirkburnOn right
12:46.10KirkburnSorry, misread :)
12:46.28kasoyah i released what i said was ambiguous
12:48.43kasoIm downloading tbc, torrent : about 7 hours
12:48.50kasodirect download: 17 min
12:50.51*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
12:52.02kasoI'm going to be such a noob, running around hellfire level 60
13:00.11winkillerbetter than 58
13:04.10kasoBut im on a pvp all the same, and there will be bored level 70s
13:04.16kasoi hope it aint too bad >.<
13:09.53Pyrrhuskaso: im usually one of the bored 70's ;)
13:10.09PyrrhusAlthough caught a botter other day.. level 67 farming 63 mobs
13:10.28Pyrrhusrecoreded it all with fraps and sicked a GM on him :)
13:10.58kasoI've given up reporting to gms, i've accepted that on EU servers the gms are just for show
13:11.17Pyrrhusnot to bad on us..
13:11.29Pyrrhuslike if I see a botter.. ill try to remember his name..
13:11.38kasoYou cant tell the difference on how good the GMs are by the price of gold :>
13:11.42Pyrrhusfew days later ill try to add to friend.. suually not found.. :)
13:11.45kasoLast i checked EU was about 1/8 of US price
13:11.54Pyrrhusyea lol
13:13.46Pyrrhuswhats a primal fire go for on your server?
13:14.28kasoIm not sure only on 61% of download :>
13:25.57*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (n=Psyker7@
13:29.13*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
14:25.03Adysnn all
14:25.11Adysits 16:00 and i guess its time to sleep
14:35.20Psyker7kaso - did you catch my reply on ?
14:35.42kasoYah i did
14:36.04Psyker7=) though i do agree its a bit wierd /shrug
14:36.22kasomy issue with that is it seems a like elink= is a needless complication, when i can get the exact same effect only using effect=
14:36.42Psyker7hrm.... might have a look at the actual template code see whats going on there...
14:37.01Psyker7apart from the fact it's locked >.<
14:37.49kasohehe yah
14:38.02Psyker7{{if|{{{effect|}}}|then=<li style="color: #0f0;">{{{effect|}}}{{{elink|}}}
14:41.26Psyker7{{if|{{{effect}}}|else=<li style="color: #0f0;">{{{effect|}}}{{{elink|}}}
14:41.51Psyker7looks like it is redundant... too bad he ain't around to ask >.<
14:43.18Psyker7maybe he had in mind some code to find effects that wern't linked.....
14:48.22kasoThat makes some sense
14:48.38kasobut it'd be very hard to do a search like that wouldnt it
14:49.44Psyker7dno... i just pulled the code to pieces.... and it seems as though it does the same whether it exists or not... it's a redundant if statement >.<
14:49.58Psyker7and i'm using too many ...'s
14:50.58Psyker7then=<li style="color: #0f0;">{{{effect|}}}{{{elink|}}}
14:51.00Psyker7and theres
14:51.08Psyker7else=<li style="color: #0f0;">{{{effect|}}}{{{elink|}}}
14:51.31Psyker7difference being the pipes in {{effect}} and {{locked}}
14:53.57kasoIm not really that good with wikicode, so my eyes are glazing over a touch at that
15:04.44*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
15:09.05*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
15:09.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
15:13.22*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:22.58*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
15:54.34*** join/#wowwiki Kurniawan (n=kurnia_w@
16:34.10KirkburnBagginsww, don't be so liberal with extra formatting like bullets and indents
16:34.24KirkburnI've gone over to reduce the number
16:35.30KirkburnNow I'm going over the intro :)
16:41.12KirkburnArgh, it says Dagran Thaurissan was slain by Rag. Bit hard, given that he's still alive
16:45.19*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Karen@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
16:45.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
16:48.47KirkburnOkay, rewritten
16:54.46*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Karen@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
16:54.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
17:03.02*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
17:06.50*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (
17:07.53*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:10.07*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:10.37*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Karen@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
17:10.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
17:23.08KirkburnArgh, people upload screenshots, but never actually add them to the article :/
18:31.45*** join/#wowwiki berks (n=lookingf@
19:54.09KirkburnBagginsww, when adding new info (which I love), integrate it with the current info please, rather than adding a verbatim section that repeats info :)
19:57.39*** join/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
19:58.23*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:58.46*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
19:58.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
19:59.26BagginswwI try to most of the time
20:00.49Adys needs an update :p
20:03.07*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
20:03.19Adysello skosiris
20:03.28Skosiris'morning :)
20:03.58SkosirisI could use someone's help
20:04.10KirkburnBasilisk looks a bit odd now, Baggins :P
20:04.28KirkburnI'm playing Rayman, depends on what you need
20:04.41Skosirissomeone who has the Bloodmyst Isle map pretty much all revealed, and who has coords displayed on the world map
20:04.52Adysdont have either sorry =/
20:08.25AdysWhat is the page about signatures on the wiki?
20:11.02Adysk theres none, sec
20:16.19Bagginswwhow common are articles in other languages?
20:20.39AdysNeeds to be moved to the russian wiki
20:22.49Adysits a guild lol
20:23.21Adysand gone
20:23.59AdysI just created and put some very basis on
20:24.06Adyswould be nice if someone could expand it
20:44.02oamSkosiris: go download cartographer and you can see the map, tho no mouseover names untill you've eplored the non-map-named areas yourself
20:44.42oam(why the restriction is there might be a good question... dunno)
20:58.52*** part/#wowwiki bleetuz (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
21:00.29KirkburnBagginsww, whilst you're going through the creature articles, can you bold (or add) the creature name in the first sentence? Ta!
21:00.47BagginswwHmm, sorry
21:01.13KirkburnYou're not removing them, so no need to say sorry :P
21:03.02BagginswwI know I've added it to some stuff I've added, but may have missed it on others.
21:03.06Bagginswwthat's why Is aid sorry LOL
21:35.17Bagginswwneeds to be moved to lowercase form
21:45.21KirkburnAlso, Notable is spelt thus, not noteable :)
21:49.15Bagginswwas much as I hate using our scanner, I'm going to ahve to scan in more artwork from wc1 manual, LOL
21:49.42Bagginswwfor picture of daemon, female water elemental, old style fire elemental, etc
21:50.43Bagginswwhmm even the artwork for the fire elemental is a female fire elemental heh heh
21:57.35*** join/#wowwiki clad|sleep (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
22:06.29KirkburnBagginsww is now in the 10,000 club :)
22:20.47BagginswwKirkburn I wouldn't mind
22:22.26Bagginswwsorry I can't directly reply to your PM
22:22.40KirkburnWhy not?
22:22.41Bagginswwstill have issues signing up under this nick :p
22:23.10BagginswwI've typed everything people have told me to type before and nickserve won't listen LOL
22:23.29Bagginswwwell it says something, but doesn't seem to atually change anything
22:23.38KirkburnFor those I've not asked - I'm going to make Baggins an admin
22:23.48KirkburnHe spends enough time on the wiki anyway ^^
22:24.04Adysgrats :)
22:24.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Bagginsww] by ChanServ
22:24.16BagginswwI"m an admin at king's quest omnipedia too currently heh
22:24.57Bagginswwalthough there my rules are strict, 1 month ban for any form of vandalism :p
22:25.21KirkburnYou still answer to Ragestorm, of course :)
22:25.32BagginswwI'd give longer, but only problem vandals are anonymous there
22:25.35Bagginswwof course
22:25.36AdysIm eating disgusting japanese candy thingies atm
22:25.42KirkburnOne more for the fight against vandals, woo
22:25.52KirkburnBagginsww, so, did it work?
22:26.20Bagginswwwhat was supposed to work?
22:26.37KirkburnI just made you a sysop!
22:26.42BagginswwI saw you toss me  channel operator status
22:26.50KirkburnNah, Adys did that on the sly
22:27.08*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
22:27.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
22:27.16Bagginswwunfortunately I odn't have a clue what channer oerpator status commands are, or how to do them heh heh
22:27.24KirkburnBagginsww, you need to register properly
22:27.38Bagginswwwell give me the commands yet again :p
22:27.44BagginswwI'll try yet again, LOL
22:28.01Kirkburn/ns register <nick> <pw>
22:28.34KirkburnThen you log in with /ns identify <pw>
22:29.10KirkburnI can't add you to the permanent channel OP list without you registering
22:29.21KirkburnYou should be sysopped on the wiki at least
22:30.22BagginswwI the <nick> Do I leave off the arrrows or put my name inside the arrow?
22:30.29Adysno arrows
22:30.29KirkburnNo arrows
22:30.35Bagginswwok that's what I've been doing
22:30.41Bagginswwleaving hte arrows off
22:31.09KirkburnRight? And the problem is?
22:31.30KirkburnIs NickServ giving you errors?
22:31.42Bagginswwwell it sent me back "Syntax: REGISTER <password>
22:31.59KirkburnAdys, you're two hours ahead of me?
22:32.08Adyswhat you mean
22:32.22KirkburnOh, maybe it's just /ns register <pw>
22:32.29KirkburnLeave off the nickname
22:32.31Adysits 23.33 here
22:32.44KirkburnThen your wiki is set an hour fast still
22:32.57Adysah aye
22:33.01AdysI cba to change it:p
22:33.27Kirkburn"[Bagginsww] has been added to the access list for #wowwiki with level [48]"
22:33.48KirkburnYou will now auto-op when you log in
22:33.58BagginswwI'm a crazy person, YAY!, LOL
22:33.59Kirkburn(and identify)
22:34.08Kowii'm ze idler:p
22:34.16KirkburnAdys, 4 clicks to fix it, you lazy bum
22:34.30Adysway ahead of my possibilities
22:35.03Bagginswwanycase, in most cases I'll bring up any problems that arise to you and the other admins before I make major decisions :)
22:35.45BagginswwI don't want power going to my head, heh heh
22:36.09KirkburnSure :)
22:36.36Bagginswwhowever, this will make it easier to lowercase things now heh
22:38.08KirkburnReminder, anyone do just PM me if you have suggestions for future admins
22:38.31Bagginswwmy first adminy move and delete, LOL
22:38.35Adys give yourself a note =)
22:39.02AdysI want tusva as admin, but hes inactive
22:40.55KirkburnI was already editing that page :(
22:41.12Adysas you said im two hours ahead of you
22:41.15Bagginswwcrazy lore contributer that'll do LOL
22:41.16KirkburnPeople don't /have/ to be active to be admins
22:41.26*** join/#wowwiki Deathface (
22:41.30Deathfacehey sup
22:41.42Deathfaceanyone have any tips for ways to farm for epic mount?
22:41.56Deathfacelike a particar area to grind mobs
22:42.00Adysyou got bc?
22:42.05Deathfacelol yea
22:42.10Deathfaceepic flying mount
22:42.14Adysquests then :p
22:42.19Deathfaceanything besides quests
22:42.33Adyselemental motes usually sell wel
22:42.42KirkburnAdys, I'm fine with adding admins who aren't as busy as us (which is pretty much everyone), just so long as people realise the purpose is for vandalism and to aid smooth running, not for power :)
22:43.02AdysBut.. but... I want ze power
22:43.17KirkburnYou already have ze power, worryingly
22:43.53Adysits you who wanted me admin, who d'ya have to blame on that :P
22:44.25Bagginswwhmm looks like vandals ahve returned to King's quest realms...
22:44.45Bagginswwtime to raise the sword of banning.
22:45.32Bagginswwsigh wish they'd let me turn it into a sign up system :p
22:46.16Bagginswwthen I could have even stronger vans
22:46.34KirkburnAww, I liked the sound of stronger vans
22:47.22Bagginswwonly reason I choose 1 month is so that I prevent someone from using the same IP multiple times to vandalize in the month. But so as to not prevent other people from adding content later on.
22:47.32Adys<!-- insert witty introduction here --> ?
22:47.52Adyswth :p
22:48.10Kirkburn<-- bored and tired
22:48.23Bagginsww I haven't calculated my edits, but someone once said I probalby edited nearly every page there
22:48.26KirkburnBagginsww, I'm confused
22:49.17Bagginswwwell IPs change, and others people with valid reason to edit may use the same IP, so I don't want to permblock the IP.
22:49.19Adys oO
22:49.35Bagginswwheh heh
22:50.00Kirkburn"Some cats are the product of Humans consuming Cat Cookies."
22:50.03BagginswwI had to get some information by sending emails back to designers of the games.
22:50.08Adyswhen i browse your contribs I get a database error><
22:50.17Bagginswwsure quaility needs to be improved :)
22:50.19Adysfrom within function "LinkCache::addLinkObj". MySQL returned error "1267: Illegal mix of collations (latin1_bin,IMPLICIT) and (utf8_general_ci,COERCIBLE) for operation '=' (localhost)".
22:50.52Bagginswwbut ya Kirburn you have to know the series to catch that refrence
22:51.42BagginswwI've incorporprated a few templates from Wowwiki into the omnipedia at times heh.
22:51.59Bagginswwlike the citation indexing
22:53.02BagginswwI have to say canon is a different monster for that universe...
22:53.15Bagginswwbasically the universe is dead as far as official games bieng made
22:53.30Bagginswwso fan community has been making remakes and new games.
22:53.51Bagginswwso each fan developer has come up with "their story"
22:54.52Bagginswwso I chose to split things based on things that were official or copyrighted to owners of the franchise from fan material.
22:54.58AdysKirkburn: I added a small note on the admin pages for the admins active on IRC btw
22:55.04Adysadmin page*
22:55.18Bagginswwalthough some fan community have "fanon" basically
22:55.34Bagginswwwhere they folllow storyline of one or more of the fan community's offerings
22:55.42Bagginswwas being how they see the universe
22:57.39Bagginswwall I ask is hold me back against the likes of Angry Ogre, ;)
22:59.37KirkburnAdys, good idea
22:59.46KirkburnBagginsww, hehe
22:59.52AdysYour skill in good ideas has increased to 310
23:01.01Bagginswwsigh next year going to be tough though, I probably won't take all my books with me when I head off to University of Manoa.
23:01.36Bagginswwso if I add content it will only be from new published books at the time
23:04.07Bagginswwnow were did I put my GBA SP, :p...
23:04.25BagginswwMy copy of FF6 Advance was in it :p
23:04.46BagginswwI'm so absent minded sometimes :p
23:04.53*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:06.21Bagginswwso uh, vargh, almost to 50,000 club?
23:06.41Bagginswwhis own edits or a bot doing it for him?
23:06.42Adysand we still need the 25000 club logo :P
23:06.46Adysown edits
23:07.03AdysIm off to bed
23:07.08BagginswwI mean crazy cause he was like 25,000 only a few months ago
23:07.12Adysslept two hours the last 48 hours
23:07.16KirkburnI just noticed the Admin page had glaring mistakes
23:07.23Adysnn all and have fun :)
23:07.47Adys|sleepoh btw kirk
23:07.52Adys|sleepbefore i forget :p
23:08.17Adys|sleepstubby needs a bit of filling, i've wrote what i could
23:08.49KirkburnI saw
23:08.53KirkburnNote my edits :P
23:09.04Adys|sleepI suck, off to bed :P
23:09.10KirkburnI might get around to writing up the how-to
23:11.08*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:22.00Bagginswwso I ordered Medieval for PSP from walmart, since it was like 12 bucks online, and 50 in the store... I picked it up since I missed the game first time around on the PSX.
23:22.05Bagginswwits pretty funny
23:23.27Bagginswwreminds me of nightmare before christmas.
23:24.35KirkburnUpdated the front page / news :)
23:32.15Bagginswwwell the game is about this unheroic hero, nsamed Daniel Fortescue
23:33.12Bagginsww100 years ago he was shot in the eye trying to escape and shirk his duties during the battle of Gallowmere
23:33.47Bagginswwultimately evil wizard Zadrok was defeated but the king needed a good hero to praise, for moral of the kingdom
23:34.09Bagginswwso in a bit of PR stunt he claimed that it was DAniel who made the final blow that defeated Zadrok
23:34.37Bagginswwand he was buried in a heros tomb and a story of his deeds was carved into it.
23:34.57Bagginsww100 years later Zadrok returns and starts casting necromantic spells on the populace
23:35.01Bagginswwand graveyards
23:35.31BagginswwDaniel is risen, and faced with having to live up to the legend surrounding him
23:37.24*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:53.18KirkburnBagginsww, interesting
23:53.28KirkburnZadrok is a crap name though
23:53.56Bagginswwthe game seems to have alot of British humor though.
23:54.09Bagginswwapparenlty it was made in England
23:54.28BagginswwI like British humor, so its all good ;)
23:55.39Bagginswwsome of the humor reminds me of humor in MOnty Python and the HOly Grail.
23:55.47Kirkburnooh, cool
23:57.02Bagginswwand I mispelled it, Its Zarok
23:57.13Bagginswwwhich is equally silly
23:59.14Kirkburn|afkShall read later
23:59.49Bagginswwso it was made in Cambridge apparently

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