irclog2html for #wowwiki on 20070312

00:35.56kasoHey Kirkburn|afk, i know you're not really afk, you're just doing that so you can have more wii time!
00:36.16Kirkburn|afkinfobot, stab kaso
00:36.27infobotACTION runs at kaso with an origami Swiss Army knife, and inflicts a nasty paper cut.
00:36.27kasoha! ha!
00:36.28kasoyou fail
00:36.31kasooh damnit
00:37.01kasoI wanna show off my bot i'm playing around with
00:37.05kaso !
00:37.56Kirkburn|afkOooh, another bot?!
00:37.59Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, heya
00:38.17kasoI had a boring weekend and i wanted to play with lua socket :>
00:38.33Kirkburn|afkWe need all the bots we can get
00:38.54kasoi though i could mass create new item pages, or replace tooltipcss on old ones
00:39.26Kirkburn|afkI liek big bots and I cannot lie?
00:39.33kasothat is awesome
00:40.09kasoi'm impressed
00:40.25Kirkburn|afkI decided to go with a cultural reference, but there were other options
00:40.37Kirkburn|afk"I'd like to take a look at your bot"
00:40.43Kirkburn|afk"My, you have a nice bot"
00:41.11Kirkburn|afk"let's all check out kaso's bot"
00:42.00Bagginswwyep chaos orcs are limited to faction of orcs that drank from 'chaos well'
00:42.14Kirkburn|afkThat makes it simpler at least
00:42.15Bagginswwin Reign of Chaos
00:42.26Bagginswwall orcs in TFT and beyond are fel orcs
00:43.07Kirkburn|afkkaso, when/if you finalise your bot or whatever, make a new account for it, like "KasoBot". It can be flagged as a bot account and the edits it makes won't show in the RC list by default
00:43.21Kirkburn|afkI should really get around to playing TFT
00:45.54Bagginswwminor edits to chaos orcs portion
00:46.11*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
00:46.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
00:46.21Bagginswwwe could probably seperate chaos orcs to its own article.
00:46.27kasoKirkburn|afk is there some procedure for discussing/approving large-reaching bot-edits before i go setting it edit a few hundred pages, or whatever
00:46.27Bagginswwthere is enough history for it
00:46.52AdysKaso: irc is usually enough for that
00:47.21kasoHokay sounds fair enough.
00:47.30Kirkburn|afkHey Adys!
00:47.37Adyshello love :)
00:47.49Kirkburn|afkYeah we need to know it's working properly before you go crazy kaso :P
00:47.59kasoofc ofc
00:48.08kasoill check up with you before it let it out into the wild
00:48.18AdysWatchout bot has been running I see
00:48.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sancus] by ChanServ
00:48.21Adysawesomeness :)
00:48.59Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, not sure about saying they're 'infected' with the blood, more 'infused'?
00:49.21Kirkburn|afkThat's a point ... /me goes to check out the bot edits
00:49.25Bagginswwahh was using mannaroth's discription LOL
00:49.53Adyshe did == External Links == {{elinks-item|blah}}
00:50.33Kirkburn|afkWell, I'm not really bothered
00:50.48Adysmost has been done thats the thing
00:50.55Kirkburn|afkThe simplest solution is often the best
00:51.09Kirkburn|afkTemplates within templates it just confusing to page makers
00:51.30Bagginswwwe can probably put chaos well on the list of ashenvale subregions
00:51.40Kirkburn|afkWe could have a bot run afterwars to change all "External Links" to "External links"
00:51.52Adysit should have been
00:52.19Adysbut he couldnt know since no one precised in bot requests and I was away :P
00:55.55Kirkburn|afkI thought I mentioned it to him, but I also said I wasn't really bothered
00:56.19Kirkburn|afkSince when is anything both an item, NPC and/or spell anyway? :)
00:56.59Kirkburn|afkCongratulations, you have bought the Wrathhammer from Mr. Wrathhammer in Wrathhammer.
00:57.07Kirkburn|afkWould you like to Wrathhammer someone?
00:57.32Kirkburn|afkNo, but I would like some of that delightful Wrathhammer you have back there, it smells delicious
00:57.42Kirkburn|afkSorry, but we only sell that to Wrathhammers
00:58.32Kirkburn|afkBasically I'm saying I have no idea what the point of the elinks bit is :)
00:59.10Adys"{{elinks}}" adds == External links ==
00:59.14Adysand some other stuff
00:59.16Adysno in fact
00:59.21Adysi have no idea either
00:59.54Kirkburn|afkWe can't even ask the template author
01:00.27Kirkburn|afkIf you didn't know, Zeal left
01:02.04Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, I just saw an interesting quote from Drysc
01:02.06Kirkburn|afk"As far as we know Outland is the only habitable piece of landmass left of Draenor. Emphasis on 'As far as we know', of course.
01:02.39Kirkburn|afkEssentially he's saying "we are not alone", I guess :P
01:03.01Bagginswwya, there were other minor islands in TFT
01:03.18Bagginswwsome that are supposed to be connected by chains
01:03.39Bagginswwya I know Zeal left.
01:03.54Kirkburn|afkDeathwing's island and the Warsong one too, no?
01:04.06Bagginswwya those would be neat to visit
01:05.26BagginswwI'd like to sea land of netherstorm before it was the netherstorm
01:06.08Bagginswwback when the Fields of Farahlon
01:06.13Kirkburn|afkCoT ftw :P
01:06.13Bagginsww*it was
01:06.32Bagginswwalthough I think cavern's of time should be utalized for more than just "dungeons" :)
01:06.35Kirkburn|afkThough, that may be planet centric
01:06.51Bagginswwit was fields only few years ago
01:07.08Bagginswwblood elves turned it into what is now
01:08.03Kirkburn|afkHere's hoping Nozdormu can planet hop?
01:08.13Kirkburn|afkOr ... perhaps he already has!
01:13.46AdysSo happy
01:13.49Adysto be home =)
01:14.58Bagginsww"Moonglade Isle"
01:15.11Bagginswwthere's a another area to add to "moonglade" sub-regions
01:15.48Bagginswwwell ya one of the battlegrounds they were going to do was Hellfire Penninsula during WC2 era heh heh
01:15.55Bagginswwtoo bad it was cancelled
01:16.22BagginswwIts unfortunate that Theramore Isle doesn't have "Theramore harbor"
01:16.25Bagginswwin WoW
01:16.32BagginswwI mean the huge gated part of the city.
01:17.11Bagginswwmajor plot point in orc campaign in TFT
01:17.36Bagginswwheros get locked up behind the gates, and have to unlock them
01:17.41Bagginswwso they can sail out
01:20.59Kirkburn|afkMoonglade Isle!?
01:22.39watchouthey, are you ranting about my precious bot?
01:23.01Adyshey watchout :D
01:23.17Adysawesome work :)
01:23.44watchoutIt bitched around pretty much though...
01:24.22watchoutand I still don't know why - some pages just didn't work and I had to manually edit them...
01:24.47watchoutluckily only about 20 out of 7,000 or so
01:25.28Bagginswwya it was mentioned during a mission
01:25.44Bagginswwmalfurion tells you to fleel to it
01:25.56BagginswwI'll make an article about it later
01:26.05Bagginswwdoing homework now
01:28.17Bagginswwother articles I haven't seen on wowwiki are the various night elf factions mentioned in the game
01:28.32Bagginswwlike nightblades, for example
01:29.00watchoutI thought youre doing homework now?
01:29.24Bagginswwwell reading :P
01:29.35Bagginswwabout a page until finished
01:29.54Bagginswwthen a couple of pages of writing :p
01:30.29watchoutwell if you keep it up, you'll be done with the 'couple pages of writing before you finished the reading
01:32.43winkilleranyone who can explain that whole Kael'thas thing to me? I just don't get it why Blood Elves are playable and Kael'thas is the boss of an instance..
01:36.14watchoutplayable Blood Elves split from Kael'thas afaik
01:36.14watchoutas did the scryers
01:36.14bleetaherm, was it in here someone was asking about a tool to convert Wiki format to other formats a day or so ago? if so, perl:Text:WikiFormat is your friend.
01:37.05watchoutthere are various im/exporting plugins/hacks/tools for mediawiki
01:37.35watchoutincluding, pdf, .xls, .doc exporters
01:37.37bleetahbut do they have the power of perl! mwhwhahahahahaha! :P
01:37.45watchoutperl sucks
01:37.58bleetahmost things do
01:38.23watchoutbut then, you can always say something sucks :)
01:38.42bleetahi do! :-)
01:39.04watchoutlike "mondays suck", "Life sucks", ... or even bleetah sucks
01:39.17watchoutwhich I wouldn't say ofc
01:39.19bleetahthose may be true
01:39.26bleetahbut not sa much as you suck! :-P
01:40.04watchoutsure, I suck, but my bot edits out all evidence :D
01:40.31bleetahso.. your bot sucks too?
01:40.39bleetah(sucks up the evidence) :P
01:41.01watchoutyou got it
01:41.59watchoutwow you really respond :D
01:42.19watchoutyou got another job for my sucking bot?
01:42.44Adysyou checked ?
01:43.04watchoutyeah but I keep forgetting whats written there :D
01:43.33watchoutno, hobinheim meant he does the bc stuff
01:43.54AdysI quite wanted the Deprecate {{AB Mark}} / {{AV Mark}} / {{WSG Mark}} for {{Alt Currency}}
01:43.55watchoutAB/AV/etc marks are questioned
01:44.02Adysby who?
01:44.24Adysif its fandy i actually know he question this stuff
01:44.26watchoutI can't remember, I just read a discussion about it
01:44.49AdysThis template desperately needs usage info... and why does it use a table? Not a good replacement for {{AB Mark}}, {{AV Mark}}, or {{WSG Mark}} templates.
01:44.59watchoutyeah exactly
01:45.16Adysits actually a good replacement but it does lack doc
01:45.23Adysyou know how it works?
01:45.24watchoutI see
01:45.40watchoutwe would have to edit the template though
01:45.46AdysHow comes?
01:46.12Bagginswwthere isn't a specific split at least at first
01:46.27Bagginswwbasically blood elves that are playable
01:46.31Bagginswware those that were left behind
01:46.32watchoutlet me check before I tell you BS
01:46.47Bagginswwwhen blood elves left for outland in TFT
01:47.08Bagginswwlater Kael'thas sent an emissary back to them
01:47.23Bagginswwalong with that Naaru
01:47.29Bagginswwwanting them to join them.
01:48.18Bagginswwbut as you level you find out how evil outland BEs have become
01:48.35Bagginswwultimatlely leads to quests were you have to kill outland blood elves for the Horde
01:48.55watchoutAdys, the table has to get out of there, usage info MUST be in the template BEFORE I add the template to 1000's new pages
01:49.24Bagginswwas for how those BE joined the horde, it was partly from a suggestion by Sylvannas and Forsaken.
01:49.34watchoutor do you like killing the wiki ;)
01:49.57AdysWhat "table" exactly?
01:50.11watchoutcheck the source
01:50.39watchoutI think it was added for vertical alignment
01:50.44Adysdont worry about it
01:50.52Adysediting popular template doesnt crash the wiki anymore
01:51.01Adyssince we removed the Exists stuff
01:51.25Bagginswwahh a few more days until Ghostlands is released?
01:51.38watchoutum, thats why editing the aldor vs scryer stuff kills it instantly?
01:51.55AdysWhat do you mean? oO
01:52.55Kirkburn|afkWell, editing popular still annoys the wiki, but not as much as before
01:52.58Adysit shouldnt kill it
01:53.11watchoutit did
01:53.34watchoutIMO the job queue is buggy
01:54.04AdysRight, will wait for zeal to take a decision about Alt Currency
01:54.12Adysbtw watchout
01:54.12watchoutKirkburn|afk, you mean not as long huh?
01:54.31AdysWhat I was saying earlier on is
01:54.45AdysThe elinks-xxx stuff works that way:
01:54.56Kirkburn|afkAdys ... "<Kirkburn|afk> If you didn't know, Zeal left"
01:55.27AdysToo bad then I guess
01:55.35AdysIll wait for tekkub then oO
01:55.52Adysanyways the elinks stuff
01:56.32watchoutdid he leave because people didn't like his template signing?
01:56.40Adysmany reasons
01:56.51watchoutAdys, but TBH that sucks
01:56.55Adyshe's overdoing his stuff Im not surprised he got pissed
01:57.11Adystoo bad tho because he's a great guy and editor in general :P
01:57.45Adyswatchout: it's to allow "flexibility"
01:57.59watchoutum... how come?
01:58.14Adysbe able to link twice two different items for example
01:58.19*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
01:58.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
01:58.29Adysspeaking of the devil
01:58.43Adysif you want you can link the horde and alliance version, Ill show you
01:58.54watchouton what kind of weird article would I place external items *and* extarnal npc without the option of putting a decription to it
01:59.13Adysnpc and item is a bad example
01:59.37watchoutwell, but its just that :D
01:59.49watchoutand it breaks the header-edit-link
02:00.44Adys check now
02:00.54Adyspersonally, I don't really like the fact it's harder to actually put up an external link
02:01.00Adysbut if its more flexible, why not
02:01.53watchoutyou know, you can do it with less gibberish too
02:02.18AdysNot me who made the template :P
02:02.26AdysI mean, I'm fine with it
02:02.33Adystheres been a great job done with the elinks stuff
02:02.40watchout==External Links==
02:02.40watchout;Horde version
02:02.40watchout;Alliance version
02:02.56watchoutsame thing, you can actually read it
02:03.16Adysaye true :P
02:03.23Adysanyways, shall see later for that tbh
02:03.29AdysWe need you
02:04.18Adyswatchout: explain tekkub the prob when hes back I gotta do something ill be back in 5-10
02:04.25watchoutI think I talked with Tekkub about that already and he was the one suggesting the way I did it
02:04.35AdysThen, go ahead :)
02:04.36watchoutI may be mixing up names though
02:05.07winkillerah thanks Bagginsww
02:05.22watchoutgo ahead doing what? :D
02:05.32Adysgo ahead and edit at will :P
02:05.44watchoutdoing that anyway :D
02:06.40Tekkubwhat's your issue?
02:06.58watchoutteh ownage!
02:07.49Kirkburn|afkChrist, my housemates GC memory is stuck in my Wii
02:08.00Kirkburn|afkAnd I mean seriuosly /stuck/
02:08.01watchoutno, did we talk about the headings of the external links and whether to add the {{elinks}} template or not?
02:08.56watchoutwell... take a welding machine and cut it out
02:09.04TekkubI won't use the elinks template, it's useless
02:09.58watchoutah, Tekkub ok we talked :)
02:09.58Kirkburn|afkGlad to see you agree with me Tek :)
02:09.58winkillerwhy useless?
02:09.58*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
02:09.58Tekkubyes well *someone* isn't here to insist it's needed because he's right
02:10.08watchoutjust was about to say "because it sucks" but I won't say it..
02:10.10Kirkburn|afkI'm going to repost something I typed earlier ...
02:10.13Kirkburn|afk<Kirkburn|afk> Since when is anything both an item, NPC and/or spell anyway? :)
02:10.13Kirkburn|afk<Kirkburn|afk> Congratulations, you have bought the Wrathhammer from Mr. Wrathhammer in Wrathhammer.
02:10.13Kirkburn|afk<Kirkburn|afk> Would you like to Wrathhammer someone?
02:10.13Kirkburn|afk<Kirkburn|afk> No, but I would like some of that delightful Wrathhammer you have back there, it smells delicious
02:10.13Kirkburn|afk<Kirkburn|afk> Sorry, but we only sell that to Wrathhammers
02:10.38Kirkburn|afkAs you can tell, I was bored
02:10.53watchoutKirkburn|afk, did you talk with Adys then?
02:11.18Kirkburn|afk<Adys> wth
02:11.22Kirkburn|afkThat was the next line
02:11.27watchoutthat woul explain why he was a bit disappointed by my reasoning ;P
02:11.58Kirkburn|afkYay, the mem card is out of the Wii!
02:12.10watchoutdid you burn it out?
02:12.34Kirkburn|afkSeriously, if you don't do it in some exact twisty squeezy method, a weightlifter would have problems with it
02:13.00watchoutthat was mine, Kirkburn|afk
02:13.03Tekkubkirk also has issues with his perscription bottles
02:13.07Kirkburn|afkPushed it down then squeezed the sides whilst pulling it out
02:13.35Kirkburn|afkI'm serious, I had to go searching for solutions to the stuck mem card problem
02:13.59Kirkburn|afkSilly 3rd party stuff
02:14.08Kirkburn|afkNow to try it in the other mem card slot =)
02:14.58watchoutmaybe put it in the freezer first :P
02:15.33Kirkburn|afkI'm not trying to overclock it :P
02:15.56watchoutno, but colder means it's a bit smaller ;)
02:16.03bleetahKirkburn|afk: to paraphrase Zaphod.. 'threaten to reprogram your Wii with a very large hammer'... it worked for him ;)
02:16.29Kirkburn|afkTekkub, what did you do to hyperChipmunk?
02:16.38Tekkubwhat's with hC?
02:16.41Tekkubhe chittering?
02:16.50Kirkburn|afkHe kicking your ass more like
02:17.02Tekkub*shrug* like I care
02:17.18Kirkburn|afkDid you get beaten up my squirrels in a past life?
02:17.52Kirkburn|afkApparently he "owed you one" =)
02:19.15*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
02:19.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
02:20.52watchoutI'm watching one last episode BS:G ;P
02:21.54*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
02:25.34*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
02:26.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
02:26.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
02:36.09bleetahaye, kept me giggling for hours that one :)
02:49.52*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
02:49.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
03:08.21Hobinheimpaging kirkburn
03:08.59Hobinheimzeal is the new silverside
03:09.48bleetahwowwiki's got a problem
03:09.57Hobinheimruh roh
03:09.59Hobinheimwhat its it
03:10.05bleetahdunno.. gone now
03:10.13bleetahwas happening for about 30secs..
03:10.28bleetahhow long should I let a 'has a problem' occur before I mention it in here?
03:10.47Hobinheimhowever long you feel like
03:14.09AdysHobinheim: zeal is not like silversde
03:14.22Hobinheimi don't even know what ss did, haha
03:14.31AdysSilverside was not actually being exactly useful on the end
03:14.39Adyszeal did a shitload of good stuff
03:14.39Hobinheimbtw, does anybody know a nice, slick 2007 solution to sending tek a file
03:14.57Tekkuba 37MiB file
03:15.09Tekkubof furry bear porn, hob is a naughty naughty cub
03:15.12Hobinheimzeal did a good load of shit stuff
03:16.02AdysDont be bad with him
03:16.05Adyshe has
03:16.18Adyshe's just too pissy and nervous thats too bad
03:19.23Adysbrb miranda crashing
03:35.32*** join/#wowwiki jellisii74 (
03:39.59*** join/#wowwiki jellisii74 (
03:40.07*** part/#wowwiki jellisii74 (
03:41.44Kirkburn|afkIf I wanted to send someone a 37MB file, I'd use my online webspace
03:41.56*** join/#wowwiki jellisii (
03:42.07Kirkburn|afkTekkub, is there such a thing as non-furry bear porn?
03:42.19Kirkburn|afkjellisii, having problems?
03:42.41Tekkubno clue kirky, but hob's not willing to use a split-rar and email the chunks
03:42.44Kirkburn|afkHobinheim, Zeal did remind me of SS a bit, but at least we had some control over Zeal
03:42.44jellisiiBeen so long since I've used freenode, I had to remember my pw.
03:42.49Tekkubhe wants some modern solution
03:43.09Kirkburn|afkAdys, I'm using your name in this line because I've done others for the last 3 lines I wrote
03:43.14Hobinheimyes.. a modern way of sending files that doesn't suck
03:43.17Hobinheimaim sucks, yahoos ucks
03:43.22Kirkburn|afkKirkburn|afk, go play on your Wii
03:43.31Hobinheimi'm using azureus and tek refuses to use az
03:43.35Tekkubkirk, give your wii a rest
03:43.36HobinheimKirkburn|afk, talking to yourself, are we?
03:43.38Tekkubyou'll rub it raw
03:43.48jellisiiI just had some questions about WowWiki, specifically, the tempate namespace.
03:43.51Kirkburn|afkBut it's so much fun!
03:44.00Hobinheimjellisii, shoot
03:44.10Kirkburn|afkAt least your not telling me to shoot
03:44.18Kirkburn|afk... did I take it too far?
03:44.25Kirkburn|afkI think I did.
03:44.30Kirkburn|afkI'd better go play on my Wii.
03:44.41TekkubI have one thing to say
03:45.14jellisiiwell, it seems somewhat inconsistant at times.  The one that I've run up on is the following:  stub/Item/BC works, stub/Item/bc fails, but the BC header template is {{bc}}
03:45.25Hobinheimlol is that the one with the donkey punch
03:45.32Tekkubyes hob
03:45.33Kirkburn|afkYup, Hob
03:45.38Hobinheimcase sensitive
03:45.40jellisiiDidn't know if that was by design, or just evolution in process.
03:45.41Hobinheimi love that, haha
03:45.42Tekkubjell, consistant? ya
03:45.49Hobinheimthe donkey dude is so just. this is how you do i!
03:45.53Kirkburn|afkI think we should be getting rid of Stub/Item/BC anyway
03:45.55Tekkubmake redirect templates to solve your troubles
03:45.57Hobinheimthen the smoker, LOL
03:47.01Kirkburn|afkI have to say, certain Wii game do make you feel slightly embrassed about what movements your making
03:47.18Tekkubyou maybe
03:47.23Hobinheimstraping young lads have no need for embarassment
03:47.31Kirkburn|afkAww, I'm strapping
03:47.35Hobinheimpeople should just like... loosen up
03:47.41jellisiiYeah, that.  I don't have a problem with the Case Sensitivity, that's a goodthing(tm).  I was just curious about the difference between the stub template and the bc template.  If it's going away anyway, it's not going to be a problem anyway. :D
03:47.45Hobinheimeven if we're doing ... the big cheese, which i still don't know what it is
03:47.56Hobinheimi play wii tennis and i feel like i'm going to throw out my arm
03:48.02Hobinheimand let me tell you light hockey is INTENSE!
03:48.04Hobinheimwatch OUT, son
03:48.07Hobinheimwatch OUT
03:48.17Kirkburn|afkTekkub, oh come now, it's my controller. Emphasis on my ...
03:48.31Tekkubit does vibrate, no?
03:48.48Kirkburn|afkOr are you naturally accustomed to audiences?
03:48.55Kirkburn|afkIt does indeed
03:49.06Hobinheimlol the donkey punch guy is priceless, who's he punching! LOL
03:49.33Kirkburn|afk( )
03:49.58Kirkburn|afkI had to look it up, I'm far too innocent
03:50.17HobinheimKirkburn|afk, you're in uni. all of you should be talking about these things all the time
03:50.22Hobinheimunless it's a strictly yankee technique
03:50.47Kirkburn|afkIt's ... not my style?
03:51.02Hobinheimstrictly vanilla
03:51.09Hobinheimlet's hear a nice story about bridges...
03:51.59Kirkburn|afkUm, okay?
03:52.07Hobinheimgod i hate when people are such prudes
03:52.14Hobinheim"so, are you like... you know..."
03:52.26Hobinheimyes you faggot i'm gay, god, learn to speak english...
03:52.32Hobinheim"so did you guys like..."
03:52.38Hobinheimyes we fucked each other, repeatedly, like bunnies
03:52.51Hobinheim"omg i don't want to move my hips that's embarassing"
03:52.56HobinheimIT'S A VIDEO GAME YOU PRUDE
03:53.09Kirkburn|afkScary Hob
03:53.51Kirkburn|afkA gay guy once had a crush on me :P
03:53.57Hobinheimi'm actually getting tired of wow right now..
03:54.07Hobinheimstill level 20... not helping the goons at all...
03:54.16Hobinheimnot really sensing the difference betweeen affliction and destro yt
03:54.21Hobinheimother than that i have shadowburn
03:54.26Kirkburn|afkThat's cause you should be demo
03:54.33Hobinheimand that a voidwalker is useless for chaining until he has consume shadows
03:54.39Hobinheimmy demo lock is getting zero love from me
03:54.52Hobinheimit's losing it's magic. it's all the same
03:55.00Hobinheimand writing my circuit guide is teeeeeedious
03:55.30Hobinheimheh the goons were talking about "specs that make you wanna cry"
03:55.38Hobinheimsomeone specced 41 demo w/o mana feed
03:55.51Hobinheimlike i see that there's knowledge/tactics or whatever, but that's why you go 44 for mana feed
03:59.13Hobinheimtek's not responding
04:00.41Hobinheimbtw Kirkburn|afk, that BC template is a biotch
04:00.44Hobinheimhardly bottable
04:00.47Hobinheimi mean, it is... sort of
04:00.53Hobinheimbut there are so many exceptions and weird syntax things
04:00.56Kirkburn|afkMake up your mind!
04:01.06Hobinheimi'm afraid that if i let it loose we'll find another case where the bot didn't do a good enough job
04:01.32Kirkburn|afkThe main stuff that needs doing is just moving the template to first on any page it's on
04:01.57Kirkburn|afkI don't think there are many cases where a bc should be a bc-section, so I wouldn't worry too much about that
04:02.24Hobinheimthere are some. cuz i don't want to tag an entire page bc when it doesn't need to be
04:02.32Hobinheimeh the idea is messy to begin with
04:02.58Hobinheimediting makes me tired. or reading e-mail
04:03.03HobinheimSO much stuff to do
04:03.54Kirkburn|afkIt's all that bunny sex
04:04.12Hobinheimdammit tek why don't you install az like normal people we we can just p2p it
04:04.39Tekkubwhy can't you make a simple torrent so any torrent program can xfer
04:04.48Hobinheimgive me a tracker!
04:04.53Tekkubinstead of using a proprietary locator :P
04:04.57Hobinheimi don't even know how trackers work
04:04.59Tekkubaz has a tracker in it
04:05.59Hobinheimi can make a tracker out of myself?
04:07.29Kirkburn|afkYou want to torrent a single file transfer?
04:07.48Kirkburn|afkSounds crazy to me :)
04:11.09Hobinheimmilli vanilli is playing =)
04:11.14Hobinheimyes you know its true, oo oo oo, i love you
04:27.38*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
04:43.04*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
04:45.13SkosirisJust wanted to point out that Artifact items should be Gold, not Red :)
04:50.01ggilbertWhere does gold come from?
04:53.26Skosirisit's the current color for Artifact items in the game's data files
04:53.44Skosirisas you can see in this screenshot:
05:06.59Tekkubaye, it's in the game's color table
05:21.20Kirkburn|afkThe WoW website says it's red
05:22.45ggilbertThe WoW website seems to indicate no color has been chosen yet, at least according to the link included in the page
05:22.57ggilbertthough that's the european site
05:22.59Kirkburn|afkWhat, you chose the one that says "it appears to be out of date"?
05:23.11Kirkburn|afkRather than the one just before it? :P
05:23.29Tekkubthe color is in the game client, I can get you the hex if you want it
05:26.23*** join/#wowwiki Pyrrhus (
05:26.50PyrrhusSup all
05:27.28PyrrhusHow's everyone doing/
05:27.29Kirkburn|afkI think we use Red because it's easiest
05:27.46Kirkburn|afkI should be working, I'm not, so all is good here :P
05:27.56Tekkubwhat do "we use" red for?
05:28.50Kirkburn|afkArtifacts? :P
05:29.14Tekkubwhich are what items again?
05:29.23Kirkburn|afk4 actually
05:29.32Kirkburn|afk[Martin Thunder]
05:29.34Tekkubblah blah GM gear
05:29.39Kirkburn|afkAnd the 3 parts of the Twin Blades
05:29.49Kirkburn|afkHey, you asked!
05:30.02Tekkubwell my point is, are they in-game :P
05:30.15Kirkburn|afkWoW EU says undecided, WoW NA says red, game says Gold
05:30.19Tekkubor just things people mine out of the files
05:30.23Kirkburn|afkGold is v close to orange so unlikely
05:30.41Kirkburn|afkThey exist
05:30.45TekkubI say again, it's what's already coded into the client :)
05:30.46Kirkburn|afkGMs can get them
05:31.27Kirkburn|afkThe client can be wrong :O
05:31.45Tekkubso ask a GM to show you, explain who you are and that you need confirmation :)
05:32.04Tekkubhell ask slow ken
05:32.34Tekkubso I got a stupid guildie good today
05:32.43Tekkub"What level is Grim Batol"
05:32.56TekkubI says "ask the red dragons outside"
05:33.00Tekkub10min later....
05:33.12Tekkub"I asked the dragons, they said I was too low"
05:34.05Pyrrhus<<< Tries to remember who Grim is..
05:43.14Skosiris"<Kirkburn|afk> WoW EU says undecided, WoW NA says red, game says Gold"
05:43.18Skosiriswhat is WoW NA?
05:43.23Kirkburn|afkNorth America
05:51.05*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
06:20.46Skosirishey Sky :)
06:21.50Skyfireevening :]
06:43.21Kirkburn|afkApparently I have been immortalised on bash -
06:49.48Skyfireare you sure that's you? :x
06:50.08Skyfirein any case, that's a funny comment
06:52.56Kirkburn|afkIt's me
06:53.01Kirkburn|afkI'm the only Kirkburn :)
06:58.57bleetahthank goodness. imagine if there was more than one :-s
07:01.41bleetahKirkburn|afk: tho, I must say.. a look at the google search returns on my IRC nick gives more accurate responses than it does for yours :P
07:02.12bleetahsome crap about a sword?
07:02.23bleetahand Yorkshire!
07:04.57Skyfireok... time for some ppl to die i think
07:05.15Pyrrhus*laugh :)
07:06.02Skyfireno, really. was created 20 minutes ago... when we have a boilerplate... argh
07:06.09Skyfirepeople are stupid
07:41.06Bagginswwfinished with homework, and tonights raiding :p
07:41.19PyrrhusBagginsww: what ya raid?
07:41.51Bagginswwstill stuck on Shade of Aran
07:41.54Pyrrhushow you guys do?
07:41.59Pyrrhusmeh not to hard :)
07:42.10Pyrrhusblizz goes clockwise.. just watch it
07:42.11Bagginswwwell we got part where he spawns the water elementals
07:42.19Bagginswwand he put up a ring of fire
07:42.21Pyrrhusnuke em / fear em :)
07:42.23Pyrrhusoh lol
07:42.25Bagginswwand someone accidnelty moved
07:42.40Pyrrhusyea fight is not bad if people pay attention :)
07:42.51Pyrrhusfunny.. my first kill
07:42.52TekkubI hear snake traps are fun with the fire
07:42.54Pyrrhuswas the only mage..
07:43.01Pyrrhushe dropped both boots and wand for me :)
07:43.25PyrrhusOz dropped wicked wiz hat for me 1st kill ;0
07:43.29BagginswwI have that
07:43.38Pyrrhuslove it :)
07:43.39BagginswwI look like a black mage right now :p
07:43.45Pyrrhusgot your shat chant on it?
07:43.53BagginswwI'm wearing the durnhold kilt
07:44.04Bagginswwhave the staff from black morass
07:44.05Pyrrhusi got imbued netherweave robe
07:44.08Bagginswwand some dark blue cape
07:44.13PyrrhusI have Mana Wraith
07:44.15Pyrrhusfor weap
07:44.20Bagginswwalmost aeverthing dark or purple
07:44.25Tekkubman, I Shatt so hard today when I got home from work
07:44.25Pyrrhussame :)
07:44.37PyrrhusTekkub: lol
07:44.45PyrrhusBagg got revered shat rep?
07:45.00Pyrrhusget it fast :)
07:45.07Tekkubmy shatt is friendly *grin*
07:45.07Pyrrhusthan drop 100g on the head enchant :)
07:45.15Pyrrhus25 dmg and some crit
07:45.32Pyrrhusforgot what pants I have..
07:45.40Pyrrhusbut I have mystic spellthread on em :)
07:45.45Pyrrhuswhat class are you?
07:46.09Tekkub*refrains from a shatt joke involving lants*
07:46.16PyrrhusTekkub: haha
07:46.43Bagginswwice/between +544=+580/+10.00-+14.40 crit
07:46.52Bagginswwdepending on which gear I chose to wear
07:46.59Tekkubso I think I'm giving in after 2 years of refusing to use a voice chat program...
07:47.07Pyrrhuselemental/622/30.87% crit :)
07:47.18Pyrrhuslol tek
07:47.19TekkubI ordered a bluetooth dongle and a lil earpiece
07:47.40Tekkub$40 on newegg for both... would been $100 at worstbuy
07:48.19Bagginswwunfortunately I didn't ahve tier 3 going into BC, and I haven't found enough of the fancy equipment in BC.
07:48.35Pyrrhusyea same here.. I was 6/8 tier 2
07:48.42BagginswwI was 3/8
07:48.45TekkubI just got one of the +20 fishing rods from the traps in desolace tonight
07:48.46Pyrrhusalthough had lots of naxx experiance.. never got drops
07:48.46Bagginswwtier 2
07:48.58BagginswwI had some naxx experience not alot
07:49.02Bagginswwmostly spider wing
07:49.02Pyrrhuswell havent gotten to many BC drops..
07:49.03Tekkubthen I'll do the BC quest for the +20  rod and sell this one for some gold :)
07:49.07Pyrrhusalot of it is enchants..
07:49.12Pyrrhuslike +40 weapon
07:49.14Bagginsww+20 rod?
07:49.15Pyrrhus+20 gloves
07:49.24Pyrrhus25 legs
07:49.29Pyrrhus25 helm
07:49.34Tekkubthere's a Shatt quest that give a +20 fishing rod
07:49.41Pyrrhusmeh lol
07:49.45Pyrrhusfishing sux
07:49.45Bagginswwoh I think I did that
07:49.52BagginswwI hate fishing
07:49.58Tekkubyea it does, but I don't level solo so meh
07:50.07Tekkuband I needed to get my cooking past 300
07:50.20Pyrrhusyea hear ya..
07:50.23Tekkubplus I have a new hat ^^
07:50.31Tekkuband a furry-hat too
07:50.37Pyrrhushey Bagg
07:50.41Pyrrhushow much hp you have?
07:50.42TekkubI love that they reuse that model so much, I love it
07:50.53Bagginswwuh about 6300 or so
07:51.03Bagginswwand I"m wearing quest loot
07:51.04Pyrrhusty to get a set with about..
07:51.17Pyrrhus8500+ with 8k mana
07:51.19Bagginswwwell some drop loot
07:51.24Pyrrhusforget the +dmg and crit
07:51.32Pyrrhusjust get a set like that
07:51.39Pyrrhusfor tanking fire boss in gruuls :)
07:51.49Pyrrhusyou need bout 12k hp fully buffed heh
07:51.58Pyrrhusand spellsteal like a mofo hehe
07:52.08Pyrrhusnuke/steal/nuke/steal lol
07:52.20Bagginswwwe are doing are first gruul's attempt next friday
07:52.35BagginswwI think the other mage will probalby be doing the tanking ;)
07:52.40PyrrhusI like the oz fight I can almost kill scarecrow before raid kills dorthy lol
07:52.55Pyrrhuslol /flex
07:53.01Pyrrhuswhat race are you?
07:53.05BagginswwI was on tinhead duty
07:53.17Pyrrhus+5 int ftw lol
07:53.25Pyrrhusfire mage on straw?
07:53.35BagginswwI have like 8900 or so mana
07:53.50Bagginswwya my KZ group has 2 mages
07:53.54Bagginswwone fire and one ice
07:54.14Tekkubno conjure spec? sucks for you guys
07:54.22Bagginswwconjure spec?
07:54.35Tekkubfire, ice, conjure water
07:54.37Bagginswwlike "waterboy"
07:54.55Pyrrhusim bread specced
07:55.08Bagginswwconjure spec should mean I can summon scorpions  ;)
07:55.19Pyrrhusfully buffed I have in dmg gear.. 8500hp and 10.4k mana lol
07:55.20BagginswwI'm turtle specced
07:55.37Pyrrhuslol /castrandom pig/sheep/turtle
07:55.58Bagginswwhmm that sounds like a fun macro
07:56.37TekkubI'd slip a instaDoT in there too
07:56.43Tekkubjust to "spice it up"
07:56.53BagginswwI lov ehow the turtle has 3 colors
07:56.53Pyrrhuswe dont have insta dot..
07:56.59Tekkubblame it on gnome engineering
07:57.42BagginswwI love my water elemental, saved my life countless times, and puts up decent dps during certain fights
07:58.08Bagginswwit hits for like 700 per frostbolt most of the time
07:58.17Pyrrhusmeh wanna know what saves me?
07:58.21Pyrrhushes a trick for ya
07:58.31Pyrrhusknow how invis has 5 sec fade before proccing?
07:58.41Pyrrhuspop invis...
07:58.42Pyrrhusthan IB
07:58.46Pyrrhuswait 3 seconds..
07:58.50Pyrrhusremove IB insta invis
07:58.59Pyrrhustakes some timing practice ;)
07:59.05Pyrrhusbut works great
07:59.09bleetahIB? been a while since I played my mager
07:59.13Pyrrhusice block
07:59.22bleetahcourse.. hell I feel stupid!
07:59.24Tekkubhere's a better trick
07:59.31PyrrhusTekkub: do tell
07:59.33Tekkubfly str8 up above a'dal
07:59.38Bagginswwif only there was a way to invis out of the aran fight if it goes bad, :)
07:59.40Tekkubas high as you can go
07:59.47TekkubIB just before you hit
07:59.56Tekkuband don't make a pile of skellies trying
08:00.06PyrrhusTekkub been there done that..............
08:00.15Pyrrhusnow try blinking instead of IBing
08:00.18Pyrrhusthats tricker ..
08:00.37Bagginswwso they don't count as violent actions, to disrupt the cast?
08:01.19Pyrrhusnope IB doesnt
08:01.35Pyrrhustry it real fast in town..
08:01.39Pyrrhuspractice the timing
08:06.07Bagginswwinteresting how there is an icon for chicken and cow that would be great for two new polymorphs lol
08:06.21*** join/#wowwiki drin (n=drin@
08:08.24*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
08:08.24*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
08:08.47Bagginswwdid ito n my first try
08:08.52Bagginsww"instant invis"
08:10.42Pyrrhustheres supposed to be a cow poly.. never seen it though
08:12.20Bagginswwits not in the game as far as I know. NPC uses it though
08:12.43Bagginswwchicken poly is used by a boss in dead mines or so I remember
08:13.45Bagginswwaccording to thottbot cow poly was a joke item in 1.10 test server
08:15.57bleetahchicken poly is used in outlands too, iirc
08:16.02bleetahor maybe it was ghostlands
08:16.06bleetahby an NPC
08:16.34Bagginswwhmm that castranomd macro isn't working
08:16.35bleetahwas pissing me off as they'd inevitably cast it on me when they were between 1 and 0.5% health
08:16.44Bagginswwdid you spell it right?
08:25.03*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
08:28.29Pyrrhuswell it is..
08:29.01Pyrrhus... /castrandom [click on the 3 spells here]
08:29.10Pyrrhushe left lol
08:34.38Skyfirecastrandom in pvp: am, scorch, and imp frostbolt
08:35.08*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
08:40.31*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
08:45.22*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
08:49.26Skyfireaw, fuck it, throw in fireball and blink too. :D
08:51.54Pyrrhusand blastwave
08:52.09Pyrrhusand dragons breath
08:52.13Pyrrhusand CoC
09:00.05Skyfirewait wait
09:00.16Skyfirecast blink
09:00.19Skyfirethen /castrandom
09:00.46PyrrhusI want my old scorch and fireblast macro back..
09:00.51Skyfirebet that would confuse a -lot- of people... except hunters :X
09:01.02Pyrrhuswould confuse me lol
09:01.17Pyrrhusill try to sheep and be like.. pyroblast...
09:01.42Skyfireanywayz, goodnite
09:01.47Skyfirei need to gtf to sleep
09:17.53*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
09:35.31Kirkburn|afkbleetah, I'm the only humanoid called Kirkburn
09:35.44Kirkburn|afkIt's complete coincidence that I share a name with a Yorkshire town :P
09:43.02bleetahit's not 'coz you like pudding, then?
09:58.53*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
09:58.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
10:01.58bleetahyorkshire pudding
10:02.05bleetahisn't that some kinda delicacy?
10:06.26*** join/#wowwiki watchout (
10:07.48*** join/#wowwiki watchout (
10:50.02*** join/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
11:08.59*** join/#wowwiki Bibi (
11:32.22Kirkburn|afkAny Wii owners around? Only found 1 so far :/
11:37.14watchoutKirkburn|afk, you there?
11:37.29Kirkburn|afkYes, but I am just about to get my hair cut
11:37.59Kirkburn|afkI have a rare syndrom where my hair grows a little longer each day, very frustrating
11:38.01watchoutdo you support changing the boilerplate:guild to ?
11:39.03Kirkburn|afkI've been watching too much House
11:39.21watchoutdr. house? ;P
11:39.29Kirkburn|afkBad timing
11:39.36Kirkburn|afkYes to your first question
11:39.45watchoutgreat :)
11:39.45Kirkburn|afkHouse M.D. to your second :)
11:40.09watchoutah, yeah it's called dr. house here, same meaning though
11:40.21Kirkburn|afkKinda :P
11:40.56watchoutI like it too, my GF keeps telling me that I'm like him :P
11:41.40Kirkburn|afkI aspire to be him, but ... friendlier :P
11:41.50Kirkburn|afkBack in a few!
11:43.49*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
11:44.07*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
11:46.53BoromirAnybody know if they're going to nerf druids?
11:50.56watchoutthey did already in the last patch
12:03.13p30nanyone know when they gonna fix paladin's ? :O
12:03.50bleetahyeah, I hear the class is scheduled for deletion in 2.1.0... completely fixed
12:04.08bleetahboth pallies and durids
12:04.13bleetahso there'll be less qq, more pew pew
12:04.47p30ni wish i could hand my pala in for another class then
12:04.57p30nalready lvld ofc
12:06.37bleetahI believe all the 'deleted' classes will be auto-converted into hunter pets
12:53.57watchoutI'm off then, see you
13:04.36bleetahwhat' i'm waiting for, and I know everyone I've mentioned this to, agrees..
13:05.12bleetahis the anim fix so that at least male nelves, when walking (as opposed to running) don't look like they've got a staff jammed up their crack
13:07.17Kirkburn|afkI propose banning the word "nerf" from this channel :)
13:07.38*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
13:07.51bleetahbanning people who use that word?
13:07.57bleetahI approve
13:08.00bleetahban yourself! :P
13:08.27Kirkburn|afkOr setting up some kind of replacement thingy whereby every time it is said, it replaces it with "imatool" ;)
13:09.02Kirkburn|afkActually the druid nerf wasn't so bad in the end
13:09.25equiraptorA friend of mine's nickname is Nerf.
13:09.26Kirkburn|afkSorry, I meant the druid imatool wasn't so bad?
13:09.32equiraptorPlease don't ban me for talking about my friend!
13:09.47Kirkburn|afkThere is no life outside of this channel!
13:09.57bleetahsometimes I think they over-imatool in PTR just so they look good when stuff goes live and it's under-imatooled
13:09.58equiraptorFine, I'll go tell him he has to join. :-P
13:09.59Kirkburn|afkThat's what I'll do you for
13:10.24Kirkburn|afkBut imatooling is fun
13:11.04Kirkburn|afkI love how my XP install is slowly but surely breaking apart
13:11.34equiraptorIs today a holiday of some sort in the US?
13:12.00equiraptorThere was very, very little traffic on my drive to work, and the school zone lights weren't flashing, though they normally are.
13:12.33Kirkburn|afkIE7's tabs don't always appear, the DVD drive is brokzor, Outlook refuses to start and I can't reinstall it cause ... the DVD drive is brokzor, it takes 3 mins to log in, and it pokes me in my sleep.
13:12.58Kirkburn|afkAre you sure it's not Sunday where you are? :P
13:13.17equiraptorMon Mar 12 08:13:17 CDT 2007
13:13.31equiraptorYes, the time zone is set correctly for where I live.
13:13.52*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
13:14.02bleetahKirkburn|afk: you've been going to dodgy websites again, haven't you? you know, the ones where they'll show you boobies but first you have to disable all your AV .. 'coz they want you raw and in the flesh
13:15.16Kirkburn|afkLet's do the time warp again!
13:15.54bleetahwell, any direction.. just away from Kirkburn|afk
13:16.10Kirkburn|afkequiraptor, my sources tell me no :O
13:16.30bleetahi'm expecting you'll be singing '(you're) a sweet transvestite' rsn
13:16.32equiraptorIt must be SXSW, then.
13:17.27Kirkburn|afkrsn? Really soon?
13:17.39bleetahequiraptor: maybe the local hive mind decided on a 'cbf' day, and they forgot to transmit to you
13:17.43bleetahreal soon now
13:17.53bleetahand cbf -> can't be fucked
13:17.53Kirkburn|afkCan I add that to the list? :)
13:17.57Kirkburn|afkcba, mucho better
13:18.09equiraptorI don't do cbf days.
13:18.11equiraptorSo... :)
13:18.21Kirkburn|afkWow, I do them every day
13:18.30bleetahKirkburn|afk: depends what you're into, i guess
13:18.58p30nany raiding pala's in here ?
13:19.09bleetahi wonder if births/deaths/marriages dept. here would accept 'CBF' as a new name for myself
13:19.50equiraptorWhat would you tell them it meant?
13:20.17bleetahi wouldn't, coz they'd decline it if it was an abbreviation
13:20.28bleetah'coz then they'd want the full name, and wouldn't accept it
13:21.28Kirkburn|afkI'm into peons. ctbf?
13:21.36*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
13:21.48equiraptor"Me not that kind of orc!"
13:22.25equiraptorOh, I got flight form last night.
13:22.31Kirkburn|afkAre you sure, I mean, this is me you're being offered?
13:22.37equiraptorAnd practiced healing as a druid.
13:22.49equiraptorDude, there's a line.
13:22.49Tuqui-tuquicongras equiraptor
13:22.54equiraptorThanks. :)
13:23.22Kirkburn|afkLine? It's all sexy peon polygons to me :P
13:23.44Kirkburn|afkAnd congrats :)
13:23.47*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
13:23.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
13:24.04Kirkburn|afkp30n, no raiding pallys I know of here
13:24.13equiraptorI need to group more on my healing capable classes.
13:24.14p30nok =(
13:24.28equiraptorI have very little healing experience, but when I heal, things seem to go well.
13:24.35equiraptorI know a raiding pally, but he's not here.
13:24.35p30ni was wondering if there is any alternative route to take except full healbot
13:24.40bleetahnah, only lvl 22 pally
13:24.42equiraptorOh, crap, I talked about the outside world again!
13:24.57p30nim lvl 70 holy healbot and im getting too bored to cope with it
13:24.57Kirkburn|afkShe be speaking in tongues!
13:25.10Kirkburn|afkQuick, fetch the duck and scales!
13:25.20equiraptorI heard about a pally tanking. But I suspect, in general, you'd be wanted as a healbot.
13:25.34p30ni know
13:25.38p30nthats what i dislike
13:25.39Kirkburn|afkPaladins are supposed to be getting looked at
13:25.44p30nwith good tanking gear i can do great in isntances
13:25.48p30nbut no1 trusts me
13:25.59equiraptorOnce upon a time, I knew a retri-spec'd raiding pally.
13:26.04Kirkburn|afkThere was a recent statement mentioning that they are working towards getting them to be viable in other forms other than healbot
13:26.12p30nmyself like 2years ago
13:26.15equiraptorThat was when the level cap was still 60, and he had insane gear.
13:26.19bleetahif the guild you're with have better tanks than what you could achieve, and that's likely, then prolly no chance.. as most raiding people get anal about their roles and aren't prepared to mix it up for fun and pleasure
13:26.21equiraptorHe did... Like... Everything in raids.
13:26.29p30nKirkburn|afk: for real?! got url for that=?
13:27.40equiraptorHaha, Ford's going to sell pink mustangs.
13:27.48p30ni like a paladin revamp
13:27.56p30nto get usefull in other areas than healing
13:27.58equiraptorSorry, Ford, but, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
13:29.25bleetahequiraptor: here's a suggestion for people missing on the streets.. might it be the entire switchover of the US to daylight savings has screwed with peoples minds?
13:29.28Kirkburn|afkTwas on bluetracker
13:29.44equiraptorbleetah: Completely possible. :/
13:29.51equiraptorDST sucks.
13:29.59Adyswow talk about activity
13:30.07bleetahall timezones suck.. we should just be pure UTC
13:30.15Kirkburn|afkActivity, noun, to do stuff.
13:30.24kasoKirkburn|afk, you any good with lua patterns? im pulling my hair out trying to work out why i cant match tooltipcss
13:30.47equiraptorNah, timezones are nice. Because with timezones, you can ask someone what time it is and have an idea of what point of the day they're in.
13:30.50Kirkburn|afkI like activity, people get things done when they're doing activity. Does Adys do activity? I don't know, but you can be sure I do activity.
13:31.04equiraptorIf we were all UTC, it'd be, "Sometime after breakfasttime but before lunchtime."
13:31.22bleetahno, they'd just say 5AM
13:31.33Kirkburn|afkOf course, I would like to talk about stuff other than activity, but since Adys is an admin and also my luverrr, I have to do what he says and so I'm talking about activity, which is fun.
13:31.33equiraptorBut that wouldn't tell you if it was breakfast time or not.
13:31.53bleetahyes it would, 'coz you know they're 3 hours behind you
13:32.10equiraptorIf we all used UTC, it'd be 5AM at the same time everywhere.
13:32.12bleetahwell, not 3 hours behind.. but..
13:32.16bleetahoh, was gunna say you get the idea
13:32.21Adys"dingdingding" :D
13:32.30Kirkburn|afkAdys adys adys adys
13:32.44Kirkburn|afkkaso, what's that got to do with lua?
13:32.54kasobecause its a lua pattern?
13:32.58Kirkburn|afkIt is?
13:33.21bleetahsame problem exists now, though... if I say it's gone midnight, how do you know what day I'm talking about?
13:33.36AdysOk, we got something new there
13:33.37equiraptorI don't, but I at least know it's dark there. :-P
13:33.41Kirkburn|afkkaso, tbh, I have no idea
13:33.51bleetahnot necessarily.. I could be in Antarctica :-P
13:33.59kasono worries
13:34.07equiraptorIt could still be dark there, deepending on the time of year... :-P
13:34.18equiraptorAnd right now, I'd think the poles would be in their transition state.
13:34.19Kirkburn|afkbleetah, damn you for hiding your IP
13:34.25kasoits difficult finding patterns wide enough to capture all the variations of tooltipcss without accidently swallowing half the page
13:34.42bleetahKirkburn|afk: :P
13:34.46Kirkburn|afkI can narrow kaso down to a University
13:34.54bleetahbut it's a layer 2 connection to a city a thousand km's or so away
13:34.56Kirkburn|afkIn fact I can narrow Legorol down to a room some days
13:35.06bleetahso it's pointless trying to get a geo loc on the IP :P
13:35.08kasolast term you could get me to a 50yrd radius
13:35.21equiraptorI wonder if I still have an accurate LOC setting.
13:35.24Kirkburn|afkAh yeah, halls wasn't it?
13:35.46Kirkburn|afkequiraptor, all I get for you is ""
13:35.52kasothey changed the router setup since then though so each hall doesnt have its own router anymore
13:36.02bleetahequiraptor: basically, the question about breakfast time would become 'what time do you have breakfast?', and not 'what's your offset from me so I know when to ring you and not interrupt breakfast?'
13:36.13equiraptorKirkburn|afk: Look up It has a LOC record with lat and long, I think.
13:36.24Kirkburn|afkAch, I'm too lazy for all this
13:36.34equiraptorbleetah: Except "what time is it?" is way easier to ask than "what time do you have breakfast" and then doing math.
13:36.38Kirkburn|afkI just want WHOIS to tell me where to fire the miss- I mean send the flowers
13:36.54equiraptorbleetah: Because for me, it's not about when I can call you. It's about what time of day it is there *now*, generally.
13:37.19equiraptorAh, well, that LOC is a bit off. The server is a few miles away from there, now, and I'm ~10 miles away from the server, right now.
13:38.20equiraptorBut if you sent a big enough nuke, or whatever, you'd still get me.
13:38.20bleetahequiraptor: you've got that wrong... "what time is it" with current t/z's require you to do the maths to determine the offset, where as a UTC 'what time do you have breakfast' tells you what time on your own wallclock immediately
13:38.20Kirkburn|afkGot one in my back yard all prepared and ready
13:38.20equiraptorbleetah: Why do I care bout the offset, for my needs?
13:38.21equiraptorbleetah: I don't.
13:38.23Kirkburn|afkDid you hear that CIA? We're talking about blowing places up. /me waves.
13:38.26AdysOk guys hold on a sec
13:38.36bleetahyeah, but if you were to ask me 'what time do I have breakfast' now, I'd say '7am'. that gives you no useful info
13:38.39equiraptorbleetah: "Now" is what I care about. And if you give me an offset, I have to do math to figure out what point of the day you're in now.
13:38.50Kirkburn|afkGod you're so demanding Adys, it's what I like about you. Dominating!
13:38.54AdysAre we adding thottbot to elinks-item?
13:38.56equiraptorbleetah: Yeah. I wouldn't ask that. I'd ask, "What time is it there?"
13:38.56bleetahI don't know what the offset is.. I have breakfast at 7am
13:39.02AdysKirkburn|afk: i love you <3
13:39.20bleetahand then you have to do some math... pointless. why not jsut ask 'what time do you have breakfast'
13:39.25equiraptorbleetah: No, I wouldn't.
13:39.39equiraptorbleetah: You're completely missing what I'm saying.
13:39.44Kirkburn|afkAdys, since links work with the minor link edit, yes
13:39.55Kirkburn|afkI see no reason why not
13:40.15Adysok so thats good.
13:40.24Adysnow why did gryphen put thottbot first again tho?
13:40.45bleetahequiraptor: believe it or not, I am not missing what your saying. I used to agree with you. Then I worked for a company that had offices is Sydney, Munich, Dublin, Las Vegas. Such a pain to organise a telephone hookup. Would've just been a lot easier to say '10PM'
13:40.47equiraptorbleetah: I don't care when you have breakfast related to me. I care what point in the day you're in *right now*. The easiest way to figure that out is to ask what time it is there. If everyone was under UTC, there would no longer be an easy way to ask that.
13:40.57Kirkburn|afkI can understand Thott first, but not Alla second
13:41.01AdysBOOM wall of text
13:41.03Kirkburn|afkThott, Wh, Alla
13:41.10Kirkburn|afkThat's what I recommend
13:41.11Adyshm for elinks we'd go more with how accurate the site is tbh
13:41.18Adysand keep alexa for fansites
13:41.25equiraptorbleetah: Coordinating things like that just isn't a problem for us. And we do work with various international segments. We just specify calls in UTC.
13:41.42equiraptorbleetah: If you're not smart enough to manage your own local time from UTC, go work for someone else.
13:42.45bleetahI did, for different reasons ;).. but I ythink you've just demonstrated my point. to make it easier to work in multiple timezones, you work in UTC.
13:42.54Kirkburn|afkAdys, start a discussion about the order, we might as well get something controversial going :P Village pump, possibly even! :O
13:43.05Adysnoes you start it
13:43.12equiraptorbleetah: But UTCc is really inconvenient for just living.
13:43.14Kirkburn|afkI'm afk :P
13:43.21Adysand make me a coffee aswell honey I just woke up
13:43.26Kirkburn|afkPlus, uh, making lunch, buh-bye
13:43.27bleetahanyways, these guysd look like they're trying to do serious stuff, I'll refrain from the pointless convo.. for now ;)
13:43.36equiraptorbleetah: It's relatively easy to specify international things in UTC, while maintaining a sane localtime.
13:43.36Adysor a lunch, that will do too
13:43.41bleetahequiraptor: go live for someone else ;) :P
13:44.10Kirkburn|afkSo I watched 20 episodes of House over the weekend
13:44.12bleetahUTC/standard.. just all too damned annoying, really. dst/no dst... I'm going outta my mind raaaaa!
13:44.14Kirkburn|afkCan you tell? :)
13:44.22equiraptorbleetah: DST is dumb. :)
13:44.43bleetahthe closer to the equator, the dumber it gets.. I'll give you that much
13:45.09bleetahworks great @ 42 degrees south :-D
13:45.22Kirkburn|afkDoes everyone who plays WoW not have a Wii or something?
13:45.25kasoKirkburn|afk, i think my bot is ready for a real world test, i would if i could beg a bot-tag off of you, then i'll do a test of one page edit to replace a tooltipCSS and one new page on a unlisted item.
13:45.29bleetahand that's all the info I'm giving Kirkburn|afk so he can stalk me
13:45.38Kirkburn|afkI've found only /one/ person so far on the three channels
13:45.55bleetahKirkburn|afk: my Wii had birth defects, it ended up being a DS
13:46.51Kirkburn|afkThat quite some birth defect
13:47.29Kirkburn|afkkaso, I'll see what I can do
13:47.29AdysUpdating Elinks-item
13:48.14Kirkburn|afkHere's how: sancus, vlad_, I need to be able to set people as bots :)
13:49.08Kirkburn|afkAtm only fandy can, and he's not around so much currently
13:49.18bleetahif you guys ever need a 'random' user page to test stuff on, feel free to 'vandalise' User:Normal to your heart's content... (yes, that's mine.. long story). Doubt you need it, really, but thought I'd offer
13:49.19kasoIs it alright if i throw out a 2 tests edits, now.
13:49.38bleetahI'm insane enough to trust you to not over vandalise
13:50.04kasoi shall be creating the page "Ancient Bone Bow" and replacing the tooltipcss on "Crimson Snake"
13:50.30*** join/#wowwiki Tepetkhet (
13:51.12TepetkhetAbout to quit my job....
13:51.18TepetkhetUninstalling Trillian now.  Later.
13:51.40equiraptorDifferent meaning to "Client Quit"
13:52.23*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
13:52.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
13:52.38AdysKirkburn|afk: you should be bureaucrat tbh
13:53.07Adysand me im getting problems with miranda, again
13:53.12Kirkburn|afkThanks :)
13:54.29Kirkburn|afkDon't normally like asking for stuff, but I don't want to keep asking fandy for stuff (esp when he has no idea of the background. Useless non-IRCer :)
13:55.39equiraptorOh, I figured out why the school lights were off. It's spring break.
13:56.06Kirkburn|afkWasn't I going to get food? Hmm
13:58.16Kirkburn|afkI'm so not telling you when I'm back
13:58.36equiraptorLeft yet?
14:03.06kasohow come the wiki is suddenly moving as fast as a turtle walking over tar. :<
14:04.59bleetah.. 'coz Kirkburn|afk couldn't drag himself away from the keys, so he's sucking the life out of it
14:05.20Bibi`ouFanyone who ran auchenai crypts a lot here ? i would like to know what is the Avatar of the Martyred ?
14:05.47bleetah1st rule of open source, blame the last dev who left the project 2nd rule: blame the senior who just stepped afk
14:06.07Bibi`ouFIt seems it's a summon of Exarch Maladaar but i don't understand why it has a lot less loot count than the exarch himself ?
14:18.52Adysyay kaso you got a bot now?
14:19.06kasoit isnt finished yet but almost
14:19.21Adysit needs tagging right
14:19.25kasoindeed it does
14:20.24kasothis is the current format of the item stubs im creating; but im not sure how its layed out
14:21.00kasoive just taken the boilerplate and commented out all the bits i cannot do with my bot, so a later user can uncomment and use them.
14:21.00Adysit sounds great tbh
14:21.25Adysnah remove the comments
14:21.40kasook fair enough, should i remove the source section also?
14:22.07kasobecause i cant actually know that
14:22.18Adysyeah some item stubs are actually totally empty
14:22.32Adysif you want
14:22.35Adyskeep source
14:22.41Adysand put {{Stub/Item}} in this section
14:22.46Adysits what I usually do
14:24.36kasoNow the final question i have is that my bot in its current form will attempt to add pretty much every item in game, Random white quest items, and grey items alike, do you think that is a good idea or should i try to put some limits on which items it does
14:25.01Adysdon't add grey items yet tbh
14:25.06kasoalong the same line, it will add the "base" items for "of the items" which are usually a green item with no stats, so that might not be wanted on the wiki
14:25.27Adysah the prefix items
14:25.42Adysid say dont add them either personally since we havent decided how we were gonna organize them
14:26.37kasogrey items will be easy to exclude, i'll have to have a think how i can detect the prefix items
14:26.56Adyswhat db do you take your stuff from? wowhead?
14:27.02Adysah no wait
14:27.07Adysjust read it was from the armory
14:27.28AdysIn fact id say exclude all grey and green items
14:27.35kasosounds fair enough
14:29.57Adyshehe im gonna toy around with this armory
14:35.14Adysdamn, the armory doesnt have the artifact items ;)
14:35.35kasoha yah it only has items you can get ingame (with one or two exceptions)
14:36.09kasothere's a tempest keep item in there somewhere, and a couple dark temple ones, but the majority of the ungettable items are protected
14:39.18Adysdark temple ones uh :p
14:39.57Adysblack temple* argh
14:40.05Adysfunny they include it tho
14:40.36kasoit appears as if every item in the blizzard database is in armory, but it somehow needs to be flagged "viewable"
14:41.05kasosome items arent flagged dispite some people having looted it, that causes those people's profiles to error
14:42.06kasobash: /bin/grep: Argument list too long >.<
14:42.29kasotried to grep through the thosands of items i downloaded the other day
14:42.35kasogrep doesnt like that many
14:43.29kasoTempest keep raid drop:
14:43.49bleetahkaso: head, tail and a for loop ;)
14:44.05bleetahas well as the grep
14:44.23AdysKaso btw
14:44.46kasohow did i never see that before
14:44.49kasoim blind
14:45.06kasoawesome it should be trivial to skip them then
14:45.28bleetahit's late,, I'm not even gunna try psuedocode, but a for loop, that's as long as the file (wc -l filename), that has steps in sizes that you use in a head/tail..
14:45.31Adyshm to be honest...
14:45.37bleetahactually, no, that's stupid.. cut or something similar
14:45.42bleetahargh, 2AM.. bedtime
14:45.55Adysnn bleetah
14:46.12kasoi did it by just doing "grep i=3*" which limited it to about 4000 items
14:46.39Adyskaso, can you do something for me?
14:46.45kasoi can try
14:46.58Adyscreate a wiki list on a sandbox userpage
14:47.07Adysthat includes every "suffix" item
14:47.16Adysin the format * [[Itemname]]
14:47.35kasoyah i should be able to add some code to do that
14:48.14Adysawesome, dont bother too much if its too much of a hassle tho
14:48.56kasoim not a expert on wikicode, is there some set format for the list you want or?
14:49.19Adysjust a raw list
14:49.25Adys* [[name]]
14:49.30Adys* [[name]]
14:49.37Adysgetting problems with irc again
14:49.45Adysanyways you see how it work s:p
14:50.06kasoyah i getcha
14:50.39kasoi knew that "append to end of page" function i wrote would come in useful!
14:50.48*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
15:03.10kasoHokay, done some little tests, it should add any poor qual items it skips to User:Kaso/Poor_Quality_Items and and random suffix items it skips to User:Kaso/Random_Suffix_Items
15:04.43kasoAdys can you flag as bot?
15:04.52Adysonly fandy can ::
15:05.08kasoI'll hold off then
15:05.33kasoI guess i should leave a talk message?
15:10.59kasoah sweet never saw that template
15:11.05Adysbecause i just created it
15:15.03kasoi've been thinking about {{tooltip}}
15:15.23kasoshouldn't it have some field that records the itemID
15:15.42Adysit should yes but it doesnt
15:16.03Adysthe problem is i personally wanted the id to be in the page name
15:16.19AdysItem:12345 for example
15:16.39Adysand use some odd script or modify a bit the core code to show the title as the items name
15:17.09kasohmm, interesting
15:19.09Adysthat was my original idea but it didnt exactly get around
15:19.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by Adys
15:22.59Adys ??
15:23.15kasoMy suggestion would be to add a |itemID= tag to the tooltip, which while doing nothing now, can be implimented in the future in whatever way needed, and any tooltips that already have the tag will get the changes.
15:23.56Adysyeah kaso i agree on that, but if we actually have the elinks-item template up on the page we already have the id so it can be botted easily
15:24.06Adyswhich is also why i made the vote to remove thottbot as first arg
15:24.12kasoThat is true.
15:25.43kasoI just had to steal Kirkburn's joke he made last night:
15:40.02Adysbtw kaso
15:40.07Adysfandy never comes on irc :P
15:40.21kasoPsh, why not
15:40.22Adyshe came once only when we were deciding the new admins iirc
15:40.31Adysirc, iirc, hahahahah.... why isnt fin here
15:46.41*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
15:46.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:12.06Adysthis guy uploaded two php applications
16:12.16Adysas "test.jpg" and "1stphp.jpg"
16:13.14Adysdeleted them now anyways they were unused
16:16.45GryphenSpecial:Log will link to deleted contribs
16:18.24Adysreally? thats nice
16:21.18Adyswiki being slow again
16:38.32Adysbeing veeery slow..
17:19.53*** join/#wowwiki ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
17:19.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o ChanServ] by
17:51.12*** join/#wowwiki watchout (
17:55.26*** join/#wowwiki watchout (
17:58.01*** join/#wowwiki watchout (
17:58.11*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
17:58.41*** join/#wowwiki watchout (
17:58.57AdysHello watchout
17:59.03watchoutsorry :P
17:59.17watchoutthe client did weird things, I had to test some settings
17:59.49Hobinheimi'm watching this awesome google vidoe about open source projects
17:59.54Hobinheimand how to keep trolls out
18:00.04watchoutlink pls
18:00.07Hobinheimit's on the front page of slashdot
18:00.25Hobinheim(makes me think of zeal)
18:01.06watchoutsounds awesome
18:07.37Hobinheim|worki'm loving it so far
18:08.27*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
18:08.56Hobinheim|work"remove attribution from your projects"
18:08.59Hobinheim|workHMM I WONDER WHO DID THAT
18:09.48watchoutHobinheim|work, awesome link!
18:10.00watchoutty for that!
18:10.17Hobinheim|worki'm 20:00 in, good so far
18:10.20Hobinheim|workwatchout, are you a programmer?
18:10.31Hobinheim|workwell, you know your way around a bot, custom built i'm assuming?
18:10.36Hobinheim|workpython or something else?
18:10.37watchoutum, well define programmer
18:11.42watchoutI'm technical informatics student
18:11.43watchoutand the bot is written in php
18:12.50Tuqui-tuquiI want a burger...
18:13.00watchoutwell go get one ;P
18:13.05Tuqui-tuquiI tried the veggie burger at a local store
18:13.10Tuqui-tuquiit was disgusting
18:13.16Tuqui-tuquigod knows what they made that patty with
18:13.31Tuqui-tuquibut you're right
18:13.34Tuqui-tuquiburger time
18:15.26watchoutHobinheim|work, did you want to know something special? ;) Ah yes the bot is my own custom build, no stolen code and stuff...
18:16.50Hobinheim|workwatchout, well yeah mine is in perl
18:17.00Hobinheim|worki didn't use any like... packages or APIs, minus mech
18:17.09Hobinheim|workwhat hurts the most is crawling for includes
18:17.20Hobinheim|workcuz i can't get a flat list, i have to parse out the What Links Here Page
18:17.43Hobinheim|workanyway i was under the assumption that only technical folk would enjoy the google video, so here i am guessing that you're a technical folk
18:18.36watchoutyes :D
18:18.42Hobinheim|worki'm having a nerd on for this video
18:18.45Hobinheim|worklots of good ideas
18:19.38watchoutin fact, I think that video is awesome because it also applies to other community project than open source software development
18:20.37watchoutfor example: if we had the mentioned "mission" on wowwiki, we may not have those *cough* useless player pages
18:21.21Hobinheim|workhaha the discussion in the lock threads is how priests and locks are a match made in heaven
18:21.34Hobinheim|workwe're convienced there's no other class pair that synergizes as well
18:22.17Hobinheim|worklife tap + vampiric embrace + shadow weaving + curse of shadows = INFINITE MANA
18:23.05watchoutyou forget improved shadow bolt + soul leech
18:23.48watchoutand yes. shadow priest and warlock is definitely a dream team
18:24.15watchoutthough they would run against a solid wall if mobs are shadow resistant...
18:24.49watchoutand rogue/feral druid is also a pretty awesome team
18:28.47Hobinheim|workwhat synergy do they have?
18:28.51Hobinheim|workthat's like rogue + rogue light?
18:30.37*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
18:31.34watchoutrogue gets many crits = heal on every crit
18:31.58watchoutboth can stealth
18:32.11watchoutdruid keeps downtime ... down
18:32.45watchoutgood rogues can tank without too many problems
18:33.32Hobinheim|workwhat is heal on every crit?
18:35.01Adysimproved leader of the pack
18:35.02watchoutimproved leader of the pack
18:35.46Hobinheim|workhurr don't care much for droods
18:36.16Hobinheim|workwow that's kinda sick
18:36.26Hobinheim|workhaha healing talents in feral
18:38.02watchoutdruids are hybrids after all
18:41.41Bagginswwhmm interesting during warcraft 3, winterspring was during its springtime or summer, no snow
18:43.06equiraptorI love my druid.
18:43.38equiraptorI was running around with my boyfriend's rogue last night tanking and healing. Then another druid joined us, and even though I'm very much feral spec'd, I put on my healing gear and healed.
18:44.05equiraptorThe other druid was tanking beautifully, I was keeping him alive, and the rogue was geting knocked back all over the world. :)
18:44.30equiraptorI love the flexibility, and I love still being able to do multiple rolls very well, just by having a differnt set of gear.
18:44.50equiraptorYeah, changing rolls mid-fight doesn't work too well, but... Meh. I can live with that. :)
18:45.29Hobinheim|workdruids.... maker me angry
18:45.53Hobinheim|worki only got up to bear form but i could tell i was missing out on a world of efficiency having not mastered the proper order of pulling as a caster or starting in bear form, and then watching my mana
18:45.57Hobinheim|workit made my head explode
18:46.18Hobinheim|workand then my pally got really annoying because without speccing 7 or so in holy, it was like wtf why are my heals coming in at the worst possible time
18:46.25equiraptorYeah, it's a complex class to play, at leats at first.
18:46.40Hobinheim|worki find caster classes to be much more... obvious
18:46.53equiraptorOnce they get to level 32, so they have cat form with ravage and ferocious bite, things get a lot better.
18:47.02Hobinheim|worki'm starting to fear my hunter too. the hunter thread is abounds with NO DPS, JUST CC NOW, SURVIVAL IS AWWWSOME
18:47.16Hobinheim|worki'm like oh noes effort, haha
18:47.22Hobinheim|workcuz a lock is all dps, just depends on what kind of dps
18:47.29Hobinheim|workand extremely situational CC
18:47.43equiraptorOnce you have those, it's just stealth up, ravage, DPS it down. Tada. If your health gets low, shift out, cast a heal on yourself, and go back to scratch, scratch.
18:48.02equiraptorIt's like a rogue that never has to eat or bandage. No consumables needed.
18:48.41equiraptorAnd while my rogue sometimes needs to run away when it pulls too many mobs, or whatever, the druid can nearly always just grin and bear it (bad pun, laugh at me now).
18:48.56AdysNew work for the botters on Bot Requests
18:49.16Adys# Deprecate {{gsc}} / {{sc}} / {{gc}} / {{gs}} for {{Cost}}
18:49.25Adysi left over g, s and c on purpose
18:49.57Hobinheim|workaww you don't like the weird mixed cast currencies? hahaa
18:50.54watchoutI may have ruined 4 pages :D
18:51.10Adyseh? :P
18:51.42Bagginswwjuice heh heh
18:51.44equiraptorDruid talent question...
18:51.47equiraptorIf I carry around healer gear, is there much point to Nurturing Instinct (increases your healing spells by up to 50% of your Strength)?
18:52.17Hobinheim|workStrength heavy!!!
18:52.24kasoequiraptor ask yourself how often do you heal in your damage gear?
18:52.36watchoutI used a variable twice... unfortunately, the 2nd use assigned the content of a whole page to it..
18:52.50Bagginswwwho killed the wiki this time?
18:52.58equiraptorkaso: Fairly regularly, but never when it's important. Only in between fights because I'd rather heal myself than eat.
18:52.59Adysit goes down regularly Bagginsww
18:53.02watchout*raises hand*
18:53.09equiraptorkaso: I could also switch to healer gear for that, if it mattered.
18:53.10Bagginswwthat's what you claim :)
18:53.17Bagginswwbut I'm sure its one of you :)
18:53.25equiraptorkaso: I almost never heal in battle in feral gear.
18:53.37watchoutno, wait that can't be me...
18:53.39Bagginswwbut if its already undead, a fenix down will kill ita gain :)
18:53.51Adysis there anyone up for helping with the categorizing of ? ^^
18:53.58Adysbeen doing that since a few hours
18:54.05watchoutAdys, no :D
18:54.08equiraptorSounds like I may want to respec my druid, then, because that's not the only talent I think I want to change.
18:54.14AdysMain category: Category:Images
18:54.17watchoutunless you help me with cleaning Category:Quests
18:54.42*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
18:54.43AdysCategory:Interface Images - Category:Screenshots - Category:Tactical Graphics - Category:WoWWiki Graphics
18:55.14AdysCategory:Zone Screenshots - Category:NPC Screenshots [Category:Old High Elf Models] - Category:Adapted Game Screenshots
18:55.48AdysCategory:WoWWiki Icons - Category:Item Screenshots
18:55.57Adysthink thats it
18:56.33Hobinheim|workwatchout, the video was really good
18:57.19Adysoh oh, watchoutbot is running
18:58.36watchoutI stopped it, it's gone a bit mad because of a little error of me :D
18:59.16watchoutHobinheim|work, I'm not finished with it yet
19:00.19Adystell him how it ends! quick!
19:01.13watchouthaha :D
19:04.42amrowatchout: avoid building robots with missiles please.
19:06.06watchoutbut missiles are so cool
19:06.15watchoutthey fly and go boom
19:06.43Adys(automated edit; Moving page from category Armor:Waist to <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" xml:lang="en" lang="en" dir=)
19:06.47watchoutwell I discovered another weakness of mediawiki :P
19:07.31watchoutyou want to turn the knife in the wound Adys ?
19:07.41Hobinheim|workthe girl kills herself at the end of the vidoe
19:07.50Adysand lol Hobinheim|work
19:08.16Hobinheim|workshe staged her own death to frame the sister but then the sister finds out
19:08.27Adysok brb in 30 min
19:08.33Hobinheim|workomg it's like a cat exploded on the page
19:09.30watchoutHobinheim|work, the hasty one from the beginning?
19:10.11watchoutshe was like "glarblargrrrbllgrr bye"
19:12.15Hobinheim|workand she was all like mmmgggrrrlll and i was like RRRGGGLLLRRR
19:12.37Hobinheim|workand she's all like why don't you ever come home with any human and i'm like why don't you just shut your yapper
19:21.01watchout*starts the evil bot again*
19:21.42watchouthm, but somehow the server went down before the bot could start :P
19:22.02amromaybe it heard my warning :P
19:26.17Hobinheim|workanyone ever use paypal in regards to running a side?
19:26.59watchoutsorry no
19:26.59watchoutdo you want to add a donation box for Wowwiki?
19:31.50Hobinheim|workno, thinking baout something else
19:32.19amrowhat's the elinks temp for mobs/npcs?
19:32.39Hobinheim|workno more elinks for npcs!
19:32.42Hobinheim|workuse npcbox!
19:33.15Hobinheim|workn/m i'm just going crazy
19:33.27watchoutah well
19:33.39Adys|afkamro: elinks-npc
19:34.25watchoutits case sensitive afair
19:37.09Adyswhat the hell happened when your bot screwed up?oO
19:41.29watchoutAdys, I don't know
19:42.36watchoutAdys, are you there?
19:42.51AdysIm here every time you spell my nick
19:43.00watchoutcan you wipe the history of a page?
19:43.10AdysI can but its rather complicated
19:43.22AdysI need to delete the page and undelete only some edits
19:43.28watchoutyou may want to do that with the pages my bot messed up
19:43.30AdysI was actually gonna do it
19:43.35Adysbut the wiki is down now
19:43.45Adyswell nothing loads for me
19:44.05Adyscan you pm me the links of the messed pages? Ill do that as soon as its up
19:46.11watchoutits up again ;)
19:47.16Adysnope :(
19:47.23watchoutI just...
19:47.30Adysits ALL YOUR FAULT!!
19:47.51Adysill reboot my connexion brb
19:50.20Bagginswwstratholme had a zoo, LOL
19:50.41*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
19:50.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
19:52.42*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
19:52.58Adys2010miranda sucks more than infobot
19:53.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
19:53.37watchoutso do you still have the list? :)
19:53.44Adysnever got it :p
19:53.53Adysi crashed a bit there
19:54.01watchoutI'll resend
19:54.59watchoutAdys, ?
19:55.06Adysnot getting it
19:55.11Adysah wait
19:55.19Adysi think you're not registered with the server
19:55.23Adysnevermind Ill do that alone ;)
19:55.26watchoutoh ah yes
19:55.33watchoutyou know what...
19:55.50*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
19:56.23watchoutthough I think the wiki has cooled down now
19:56.30Adysits down again for me^^
20:00.52watchoutworks well for me...
20:01.25watchoutmaybe in reality you're the one messing the wiki up :P
20:03.35watchoutty, and sorry for that... stupid bug :-/
20:04.21watchouthm, the edit still shows up in the history of arcanist belt
20:06.02Adysmy bad
20:07.30watchoutgreat :)
20:10.52watchoutnow.. can I start up the bot again ? :D
20:13.17watchoutI've increased the interval by 2 more seconds
20:13.28watchoutjust to be sure
20:14.24watchoutI give up.
20:14.44Adyshaving fun it seems ? :p
20:16.17watchoutI don't know, the wiki breaks down after the 2nd edit...
20:16.27Hobinheim|workrogue is to making fun of them for not having imp sap as another class is to....?
20:16.31Hobinheim|workplease completely the analogy
20:16.43watchoutI set the bot to 60s and thats my last try
20:17.17Adysmake fun of it for not being a rogue, hob?
20:18.12Hobinheim|worki was telling my rogue friend... back when i first started playing, it was very in vogue to make fun of rogues for not being imp sap
20:18.21Hobinheim|worki can't think of any other talent points that people make fun of non rogue classes for
20:18.28Hobinheim|workno one says to me LOLZ NUB LOCK NO IMP IMP
20:18.37Hobinheim|workmaybe imp corr for other locks
20:18.43Hobinheim|workbut no one else knows how to play a lock
20:18.44Adysimproved arcane explosion for mages, back before 1.9
20:18.48Hobinheim|workand yet everyone knows how to criticize a rogue
20:18.58Hobinheim|worki started at the end of 1.9 and the roll out of 1.10
20:18.59Adysmost likely tactical mastery for warriors
20:19.10Adyssorry back before 1.11 i meant
20:19.20sancuskinda depends on the context
20:19.32sancustheres lots and LOTS of talents people make fun of others for not having in raid specs
20:19.45watch|AFKyay"lol youre a destro lock haha"
20:19.48sancuspriest without meditation? lol
20:20.06sancuspriest without improved fort? lol
20:20.21sancusfrost mage? lol
20:20.22Adysmages raidspecced make it worth not having improved frostbolt or improved fireball
20:20.42sancusThe reason there wasn't much for 5-mans
20:20.44AdysLOL NOOB OMG
20:20.47Hobinheim|worki hear the new kid on the block is arcane frost or FULL FROST
20:20.50sancusis because 5-mans are trivial and not worth speccing for
20:21.04Hobinheim|worksomething about a shatter build
20:21.04sancusThat's a bit diff now with heroics
20:21.19Hobinheim|workalso... people are saying CC is the most important aspect to a heroic.
20:21.25Hobinheim|workhunters are saying that BM is useless
20:21.26sancusit is
20:21.27Adys50% increased crit on frozen targets, 5 talent points 2 pt prerequisite
20:21.29Hobinheim|workand that survival is pimping it up
20:21.38Hobinheim|workand that "perma trapping" is the new shit
20:21.42sancusThe desired specs for heroics are not really any different than the desired spec for raids
20:21.46*** join/#wowwiki Feonix762 (
20:21.47sancussooo there's al ot of overlap there
20:22.02sancusBM hunters are a joke in raids also
20:22.29Hobinheim|worki'll show you!
20:22.37sancusThere's some really duummb mages who think that not having imp frostbolt/fireball makes sense for dps also
20:22.41Hobinheim|workHEAL MY PET! HEAL MY PET! HEAL MY P--- (Pooky dies.)
20:22.45Feonix762Quick question.. can anyone tell me where/how I can get a list of the UI window names for WoW.. like LootFrame, MerchantFrame, etc
20:23.01sancusbecause of the 10% coefficient nerf
20:23.07Hobinheim|workFeonix762, might wanna try #wowi-lounge
20:23.54Adyssancus: it technically is true, since the 5 tps you free can be spent elsewhere
20:24.03sancusIt's not true
20:24.21sancusYou can't spend them anywhere else that is as good for increasing your dps
20:24.29AdysIm speaking of fire
20:24.35sancuswhat about fire?
20:24.36Adysi agree for frost
20:24.39sancusScorch isn't viable for dps anyway
20:24.50sancusand raid mobs are immune to impact
20:24.58Adysit is extremely good for mana regen
20:25.04sancusno it's not
20:25.26Adyslvl 1 scorch keeping up +15% dmg, 59 mana every 1.5 sec
20:25.27sancusIt lowers your mana per second consumed
20:25.32Adysand judgement of wisdom
20:25.34sancusbut that's because you lower your DPS
20:25.44sancusIt's somewhat better manawise
20:25.54AdysNo not for use as main spell
20:25.57sancusBut if you need to use Scorch, you're already fucked
20:25.58Adysfor use when you're oom
20:26.05sancusyeah if you're oom you're already fucked
20:26.13Adysyou ever tried rank 1?
20:26.25sancusI used to use it lots and lots pre-2.0
20:26.35sancusin BC it was nerfed to shit
20:26.44sancusbecause there's a huge huge penalty to +dmg benefit
20:27.00sancusBC mana regen is such that if you run out of mana on raid fights
20:27.03sancusyou are playing wrong
20:27.16sancusYou can't even keep up with Warlocks spamming Fireball
20:27.19sancusso you better not run out of mana
20:27.20sancusbecause they never do
20:27.32Adyswarlocks are broken as usual :p
20:27.34sancusIf you have to drop down to Scorch
20:27.39sancusthen you are double fucking yourself
20:27.41sancuseven max rank Scorch
20:28.01sancusbecause your dps is going to die
20:28.23sancusIf you have mana issues, you're better off speccing 40/21 arcane/fire
20:28.27sancusand weaving Arcane Blast
20:30.25sancusI really don't see a viable place to put those 5 points in Fire though
20:30.30sancusthey have to be in the first two tiers of talents somewhere
20:31.07sancusand you can already take all dps talents in the tree for 45 points
20:31.28sancusimpact doesn't increase your dps
20:31.31sancusand is useless in raids
20:36.21*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
20:37.13*** part/#wowwiki Feonix762 (
20:37.42Adys# Karazhan ?(1,488,782 views)
20:37.42Adys# Comparison of Aldor and Scryer rewards ?(1,454,647 views)
20:37.50Adys.. ^^
20:39.29sancusbut yeah warlock brokenness makes me sad
20:39.32sancusone of the reasons I'm not playing
20:39.42sancusIt's actually funny how many Mages still think they're competitive just because they don't know any good locks
20:42.53Adys :]
20:43.52Adys finally
20:47.55*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
20:47.55*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
20:50.49Adys :)
20:59.52Adys I wonder where this spell is used
21:00.44Adysdoubt it
21:00.52Adysits quest rewarded rep
21:01.06Hobinheim|workvalue 5?
21:01.12Adys+5 rep i guess
21:01.12Hobinheim|workit's proced when you kill something
21:01.19Hobinheim|workwell... i can't think of any ironforge mobs
21:01.23Hobinheim|workbut in theory...
21:01.29Hobinheim|workmaybe enemy dwarves
21:01.29Adystheres no mob giving IF rep and it's "kill rep" in this case
21:01.50Adystheres no spell proccing when you kill something, its an onevent thing
21:02.15Adyslike experience
21:02.20Adysor honor
21:02.27Hobinheim|workwell. right
21:02.33Hobinheim|workto blizzard it's probably all the same
21:02.37Hobinheim|workspell triggers and what not
21:02.57Adysdoubt a spell could allow scaling on level, lvl 70 killing a lvl 10 mob
21:03.12Adystho im thinking with the nerf they did to items they might but well whatever i know its not kill rep
21:08.48*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
21:10.44*** join/#wowwiki Blast` (
21:24.59*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter_ (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
21:27.20Adysit impresses me some people level a human to 70 and don't know that they have a reputation gain bonus
21:28.01TekkubI already bitched him out
21:28.09Tekkubhe does it again he gets a ban
21:30.58Hobinheim|worktek, do you use windows
21:31.19Hobinheim|workread up about windows home server
21:31.27Hobinheim|worki'm having a nerd gasm reading about it
21:31.35TekkubI'm using it
21:31.37Hobinheim|workyou basically dedicate one tower in your house to do backups
21:31.38Hobinheim|workLOL REALLY
21:31.40Hobinheim|workHOW IS IT
21:32.24Tekkubit gets confused, thinks it's in a domain, and shuts it'sself down after 1h45m if I don't go in and suspend the process that checks license shit every bootup
21:32.37Tekkubit's beta, it has it's issues
21:33.18Tekkubor like, I just added my last drive, gave it 150GiB free, turn on duplication for my music folder (20GiB) and it's erroring saying there's no room to dup
21:33.45Hobinheim|workstill sounds sexy tho
21:35.47Tekkubthe drive spanning is exactly what I've been trying to do manually on linux for a while now
21:36.09Tekkubit just needs to rebalance drive usage better when you add a drive
21:36.33Tekkubcause *everyone* is going to fill up a drive then add another, not start with 3 empty drives
21:36.54Tekkubso when you add a drive, it should move shit to it to balance usage... if it doesn't already
21:37.08TekkubI don't think I can find out each drive's actual use
21:39.13Tekkubhrm, maybe it does rebalance over time
21:39.27Tekkubmy newest drive has only 7% free
21:40.25Tekkubthe second drive I added has 11%, the first drive, the one with the OS, 63% free
21:40.29Hobinheim|worki heard it stores things on drives at the folder level
21:40.29Tekkubit left exactly 8GiB free on the second and third drive :)
21:40.31Hobinheim|workso oflders witll never span two drives
21:40.51Tekkubwell not exactly 8GiB
21:41.09Tekkubbut at least it rearranges
21:41.20Hobinheim|worki'm so like... nerd on for this kinda stuff
21:41.27Tekkubmaybe that's what they're calling the "defrag" on sunday maintenance
21:41.45*** join/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
21:41.47Hobinheim|workhey buddy what did you just call me?
21:41.56Hobinheim|worki don't take kindly to that kinda language, "defrag"
21:41.57Tekkubsince defrag on a spanned volume is a bit more complex
21:42.45Tekkubthe backup system is very nicely done
21:43.11Tekkub5 comps (3 wista 2 seXP) takin up 27GiB
21:43.32Tekkubthough it gets all bitchy on every client if one is missed
21:44.06Tekkubthey need settings on install of the client, only one per house needs the reminders and quick admin access
21:44.19Tekkubthe others should be "dumb" backup clients
21:44.37Hobinheim|worki wish linux was this sexy
21:44.42Hobinheim|workso i could string together old computers
21:44.45Hobinheim|workand make monster computers
21:45.09Tekkubyea linux worked fine for me EXCEPT getting the drive spanning of many odd sized drives
21:45.32Tekkubevery attempt to array my drives ended in me losing my data
21:45.42Tekkubboth on win and linux
21:46.14Tekkubthis is exactly what I wanted, independant drives concatted together, but still work independantly if removed
21:47.28BagginswwSo kirkburn the only orcs specifically called "chaos orcs" are those that drink from chaos well... I would argue article currently called "Chaos Orc Slavemaster" should probably be changed to Fel orc, as he was a red skinned blackrock clan member. He never drank from the chaos well. and he's specifically said to be of the chaos orcs, or fel orcs.
21:47.31Tekkuboh and you can't make hidden shares, needs that to hide porn from the roomie
21:47.46Bagginswwwell I changed it to Blackrock Slave Master instead
21:49.01Hobinheim|workin a better world, we wouldn't need to hide our porn
21:49.21TekkubI'm afraid he'd like it
21:49.38Tekkubhe doesn't need to be that kinky, he's already got his own freaky kink stuff
21:50.28Bagginswwsame with, Jubei'Thos
21:50.28Bagginsww, he's not listed as "chaos orc" in game
21:50.28BagginswwHe's not said to be fel orc either.
21:50.28*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
21:50.36Bagginswwbut since he wasn't part of those that drank from chaos well, he has to be just a standard fel orc.
21:50.43amro_jubei'thos is blackrock. he's in that mission Blackrock & Roll, too!
21:51.43Bagginswwwhich is way before Chaos Well, :)
21:52.10Bagginswwwe don't hear about "chaos orcs" as a term until after Chaos Well event
21:52.35Bagginswwand its limited to recorrupted warsong orcs.
21:52.38*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (n=rawsonat@
21:53.20*** join/#wowwiki seth___ (
22:02.16*** join/#wowwiki Karrion (
22:02.56*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
22:07.23*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (n=dok@
22:09.48*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
22:11.06*** join/#wowwiki Lysistrata (
22:24.20SkyfireOMFG THEY DID IT
22:24.37Skyfirethottbot completely converted everything
22:24.38LysistrataDivision by Zero? Or what exactly?
22:24.43Skyfireor at least their items
22:24.44LysistrataAh Ok ...
22:24.54Skyfirewe have an admin on?
22:25.07LysistrataAnd to what did they convert their items?
22:25.17Adysthey changed the IDs
22:25.29Adysitem=ID also works
22:25.38AdysSkyfire: what do you need?
22:25.41Skyfirecomments and all
22:25.57Skyfireyes, but those don't show the comments i dont think
22:26.14Karrionsuch is the power of wowwiki
22:26.39Adysbeen going on for a while karrion, i guess we only speeded up the process
22:26.40Skyfireit seems that thottbot/?item=id does work
22:26.48Adysand aye it does
22:27.15Adysdid you need something?
22:27.16Adys[12 Mar 07 23:25] * Skyfire * we have an admin on?
22:27.57Skyfirenot anymore
22:28.18*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
22:28.18*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
22:28.22Skyfirewould've needed an edit to {{elinks-item}} but it seems it doesn't matter if we use ?item=id or iID
22:28.50Adysreminds me i actually need to change elinks-item to show up correctly wowhead
22:29.11Skyfirewhatdoyamean? :x
22:31.40GryphenThott said he wont stop supporting item=
22:32.01Adysyou mean i= ?
22:32.19Adysitem= is the new one no?
22:32.24Grypheneven though he now uses i2134 he wont stop supporting item=1234
22:32.35Skyfireit's acutally ?item= :x
22:32.37Gryphenitem= and it= have been there, i= was just default
22:33.50Skyfire and should both link to the same items; the old format was
22:34.44Grypheni= isnt really old, just different :)
22:34.50Gryphenand staying
22:35.19Adysfrom #wowace -
22:37.29Gryphenwhat is wrong with elinks adys?
22:37.41Adyswowhead is under allakhazam, it should be over it
22:37.49Gryphenit is
22:38.00Adysnot if there is no ID specified
22:38.18Gryphenwhat was the reasoning in that edit?
22:38.25Gryphenirc isnt exactly permanent record
22:38.29Gryphentalk page should be used
22:38.48AdysWe agreed on wowhead being above allakhazam ages ago
22:38.52Adysand on a talk page iirc
22:40.02Skyfirewell, there goes any semblance of npov
22:40.19Skyfireoh well
22:40.39Skyfireis wowwiki, not wikipedia bbqwtfpwnzored!
22:41.09Skyfiredid you break it...
22:41.42LaraulI need tools for extracting MPQ files
22:41.50Skyfirebad adys
22:41.54Skyfirebad bad adys
22:42.13amroLaraul: WInMPQ
22:42.15AdysLaraul: try WinMPQ, MPQMaster
22:42.29Adyswhat was the third one.. something like MPQEdit
22:42.31Laraulthey are gzip files right?
22:43.55Skyfireoh well, at least i haven't gotten a "wowwiki has a problem" message...
22:43.58amroMPQ = Mike O'Brien Pack, its a custom archive format
22:44.04Skyfireit won't load at all :x
22:45.01amroare pages like Special:DoubleRedirects protected from being refreshed too often?
22:45.08Skyfirebtw, we decided henceforth that the server is to be named Kenny;
22:45.38Adysamro: no, but they might not be up to date following a very big template edit
22:45.41LaraulBut blizzard uses zlib right?
22:45.57AdysLaraul: mpq is their own zipping format
22:46.00Adysand its shit, btw
22:46.29LaraulThey used to be gzip
22:46.41amrothey were MPQ since diablo
22:46.57amromaybe even warcraft 2
22:46.57Adysat least my oldest alpha client of wow is running with MPQs
22:46.57Bagginswwhmm its really dead
22:47.10LaraulWC2 didn't use mpq files I don't think
22:47.22Skyfiregd its still dead..
22:47.31amrowell then it must've started with diablo, and all blizz games since use it
22:47.33*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
22:47.46Adysdiablo II, wc III and wow use MPQs that Im sure
22:48.03Skyfireyou guys are forgetting starcraft...
22:48.12Laraulyeah diablo... but originally they used PKZIP
22:48.14Adysi never played starcraft :p
22:48.21Skyfireyou missed out
22:48.54amrooh yeah, I thought I mentioned it
22:49.15amrogood ol' days, kidnapping the map editor and using it to write to MPQs
22:50.38LaraulI in OSX right now
22:50.40Skyfireyou really did kill it adys...
22:50.46amrostill I'm surprised blizz didn't use something better. wow folder is going to keep growing
22:51.57Skyfireit took like 3 minutes just to have the main page load...
22:52.18Lysistrataamro its a more or less modern game what do you expect?
22:52.45LysistrataWoW+BC takes up how much? 5 Gig? Thats not that much anymore ...
22:53.07Skyfirewhy anyone would need that much space...
22:53.36LysistrataIt would come in handy some times ;)
22:54.03LysistrataRecently I installed Flight Simulator X ... 15 Gig ^^
22:55.19Skyfireoh no adys... not again
22:55.42Skyfireoh good
22:57.12Adyswhat the hell?
22:57.15Adysit didnt ding me
22:57.33Adyscan you type "adys" and "adys." in two separated messages skyfire?
22:58.41Adysit still dings me
22:58.58Adysmiranda you suck!
22:59.01Adysinfobot, miranda?
22:59.03infobotYou have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can, and will, be used against you in a court of law; You have the right to consult with an attorney and/or to have one present when questioned by the police; and If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed to represent you.
22:59.14Adysas i said. miranda sucks
22:59.41Skyfirei will choose to remain silent
23:00.33bleetahadys: you could, at a pinch I guess, try using gaim
23:00.42bleetahi'll let you ;)
23:00.45Adysmeh im used to miranda
23:00.52bleetahfair nuff
23:01.02Adysits like asking me to start using another interface
23:01.05Laraul3:45:54 PM: <Adys> Laraul: mpq is their own zipping format <--- lol "own" zipping format? They probably aren't "compressed" just merged together
23:01.58LaraulThen use simple bit rotation
23:02.00LaraulOr something
23:02.01sancusthe compression is zlib
23:02.07sancusif it's used at all
23:02.13sancus(not always)
23:02.30LaraulWell they don't mention the zlip libs in thhe credits
23:03.24Lysistratajust another gnu violation ... or they licensed something else whatever ^^
23:04.07sancuszlib is NOT gnu
23:04.12|Pixel|"license violation"...
23:04.25|Pixel|If you use this software
23:05.37Lysistratasorry I'm not always aware which software uses which licensing system and stuff
23:05.43LaraulThe mac version should support .mpdq files
23:05.46sancusI'm pretty sure that the WoW mpqs aren't compressed, anyway
23:05.57Larauler .mpqd
23:06.09sancusas that site bleetah linked says, war3 used it
23:06.21bleetah and 23 ...
23:06.26|Pixel|I think I remember some files in mpqs are using the deflate algo
23:06.32Larauli know war3 used it i remember it in the credits :)
23:07.11Bagginswwtouched up the articles ab it
23:07.11sancusdeflate == zlib
23:07.15sancusthey used to use pkzip before war3 I think
23:07.22Bagginswwthinking we might want to seperate chaos orcs to its own article
23:07.29Bagginswwin which we can expand on its history
23:07.50Laraulthough pkzip i think is limited to files less than 2GB
23:07.56bleetahi'm sure if they wanted to really use compression, they'd move to 7z anyways ;)
23:07.58Skyfirecan't you tell they're having a rather important discussion baggins? ;P
23:08.41Laraulomigod they're .dmg files (i wish)
23:09.09bleetahthe 'natural' replacement for zip, gz and bzip2
23:09.30Laraulzip files don't support multiple data streams though
23:09.37sancus7z is just an archive format not a compression format
23:10.14bleetahthen, er, explain the compression figures on their home page
23:10.21bleetahand their 'high compression ratio' claim
23:10.33bleetahactually, crap, no, gotta go to airport and collect my mother :P
23:10.51sancusit says LZMA right on the page ;p
23:11.54bleetah:p true still the lib itself is the natural replacement for the other compression programs
23:14.15Laraulwinmpq uses vb
23:14.21LaraulWhat else is there?
23:17.04Laraulseriously there must be something for osx
23:19.28Tekkubdamn hippies
23:19.47Tekkubso when's the site upgrade supposed to happen?  I want my CSS /cry
23:19.54Tekkub*pokes kirk*
23:20.22*** join/#wowwiki Adys2010 (
23:20.50SkyfireAdys, you have a fan...
23:31.47Skyfireomfg, i found an icon the wiki doesn't have
23:32.21LaraulIs common.mpq suppost to have no hierarchy structure?
23:37.42*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:43.35Adys2010a fan?
23:43.41Adys2010Oh shit
23:43.47Adys2010Nick Adys
23:43.53*** join/#wowwiki watchout (
23:43.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
23:45.08AdysLaraul: nah it has structure but its just too heavy
23:45.21Adysnot all editors can read it
23:45.26Adys3gb n stuff
23:45.36LaraulWell the other MPQs did
23:45.47Adysyeah but common.mpq is too big
23:46.03Larauloh wait now it shows the hierarchy
23:47.33Laraulwhere is this thing extracting files too?
23:47.58*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:50.23Larauloh christ it must be saving them to the VM disk

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