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00:56.35Kirkburn|afkRayman Raving Rabbids is so frakkin awesome!
00:59.33Kirkburn|afkWow, energectic too
01:13.05Kirkburn|afkSince when do game tips include "For a perfect beef stew, add a little thyme and a few bay leaves"?
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01:45.42Kirkburn|Wii"Bunnies are fantastic dancers"
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04:04.43LaraulOMIGOD! I just had quite a scare!
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04:58.34Skyfireevenings to all!
04:58.38Skyfirehow are ye>?
05:22.20Larauli was working inside my other computer... which was laying flat on the floor with me facing down into inside it... when i just suddenly vomitted...
05:44.03Laraulhuh yea
05:44.42Skyfirenot a good place to be when you vomit ;P
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06:09.19Skyfirehey Sko
06:12.21Skyfirehehe, just saying hello ;P
06:12.42Skosirisoh :p
06:12.48SkosirisHello there :)
06:14.26Skyfireguess i'm unregistered...
06:14.37Skyfirejust ask it here... there's no-one listening
06:15.08Skyfireor you can leave it on my talk page if you have an account :O
06:16.21SkosirisI was wondering why Gryphon decided to place both Thott & Alla links above the Wowhead one in the Elinks-item template
06:16.40bleetahare they in alphabetical order?
06:17.02Skyfiredo -not- ask me that. I was wondering the same exact thing
06:17.28Skyfiretbh, it should prolly be alla-thott-wow to be in alphabetical... :/
06:18.44Skosirissorting links alphabetically would be a good way so that people don't think there's a bias, but don't you think sorting the links by relevance would be a better solution?
06:19.34Skosirisit's your call, I'm just wondering :)
06:19.39Skyfirehow is yours more relevant than, say, ampwows? i'm just curious.
06:21.13Skosirisplease don't get me started on AmpWow
06:21.23Skyfirejust an example
06:21.27Skyfireanswer the question ;P
06:21.42Skosiristheir work is very flattering
06:22.15bleetah'ideally', the default view would be alphabetical, then logged in people would have a preference setting... but I guess that'd be 'Hard(TM)' to implement
06:23.29bleetahi said ideally, not in reality :P
06:23.47SkosirisI'm replying to Sky
06:24.07Skyfirepersonally, I'd like to see wowhead too, since you guys are so much better than the other two. but rules are rules ;_;
06:24.07bleetahkk, soz
06:24.12TekkubGryph's using Alexa to order based on un-biased popularity ratings
06:24.13Skyfireand I don't think it was on purpose
06:24.20Skyfireor that
06:24.25SkosirisI wouldn't want to praise my own site, so I'll let you guys decide based on your preferences
06:24.31Skyfireit's because you said "Tekkub"
06:24.35Skyfirehe awoke!
06:24.45TekkubI just happened to be here too :P
06:25.06Tekkubthe *optimal* solution is to make the order random...
06:25.15Tekkubfind a way to do that and we'd all be happy
06:25.23SkosirisI understand that using Alexa, just like using an alphabetically sorted list, are good ways to show a non-bias
06:25.26Skosirisbut here's my point:
06:25.42Skosirissay Myspace release a new WoW db site, would it be the first in the list just because their Alexa rank is higher?
06:26.02Skyfireeven though they aren't dedicated?
06:26.10Skyfire(adding on to his question)
06:26.22TekkubI think the first step in breaking people from habit is not using popularity as a measure
06:26.58bleetahcorrect, many people mistake 'popular' for 'good'
06:27.01Tekkubbut I don't think alpha is gonna work either, that's never worked
06:27.10Tekkubopen the yellow pages to 'A'
06:27.35Tekkubso what oes that leave us?
06:27.37Skosirisalso, what's with this "oh noes, bias!!" attitude? :)
06:27.51Tekkuba specific bias towards one site, or towards popularity...
06:27.54Tekkubor what?
06:28.14Skosirisif all of you guys agreed that one site is preferred over the others, you should listen to your hearts
06:28.24Skyfiresomeone's just advocating their site ;P
06:28.35Tekkubwe don't agree, the fact Gryph changed that proves it
06:28.37Skyfirethe one problem I have with it is your icons :/
06:28.40Tekkubthe template is protected
06:29.13Skosiristhis NPOV policy is great
06:29.28TekkubI personally like random, I just don't know how to pull it off
06:29.30Skyfireall I get when I right-click and then click "View Background Image" is
06:29.45Skyfireif you had the proper icons, I would <3 you
06:29.53Skosirisas the NPOV says, I don't think you guys should be linking to any site just because you "like" it or want to encourage it
06:30.09Skosirisbut if you guys really do think that 1 site is more relevant than the others, then it should be a neutral point of view to link to this one
06:30.40Tekkubwell the goal is to provide equality in the external links really
06:30.40Skyfirewhich would require that the links be random... and I don't think that's possible ;_;
06:30.53Tekkubmake it easy for them to find more info on the site they prefer
06:30.57Tekkub*any* site
06:31.07Tekkubbut... people are bitchy about order
06:31.23Skyfirethe very fact we list some sites and not others is PoV... but what can you do?
06:31.37Tekkubactually, you know what the ideal solution is here?
06:31.42Tekkubthat we'll never pull off
06:31.47Skyfireoh boy
06:31.48SkosirisI don't know much about how powerful is the Wiki code you use to make templates and pages
06:31.52Tekkuba user setting for their prefered site
06:32.00Skosirisbut would there be a way to code something like this:
06:32.11Skosirisif the current hour is odd, then show site #1 first
06:32.15Skosirisif it's even, show site #2 first
06:32.25Skyfirewhat about site 3? :P
06:32.34Tekkubwiki templates aren't very powerful, and getting things implemented serverside is essentially a nonexistant option
06:32.53Tekkublike I said, just random order :)
06:33.04Skosirisrandom order sounds good
06:33.12Tekkubwe *can* pull day of the week
06:33.15Skosirisstill better than Wowhead listed 3rd :P
06:33.32Skyfiredid you read what i had to say about your icons? Huh? DIDJA?!!
06:33.34TekkubLook at tip of the day:
06:33.51Tekkubso you run head?
06:33.58Skosirisyeah I read  :P
06:34.00Tekkubyou like my slogan?
06:34.03Tekkubdo ya?
06:34.11Skyfireits a good slogan, tbh
06:34.24Skyfirea bunch of users would freak, however :x
06:34.25TekkubI had an idea for head that ya'all might like
06:34.33Tekkubaside from the slogan
06:34.41Skosiristhis "issue" is caused by the fact we use an overlay <div> which adds the icon border to the icon image
06:35.19Skosiriswhat was the slogan again?
06:35.23SkosirisGimme head?
06:35.27Tekkub"gimme head"
06:35.47Tekkubanyway, the idea... wiki links!
06:36.03Tekkublet users submit a page name for any item/NPC/faction, etc
06:36.39Tekkublike the aldor/scryer faction pages could have "Comparison of Aldor and Scryer rewards"
06:37.05Skyfirethat would be hard on the db, i think
06:37.07Tekkubso head users can link to less static pages for in-depth infos
06:37.53Skyfirei wish i was an admin...
06:38.11SkyfireI have to add {{speedydelete}} to way too much crap
06:38.22Tekkub:) Basically the wiki's "External Links" in reverse
06:38.49Skosiriswhat if the External Links were sorted reverse-alphabetically?
06:38.55Skyfirelol ;P
06:38.56Skosiriswould be fair too, right? :)
06:39.05Tekkubthen Wowtail comes first
06:39.50TekkubI'll try to devise something based off the day
06:40.48Tekkubuhm... sky
06:41.11Tekkubif you're gonna speedydelete transclude pages, <noinclude> the {{Speedydelete}}
06:41.46Skyfirei did
06:41.50Skyfireor i thought i did
06:41.57Skyfireand it isn't transcluded anywhere anymore
06:42.07TekkubComparison of Aldor and Scryer rewards is on Category:Articles for speedy deletion
06:43.08Skyfirehow?... i thought i removed the link... both of them
06:43.24Tekkubmaybe it's cached or something
06:43.34Skyfirei think it is
06:43.41Skyfirenot showing up like that for me :/...
06:44.07Skyfireyup, cached
06:46.27Skosirisbtw guys I'm sorry
06:46.37SkosirisI shouldn't come here and mess with your decisions :P
06:46.45Skyfirehehe, it's a wiki ;P
06:46.53Skyfiredemocracy and all that hoo-hah
06:47.41Skyfiredid you touch the templates -_-
06:47.56Skosirisof course not
06:48.09Skyfireno, not you
06:50.03Skyfirebtw, Tekkub, why is the bottom of showing up like it is?
06:50.22Skyfiresomething to do with the difference between the old <div> method of items and {{tooltip}}?
06:54.17Skyfireeh, he left me! ;(
06:56.28Skyfirebtw Skosiris, you've had a few items -not- update since last patch. is that normal?
06:57.28Skosirisyou mean that some item pages are still displaying the old 2.0.8 info?
06:58.14Skosirisstill should fix itself automatically within the next 24 hours
06:58.20Skosirisjust give it some time :)
06:58.28Skosiristhe site needs to make sure the new items are real
06:58.40Skyfireeh, ive now seen 3 articles that haven't fixed themselves... how much time do you give leeway wise?
06:58.41Skosiristhis should fix**
06:59.28Skosirisok I'll be honest
07:00.05Skosiriswe haven't done any push of data since the last 5 days
07:00.33Skosiriswe've got the week off (no school) so we went pay a visit to our parents
07:00.38Skosiriswe: mystadio and I
07:00.47SkosirisI mean, he visited his parents and I visited mine
07:00.51Skosiris(we're not brothers)
07:01.13Skosirisanyway, we're compiling the files we've received in the past 5 days at this very moment
07:01.24Skosiristhis should result in some new items, and *many* updated ones
07:07.12Skyfireargh, we got lazy with
07:07.43Skyfirethey're all in the form of {{:Item/Tooltip}}, instead of the proper {{:Item}} (with noinclude tags on the proper item article)
07:08.18SkosirisItems (enUS)
07:08.18SkosirisItems (enUS): WoW build not within range: 6337
07:08.20Skosiris21323 Items (6202 files, 875.5 MB)
07:08.22SkosirisBuilds found:
07:08.24Skosiris63371 (0%)
07:08.26Skosiris640364 (1%)
07:08.28Skosiris64486138 (98%)
07:08.40Skosiriswell, 6 new and 113 updated items :)
07:08.53Skyfireso is the site already updated?
07:09.42Skosirispages are cached for 24 hours, so it might take up to 24 hours for a page to refresh =/
07:09.56Skyfiredoh! xD
07:10.31Skosirisor I could force some pages to refresh just to make sure everything is okay :)
07:11.19Skyfireeh, the former works
07:15.10Skosiriscould you list me a few items that changed in patch 2.0.10?
07:16.18Skosiris1 or 2 of them
07:16.49Skosirisbtw   <-- this is hilarious
07:17.02Skyfiresec, just did made one up of them up :x
07:17.13SkyfireSlayer's Axe
07:17.42SkyfireCowl of the Avatar
07:19.34Skyfireyup yup
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08:55.28Bagginswwnice touch, the chess pieces being named after warcraft 1 units
08:55.33Bagginswwand exact same spelling
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09:44.33Gryphen"why is my site not first!?"
09:46.18bleetahGryphen: 'coz you ain't paid me enough! :-P
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10:44.59PyrrhusSup all
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10:55.01amrosup Pyrrhus
10:55.17Pyrrhusbored at work lol
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11:22.04amroisn't there a german wiki?
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13:31.10CrakeHunterhello, a quick question . im going to start to play for the first time after the new patch is d/l. is a undead warlock to hard for the beginning?
13:31.22CrakeHunteri dont want to end up frustrated
13:31.53PyrrhusDepends.. how fast can you adapt?
13:31.58Pyrrhusare you a quick learner?
13:32.28CrakeHunterhmm, mmorpg wise no ;)
13:32.53CrakeHunterso far i have only played guild wars. but i didnt like thtat... so i bought wow
13:33.26CrakeHunterso which combinations are good for starters? (besides paladin )
13:34.16equiraptorHunters can be good, just make sure you actually read your quest logs, rather than just assuming you can figure everything out.
13:34.25equiraptorThere are a few things around level 10 that can be confusing if you don't.
13:35.03equiraptorRogues can be good in the early levels, but I find they get a bit harder as the level, and because they're common, it can be very hard to find good things to do in endgame.
13:36.48CrakeHunterok... hmm just read about draenei... too bad i dont own burning crusade... ;)
13:36.58CrakeHunterthey look kewl
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14:36.04Tekkubhrm... okey question
14:36.39Tekkubwhat should I call glyphs, inscriptions, arcanum, mantles of the dawn.. all those "prepackaged" enchant items?
14:37.17Tekkublike, a page title for a list of them all
14:37.44Tekkub"Instachants, just add water"
14:38.06Tekkub"No enchanter needed"
14:40.14TekkubI don't want to call em "Enchanting items" cause to me that implies items used by the enchanting tradeskill
14:43.29Tekkubthat's perfect
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15:44.56PyrrhusTekkub: I actually like "Instachants, just add water"
15:45.17TekkubI do too, but augments seems more applicable
15:45.43Tekkubcause ya got armor kits and smithy shield spikes and scopes and such too
15:45.52Tekkubwhich aren't really "enchants"
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16:28.51MontaggKirkburn|Wii, when you get back from the Wii... I want to ask you about what you think of Arena Team articles.
16:32.02MontaggQuestion for the masses: I'm trying to install BC on another computer. I've tried and failed a couple times. Now, when I try to run the BC installer, it says "Burning Crusade already installed" even before I've installed it.
16:32.52MontaggI think this is due to a partial install that occured when one of the CDs locked up. I've copied the contents of the CDs to the hard drive and I'm running from there. Anyone know what I have to delete so WoW doesn't think I have BC installed anymore?
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17:02.24Kirkburn|WiiMontag wants to ask me a questionl, then he leaves 15 mins later :P Pah, I say, pah!
17:02.43Kirkburn|WiiI'm going to be |Wii for quite some time I reckon ;) |afk was too generic
17:03.18Kirkburn|WiiI felt silly walking into a shop today and saying "I need another nunchuck for my Wii"
17:04.02bleetahoO did you beat the sales assistant over the head?
17:04.52bleetahdid it feel gooood?
17:11.14*** join/#wowwiki CrakeHunter (
17:12.07CrakeHunterhello, if have a problem with the game. im a undead hexmaster (lev 5). now if i take the zeppelin from one land to the other. the game somehow stops while showing me the route on the great map
17:12.25CrakeHunterstops means i can stil move my mousepointer. but then for a minute nothing happens. then i rebooted
17:13.09Kirkburn|WiiHmm, odd, you can't switch continents
17:13.33Kirkburn|WiiAre youa  brand new player?
17:13.57Kirkburn|WiiThen firstly, welcome :)
17:14.18CrakeHunterthank you :)
17:14.28Kirkburn|WiiNot heard of that issue before - you have a PC that's reasonably specced?
17:14.28CrakeHunterwondering, if i can do anything to restor eme character. cause right now whenever i reenter the game shows me on a zeppelin then happens the above: (
17:15.08Kirkburn|WiiIf it keeps happened for, say, half an hour, do this:
17:15.30CrakeHuntero, i should let it load for half an hor?
17:15.38Kirkburn|WiiNo, I mean keep trying :P
17:15.45Kirkburn|WiiIt might be that the other continent is down
17:16.25CrakeHunterhrrr my undead forces have doomed this continent :D
17:16.35Kirkburn|WiiIf it happens for ages and you don't hear any news about problems, create a new character and send a support ticket on that
17:16.49bleetahif your system is scratching the bottom of the minimum specifictions, it's possible that you're lagging out whilst it tries to load the other continent and thus crashing.
17:17.11CrakeHunterno it isnt , 4000+ amd64, 7600 gs , 1,5 gb ram
17:17.24CrakeHuntereverythign on high tho
17:17.29bleetahyour're right.. it isn't :)
17:17.33Kirkburn|WiiWell that certainly shouldn't be a problem!
17:17.38Kirkburn|WiiWhat server is this?
17:17.46Kirkburn|WiiAnd EU or US?
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17:18.32CrakeHunterloraernor server or something liek that
17:18.42*** join/#wowwiki sancus (
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17:19.13Kirkburn|WiiAiie, sancus be having problems
17:19.27*** join/#wowwiki sancus (
17:19.30CrakeHunterlordaeron right
17:19.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sancus] by ChanServ
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17:20.32Kirkburn|WiiInteresting, I can't see Lordaeron on the realm forums listings
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17:22.06Kirkburn|WiiAh, it's french!
17:22.40*** join/#wowwiki sancus (
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17:23.02CrakeHunterim gonna give it another try
17:23.14Tekkub"Large Brilliant Shard is a sizeable chunk of glass filled with magical energy"
17:23.21Tekkubglass?  cite a source!
17:23.32Kirkburn|WiiDammit, i meant german
17:23.39*** join/#wowwiki sancus (
17:23.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sancus] by ChanServ
17:23.49Tekkubto me "shard" in a magical sense implies a crystal
17:23.56Tekkubglas ain't crystaline
17:24.10Kirkburn|WiiCrakeHunter, this is the realm forum for Lordaeron -
17:24.22*** join/#wowwiki sancus (
17:24.24TekkubKirky, need an opinion
17:24.31Kirkburn|WiiI don't speak enough german to see if there's a problem, but it doesn't look like it
17:24.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sancus] by ChanServ
17:24.42Tekkub  and
17:24.43Kirkburn|WiiNot glass
17:24.51Tekkubsplit each section into a seperate page?
17:25.09Tekkubor leave as a big one, I'm gonna clean by slot into smaller tables
17:25.11*** join/#wowwiki sancus (
17:25.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o sancus] by ChanServ
17:25.17Tekkubthat are a lot easier to read
17:25.53Kirkburn|WiiI would split the enchants one, but not into each section
17:26.07Kirkburn|WiiPerhaps Equipment and Weapons ?
17:26.08Tekkubwell enchants is going to be ONLY enchants
17:26.10*** join/#wowwiki sancus (
17:26.22Tekkubwith "see also" for the arcanum/etc
17:26.29Kirkburn|WiiI would split the Augments, because there are far more "augments" than listed there
17:26.37*** join/#wowwiki Orphis (
17:26.46TekkubI'm working on moving in the augments bit by bit
17:26.57Tekkubni hou
17:27.05OrphisIs there some armory documentation project ?
17:27.20Tekkubyou mean the XML structure?
17:27.41Tekkubwhat you coulda meant user docs
17:27.51OrphisIt's easy enough to understand but it may have its place on wowwiki
17:27.53Tekkubsomeone was talkign about it, don't know if it ever happened
17:28.08Orphisthat was |Pixel| maybe
17:28.42OrphisHe has already posted a message on the eu forums about it
17:28.50Tekkubso kirk, split up augments, and divide enchants by slot into weapons and armor?
17:29.17Tekkubcan I call em Instachants?
17:29.27Kirkburn|WiiThe augments split naturally, but the enchants not so much :P
17:29.35Tekkub"No enchanter required, just add water and nuke for 2 minutes"
17:29.58Kirkburn|Wiisancus, beep!
17:32.03*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
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17:32.17TekkubI'll take that beep as a 'no'
17:32.53Kirkburn|WiiTekkub, you go and leave in the middle of a convo? So rude! :P
17:33.04Tekkubwork wifi == shit
17:33.26Kirkburn|WiiI was beeping him about his connection :P
17:33.28*** join/#wowwiki Bleeter (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
17:33.42Kirkburn|WiiI wish I had wifi right now, can't connect my Wii to the net
17:33.42bleetahwb Bleeter
17:33.57Tekkub|{{loot|Uncommon|Arcanum of Focus}}<br>{{loot|Uncommon|Arcanum of Protection}}<br>{{loot|Uncommon|Arcanum of Rapidity}}
17:33.58Bleeterthx bleetah
17:34.21TekkubHi, I make multi-rom tables in ONE ROW!
17:35.23Kirkburn|WiiHaway again :)
17:42.36watchouthey, do you think I should use the elinks template for the bot or just add the ==header== above?
17:42.57TekkubI don't like {{elinks}}
17:43.01*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:43.04Tekkubit breaks the edit link
17:43.19watchoutmhm, good point
17:43.21Tekkuband people might want to add other links besides the templated ones
17:43.44Tekkuba template for just a section heading is kinda pointless :)
17:44.57Tekkubnow if it was like {{Elinks|item|1234}} I could understand
17:44.57Tekkubbut when you make the other template call too? meh, redundant
17:44.57watchoutyeah, I thought that too TBH... the first time I saw that elinks template, I thought it was a generalization of elinksitem/mob
17:45.08watchoutthen I looked closer and... well ;)
17:45.37TekkubI don't know if he did, but I'd like to see {{Elink-thott|*full URL here*}}
17:45.45Tekkubthat just adds the icon :)
17:47.14Tekkubhey Kirk!
17:47.58Tekkubtake you hand off your Wii and get over here
17:50.42bleetaha kirk and his wii are never seperated
17:50.55bleetahhe should see a doctor about it ;)
17:51.10watchoutdiabolic wii!
17:51.40watchoutmaybe the strap will break soon and ruin his tv :P
17:51.56bleetahoO strap on wii!
17:52.13watchoutuh... yeah
17:56.13TekkubKirk's Wii isn't big enogh to damage anything
17:56.25Tekkubwhere'd that song go to?
17:56.44bleetahi don't wanna know how you know that fact, Tekkub :P
17:57.10Tekkub<3 wikipedia
17:57.20bleetahwowwiki > wikipedia
17:58.05bleetah'cept when it's about detachable penises
17:58.12watchoutwell in maths, wikipedia is definitely on top
17:58.58bleetahmeh, check out the essjay incident, and what Wales is doing to try to regain any form of credibility for either himself, or Wikipedia
17:59.07bleetahand don't rely on the wikipedia entry about it, either
17:59.56watchoutwhats essjay?
18:00.26bleetaha guy who'd made it all the way to being an employee of Wales' corporate arm.. senior wikipedia editor
18:00.56bleetahhad done a number of edits based on his claimed profile, which included a doctorate or two, tenure as a theological professor, 30-40 years old
18:01.08bleetahturned out he was 24 y/o, no doctorates, etc. etc. etc.
18:01.32watchoutwell, all that stuff can backfire
18:01.34bleetahthose who'd been questioning his authority on certain edits had been shouted down 'coz of his alleged qualifications to speak on the topic
18:02.00watchoutwikipedia is still an awesome project
18:02.02bleetahanyways, they've had to look at introducing some method of verification for senior editors, and stuff
18:02.09bleetahin theory, yes
18:02.18Tekkubsuch are the issues of social projects
18:02.48Tekkubat least with WoW we have one final difinitve source for all info
18:02.58Tekkubthere is no questioning Blue
18:03.22bleetahin practice, as highlighted by this incident, the 'argument from authority' turns out to be completely falsifiable, therefore until such time as the editors, senior editors, the arbitration board, etc. can be verifiably relied upon, it's difficult to even have some small amount of believability for any article
18:03.31bleetahinsofar as reading a topic which one doesn't already know
18:04.08bleetahsure, the idea of the project is awesome
18:04.13bleetahit's implementation blows goats
18:04.24watchoutbleetah, you just need to add some brain when looking up information
18:05.00bleetaher yeah... but the editors feed on self congratulations, etc.
18:05.06sancusTekkub: haha
18:05.12*** join/#wowwiki BitString (
18:05.17sancusTekkub: Would that Blue actually was correct more than 50% of the time :P
18:05.46bleetahfor example
18:05.48sancusAnd that's when they're posting facts about the game, not even when the CMs get all uppity and think they're game designers.
18:06.21bleetahthis essjay guy wrote a missive email to some lawyer lecturer type who'd dared to suggest that wikipedia isn't a decent source of information, and wouldn't be acceptable as a source. he ranted on about his 'qualifications', etc.
18:06.23watchoutand bleetah... In a scientific magazine, one can still write 100% bullshit in there, and if the boss there messes it up, it will be printed too
18:07.02bleetahyes, but at least that journal will have the name, the quals of both the article writer and the boss, etc.
18:07.26watchoutwikipedia could introduce "trusted editors" or alike
18:07.36bleetahwikipedia can write articles, editors and all claim some form on un-verifiable authority
18:07.42sancusthey'd have to learn how to check credentials first :P
18:07.50watchoutsure :P
18:08.05bleetahthe fact that Wales hired a fraud says a lot ;) :P
18:08.23sancusprob feels really stupid now and won't make the same mistake again
18:08.37watchoutI guess that too
18:08.45sancuswikipedia tends to be a decent resource
18:08.55sancusit's when you use it as your ONLY resource that you're fucked
18:09.12sancusbut that goes for any documents
18:09.37watchoutit's a typical executive error, just many fire at wikipedia - especially scientific magazines because WP steals their customers - because it's open source
18:10.17sancusof course, lots of academics are going to hate wikipedia
18:10.41sancusbecause the very concept of being able to write academic stuff without going through the required maze first is anathema to them
18:11.22sancusBut the required maze is there for a reason and isn't always stupid, though sometimes it is
18:12.08kasohey what the hell
18:12.15kasowhen did thottbot start using blizzard item ids?
18:12.20watchoutyou know... the professors at my university often refer to wikipedia "if you want to get more info" but tell us to check everything first ;)
18:12.57sancuskaso: never?
18:13.41kasothey do now
18:14.13sancusLooks like they do both now
18:14.20sancusIf you search for goblin smasher, it gives you a differentl ink
18:14.28watchoutsancus, that was just a matter of time ;)
18:15.11kasohmm, yes but all the links on the search results page are in the new format
18:15.17kasoperhaps theyre part way through converting
18:15.38watchoutyeah... time to edit the elinks-template? :D
18:15.51kasothough the "of the X" links are still old kind
18:16.06sancusMost likely they'll leave the old links working as well
18:16.14sancusI don't know why thott didn't use the in-game IDs in the first place
18:16.17Tekkubslow people
18:16.20sancusI told him to do that like 3 years ago!
18:16.28sancusbut it's good to see he finally fixed that
18:16.30watchoutsancus, I guess performance issues
18:16.35Tekkubno, you :P
18:16.38kasothey didnt because in the old days they indexed each "of the" item seperately
18:16.53kasothough i guess they could have used a itemID:ofTheID
18:17.46sancusTekkub: I don't even play this terrible game anymore, why would I keep up to date with what item sites are doing? :P
18:18.17watchoutterrible? :P
18:18.18TekkubI'm talking about updating the template :P
18:19.17sancusYes, WoW is terrible
18:19.24sancusanyway afk
18:19.36Tekkubugh, brainpain
18:19.50Tekkubmake the xcrappy no-sleep headache go away
18:21.42watchoutdrink some booze and it will go away
18:23.27TekkubI'm at work
18:23.47Tekkuband the booze didn't help last night, I only slept 2hr then the hubby getting up woke me up
18:29.54watchoutyoure at work? hm, then... drink the booze at the toilet :P
18:30.49watchoutor the other option is to do following:
18:31.02watchoutput you hand on the desk
18:31.12watchouttake a big fat heavy book
18:31.20watchout(in the other hand ofc)
18:31.31watchoutslam it on your hand on the desk
18:31.53watchoutyou won't notice your headache for a while
18:32.48*** join/#wowwiki TimmyNet (
18:34.13TimmyNetwhat's this yellow glowing trail I see on draenei weapons
18:34.44*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
18:34.47TimmyNetis it an enchant?
18:34.57Hobinheim|workis it a bird?
18:35.16watchoutTimmyNet, you know it's yellow...
18:35.41TimmyNetit trails as they walk
18:35.57Tekkubnever played horde have we?
18:36.14watchoutor not shaman? :)
18:36.14TimmyNetI did
18:36.15bleetahsounds like a shaman rockbiter cast, or similar
18:36.35TimmyNetoh it's class specific
18:36.36bleetahbeen a while since I played a shammy, not even sure if that's the right name
18:36.41watchoutanyway this means you only saw it on draenei SHAMANs...
18:36.55Tekkubshamen :)
18:36.57TimmyNetyea maybe
18:37.22watchoutTekkub, whats a female shaman then?
18:37.24Tekkublook like sha, talk like people
18:37.55TimmyNetwhere do I find a link to it
18:37.57watchoutblah :P
18:38.06watchoutwowwiki ofc
18:38.48ThraeTimmyNet: Do you happen to have a Druid named "Timmyturner"?
18:38.51Tekkubis it a little ball spinning around the end of their weapon?
18:39.14TimmyNetnope, Thrae
18:39.18TimmyNetnever had a druid
18:39.33watchoutwow, but druids rock :)
18:39.48TimmyNetI prefer hunter or pally
18:40.07TekkubI'd comment, but my only 40+ is a hunter
18:40.12watchoutTekkub, was just going to write the same :D
18:40.22TimmyNetlol hunters rock
18:40.28watchoutI started a hunter a few weeks ago...
18:40.30Tekkubhunters suck
18:40.37TekkubI only took the class for the free bear
18:40.39watchoutIt's too easy imo
18:40.46Tekkuba decision I really regret
18:41.14watchoutTekkub, druids get a bear too :D
18:41.33Tekkubyea and they get healing, which I've always been a healer/caster in the past
18:41.35ThraeTekkub favours Druids ;)
18:41.47Tekkubmage isn't complex enough for me, I loved BLM in FFXI
18:42.07watchoutwell then go vanguard ;)
18:42.13Tekkubhad to know the right elements to use for the mob and skillchains your groups are on
18:42.30TekkubWoW mage is just mindless nukeage
18:42.39watchoutjust like hunter :D
18:42.51Tekkubbut... free bear
18:43.21watchoutwhat bear do you mean btw... the pet or what?
18:43.42watchoutyou can have a kitty too ;P
18:43.51TekkubI have one... in storage
18:44.20watchoutwarlocks and druids are nice classes in wow IMO
18:44.41watchoutthough feral druids are too easy now
18:44.42Tekkubwarlock I could prolly do if I had a horde guild somewhere and someone to level with
18:44.53Tekkubit's the only orc class I'd play that I can't play on tauren
18:46.13Tekkubhell if I had someone to level with somewhere I'd pull my 30ish druid and shaman tauren off the shitty PvP server I hate
18:47.21Tekkubsometimes I hate that I can't play solo
18:47.21watchoutwell, don't look at me, I play at europe servers ;)
18:48.27watchoutsolo sucks, its boring and if I want to play solo, I don't need a mmorpg
18:49.52TekkubI'd rather play with myself
18:51.06watchoutthat was a ambiguous statement...
19:06.58watchouthm... did someone change templates again?
19:07.15*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:22.09*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
19:33.07*** join/#wowwiki Skyfire (
19:33.09kasowhat is the |desc= field in the {{tooltip}} for ?
19:37.24SkyfireI wanna know why I keep breaking the wiki :x
19:40.42*** join/#wowwiki TimmyNet2 (
19:41.07Bagginswwkirkburn are you there?
19:41.48watchoutSkyfire, you wiki-killer!
19:42.33Skyfireit wasn't me this time!
19:42.43Skyfirei haven't touched the edit button in 5 minutes!
19:42.52*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
19:43.02watchoutdamn but it was a bad one
19:45.20watchoutI think it was gryphon, though I'm not sure
19:45.36watchouthe changed Template:Elinksitem
19:45.36Skyfirenow wats he done -_-
19:45.42Skyfireah man
19:45.57watchoutworst idea ever :P
19:45.57SkyfireGryphen man, you're killing me here
19:46.19TekkubI love working here... why must I hate living here?
19:46.40TekkubReally tired, so I go upstairs to my boss's office and lay down on his futon
19:46.50Tekkubhe gets up and turns off the light
19:47.24Skyfirewhat's wrong with that?
19:47.25watchoutis your boss female? :P
19:47.30Skyfiredid you end up sleeping there?
19:47.56watchoutah, you wrote "he", didn't see that ;)
19:47.57Tekkubthen he gets done with his phone call, takes his laptop and comes downstairs
19:48.04*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
19:48.32Skyfiregoddamnit it Gryphen. I'm gonna' start stalking you if you don't at least warn people >:(
19:48.39Tekkubno sleep, wasn't tired once I laid down
19:48.45Tekkubhad that issue last night as well
19:48.55Bagginswwwhat did you do to wowwiki LOL
19:49.07Skyfirehe edited elinksitem
19:49.12Skyfireand possibly elinks-item
19:49.15watchoutIt's gryphen, all slap Gryphen !
19:50.21watchoutdamn, I don't have that slap command on this clien...:D
19:50.34Skyfirethen do a /me
19:51.01watchoutyeah, I tried /em first :-/
19:51.13Bagginswwanyone near Modesto area interested in tickets to see Raiders of the Lost Arc on the Big Screen? I'm selling tickets heh heh.
19:51.37SkyfireRaiders of the Lost Arc? Didn't that come out, like 20 years ago? :x
19:51.43Bagginswwya its a classic
19:51.58Bagginswwits also for a fund raiser.
19:52.16Skyfiregryph hasn't edited anything...
19:52.22Skyfirewth killed the wiki?
19:52.30amroRaiders of the lost Arcade > Raiders of the Lost Arc
19:53.33Skyfirebaggins, why did you give the daemon-kiljaeden section a speculation tag?
19:54.07Skyfirethe some fans contend part?
19:55.37Bagginswwwell, ya there is a disagreement
19:55.56Bagginswwwe've discussed this in here before that discriptions in ROTH were pretty vague
19:56.02Bagginswwjust that "similarities" were seen
19:56.36Bagginswwragestorm contends that its an all out retcon removal of kil'jaeden's warcraft II apperance
19:56.47Bagginswwactually he's probably the only person I've discussed that has that view
19:57.14Bagginswwothers I've discussed it with think the book was vague enough it can cover all previous interpretations and explanations in other sources
19:57.14Skyfirekil'jaeden has changed though... :x
19:57.27Bagginswwwell later sources claim he is the diceaver
19:57.33Bagginswwand can change his appearance
19:57.52Skyfirew1 actually has him as the deceiver... :O
19:57.58Bagginswwwell ya, that's true
19:58.12Bagginswwbut that power has to do with how he can appear before people
19:58.26Bagginswwanycase ROTH describes him as having horns
19:58.38Bagginswwwhich can describe his warcraft II appearance, LOL
19:58.47Bagginswwhe didn't have horns in Warcraft III
19:59.22Bagginswwother artistic renditions of him show a lack of horns as well
19:59.34watchoutah Skyfire I mixed up the days :P
19:59.53Bagginsww I think that's the samwise version?
20:00.25Skyfirewhat do you mean, watchout?
20:01.04Skyfirehe has horns in w1 too ;P
20:02.28Bagginswwright he had horns in w1 in the "daemon/orc-like" form
20:02.31Bagginswwhe didn't have horns in the "eredar" form in warcraft 3
20:02.35Bagginswwjust the crest
20:03.21Bagginswwhe was shown as blending ered crest, and horns in Shadow & Light, but that was apparently to point out he is capable of changing his shape
20:04.23watchoutSkyfire, Gryphen changed the template yesterday, at about the same time
20:04.37Bagginswwwhat si the BC template?
20:04.45Bagginswwthe one that puts the tiny BC next to an element
20:08.09Bagginswwadded it to that
20:14.40Skyfirewhats the name of the slot where you would put a wand, except for a Druid/Pal/Sham?
20:14.52Skyfirecannot, for the life of me, remember those items
20:15.34Bagginswwlibram, relic?
20:16.05Bagginswwtotems and stones
20:16.22Bagginswwrelics = libram, totems, stones, idols
20:16.36Bagginswwor so says wowwiki
20:16.51Bagginswwok stones were changed to "relics"
20:16.57Bagginswwin patch 2.0
20:17.39Bagginswwits in the offhand slot rather wand slot right?
20:18.13Bagginswwhmm maybe you are right
20:18.31BagginswwI thought warlocks could use wands?
20:18.35Skyfirethey can
20:18.47Skyfirethey can also switch their wand out for a stone of their choice
20:18.57Bagginswwahh interesting
20:19.08BagginswwI think mages should get something too ;)
20:21.05Skyfire... I'm just fine, tyvm >:)
20:21.14BagginswwI'm a mage, ;)
20:21.28BagginswwI'm just saying having more gear to use would be nice, :)
20:22.00Bagginswwlike maybe something that turns decursing into mass decursing
20:22.05Bagginswwmaybe they could call them "amulets"
20:22.24Bagginswwor charms or something
20:23.35Skyfireintriguiging idea
20:23.41Skyfirei need to lrn2spl
20:25.27watchoutok... first testrun for the bot... 5 pages :)
20:28.26Skyfireuh oh
20:29.50*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
20:29.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
20:30.35watchoutgreat, i forgot the ==external links== header :P
20:31.06watchoutgood thing I limited the bot to 3 pages for the first test :D
20:31.37Skyfirewatchout: You should use {{elinks|links={{elinks-item|ID}}}} rather than include ==External Links== separately
20:32.57watchoutum, I think I talked about that yesterday already... I think it was tekkub
20:33.21watchoutwe concluded we don't need a template for a header only
20:33.56Skyfire... eh
20:34.40Skyfirebtw, all of you should go comment on at the talk page! :)
20:39.09watchoutI just skimmed over the whole thing, looks interesting, will comment later - as soon as the bot runs smoothly ;)
20:56.19*** join/#wowwiki tork (i=________@
20:56.57torkanybody here?
20:58.43watchoutok, who wants to bet if the bot reaches 10k club after the template changes? :D
21:00.03Skyfirevaghedin's got a bot at over 10k already ;P
21:01.57watchoutyeah, but mine didn't do that much until now
21:02.30watchoutit just does
21:03.19Skyfireit should be under a new username, btw ;P
21:03.26Skyfiresomething like User:watchoutBot
21:03.48watchoutyou mean like
21:05.04watchoutbut your suggested name was pretty close :D
21:05.43watchoutdo you know an article with 2 inclusions of elinksitem?
21:08.21watchoutI want to try out what the bot does in unusual situations before I set it to parse more than 5k pages ;)
21:09.47Skyfireuse the 2nd link
21:10.21watchoutyeah, ty :)
21:10.56Bagginswwdoes anyone have a copy of Orcs and Humans CD that has the PDF of the manual?
21:12.10Bagginswwwell I have the paper version, but would like a copy o fthe PDF version
21:12.11Skyfirei did see pdf floating around the internet just random browsing :x
21:12.32Bagginswwso I can rip pictures from it :p
21:12.39Bagginswwinstead of scanning
21:13.45watchoutif you want to put it on Wowwiki, dont forget they're copyright protected
21:14.43Skyfireblizzard doesn't care :]
21:14.51Skyfirei think
21:15.26watchoutbest to make a note that it's a blizzard copyright img on the img page
21:16.08Skyfirebtw, when you search "warcraft orcs and humans manual" in google it comes up with wowwiki first, wikipedia second. :D
21:16.55bleetahof course it should consider wowwiki more authoritative than that other site ;)
21:17.32Skyfireand wowwiki's actually first above all other too :)
21:23.28BagginswwI suppose I'll have to scan it :p
21:23.48Bagginswwwanting to get the artwork of a daemon from wc1 manual
21:25.19Skyfirenot the kil'jaeden image?
21:26.29Bagginswwno, that's in wacraft II manual
21:27.09Bagginsww that'st he wc2 "daemon" image
21:27.15Bagginswwfrom manual
21:28.09watchoutgreat, my bot messed up...
21:28.35watchout"converts" < and > to &lt; and &gt;
21:29.13watchoutmeaning <table>, <noinclude>, <includeonly> don't really work then
21:41.37watchoutaaa damn it.. stupid mediawiki
21:44.53Skyfireyou can tell fandy prefers thottbot... :/
21:50.42Bagginswwadded that to april fool's list
21:50.45Bagginswwneeds a date
21:50.50BagginswwI don't remmeber which year that was
21:52.55Skyfireit was 05
21:53.00Skyfirei think
21:53.32Skyfireit was wisps, burgercraft, and "evil patch notes" in 05
21:55.44Bagginsww2005 according to wikipedia
21:56.01Skyfireagh, i'm having issues. i do think it was 05 for the murlocs...
21:56.10Skyfirewait, fangtooth was still around when that happened
21:56.18Skyfireit had to have been 05, no>?
22:01.48*** join/#wowwiki Phelan (n=Phelan@
22:05.53*** part/#wowwiki Phelan (n=Phelan@
22:13.29foxlitpanda/burgercraft were in 05
22:13.37foxlitwisps/patch was in 06
22:15.01Bagginswwthere were several april fool's jokes in 05
22:15.11Bagginswwchange to "battlegrounds"
22:15.14Bagginswwwas another
22:15.28foxlitEU had some sort of starbacks parody.
22:17.14foxlit{{silly}} looks silly.
22:17.35*** join/#wowwiki TimmyNet (
22:18.36Skyfirebtw, watchout,  i am officially bugging you about the guild boilerplate now. :P
22:20.13watchoutnah sorry, my bot's bugging me too
22:21.00watchoutnow it omit's the last character
22:22.55Skyfireok. ill be back to bother you tomorrow ;P
22:25.01kasoAnyone know about {{tooltip }} what is the |desc tag for, seems a mystery
22:25.49*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:26.30kasoor the |source
22:26.35kasowhats that for also >.<
22:26.40Skyfire|source=Drop or Profession, etc
22:27.01Skyfireas to |desc, I'd make a sandbox and test it out :]
22:27.51kasoSeems to do exactly the same as |comment
22:28.15kasoexcept slight brighter yellow
22:28.38Skyfirethan it's prolly an outdated version of |comment
22:28.45kasofair enough
22:31.50Skyfirebtw, watchout, did those edits to the various mats all work correctly? or did they all have issues with <noinclude>?
22:32.17kasovarious mats whatcha mean?
22:34.15kasoIm totally lost as to what you mean
22:34.56Bagginswwthe sections marked "observation"
22:35.25Bagginswwmuch of that material might actually be from official sources such as the RPG rather than "player made"
22:39.41Bagginswwplus its a rather ugly template :p
22:40.14Skyfireeh, not a hard conversion from that to {{server}}/{{guild}}
22:40.39Skyfireand you're right. those might be rpg additions
22:47.12watchoutSkyfire, I checked all edits from my bot, but if you like you can check them too
22:47.41watchoutI think I found the source now though :P
22:47.57watchoutwent all the way down to the http protocol handling... *sigh*
22:53.41watchoutworx :)
22:58.24Gryphen[11:45:22] <watchout> I think it was gryphon, though I'm not sure
22:58.27Gryphenhavent been on all day
22:59.05watchoutI know, but your brain emitted wiki-disrupting waves
23:04.56Skyfireand then i told him it wasn't you gryph ;P
23:05.02Skyfireread a little further
23:07.47*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
23:08.04*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:25.36watchoutah damn I got a headache...
23:26.21watchoutbot is running smoothly - first 100 batch, I'm checking random pages if it works right, after that I set it to 1k and go to sleep
23:35.09Skyfireonce per 10 seconds and you haven't killed the wiki. yay!
23:36.34watchouthey, what do you think of me?
23:37.06watchoutshould've been once per 4-5 seconds though, stupid timeouts kill my plans :P
23:37.35*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
23:38.10watchoutjust waiting for the 100 to finish, or should I start another thread? :D
23:39.13Skyfireset to once every 10 seconds?
23:41.13Skyfiresure, set it to 1k, and check it every 15 minutes or so
23:41.28Bagginswwsomeone want to check and fix the succession boxes I added?
23:41.49Bagginswwnot sure how to do to do it for current king.
23:42.46watchoutSkyfire, I won't check it every 15min if I go to sleep :P
23:42.47Skyfire"Current" I think is standard; go check Illidan's page
23:42.55Skyfireer, well... uh..
23:43.01Skyfirehow long do you plan on sleeping?
23:43.30BagginswwI pulled the succesion box off of kael'thas page
23:43.34watchoutlonger than 15min :D
23:43.48watchoutit's 12:45 AM here...
23:44.14Skyfireso, set it to 5k edits and don't check it. that's about 15 hours worth :)
23:44.30Skyfire13 and 8/9
23:44.58watchoutyeah I just checked it, there's something between 4k-5k pages left
23:45.08watchoutso the bot will finish this run
23:45.24watchoutwith the elinksitem at least
23:47.37Skyfirewell, b4 u go to bed, go comment on monty's master plan
23:49.23watchoutfunny, won't parse, just tried it the 2nd time
23:51.51watchoutah well, if it's only that one we can change it by hand too - see you all ;)

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