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01:16.48Zeallo all
01:19.39Zealbah, oKirkburn, that rabbit game is lame, rabbit is lagging behind the mouse :(
01:19.52Zealrabbits aren't slow.. pfft
01:19.57oKirkburnIt's all about timing, noob
01:20.06Zealits about positioning
01:20.15Zealwhich you can't do with a lagging control system :P
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01:23.15oKirkburnThis is a reallt beautiful story -
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01:30.50Zeallarge net split?
01:30.50Zealyou missed it, lol
01:30.50Sky2042there's soething else i discovered about {{tooltip}} and I'm not sure if it is deliberate or not...
01:31.09ZealoKirkburn, delete and plx
01:31.20Zealgo ahead sky
01:31.33Sky2042with transcluded pages, certain features don't show up
01:31.47Zealworking as intended :p
01:31.59Sky2042"Sell" doesn't show up, for one...
01:32.12Zealit's supposed to drop all non-default information when used outside it's own page
01:32.32oKirkburnZeal, done :)
01:32.34ZealSell, Vendor, Ilvl, Source, Use etc
01:32.38Sky2042then why does "Source" show up outside?.... -_-
01:32.46Zeali shouldn't :s
01:32.50Sky2042it does
01:32.58Zeali blame fandyllic for that..
01:33.05Sky2042it's not a bad thing in that case
01:33.12oKirkburnI love netsplits :P
01:33.15Sky2042source is prolly alright...
01:35.46Zealit dies
01:35.55Zealand should be fixed any sec now
01:40.23Sky2042i don't like ppl who don't make new pages based on the boilerplate... :x
01:45.18Zealthats why i changed it urgently :P
01:45.18Zealbah, database error on tooltip edit, lame : /
01:45.37Zealthat to me still seems a failing on the part of the software/server set up, and not conditionals.
01:48.52Sky2042you are straaaaaaaaange ;P
01:52.49Tekkubhey beaZEALbub
01:53.02Tekkubelinks all ready to go or did ya wanna do more to it?
01:54.56Zealnah, it's all ready if everyone is happy
01:55.02Zealwant me to add documentation first?
01:55.22Sky2042documentation is good ;p
01:56.33Zeali desire to rename the template anyways..
01:56.33Sky2042uh oh...
01:57.07ZealElinks-Item or Elinks/Item?
01:57.34Sky2042I like elinksitem just fine, tyvm
01:57.40Zeali don't
01:57.57Zealcos it's hard to read and is not obvious it should be used as part of Elinks
01:58.14Zeal- it is..
02:00.51Sky2042what are the units for width with tooltip? don
02:01.00Sky2042't want to look it up... ;(
02:03.47Zealyou specify them yourself
02:03.53Zealbut i suggest you use em
02:04.12Zeal18em being the standard
02:05.32oKirkburnWhat about a Thott icon? :)
02:05.36Sky2042yeah, i just use the standard... what's the command for sockets?
02:06.07Zealthe thott icon is there
02:06.19oKirkburnOkay, cool
02:06.33Zealsocket=|sockets={{socket|<colour>}} iirc
02:06.50Zealsocket needs a value i think..
02:06.59Zealso like 1 or 900000000
02:07.09Sky2042oh boy
02:07.24oKirkburnAh, good choice with the Thott icon
02:07.45oKirkburnI'm going retro and gonna play HL:Source
02:07.47Zealok, well considering i can't see any history for elinksitem as to it'screation, leave it with jsut me and tekkub.
02:08.29oKirkburnCrappy textures and models, but awesome water ;)
02:13.36Sky2042anyway, why don't you change "Author" to "Main Contributor(s)"?...
02:14.08oKirkburnThat would indeed help defuse the annoyance
02:14.36Zealthey mean the same thing
02:14.59Sky2042but have different weights, if you catch my drift
02:15.19Zealkikburn, can you change to "#REDIRECT [[Elinks-item]]" plx
02:15.20Sky2042Main Contributor(s) doesn't have quite the finality that Author does
02:15.29Sky2042uh oh
02:15.36Sky2042that'll kill the server
02:15.50Zealno more thna anything else has recently
02:15.53Sky2042with every item page including it?...
02:16.09Sky2042not a large change, but many small changes....
02:16.29Zealif i changed it to Support for example, it would make more sense
02:17.00Zealit would also make sense to actually have soemthing that says "for extra support or immediate attention, contact the author(s)"
02:17.00Sky2042why not ;p
02:17.19Zealnot on each page ofc, but on a help page for templates
02:17.31Zealwith the template team however..
02:17.40Zealyou can remove it completely
02:17.58Zealso in which case.. i cba, and it can be addressed then
02:19.08Sky2042told you the server would die ;p
02:19.33Sky2042that's just me and my stupid wireless connection -_-
02:23.32Zealfucking hate soruce pages..
02:23.40Zealcan't control what you select properly
02:24.09Zealie, not shift-left/right, and reliant on OS dependant auto-selection
02:28.02Zealkikburn, also can you change to "#REDIRECT [[Elinks-NPC]]" plx
02:28.55Sky2042he never made the other change that i saw ;x
02:30.02Sky2042btw, you'll have to edit [[Boilerplate:Item]] with it too
02:33.21Zeali know (to both)
02:33.34Zealit's because i haven't said oKirkburn :p
02:34.10Sky2042um, the second allakhazam on [[Template:Elinks]] link didn't work...
02:34.23Sky2042that made sense!
02:35.53Zealgood catch..
02:36.10oKirkburnActually it's because I was waiting for the discussion to finish first :)
02:36.23Sky2042i knew it!
02:36.38Sky2042still doesn't work zeal -_-
02:36.52Zeali'm doing it now , paitience
02:37.12Zealfair enough oKirkburn, only doing this because of tekkub :P
02:37.28Zealthere, fixed Sky2042
02:37.50Sky2042yup yup
02:38.00oKirkburnIf you want me to change something, at least get your redirect code right :)
02:38.20oKirkburnGonna do the NPC one first
02:38.40Sky2042the npc code looks fine... :x
02:38.40Zealit is right
02:38.51oKirkburnOff it goes
02:39.00oKirkburnYou forgot "Template:"
02:39.19Sky2042ooooooooooooooooo burn
02:39.28oKirkburn#REDIRECT [[Template:Elinks-NPC]]
02:40.03Sky2042and down it goes, into fiery flames...
02:40.11Zeali should have actually pointed out something before doing that though.. but as with icon, shall correct as we go.
02:40.46Sky2042"fiery flames" is redundant, isn't it? :x
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02:41.22Zealtimely arrival Tekkub
02:41.22Sky2042and there's tekkub, right on schedule
02:41.35Tekkuboh really?
02:41.37Tekkubwatch this!
02:41.58Sky2042ad infinitum
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02:42.13Tekkubthat sowed you
02:42.26Sky2042i've been sowed!
02:42.31Sky2042so, who made me a cow?
02:42.35Sky2042or is it pig?
02:42.41Tekkubquiet you
02:42.41ZealoKirkburn, one last thing. i would suggest protecting Template:Elinks now.
02:42.48Tekkubdon't make fun of my disability
02:43.02Tekkubthought it was protected
02:43.08Zealthat one, nope
02:43.12Zealit wasn't even being used
02:43.17Tekkuboh, new one
02:43.52Sky2042"WoWWiki has a problem" ^^
02:43.58Sky2042Me > Zeal, tbh
02:45.10Zealnpc killed it, item caused problems
02:45.15Sky2042question, zeal, with elinks-npc...
02:45.26Sky2042what's with the red asterisks after each link?
02:45.40Tekkuboh yea
02:45.46Tekkubthey suck
02:45.49Zeal*NPC ;)
02:45.57Sky2042answer the question, you!
02:46.00Zealunless people wnat to complain about that being capital, pfft.
02:46.02Tekkubhover bitch
02:46.07ZealSky2042, hover over them.
02:46.25Sky2042that's preeeeetty
02:47.00Sky2042ok, new question: what does "mob id (depreciated)" mean? :x
02:47.14Zealit says mob? :o
02:47.27Sky2042god, gtfo! just answer the question ;(
02:47.31Zealmeans it's the depreciated method of specifying it.
02:47.49Sky2042ok, let me rephrase
02:47.58Sky2042what's the difference between that and "NPC ID"
02:48.27oKirkburnOther redirect going thru now
02:48.40oKirkburnProtected Elinks and Elinks-NPC
02:48.54oKirkburnTekkub ..... Surprise!
02:48.58Sky2042you forgot the surprise tekkub
02:48.58Zealcurrently, all pages are using {{elinksmob|<thottbot ID>|<NPC ID>}} it's now set to {{elinks-NPC|<NPC ID>|<tb=>}} yet specifying the NPC ID second, will still work, just throw up that little warning.
02:49.12Zealdidn't really need to protect the sub templates oKirkburn, but kk
02:49.20Tekkuboh no, it was planned
02:49.25oKirkburnJust did it as a precaution
02:49.42Zealyeah, as to what i neglected to mention
02:50.10Zealall the pages are now missing the External Links header. need to add it manaully as we go.
02:50.42Tekkubyea zeal, you should make a big banner if they're using the depreciated args so that people notice and fix
02:50.47Tekkubinstead of the shitty lil *
02:50.58Zealwell i'll leave that to further discussion tekkub
02:51.04Tekkub=========== BIG FULL WIDTH HEADER ==================
02:51.34Zealpeople complain about obnoxious banners being two big.. so i thought i won't aggro those people :P
02:52.01Sky2042Oh yeah, nothing was using the {{elinksmob}} template... -_-
02:52.10Sky2042"two?" ;p
02:52.54Zealanyways, the change was needed in order to let custom links and combination of different elink types for being used. it also means, instead of people accidentally trying to edit each one, they're only accidentally edit Elinks, which is now protected.
02:53.23Zealhuh sky?
02:53.48oKirkburnTekkub, you know =========== BIG FULL WIDTH HEADER ================== would be like H11, and therefore about 1px high? ;)
02:54.15Tekkubno no no that wasn't wikikode
02:54.21Tekkubthat was ascii art
02:54.33Zealsky, was that sarcasm? cos i never said nothing was using it :s i said nothing was using Elinks (well except on someone's user page)
02:55.18Zealslow wiki? : (
02:55.26Sky2042eh, nvm. i r having b4d intirputeng s|<i11z
02:55.30oKirkburnTekkub, yeah whateva :P
02:55.36oKirkburnZeal, still doing the Elinks stuff
02:55.48oKirkburnThere's a shedload of items
02:55.58oKirkburnNote that vlad_ probably hates us right now
02:56.15Zealhuh oKirkburn? it was working fine since then :S
02:56.27oKirkburnI hadn't done both
02:56.47TekkubI bet vlad_ would hate us more if we kept pinging him
02:56.58Tekkubcause then vlad_ would think something was happening
02:57.09Zealgod dammit, want an item namespace.. means i could go sort all the ones on my watchlist..
02:57.10oKirkburnSorry, did you say vlad_
02:57.11Tekkubbut we don't really need vlad_ at all do we?
02:57.17oKirkburnI thought you meant vlad_
02:57.20Tekkubyes, I said vlad_
02:57.30Tekkubnot vlad_ you buffon
02:57.35Sky2042who's vlad_?
02:57.36oKirkburnAre you sure you said vlad_ ... I could've sworn ...
02:57.41*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
02:57.42Tekkubdon't make me sic vlad_ on your ass
02:58.00Sky2042Hob, can you tell me who vlad_ is? They won't tell me ;_;
02:58.05Hobinheimtek, do npcs really really have ids?
02:58.21Tekkubin the WDBs they do
02:58.31Hobinheimwe could put it in the npc box =(
02:58.35Hobinheimlike the questbox...
02:58.39Tekkubthere's quest reqs... some are item IDs, some are NPC IDs...
02:59.04Hobinheimstupid me for not reading far enough
02:59.08Tekkuballa and wowgiveshead prolly use the proper IDs
02:59.19Tekkuband thott prolly pulls em out their ass like everything else
02:59.20Hobinheimthere has to be some id that they're making up right?
02:59.24Hobinheimfor something not supported?
02:59.35Hobinheimi'll add it to the npc box... for uhh... fun =)
02:59.48Sky2042nah, thott uses proper quest ids, and i think they use proper npc ids too... could be wrong
02:59.50Hobinheimwhat's available on wowhead that doesn't have an official in-game id
03:00.06oKirkburnJust as a part of game design, it would suggest that everything should have an for simplicity
03:00.12oKirkburns/an/an id/
03:00.13Tekkuboh so the *only* thing thott pulls out it's ass is item ids?
03:00.19Tekkuband disenchant info
03:00.25Tekkuband skins into info...
03:00.30Tekkuband found in...
03:00.35Hobinheimw/e. point is, more IDs, the better...
03:00.38Tekkuband found at (map coords)
03:00.40Sky2042oh, quit ure bitchin mano
03:00.52Tekkubwhy it's fun
03:01.00Hobinheimi'm just kinda <_< at elinks-npc
03:01.03Sky2042not to hear it ;(
03:01.05Tekkubvlad_ would totally join in if he was here
03:01.06Hobinheimwhen it sounds like something the npcbox can do
03:01.14Hobinheimsince the npcbox is modeled after the questbox
03:01.18Sky2042who tf is vlad_ ? -_-
03:01.32Sky2042actually, why not add the id to questbox also?
03:01.37Hobinheimdo you know who lady azshara and elune are?
03:01.48Hobinheimid is already a part of the questbox, that's what i'm trying to say
03:01.55Hobinheimlady azshara, elune, and vlad_
03:01.58Tekkubhehe, copying JP music in command line is funny...
03:02.03Hobinheimhow do you not know this
03:02.03oKirkburnSitting in a tree
03:02.09Tekkub02 ???.mp3
03:02.15Sky2042i don't know
03:02.22Hobinheimif you tab complete that, does unix die a little on the inside
03:02.22Tekkub03-ZUNG ZUNG FUNKY MUSIC.mp3
03:02.49Tekkublinux would probably implode
03:02.53Sky2042atm, you wouldn't be able to tell that there are three admins on...
03:03.07Tekkubit doesn't show JP properly anywhere on our Ubuntu server
03:03.14Tekkubbut windows lists em right
03:03.23oKirkburnSky2042, vlad = Rustak = wiki owner :)
03:03.32oKirkburnI cracked :/
03:03.43Hobinheimdammit kirk
03:03.47Sky2042now, that wasn't so hard, was it? :p
03:03.50oKirkburnWhat can I do!?
03:04.09oKirkburnIs Elinks-item still bloody going?
03:04.17Hobinheimi need to level up in life some... =(
03:04.20*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
03:04.29oKirkburnHobinheim, I thought people normally did that once a year
03:04.34Hobinheimwhat do you mean going
03:04.37oKirkburnIf your birth on Feb 29th or something? :)
03:04.41oKirkburn*is your birthday
03:04.59Hobinheimi think we don't need elinks-npc in favor of an npcbox >_>
03:05.01oKirkburnIs the wiki finished being slow yet?
03:05.14Hobinheimseems fine to me. i'm having trouble with my internet connectino
03:05.24Hobinheimoh that re-direct you did
03:05.28oKirkburnDamn, I was just stuck in a loop
03:05.32Hobinheimninja-ing the templates
03:05.34oKirkburnI thought it was messed up
03:05.46Sky2042there he is!
03:05.56Hobinheimtek, i went to the gym. strong like bear! or a mongoose...
03:06.11oKirkburnOy vay, vlad_
03:06.13Tekkubbear w ith wide canyon?
03:06.51Zealoh ffs
03:06.51vlad_that was odd
03:06.53Hobinheimtek, do you know how to program like... win32 apps
03:06.53Tekkubvlad_ is what my people call "Doe who cannot keep her legs crossed"
03:06.54Zealstupid cache
03:07.02Tekkubgah! HIDE!
03:07.08Hobinheimcuz let's pretend we finished the wdb importer
03:07.08vlad_the Armor_Sets page was owning things, now it's fixed
03:07.16Hobinheimit'd be really annoying to ask people to upload individually
03:07.23Hobinheimnearly every site and their mother has their own uploader
03:07.27Hobinheimwhich i don't know how to write
03:07.51Tekkubno hob, I know, like, LUA
03:07.53ZealKirkburn, on both NPc and Item, can you change the last two alla and wh links to {{PAGENAMEE}} instead of {{PAGENAME}}
03:07.54Hobinheimbarrier of entry vs ease of use
03:08.02Hobinheimomg changes
03:08.11oKirkburnvlad_, cool
03:08.41Hobinheimwhen i play on my hunter, i feel like i'm betraying my people
03:08.44oKirkburnZeal, I'll unprotect them
03:08.56Hobinheimand by people i mean warlocks
03:09.24oKirkburnZeal, done
03:09.25*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
03:10.15Hobinheimhello Skosiris
03:10.18SkosirisI noticed you just rolled our the new elinks templates
03:10.24Skosiris*rolled out
03:10.46Skosiristhanks a lot for moving up the Wowhead link!
03:11.02Sky2042who is this faceless contributor?!
03:11.17oKirkburnHey Skosiris
03:11.31Hobinheimoh wait these are totally nuking all the elinks templates...
03:11.36Hobinheimanyone have a link i can see
03:11.46Zealotherwise, search links are going b'bye
03:11.56Hobinheimpage name doesn't return spaces?
03:12.04Zealpagename gives spaces
03:12.06Tekkubthey're gonna go okeyladyIloveyoubuhbye!
03:12.14Zealpagenamee gives underscoures instead.
03:12.25oKirkburnZeal, please be kidding
03:12.26Hobinheimwhy are you using pagenamee?
03:12.28Laraulhow do you assign a process to a specific NIC?
03:12.29Tekkub{{PAGENAME}} == spaces {{PAGENAMEE}} == url formatted
03:12.46Sky2042why not use the ascii...
03:12.49Zealhob, because pagename gives spaces Hobinheim
03:12.52Sky2042nvm :o
03:12.54Skosirisunderscores are actually ignored so it's good :)
03:12.57oKirkburnAh I see
03:13.02Zealwhich ends up with the link ending at the first space
03:13.17oKirkburnYay for Wowhead
03:13.20Hobinheimwiki limitations goddammit...
03:13.24Tekkubnot on FF and not I-E-E-E I think..
03:13.35Sky2042 :O
03:13.39oKirkburnUm, why is the quest item "junk"? :)
03:13.43Sky2042where did that come forom?
03:14.01oKirkburnThat's the quest item
03:14.07oKirkburnBefore it becomes the full staff
03:14.12Tekkubdoes it bind Kirk?
03:14.15Zealis there a {{urlencode:}} or anything?
03:14.23oKirkburn"Binds when picked up
03:14.25Tekkubsome quest items don't bind so aren't labeled quest
03:14.32Tekkubhum dunno then
03:14.47Tekkubquest implies BoP so...
03:14.47oKirkburnLol, imagine if that item wasn't soulbound ...
03:15.00Hobinheimzeal, that sounds good, there should probably be one
03:15.04Tekkubon that note
03:15.09TekkubSURPRISE FOOD!
03:15.17Laraul[20:07:16] <Hobinheim> it'd be really annoying to ask people to upload individually <--- Alla does this
03:15.20Tekkubfollowed by PREMEDITATED BUTTSECKS!
03:15.29SkosirisI guess Blizz didn't bother creating thousands of item categories, so a lot of items go into the "Miscellaneous > Junk" category heh ;)
03:15.33Hobinheimalla asks people to upload INDIVIDUAL wdbs?
03:15.38Skosiristhey should have placed it in the Quest category though
03:15.39Hobinheimthat's so barbaric
03:15.45Hobinheimspeaking of alla i haven't used my free pass yet...
03:15.54Tekkuballa's client scans the WDBs and uploads whatever it wants
03:16.08Hobinheimsee, alla has a client
03:16.13HobinheimLaraul, what are you talking about
03:16.27Hobinheimwell ok i meant the difference between slightly automated and fully manual
03:16.35Laraulabout the uploader
03:16.42Hobinheimwell they have an uploader
03:16.45Hobinheimthat's like 90% of the way
03:16.47Hobinheimwe have nothing
03:16.49Laraulnot for mac
03:16.49Hobinheimso that's different
03:16.54Hobinheimwho cares about macs >_>
03:17.04Tekkub{{unsigned|Arathinir}}  <--- classic!  I love
03:17.32Skosiriswere you guys performing some kind of mass update to the site a little while ago?
03:17.37Skosiristhe site was a little slow
03:18.00Hobinheimblame management
03:18.18Zeal"Converts the text into URL friendly format by replacing spaces with "+" and other url formatting characters with their escaped equivalents: {{urlencode:hello world ?&=#/:}} gives hello+world+%3F%26%3D%23%2F%3A."
03:18.21Laraullol maybe you didn't notice but WoW is also for MacOS
03:18.30Zeal+ is not exaclt url friendly for spaces..
03:18.39oKirkburnI'm going to watch The Simpsons for a while
03:18.47Zealbut luckily, in this case, it should work.. i hope.
03:18.51Hobinheimuhh what are you talking about
03:18.52Zealwill have to test.
03:18.54Hobinheim+ IS a space
03:19.07Zeal%20 is a urlencoded space
03:19.08Hobinheimthat's exactly what you want
03:19.12Zeal+ is not
03:19.23Zealbut most sites will recognise it as one in arguments
03:19.23oKirkburn|afkNah, + is just a 'modifier'
03:19.53oKirkburn|afkIt can act as a space, but it isn't really one
03:20.11oKirkburn|afkFor example, searching "you+suck" looks at the word individually
03:20.31Zealwow head is ok.
03:20.33oKirkburn|afkHowever "you%20suck" is a single string, and it will search for "you suck" exactly
03:20.56Zealwowhead uses %20 as a modifier two oKirkburn|afk ;)
03:20.57oKirkburn|afkSorry, I missed some letter before
03:21.08oKirkburn|afkOh well, that's just great :)
03:21.30Hobinheimwhat are you guys talking about. plus is a space
03:21.52oKirkburn|afkHobinheim, in normal land, the + just separates words to search for. %20 translates to an actual space, linking the words as a phrase. That help?
03:21.57Zealthat's not a space, neither of them.
03:22.25Hobinheimwhat are you smoking
03:22.27Zealaye, wowhead has gone beyond normal land.
03:22.28Hobinheimthose pages are the same
03:22.32Zealyes Hobinheim
03:22.33oKirkburn|afkIt isn't a space. It's a modifier. It's telling it to search for "you" and "suck"
03:22.39Zealand in neither one, are they a space :P
03:22.40Hobinheimno it's not
03:22.57Zealnow to check alla..
03:22.59Hobinheim2B is a plus sign
03:23.07Hobinheim"you +suck"
03:23.15Hobinheima plus sign, in a url, is a space
03:23.27oKirkburn|afkIt really isn't
03:23.31Laraulhob no
03:23.33Sky2042oh god, you guys are arguing over whether or not a plus sign is a space. isn't that a little silly?
03:23.37Hobinheimwhat are all of you smoking
03:23.46Sky2042if it acts like one, does it really matter?
03:24.01oKirkburn|afkHob, in properly formed URLs, spaces are ALWAYS represented by %20
03:24.23HobinheimoKirkburn|afk, i really don't think so
03:24.24Zeal both being used as a space.
03:24.30oKirkburn|afkThe + is used to separate search terms
03:24.37Skosirisok listen up
03:24.37Hobinheimwhat the christ
03:24.40Skosiris+ is a way for web forms to "encode" the space character in URLs (query string)     %20 is a newer way that works as well
03:25.06oKirkburn|afkZeal, you meant Atiesh surely :P
03:25.07Sky2042isn't %20 just ascii code for a plus sign? :/
03:25.20oKirkburn|afkNo, %20 is a space
03:25.36LaraulNo %20 is Hex value for space
03:26.08LaraulThat is what the % character denotes
03:26.09Sky2042eh, anyway, someone wanna answer vysogota:
03:26.39Zealno, + is a way of combining strings in urls to pass arguments, so it can be used as a space if the code is designed to use it that way, but in terms of the url, it is not a space. %20 has existed for a long time, and is the standard for a url space.
03:26.47Zealand yes, oKirkburn|afk.. crap
03:26.49Laraul+ is just +
03:26.54Hobinheimshut up
03:26.55Hobinheimthat's wrong
03:26.56Hobinheimthey're the same
03:27.02Hobinheim+ is an alias for a space
03:27.04Hobinheimstop making up shit
03:27.06Sky2042oh, this is sad
03:27.16oKirkburn|afkSearch google for the phrase: this carrot looks like a chicken - you will get a URL for
03:27.30oKirkburn|afkNote how the results do NOT search for the phrase, but the individual words
03:27.44Hobinheim"you suck"
03:27.48Hobinheimnotice the plus sign is still there
03:27.49ZealoKirkburn|afk, what google does is irrelevent.
03:27.52Hobinheimwhy, because it's a SPACE
03:27.56Zealit all depends on how you design your system
03:28.01Hobinheimyou can't just pick and choose
03:28.05oKirkburn|afkHobinheim, look at the example I gave
03:28.10Hobinheimgive it up and stop spreading lies
03:28.21Skosirishey Zeal, how do I register using NickServer?
03:28.24Hobinheimwhat. it has spaces in it
03:28.26Hobinheimwhat is there to look at
03:28.34Hobinheimit's just supporting what i've tried to say since we started
03:28.41Hobinheimit's so basic
03:28.42LaraulOpen a file in your browser that contains a space
03:28.42oKirkburn|afkNo it isn't :/
03:28.49Zeal/msg NickServ help
03:28.51LaraulIt does NOT use +
03:28.53HobinheimLaraul, yes, %20's abound
03:29.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
03:29.37oKirkburn|afkHobinheim, my point is that + does not mean a space. It can be used as one, but it does not mean one.
03:29.49Hobinheimdude, that's flat out wrong
03:29.52Zealso anyways.. wowhead is using both to combine strings, alla is using both as spaces.
03:29.57Hobinheimand i'm totally expecting more from you
03:30.06*** join/#wowwiki Laraul (
03:30.06Zealwhat oKirkburn|afk said is flat out correct
03:30.29oKirkburn|afkHey Laraul
03:30.31Karrion "Uniform Resource Locators (URL)" never defines + as a special char
03:30.47LaraulWhat was my signoff message?
03:30.54Sky2042connection reset by peer
03:31.02Sky2042read error: 104
03:31.11Zeali shouldn't say both actually
03:31.19Zealthey are all consistant between all 3
03:31.40Zeal_ = space in all _ = combination on wowhead
03:31.53Zealnext up.. let's check thott, lol
03:31.59oKirkburn|afkSo all is good? :)
03:32.06HobinheimWithin a query component, the characters ";", "/", "?", ":", "@",
03:32.11Zealall will be good with {{PAGENAMEE}} aye
03:32.21oKirkburn|afkHobinheim, yes, as modifiers
03:32.31Hobinheim+ is a space in the query string
03:32.34Laraullol a query not a url
03:32.37Zealnot really as modifires, but yes.
03:32.41Hobinheimand %20 is a space in the URL
03:32.42Zealnot it's not hob
03:32.49Zealit can be used as a space in a query string
03:32.57LaraulA query is NOT a URL
03:33.07Hobinheimthe query is the part of the URL after the ?
03:33.28LaraulYes it's THAT part of the URL. But not a URL
03:34.02Karrionso <- plus means space
03:34.18oKirkburn|afkYes, because that's how the search engine treats it
03:34.22Karrionbut <- plus just means plus
03:34.30LaraulActually I think it's up to the parser
03:34.40LaraulI don't know what the standards are for queries
03:34.58Karrionand just for fun,
03:35.05HobinheimKarrion, i was thinking exactly that...
03:35.32oKirkburn|afkOh no, please don't tell me this was all crossed wires again
03:35.35ZealThis+is+a+space can mean what the system want's it to mean. eg. Wowhead uses it to combine multiple strings, all uses it as a space, google uses it as a space in it's search box, but a space in it's searhc box is actually used to combine strings.
03:35.45Zealall dependent on how you design your system.
03:35.55Hobinheimno, zeal, it isn't
03:35.57Zeal*alla uses
03:35.58oKirkburn|afkSo back to the topic :P
03:36.12Zealyes hob, it is
03:36.28Hobinheimdefine "combine multiple strings" what does that mean
03:36.36Zealnothing wrong with what i just said and i'd like to see you prove otherwise.
03:36.36oKirkburn|afkAh, multiple search terms
03:36.57oKirkburn|afki.e. it'll search for the individual words
03:36.58Zeal"string"+"string"+"string with spaces" for exmaple.
03:37.26oKirkburn|afkWait, wasn't I going to watch The Simpsons?
03:37.46Zealas long as it's not family guy oKirkburn|afk, sure :P
03:37.55Hobinheimi can't think of any phrases off the top of my head to test
03:38.06oKirkburn|afkNah, the torrent for that has only just gone up, Zeal :P
03:38.38oKirkburn|afk"Your mother was a hamster"
03:38.47Hobinheimbut that won't yield any results
03:38.53oKirkburn|afk"your father smelt of elderberries"
03:39.02oKirkburn|afkIt will on Google :)
03:39.05Zealok, Thottbot now. + and %20 are used to combine strings, _ is used a space.
03:39.14Hobinheimits a matter of mixing up the function of a plus sign vs the existence of a plus sign in the url's query
03:39.17Zealso, we can get away with {{PAGENAMEE}} :)
03:39.30oKirkburn|afkZeal, if so, great
03:39.34Hobinheimin the url query, a plus sign is always a space
03:39.47Hobinheimif you send in a plus sign in the search box, it gets changed to %2B
03:40.05Hobinheimsigh all you want, but i'm telling you what you're saying is all mixed up
03:40.12Hobinheimand you're just conveniently ignoring things to make your case better
03:40.15Hobinheimwhich isn't fair
03:40.15Zealbecause ina search box, a plus is an operator.
03:40.16KarrionHobinheim: it would be more accurate to say, the browser always replaces spaces in a text field with a +
03:40.30Zealwhich is appended to the string
03:40.32HobinheimKarrion, yes! what is it that people are not seeing
03:40.35oKirkburn|afkThe Internet. It's fun.
03:40.36LaraulYou can make an entire url using %0x values instead of characters
03:40.47Zealso it becomes "string"+"+string"
03:40.52Karrionand, since + is a reserved character in the query part, encodes any literal +s as %2B
03:40.53Hobinheimif we could all just be like Karrion for a second
03:41.20Karrionthe server, on the other hand, isn't actually obliged to _treat_ the + as a space...
03:41.24oKirkburn|afkI don't think I was arguing against any of this
03:41.28LaraulDo you people not know your hex?
03:41.35HobinheimoKirkburn|afk, what you were saying definitely sounded off kilter
03:41.44ZealHobinheim, according to you it's "string +string" which means it's no longer an functional operator and is actually part of one long string
03:41.51Zealso no.. it's not a space by default
03:42.00Zealand is dependant on how you desing your system
03:42.09Hobinheimi wasn't talking about +'s in the search box
03:42.11oKirkburn|afkI was saying that %20 is defined as a space, whereas + isn't defined as a space.
03:42.11Hobinheimwe're talking about the query
03:42.17Zealyes, you were, rofl
03:42.18Skyfireit worked? o_0
03:42.21oKirkburn|afkYes, well that wasn't clear originally
03:42.38Hobinheimwhos' talking about search boxes when the original problem was a URL encoding issue
03:42.45oKirkburn|afkSkyfire, morning
03:42.55Zeal<@Hobinheim> if you send in a plus sign in the search box, it gets changed to %2B <-- uhm.. ¬_¬
03:43.05Hobinheimand a + IS a space, in the query, which Karrion just finished explaining
03:43.08SkyfireI've been on for the past 6 hours as Sky2042 ;p
03:43.23HobinheimZeal, even then, that is absolutely true
03:43.33Hobinheimand doesn't conflict with anything else i've said
03:43.51oKirkburn|afkSkyfire, damn you and your confusing name!
03:44.04Zealhob, the very fact that multiple sites do it differently and that if + is stuck as a space only there would be no way to combine multiple strings in url prove you wrong.
03:44.05oKirkburn|afkCan we move onto a different topic please
03:44.09Zealso please, can we move on.
03:44.26Hobinheimwe can move on as soon as you stop saying things that are incorrect
03:44.33Skyfiredamn the person who's using "Sky", imo
03:45.41oKirkburn|afkBtw, in case some didn't see it earlier - we need to add External Links headers everywhere :)
03:45.41oKirkburn|afkSkyfire, had someone already taken "Sky" on the wiki
03:45.41Zealanyones, slow down again, sorry.#
03:45.41Hobinheimwait you're not the same sky?
03:45.41oKirkburn|afkFor the greater good!
03:45.41Skyfirei think so, actually, but I'm talking about on here ;(
03:45.52oKirkburn|afkSkyfire, I know, but I was wonder why you had the odd numerical name in the first place :)
03:46.03Skyfireah, well, yah :[
03:46.13Zeali assumed it had significance :P
03:46.15oKirkburn|afkWait, that wasn't right ...
03:46.15Skyfireit made me sad
03:46.18Karrionany reason I'm not getting CSS properly on ww atm?
03:46.28HobinheimKarrion, slow page loads maybe
03:46.33LaraulType this
03:46.35Zealor you were forced to use it on a site once, so kept it.
03:46.37oKirkburn|afkKarrion, changes, they are occuring!
03:46.45Karrionah, back
03:47.01Skyfirewell, "Sky" was taken, so I just defaulted to a name I've used elsewhere.
03:47.09Skyfirehence, "Sky2042"
03:47.13Karrionbut usually, even when wowwiki has a problem, it still has css >.>
03:47.13Hobinheimi promised my wife and child i wouldn't nerd rage anymore...
03:47.19Skyfirethe number's actually my address ;P
03:47.23Zeali love how the changes happen around 10% loaded, yet it get left stuck on about 38% :p
03:47.30oKirkburn|afkDammit, Skosiris I am answering you, but I forgot about the fact I'm using an odd name atm
03:47.37Zealso afaik, it's not even submitted yet.
03:47.39oKirkburn|afk(it's, er, part of a bet, sort of)
03:47.54oKirkburn|afkSkosiris, it's from the official website's zone page =)
03:48.12Skyfireis Sko private msging you, or am I on crack?
03:48.12Zealso use it an abuse it :P
03:48.25Zealyou're on crack and he is pming him :P
03:48.52oKirkburn|afkHobinheim, do you turn all huge and green and start philosophising?
03:48.53Skyfiregd, one or the other zeal -_-
03:49.03Laraul*sigh* no one typed that URL
03:49.09Hobinheimonly zeal-induced rages...
03:49.19Hobinheimi look like my orclock
03:49.24oKirkburn|afkLaraul, WoW
03:49.37Hobinheimit was a useless discussion
03:49.45Hobinheimand i really am stressed right now
03:49.47Hobinheimi can feel it
03:49.47LaraulNot useless
03:49.53Hobinheimbut i don't like misinformation
03:49.57oKirkburn|afkWhat discussion, I remember no discussion :P
03:50.00Hobinheimand i don't like people who are stubborn
03:50.01Zealnor i ;)
03:50.07Hobinheimor just ignore things whenever
03:50.12Hobinheimthat's something i would resort to
03:50.16LaraulHobinheim lol
03:50.16Hobinheimand people shouldn't do that
03:50.23Hobinheimhow DARE anyone use my tactics
03:50.23oKirkburn|afkKk, just stop now :)
03:50.33Hobinheimthe gaul
03:50.37infobotI've got a lovely bunch of coconuts, there they are all standing in a row. Big ones, small ones, some as big as your head, give them a twist, a flick of the wrist, that's what the showman said!
03:50.41Hobinheimi actually don't like coconut
03:50.42oKirkburn|afkI thought Adys was the gaul?
03:50.50Larauli wanna vomit
03:50.52HobinheimoKirkburn|afk, ICEBURN
03:51.05Zeali don't like coconut either hob
03:51.05Hobinheiminfobot, that's really rude of you
03:51.18oKirkburn|afkHobinheim, HOBEXPLOSIONYOULEFTTHEGASON!
03:51.20Hobinheimwe share a common enemy, zeal
03:51.26Zealindeed, lol
03:51.42Hobinheimthey say... you know how they is... nothing bonds people together better than a common enemy
03:51.53oKirkburn|afkThe french?
03:52.01Hobinheimi propose a strike on the coconut nation, as soon as my blood pressure baselines...
03:52.10Hobinheimi need to log off
03:52.26oKirkburn|afkI kinda hope it doesn't baseline. You'd be slightly ... dead. :P
03:52.47Skyfireoh god
03:52.51Skyfirewhat has happened?...
03:53.16oKirkburn|afkSkyfire, you're the one with an apocalyptic name, you tell me!
03:53.26Skyfireit won't end the world!!!
03:53.37oKirkburn|afkWell that sets my mind at rest.
03:53.41Skyfirethe amount of characters are the same, and so are the first 3 letters!
03:54.25oKirkburn|afkHow many hours ago did I say I was gonna watch The Simpsons now? 2, 3?
03:54.33Skyfire30 minutes
03:55.12oKirkburn|afkBtw, Heroes is on in Canadia atm
03:55.25Skyfireok, this makes me a little angry... :[. [[User:Sky]] has a total of 3 contributions...
03:55.35SkosirisWhat channel does it air on?
03:55.57oKirkburn|afk"If you’re a lucky Canadian, you don’t have to come back again tonight becuse you can watch Episode 18 on Global TV tonight"
03:55.57Skyfireis there any way for you to... "unreserve" the name? :O
03:56.02oKirkburn|afkNot afaik
03:56.26Skyfirei bet there is >:)
03:56.27oKirkburn|afkOwner dude might be able to, but none of the admins can
03:56.40Skyfirewoe is me
03:57.29Skyfireoh, crap lol
03:57.41Karrionwas Template:Elinks-item going to include the ==External Links== header?
03:57.43SkyfireI think I found a login i used a long time ago
03:57.51Skyfirei don't think so :o
03:58.01Zealnope Karrion, that's for Template:Elinks
03:58.18Skyfirelol, i did
03:58.25oKirkburn|afkWait, should I be unprotecting that for you too, Zeal?
03:58.37Zealthat way they can be used along side each other if needed, and when people click the wrong edit section link, they only go to elinks :P
03:58.47Zealno, not at all oKirkburn|afk :p
03:58.55Zealthat most definitely should be protected :P
03:59.03oKirkburn|afkBut it doesn't add the title?
03:59.03Zealtoo many people might make the mistake
03:59.09ZealElinks does
03:59.14Karriononly currently most (all?) items have the heading missing (eg, to pick at random)
03:59.28Zealaye, i know Karrion
03:59.38Zealchaning them as i go, and hopefully others will to.
03:59.40Karrionso a bot batch is needed?
03:59.55Karrionl, thought I'd check ;-)
03:59.55Zeala bot would be appreciated, but unlikely to happen
04:00.02Skyfireoh my fucking god
04:00.09Skyfire[[User:Skyfire]] is me
04:00.27SkyfireI've been using [[User:Sky2042]] for the past 2 months...
04:00.34Zeali need to bring all other other elinks in line now too..
04:04.32ZealoKirkburn|afk, could you unprotect and plx? :p
04:04.37Zealer.. whats up Skyfire? :s
04:05.34Zealwiat unprotect? er.. don't need to do that, can just redirect them to the new ones later..
04:05.50Zealthough unprotecting means i can do it later :p
04:06.43Zealhm.. thottbot uses it's own ID's for set no? :S
04:10.27Skosiristhey use the IDs as found in the WDB/DBC files for item sets, spells and quests
04:10.36Zealhm.. why the hell do we have seperate params for them then >_<
04:10.56Zealand alla and wowhead do the same right?
04:11.15Skosirislet me check
04:12.48Zealkk, ty
04:16.01Zealand fyi, i'm not dealing with order issues, if people want to argue over any of the site's positions, someone else can handle it.
04:16.18Zealright now, it's wowhead, alla, thottbot.
04:17.35Skyfireyeah, er, i made a profile named "Skyfire" sometime this summer... I edited with it once, and then dropped it
04:17.48Skyfirewell... I forgot about it
04:18.01Skyfireso I started "Sky2042" about two months ago... :x
04:19.41Skyfirejust gonna make [[User:Skyfire]] a redirect, i think... I can always change that ;p
04:25.19Zealok, what other elinks need to be made? zone? :S
04:28.52Skyfirehmm... you can have a name "usurped" using media wiki... hmmm
04:30.20Skyfirebut only if the account to be usurped has no edits... /sadface
04:31.39Skyfirewonder if its possible to delete accounts :O
04:37.29Skyfiredoesn't look like it, but i could be wrong
04:37.50Skyfirelooks more like a policy issue than a technical issue
04:38.04Skyfireand we know how ww is with policy issues :]
04:38.21oKirkburn|afkUnprotected them, Zeal
04:39.10oKirkburn|afkAnd away
04:41.13Zealdon't beleive there is a delete user ability in mediawiki
04:41.31Zealcan only be done by sql access.
04:41.42Zealso pretty much, just vlad_ and sancus. heh.
04:41.43Skyfireeh, i wouldn't know in any case ;(
04:42.44Skyfiredo we have a stub for "Warcraft II/III"?
04:43.14TekkubI have a special stub for you... in my lant
04:43.26Tekkubpants... damn dvorak/qwerty switchintg
04:44.24Zealwhere as everyone else is the other way around..
04:44.39Skyfireeh, our stubs are too big, imo, so i sorta agree ;p
04:45.08TekkubSo big american stub!
04:45.21Skyfireis tekkub high zeal?... =x
04:45.47Zealyou're the oen that's on crack, you tell me.
04:46.35Zeali coul go for a sub though, heh.
04:47.40TekkubHONK!  I'm a cow!
04:47.44Tekkubokey, bedtime
04:47.55Zealnn Tekkub
05:04.00ZealSkosiris, think you can validate another ID issue for me? :P
05:04.10Zealit seems thottbot is using a custom id for zones
05:04.25Zealhaven't checked alla's yet, but it doesn't match wowhead
05:05.14Zealalla's matches thott's
05:05.24Zealthey both getting it wrong or wowhead wrong? :S
05:07.23Zealtsk tsk
05:07.26Zealwowhead has it wrong
05:08.23Skyfiredum dum dum!
05:08.35Skyfirewowhead isn't perfect after all!
05:11.29Skosirissorry I was afk, *catching up the conversation*
05:13.06Ziconskyfire: Crappit, you just broke my world. Who's going to fix this mess, huh?
05:13.54Zealoo only one site has it right then
05:14.13Karrionor none of them do ;-)
05:14.20Zealthey're all f'd up
05:14.29Zealduskwood is indeed 10
05:14.42Skosiristhere's only 1 zone in AreaTable.dbc named "Duskwood", its id is 10
05:14.55Zealcheck mulgore
05:14.58Zealand alterac mountains
05:15.10Zealthat's where i found wowhead had it wrong.
05:15.21Zealand mulgore matched on thott and alla : /
05:16.07Zealwait wtf
05:16.10Zeali take that back
05:16.32Skosirisdbc says "215" :P
05:17.10Zealwowhead is correct
05:17.12Zealnvm then
05:17.14SkosirisI wonder how they come up with their zone ids
05:17.16Zealwowhead only it is
05:20.02ZiconSo, wait, Wowhead is perfect after all? ;p
05:27.48Zealfactions now..
05:28.27Zealwell alla doesn't have factions so that's out straight away.. lol
05:29.13Zealboth thott and wowhead have it right
05:36.14ZealSkosiris, is there a reason why player factions are missing from wowhead?
05:38.34Zealand Defias Brotherhood :s
05:39.34Zealthink i get it, you've dropped all factions that you can't gain rep with.
05:39.37Zealfair enough.
05:41.27SkosirisYeah, we removed all "junk" factions from listings
05:41.49Skosirise.g. :
05:41.53SkosirisChess, Friendly to All Chess
05:41.59SkosirisCrazed OwlkinCreature
05:42.25Zealbasically everything with -1 as the rep id
05:43.24Skosiris-1, what do you mean?
05:45.17Zealsecond column in Faction.dbc
05:45.17Zealsigned integer. all factions without reputation are set to -1
05:45.34Zealthough i'd imagine it's also a reference ID for something else.
05:45.59*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:49.53Skosirisnah, there are some factions with -1 that we didn't want to appear, such as  Blacksmithing - Swordsmithing
05:50.05Skyfirewho is "we"? Wowhead?...
05:50.15*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:51.07Skosiris"we" would include me and Mystadio
05:51.56Skosirisbtw, that About Us page sucks
05:52.23SkosirisTim made it to look "profesionnal", but it sounds way too pretentious
05:54.41Skyfirewell, thank you for wowhead. i started using your talent calc as soon as it came out ;p
05:55.46Zealand how does the web design and graphics?
05:57.27SkosirisI'm in charge of these
05:57.53Skosiristhanks Skyfire, that's good to hear :)
06:01.52Skosirisdo you have an account?
06:03.13Zealwell i really have only one request of Wowhead. get xml feeds so devlopers can pull your info easier instead of using alla all the time :p
06:04.45Skosirisactually, the XML feeds are working and available already, just not officially yet ;)
06:05.03Skyfireyup actually :)
06:05.14SkyfireTitled, appropriate (imo) Skyfire
06:05.25Zeali don't have an account, heh.
06:06.18Skyfiremake an account then! >:)
06:07.11SkosirisI just found some old screenshot of the site, about 2 weeks before the site's launch
06:07.36Skyfiremmm, well, night allzzzzzzz. have some calculus to do, and then i will probably clockout (damn cold pills).
06:08.55Skyfirelol. crazy
06:11.44ZealSkosiris, may i ask, why PHP5 over ruby on rails?
06:16.34Skosiriswell, I don't know anything about Ruby on rails
06:16.56Skosirisbesides the fact you can use it to create a complete forum system under 15 minutes
06:17.21Zeallol fair enough them
06:17.30SkosirisHow does it work? what's the syntax like?
06:17.44Zeali only dabble, but i had someone teached me a fair bit about ruby on rails to know i'd rather use it.
06:18.24Zealhm.. the syntax is supposed to be based on normal language contructs, so it reads rather logically.
06:18.50Zealie. it reads like a crude english sentance.
06:18.54Skosirisis it some kind of framework for php?
06:19.01Skosirisor does it has its own parser/engine
06:19.01Zealits framework for ruby
06:19.19Zealaye, own parser/engine.
06:20.09Zeali actually have two books in pdf which a rather expensive apparently (given to me by person who was teaching me), teaches it all, but i only got so far and other things cropped up as usual ;P
06:20.19Zeal*are rather
06:20.40Zealplus i don't like programming much x_x;
06:21.33Zealbut yeah, using it along side ajax, its the embodiment of web 2.0 imo :p
06:21.45Zealhm.. *pinical
06:21.48Zealthat works.. lol
06:24.22Zealslow down again
06:24.34Skosiristhe Wiki engine is php right?
06:26.05Zealthere is a ruby on rails wiki system around
06:26.14Zealbut it's very basic
06:32.49*** join/#wowwiki oClad|away_ (
07:13.51Viper007Bondsite down for anyone else?
07:20.00Zealit was jsut me making template edits
07:20.11Zealfine now
07:23.46Viper007Bondit was timing out for me
07:24.03Viper007Bondworkin now
07:24.13Zealaye, that's usually what happens when someones editing popular templates :p
07:26.44*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
07:27.04Zealliek what i'm doing right now :P
07:27.30Zealjsut going through the wow utility templates, removing redundant templates we no longer need.
07:39.16sancusruby sucks
07:39.17sancusthat is all
07:41.01Zealsure sancus, sure..
07:44.15bleetahhow'd Maim Blackhand die?
07:44.25bleetahit's not mentioned on the wiki article
07:44.56Zealbeyond my knowledge of lore sadly :s
07:45.06Zealiirc, they were both suppsoed to have died against the humans
07:45.12Zealbut WoW brought rend back..
07:45.54bleetahthat's good enough for me to comment in Barrens Chat and seem smart ;) thx
07:46.35Zeal"At the end of the Second War, Rend and his brother, Maim, fled to find sanctuary within the mountainous stronghold of Blackrock Spire. It was there that Rend declared himself Warchief of the weakened Blackrock clan.
07:46.35ZealRend and his brother Maim ruled the Spire, in constant conflict with the Dark Iron Dwarves. They managed to displace the dwarves in the upper portion of the city, but only after the dragons came and only after the death of Maim.
07:47.24Zealoh.. that's on the article
07:48.30*** join/#wowwiki drin (n=drin@
07:49.00*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
07:49.02bleetah"maybe Main saw a spirit guide, or logged a GM ticket" is the conclusion of the barrens discussion
07:49.56Skosirisbedtime for me
07:50.49Zealnn Skosiris
07:51.45bleetah'night night' aka 'good night'
07:52.05bleetah'night night' is informal and friendly
07:52.15bleetah'good night' is formal and friendly
07:52.21Skosirisgot it
07:52.26bleetah'go away' is formal and rude
07:52.35Skosirisaight, talk to you later !
07:52.36bleetah'*$#^ off' is.. i'll let you work that out ;)
07:52.38bleetahnn Skosiris
07:56.58bleetahjust a blip last week, eh?
07:59.15Zealbleetah, it would seem Maim died fighting the Dwarves in Blackrockspire.
07:59.29Zealthough it's never really said.
07:59.51Zealand i can't find any pre-wow info about his death.
08:01.40Zealit's a shame Bagginsww isn't about, as he might know more about it.
08:01.45bleetahI guess it could be lore/plot they're holding on to for future development
08:02.06bleetahZeal: I'll keep it in mind, although I'm not a huge lore follower the question now has my interest piqued
08:02.14Zealwell all i know, is before i got into the lore, people were mentioning about how rend was supposed to be dead..
08:02.53Zealand warcraft 1 - 2 i've never played, so i only have second hand info from that period in time : /
08:03.00Zealyay for the new book coming..
08:40.04*** join/#wowwiki willskills (
09:18.41*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=fiira@
09:28.02Zealgod damn crappy templates..
09:28.46Zeali should probably brush up on my regular expressions..
10:49.48*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
10:56.08bleetahoKirkburn|afk: this (c|sh)ould amuse you ->
10:56.28bleetah"You will be responsible for co-ordinating racist incidents across West Sussex"
10:56.59bleetahjust try to s/racist/stupid/, and you'll be set :-P
10:58.15bleetahpersonally, I think they need a copywriter more
11:07.33*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
11:08.00*** join/#wowwiki Viper007Bond (
11:10.20*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
11:10.33Zealhey adys
11:10.35*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
11:11.05ZealAdys, ;)
11:12.29AdysSaw that =)
11:12.35AdysAce job guys tbh
11:13.53AdysSo zeal
11:13.59AdysI was thinking last time
11:14.25Adyspossible you think?
11:14.40Zeal <-- that's yours right? just a full plage template right?
11:15.00Adysmodify at will
11:15.09Zealyou mean item or zone, or a combination?
11:15.14amrohm where's the category with all the icons?
11:15.22AdysCategory:WoW Icons
11:15.45AdysZeal: nah I was thinkiing instead of having multiple template we could have only one
11:16.02AdysFull of If's.. :p
11:16.07Zealatm, it does {{Elinks|Links={{Elinks-item|<id>}}{{Elinks-NPC|<id>}}*[ some random link]}} for example.
11:16.27Zealnah, cos theres possible times you'd want to combine the types
11:16.44Adyshm, like?
11:16.45Zeala guide.
11:16.53Zeali did have a better example when i woke up
11:16.54Adysfair enough
11:16.57Zealbut forgotten now, lol
11:17.07Adysnah i see
11:17.43Adysbtw for the icon thing i insist
11:18.13Adysi rather have no icon than a jpg/gif, so that at least we get to know easily whats wrong and stuff
11:18.37Adysits impossible to have a list of jpgs etc uploaded
11:19.13Zealadys, would you rather have no icon when it's been specifed in full, or no icon when it's not specified in full
11:19.20Zealcos that's your options atm :P
11:19.36Zealif you want to enforce it, you've gotta go changes all the pages using {{tooltip}}
11:19.51AdysThat a bot can do easy =)
11:20.14Zealand considering that all the old use of {{icon}} needed to be removed anyways, it seemed like a better option to do it this way
11:20.25Zealrather that retroactively changing
11:20.38Zealand thne having to go back and change it all again when they're removed.
11:20.57AdysTbh, we will do that anyways, as soon as we got a bot ready to do the icon work
11:21.06Zealbut thats the thing adys
11:21.10Zealwe don't have a bot
11:21.23Zealhob's not running his, vv has gone away for a while.
11:21.23AdysI know ive read all the talks etc dw
11:21.45Adysbut as soon as we got a bot we will do it thats what i mean
11:21.48Zealthe changes needed to happen, wasn't going to wait for a bot to miraculously appear.
11:21.56Zealif you want
11:22.05AdysYar i know
11:22.06Zeali'd rather leave it optional.
11:22.28Zealdon't see a good reason not to.
11:23.19AdysWell you do agree on the fact that as soon as we got a bot ready we will change tooltip and icon so it uses ext=...
11:23.21Adysdont you?
11:23.29AdysIm not talking about now :P
11:24.25Zeali see no reason to
11:24.35AdysTo enforce it, as you said
11:24.39Zealit's not harmful asking for the extension.
11:24.50Zealyeah, i don't see a reason to enforce it.
11:25.29AdysHey hey hey
11:25.33Adyswhats happening here
11:26.12Zealonyl the template stuff is me
11:26.22Zealthe rest is all seperate
11:26.35Zealpossibly a few user pages might appear in there
11:26.40Adysyou speedydeleted a template without includeonly?
11:26.40Zealand policy talks
11:26.59Zealafter i removed it from all pages except archives and userp ages, yes.
11:27.36Zealwhich will oh so nicely make whoever is deleting it remove it from those pages
11:27.40AdysJust includeonly it next time will ya please :P
11:27.50Zealas that is the job of speedydelete after all
11:27.56Zealthere's no need to. : /
11:28.21Adysdont make it harder on purpose for everyone thats just what i ask :p
11:29.25Zealit's supposed to make it easier..
11:29.41Zeali'd appreciate it if the roles were reversed.
11:29.44Adysnevermind ^^
11:30.11Zealbut anyways, as you can see, major clean up of the template cat
11:48.14Zeali kills it
11:49.13Zealchanged cats on two popular css templates :P
11:49.38Zealthats a how lot of problems.. lol
11:53.08ZealAdys, think i should just merge and into one shade of blue? i can't see any reason to keep both tbh.
11:53.43AdysKeep an archive of them somewhere and merger
11:53.54Adysthis will prob be done with parse functions
11:54.06Adyswar3=... blizztext=...
11:54.23Zealer.. won't it just be in the css file? :P
11:54.36AdysFuck me, nevermind lol
11:54.49*** join/#wowwiki Dragofix (
11:55.02Zealwhich to keep? hehe
11:55.11Zealboth ugly imo
11:55.25Zealthink i'll go with blizz one
11:56.59Adysyes keep the blizz one
11:59.26Zeal hows that?
12:01.12AdysAye perfect
12:01.45*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
12:01.55Adysexcept that it doesnt redirect for me :P
12:04.16*** join/#wowwiki faCe| (
12:04.31Zealit doesn't? :S
12:04.38Zealit's redirecting for the includes..
12:05.03Zealhm.. redirects fine for me.
12:05.04Adysnow it does sorry, cach prob
12:08.34Zealall done
12:08.44Zealnow, i'm going for a soak.
12:14.00*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
12:53.39*** join/#wowwiki faCe| (
12:59.31*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
13:57.51*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
14:04.19Adysoookay im off, cya all
14:06.37*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
14:06.37*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
14:14.00*** join/#wowwiki Tepetkhet (
14:58.50Bagginswwzeal its mentioned in one of the quests, as I recall. One of the ones that talks about Rend.
14:59.26Bagginswwalthough I don't remember all the details
15:01.00*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
15:01.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
15:02.32Tekkubmall wifi
15:03.08*** join/#wowwiki Zeal (
15:05.28oKirkburnHey Tekkub
15:06.22oKirkburnIs that all I am to you?!
15:06.51oKirkburnZeal, you around?
15:07.04Tekkubnah, you're good for casual sex too
15:07.21Tekkubdamnit, it was peaceful here till the recepitionist turned on the goddamn TV
15:07.48TekkubI hate TV in general, but early morn shit is....
15:08.54TekkubI'd rather be getting a tooth pulled
15:09.00Tekkuboh wait they can do that for em!
15:11.40Tekkubhow is an alergy medicine that gives you upper respatory infection a solution?
15:12.08TekkubGAH!  I wish I had my universal TV off remote with me
15:15.49Traeman has been down a while
15:16.15Traeare there any other good level guides out there?
15:16.32TraeI used that one from L30-L60 and it was nice. (The Jame's Guide series)
15:17.12amro`afkhorde or alliance?
15:17.17winkillerI use guides only for professions
15:17.22winkillerjust do quests :P
15:20.34*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:21.10Tekkubyea, quests will guide you around :P
15:21.24Tekkuband read the quests damnit!  some of em are god
15:21.58Tekkub"Well if it can't accept the invitation civily, it's probably best you put it down"
15:22.00amro`afkI always read quest text the first time around
15:22.02oKirkburnI liked calling them god. Some of them really are :)
15:25.49Bagginswwhey kirkburn, remember that policy they tried to ratify on how material fans decide are "controversial" hasn't been utilized at all, LOL.
15:26.31Bagginswwno one has bothered to update any MoM article as far as I know. heh.
15:26.46*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (n=Tuqui-tu@
15:26.53Bagginswwand I'm not going to be adding anything more to htem... unless some later book adds material :p
15:27.09*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
15:27.22KasoAny Admins around?
15:27.26KasooKirkburn ?
15:27.30Tekkubit doesn't have the complete text tho :(
15:27.38oKirkburnHey Kaso
15:27.46Kasocan you take a look at:
15:28.10oKirkburnI see no page there ;)
15:28.19Bagginswwpinnywinny? sounds like one of those games like Pigzig :p
15:28.25Kasofaster than me
15:29.27oKirkburn"Equip: Sexy flowers bloom from whatever the wielder touches"
15:29.49BagginswwI have to say Murlantis was great piece of humor...
15:30.04oKirkburn"May only be wielded by "The One". He knows who he is, and he is not you."
15:30.09Bagginswwbut doesn't belong on the forums, LOL
15:30.56Bagginswwwas a page made by a vandal the other day
15:31.04Bagginswwit was speedy deleted
15:31.32Bagginswwsomeone created the page, and then updated murlock article to include it :p
15:31.33oKirkburn"Murlantis is the Great underwater city of the Murlocs, Though little is known of the city it is clear that it is run by a more intelegent rce of murlocs than the murlocs found on land.
15:31.55oKirkburnIf only people learnt to spell before they made up stuff :)
15:32.03BagginswwLOL ya
15:32.14BagginswwI wonder what the murlock home city is called
15:32.26KasoBy the way, i accidently put a comment on that guys user: rather than user_talk: i deleted the content of the page however, was that the correct "thing to do"
15:32.33Bagginswwthe european cite hints that htey have a city
15:34.17oKirkburnKaso, np
15:34.25Bagginswwand lands of mysteyr hints that they are smarter than they act...
15:34.32oKirkburnYou only get notified for changes to the talk page
15:35.04oKirkburnWill be interesting to find out the backstory some day
15:35.18Bagginswwinside of their huts for example do not match the outsides.
15:35.18amro`afkBagginsww: smarter yes, but are they more "intelegent"?
15:35.20*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
15:35.27Bagginswwthey have a high degree of culture
15:35.36amro`afkand very fast legs
15:35.45Tekkubcrab people
15:35.46Bagginswwinside of their huts are full of artwork, and very nice furniture
15:35.53Bagginswwthat they made
15:35.54Tekkublook like crabs
15:35.58Tekkubtalk like people
15:36.02Hobinheimcrab people crab people
15:36.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
15:36.06Bagginswwand they trade with people
15:36.09oKirkburnMurlocs: The Real Story
15:36.12Bagginswwsell some of their artwork
15:36.16Hobinheim|worknews at 11
15:36.20Bagginswwbone carvings and stuff
15:36.34Bagginswwbut you have to learn nerglish first, ;)
15:36.47Bagginswwor find Murlocs that know your language
15:37.02Tekkubbah I'm hungry
15:37.11Tekkubwonder if the prezzil place is open yet
15:37.17Bagginswwthere is rumors of a great leader, known as the sea mother or some such thing
15:37.26Bagginswwone of their deities
15:37.51Bagginswwwhen I have time I really need to update the murloc page with lands of mystery material :p
15:37.59Bagginswwsupposed to be more info in dark factions too
15:38.04Bagginswwfrom what I hear
15:38.38BagginswwEU site implies an almost Lovecraft, Deep Ones type history.
15:38.51Bagginswwties to Old Gods, etc
15:39.12Bagginswwgreat civilization that predates all other life on the planet
15:39.19Tekkuboh may awd becky....
15:39.32Tekkubnow I remember why I stopped watching TV ads
15:39.54Tekkubthey just played the ol Happy Happy Joy Joy song from Ren & Stimpy on a fucking Sara Lee ad
15:40.02Tekkubgod what's wrong with these people
15:40.50BagginswwThey did the heart song from Animaniacs on American Heart Associatoin ad :p
15:40.53Tekkub"oh noes I need to protect my teens from the interwebz!"
15:40.57Tekkubstupid TV
15:41.11Tekkubhi, there's nothing you can do, THEY are protecting YOU from the real internet
15:41.28Bagginswwhowever the heart song was semi-educational
15:41.36Bagginswwkind of like the state song
15:41.38Tekkub"MySpace is full of pedophiles!"
15:42.20Bagginswwas it was accurate description of how the heart processes work
15:42.20Bagginswwto music
15:42.20TekkubR&S was just, twisted
15:42.34Bagginswwthe close ups were the most twisted
15:42.43Tekkuband the new one... yea they were so gay
15:42.43Tekkubof course
15:42.56Tekkubha, this is so stupid
15:43.00Bagginswwalthough I found out Ren & Stimply kind of copied style of Tex Avery
15:43.14Bagginswwjust made things alot worse
15:43.28Tekkubthey're showing a plain simple easy to read uncluttered page and saying it's a "typlical myspace page"
15:44.35Tekkubha, they want em to tell kids that people are gonna look at their myspace page when they apply for a job too
15:44.48Tekkubmake this shitty show go away
15:45.12equiraptorMy employer looked at my livejournal and my website before hiring me.
15:45.22equiraptorI work in tech, though.
15:45.30Tekkuband I'm betting you linked em to it
15:46.12oKirkburnI link them to my website, I'm too lazy for a bloggy type thing though
15:46.32equiraptorI didn't, Tekkub.
15:46.37Tekkub"oh noes, when you're looking for a summer job they might find out that you're a NORMAL TEENAGER... then you'll never get a job"
15:46.43equiraptorI gave them my email address, which is
15:46.57Tekkubwell that's your own fault :)
15:46.59equiraptorThey, not being stupid, discovered that I own and checked the website, which links to my LJ.
15:47.06equiraptorI don't think "fault" is the right word there.
15:47.14TekkubI do
15:47.22equiraptorAnything I allow to be publicly viewable online is publicly viewable.
15:47.30equiraptorIf a possible employeer wants to try to find it, FINE.
15:47.42Tekkubbut I've been handing out disposable forwarding addresses for years
15:47.43equiraptorI don't consider that a violation of privacy.
15:47.59equiraptorNow, if they tried to hack into my gallery or LJ to see my private / protected stuff, that would be a violation.
15:48.00TekkubI never said it was
15:48.02equiraptorThat wouldn't be ok.
15:48.05TekkubI just said it was your fault
15:48.16equiraptorYour use of words like "fault" imply that there's something bad about it.
15:48.22equiraptorI don't think there is.
15:48.41equiraptorI also don't think there's any harm in reminding kids that things they make public online are, well, public.
15:48.44Tekkubno, your interpretation of word like "fault" make you feel bad, but that's your fault too
15:48.45equiraptorAnd that anyone can find them.
15:48.52equiraptorFine, be an asshole.
15:49.04Tekkubmake the TV go away and I'll be in a better mood
15:49.18equiraptorTurn it off. Ignore it.
15:49.27equiraptorPlay some music in headphones, or something, if you can't turn it off. :-P
15:49.31Tekkubit's not mine, I'm at the dentists office
15:49.41Tekkubthere's a bunch of people sitting around
15:49.42equiraptorCan you wait outside?
15:49.52equiraptorOr is it nasty out there?
15:49.57Tekkuband I don't have my lil tv turner offer keychain thing with me
15:50.02Tekkubit's at a mall
15:50.12Tekkubeverything but this is closed
15:50.14Tekkubtoo early
15:50.15equiraptorSo wait just outside of range of the TV. Tell the receptionist.
15:50.25equiraptor"I'll be over there when you need me."
15:50.33Tekkubshe won't need me
15:50.41equiraptorSo why are you waiting around?
15:50.43Tekkubbut the hubby will be all drugged and prolly get lost
15:50.45TepetkhetFault does imply there's something bad.
15:51.05Tekkubah fuck me daddy
15:51.06equiraptorStill, tell the receptionist so s/he can help hubby finnd you.
15:51.06Tekkubhe's done
15:51.06Hobinheim|workoKirkburn, my brother wants confirmation, do all the cool kids watch to pgear?
15:51.09Hobinheim|work*top gear
15:51.16Tekkubhorrible horrible freedom
15:51.21oKirkburnTop Gear is awesome
15:51.31equiraptorHobinheim|work: Anyone who has any hope of ever beeing cool and caring about cars watches top gear.
15:51.40Hobinheim|workdid anyone see zodiac? i freakin hated it
15:51.42Tekkubaw, I'm not cool
15:51.47Tekkubwoe is me
15:51.54Tekkubguess that means I have to be emo
15:52.00TepetkhetI liked Zodiac.
15:52.22equiraptorTekkub: Are you a car person?
15:52.34TekkubI own a car
15:52.41TekkubI'm a person
15:52.42oKirkburnYou don't have to be a car enthusiast to enjoy Top Gear
15:52.42equiraptorI suspect you're not.
15:52.54Hobinheim|workmy brother downloads it weekly now
15:52.58Hobinheim|workit's the new thing, i hear
15:53.01Hobinheim|worki don't watch it sadly
15:53.02equiraptoroKirkburn: Sure. Never denied that.
15:53.05Tekkubno, but my roomie is a car person/has a speed fetish
15:53.09Tekkubit gets old really
15:53.20oKirkburnTop Gear has been around for yeeeears, but it recently had a make-over
15:53.20equiraptoroKirkburn: My point is that you don't lose coolness for not watching top gear if you're not a car enthusiast.
15:53.25Tekkubhe tries to make everything go fast, and in the end just breaks it
15:53.39oKirkburnequiraptor, nah, I'm just saying that anyone will like it :)
15:53.45Tekkubit's an expensive fetish
15:53.49equiraptorMy mother wouldn't! :-P
15:53.51TekkubI'm glad my fetish is fur
15:54.04Hobinheim|workmy epic strider can beat your ferrari, hurr
15:54.21equiraptorA friend of mine just made a new Mustang go 267mph.
15:54.23equiraptorOr so he claims.
15:54.39Hobinheim|workbtw is it true that goon guilds have a bad reputation? i.e. they're jerks or kill on sight?
15:54.49Hobinheim|workanyone in the same battlegroup as mal'ganis US?
15:56.24equiraptor Oooo.
15:56.29equiraptorLooks sexy from that angle.
15:58.33oKirkburnThe BBC is getting really anti-MS atm
15:58.55oKirkburnThey keep hyping up Apple stuff, and use misleading headlines for MS articles - e.g.
15:58.57Hobinheim|worki thought that was a picture of jake gyllenhaal =(
16:00.49equiraptorMy car has cone marks on it.
16:04.21Hobinheim|worki just had a brain lapse and forgot what CC stood for...
16:04.55TepetkhetCrowd control?  Credit Card?  Close Caption?  Carbon Copy?
16:05.05Hobinheim|workthe first one, alex!
16:11.39Zealgfdgfd stupid irc
16:11.58Zeal<Bagginsww> hey kirkburn, remember that policy they tried to ratify on how material fans decide are "controversial" hasn't been utilized at all, LOL. <-- the moment anything is implemented i'm recalling the vote.
16:12.09ZealoKirkburn, what's up
16:12.23oKirkburnWas just gonna ask how the elinks changes were going?
16:12.47Zealthey're done, just need to start adding them to articles
16:13.03oKirkburnApparently is about the 500,000th most popular website in the world, but it varies wildly
16:13.08Zeali've doen a few as i was cleaning up the wow utilities cat.
16:13.18oKirkburnI'm about to watch the next ep of Heroes now :)
16:13.32Zealnew episode tonight too
16:13.46Zealthe one i just watched was last weeks... heh.
16:15.42Hobinheim|workheroes should be a doozy tonight
16:15.46Hobinheim|worktoo bad i'll be AT THE GYM
16:16.47Zeali'll be asleep
16:17.41ZealHobinheim|work, in my clean up of some templates, i found something we agree on
16:18.13Zealthe link templates that append external links to them
16:18.28Zealon a talk page, you said they shouldn't be used and are a bad idea basically.
16:18.48Hobinheim|workcuz it's site bias and duplication of information, i believe
16:19.15Hobinheim|workit's more of a maintenance thing... there COULD be some crazy inclusion strategy
16:19.25Zealaye, als othe fact using them means people never actually go to the wiki's articles to contribute/read/create
16:19.42Hobinheim|worki absolutely see the practical value in them for thottbot entries
16:20.02Hobinheim|workbut for our purposes it's just undermining our primary directive, or whatever starkirk wants to call it
16:20.13Hobinheim|workcaptain kirk
16:21.08ZealCaptain Burn O Kirk
16:24.24Zealplus, adding a basic stub to our articles with those links on the page is a 2 second job now, so it's nicer to force people to go to our articles and gain the extra external links if we don't have all they want or make the basic stub, unless they wan't to be lame and not help the wiki, in which case we say stuff you and search for it yourself.
16:24.30Zealanyways.. i'm going to bed
16:24.31Zealnn all
16:32.43*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
16:32.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:32.55Hobinheim|workhiyo Gryphen
16:35.24*** join/#wowwiki Whiskas^______^ (
16:36.22Whiskas^______^any admin not afk
16:36.25Whiskas^______^i have a question
16:36.58equiraptorAsk your question, it'll be answered as we can (if it's something appropriate for the channel as a whole).
16:37.44Whiskas^______^okay so theres a rumor about a new mount phoenix or something
16:37.55Whiskas^______^i have an image of it
16:37.56Hobinheim|workthey call me whiskas
16:38.01Whiskas^______^is it okay if i upload it
16:38.09Hobinheim|workcuz i'm curious, like a cat
16:38.14Hobinheim|workWOULD YOU EAT IT THEN?
16:38.25Whiskas^______^of course
16:38.26Hobinheim|worki'm sure it's been posted already
16:38.31Hobinheim|workdo you have a URL where we could see it
16:38.33Whiskas^______^it wasnt =\
16:38.36Whiskas^______^ya one sec
16:40.14Whiskas^______^is that fine or ?
16:42.08Hobinheim|workthat's been posted before, when the BC first came out
16:42.23Hobinheim|worki'm not really super duper excited about rumors on the site
16:42.28Whiskas^______^its not in the page tho
16:42.55Whiskas^______^i dont know i just wanted to post a pic of it since i didnt see any
16:43.49Hobinheim|workwhere did you find that image
16:43.53Hobinheim|workcould you give a source at least
16:44.06Whiskas^______^i did it
16:44.25Whiskas^______^i took the picture
16:44.45Hobinheim|workalpha what?
16:44.51Whiskas^______^wow alpha
16:46.12Hobinheim|workhow did you get it?
16:47.41Whiskas^______^i was in nogg-aholic
16:48.18Whiskas^______^like 6 months ago
16:49.06*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
16:49.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
16:49.39Whiskas^______^do u want me to post it or i just wont lol
16:49.45Whiskas^______^it was just to show people how it looked like
16:49.47Whiskas^______^i dont mind
16:58.16Hobinheim|workdescribe as much as you can about whereit's from
16:58.22Hobinheim|workthen that's fine
16:59.18Hobinheim|worknoggaholic, huh...
16:59.26oKirkburn|afkAye, unreleased content is an absolute no-no
16:59.38oKirkburn|afkWe have had take-down notices before, and vlad_ doesn't want more
16:59.39Hobinheim|workoh boo scratch what i said then
16:59.42Hobinheim|worksorry Whiskas^______^
16:59.52Whiskas^______^ok np :)
17:00.03oKirkburn|afkYou can link to it on talk pages though if you want
17:00.16oKirkburn|afkJust as long as it is not hosted on the site
17:00.37*** join/#wowwiki Macfiron (n=silvan@
17:01.20Whiskas^______^good thing i asked =)
17:02.21oKirkburn|afkCool Heroes episode :D
17:02.29Hobinheim|workoKirkburn|afk, which one
17:02.35oKirkburn|afkLast night's
17:02.55oKirkburn|afk(last night for Canada)
17:02.57MacfironI just tried to search to the Game_Terms-Category and when I hit the (next 200)-Button, it displays the first page.
17:03.01Hobinheim|workis it the one where the guy did that thing
17:03.05Hobinheim|workis canada a week behind the us?
17:03.13oKirkburn|afkA day ahead atm
17:03.21oKirkburn|afkMacfiron, that's odd
17:03.27Hobinheim|workhmm that's funny
17:03.32Hobinheim|workwait so heros is out already?
17:03.48oKirkburn|afkMacfiron, worked for me :?
17:04.00Hobinheim|worki didn't for me
17:04.01oKirkburn|afkYou should get
17:04.17Hobinheim|workare you actually looking at the page tho? you see D terms and so on?
17:04.26MacfironoKirkburn|afk: that's the displayed URL, but it presents the page from A to D
17:04.30Hobinheim|workMacfiron, are you logged in
17:04.41oKirkburn|afkThey showed this week's Heroes episode a day earlier in Canada due to scheduling stuff :)
17:04.47MacfironNo, don't have a user yet.
17:04.59Hobinheim|workomg tell me you dled it from somewhere
17:05.10Hobinheim|workMacfiron, that might be why
17:05.18Hobinheim|workprobably a mediawiki bug
17:05.24oKirkburn|afkNot heard of that issue, but yeah, try making an account
17:05.40oKirkburn|afk(but then, we wouldn't hear about the bug because you have to have an account to tell us normally ^^ )
17:05.49MacfironI'll try creating an Account and report H-))
17:07.22Hobinheim|workomg kirk, you're right
17:07.38Hobinheim|workmust alert the internet!
17:07.58MacfironHobinheim|work: you were right, after creating an account/logging in, it worked.
17:08.06Hobinheim|workheh the internet already knows
17:08.11Hobinheim|workthe forum was overrun by the canadians!
17:08.28Hobinheim|workdamn them and their crafy scheduling
17:09.29oKirkburn|afkHehe -'re-a-Nerd
17:09.57oKirkburn|afkHobinheim|work, ftw :)
17:09.58Hobinheim|workoh god i can't hold it in
17:10.34MacfironThanks for your help! Bye!
17:12.30Whiskas^______^okay see you guys
17:22.29winkilleroKirkburn|afk: that even has a part 2 -
17:22.56amro`afkwikihow is messed up
17:24.55amro`afk"Teach her how to uncramp her hands, because they will get tired during her first few sessions. Show her how you usually stretch out your hands, because if she equates video games with sore and stiff hands, she won't want to play any more. Maybe you could give her a hand massage to make her feel better."
17:26.34Hobinheim|workoh eww
17:27.27Tuqui-tuquioh dear god
17:27.29*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
17:27.29*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
17:27.37Tuqui-tuquiits WoW softporn
17:28.20equiraptor"If you get her into gaming, you might never get access to your computer or game console again." <-- Uhhh.... People still share computers?
17:30.43amro`afkhere's my own how to fall asleep: try to read half that article
17:42.08*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim|work (
17:46.28*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
17:46.28*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
17:51.29KirkburnTicket servicing times are pretty good on EU servers atm :) Got my gold seller one answered in under 5 mins again
17:52.54amro`afkit depends, sometimes the GM database crashes (the one containing all the answers they copy-paste)
17:59.35KirkburnI don't mind stock responses
18:44.54Bagginswwhmm someone's complaining about people putting refrences to fan idea of a "great seas" expansion in any article related to stuff in the great seas
18:45.09Bagginswwthose don't belong outside
18:45.16Bagginswwthe expansion rumors topic
18:49.08BagginswwDuring Alpha, Blizzard did have two islands east of STV. They were "joke islands" - Jilligan's Island and The Isle of Dr. Lapidas (or something like that - spelling may be horribly off). From what I saw they were 100% not done (basically a flat landmass that looked ugly) and they were removed in beta (in fact, there was a bug where you could "cheat" the fatigue system and swim out there and the location name changed but th
18:49.08Bagginswwe islands were gone).
18:53.51Bagginswwanycase I think all refrences to a "great seas" expansion should be removed.
18:54.03Bagginswwand just remain in the expansion rumor article
19:27.57Bagginswwwow his arguement is right
19:28.02Bagginswwcheck out that article.
19:28.19Bagginswwmost of that seems like fanfic that made it in
19:28.27Bagginswwno sources cited etc
19:29.17KirkburnThe movement?
19:29.51KirkburnOh those names appear to be from WCIII
19:36.06amro`afkTomb of Sargeras (73-80)
19:36.13amro`afkCourtyard of the Eye (80+)
19:36.25amro`afklook at that, we have a blizzard designer updating the wiki ;P
19:38.48BagginswwBroken Isles Entry:
19:38.48BagginswwPlease note the "Characteristics" section. This is fairly representative of the sort of misleading made-up "factoids" sprinkled throughout several of these articles. There's a "speculation" and "unsubstantiated rumors" warning tag at the top of the article, but I think this level of "I-just-made-it-all-up"-ness goes well beyond that. (E.g., the section claims the Broken Isles as a Horde area, populated by Naga, for levels
19:38.49Bagginsww1 through 10.)
19:38.50BagginswwAnd then there's the Tomb of Sargeras, which has been transformed into a level 73-80 area, and a "Raid Dungeon" ("Courtyard of the Eye").
19:38.53BagginswwSeriously, it's a mess. I wanted to look up to see if I could find anything about the Broken Isles - and I don't count someone's pipe dream as on par with lore I can get from the RTS games or WoW. (Granted, I'd love it if this were all true ... but it isn't, and I wish people wouldn't do such an extensive job of muddling things up like this.)
19:38.57BagginswwOther such pages possibly affected:
19:38.59Bagginsww"Deep Covenent" {sic} page: (Redundant Naga lore)
19:39.05Bagginsww"Mal'Zhaer" page: (Made-up placeholder? Or legit? I don't know.)
19:39.09Bagginsww"Maelstrom" page? (See "Zones & Locations"; several red [undefined] name areas. I'm not sure if these are legit, or whether these were made up as "zones".)
19:39.14BagginswwSeveral of the pages I saw appear to have already been reverted to their "pre-fan-made-up" versions. The only ones I'm for sure about are the "Deep Covenent" {sic} entry above, and the mess on the "Broken Isles" page.
19:39.17BagginswwThe main center of this appears on the following page:
19:39.21BagginswwAs it says, "All effort and thanks to Masslen, who posted this post (not including the class ideas) on the world of warcraft forum site."
19:39.24BagginswwAnd as it says on the *discussion* page attached to this: "This is a fan-made page, written by me on the Blizzard forums. These are just my ideas. -Masslen"
19:40.37Bagginswwya, I don't know how we missed these changes
19:40.41Bagginswwprobably the week I was busy studying for a a midterm :p
19:40.44Bagginswwya look slike it late february
19:40.49KirkburnYou okay with sorting it Baggins? :)
19:41.05Bagginswwwell, I say we lave in any WC3 related "locations"
19:41.11Bagginswwif you can get me a list of those
19:41.22Bagginswwwe just need to mark that they are from WC#
19:41.29KirkburnDidn't play it far enough
19:41.38KirkburnI can see a few on the map there
19:41.45Bagginswwas for lands of mystery I can do that
19:41.58Bagginswwya, that map helps
19:42.08BagginswwI'm going to scan in the LoM map too
19:42.22Bagginswwwhich shows a better scale of Azeroth btw, including kul tiras
19:43.02BagginswwI say we revert antyhing made by that person right now though
19:43.14Bagginswwwe can try to sort out official locations later on
19:43.25Bagginswwand give that person a warning
19:43.46Bagginswwits people like him that gives rest of wowwiki a bad name :p
19:44.06Bagginswwthat is people come in see those changes, don't know its a low level vandalism
19:44.13Bagginswwand assume we make up stuff
19:44.23KirkburnYeah, good idea
19:44.30KirkburnWho is it?
19:45.24KirkburnWow, he did a massive amount :/
19:45.45Bagginswwwe might need to give him a month ban, and the warning at the same time :p
19:46.00Bagginswwuntil we sort everything out :p
19:46.28Bagginswwthat's alot to have to clean up :p
19:46.57TraeI can feel you reaching deeper and deeper into my soul.
19:47.04*** join/#wowwiki drin (
19:47.35TraeSo when is the next expansion pack due out?
19:47.46Bagginswwblizzard hasn't even announced next one :p
19:47.55Bagginswwbut at this rate we better get one every 2 years ;)
19:48.05Bagginswwthey haven't even released all of this expansion's content though
19:48.08KirkburnThey're for one about every 12 months
19:48.22TraeI'm ready for Spaceship "mounts" and L100
19:48.23Bagginswwoh then they might make black temple next expansion :p
19:48.37Bagginswwwe aren't prepared :p
19:48.43TraeBagginsww, haha
19:48.58Bagginswwforget content patches
19:49.05Bagginswwwe'll sell you "expansions"
19:50.08Traethe next place will be "Not Quite so far out" land.... and it'll be inbetween the two worlds
19:51.01TraeI know it's blasphemy but I'd love to see Starcraft and WoW merge
19:51.05Bagginswwwhy not call it "other planes" and release some content for emerald planes, and elemental plane
19:51.09Bagginsww*emerald dream
19:51.26Bagginswwif a starcraft world is limited to a portal sure
19:51.27Traeweave the two stories together somehow
19:51.41BagginswwI just dont' want firebrats bleeding into azeroth :p
19:51.54Bagginswwwe don't need Warhammer 20k
19:52.25Traebut where do you go from here?  Down under?
19:52.27Bagginswwdiablo universe could be another portal LOL
19:52.29Trae"Digging mounts"
19:53.02Bagginswwturns out that Sanctuary is a world the Legion has been fighting over for millenia
19:53.07Traeinstead of a portal, it'll be a big giant hole in the ground
19:53.33BagginswwDiablo is an ally of the legion
19:53.42Traemeh, it's all over my head
19:53.51Bagginswwnever played diablo?
19:54.06Bagginswwits darker
19:54.06TraeWoW was my first venture into the genre
19:54.14Bagginswwdiablo wasn't an MMO
19:54.18TraeI played Quake
19:54.31Bagginswwalthough WoW has a few similar features
19:54.40BagginswwDiablo was more action oriented
19:54.49Traepersonally I always thought DnD and stuff was completely nerdy and stupic
19:54.57Bagginswwbasically one character could wipe out 30 enemies onscreen at once LOL
19:54.57Traeand I used to make fun of my friends
19:55.00Traefor playing WoW
19:55.08TraeI tried it once
19:55.14TraeNow I'm more of a dork than they are
19:55.22TraeDeeper into my soul.
19:55.32BagginswwI play WoW not for the RPG elements... its kind of weak in that respect
19:55.34Bagginswwmore for the story
19:55.35TraeI started in October.
19:55.42Bagginswwjapanese rpgs are infinitely better usually
19:55.44TraeI have no idea why I play it
19:55.57Bagginswwand If I get LOTR its for the story
19:55.58TraeI don't care about the story
19:56.00Bagginswwnot really the rpg elements
19:56.08TraeI'm just addicted
19:56.16Traexp xp xp
19:56.41Traethought I'd quit after my first 70
19:56.46BagginswwI hate the grind
19:56.49TraeI did quit even
19:56.57TraeI nuked my character and all alts
19:57.01Traeabout 2 weeks ago
19:57.09Trae5 hrs later, I'm begging a GM to restore
19:57.13BagginswwI prefer in japanese rpgs that the grind is usually hidden udner the linear story
19:57.29Bagginswwleveling is pretty fast usually too
19:57.51TraeI don't speak Japanese
19:57.57Bagginswwalthough its possible to get yourself stuck in a hole, where you can't progress cause a certain boss is more powerful than your current level :p
19:58.06Bagginswwand regular enemies are too hard to level on :p
19:58.15Bagginswwand going back to earlier areas isn't easy to do
19:58.23BagginswwI don't either
19:58.30TepetkhetI hate trying to figure out a palette.
19:58.33BagginswwI'm talking of english translations
19:58.41Bagginswwenglish ports
19:58.52Bagginswwfinal fantasy style games basically
20:05.38KirkburnApart from that, everything is back to normality
20:07.40KirkburnI'll move it to Whirlygig's pages
20:11.07Bagginswwya delete it
20:11.12Bagginswwoh ok
20:11.19Bagginswwya if it shis fanfic page its fine
20:11.27Bagginswwadded map
20:12.55BagginswwI should probalby break up the picture a bit and add elements to their related articles
20:17.35KirkburnOkay, I've moved the Northern, Southern Pandaria and Deep Covenent article to his userspace. Reverted changes made to existing articles and noted him
20:17.41KirkburnBagginsww, spread the good news on WW :P
20:18.46bleetahoooh, Bagginsww... I think it was Zeal who suggested I ask you... what killed Maim Blackhand? The Wiki is very vague
20:19.00bleetah~lart zeal
20:19.35*** join/#wowwiki Skosiris (
20:19.43bleetahor, to ask another way, when I asked yesterday what happened, there was some comment that both the blackhand brothers died, and WoW brought him back... how'd that work?
20:19.51BagginswwI'm not sure actually. He was mentioned in a quest I think
20:19.59Bagginswwrpg might have something but I odn't have time to look it up
20:20.06bleetahheh, np
20:20.26bleetahit was a topic of barrens chat.. we reached the comclusion that Rend either saw a spirit guide.. or lodged a GM ticket ;)
20:20.36Bagginswwand "both" died if you count the named NPCs in TFT that shared their names
20:20.51Bagginswwbut those were oultand chaos orcs
20:22.11bleetahrightio, thanks for the answer... I'm satisfied that the lore is vague on it ;)
20:25.00BagginswwI saw we move that
20:25.04Bagginswwto "ranodm pandaren"
20:25.24BagginswwI went back and confirmed that pandaren's involvement involves a random pandaren name
20:27.25*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:31.21Bagginswwshould we move that to Tel Abim
20:31.25SkosirisI need to add the Heroic drops to the site (an "Heroic drops" tab next to the "Drops" tab, for instance) but I'm not sure how heroic drops work.
20:31.32SkosirisI haven't had the chance to play WoW for a while heh
20:31.53Skosirismy main concern is:
20:31.55Bagginswwjust cause banana's are called tel'abim
20:32.09Bagginswwdoesn't mean the island is Tel'Abim
20:32.20Skosiriscan the stuff that drops in Normal mode can also drop in Heroic, and vice-versa?
20:32.24Bagginswwand only map that refrences it called it Tel Abim
20:32.36Bagginswwheroic only drops in heroic
20:32.39Bagginswwas far as I know
20:33.30Skosirisok so items that drop in Heroic mode can only drop in Heroic mode, what about items that drop in Normal mode. Is there a chance that this lower level gear drop in Heroic?
20:34.09Bagginswwno idea about normal items
20:34.44SkosirisKirkburn, Zeal, ... could anyone clarify this please? :)
20:35.24KirkburnSorry, I don't know either
20:35.28Kirkburnsancus may know
20:36.05KirkburnMy feeling would be that it doesn't, and that you only get heroic gear in heroic dungeons (apart from trash drops maybe?) and normal in normal
20:37.50Skosiristrying to get an answer from Sancus
20:39.50bleetahhey, what's the chance of having a 'live maintenance' page... but put it under 'fan fiction'? ;-) :-P
20:40.24KirkburnSkosiris, he's likely busy - don't always expect quick answers on here :P
20:40.42sancusstop pinging me jerks
20:41.07sancusonly some bosses drop extra heroic stuff
20:41.12sancusa lot of the drops are the same
20:41.23sancusplus they drop badges
20:41.29sancuswhich you can turn in for the heroic epix
20:41.54KirkburnYou learn something new every day :) Ta sancus
20:42.02sancusheroics are also where you get primal nether or wtf it's called, for some craftables
20:42.35sancusoh hm
20:42.43sancusguess those drop in normal also, but maybe increased frequency in heroic or something
20:42.52sancusI haven't done that much of the heroics so this is just what I've heard from guild mates
20:43.57KirkburnI would ask my housemate, but he's out atm
20:44.48Skosirisno biggy if it's not perfect the second it's released
20:45.05Skosirispeople will send bug reports and we'll just improve our "junk data remover"
20:45.51Skosiristhanks for the input :)
20:47.14sancuspeople bitch about the fact that so many of the heroic drops are the same as normal a lot ;p
20:51.28BagginswwI'm still trying to get my heroic keys :p
20:51.42BagginswwI"m just short of getting Caverns of time, have resoiver already.
20:51.52Bagginswwabout 2-3k from HH
20:51.58Bagginswwrevered with HH
20:52.09Bagginswwand still have a long ways for tempest
20:52.16BagginswwI have about 8k to go for achindoun
20:52.54Bagginswwwell be happy skos that drops drop and you can run them more than once
20:53.03Bagginswwif it dropped epics frequenly they'd have week long timers :p
20:53.07Bagginswwlike raids
20:53.31Skosiris1 heroic run per instance per day, right?
20:53.39Bagginswwsomething like that I think
20:53.45Bagginswwnot sure though
20:54.01Skosiristhat's what I've read on WoWWiki :)
20:54.20BagginswwI'll probably know more once I take the time to run the heroics
20:54.30Bagginswwbut kind of want to get my keys out of the way first :p
20:54.49Bagginswwgranted getting epics would be worth it heh
20:55.09Bagginswwbut I need the keys to get access to later 25 man content
20:55.24Bagginswwwhich the guild wants us to get prepped for
20:55.40*** join/#wowwiki Guest174725182 (
20:56.22*** join/#wowwiki afterbang (
20:59.48afterbangokay... so this is kind of embarassing... im only 10 years old and i forgot the last step in tying my shoes, i remember loop, swoop, but whats the last one?
21:01.04equiraptorI never tie my shoes.
21:01.06bleetah'throw them away and wear sandals or slipons'
21:01.07equiraptorVelcro FTW!
21:01.15bleetahequiraptor also speaks much truth
21:01.25Bagginswwyyou can't remember how to tie shoes but you can do mirc?
21:01.31Skosirisyou don't need shows if you use Wowhead
21:01.43afterbanganyone remember the last step, cause i cant tie them and i keep faceplanting into things
21:01.57Bagginswwcomedy gold
21:02.10bleetahreal men wear Blundstone Boots
21:02.39afterbangwhat about blackened defias boots
21:02.40bleetah(they're made in kids sizes too, perfect for those who can't remember how to tie their shoes) :-P
21:02.52bleetahnah, they're one size fits all
21:02.55Bagginswwthis just in in order ot make WoW more realistic, Blizzard will impliment shoe tieing in the next patch. If you don't do it right you will have a chance to trip during fights.
21:02.55bleetahstrangely enough
21:03.28bleetahBagginsww: that'd be pretty amusing
21:03.44*** join/#wowwiki Gankutsuou (n=JavaUser@
21:03.58bleetahnew PvP spell, avail to all stealth race/classes 'tie opponent's laces together'
21:04.19Bagginswwalso includes "hot foot"
21:04.30Bagginswwstick a match in their shoe
21:04.49Bagginswwold holywood gag
21:04.49TepetkhetSo with some horrible mix of css and tables on a non-fixed-width site...
21:05.54TepetkhetI'm wondering if it's hard to set a td with a fixed width and have another td over with like a 100%
21:06.00Tepetkheter, if it's wrong/bad/broken
21:09.48amro`afkTepetkhet: I found another itemstats script if you're interested
21:09.55Bagginswwexplosive woopie cushion... Stick a woopie cushion on any chair. If a character sits in it, a loud fart sound is made that everyone can hear in the zone, and the poor victim blows up.
21:10.01Tepetkhetamro`afk: Oh?
21:10.10amro`afkhold on, let me dig up the link
21:10.25Bagginswwthe victim's name is then broadcasted across the zone chat
21:10.27TepetkhetThe one I have does work...
21:12.24bleetahBagginsww: and an AoE debuff 'you find it difficult to inhale air' should be applied
21:12.48Bagginswwbut fatal gags would be funny
21:13.09amro`afkTepetkhet: couldn't find it anyway, must be in my windows ff's history
21:14.39BagginswwOh kirk you might find this interesting
21:14.48Bagginswwapparently Zandalar trolls are their own type of troll
21:14.58Bagginswwneither jungle, or island trolls
21:15.12Bagginswwthey are the type of trolls from which all trolls originate from
21:15.29Bagginswwthere was some arguement about it before as I recall.
21:19.03afterbangGUYS !!!!!  !   THE LAST STEP IS PULL, LOOP, SWOOP, PULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:19.20afterbangNO MORE FACEPLANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
21:20.11BagginswwI never learned how to tie shoes that way...
21:20.15KirkburnI thought it was Pull, loop, swoop, hurl :(
21:21.34Bagginswwbet those won't even get a mention in the warcraft II novel
21:21.48Bagginswwor that
21:23.43Bagginswwfor all we know the book might even follow the game much at all :P. Although I can only hope the author took the time to play through the campaigns :P
21:26.45KirkburnThe Channel Islands? I didn't realise Jersey and Guernsey were in Warcraft :P
21:29.29Bagginswwyep the warcraft "Channel Islands"  are mentioned in the first acts of both horde and alliance campaigns.
21:29.46Bagginswwthere is some interweaving betweent the acts too btw
21:30.08Bagginswwhorde destroy one of the towns from their base on Zul'dare
21:30.15Bagginswwand its mentioned it was destroyed in the alliance campaign
21:30.41Bagginswwand one of the alliance missions is to destroy the zul'dare base
21:30.46Bagginswwand that's mentioned in the horde campaign
21:31.03Bagginswwthey end up moving to another location to set up an attack cause they lost their zul'dare base
21:32.41KirkburnInteresting stuff
21:54.25*** join/#wowwiki oClad|away (
22:09.08Skosiris*Site slow alert!*
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22:56.51Skyfirehey all
22:57.42*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:04.33Skyfireshould prolly be deleted ;(
23:04.41Skyfirea bit op, tbh
23:04.56KirkburnDeleted again
23:08.43Skyfireok...h ave you ever seen "One-handed sword" on any item:
23:09.16Skyfirethott doesn't do that :/
23:13.29SkyfireSkosiris, you here?
23:24.16SkosirisI didn't notice this bug when I messed up with the tooltip generator
23:24.32SkosirisI'll fix it right away
23:26.09Skyfirewelcome :]
23:40.40*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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