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00:10.42Kirkburn|afkLol, now I'm doing a quest in Durotar!
00:11.07Kirkburn|afkYay for neutral NPCs
00:12.41Kirkburn|afkIt's not often you get to do a level 8 horde quest
00:21.42winkillerthat suckers in slavepens see through stealth :( tried to solo Lost in Action
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00:55.35BagginswwI wonder how the LOTR MMO will be. I got into a stress test so I think I'll try it out.
00:55.56BagginswwKind of impressed by the preorder lifetime payment option too.l
00:56.35Bagginsww$199 to have access to the game for the life of the game, rather than paying monthly fee.
00:57.08BagginswwI think that would allow me to put time into it, as well as WoW without feeling obligated to play LotR all the time.
00:57.21bleetahyeah, it's like anything that has a lifetime guarantee tho, do you know howlong the lifetime is?
00:57.33bleetah$199 is bloody expensive if the game folds in 3 months, and they say 'hey, that's it's lifetime'
00:57.34Bagginswwits as long as the game has live servers
00:57.41Bagginswwya, agree
00:57.47Bagginswwthat would suck if ti failed within 3 months LOL
00:58.03Bagginswwon the other hand I pay $149 a year for WoW LOL
00:58.12bleetahyeah, I'd be looking at the small print for guaranteed minimum length of lifetime
00:58.15bleetahor refund
00:58.33Bagginswwor rather almost 160 a year
00:58.58bleetahI wonder if it'll change blizz's pricing structure at all
00:59.21bleetahguess it depends on what LOTRO takeup rate is, and whether Blizz can detect a drift from WoW customers
00:59.35BagginswwI wonder if they give the option becuase of other psuedo-mmos out there like guildwars eliminating monthly fees
00:59.53Bagginswwthe previews for LOTR seem to be good so far
01:00.11Bagginswwbut if it looks pretty and "isn't fun" I wouldn't pay 199 for it LOL
01:00.24Bagginswwnot even in "yearly" payments
01:00.45bleetahdon't get me wrong, I think Blizz do an OK job under trying circumstances; but it'll be great for them to have some real competition. hence I hope it'll be successful
01:01.29BagginswwI don't know much about it, but it seems its not really a PVP based mmo?
01:01.55BagginswwIt mainly is geared towars playing "good races".
01:02.04Bagginswwalthough it has some feature to let you play as "monsters"
01:02.28Bagginswwnot sure if those are just cinematic mini games or not though.
01:03.33Bagginswwanycase a LOTR yearly cost would be about $120 if you pay the 9.99 preorder offer
01:03.41Bagginsww9.99 a month
01:03.54BagginswwI'm guessing it will be more for people who get into the game after preorder
01:05.55BagginswwOh and the biggest fine print Bleetah about the one time payment, is that it doesn't cover expansion packs. You'll still have to buy the extras down the line to install them to the main game.
01:06.18Bagginswwwhich isn't much different than other games expansion packs really?
01:09.05EricBettsit would basically be the substitution of the monthly fee, since both monthly and lifetime fee games still change for expansion material
01:09.37BagginswwIf I played 2 years it would still be a very big savings
01:09.56Bagginswwsometimes I feel like WoW is bleeding me dry LOL
01:10.20EricBettsI would be into the idea of a lifetime fee with something like WoW, since I'm already sure I like it, as long as the minimum for a 'lifetime' is specified, and upon the end of its life (whenever that may be) they agree to open source the code, or at least allow the creation of free servers
01:10.36Bagginswwthat would be cool
01:10.53Bagginswwso far I think I've spent around $500 in monthly fees for WoW
01:11.03Bagginswwso $199 seems cheap
01:14.20BagginswwFrom what I get they won't be offering a "lifetime" option to anyone but preordres because monthly fees do go to keeping servers active, and creating new content.
01:14.41Bagginswwif eveyrone had that option then their funds would be much lower.
01:53.16Adysback soonish
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04:59.13MontaggFor a psycho-sexual analysis of the Lich King, see Talk:Arthas_Menethil#Arthas_the_Tool
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05:07.12Adyslol montag
05:08.14Adysoff to bed again, laters
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09:39.26Zeallo all
09:45.31Zeali'm the only one back to a normal sleep pattern? :p
10:05.42dottedi had 2 hours sleep last night, so im back to normal
10:08.39nemppuhi zeal which country
10:09.01Zeallol uk
10:09.16Zealand it was mainly to Kirkburn|afk and adys :p
10:09.52nemppuok i was thinking some USA first but its like 2 am there so that doesnt make sense
10:11.35nemppuKirkburn|afk is in disguise <:
10:15.18Zealrofl Kirkburn|afk
10:24.40Kirkburn|afkI just found Omen.
10:27.54Kirkburn|afkYup, and a 47 gnome just suicided against him :P
10:28.11dottedmy 33 shaman can solo him
10:28.33dottedi think
10:29.00dottedyes im alittle over confident :p
10:29.41Zealjust a little
10:30.50dottedany locks here?
10:32.40Zealmy pc can be locked..
10:33.15Zealthe channel too i guess :P
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10:40.56Walaanyone here?
10:41.57Kirkburn|afkI'm not
10:42.05WalaDo you know how to edit templates in wowwiki?
10:43.04WalaI wanted to fix this page : but I don't know how to edit the item templates at exalted rewards
10:44.39dok3Dalwell ... not yet
10:45.23Walaso, there's 41 people here, 38 of them afk? :P auhauh
10:46.35nemppu37, make it 37 \o/
10:48.49Walaso, any of you know how to edit those templates?
10:50.01nemppui have no idea
10:50.10nemppui just lurk
10:50.32Zealwhat templates are you looking to edit wala
10:50.48Zealfyi.. that page makes me want to delete it..
10:52.00nemppuscroll down and you WILL see what he wants to fix >.<!
10:52.16Walait's the exaltd rewards
10:52.29WalaI don't know how to edit it, it just says 'vendor item|blablabla
10:52.37Zealno, i don't see what he wants to fix nemppu
10:52.45Zealyeah.. what about it do you want to fix?
10:52.54Waladid you see them?
10:52.58Zealits a rather drawn out convoluted template being used.
10:53.00Zealyes i do..
10:53.48Zealso what? you've not told me what it is you want to fix
10:53.54WalaPattern: Nethercleft Leg Armor, Design: The Natural Ward, Recipe: Major Nature Protection Potion and Recipe: Flask of Distilled Wisdom
10:54.01Walathose items
10:54.02Zeala price, a tooltip, you want to fix a tooltip..
10:54.03Walaon the page
10:54.10Walathe tooltip
10:54.14Walathey don't have tooltip
10:54.19WalaI wanted to know how to make it
10:54.51Walait just says {{Vendor Item|Pattern: Nethercleft Leg Armor}}
10:54.54Walaon the edit page
10:55.06Walaas well as {{Vendor Item|Earthwarden}}
10:55.14Walabut the Earthwarder shows all nice and such
10:55.24Walabut the Nethercleft Leg Armor is bugged, and don't shows up
10:55.59Zealnothing against you. but i'm not going to tell you, and also tell you to leave it alone. This is using a template Tekkub made, one that was never agreed upon and is likely to be removed. If i told you where and how to create the tooltip, it would jsut be duplicated wiki content and we'd have to remove it later.
10:56.24Zealinstead, jsut put it on the talk page, it needs to be converted to the correct template usage.
10:56.24WalaI see
10:56.42WalaInstead, could you teach me how to make the correct template?
10:56.50WalaI wanted to help, just don't know how
10:56.59Walacould you show me how to?
10:57.33Kirkburn|afkThe best way to learn is by looking at other examples
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10:57.52Kirkburn|afk(sorry, we're just busy people!)
10:58.14Walaok then
10:58.24Zealthe item pages are currently under going changes and a new standard being put in place. currently, there is no system to achieve what is in place on the page atm (nor should there be imo, but that's beside the point) so there is no way to switch to a new one. Best think i can suggest is to change all of those to the following
10:58.28Walacan you at least show me a correct template, so I can base myself on it?
10:58.52Zealand put thme in a list, removing the tables
10:59.17Zealthough be forewarned, it'd be controversial to do so.
10:59.19Walaok, I think I already done it on another page, let me take a look
10:59.37WalaZeal, sorry, but I didn't understand
10:59.43Walaenglish isn't my first language ^^ :P
10:59.49Zealnp wala
10:59.58Zealit's a complicated matter at the moment
11:00.21Zeali'm sure you want to help, but i'd recommend leaving it to someone else to handle.
11:00.49Zealactually, i'm bored.. let's risk stiring up controversy.. i'll do it >_>
11:07.30Walawell, I must go, going back to work now, thanks a lot for the help ;)
11:08.19Kirkburn|afkWha? He wants me to write him an email about how to edit?
11:09.13*** join/#wowwiki Psyker7 (
11:09.28Zealhuh? :S
11:09.32Kirkburn|afkWhy can't people look for the Help pages :/
11:09.34Zeallo Psyker7
11:09.35Kirkburn|afk(PMed me)
11:10.07Psyker7its so much quicker to annoy someone else Kirkburn|afk :P
11:15.28Zealheres an idea.. why not require elinks inside stubs.. so people can fill out stubs easier?
11:16.38Zealalso, even though we don't have the info on the wiki
11:16.44Zealwiki reader can still get their info
11:17.32Psyker7effort :P
11:17.41Kirkburn|afkLol, this was linked on the lastest episode of Scrubs:
11:18.04Psyker7one thing ive seen is code which links to thottbot etc as a search instead of direct link....
11:18.59Psyker7tic finding it...
11:19.14Zealrofl Kirkburn|afk
11:22.34Zealoh ffs.. all these item stubs with no info on them because tekkub has put the info on splits..
11:22.49Zeali'm not cleaning up that mess..
11:27.30Psyker7yeah but the search code is actually ok
11:27.55ZealPsyker7, wtf are you talking about? :s
11:28.12Psyker7[{{urlencode:{{PAGENAME}}}} Search on Thottbot]
11:28.28Psyker7instead of havingot manually go to thott to find the direct link
11:28.44Zealno.. a direct link is what you want
11:29.07Zealotherwise you run the risk of the user getting lost or not finding the page you actually wanted them to go to.
11:29.40Zealyou don't send people to kharazan page when i want them to go to nightbane do ya?
11:29.45Zeal*when you
11:29.58Psyker7i dno... in general ppl using wowwiki are pretty clued in... but yeah
11:30.53Zealwel it also creates actually work (reading the page and clicking a link ;) ) for the user
11:30.55Psyker7and if u dont know how to search on thottbot ur a nub
11:31.04Zeal*extra work
11:31.11Psyker7not if only one thing by that name exists
11:31.11Psyker7try it
11:31.14Zealits got nothing to do with knowing how to search
11:31.29Psyker7meh i dont make item stubs much so not a big deal for me
11:31.30ZealPsyker7, you can't garuntee that though.
11:32.10Zealplus search is by name afaik
11:32.22Zealit's nice to have the id's listed in the page by some means.
11:47.10Zealok, well i'm gunna play wow
11:47.24Zeali had a stop error last night while my friend went to play wow :s
11:47.33Zealdunno what happened, havn't had one in like 2 years.
11:54.02zealoh not this shit again, trillian's preventing wow from loading properly : /
12:19.55zealdunno, never solved it, does it now and then, and won't stop doing it until i close trillian
12:20.22zealbasically, when wow loads, i end up with a blank screen, jsut showing my surroundings, no ui, no people (though all the sounds are there) and all controlls are lagged.
13:04.28*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (
13:08.04Psyker7i run trillian (am atm) and runnign wow atm too.... works fine for me
13:08.15zealas i said, it's now and then
13:08.19zealit's never been consistant
13:08.25zealso i can only say, you're lucky
13:08.45Psyker7wish they'd get a proper update to trillian but :( its been AGES
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13:38.54zealhey frenchie
13:40.57zealhm. interesting
13:41.10zealin ashenvale, my fps becoems locked by half my vsync..
13:42.18zealor not.. jsut an odd coincidence i guess :s
13:44.22zealif i turn around alot, it spikes above that.. but keeps settling @ 37.5 fps :s
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13:55.44Adysalo zeal
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14:06.39MontaggSo, I guess no upgrade this weekend.
14:39.20Kirkburn|afkNew Simpsons trailer!
14:47.00sancusthat's probably going to suck :/
14:49.20sancusthe simpsons have gone REALLY downhill since the classic years
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14:50.36Kasoman i love HD, i wish a) it was more prevalent here and b) i actually had a TV receiver
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15:49.12mahirocan someone help me with secure frames?
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16:02.28mahirocan someone help me with secure frames?
16:03.28cladhairemahiro: You should join #wowi-lounge, thats where the coding help happens.
16:03.49mahiroohh thanks:D
16:14.50TepetkhetOh yeah.  What do people get keyed/attuned for in the Burning Crusade?
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16:38.26D_Ckhaz... something
16:40.32D_Cyeah that one
16:45.02TepetkhetIt's harder to find WoW-themed forum icons than I expected.
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17:44.18Adys~seen Fin
17:44.38infobotfin is currently on #wowace (18h 31m 59s) #wowwiki (18h 31m 59s), last said: 'neenee: thanks'.
17:45.06AdysFIN WAKE UP !
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17:57.05Gryphenlol @ wow-eu hacked
18:00.44zealGryphen, what ya talking about? :s
18:01.13zeal ? :S
18:01.46zealwhat was the site original? i thought it was just one of the bought up domains covered in searchs and ads.. heh.
18:02.49Gryphensort of, guides
18:03.10Gryphenfunny sleaze owned by sleaze
18:04.36zeallol fair enough
18:05.31nemppu works fine
18:05.51Gryphenthat is why that wasnt linked
18:06.00nemppuapparently <:
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18:32.29zealhow long does a bid add on to the auction time? :S
18:32.31zeal2 mins?
19:18.05zealfucking hate ninja bidding..
19:27.36Tuqui-tuquiwhere are you bidding?
19:27.43Tuqui-tuquiebay does not add
19:27.47Tuqui-tuquibut other sites do
19:28.17equiraptorI figured he meant in WoW.
19:28.38Tuqui-tuquiI never bid in WoW
19:28.43Tuqui-tuquiI always Buyout
19:30.02zealrofl Tuqui-tuqui, ofc i meant in wow :p
19:30.18zealtoo late now, i got fed up
19:30.21zealso let it run out
19:30.27*** join/#wowwiki nilsh (
19:31.16zeali was the onyl bidder until short, then it became a bid war, and not knowing how long ago it hit short, and not being able to find how much a bid increases the length for, it had no way for ninjaing it back..
19:31.51zealatleast i forced it over the cost price..
19:32.05zealjust pissed off my time was wasted
19:33.26*** join/#wowwiki elate1 (n=elate@
19:33.27zealgod i hate splintertree FP.. it's them ust fucked up FP in terms of cost..
19:33.44zeal*the most :s
19:38.13zealI see King of the Foulweald is still not a group quest, despite it's description saying it requires a group, thus i can't use LFG for it.. >_<
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19:41.52TepetkhetWhat are all the standard Horde colours anyway?  Blue and Gold are Alliance...
19:42.00Tuqui-tuquiRed and Black
19:42.02TepetkhetHorde is Red and Black.
19:42.24Tuqui-tuquiI just ordered this
19:42.26TepetkhetBlood Elves are Red and Gold...
19:42.36Tuqui-tuquiBelves are pink and purple
19:42.49*** join/#wowwiki elate2 (n=elate@
19:42.55Tuqui-tuquiI dont get why they were accepted into the horde
19:43.14TepetkhetWhat don't you get about it?
19:44.12Tuqui-tuquiif banshess/undead have no memories of their past
19:44.20Tuqui-tuquiwhy would Sylvanas accept them in
19:44.22TepetkhetThey do.
19:44.31Tuqui-tuquithey do? 0.o
19:44.35TepetkhetI guess you've never played Forsaken?
19:44.48Tuqui-tuquithen why does everything I read say they dont 0.o
19:45.13TepetkhetForsaken are constantly going on quests or giving out quests that relate to their past.
19:45.37Tepetkhet"Oh, thanks for this letter from my BF.  Sucks that he died or whatever, but hey.  I'm dead now, too, and don't care."
19:45.54TepetkhetOr "Seek revenge for me."
19:46.04equiraptor"Find the rink of my dead wife"
19:46.20equiraptorType? Who? Me?
19:47.13TepetkhetThis is one of the first undead quests.
19:51.45sancusthey remember everything about their past!
19:51.51sancusexcept how to speak the language they spoke when they were alive, ofc
19:52.32Tuqui-tuquiwhats up with that >:{
19:52.34equiraptorBrain disease. Attacked the language centers.
19:53.54sancusbefore they threw away any slight attempt at keeping lore in favor of making the game as nonthreatening as possible :P
19:54.07sancusundead ruled in beta
19:54.26sancusSpoke common and had proper undead attributes
19:55.07sancusI still dont understand why they made them have to breathe
19:55.32sancusI used to idle underneath the booty bay docks in beta all the time, it was fun :p
19:56.33*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:57.06TepetkhetHow can you kill..that which is already dead?
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20:12.32MontaggThe game as interpretation rather than simulation.
20:18.09*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
20:18.52*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
20:19.59sancusor ridiculous :P
20:32.15Boromiranybody else having problems connecting?
20:35.47*** join/#wowwiki Guest28361 (
20:40.38TepetkhetTerrible problem.
20:40.44TepetkhetI'm not even getting the login screen.
20:40.49*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:40.51TepetkhetBut then...
20:40.53TepetkhetI'm at work.
20:57.28Montaggsancus: Ridiculous, academic... All the same in the end. =c)
20:57.57zealanyone know if they changed warsong oil part from the warsong supplies quest? :s last time i did it, i never found the containers for it, and it dropped after over 100 kills iirc. and same things is happening again now..
20:58.00equiraptorSheesh. I really do have cars on the brain.
20:58.59equiraptorYou've found the containers before, zeal?
20:59.01Montaggzeal: The oil should be an object in the satyr camp. It spawns in random places, though.
20:59.44zealyeah, Montagg. this is the second time i've spent over an hour here without it spawning
21:00.00zealthe first time i did this, like a year ago, it was fine, loads of them
21:00.07zeallast two times in recent months, no spawns
21:00.19zealso i was there for almost two hours just farming till it dropped
21:00.25zealswear it's bugged.
21:00.38equiraptorYou're in the satyr camp that's downhill from the other satyr camp, with slightly lower level satyrs, right?
21:00.55equiraptorI only ask because I'm thinking maybe the oil used to spawn at multiple camps, and now it's only at one?
21:01.26TepetkhetThe oil spawned for me the last time I tried at the middle camp.
21:03.56Montaggequiraptor: I was thinking the same thing. Wowhead only lists it as spawning in the one camp, and that was my experience.
21:04.15TepetkhetIt used to spawn for me at the Eastern camp.
21:04.18MontaggIt might be bugged, or it might just be in a very obscure location in the camp.
21:04.43equiraptorI've seen it in multiple places in the camp at the same time, though...
21:04.56equiraptorBut, yeah, sometimes it's hard to tell that's what you're looking for.
21:06.07zealwhere are the other camps? and yes, i'm at satyrnaar, the one below xavian
21:09.29zealwowhead says its at the one where i am
21:09.38zealsomeone just gave me cords nowhere near this though..
21:09.49zealthough sadly, i don't have any of my cords addons on atm..
21:10.09TepetkhetLast time, I found it in the camp like you're going to Felwood.
21:10.12TepetkhetOff to the right of that.
21:11.53zealok.. that's slightly different
21:12.02zeali've been told, west of raynewood
21:12.38zealenither all or wowhead show it anywhere but the camp i was at : /
21:12.44zealstupid blizzard changing things..
21:17.20zealgod splintertree is useless..
21:44.57zealwell done blizz.. let's give all mobs in the area the ability to silence for 4 seconds without diminishing returns so when you have to pull two mobs, they just chain silence you..
21:45.04zeal!!! >_<;
22:08.35MontaggKirkburn|afk: Is the skurri font actually used in the game anywhere?
22:11.27TepetkhetGotta run.
22:20.37cladhaireMontagg: skurri is the font on the playerframe when you're taking damage or being healed (i.e. the large numbers)
22:20.42cladhaireif i'm not mistaken
22:23.05MontaggAh, okay.
22:30.40*** join/#wowwiki avaia (
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23:28.16Zealwell i'm off to bed. nn all
23:30.02*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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23:31.05AdysAh damnit I feel drunk and I haven't even had a beer in a week
23:33.21MontaggOh teh noes!
23:36.29Adys haha
23:48.33Adyshaha zeal I love you
23:48.39AdysMaybe when people learn to capitalize the word "I"? ^^ -- Tekkub () 16:56, 17 February 2007 (EST)
23:48.42AdysThat'll happen the day someone gives me a justified reason to, 'till then i'm sticking with the English language being crap. >_> --Zealtalkcontrweb 03:39, 18 February 2007 (EST)
23:50.04sancusthank god we dont have to speak french
23:50.29Adysplease =)
23:50.32sancusno, definitely not
23:50.40Adyshell yeah
23:51.09MontaggOhh, I want to respond to that post so badly.
23:51.33MontaggStupid anti-American login box.

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