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00:02.26MontaggDeathface: The only advantage would be if that particular pet had a faster attack or something specific to the mob. Other than that, it's just the look, what abilities it can learn, and what it eats.
00:03.04Deathfaceokay cool
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01:45.07BagginswwOk the netherstorm used to be called Farah or something?
01:45.27Bagginswwthey named a stone found there Farahlite in honor of the land's former idenity
01:46.49Bagginswwmaybe Farahl
01:49.28Bagginswwfarahlon apparently
01:52.34Bagginswwwould love to see what it looked liek
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02:04.00pakozanyone know a good site for heroic drops?
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02:50.43karatpakoz, the heroic drops arnt all that much better afaik
02:50.51karatquests rep and badges
02:51.09karatSo far in heroic slave pens (still soloing trash, can't get a group for the bigger stuff) I've seen the same loot that a normal 70 dungeon has
03:24.50pakozthey are different, and thats why im interested.
03:25.10pakoznot looking for better gear for every slot, but i'm focusing on certain gear
03:25.18pakozwhich heroic may or maynot provide me
03:29.27Erissiaafternoon pplz
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04:51.28zealDeathface, this isn't pokemon. the point at which you get a pet doesn't matter :P
04:51.28zeallo all
04:51.28zeal<Hobinheim|work> and there's one lady blood knight and another collapsed blood knight and she's all like, move along, there's nothing to see here <-- pala class quest
04:51.28zealBagginsww, farahl? where's this from? MG?
04:51.29Bagginswwthe game
04:51.29Bagginswwand its farahlon
04:51.29Zealwher in the game? :P
04:51.29Bagginswwnetherstorm quests :p
04:51.29Bagginswwand there is giants called Feralhlon giants
04:51.30Bagginswwapparently there is an article that discusses the plains of Feralhalon on world of warcrfat website too
04:51.30Zealhm.. cool
04:51.30Zealand for some reason, i thought you said maelstrom.. just woke up, lol
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04:58.41Zealhey Adys
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05:55.59Zealmay as well stick around for when/if the upgrade happens : /
05:55.59KirkburnYes, stick around :)
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05:56.00Zealomg, you're not afk :o
05:56.00KirkburnZomg, I'm not afk
05:56.00Zealsancus, lol @ last night btw.
05:56.00Zealseeing one side of a talk is amusing, but i saw you had my back :P
05:56.00Zealoo wiki died O_o
05:56.00Zealrofl, seen the murky bug?
05:56.01KirkburnWhat did I miss last night?
05:56.01Zealnothing, just luaral trying to get me to do something stupid for no good reason.
05:56.01KirkburnAh, yeah saw it
05:56.01KirkburnWhat's the bug - bein able to spawn hundreds?
05:56.01Zealwell 30 they spawned
05:56.02Zealoo. painted versions of those wow figures
05:56.02Zealthose are win..
05:56.02Zeali want the orc and belf :p
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05:56.03Zealwb tekkub1
05:56.03KirkburnUseless nickserv, you kick one name, and it logs you in with another ^^
05:56.03Zealwell, you can't connect properly unless you change nick, thus you can't communicate with ns unless you change nick. so you have to change to an alt nick, ghost, then change back : /
06:17.59KirkburnNot entirely true
06:17.59KirkburnThere is just enough time upon logging in to log in as an alternate nick, ghost your old nick, rename yourself before you reenter the channels
06:17.59KirkburnI have a connect file set up to do that everytime I log in
06:18.00KirkburnObviously the first time is does nothing because you can't ghost yourself
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06:28.17MeStinkBADAhh Zeal's been removed from ignore
06:30.16*** topic/#wowwiki by Kirkburn -> Discuss all wiki issues here! Channel info: | RC list: [[ WoWWiki:RC ]] | UI questions? Join #wowi-lounge | Belated Happy Valentine's Day!?
06:30.45Kirkburn6:30am, just the kind of time to be watching Battlestar Galactica :P
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06:42.00Zealwhat MeStinkBAD? :S
06:42.17Zealbattlestare, the new ones, suck imo : /
06:43.03Zealand Kirkburn, i join channels on reconnect, there is no enough time unles i script as you say, which being automated is irrelevent to the point of usability.
06:44.22KirkburnWhat do you actually expect me to say? It works for me on reconnect, therefore, it works.
06:45.16Zealno, you said what you said. that you can do it with a script
06:45.27KirkburnWell yes
06:45.33KirkburnTo get off this subject -
06:47.34Zealgod used magnets..
06:48.00Zeallet's denounce some science and embrace the rest because it fits the bible's description.. suuuure
06:49.17KirkburnSome of the pages on there are midn-boggling
06:49.29Zealgod damn useless blizz shop
06:49.36Zealdunno why i bother to link to it..
06:50.24KirkburnPhotographic evidence against the earth revolving -
06:50.38KirkburnWhassup wiv' da shawp?
08:03.39Zeallol Kirkburn
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08:03.40Bagginswwahh weird
08:03.40Bagginswwapparently the plains of farahlon existed "afew months ago"
08:03.40Bagginswwit only became the Netherstorm in recent time
08:03.40Bagginswwyou learn this through the quests in that alliance city in southern netherstorm
08:07.08Zealyour item boilerplate edit summary was rather inaccurate, you made one change to the tooltip (which is broken fyi), removed external links stuff, and changed a word :s
08:08.45Adyshows the tooltip change broken?
08:09.06Adysah i see
08:09.06Zealyou left out the | after colspan
08:09.08Zealfixed it
08:09.49Zealjust a heads up, i'm likely to snap at people today >_>;
08:10.32Adysthe external links thing is because if we ever use external links in smalltooltipcss it will be done another way than this one making tooltips heavy and complicated, talked about it some days ago but didnt make the boilerplate change
08:11.11Zealtbh, i wouldn't want to see external links in the tooltips period
08:11.27Adysactually is the colspan=2 needed for the {{socket}} template?
08:11.56Zealif the tooltip is complete, we don't need the external links, and sure as hell don't need them on a tooltip used for inclusion : /
08:12.15Zealer.. no idea, not looekd too closely at the layout of the tooltip table
08:12.33Zealsocket doesn't have it as part of it's template, because it was made for my tooltip.
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08:13.50Adys lol
08:13.55Adys" I love being chain dazed, I really love it!
08:13.56AdysNothing like taking a "shortcut" and seeing stars for the next 30 seconds. "
08:14.12Psyker7how true....
08:14.40Zeali hate getting dazed jsut fron fighting
08:14.59Zealthe mechanics of it is anti-range : / not fair
08:15.04Psyker7l2side strafe?
08:15.17Zealer.. side strafe benefits how?
08:15.28Zealand i do fyi
08:15.36Adysyou outrun mobs more easily
08:15.41Adysnever understood how it works
08:15.50Zealprobably because mob pathing sucks
08:15.57Psyker7you only get dazed if u get hit from behind
08:15.58Zealconsidering strafing is slower
08:16.05Psyker7u go slower if u run backwards.....
08:16.14Zealwell Psyker7, i can say that's untrue, especially if you count in lag
08:16.50Zealif i'm jumping around a fucking mob yet still hitting it in melee, i should not be getting dazed..
08:17.00Psyker7lag sucks =( lol
08:17.10Psyker7./shrug i've never been dazed unless ive had my back facing a mob.... or my side... u gota face em slightly while ur strafing...
08:18.25AdysLol, levelling rep and level at the same time looks really cool
08:19.02AdysKirkburn :) Heya lovely warlock
08:19.20KirkburnCiao-ciao, sexeh frenchie
08:22.57AdysHey honey
08:25.11Zealwell i'm gunna have breakfast and go for a bath, bbl
08:26.59zealBagginsww, yeah i recall someone mentioning netherstorm became what it is only recently, not with the destruction of draenor.
08:27.14zealblame kael i say
08:28.09zealsad to see him go in wow though, i'm sure post wow we will get a new blood elves, redeeming themselves and under new leadership. possibly getting back with the high elves.
08:29.55zealbtw, been discussing more and researched a bit about that rumor of miev helping to kill illidan
08:30.12zealbasically, akama has turned good, but is putting up a farce so illidan doesn't realize
08:30.31AdysYeah theres a whole quest
08:30.40Adysleading you to akama etc
08:30.43Adysdid you check it?
08:30.57zealhe helps you gain access to the black temple (quest chain dies off at adal atm), and promises to help you when the time coems to kill illidan. nothing about miev though.
08:30.59zealyes i did
08:31.55Psyker7Random q I've been wondering about.... on the wiki there seem to be a lot of transcludable pages for quality that arn't getting used by their item page.... is that normal?
09:22.37zealtranscludable pages for quality?
09:22.37Psyker7such as
09:22.37Psyker7whole lot of htem arnt tagged as transcludable either...
09:22.37zealoh, someone decided to take it upon themselves to try out a new standard for item pages
09:22.37zealit's since been voted against
09:22.37zealer.. still being voted on though
09:22.37Psyker7lol i saw that
09:22.37zealbut it's loosing
09:22.37Psyker7the one ive seen is going ahead is the one with <noinclude> of the tooltip...
09:22.37Psyker7there seem to be a lot of items that have been changed to that, but leaving their transcludes behind :P
09:22.38zealnoinclude of the tooltip? :s you mean no include of the page except the tooltip right?
09:22.38Psyker7erm yeah >.<
09:22.38zealcos that is the current standard, and one of the winning options atm, yeah
09:22.38Psyker7and all the transclude pages left behind....?
09:22.38zealthey should be deleted
09:22.38Psyker7should i mark them as such while im going through em then?
09:22.38zealbut waiting on the outcome of the vote
09:22.39Psyker7it says ratified atm...
09:22.39zealoh? in which case i'd mark it for deletion (make sure it's inside the no include)
09:22.39zealwasn't sure if the vote was still going, heh.
09:22.39Psyker7next time i get bored at work then :P
09:22.39Psyker7bah mIRC wont  launch firefox when i click links >.<
09:22.40Adysright click it
09:22.40Adysopen in new browser
09:22.40AdysOr open your browser and go to and download a decent irc client :P
09:22.40Psyker7duh... brb guna jump on in trillian instead of mirc
09:22.41Psyker7trillian miranda... /shrug
09:22.41Adyssame thing ;)
09:22.41zealdunno why mirc wouldn't it is a decent client :P
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09:22.42Psyker7hrm.... arena team names.....
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09:22.43Adyszeal you still here ?
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09:23.55KirkburnRestart my PC for the first time in days, and I've got updates to install :/
09:23.55Adys14 15 16 17 18 too
09:25.11KirkburnWhat am I missing?
09:25.21KirkburnWrong name?
09:25.25Adysnope they are correct
09:25.31Adysbut they were not uploaded before
09:25.39Adysand im not sure if they are recent or anything
09:26.13AdysWhat the fuck is DaAznSaN doing? I left him two messages on his talk page and he keeps reverting me
09:29.18Adysand patrigan needs to template his sig :P
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09:31.08KirkburnMy god, 19 updates :/
09:33.02KirkburnYay my delivery came
09:33.56KirkburnThe Naked Gun trilogy, Police Squad the series and Planes, Trains and Automobiles :)
09:34.05Adys<- got netherwhelp yesterday :D
09:34.30KirkburnI should get around to sending that off
09:34.40Adysyou only got until the 28th
09:34.52Adysso you should hurry :P
09:35.18KirkburnNah, it's not a strict deadline :) But I still should
09:35.43Adyswell its the deadline that tells you "if you sent it before and dont have it you can whine, if not well you cant"
09:36.50KirkburnWell, tbh, if there's no continued solution after Feb 28th, then Blizz are just more likely to be sued
09:37.01AdysThis item drops from High Botanist Freywinn in the Botanica wing of the instance Tempest Keep in Netherstorm in Normal difficulty.
09:37.26KirkburnWatching the original Battlestar Galactica atm. Wow, it's baaad
09:37.47Adys btw
09:38.05Psyker7ill have a wack at tempest keep now
09:38.19AdysBtw Kirkburn
09:38.30Adys - should we move this to the WoWWiki namespace and expand it?
09:38.48KirkburnYeah, good idea
09:38.59Psyker7hrm.... its [[Arcatraz]] not [[The Arcatraz]] ?
09:39.18Adystheres been a whole lot of talks about the inclusion of The in instance names etc
09:39.23AdysThe Arcatraz will only redirect
09:42.06KirkburnWow, this is soo frakking seventies ... "oh no, helpless lady plus child and pet dog, come this way! The building is going to collapse"
09:43.25Adysyou seem to be having loads of fun :P
09:43.37Psyker7 - should that be in catagories for all 3 tempest keep?
09:44.08Kirkburn"My, the planet is being attacked and my son is dead. I will stand here and look impassive whilst everyone looks at me 'thinking'. This is emotion."
09:44.28AdysPsyker: Nah
09:44.34AdysArcatraz cat only
09:44.40Adysill take care of this one dont worry
09:46.03KirkburnUseful stuff in my latest PC Format ... a mini-magazine about overclocking
09:46.40KirkburnAlso a scale map of Sahrani, which appears to be the setting of the game "ArmA"
09:48.07KirkburnWould've preferred Outland, obviously :)
09:48.17AdysOnce this is over we should use {{Stub/Item}} over {{Stub/Item/BC}} and kill the latter methink
09:48.38KirkburnI agree
09:49.15Adyswas useful only during the beta tbh
09:49.39Adysand actually I think we should make a Beta stub, PTR stub or something around these lines
09:49.45Adysjust a thought
09:50.30AdysOn the thought list aswell
09:51.59Adysill talk with varg about it but I was thinking about changing raid instance categories from Category:Instance:Blah to Category:Raid:Blah
09:51.59AdysCategory:Raid:Onyxia's Lair, Raid:Karazhan, etc
09:51.59Adysbasically all the instances that "require a raid group to enter"
09:52.32KirkburnProblem there is, Instance covers Raid
09:52.42Adyswhat do you mean?
09:52.51KirkburnRaids are held in Instances
09:53.04KirkburnSo a split of Instance and Raid would be arbitrary
09:53.19Adystechnically they are different kind of instances
09:53.29KirkburnThey are still instances
09:53.33AdysAll the instances with a green portal require a raid group to enter
09:53.40AdysAye but its same as Battleground: thing
09:53.42Adysthey are instances too
09:53.58KirkburnThat's not entirely on the same level
09:54.03Shadowedbattlegrounds technically don't have a specific colored portal anymore
09:54.23Adysdoesnt matter, they still have an instance id :)
09:54.40KirkburnYou can't split raids and instances because they're not different things
09:54.53KirkburnYou would have to call one "Group" and one "Raid"
09:55.02Adysi see what you mean
09:55.13Adysthat can be fixed
09:55.27Adyscalling it Category:Raid Instance:blah would fix it for example
09:55.47AdysMaster category:Instances
09:55.53AdysMaster category: Raids
09:56.44AdysSubcategory (instances): Instance:Dire Maul, Instance:Blackrock Spire, Raid Instance:Karazhan, Raid Instance:Molten Core, Battleground:Warsong Gulch
09:57.01AdysSubcategory (raids): Raid Instance:Karazhan, Raid Instance:Molten Core
09:57.24KirkburnWhy the need for the split anyway?
09:57.59AdysIts not needed, I just see it that way, we did it for battlegrounds we could do it for raid instances too (particularly since they are many more)
09:58.05Adysits just a thought
09:58.49Adysany guild reached Kael thas yet?
09:58.55AdysI need to know how hes called in game
09:59.00KirkburnOh, I'm not against showing the split, but just so long as it's done sensibly :)
09:59.19KirkburnNot that I know of
09:59.36Adyslmao, Instance:Eye really sounds stupid
09:59.41Kirkburnsancus is more likely to know
09:59.57KirkburnYes, yes it does
10:00.04KirkburnNo to what? :)
10:00.09sancusguilds reaching kael
10:00.37KirkburnWait, shouldn't you be asleep? ;)
10:01.29KirkburnI'm going to have breakfast and watch the Naked Gun
10:01.37KirkburnMmm, weetabix
10:02.11zeal<@Kirkburn> Well, tbh, if there's no continued solution after Feb 28th, then Blizz are just more likely to be sued <-- sue!!!!
10:02.18KirkburnYour mum!
10:02.19Adyshey zeal
10:02.24KirkburnThere we go.
10:02.30zeali refuse to send shit off to them when it's their screw up
10:02.38Adys18 17 16 15 14 13
10:02.48zealyeah, what's up adys
10:02.51zealdon't understand
10:03.04Adysomg, 16 january
10:03.07KirkburnNeither did I ;)
10:03.08AdysIve read 16 february
10:03.23KirkburnYup. He's bananas.
10:03.24AdysNah I thought they were uploaded more recently
10:03.30AdysIll categorize them
10:03.35KirkburnActually I read february too :P
10:03.36zealyou thought they were new and not on the list?
10:03.37Psyker7 - should be The Eye ?
10:03.54Adysto both of you
10:08.25Psyker7what about the {{Tempest Keep}} template for example? should they be split as well?
10:10.23Adys its a rather small template but if it gets bigger i would definetly split it
10:10.41Psyker7when the eye gets added might be ugly...
10:11.02Adysor maybe one day we'll be able to use javascript on template and open/close these other instances :P
10:11.26zealstupid nav templates..
10:14.11zeallove how no one is addressing what i said against thottbot..
10:14.22Adyshey, I do agree with you
10:14.35*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
10:14.36zeali know ya do
10:15.17Adysbtw we already have an article about places only reachable by flying mount
10:15.35Adysand its retardedly named too
10:15.40zealit's just people voting and commenting without acknowledging it, giving reasons that are rather irrelevent to the issue"
10:15.44Adys there it is
10:15.51zealtell pat that :P
10:16.21zealor i could..
10:16.24zealwtf.. so hot in here
10:16.54zealbloody archaic central heating..
10:18.01Adyszeal, do you think we should get rid of {{Stub/BC}} in favor of other stubs?
10:18.25zeali think stubs should be categorized by article type if that's what you mean
10:18.35zealof which BC is not
10:18.43zealso should go
10:18.50Adysthought so too
10:21.52zealnow i'm actually going for a bath, was watching tv before :P
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11:29.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
11:29.14Psyker7 &
11:29.14Psyker7keep both? the warden contains the harbringer encounter
11:29.14*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
11:29.15*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
11:29.15Adys omfg
11:29.16Psyker7rofl that was a mess
11:39.25*** join/#wowwiki BSChim (n=BSChim@VDSL-130-13-56-226.PHNX.QWEST.NET)
11:43.14zealadys. two things. you're removing thottbot without the vote reaching an outcome. removing the thottbot value does not remove the thottbot link, so it's pointless.
11:43.34zealalso, Psyker7, why should it be merged? they are two completely different NPCs
11:46.16Psyker7if not merged at least most of the strats moved to one or the other....?
11:49.21zealdoing it
11:52.30Psyker7busy playing atm :P
11:53.17zealyou'll have to forgive me if i screw up the info
11:53.23zealtbh though
11:53.29zealmost of this stuff belongs in other articles
11:53.35zealso msot of it is getting trashed
11:53.50zealuntil someone wants to make an article as a guide
11:54.26zealer.. wtf?
11:54.33zealwave 2 isn't evne a wave
11:54.41zealwhy the hell is is being marked as such..
11:54.55zealit's a pre-cursor to wave 3 9infact, wave 2)
12:04.14Psyker7yeah i was reading through it the other day.... i've only got up to the room myself in arcatraz, havn't actually done the encounter
12:04.34zealwell it's easy enough to change, but from what i read, wave 2 is not a wave.
12:04.57Psyker7i think its part of a quest chain... u have to keep him alive to get one of the bits for the eye key i >think<
12:04.59Psyker7could be wrong
12:11.12zealthat's right
12:11.29zeali'm not gunna go expand on each article however. i've just sorted out those two
12:11.46zealif you fancy doing it, just get the info from the history
13:12.24*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
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15:01.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Montagg] by ChanServ
15:01.57MontaggZeal: On the blood elf article, what's wrong with the images overlapping onto the next section?
15:01.57Zealbecause it has nothing to do with the next section.
15:01.57MontaggRight, but that happens everywhere.
15:01.57Zealoverlapping it creates the illusion it is relevent to the whole parent section.
15:01.57Zealyes Montagg, and it pissed me off to no end.
15:01.57MontaggIt's not like it's misleading, though.
15:01.57Zealis imo
15:01.57MontaggDo you think people would think two epic hawkstriders are the leadership of Quel'Thalas? ;-)
15:01.57MontaggI'll try to change the size to fix the spacing, to respect your wishes, although I think that's a bit too picky.
15:01.57Zealno, i think people will think the hawk striders are relevent to mounts all the way through to racial abilities
15:01.57Zealyeah, i messed about with size, left it as it because it looked the best.
15:01.58MontaggI changed the size so spacing doesn't break down until the viewport is 1128 px wide.
15:01.58MontaggShould be prettier for most browsers, and I'll silently suffer.
15:01.58MontaggAlthough I still find it hard to believe that anyone would find an image that overlaps sections but which is mentioned in one of them misleading. need to do it to respect my wishes. i'm just trying to improve the consistancy, presentation, accuracy, and usability of wowwiki.. if you don't think i'm going about it the right way, that's fair enough.
15:01.58MontaggIt's a minor compromise, in my opinion.
15:01.58MontaggI do agree with you on that point for the Elf maiden picture in the same article, since having it overlap sections would mess with the next header.
15:01.58MontaggOhh, now I see why you hate the Wowbox so much.
15:01.58Zealultimately i'd want to create a design where contexual images are used without such issues, but currently, it's too much of a change for me to just go ahead and do it..
15:01.58Zealnah, wowbox i hate for many reasons
15:01.59Zealand dunno what you're talking about with the elf, hehe.
15:01.59MontaggBut it intrudes so forcefully into the nxt section. ;-)
15:01.59MontaggIt's in the Physical appearance section and has a {{clrl}} at the end so that the picture doesn't overlap the next section header and push it out to the right.
15:01.59Zealwhat article is this in, belf?
15:01.59MontaggYup, blood elf.
15:01.59Zealoh, i see
15:02.00Zealyeah, shrink her if ya want. but the overlap messing with the heading is only partly the issue. the other is what i said before, keeping the contextual images within their relevent sections
15:02.00MontaggNo, I actually like how it is.
15:02.00MontaggOo, There might be another reason to remove the {{clrr}} from the Hawkstrider picture. It creates some odd formatting problems in print because of the extra long link in the first sentence.
15:02.00Zealwhen i see a picture of tempest keep floated next to a paragraph about kael's state of mind for example, steam comes out my ears ;)
15:02.00Zealwhat do you mean?
15:02.00MontaggIf you check Print Preview, you can see what it does.
15:02.00Zeali don't see any issue with it in print preview :S
15:02.01KirkburnLol, I just levelled my housemate to within 200xp of level 70 :)
15:02.01MontaggI take that back. The result is not from clrr.
15:02.01MontaggKirkburn: You're too nice to him. ;-)
15:02.01KirkburnNow he just needs to explore a new area to level :D
15:02.01Zealand jsut a head's up, because we use styling in our templates, the print styling falls to peices anyways.. mediwiki really needs to allow contributers to use the style tag... -_-
15:02.01Zealthat way, even when we do use custom styling, we can actually do it properly as not to mess up the wiki formatting
15:02.02MontaggThat would be a huge help.
15:02.02Zealno ability to use the more advanced features of css with inline element styling ;_;
15:02.02Zeali'll refrain going on my "css is shite" rant again..
15:02.02Zeal*from going
15:02.03*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
15:02.03*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
15:02.03Zealhey Tekkub
15:02.04KirkburnAhh, Police Squad ftw
15:02.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:02.05Kirkburn<Dreben holds out a cigarette>  "Cigarette?" ... "Yes, I know."
15:02.06KirkburnNow for Naked Gun 2 1/2
15:02.06Zealnub :p
15:02.06Zealgunna go watch tv for a while, bbl
15:02.06KirkburnSee ya l8r
15:02.07zealpfft, you'll be afk i'm sure :P
15:02.07MontaggGonna go check to make sure Adobe Premier works.
15:02.07Psyker7Zeal - with ur item template - what do meta gem requirements go under?
15:02.08Psyker7sif tv
15:02.08*** join/#wowwiki Montagg (
15:02.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Montagg] by ChanServ
15:13.17*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
15:13.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
15:13.48Psyker7!Zeal msg with ur item template - what do meta gem requirements go under?
15:15.04Kirkburn|afkHe's watching TV - he'll be back in a while
15:16.51Psyker7yeah.... it sent me a notify saying if i put that it leaves a msg for him.... mb its meant to be in priv....
15:16.59Psyker7damn ppl with all their irc scripts lol
15:19.35*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:24.11*** join/#wowwiki jihn (
16:47.39*** join/#wowwiki cladhaire (n=jnwhiteh@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/cladhaire)
16:47.40Montaggzeal: Good news. I'm gonna try out Wowhead for a while. ;-)
16:47.40cladhairei wish wowhead had a mac client
16:47.41Adysthats just the best comic ive seen in a while
16:47.41*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:25.50*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
18:25.50Zealbah, he left
18:25.51Zealwtf are meta gem requirements/
18:25.51pakozthey very
18:25.51MontaggZeal: You get the meta-gem bonus if you match the color of the other gem slots with gems of their respective colors.
18:25.52Zeali see no bonus
18:25.52Zealand i see what they are now
18:55.48*** join/#wowwiki Montagg (
18:55.48*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Montagg] by ChanServ
18:55.49Zeal.o0O( ||\\//||(())(()) !! )O0o.
18:55.49Zealnn all
21:35.06*** join/#wowwiki infobot (i=ibot@pdpc/supporter/active/TimRiker/bot/apt)
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21:53.58*** join/#wowwiki kasatopia (
22:22.59*** join/#wowwiki montagg (
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22:51.51*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
23:17.15*** join/#wowwiki Erissia (
23:17.38Erissiawhos alive in here
23:20.15KasoWhat can i do you for this fine evening
23:23.32Erissiano idea im just bored
23:23.43Erissiai really dont want to log on wow
23:23.45Erissiai do but i dont
23:23.49Erissiaso i figured id come here
23:24.09*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (
23:43.15*** join/#wowwiki Kaso_ (

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