irclog2html for #wowwiki on 20070129

00:12.49Bagginswwanyone know the hitsory around that mo'arg guy in shattrath city?
00:17.14KirkburnHe's involved in a quest
00:17.38KirkburnYou have to kill him to get him to translate something iirc
00:17.47KirkburnWell, not kill him, hurt him
00:18.49KirkburnTyra Banks versus WoW (talk show):
00:24.56BagginswwIts true, I know people that bad
00:25.43Bagginswwbut usually its dropping out of school, and work...
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00:27.50kasoimo the interesting question is, are MMORPGs more addictive than other games, or do MMORPGs just attract people who have an addictive personality more
00:31.33BagginswwI think they can be more addicting cause of the social aspect
00:31.45Bagginswwpeople wanting to socialize use it as an outlet
00:32.05Bagginswwthere is just as much addiction from people to forums in a similar manner
00:32.48zeali'll try again later Kirkburn, but those links for me just redirected to his main page
00:32.59BagginswwWhile there are people who are addicted to single player games, it seems to be less common.
00:33.18Bagginswwand you can't really put nearly as much time into a single player game
00:33.48KirkburnYeah, I think it's essentially a lie to say people who play WoW are 'alone'
00:33.49Bagginswweven the longest 90 hour games have a limit
00:34.01Bagginswwits not WoW only LOL
00:34.03KirkburnCertainly WoW players aren't playing by themselves
00:34.10Bagginswwthis kind of thing has happened since ultima
00:34.22Bagginswwultima online
00:34.44Bagginswweven I notice I put alot more time into WoW than I would a normal game.
00:34.56Bagginswwalthough I tend to avoid it as much as possible too LOL
00:35.11BagginswwI haven't even logged on once last 6 days or so
00:35.19BagginswwI have priorities
00:35.34KirkburnSporelings ftw :) Guy added new info -
00:35.56KirkburnBagginsww, yeah, I try not to spend too much time on it now
00:35.57Bagginswwwho added it?
00:36.10Kirkburn"Tusked Chimp"
00:36.47KirkburnI know that the moment I start playing, it'll be hard to stop, so I just don't at all. I content myself with avidly updating my Ace addons and seeing what's new. Then not using them. :)
00:36.49BagginswwReuel another person who added to that topic is a friend of mine.
00:37.23Bagginswwwell I find its reletively easy for me to stop, I tend to get bored fast doing the same thing over and over again, LOL
00:37.38Bagginswwmost of my time int eh game is spent talking to people
00:37.46Bagginswwor raiding with people\
00:37.48KirkburnI'm 64 now, hasn't taken much time at all cause I know where everything is :)
00:37.52Bagginswwwhile I read internet at the same time :p
00:38.00BagginswwI hit 65 last week
00:38.03KirkburnNever raided, barely instanced. Can't be bothered :P
00:38.11BagginswwI had a 3 day holiday weekend
00:38.20Bagginswwleveled about 3 times a day
00:38.26Bagginsww65 was based on rest exp
00:38.42KirkburnI would expect you to be in Nargrand now
00:38.45Bagginswwso basically I have spurts where I'll grind for a day
00:38.52Kirkburn*Nagrand, or Terokkar
00:38.57BagginswwI"m there
00:39.04zeal15, leave it for that today.
00:39.23Bagginswwbut most of the time I can't do the whole day grind thing :p
00:39.23KirkburnHow long before you reach 60 do you think
00:39.36Bagginswwits too exausting and I feel guilty LOL
00:39.38KirkburnBet you must love Nesingwary's Camp
00:39.39zealthey still never sorted out quest rewards.. i'f i'm getting white and green drops better than the quest rewards, there's a problem
00:40.00BagginswwOh I haven't started nesingwary quest line yet
00:40.13Bagginswwsince questing is my favorite part I tend to be systematic to one area
00:40.18Bagginswwso I'm mostly doing terrokar right now
00:40.31KirkburnKill 30 buzzards! Kill another 30 harder buzzards! Kill 30 even harder buzzards! Kill an elite buzzard who's hard to find and group for! Right. Now do the same for clefthoofs!
00:40.43Bagginswwuh that's horrible
00:40.45Bagginsww30 is too many
00:40.50KirkburnIt is
00:40.56Bagginswwespeically if its random drops you have to pick up:P
00:41.20Bagginswwget 30 boiled ogre hearts :p
00:41.30BagginswwI made that up, but you get my point
00:41.47Bagginswwwhen its drop based it can be like 200 killed before you get all 30 :p
00:41.57KirkburnThe density of quests in Nagrand seemed quite low to me
00:42.06Bagginswwunfinished area?
00:42.21BagginswwI wish they'd go back and finish the unfinished quest lines in the main world :p
00:42.26KirkburnNot really, I think it's just very big, with only 3 quest points
00:42.28Bagginswwlike missing king :p
00:42.49Bagginswwwho knows though maybe they'll save it for something big
00:42.49KirkburnHmm, actually perhaps 4 quest points
00:43.19KirkburnIn any case, I expected more quests when I took my warlock through
00:43.31BagginswwI"d like to hear dr phil's impression LOL
00:43.59Bagginswwshredding a WoW dvd like that will help LOL
00:44.15Bagginswwjust redownload the game LOL
00:44.30KirkburnI've heard of Dr. Phil, never seen it. (British, remember =)
00:44.30zealhm.. "Ez-Throw Dynamite" "Schematic: Ez-Throw Dynamite" way to be consistant blizz >_>
00:44.39zeali've seen it Kirkburn :P
00:44.47BagginswwHe was Oprah regular that got his own show.
00:44.47KirkburnThat makes you sad :)
00:44.52Bagginswwif you hav eheard of Oprah
00:44.56zealused to be on sky one in the afternoons :P
00:45.09zealcan't be faulted for that
00:45.14Bagginswwbut he can be harder on people
00:45.15KirkburnNeighbours, that's the one to watch
00:45.26zealoh, you didn't answer before.. did infobot give you my message? :P
00:45.31Kirkburn(not a talk show, and that's a good thing)
00:45.34Bagginswwwhen is new dr who season start over there?
00:45.41KirkburnYes, it did, and yes, I answered
00:45.52KirkburnNo idea Bagginsww
00:46.13BagginswwI can't be bothered with waiting for scifi channel to show it over here a year after you guys LOL
00:46.17zealyou did? apoligies then :P
00:46.18KirkburnBagginsww, Nagrand may have felt empty for me because I had a quite empty quest log at the time - Blade's Edge was shut
00:46.46KirkburnI loved going back there after each patch to find new stuff :D
00:46.49BagginswwI kind of miss zangermarsh that was one of my favorite zones in the entire game
00:46.54Bagginswwit was so alien
00:47.24KirkburnYeah, v cool
00:47.32KirkburnI should visit Coilfang
00:48.19zealok, done with wow :)
00:48.36zealback to bitching about the wiki, hehe.
00:49.42Bagginswwmore I see of outland the more I would love to see it when it still had oceans LOL
00:49.57Bagginswwmore than what we got out of WarII
00:51.54Zealtbh.. i doubt Draeneor ever looked much different in terms of land mass :P
00:52.52Zealwe know outland is basically just draenor with all the sea replaced with nether :P
00:53.16Zealany evrything below the sea and land ofc..
00:53.59Bagginswwwell netherstorm had to ahve been really different
00:54.09Bagginswwand there were other landmasses
00:54.15Bagginswwyou can see in war2
00:54.23Bagginswwsome nearby islands
00:54.42BagginswwPlus obviosuly it wasn't so cracked
00:54.59Bagginswwand what became hellfire was apparently different
00:55.52Zealoh, i'm sure those other smaller islands will make a reappearance
00:56.01Zealnamely deathwing's
00:56.18Kirkburn"Omg, look over there! Another island! How did we not notice it before?!"
00:56.28Bagginswwdeathing's island is planned for the future?
00:56.33Kirkburn"Wizard's did it"
00:56.45Zealand i dunno about cracked, outland isn't cracked imo, looks how it would with water removed. it's the floating islands in the sky that are weird :P
00:57.03Zealno details Bagginsww, but i don't see why not
00:57.08Bagginswwnah there are literally groujnd that is at strange angles
00:57.14Bagginswwyou can see htis by the buildings on them
00:57.27Zealoh netherstorm?
00:57.40Zealwtf.. i can't beleive this..
00:58.03KirkburnIt's not butter?
00:58.16Zeali can udnerstand dejavu, i can understand dejavu-vu but dejavu-vu-vu?! x_X;
00:58.26Bagginswwwell ttyl
00:58.31Kirkburnsee ya
00:58.34Bagginswwfood and more reading :p
00:58.35Zeallol ttyl
00:59.10KirkburnYou recalled recalling having deja-vu?
00:59.46Zealwe've had this talk on outlands, particularily netherstorm 3 times..
01:00.02Zealyou me and baggins, though i think adys may have been involved in one :p
01:00.26Adysoutland, btw
01:00.35Adysnot outlands><
01:00.38Zealindeed, my bad
01:00.50Adysinfobot, slap zeal
01:00.53infobotACTION slaps zeal, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!
01:01.00Zealmortal kombat! *queue the theme music*
01:03.07Zeali need to stir something up, wiki's been too slow lately :(
01:03.11Kirkburn*Outland, capital letter =)
01:03.56Zeal*kirkburn lower-case letter because i feel like it :P
01:26.14Adyshehe kirk
01:26.23AdysKirkburn actually, to dingdingit
01:26.32Adyslisten to wowradio right now :p
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01:27.35Adysthey are explaining why the wiki system is a good one
01:27.36KirkburnWow, really?
01:27.36Adysya, but not about wowwiki tho
01:27.36KirkburnI'm guessing it's not the lore show?
01:27.36Adysnope :P
01:27.36Adysthey were talking about another wiki
01:27.37KirkburnWhat type?
01:27.49Adyswasnt listening tbh, i just have it in background
01:27.54Kirkburn(or whose?)
01:27.58Adysi heard the word of dictionary
01:28.03ZealThe weekend report
01:28.19Zealhosted by Leto (original host of the lore show)
01:28.46Zeali don't recall him ever expressing an opinion on wowwiki.
01:28.51Zealso, meh.
01:30.47KirkburnYou know what was funny - I chatted to a Uni friend a few days ago about Warcraft
01:30.59KirkburnHadn't seen him in a while and thought he'd stopped playing
01:31.28KirkburnSomehow got onto the topic of the Aldor v Scryer, when he suddenly told me that the wiki's Aldor v Scryer page was wrong
01:32.04KirkburnFortunately I could tell him that I'd just fixed that problem the day before :P
01:32.38ThraeKirkburn: Multiple Level 70s in World of Warcraft is a fine replacement for...oh wait, THAT type of "uni".
01:36.13KirkburnThrae, you're odd.
01:36.19KirkburnI'm off to bed now
01:38.57Zealer.. O_o
01:39.02Zeali didn't get that, heh.
01:39.04Zealnn Kirkburn
01:47.51ZealStrixus: "I was of course talking about their lore stuff. Their Lua stuff is quite good. However, i have some very huge problems with their community in terms of allowing edits and the unsubstantiated and unsourced rumors they allow to be posted as fact. Ive tried a number of time to join and start edditing and adding information, only to have it reverted and rejected because i wasnt "one of them".
01:48.21Zealand we know what a load of bull that is now >_>
01:49.19Zeal"Take nothing wow wiki says as definitional unless you see it elsewhere."
01:50.07Zeal"Arg. WoW Wiki is notoriously unreliable for their lore. I use them only for their in game text transcripts."
02:07.27Adysgn all
02:17.27Zealnn all
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07:40.10pakozhey, anyone around?
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09:45.40Kirk_Unizeal: cool tooltip borders
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13:27.56LucidFoxwhat does the "myst" in Azuremyst mean?
13:27.56LucidFoxI can't find it in the dictionary
13:31.20kasoits properly a referance to the starting zone in the game Myst which was called Myst Island, Azuremyst Isles, etcetc
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14:56.18foxlithi :)
14:58.30Tuqui-tuquiim no closer to exalted in Org then I was when I was lvl38
14:58.35Tuqui-tuquithis crap is hard >:{
14:58.49Tuqui-tuquithat wolf mount better come with a jet system for all the work Im putting into it
15:00.11foxlitGet the pvp wolf :)
15:00.21foxlit{{bc}} is ugly :(
15:00.34Tuqui-tuquiI dont like it... besides it has all that armor plating
15:00.41Tuqui-tuquiI am going to get a PvP mount at 60
15:00.48Tuqui-tuquibut its going to to be the war raptor
15:01.53*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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15:02.30Tuqui-tuquinah.. I like the wolf mount :D
15:02.37Tuqui-tuquiIm going to call him Brownie
15:02.42TepetkhetWell, that IS a wolf mount.
15:02.51Tuqui-tuquiand Im going to ride with Blackie, my Black Kingsnake
15:03.13Adysthis is so odd, when trying to edit some templates I just get a lockout
15:03.40Adyswanted to add doomwalker
15:04.23Adyshey zeal
15:04.38sancusmeh, flying mounts are where its at
15:04.47sancusazeroth is a craphole!
15:05.02sancushate going there
15:05.04Adysonce you got on one, you dont want to leave outland
15:05.10Tuqui-tuquiI can imagine
15:05.11sancuscan't use flying mount bullshit crap die stupid zones
15:05.24ZealKirkburn, those links for gsdkp. i dunno why, but the problem is, if you enter one of the links manaully for the first time in your session, it will redirect to the main page, if you click it, it will work correctly, and all links will work correctly after that for the remainer of the session.
15:05.31Zeallo all :P
15:05.56Adysinfobot, give Zeal a break
15:06.06infobotACTION gives a break to Zeal
15:06.08Zeal<Kirk_Uni> zeal: cool tooltip borders <-- huh? if you mean the corners, wasn't me :P
15:06.25Zeali want a kit kat :(
15:07.28sancusim glad I never bought the slow flying mount though
15:07.31sancusprob woulda sucked
15:07.49Adystried the slow one on a friends char
15:07.51Adysdamn... lol
15:09.38KirkburnDid my first Outland instance earlier
15:09.51KirkburnRamparts at level 64 ftw =)
15:10.13KirkburnMy housemate is now tanking Mana Tombs at 62 as a druid
15:10.21Zealanswer me, pfft :P
15:10.34KirkburnWhat question!?
15:10.39Zealyay for feral druids
15:10.46Zeal<Kirk_Uni> zeal: cool tooltip borders <-- huh? if you mean the corners, wasn't me :P
15:10.57KirkburnWhat can I say? Who was it? :P
15:11.04Zealthat works too :p
15:11.28Zealcould have also said "Yeah, the corners" :P
15:11.40KirkburnCan't believe I've almost finished the forest part of Terokkar already
15:11.56Zeali had dreams of project plans, heh.
15:13.11Zeallorekeepers tonight kirkburn ;)
15:13.33KirkburnI know what I won't be doing ...
15:14.39*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
15:15.17Zeali missed last weeks tbh
15:15.22Zeali should listen
15:15.38Tuqui-tuquiIve got a question for you mages
15:15.54Tuqui-tuquiwhen should I worry about equipment that adds to my firespells?
15:16.04Tuqui-tuquifor example, everything I equip raises intellect
15:16.44*** join/#wowwiki sfl (
15:17.31KirkburnTuqui-tuqui, not sure what you're asking
15:17.47KirkburnYou're wondering if you should be going for +dmg?
15:17.53Tuqui-tuquiyeah ^_^
15:18.01KirkburnWhat type of player are you?
15:18.39KirkburnI mean PvE, PvP, solo, raider?
15:18.52Tuqui-tuquiand right now solo
15:18.56Tuqui-tuquialthough later on
15:19.05Tuqui-tuquiI would like to take part of large man raids
15:20.16KirkburnHmm, I would try to get some +dmg, but intellect is good for PvE
15:20.43Tuqui-tuquiI wish there was equip that combined both, but they are really hard to drop from mobs
15:20.48Tuqui-tuquior are very VERY expensive in the AH
15:20.49KirkburnIf you find mobs are taking too long to kill (i.e. more than about 20-30 seconds), you need some +dmg
15:20.57KirkburnWhat level?
15:21.03Tuqui-tuquijust reached 40
15:21.08Adysdont worry too much
15:21.23Adysuntil you hit max lvl dont worry about gear in general
15:21.23KirkburnOh right, don't bother with getting +dmg gear at 40
15:21.25Adysdo you have bc?
15:21.33Tuqui-tuquino point til I it 58
15:21.37Tuqui-tuquitil I hit*
15:22.16Adyswell around lvl 58-60 check the AH for Outland greenies
15:22.16KirkburnIndeed, it's just too rare
15:22.16Tuqui-tuquiso I should continue on my +Int? :D
15:22.34Tuqui-tuquicoolio, because I like my mage to be color coordinated too... and so far everything is blue/gold ^_^
15:22.44Adystry and edit
15:23.02Adysits stupid, every time I try and edit it I get an error and the wiki is slowed down for 30-45 secs
15:23.15Kirkburnomg, mein bank ist full!
15:23.38KirkburnWhat do you want to change?
15:23.50Adysadding doomwalker
15:24.20Adys!style="{{Vertical navbox header css}}" | [[Outland]]
15:24.21KirkburnIt's there
15:24.22Adysits there?
15:24.57KirkburnIt's there :)
15:24.57Adysso the edit counted? I cant see it on recentchanges
15:24.57Adysthis is fucked up
15:25.43Kirkburn"14:59, 29 January 2007 Adys (Talk | contribs | block) (Added Doomwalker) "
15:25.56Adysyou see that on recentchanges?
15:26.01KirkburnYup, there too
15:28.08Zealyes adys, it's happening to all popular templates : /
15:28.18Adysits not even a popular one
15:28.33Zealget an error, but the edit works, then the wiki goes slow for about 5 mins, and constnatly throwing out "WoWWiki has a problem" : /
15:28.53Zealyeah. well popular = anything used more than 20 times atm it seems..
15:29.10Zealthe wiki performance is really getting stupid..
15:29.25Adysnot performance
15:29.32Adysits prob a bug or something, happens only since last upgrade
15:30.25Zealit's the slowest it's been since i've been here, errors are 10 times more common than before the server moved, and popular template edits have started having even more adverse effects than usual.
15:30.41Zeal..and earlier
15:38.04KirkburnAdys, sorted:
15:38.52TepetkhetThe voidwalker models from the two rift fields in Hellfire Penninsula are awesome, by the way.
15:39.10TepetkhetI had a couple quests out that way last night and I just stood there staring at stuff for the longest time.
15:39.36sancusthat's really quite interesting
15:39.58TepetkhetThe ones with the shoulder armour and with the fuschia decorations + lanterns...
15:40.45TepetkhetAh yes.  The Doomwalker.
15:40.51TepetkhetI see a typo/grammatical error.
15:41.12sancusIf these edit performance issues only occurred since the upgrade, then perhaps the upgrade should be reverted
15:41.15Tepetkhet"means that you can only be attempt this boss once every 15 minutes"
15:41.19sancusbut honestly
15:41.26Tepetkhet"be" should be gone.
15:41.28sancusthe actual display of the pages seems quite fast to me
15:41.39sancusif the only issue is template edits being slow, that doesn't seem critical to me yet
15:41.56TepetkhetOne of my guildies met the Doomwalker last night.
15:42.17TepetkhetHis aggro range is larger than Ony's.
15:42.30KirkburnTepetkhet, please do fix it :)
15:42.45TepetkhetThe spot outside Ony's lair where you usually sit and listen to strats...
15:42.51TepetkhetWhile looking at Ony...
15:42.56TepetkhetThat's about where this Doomwalker aggros.
15:43.04Zealwell lately sancus, template edits are a big priority, as lots of them are being reviewed.
15:43.17TepetkhetThat means I'd have to create an account.
15:43.22sancusI hate to be harsh, but so wait the 5 minutes for the lock timeout and move on.
15:43.40Zealthose 5 minutes effect the whole wiki you realize?
15:43.55Zealfor everyone
15:44.07sancusI know that
15:44.20sancusBut there's not much that can be done about it right now
15:44.37TepetkhetThere we go.
15:44.55TepetkhetMy first edit.
15:45.09TepetkhetYou bastards.
15:45.14Zeali guess i could go bitch at mediwiki :P
15:45.17TepetkhetNow you've gone and made me contribute.
15:45.39Zeallol Tepetkhet, it's all downhill from here ;)
15:45.39sancusI'll discuss it with vlad
15:45.46sancus(and honestly, fuck mysql)
15:45.58Zealfuck mysql?
15:46.03Zealand cool, kk
15:46.15sancusyeah mysql is a terrible database
15:46.20sancusneeds to die
15:47.25Zeali've never run anything else, so if you say so.
15:48.19TepetkhetKirkburn, you're welcome to add the info about the aggro radius, but I'm uh...kinda reluctant to add hearsay info and possible innacuracies.
15:50.42KirkburnNah, I'm off to get furbolg rep :P
15:51.28TepetkhetI think it's slightly less than the size of Texas.
15:53.07TepetkhetBut yeah.
15:53.15TepetkhetLarge aggro radius.
15:53.24Tepetkhetzomgwtfpwns you with earthquake
15:53.31Tepetkheter, debuff
15:53.37TepetkhetAnd guards an area that isn't open yet.
16:02.20ZealKirkburn, adys, or anyone else, would appreciate your opinions at and
16:02.53Zealslowwiki :(
16:03.42KirkburnAh, yeah, lowercase should be supported tbh
16:04.28Kirkburn(just so that people can use it more easily_
16:07.14Zealwell, i asumed people would see rare failed, and would try Rare, or see that all the existing articles use Rare and use Rare too.
16:07.30Zealand that the template's example used Rare..
16:07.58Zealdon't consider lowercase exactly easier, just means people can pay less attention to what they're doing.
16:08.17Zealwhich i don't think really needed help :P
16:08.49*** join/#wowwiki Adys8924 (
16:09.10Zealwb Adys8924
16:09.43*** mode/#wowwiki [+o adys] by ChanServ
16:11.30Zealdingdingding? :P
16:33.01Zealdeaddeadead :(
16:33.07Zealoh well, wow it is again then.
17:00.53*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
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17:19.40*** join/#wowwiki fLUx-- (
17:19.47fLUx--Hey guys
17:20.12fLUx--anyone here whos not been sat under a rock for the last month who i could ask a question about TBC?
17:20.19fLUx--(like me)
17:21.03fLUx--I am currently a lvl.19 on the normal it worth me getting TBC? a.k.a. Do I have to be lvl.60?
17:22.43fLUx--cmon, surely somebody could answer that! :P lol
17:24.01weazeroutlands is for lvl68+
17:24.31weazerbut you could quit your char and start a blood elf or draenei
17:24.35weazervia tbc
17:25.40weazerdont umm me :P
17:25.49fLUx--so are the new quests which my CURRENT character can do in TBC?
17:26.15weazercan = cant?
17:26.35fLUx--yeh can
17:26.43fLUx--i dont get the whole tbc thing
17:26.51fLUx--i know theres the outlands ect...
17:27.02fLUx--but whats new for lower lvls?
17:27.09fLUx--quests? areas?
17:29.19Tuqui-tuquia warlock can summon low level players to Outland :o
17:29.52fLUx--oh nice
17:30.01weazerDraenei and Blood elf (races)
17:30.11fLUx--so, should I, a lvl.19 Hunter get TBC - yes, or no?
17:30.31Tuqui-tuquiI mean
17:30.35Tuqui-tuquiI see the only reason
17:30.36weazerUnless you're planning to play one of the new races.
17:30.39fLUx--even if ive got the money and im gonna get it sometime anyway?
17:30.42Tuqui-tuquiis to get rep with new races
17:31.17fLUx--ah, im just gonna get it and start a new char then lol
17:31.30fLUx--I may as well.....i like the new draenei
17:31.41Tuqui-tuquiI dont get it
17:31.43KirkburnExalted with Darnassus, yay! :D
17:31.51Tuqui-tuquipeople poot all these effort into their characters
17:32.00Tuqui-tuquijust to start a new one when an Expansion comes out
17:32.29Tuqui-tuquipeople put*
17:32.29Tuqui-tuquinot poot
17:32.29Tuqui-tuquiwhere did that come from
17:32.49KirkburnWhich nightsaber should I get?
17:34.10Adysgrats kirk
17:34.16Adysand get the white one =)
17:34.23KirkburnMy first exalted faction :)
17:34.27KirkburnWhere from?
17:34.32Adysdarnassus :-p
17:34.41Tuqui-tuquiwho got exalted and where?
17:34.44Tuqui-tuquiand at what elvel :o
17:34.49Adyskirkburn, darnassus
17:35.00Tuqui-tuquiat what level Kirk?
17:35.11AdysIm at 15 exalted factions now but not grinding them since a while now
17:35.21Adysgets.. boring
17:36.34Tuqui-tuquiyoure at 15 and already exalted?
17:36.40*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (n=tekkub@WoWUIDev/WoWI/Featured/Dongle/Tekkub)
17:36.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
17:36.57Kirkburn15 exalted factions
17:37.28Tuqui-tuquiI have 14.5k out of 21k needed for Org
17:42.18Kirkburn[Reins of the Swift Stormsaber]
17:49.26KirkburnYay mount, now bored :P
17:49.46KirkburnMakes a change from my Dreadsteed
17:50.29KirkburnYes, I thought so too
17:51.36Adyshello kirkburn
17:54.49KirkburnMy milkshake brings all the boys to the yard...
17:59.32weazerUse stuck kirkburn :P
17:59.43weazerif it isnt illegal yet
18:02.56KirkburnDarn, I'm down 11g on today's session :P
18:10.13*** join/#wowwiki sfl (
18:49.10*** join/#wowwiki voidvector (
18:49.43*** join/#wowwiki kazurk (
18:54.26*** join/#wowwiki kasatopia (
18:55.03Adysello voidvector
18:55.30*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:06.53*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
19:06.53*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
19:07.57*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
19:21.05voidvectori have been using my bot to replace simple tooltip tables with {{tooltip}}. for some strange reason, the server response time is extremely high. give me a pop if it is causing any trouble server side
19:41.24KirkburnGo VVbot, go!
19:49.35LucidFox_WoWI saw a stripper in Silvermoon on an RP server, does that warrant a GM ticket?
19:50.01*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
19:50.46AdysWoWWiki has a problem
19:51.10TepetkhetMaybe she's RPing a stripper.
19:52.54LucidFox_WoWit's a he...
19:53.02LucidFox_WoW"I'm a naked power ranger!"
19:53.42AdysBlood elves look so stupidly wrong they all warrant a gm ticket for physical harrasment, naked or not
19:53.55LucidFox_WoWI disagree, they're hot
19:54.08Tuqui-tuquihmm... nekkie blood elf
19:54.15Tuqui-tuquiI say we all roll nekkie blood elfs
19:54.38Tuqui-tuquiyou can be a nekkie tauren
19:54.53Fin-10 points
19:55.02Finbon soir, Adys
19:55.10Adys-5 pts
19:55.16Adysbut heya love :)
19:55.24TepetkhetNekkie draenei chicks are hotter.
19:55.27FinI don't lose points for not spelling frenchish properly!
19:55.55LucidFox_WoWby the way
19:56.06TepetkhetTheir dance is hot.
19:56.15TepetkhetBlood Elf females have a stupid dance.
19:56.28Finthere comes a point in your life, where, if you care about it enough, you have to choose whether you go for style or correctness in the Great Arena of Capitalisation
19:56.32TepetkhetThey're doing some stupid Britney Spears aerobics.
19:56.32FinI have chosen style
19:56.53LucidFox_WoWI tried to ask, IU, what the portal at the Thalassian Pass is for, and what race Adon is
19:57.08AdysAdon is a high elf
19:57.18FinAdon? Adys? Adah!
19:57.20Tuqui-tuquiThere must be a mod out there that changes the undead female dance
19:57.22Tuqui-tuquiit blows -.-
19:57.40TepetkhetI wish undead female had more variety in their dance.
19:57.43AdysKirkburn, can I kick him? please
19:58.09LucidFox_WoWAdys> how do you know?
19:58.11*** join/#wowwiki robotusch (
19:58.12TepetkhetWe just get swirlygoth arms.
19:58.25TepetkhetAdon, Adys, AddOn?
19:58.44FinI think you should bear in mind the number of times I have restrained myself from kicking you for, eg, singing, on TS
19:59.32Adys... you wanted to kick me for singing?!
19:59.37LucidFox_WoWI bet undead are the hardest to RP
19:59.40Adyscome on, whats wrong with my singing man.
19:59.42TepetkhetNot really.
19:59.53TepetkhetI used to RP a little bit with my undead rogue chick.
20:00.39Finthe issue centres mainly around the fact that you can't sing
20:00.50Finthat's sort of the crux of the matter
20:00.52TepetkhetI sing over Vent...
20:00.54Finin a nutshell, as it were
20:01.24Finintermittent singing, bursts of a lyrics, snippets, that's fine
20:01.31Finbut there's limits
20:01.49TepetkhetOperatic filking?
20:01.51TepetkhetHow about that?
20:02.05TepetkhetOr murloc Xmas carols?
20:02.37TepetkhetYOU are not prepared!
20:02.44Finbeing drunk qualifies you for extra singing allowance also, but only until it stops being funny
20:02.55TepetkhetOh, but I don't drink.
20:03.01Finyou're also not on TS
20:03.06TepetkhetNo.  I'm on Vent.
20:03.08FinI think you're safe for now
20:03.20TepetkhetAt least, I am when I'm at home.
20:03.47Finsorry, I didn't mean to sound like I was listing rules for voice comms in general
20:03.50Finvoice comms
20:03.53Finthat sounds a bit... shit
20:04.21Adys-50 points for sounding like you were listing rules for voices comes in general, fin.
20:05.16Adysand another -25 points for not being on TS while saying Tepetkhet is not on ts!
20:05.50FinI think those point allocations are perhaps a little excessive
20:06.05Adys-100 points for telling me I'm excessive. Who the hell are you?!
20:06.20FinI'm the TS admin and the inventor of the points system
20:06.25TepetkhetThat is a 50 DKP minus for not knowing WTF you are supposed to be doing!
20:06.25Adysah shit.
20:07.19Finhey, so, shit, I wanted to know more about your project Adys
20:07.29Findoes it have a page on WW yet?
20:07.38LucidFox_WoWI think I'll RP a clueless foreigner :)
20:08.04FinLucidFox_WoW: what nationality?
20:08.14LucidFox_WoWsay, a Draenei or NE in the core Alliance lands, I'll approach everyone and ask, what's this?
20:08.19LucidFox_WoWand test their knowledge of lore :)
20:08.29Finohh, I see
20:08.48FinI thought you meant, like, well I won't say Adys, that would be unfair
20:08.54Finbut like, some Danish guy or something
20:09.17Fin:P sorry Adys
20:09.37AdysOr did you mean Jacob?!
20:09.41AdysI'll tell him.
20:09.43LucidFox_WoW"me simple elven maiden, me not speak Common well"
20:09.45zealjust took screenshots of that whole sylvannas and lament of the High Borune event.
20:09.53LucidFox_WoWZeal> awesome!
20:09.55*** kick/#wowwiki [Adys!] by Kirkburn (Kirkburn)
20:09.56*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
20:09.56*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
20:09.58LucidFox_WoWmay I see those?
20:10.03KirkburnOh wait, was I not supposed to do that? :P
20:10.12zealwhen i've finished playing wow :P
20:10.37Kirkburn|afkOff out, bbl
20:11.09Adyscya kirk
20:12.07LucidFoxlook at the chat :)
20:13.05zealbasically, she is dismissive, throws the amulet, looks at it, then starts channelling a spell to bring forth highbourne lamenters, it says "the room fills with their song", listen to the music while the whole time she is channeling, she stop channeling when the song ends and they vanish, she sighs, and picks up the amulet again. the end.
20:13.18TepetkhetActually, I have a friend who's Danish who plays WoW.
20:13.23TepetkhetHis English is excellent.
20:13.29TepetkhetBetter than most Americans.
20:13.33zealNo where does it say she is signing, no where does it say she is not singing although the implication is there.
20:15.01zealalso "the one that Lady Sylvannas glamoured from the air" is how the song is described from the belf next to her, not sing, glamoured.
20:15.16LucidFoxwell, we all know Sylvanas is not undead, but a giant NE :)
20:29.35Tuqui-tuquiisnt Sylvanas a banshee?
20:29.40Tuqui-tuquitherefore dead?
20:32.10*** join/#wowwiki Amune|AB (
20:32.30*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:57.03*** join/#wowwiki nexus (
20:59.15*** join/#wowwiki fLUx--_ (
21:29.03*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
21:45.47Tuqui-tuquithis was linked from world of warcraft
21:46.03Tuqui-tuquibut Im getting this
21:46.03Tuqui-tuquiThere is currently no text in this page, you can search for this page title in other pages or edit this page.
21:47.21*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
21:47.21*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
21:50.51voidvectorthere should be a web counter for this site, so we know when is peak and off peak. (server would obviously suck during peak)
22:00.22Gryphenthere is, just dont see the info for it ;)
22:01.21Gryphencould ask vlad when the traffic is at its lowest
22:02.51voidvectori meant a public one. Google analytics would obviously have something
22:04.58GryphenI know :)
22:05.26Grypheni havent seen many owners who like to reveal that data
22:07.11*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
22:07.11*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
22:10.48*** join/#wowwiki Karrion (
22:13.47KirkburnSurfing mice!
22:14.18*** join/#wowwiki kaso_ (
22:14.21Finactually I think WW *should* have some public stats given the nature of the site and the implied principles of wikiness and all
22:14.53Kirkburnpublic stats? What have I missed?
22:15.01Finand there's nothing to hide, is there? who would benefit in evil ways from WW stats being public?
22:15.07Fin[22:48:15] --> mode/#WoWWiki (+o Cairenn) by ChanServ
22:15.07Fin[22:51:41] < voidvector> there should be a web counter for this site, so we know when is peak and off peak. (server would obviously suck during peak)
22:15.16Finoops, ignore first line pasted
22:15.19Fin[23:01:12] <@Gryphen> there is, just dont see the info for it ;)
22:15.20Adysvoidvector: there should be a web counter for this site, so we know when is peak and off peak.
22:15.27Fin[23:03:42] < voidvector> i meant a public one. Google analytics would obviously have something
22:15.29Adysbah fin beats me to it
22:15.30Fin[23:05:48] <@Gryphen> I know :)
22:15.32Fin[23:06:17] <@Gryphen> i havent seen many owners who like to reveal that data
22:15.35Cairennwondered why I was getting pinged in here
22:15.48Finsorry Cairenn
22:15.54Adys-500 points
22:15.56Cairennno worries :)
22:16.08AdysCairenn, remove his points!
22:16.37*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
22:16.38Finperhaps, meditation, Adys?
22:16.45Adysello my love =)
22:17.13KirkburnCairenn, something very strange has happened to this channel ... did you add something to the water?
22:17.36Cairennwho, me? *flutters lashes innocently*
22:17.41KirkburnYou lot scare me :P
22:17.55Adysits actually pretty hilarious
22:17.59Gryphenyou scar me a lo
22:18.16AdysI get irc server informations when someone I at least once talked in pm with joins the server
22:18.17KirkburnOOooh, lookit the fluttering eyelashes! It can't have been you then :)
22:18.20Adysbefore this person joins the channel
22:18.45AdysHow did you know?!
22:18.52Gryphenono i esceared of teh rawr! i need a huggle.
22:18.53Adysoh noes..
22:19.19Adysyou say its us scaring you then
22:19.27Finno that's not right
22:19.29Findon't do that
22:19.42Adysinfobot, huggle Tusva
22:19.44KirkburnThis will make it all clear:
22:19.56TusvaAre those those things that weeble but don't fall down
22:20.25FinI've seen it, and I'm still very sure you guys, it's just, I don't think you should be huggling
22:21.39TusvaIt'll be okay :D
22:22.05Fina part of my soul has just withered and died
22:22.06Adysyou know kirkburn
22:22.09Adysthis link is just scary
22:22.47Adysbut its indeed quite useful to have the financial values with it, however its called in english
22:23.11AdysI wish Euronews had such a music with it aswell...
22:23.38Adysoh shit..
22:24.49AdysI need to bookmark this shit
22:25.18*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
22:25.30Adysello kaso
22:25.54Adysinfobot, where are you?
22:25.56infobotI am at 42.37512 N, 72.51999 W
22:26.32Adysbtw kaso
22:26.36AdysI sorted the tooltip =)
22:26.44Adysand thanks for the textures again
22:26.55kasodid you manage to get the little tail thing on too?
22:27.00Adysnah not yet
22:27.10Adysits kinda minor tho, I can do it later on if needed
22:27.57kasoshouldnt be too hard at all
22:28.02kasojust a little texture
22:28.16Adysyou'd need to create a new frame to put it there though I think?
22:29.01Adysactually ill just do it now
22:29.57TepetkhetGotta go.
22:30.04Adyshave fun tep
22:31.19AdysKaso: should I make a new frame inside the tooltip, or make it a separate frame and call it / hide it at the same time as the tooltip?
22:31.59kasoyou should just be able to make a new texture as a region of your tooltip
22:32.12kasothen position it accordingly
22:32.25Adysright ill just try and see what happens
22:34.48kasosomething like this
22:35.33Adyswas thinking of making it straightly into the xml code
22:35.47kasocould do that too
22:35.51kasoim not a big fan of XML
22:40.31kaso i love this sooo much
22:42.21TusvaHow did I not hear of this site.
22:44.39TusvaNow I have to think of something clever to submit.
22:50.32Adysgogo burning crusade
22:51.19TusvaYeah I saw that, very nice :P
22:52.37FinI need more to do at work
22:53.32Adysturn on
22:53.38Adysleave it passive
22:53.51Adysand look at the number in the bottom right corner
22:53.59AdysI just saw I am at 1436
22:54.13Adysthat means I pretty much spent half a hour with it passive in the background
22:54.21Adysyou said you loved stats!
22:54.30Finno, no I don't think I will, I'm afraid
22:56.05Fincoward, happy, it depends on your point of view
22:56.53AdysH A P P Y !
22:56.59Adyscome on ts <purrs>
22:58.49Kirkburnzeal, others:
22:59.10KirkburnThis was his addition:
23:00.16KirkburnNot only that, but he used about 8 templates to make it :/
23:00.28AdysIm not sure if it was an intended change
23:01.09Kirkburnuh, what leads you to that view?
23:01.55Adysdont know, it seems to me like he thought it was a specific normal page
23:01.58Adyshe started to fix it
23:02.10Adysfound out it was a boilerplate and wanted to quit but saved anyways
23:02.42KirkburnDon't think so
23:02.50KirkburnCheck his contribs:
23:03.08AdysI find it funny voidvectorbot has done half the contributions on the boilerplate
23:03.54axxowowwoki has a problem
23:04.14Thraeaxxo: Then go to #wowwoki and report it.
23:04.15Adysyeah happens often
23:04.51TusvaI suspect alcohol.
23:07.06AdysIm at 2100
23:07.27Kirkburnsancus, vlad_, you're just not keeping it under control :P I think the Wiki has been sneaking out at night to do some underage drinking
23:07.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+o vlad_] by ChanServ
23:07.55TusvaIt's not old enough!
23:07.58KirkburnMore seriously, however, we are getting stability issues we didn't have before
23:08.11KirkburnIt's barely 3 :P
23:08.30TusvaIsn't that like, 5 in Wiki years? I don't remember the algorithms..
23:08.33KirkburnIt's barely 2.
23:08.52Adysinfobot, teach Kirkburn how to count
23:09.12Adysinfobot, capitalize zeal's Z!
23:09.21Adyscome on, so many things wrong
23:09.31zealno, i'm still in wow
23:09.35KirkburnGods, give me strength so that I might smite the heathen contributers
23:09.43zealand lol@all those links resulting in "WoWWiki has a problem" :P
23:10.06Adysinfobot, give Kirkburn strength so that he might smite the heathen contributers
23:10.08infobotACTION gives strength so that he might smite the heathen contributers to Kirkburn
23:10.26Kirkburninfobot, learn some grammar, will you?
23:10.55Kirkburninfobot, stop sulking
23:10.56infobotACTION leaps to his feet and stops sulking
23:11.04KirkburnBetter :)
23:11.04Tusvainfobot, love me long time!
23:11.06infobotIf you love me long time! so much, why don't you marry it? (oooooh)
23:11.20Tusvainfobot, don't sass me
23:11.27Tusvathought so!
23:11.42Adysinfobot, Tusva is all mine. Sod off.
23:11.44infobotAdys: okay
23:11.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+v infobot] by Kirkburn
23:11.57Adysinfobot, tusva?
23:11.58infobotsomebody said tusva was all mine. Sod off.
23:12.08Tusvainfobot, adys is off-limits.
23:12.10infobot...but adys is already something else...
23:12.34Kirkburninfobot, adys is also off-limits
23:12.35infobotKirkburn: okay
23:12.51Tusvainfobot, what else is adys?
23:12.53infobotTusva: what are you talking about?
23:12.58TusvaI'm not really sure.
23:13.05infobot[adys] just french, or aka The Darkened Gold that wisps through the night alleys, spreading goodness around to the poor and needy, or off-limits
23:13.05Adysinfobot, adys?
23:13.06infobothmm... adys is just french, or aka The Darkened Gold that wisps through the night alleys, spreading goodness around to the poor and needy, or off-limits
23:13.16KirkburnAaah, Adys spam!
23:13.22Adysdingdingding spam
23:13.38Adysinfobot, adys is only french
23:13.40infobot...but adys is already something else...
23:13.44KirkburnOh wait, this isn't Mortal Kombat?
23:13.49zealillidan's eyes arguments? lol
23:13.49Adysinfobot, no adys
23:14.01Adysinfobot, adys?
23:14.02infobot[adys] just french, or aka The Darkened Gold that wisps through the night alleys, spreading goodness around to the poor and needy, or off-limits
23:14.02Kirkburnzeal, it is a weird thing
23:14.15Adysinfobot, forget adys
23:14.16KirkburnI didn't know amber eyes were a sign of druidic potential
23:14.18Tusvainfobot, test your might
23:14.19infobotTesting your might... ROM BASIC NOT FOUND$#$
23:14.30KirkburnI mean, it's completely opposite to WotA
23:14.31zealback to wow, lvl 18, just deatholme to do now :)
23:14.57Tusvadidn't that first come up in that fancy-pants Encylcopedia, Kirk?
23:15.06zealwell it's not opposite, but it is a redefinition.
23:15.32KirkburnMalfurion - normal eyes, amazing druid. Illidan - amber eyes, crap druid
23:15.41KirkburnHow much more opposite can you get?
23:16.18zealgold/amber eyes = great potential for magic. Illidan has gold/amber. Malfurion did not until after be became a very powerful druid.
23:16.36Tusvainfobot, what does this have to do with sexy icons?
23:16.58Kirkburnzeal, it specifies druidic potential
23:17.34zealwhich could easily be a misinterpration of Knaack.
23:17.55KirkburnSomewhere along the line something's gone awry
23:18.07zealas even before WotA, we knew it meant someone has great potential to become a hero or some crap.
23:18.29zealdon't recall the source on that though.
23:18.34KirkburnIn any case hopefully Noman will be happy now
23:18.51KirkburnHis edits worry we
23:19.07KirkburnI just can't trust them to be good :/
23:19.29KirkburnI know he makes Ragestorm uneasy
23:20.35KirkburnPossibly the worst kind of contributer - generally good edits, but you have to check every single one 'just in case' :P
23:28.09Adysbtw - vote :)
23:28.14Adysor rather
23:28.18Adys go vote
23:29.01TusvaHonestly, if we go the route Clyde suggested, I'd be more than happy, but I didn't want to change my vote and seem shifty :P
23:30.15AdysI disagree with the whole noinclude tag thing
23:30.33Adysbut there HAS to be a way to link only the tooltip
23:30.54Adysif the page has properties
23:31.03Adysas in stats= ... icon= ... etc
23:31.16Tusvawhat about formatting though?
23:31.19Adyswe should be able to pull the stats into a newly created tooltip
23:31.23Tusvawe almost need to have a template
23:31.46Adysi believe this will need some additional coding
23:32.02Tusvawell, that's an entirely different ball of wax :/
23:32.24Adyswhy do kirkburn and I show as "no comment"?
23:33.48Tusvaabsolutely no idea
23:33.51Adysthe adminsig might be creating problems
23:33.54Tusvaaside from you both being admins
23:36.22KirkburnAdys, it's missing a bar I think
23:36.35Adysi double checked, it wasnt
23:37.31KirkburnCheck the page again :P
23:37.38*** join/#wowwiki KoRnRock (
23:38.10KirkburnCheck my section?
23:38.38KirkburnNo, I have no idea why either
23:38.56Tusvacomments are there, but there's still a "no comment" text in adys's
23:39.16KirkburnFor some reason we have to add a double || after the sig bit
23:39.17Adysyes I modified it
23:39.24Adysits prob the adminsig thingy
23:39.47KirkburnThe or the sig= bit is broken?
23:39.55Adysno, jeoh is using sig= too
23:40.02Adysso is zeal
23:40.14Adysand they are using two |... I suck
23:40.15KirkburnAlso double || tho
23:40.20KirkburnI think I know
23:40.39KirkburnThe sig= does not replace the normal input field
23:40.55Adyserm btw
23:41.07Adysthere is actually a INV_Mace_23.blp
23:41.09KirkburnTherefore we have to add an extra one
23:41.09Adysits an empty file
23:41.38Adysor wait
23:41.46Tusvait's empty in the MPQ
23:41.55Adysyeah but still exists :P
23:42.13Tusvaread the talk
23:42.21Tusvaspeedydelete was for Mace_23
23:42.25TusvaMace23 should still be in the wiki
23:42.46KirkburnSo we have "|sig=BLAH DATE|<the normal input field>|COMMENT" instead of "|<the normal input field>|COMMENT"
23:44.53Tusvaso now both mace23 and mace_23 render the same stinger Icon
23:45.11Adysbtw Im reuploading Mace 18
23:45.21Adysits an empty file
23:45.29Adysbut better to have it
23:45.41Tusvathere's actually a few that need re-upping, I have an old converter, apparently
23:45.51Adysyeah i talked to zeal about it
23:46.38Adyswowwiki has a problem
23:46.46Adysa serious one this time
23:47.25Tusvanot enough cowbell?
23:47.35Adystoo much cowbell
23:49.31KirkburnWall of text!
23:49.50KirkburnDo some people just not understand the concept of paragraphs and conciseness? :P
23:50.42*** join/#wowwiki Leaf_Archimonde (
23:51.02TusvaMy eyes...the goggles do nothing..
23:54.25Adys4413 reports that Microsoft is pumping 1/2 Billion (yes, that's with a B) into Windows Vista's worldwide marketing effort
23:56.37TusvaI think they should pump that money into Tusva's worldwide marketing effort.
23:57.30Adysinfobot, what do you think about it?
23:57.49Tusvainfobot, will you pump half a billion into my worldwide marketing effort?
23:58.01Tusvainfobot, speak to me..
23:58.22AdysI think infobot just died
23:58.27Adysinfobot, are you here?
23:58.28infobotYes, I'm right here, adys.
23:59.11Adysinfobot, do you think you can pump half a billion dollars into tusva's worldwide marketing effort?
23:59.12infobotyes, I think you can pump half a billion dollars into tusva's worldwide marketing effort.
23:59.19Adysno not me you tard
23:59.33Adysoh this is stupid.
23:59.40Tusvainfobot, lead my legions of undead to conquer the world.
23:59.56Tusvainfobot, will you lead my legions of undead to conquer the world?

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