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00:00.38voidvectorit is there so you don't actually have hyperlink to page itself, function is for templates. If the page has sections, and you wish to bold the first occurrance of the section title, you can't use this method.
00:00.51ZealGrim404.. not that i really mind, as me makes me look better, but hes going around correcting spelling and typos on talk pages :P
00:01.01Zeal*as it makes me
00:01.26Zealer what voidvector? :S
00:01.46Zealthat made no sense
00:01.51voidvectorread harder
00:02.14Zealself-links bold because you don't have hyperlink.. ?
00:02.49Zealread hard enough, makes no sense. lol
00:04.47voidvector1) the function is there so you don't have hyperlinks to the page itself. 2) the function designed is for templates. 3) you can't use this method to bold first occurance of section title in a text.
00:07.53Zeal1) in which case, they would have not bothered bolding. However thy decided to make them bold for a reason. 2) it has no special use for templates, explain. 3) er.. irrelevent? :S [[article#section|section]] :S
00:08.35Zealbeleive [[#section|]] does the same, but not sure.
00:11.29Zealinteresting, [[#section|section]] works but [[#section|]] fails to link :s
00:13.26voidvectorbtw, look what I found []
00:13.41voidvectorcheck the source of the article itself, it uses ''' ''' to bold the first occurance of self link
00:14.59Zealyes, it's been created in accordance to their decision, proves nothing
00:15.28Zealsection links should not have defautl self link behavioir, that is correct, as they are jump-to links for a page.
00:17.12voidvectorregarding 2),  [[ ]] self bolding feature is there so that when you include a template (e.g. for navigation) it would highlight the article which you are viewing.
00:18.47Zealhardly a desriable result imo. and even if it was (as it know this is for navigational templates at that is clearly where you view is coming from) i'm back to saying the mediwiki staff are short sighted and narrow minded.
00:18.56Zeal*and that
00:19.02Zeal*your view
00:19.15Zealnavigational templates are a god awful idea..
00:26.28voidvectorthey are shortsighted, back in the early days, before the introduction of [[ ]] there was this feature called camelcase, were you use camelcase to link to other articles
00:26.56Zealand how did that go? heh
00:27.49voidvectorfeature doesn't exist anymore
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00:32.11Zealwell anyways.. i don't think your bot should be going around enforcing something, that is still under debate (thus has the potential to be changed back), and even if there was a decision against self-links, does no harm to reamin as they are.
00:32.48Zealespecially with wiki being as slow and unstable as it is atm : /
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00:33.32voidvectorhmm, that's reasonable
00:34.25voidvectoroh you know waht, the bot crashed itself just before
00:34.43voidvectorit can't find "meta:" namespace
00:35.12Zeali have no understanding of bots yet, heh.
00:36.50voidvectoroh, basically it stumbled upon a link that reads like [[meta:balba]] and it doesn't know where the page is.
00:38.40Zeali see, lol
00:40.43voidvectorother stupid stuff: it thinks the article [[SI:7]] is in Singhalese
00:42.56voidvectorcan't blame it, it's designed for wikipedia
00:44.24Zealwell, its the fact it doesn't know the difference between a psuedo-namespace and a namespace.
00:44.37Zealcan anyone find any mention of drudism changing eye color? :s
00:44.54Zealgot someone who says its on wowwiki and that it's inaccurate.. but i can't find it
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00:48.13Zealsigh.. wtf tbh : /
00:48.16Zeali can't find it
00:48.42Zealsounds like another person slandering wowwiki again..
00:53.32Zealfound it.. in the orc article of all places
00:53.47Zeali think ragestorm wrote it, and i'm fairly sure it wrong :S
00:55.37Zealget room.. lol
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01:40.22Zealok well i'm going to bed
01:40.23Zealnn all
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03:30.59Adysnew record :D
03:33.50TusvaMages should never have so much hp
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04:10.13rronkivdoes the WoW Wiki also cover BC?
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04:51.24JynxDaddycan anyone help me with a macro
06:08.42{SIC}god need sleep now.. 2½ lvl on 12 hours
06:08.52{SIC}im exchausted
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13:26.35Kirkburn|afkQuiet day on the wiki :P
13:26.56Kirkburn|afkTime for Uni, bbl
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13:35.00KimonoTesting 1, 2 ,3. Anyone active?
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13:36.18KimonoVery interesting, there is a response, but that response is denying it's own existence
13:37.10chrisxjust lurking... doing some work and stuff atm internet is horrid right now, I can't play wow w/o getting disconected.
13:38.10KimonoBut I can use IRC :\
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13:42.27LucidFoxhmm, I used to assume Adon was a blood elf
13:42.33LucidFoxbut the wiki says he's a high elf
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13:58.22Tepetkhetinfobot: Blizzard?
13:58.33infobotit has been said that blizzard is the best developer ever.  or at least eyonix says so.
13:59.19LucidFoxinfobot: expansion?
13:59.46chrisxĆ­nfobot: addon
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14:06.09LucidFoxwhen flying from Azshara to the Barrens, one can see a bridge similar to the Barrens-Durotar bridge, but way north of it, on the Barrens-Ashenvale-Azshara border
14:06.13LucidFoxis it accessible?
14:06.53TepetkhetThere's a bridge between Azshara and Ashenvale...not that on?
14:06.55Tepetkheter, one?
14:07.11TepetkhetI mean, the one on the road
14:07.53TepetkhetAnd there's a bridge that goes into the "back" entrance to Orgrimmar from the West.
14:08.17TepetkhetIf you're Horde flying from Crossroads to Orgrimmar, you fly right over it.
14:08.19LucidFoxno, not that one
14:08.39LucidFoxwait, I'll upload a screenshot
14:10.29TepetkhetThat looks like the bridge into Orgrimmar.
14:10.31TepetkhetYou sure it's not that?
14:10.43LucidFoxnot, it's not that one
14:10.59TepetkhetIsn't Org just to your left there?
14:11.00LucidFoxlook at the minimap
14:11.23LucidFoxI was flying from Talrendis Point to Ratchet
14:11.36TepetkhetI don't play Alliance...
14:11.39TepetkhetSo I dunno where that is.
14:11.46TepetkhetBut that sure looks like the back entrance to Org.
14:12.00TepetkhetRight on the border.
14:13.09TepetkhetOrgrimmar has the entrance from the South up through Durotar.
14:13.14TepetkhetThat's the main entrance.
14:13.17TepetkhetNear the Zeppelin.
14:13.29TepetkhetBut if you stare at the front of Org...
14:13.43TepetkhetAnd go left (west), you'll go through a small farm and then get to a river.
14:13.53TepetkhetCross the river and go right (north)
14:14.01TepetkhetAnd you'll come to a bridge that looks exactly like that.
14:14.49TepetkhetCross over the bridge and you'll be in Orgrimmar (if the guards don't kill you, lousy Alliance scum.  ;) ).
14:15.40TepetkhetWhen we fly in from XR, we go right over that bridge.
14:16.01TepetkhetThe flight takes a slight loop up into Azshara - just enough to see the label you're seeing there...
14:16.04TepetkhetAnd hear the music change.
14:16.09TepetkhetAnd then back into the city.
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14:18.12TepetkhetOur sysadmin seems to have renamed one of the machines here "Picard", if I am reading these logs right...
14:34.30equiraptorTea, Earl Grey, Hot
14:36.56TepetkhetOkay, so why does imp3 think I need to have php4-mysql installed?
14:37.42equiraptorBecause the person who set up the ports keeps his accounts there, like a dumbass?
14:37.56equiraptorCan you specify not to use it?
14:42.24TepetkhetWhen I install imp3, it reinstalls horde2.
14:42.28Tepetkhethorde-2.2.7 depends on file: /usr/local/lib/php/20020429/ - not found
14:42.58equiraptorI see. Can you specify not-mysql on horde2?
14:43.30Tepetkhetpkg-message:Horde is setup by default to access MySQL.
14:43.59equiraptorSo install horde, specifying no-mysql, then install imp3
14:44.50TepetkhetThere it is.
14:51.15kasoequiraptor, there are four lights
14:54.29TepetkhetI'm stupid.
14:54.33TepetkhetI can't figure this out.
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15:01.34kaso is fucked up, any admins around?
15:04.02Zealfuckd up how?
15:05.35kasoworks fine now :<
15:05.47kasobefore it was showing the mainpage with "WOWWIKI HAS HAD AN ERROR" at the top
15:05.50Tuqui-tuquiwhen I load that page
15:05.56Tuqui-tuquiI get a temporary warning that say
15:05.59Tuqui-tuquiWiki has a problem
15:06.02kasoyah thats the one
15:06.06Tuqui-tuquibut it loads the page fine right after
15:07.59Zealyes, nothing to do with the page
15:08.03Zealjust the wiki as a whole
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15:15.58kasoWho spilt coffee on the server then?
15:17.37Zealbeen that way for a while now : /
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15:32.27Kirkburn|afkDammit, what did zeal want I wonder ...
15:38.50Kirkburn|afkzeal, I don't think the speedydelete template arguments work
15:49.34Kirkburn|afkAlso, need some more views:
17:08.46Tepetkhet"Children in homes full of books, games less likely to be spanked, except for those unfortunate few who get beaten upside the head for mouthing off about correlation and causation"
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17:15.34zeal"South Africa is home to many different species of animals. I have four pictures of animals that live in South Africa. I have a elephant, rhinoceros, a lion and a couple of giraffes." rofl
17:15.59TepetkhetA elephant?
17:17.22ZealKirkburn, fixed.
17:41.34Zealno fleeing, lol
17:41.46Zeali've provided feedback on the bc template ;)
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21:11.08voidvectorThere are a number of templates that should be locked: {{questlong}} {{NPC}} {{Alliance Small Icon}} {{Horde Small Icon}} {{questclass}}. Of course editing any of them would give the server a good workout.
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21:58.04Tepetkhethome soon
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22:20.31MrDomIs there anyone here?
22:21.42equiraptorThough it has been kinda quiet today.
22:22.14MrDomWoo! :D I have just added my first ever wiki page (for any wiki's anywhere) for API IsSpellInRange - and wanted someone to check I havent gibboned anything up :)
22:23.30MrDomSpent all day experimenting with the damn thing cos it was undocumented, and kept chucking out nil returns when you least expect it :D
22:24.55equiraptorI'm actually relatively inexperienced with wikis and WoW Wikis.
22:25.06equiraptorBut it certainly looks like that's a non-broken page... :)
22:25.24equiraptorOnce the admins / more experienced people here are around, they can probably give you a decent review of the page. :)
22:25.24MrDomThats a good start then :D
22:27.00MrDomAhwell, I shall try again another time then. nn :)
22:27.22Zeali'm very busy editing and discussing atm. but i don't touch api stuff, so no idea really : /
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23:03.35VonhintenAny admins paying attention?
23:07.21VonhintenGuess not... anyway... I just wanted to gripe about the location of the google search on the main page
23:07.50kasowhats wrong with it?
23:08.02VonhintenWhy the heck is it not at the very top of the main page, a big long input box like on google's main page...
23:08.14VonhintenEvery time I visit wowwiki, I have to scroll down and type in what I'm looking for
23:08.42VonhintenShould be the first field on the page, and the have auto-focus, if you ask me.
23:09.30kasoYou have to scroll down? what resolution do you use?
23:09.36Zealevery browser has a search bar.. use it..
23:09.48Zealkaso, i have to scroll too
23:09.54Zealand i'm on 1280x1024.
23:10.06Vonhinten1280x1024, the normal resolution for average LCD's these days
23:10.15kasoi mean really you have to scroll
23:10.20kasoi dont.. and im using the same
23:10.31VonhintenI don't browser with a maximized window
23:10.42Zeallol, i do
23:10.45Zealstill have to scrool
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23:11.51VonhintenBut the scrolling is only part of the problem.  It's the functional priority of it.. it doesn't belong in a sidebar (especially not after Navigation, some ads, popular pages and development sections)
23:12.15mrha``Hello I need some help figuring mana/spirit for priest based on the wowwiki forumlas
23:13.07mrha``any simple rule i can follow for 1mana/p5s = so much spirit or is it different from casting and non casting
23:15.34Vonhintenwhat's the problem with the fomula?
23:15.53Vonhintenformula, that is
23:16.08mrha``just curious if there is another method of generalizing the calculation
23:16.17mrha``like a simple rule of thumb
23:16.26kasoiirc the simplest way is that 2 spirit is about 1mana5 when not casting off, roughly
23:16.36mrha``instead of always having to break out a calculator lol
23:17.02mrha``how about when casting
23:17.11kasodepends on talents
23:17.27mrha``i see so factoring meditation for a priest
23:17.55VonhintenThe math in that page is a little overcomplicated and underexplained
23:18.58kasowhen not casting its 1.6 spirit == 1mana5 when casting it its like 10.7 spirit == 1mana5
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23:22.05VonhintenTekkub, you a wowwiki website admin?
23:23.01VonhintenI was just griping about the location of the google search on the main page...
23:23.10Vonhintenwanted to gripe to someone who can do something about it
23:23.32TekkubI can't
23:23.41TekkubI do believe that's in the config files
23:23.47Tekkubwhich I don't have access to
23:24.24Vonhintenwho does? and how would I get them to consider changing it...
23:26.48Zealvlad_ and sancus i beleive.
23:27.12Zealbasically, it would be nice if the first google ads box wasn't above the navigation and search :P
23:28.36Zealnav, search, dev, toolbox, google ad, pop pages, google ad. makes more sense imo.
23:28.51VonhintenIn my opinion it needs to be a big input box labled "Search: " right below the giant gold WOWWIKI, right above the General Info section
23:29.01Zeali never use the toolbox as it's too far down, easier for me to type the links
23:29.08Vonhinten(honestly, do people actually use the General Info section?)
23:29.19Zealno.. search should not be before the nav : /
23:29.31TekkubI use the API links
23:29.34VonhintenSearch is the most important feature on this site
23:29.40VonhintenThis is a giant database
23:29.40Zealif my user's are searching my site, i know my nav suchs, lol.
23:29.48Zealyeah, but it shouldn't be :P
23:30.20VonhintenYou've got the wrong idea.  Navigation is a waste of time.  People know what they want to find, they just need to get at it
23:30.49VonhintenNavigation is for people that don't know what they want to find
23:31.01Vonhintenand there are far fewer of those that will visit this site
23:31.47Vonhinten(which is why I asked the question about the general info section... who really would use that?)
23:32.03Vonhintenmy guess is, people that didn't immediate scroll down and see the search box.. lol
23:34.15Zealgod.. really get to see how messy a system is when you start going through the templates..
23:35.00VonhintenI'm a developer working with code that's been alive for over a decade...
23:35.14VonhintenI know exactly what you mean, only on a millions of lines of code scale..
23:38.29MatthewSsearch doesn't always work right, navigation is useful?
23:39.35Vonhintenif you're rolling your own website, and your search system sucks.. I might agree with that :)
23:39.42VonhintenBut with a google engine?  no way
23:39.55MatthewSyes, way
23:40.06MatthewSwhat if blizz adopts something that is a google stopword?
23:41.15*** join/#wowwiki SOaD (
23:41.57Vonhintenwell, you have a point, I should restate that I don't think navigation is totally useless
23:42.00Zealoddly i get better results doing a site search on google than i do with the wowwiki google search :S
23:42.03Vonhintenjust not in the majority case
23:42.38VonhintenBut, it'll be pretty unlikely that there would be a stopword popular enough to cause a problem
23:42.39MatthewSok, and i just scrolled back and saw your point about the placement of the search box
23:42.47MatthewSwhich i would agree should be moved
23:43.25MatthewSbut the community may be placing navigation there to encourage people to surf that site instead of treating it as a 'to be scanned quickly' db of results
23:43.47*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
23:44.01MatthewSpure conjecture though
23:44.29MatthewSi am not in any way affiliated with wowwiki except that i use the site
23:44.48*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
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23:44.58Vonhintenright, and they may also be forcing you to look down at 2 different google ads before you see the search box...
23:45.18Vonhintenand if that's what they want to do... so be it
23:45.53VonhintenI just wanted to bring it up as an issue.  The user experience is slower and more annoying than it needs to be for most
23:46.45*** join/#wowwiki SOaD (
23:47.44VonhintenI've found myself modifying the URL rather than heading for the search box
23:49.07Vonhintensuch as: /Argent_Dawn   voila, and I didn't have to scroll
23:49.24*** join/#wowwiki SOaD (
23:49.48Gryphenthe search position has been brought up several times before
23:50.01VonhintenI can imagine
23:51.08VonhintenOne day, I'll get on a soapbox and it'll do some good...
23:51.18Gryphenwont be the first person
23:51.20VonhintenWork day's over now, see yas
23:51.37*** part/#wowwiki Vonhinten (

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