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00:15.58BCIAFhey guys!
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04:38.10Kirkburn|afkBCIAF, just crazy circular arguements
04:38.31BCIAFlol ok
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06:31.40BCIAFwhats this walking gryphon thing i heard about?
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07:01.05Kirkburn|afkBCIAF, what do you mean?
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07:16.02BCIAFI mean, where do you get the mount, its stats and cost n stuff?
07:18.32Kirkburn|afkI don't know of a walking gryphon, they all fly and walk
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07:23.10BCIAFits -like- a walking grphon
07:48.15Tusvathe cockatrice?
07:48.24Tusvaie: The Blood Elf mount?
07:50.08BCIAFand its a hawkstrider now.
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07:52.25Tusvapotayto potahto :P
07:55.26BCIAFunder copper ore
07:55.30BCIAFit says prospectable?
07:55.46BCIAFwhat does that mean?
07:56.09Tusvajewelcrafters can prospect it for gems, i believe
07:57.09Tusvanot entirely sure what you need, haven't rolled a jewelcrafter yet
07:59.15BCIAFthank you
08:00.10BCIAFi dont have the prospecting ability anywhere and i have jewelcrafting! grr
08:14.28Tekkubthought you learned it at skill 15 or some crap
08:39.24Kirkburn|afkYes, it's learned
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08:45.35Sky2042Kirk, you here?
08:46.13Sky2042can you check noman? he's deleting a bit of info in the Old Gods article, and I don't want to get into an edit war
08:47.02Kirkburn|afkAh, he's making article more concise
08:47.13Kirkburn|afkThe dead one bit is already mentioned in the article
08:47.27Sky2042yeah, just noticed he replied
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08:53.20Kirkburn|afkAnyone understand this?
08:53.20AdysErr kirk
08:53.31Kirkburn|afkAdys, what?
08:53.42Adysdifferent :p
08:53.44Kirkburn|afkHey, that's odd
08:53.53AdysUser talk, not talk
08:54.00Adysyou silly :-p
08:54.41Kirkburn|afkWeird, how did that happen
08:55.17AdysI think you can delete rep
08:55.48Sky2042yeah, just saw that kirk. thx!
08:56.27Kirkburn|afkAdys, done
08:57.52AdysKirkburn|afk - im having problems with my signature oO
08:58.02AdysI try to remove the SUBST: part on the preferences
08:58.06Adysbut it keeps putting it back
08:58.55Kirkburn|afkYou can't remove that bit
08:59.18AdysI have to write {{User:Adys/Sig}} ?
08:59.23Adysinstead of ~~~~
09:00.32Kirkburn|afkLook at varg's use page, I described how to do it there
09:00.36Kirkburn|afk*talk page
09:04.20Adysmm wiki slow for me again
09:21.32Kirkburn|afkChanged the sidebar links!
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10:44.37Kowilo :P
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11:07.10Kirkburn|afkKowi, hullo
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11:14.37Kowihey Kirkburn|afk =)
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11:41.15Kirkburn|afkSo apparently "The Firefox browsers represent a total 11.69% global usage share, decreasing 0.46% since November 2006."
11:41.54Kirkburn|afkI'm surprised it's not going up still
11:42.33Adyshow about the IE browsers?
11:49.42sancusbased on whose stats, kirk? :P
11:49.53sancusvarious groups have stats with differing information
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12:19.46Zeallo all
12:39.11Zeala welcome is what a newbie gets.. pfft
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13:28.15kuinkalalol with me ;<
13:28.22kuinkalai took a tongue piercing
13:32.35Zealer, ok :s
13:32.52Zealtook as in kised someone with one, or took as it got one done? :s
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13:46.12weazerGuys! How do i get Cenarion Plant Salve for Whipper Copper Tube and Night Dragon
13:46.15weazer's Breath
13:46.30weazerNothing on the site :(
13:46.36TepetkhetGo to Felwood and get the special lantern thing...
13:47.19TepetkhetThen you can gather shards from corpses and/or skin hides for the Tauren chick.
13:47.26TepetkhetYou exchange those for salve.
13:47.50weazerOk, Im alliance! Where do i go to get the collect item?
13:48.23TepetkhetDo you know in Felwood where there's that little hillside with Druids standing around?
13:48.27TepetkhetNE and Tauren?
13:48.44TepetkhetAs you enter Felwood and go down the road, it's on the Right.
13:49.10weazerOhh there
13:49.13weazerCheers mate!
13:49.21TepetkhetThere should be somebody near there to get the quest from.
13:49.36TepetkhetDruids are usually neutral so I think both factions can get the quest from the same Tauren chick.
13:49.45TepetkhetShe's on the left hand side of the path instead of the right.
13:49.55weazerok :)
13:50.11TepetkhetIt's been a while.
13:50.20TepetkhetSo hopefully this'll help.
13:50.56weazerAlready did.
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14:42.14Zeallol @ Kirkburn|afk
14:42.17Zealhey Tekkub
14:42.44Zealhello? :s
14:45.56TepetkhetOkay.  I did a pg_dumpall on my postgresql should be backed up now, I hope...
14:46.15TepetkhetWhat else do I need to back up...
14:50.36Traeanyone know if Shadow Priests will get a pet still?
14:51.02Traethere was talk of us getting Shadow Fiends
15:03.01Mirellanot sure
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15:42.01Kirkburn|afkYou're also a RL reader?
15:42.22Adysinfobot, did you hear that?!
15:42.32Tekkubamongst other stuff
15:42.48Tekkubif it's got RSS and it's amusing I'll read it
15:43.13Tekkubinfobot, I hate you
15:43.14infobotYou hate you?
15:43.24Tekkubinfobot, you're stupid
15:43.26infobotACTION scratches his head
15:43.26jrrinfobot: i hate infobot
15:43.27infobotYou hate infobot?
15:43.53Tekkubinfobot, shut up
15:43.55infoboti'm sorry, master tekkub
15:44.21Tekkubinfobot, go far, far away
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15:47.17Zeal"I have a problem (With WoWWiki)" :p
15:47.26Zealmessage is getting annoying, lol
15:50.46Zeal like?
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15:54.00Kirkburn|afkReload, reload
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15:54.16Kirkburn|afkZeal, can I say AAAAGH BOXES
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15:57.06Hobinheimis it me or is the wiki more unstable than usual
15:57.08Zealyou can say it, but you need to explain yourself :P
15:57.11Hobinheimi don't think ayone's doing major editing
15:57.19Zealit isn't just you Hobinheim, lol
15:57.55Hobinheimbut we have like a huge ram upgrade
15:58.00Hobinheimnow we're crashing 4x as fast as before
15:58.24Kirkburn|afkHow exactly am I supposed to respond to comments like this?
15:58.24Hobinheiman upgrade to the engine would be nice
15:59.08Kirkburn|afkJust under an hour earlier I responded to varg saying it's in Rise of the Horde, then I cited it in the article itself.
15:59.18Kirkburn|afkAnd then he asks "do they have blue blood?"
15:59.59Kirkburn|afk(my earlier comment:
16:01.40equiraptorUmmm... If the subject on a section on a talk page is misspelled, is it fair/accepted to fix it?
16:01.48equiraptor(on the Draenei talk page, " Cannibles")
16:02.15Kirkburn|afkYeah sure
16:02.30Kirkburn|afkAnd then there are the comments which only have one very very obvious answer:
16:03.42Zealso Kirkburn|afk, what about boxes?
16:03.49Kirkburn|afklots =)
16:04.09Kirkburn|afkLooks good though!
16:05.17Zealcheck it now :p
16:06.03Zealjsut trying to come up with a replacement for if floats worked well it would be simple, but naturally they don't. so i decided to try out an inline list format.
16:12.29Zeali see
16:13.40Zealhunter heal should be 1^ :p not 0 lol
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16:30.18Patrigan-Syldrathe wiki just killed me XD
16:30.24Patrigan-Syldra"WoWwiki has a problem"
16:30.34Patrigan-Syldragod I love it when that pops up :p
16:31.03Hobinheimi hate that...
16:31.07Hobinheimit's sort of ninja
16:31.11Hobinheimyou're not sure if there really is a problem
16:31.15Hobinheimand you sorta hope that there isn't
16:31.16Hobinheimbut there is
16:31.52Patrigan-Syldraso funny
16:31.58*** join/#wowwiki sfl (n=chuckfro@
16:31.59Patrigan-Syldrabut what exactly is the problem with it?
16:34.32Kirkburn|afkNot sure
16:34.34Hobinheimpaging tekkub
16:34.47Kirkburn|afksancus, we've been getting a fair few WoWWiki has a problem msgs recently
16:34.54Tekkubyou mean vumping
16:35.12Patrigan-SyldraExplain thyself, scroundrel!
16:35.21Hobinheimtekkub, what's the page exists function in wiki code
16:35.22Tekkubmy ping noise is a "vump"
16:35.25Hobinheimi can't find it and google is sucking
16:35.38Tekkubwe don't have it :P
16:35.44Tekkubthere's an exists template though
16:36.07Zeal5 problems in a row..
16:36.27Kirkburn|afkWho's editing templates?
16:36.40Patrigan-SyldraI think it's a thingy that lasts
16:36.43Patrigan-Syldralike some error
16:36.47Patrigan-Syldraand you need to fix it first
16:36.53Patrigan-Syldrabefore the problem is sovled...
16:37.00Zeali'm editing a template, but it's brand new.
16:37.06TekkubI'll solve you
16:37.18Hobinheimahh i see
16:37.41Zeal now, can we get the old crappy ones deleted.
16:38.06Hobinheimwtf does vv2 mean
16:38.12Hobinheimworst templat ename ever
16:38.39TekkubZeal, we need some damn javascript magic so that {{Loot|Large Bear Bone}} is collored automatically
16:39.16Hobinheimzeal, i'd rename the template L
16:39.25Zeali wouldn't Hobinheim
16:39.28Zeall means f all
16:39.33Zealloot is clear for anyone
16:39.42Zealit's a loot link, loot is fine.
16:39.48Patrigan-Syldrago for item
16:39.54Patrigan-Syldraor something elong those lines
16:39.56Tekkubtemplate names should be simple but clear as to what they do
16:40.00Patrigan-Syldravendor items aren't exactly loot...
16:40.01*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
16:40.02ZealTekkub, don't need javascript?! :S
16:40.24Zealwell ican rename it to ilink if you want.. for item link
16:40.25Tekkubwhatever majicks are needed so that the editor doesn't need to know the quality
16:40.37Zealwell that aint happening, lol.
16:40.42Tekkubwhich therefore will allow for automatic updating of the color if it were to change
16:40.47Hobinheimno the point is that for such a frequently used template, you should abbreviate it
16:40.57Hobinheimalso, the colors should be specificed in CSS
16:41.05Hobinheimwhen we have CSS control i mena
16:41.13Zeali can't really think of many items that have ever had quality changes.. mounts, some trash thats about it.
16:41.32Zealcolours are in css..
16:41.41Patrigan-Syldrajust wondering
16:41.43Zealthey're pulling in the colour templates that already existing.
16:41.51Hobinheimcolor templates = wrong
16:41.53Patrigan-Syldrais it possible to access wiki code from a history page?
16:42.03Hobinheimi'm at work and this is getting too involved
16:42.03*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
16:42.10Zealer.. wtf
16:42.23Zealcolour templates are fine O_O wtf is he talking about?
16:42.25Patrigan-Syldrais it possible to access wiki code from a history page?
16:42.35Tekkubsorry, as a coder, there's a point where shrinking variable names make the code HARDER to read
16:42.48Tekkubsimple, good, not-self-describing, bad
16:43.21Tekkubif I want to tag a page as a stub, {{stub}} comes to mind, not {{s}}
16:43.30Zealloot is 4 letters, i think that's abbreviated enough from "item loot link template"..
16:43.40Tekkubyea, exactly
16:43.44Zealaye Tekkub, with ya.
16:43.55Tekkubit's 4 fucking letters and it's quite clear what it does
16:43.57Patrigan-Syldrawhat exactly is that loot thingy meant for?
16:44.04Patrigan-Syldrajust to put an itemlink on a page?
16:44.10Tekkubeven {{lootlink}} would be acceptable to me
16:44.17Tekkubor itemlink
16:44.21Patrigan-Syldrathen Loot must be one of the worst describing things EVER
16:44.23Zealwhen it's used for linking an item itself as loot
16:44.33Kirkburn|afkSo. Many. Errors.
16:44.35Patrigan-Syldrabecause vendor items are not considered loot
16:44.36Zealnot for jsutl inking an item you're talking about etc.
16:44.48Zealvendor items would never use a lootlink
16:45.02Zealthat's already been discussed
16:45.10Zealas people want to show price with it
16:45.15Tekkubhrm... itemlink might be better, or just item
16:45.16Wulgarwho is it better to ally with the scryers or the aldor?
16:45.17Patrigan-Syldrawhen talking on a page like "Druid_as_a_Tank"
16:45.23*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
16:45.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:45.29Zealit would then be put into a vendor display, and you would use {{quality}} instead.
16:45.32Patrigan-Syldrayou want to be able to show both items from mobs and items from Vendors
16:45.33TekkubWulgar, go scryers, it's exactly what you want
16:45.41Kirkburn|afkA thought - is it possible to make the [ ] reflect the status of the link?
16:45.43Wulgarwhy are they better?
16:45.51TekkubAldor was put in for people that take the time to look at the items and decide for themselves
16:45.53Kirkburn|afki.e. make them red when it's dead, blue when alive
16:45.58ZealPatrigan-Syldra, in those cases, you would not loot link those items..
16:46.13Zealit is Kirkburn|afk
16:46.23Tekkubread the whole page, then come back and ask which one
16:46.25Kirkburn|afkCause that would probably solve many problems
16:46.30Zealthough more code for something that really isn't needed
16:46.52Zealatm, it simply does not styling the link (but leaves [ ]) when the item's page does not exist.
16:46.55Patrigan-Syldrawho controls infobot?
16:47.24Kirkburn|afkNo-one ;)
16:47.33Tekkubmaybe append a ? on it if it's a non-page
16:47.37Patrigan-Syldrais it possible to make changes to his code?
16:47.41Tekkubbut then people will just fill it with a stub
16:47.44Zealwhich to be is desriable, as i don't want to know the quality if the item doesn't evne exist. i want to know it doesn't exist so i can go add the quality.
16:47.49Kirkburn|afkYes to an extent Patrigan-Syldra
16:47.55Zeal*to me
16:48.01Tekkubit's not changing it's code
16:48.12Tekkubbut you can "tell" it things and it'll remember
16:48.16Patrigan-Syldrajust a silly thought
16:48.31Patrigan-Syldrabut I have the habbit to link in mIRC with [[item]]
16:48.33Tekkubthat's actually the whole point of the stupid bot
16:48.33Kirkburn|afkWaitwaitwait, Zeal did you just suggest not showing the quality if the link is dead?
16:48.38Tekkubgod I hate you infobot
16:48.40Patrigan-Syldraand I was wondering if infobot could learn when he spots something like that
16:48.49Patrigan-Syldrato make a link
16:49.02Tekkubinfobot, Patrigan-Syldra is a big fat doodoohead
16:49.04infobotokay, Tekkub
16:49.07Zealyes Kirkburn|afk, i did. that's what {{loot}} is doing atm.
16:49.20infobotmethinks patrigan-syldra is a big fat doodoohead
16:49.28Kirkburn|afkNah, wikipedia have their channel on here, they'd probably have already tried it Patrigan-Syldra :P
16:49.41Kirkburn|afkZeal, I'm not sure I agree with that
16:49.43Patrigan-Syldrainfobot, Patrigan-Syldra is also the greatest man alive.
16:49.45infobotPatrigan-Syldra: okay
16:49.57Patrigan-Syldrawell, Kirkburn|afk perhaps they aren't as bright
16:50.05infoboti heard patrigan-syldra is a big fat doodoohead, or the greatest man alive.
16:50.06Patrigan-Syldrainfobot alrdy recognises terms
16:50.14Patrigan-Syldraso it should be possible
16:50.18Patrigan-Syldrainfobot, Patrigan-Syldra
16:50.19infobotit has been said that patrigan-syldra is a big fat doodoohead, or the greatest man alive.
16:50.23Zealwell as i said, i can change it, it just means doubling up the code. i really don't consider it worth it.
16:50.29Patrigan-Syldrainfobot, Patrigan
16:50.30infobotmethinks patrigan is nothing to me.
16:50.39Patrigan-Syldrainfobot, botsnack.
16:50.39infobot:), Patrigan-Syldra
16:50.41Tekkubinfobot, no, Patrigan-Syldra is a bastard
16:50.42infobotTekkub: okay
16:50.56Patrigan-SyldraI don't feel the love :<
16:51.09Patrigan-Syldraregarding the itemlinks
16:51.12infobotIf you love <insert item> so much, why don't you marry it
16:51.17Tekkubinfobot, Patrigan-Syldra wants to feel my love, pervert
16:51.34Patrigan-Syldraare you hot?
16:51.41Tekkubcan you feel it now?
16:51.45Tekkubhow about now?
16:53.02Tekkubwonder if Wulgar found his answer yet
16:54.14Wulgarim looking at the rewards now
16:54.27Kirkburn|afkActually, part of the instability atm may be Voidvector's bot
16:54.40Kirkburn|afkNo-one sees how active it is most of the time - it's VERY active
16:55.00Kirkburn|afkEspecially right at the moment
16:55.12Tekkubhe need to turn down the volume on it?
16:55.25Kirkburn|afkI'll mention it to him
16:55.37Tekkubhalf the rate maybe
16:55.50Tekkubhe's at ~4 per min
16:56.25Zealso Kirkburn|afk, what do you want. the name to be unstyled but the brackets styled, or the brackets unstyled and the name styled?
16:56.51Tekkuboh oh oh, idea
16:56.55Wulgari think im going aldor
16:57.11Tekkubinstead of stying, tag a tiny broken link imae after the link?
16:57.31TekkubWulgar, what class/craft/PvP/PvE is you?
16:57.34Patrigan-Syldrajust wondering are there small icons for the Professions?
16:57.43Kirkburn|afkThat's sounds like a good idea, leave the actual link alone
16:57.50Wulgarpali PVE eng, ench
16:58.06Tekkubhrm... not much to work with there
16:58.11Patrigan-Syldragood choice Wulgar
16:58.17Tekkubprolly Aldor for the chants if anything
16:58.27Zeali don't agree with that
16:58.34Tekkubequipment on A/S is kinda hit or miss
16:58.48Tekkuband engineering sucks for recipes
16:58.57Zealyou don't start changing established functionality of a wiki to soemthing people won't understand
16:59.00TekkubI hate engineering
16:59.09Tekkubdid I mention I'm an engineer? :)
16:59.21*** join/#wowwiki voidvector (
16:59.23Zealthe link needs to retain the typical dead-link styling of the wiki
16:59.31Zealnot something appended to the end.
16:59.33Kirkburn|afkOh wait, I already linked that :P
16:59.41Wulgari just like throwing bombs at people
16:59.41Tekkubyou know zeal, to be hanest...
16:59.51Tekkubpeople fill broken links in with stubs fast
16:59.53TekkubI hate stubs
16:59.55Kirkburn|afkhmm, Zeal, it's a tough one
17:00.09Tekkubso I vote no quality styling on broken item links
17:00.16Zealeither the brackets, the name, or the whole link should be left to wiki styling if its dead : /
17:00.25Tekkubcause it'll get stubbed quickly either way
17:00.29Zealaye.. thats my choice too Tekkub
17:00.29Patrigan-Syldranot the whole link please :<
17:00.30Kirkburn|afkI say brackets should eb red
17:00.30Tekkubwhale linke, red
17:00.40Zealok, brackets it is
17:00.45Tekkubme typ gut
17:01.07Kirkburn|afkWouldn't work for an artifact, styling the whole link red ;)
17:01.14Patrigan-Syldradarn it! Wiki has a problem, AGAIN!
17:01.30Tekkubdinner is coming back and boy is it acidy...
17:01.37Tekkubtime to nuke a popatoe
17:01.40Patrigan-SyldraI like acid
17:01.45Patrigan-Syldratastes good
17:01.49voidvectori can change the throttle of the bot. right now its default at 10 seconds
17:01.49Kirkburn|afkvoidvector, got annoyed with my comment and made his bot kill the wiki
17:01.54Kirkburn|afkOh, hello voidvector :P
17:02.28Patrigan-Syldrais your bot working atm?
17:02.29Kirkburn|afkYeah, it should probably be increased
17:02.29voidvectori just killed it as i logged on
17:02.33Kirkburn|afkYou killed the wiki too! :)
17:02.49voidvectori am innocent!!!
17:03.06Patrigan-SyldraI'm not allowed to edit today :<
17:03.06Kirkburn|afkDouble it? 20 secs?
17:03.30Kirkburn|afkvoidvector, you should idle on here :)
17:04.04voidvectori don't like running unnecessary programs
17:04.19Zealok.. so slow now
17:04.38Patrigan-SyldraI wished it was slow
17:04.44Patrigan-Syldrait's nothing for me atm...
17:04.45voidvectorbot is not running btw
17:05.40Patrigan-Syldrait's faster now...
17:05.48Patrigan-Syldrak not ><
17:06.11Kirkburn|afkHeh, the PS3 Europe release data announcement has been delayed. Yes, the annoucement of the release date has been delayed.
17:07.57Patrigan-Syldrawho cares about PS3
17:08.02Patrigan-Syldranobody wants it anyways
17:08.18Patrigan-Syldrathere ain't a sane(!) person wanting to pay 700EUR for a console
17:08.29Kirkburn|afkThis is completely and utterly true
17:08.30Patrigan-SyldraXbox360 has better quality and Wii has better gameplay
17:08.42Patrigan-Syldrathe only thing keeping PS3 running is their current line-up
17:08.48Kirkburn|afkI'm getting a Wii soon - i.e. when I can be bothered to go looking again
17:08.52Patrigan-Syldrahowever they already lost A LOT of their exclusives
17:09.20Patrigan-Syldradid you know that Rockstar is even considering to bring GTA to Wii and Xbox 360?
17:09.43Kirkburn|afkI thought the comment from an exec about him saying that demand was obviously high as people were paying ridiculous prices on eBay for one. IMO they're ALREADY paying a ridiculous price to Sony :)
17:09.47Patrigan-SyldraWii because they want to test the Wiimote and Xbox360 because it has such nice quality...
17:10.04Patrigan-Syldralol ^^
17:10.19Patrigan-SyldraI just don't get it atm, why are they screwing themselves up even more?
17:10.19Kirkburn|afk(my awful grammar notwithstanding)
17:10.22Patrigan-Syldraworse even
17:10.27Patrigan-Syldralol :p
17:10.30Patrigan-Syldraah well
17:10.35Patrigan-SyldraI've always been a Nintendo fan
17:10.43Patrigan-Syldraso I'm happy that Nintendo is surpassing Sony again
17:12.13voidvectorserver dead?
17:12.32Zealtiming out i think
17:13.08Kirkburn|afksancus or vlad_, oh lovely server accessy people! =)
17:13.46voidvectorshould create a server side bot, cause client side bot = download the whole wiki every major run
17:16.24Zealnever gunna get this done at this rate..
17:16.44Patrigan-SyldraI agree
17:17.10ZealKirkburn|afk, dod you watch SG1 or SGA btw?
17:17.22Kirkburn|afkVery rarely
17:17.23Patrigan-Syldrainfobot, Wiki has a problem.
17:17.38Patrigan-Syldracool oO
17:17.52Kirkburn|afk~wiki Chocolate
17:18.12Patrigan-Syldrainfobot, thewiki has a problem.
17:18.17TekkubZeal, zee fargate?
17:18.32Kirkburn|afkPatrigan-Syldra, any reason why you're avoiding'wowwiki'? :)
17:19.06Patrigan-Syldrainfobot, wowwiki?
17:19.07infoboti guess wowwiki is
17:19.13Patrigan-Syldradon't want it to change that one :p
17:19.54Patrigan-Syldraanyone can check if this thing has saved?
17:20.03Patrigan-SyldraI'm on an empty screen -_-
17:20.11Patrigan-Syldrawhich says "Done" in the status
17:20.15Patrigan-Syldrabut, it's emptu
17:20.20Tekkubyou know, mediawiki needs different levels of page watch
17:20.22Patrigan-Syldraso if anyone can access recently changed
17:20.39TekkubI want to watch every page I edit, but I'd like to recieve email for some specific ones
17:20.54Zealagreeded Tekkub
17:21.10Patrigan-Syldrathat would be cool actually
17:21.15Zeali also hate how i get email from other user's pages i'm watching, when the setting it supposed to only apply to mine..
17:21.17Patrigan-SyldraI'm keeping an eye on Karazhan edits atm
17:21.30Patrigan-Syldrabut I don't want mails from it
17:22.14Tekkubyea, like I'd like to watch admin pages like the vandals and get emails
17:22.32Tekkubbut all the other stuff the watch list page works fine cause I usually go for the diffs
17:23.11Zeali auto-watch pages i edit anyways
17:23.25Tekkubme too
17:23.32Zealand when i'm working on the wiki, i have my watchlist on auto-refresh
17:24.08Zealbtw.. er.. does the watchlist have a limit? cos i can't seem to go past soemthing like 3.5 days..
17:24.48Tekkubnot sure
17:24.54Zealno way to go to next page or anything
17:25.05voidvectorit has a page limit
17:25.06Tekkubthere's an "all"
17:25.09Zealthey just seem to cut off after 3days and soem hours.
17:25.22Patrigan-Syldraif you visit daily
17:25.24Zealwell that's silly if i can't go back past that : /
17:25.28Patrigan-Syldra3days will rarely happen...
17:25.39Zealwell i was away for over 3 days pat :P
17:25.42Patrigan-Syldrathings get reupdated and such
17:25.49Patrigan-Syldraow, then it stinks yeah :p
17:26.02Patrigan-SyldraPunishment for being afk!
17:26.05Tekkuband it was so peaceful
17:26.31Zeali did do soem brief stuff while i wasn't gaming. like some icon uploads and replying to comments.
17:26.50Patrigan-SyldraPlease, I beg you!
17:26.53Patrigan-SyldraFIX THE WIKI!
17:27.24Zealhm.. preview button fails.. : /
17:28.23Patrigan-Syldrawell brb
17:28.38Patrigan-SyldraBtw, we need some people to update crafter stuff
17:28.52Patrigan-SyldraBecause, Alchemy is severely outdated...
17:37.54*** join/#wowwiki Tepetkhet (
17:45.55*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
17:53.04Zealok, {{loot}} finally done >_>
17:53.21Tuqui-tuquiyay for loot!
17:59.50voidvectorbot running at 2 contributions per minute, going out for lunch
18:11.48Kirkburn|afk"I don't know how to tell you this Mr. Swanson. You're paralysed from the waist down."
18:12.05Kirkburn|afkCookies for the quote source!
18:13.58Kirkburn|afk"We know return to 'Touched by an Angel'" ...... [courtroom scene, lawyer and child in dock] ..... "Now, where exactly did the angel touch you?" .... "Here and here."
18:14.18Zealgoogle says no quote ;(
18:14.32*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
18:14.37Zealwb Adys, heh
18:15.51Kirkburn|afk"We begin with the 100m dash for people afraid of yellow tape"
18:20.01Zeal *rollseyes*
18:24.28*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
18:45.08*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
18:45.48dottedwhat the heck is going on, when i try and edit a page i get a "doubled" version of the main page :S
18:46.25dottedworking again
18:46.29dottedvery odd
18:46.58*** join/#wowwiki Patrigan-Syldra (
18:50.05Zealthe wiki is playing up
18:50.18Zealwhen you get that it's an error, just refresh
18:50.19Zeal: /
18:52.50*** join/#wowwiki Deathface (
18:53.17Deathfacehi, is the blizzard downloader really slow for everyone?
18:53.26Zealno idea
18:54.00TepetkhetWell, speaking for myself and a friend in another state.
18:54.28Deathfacei guess servers are still down so im not missing anything
18:54.29Zeali take it this is a US patch?
18:54.46Zealhaven't seen an EU patch since release :s
18:59.32Patrigan-SyldraZeal they have ninja patched all patches in EU :p
18:59.51Patrigan-Syldrawe're at 2.0.5 alrdy ^^
19:01.52Zeali thought 2.0.5 went live on release :p
19:02.01Patrigan-Syldrawhy don't we have sound support on the wiki?
19:02.09Zealsound support?
19:02.17Patrigan-SyldraI would bet people would love to go listen to the agro sound of murlocs
19:02.28Patrigan-Syldrawell, we have the support
19:02.32Patrigan-Syldrabut we aren't using it
19:02.44Patrigan-SyldraTo include links to non-image uploads such as sounds, use a "media" link.
19:02.55Patrigan-Syldrawe should upload some soudns...
19:03.06Patrigan-SyldraLike the jokes and stuff
19:03.17Patrigan-Syldraand ofc the murloc agro sound
19:03.39Zeali think gettign the wiki stable is more important atm :P
19:06.59Patrigan-SyldraI need to bot myself :<
19:09.15dottedWTB Bot 2g
19:14.12voidvectoroh nm
19:18.13dottedPatrigan-Syldra becuase we cant upload sounds
19:18.19Kirkburn|afk"Blizzard happily announced today that The Burning Crusade has just shattered the so-called "day one" sales record and has become the fastest selling PC title ever for both North America and Europe - selling around 2.4 million copies in the first 24 hours alone."
19:18.55Zeal:::::And the nice thing about IRC, is we can discuss quicker and easier (especially when the wiki is as unstable as it is atm). :p
19:18.55Zeal:::::There are no invalid characters as far as i know. Even if there were, they would more than likely just be url encoded anyways, so there is no problem (that is what url encoding was designed for really..). Items that have multiple versions with the same name should be in the same page imo, so i will not add such functionality to support anything different. If someone else wants to when people decide otherwise, then so be it.
19:19.06Zealsorry >_o;
19:19.12Zeal <-- image? :s
19:19.43Zealnice Kirkburn|afk
19:20.04Kirkburn|afkMore people must join IRC, MOOORE!!!
19:21.21dottedKirkburn|afk knows
19:21.37Kirkburn|afkDoes he now
19:21.55dotted@'s knows overthing
19:22.12dottedTheir knowledge goes beyong juman comprehention
19:24.36Zealdamn, that was worse than my typing :P
19:28.13voidvectorcan templates be moved?
19:32.39dottedyes, but not very easily i think - dont know actually
19:33.13voidvectori am thinking about move questfactionclass -> questclass, more intuitive name
19:33.22voidvectorbut i think that would require manually changing all the references
19:39.56*** join/#wowwiki sfl (
19:40.30*** join/#wowwiki sfl (
19:41.27Zealhm.. lots of yahoo account spam today.
19:41.33*** part/#wowwiki sfl (
19:41.36TepetkhetAH HA!!!
19:41.48TepetkhetI manually patched my webmail.
19:41.49Tepetkhetoh man
19:41.58TepetkhetThat was so freakin' tedious.
19:42.01Zealvoidvector, i'm unsure tbh. i'd liek to say moving works, but not 100% : /
19:42.28Zealgive me a sec and i'll test
19:44.54voidvectorthere is that move button on top, so i am sure the feature is there
19:46.50Zealwell ofc they can move, it's a question of if the template functionality transfers through a redirect :P
19:46.55Zealand it does
19:47.06Zealjust tested
19:47.08Tuqui-tuquiscrew functionality >:{
19:47.15Tuqui-tuquidown with imperialist functionality!
19:48.45voidvectorthat is good to know
20:08.39Kirkburn|afkSomeone should update the meta info for WoWWiki
20:08.49Kirkburn|afkCurrently it is "Offers information and walk-throughs on classes, professions, quests, add-ons, and macros.
20:09.44Zealer.. where's this? :S
20:10.43Zealwhere's that pulled from though?
20:11.08Kirkburn|afkThe meta descrip
20:11.26Kirkburn|afkWill paste the code
20:11.26Zealyeah.. i don't see one :P
20:11.37voidvectorwe should replace {{Infobox Warcraft character}} with {{Npcbox}}, right?
20:11.55Zealkeywords is all i see "<meta name="keywords" content="Main Page,2004,AddOns,Aldor,Blizzard Entertainment,Category,Character,Choosing a class,Class,Combat,Community info" />"
20:12.14Kirkburn|afkI'm not sure
20:12.21Kirkburn|afk@ voidvector
20:12.26Kirkburn|afkZeal, you're right, it seems
20:12.38Zealwe should delete all boxes voidvector :P
20:12.58Zealscrap them completly.. ugly impractical things that screw up a good page layout.
20:13.02Kirkburn|afkCould be from a site submission thing, Zeal
20:13.17Kirkburn|afkNo f'ing way
20:13.18Zealyeah, that's what i was thinking : /
20:13.58Kirkburn|afkI like the lore box as is (though the code could probably be improved)
20:14.10Kirkburn|afkHowever, I'm fine with non-notable NPCs using the Npcbox
20:14.12Zeallore box?
20:14.31Kirkburn|afkFor lore chars
20:14.37Zealif its anything like the others, i hate it.
20:14.52Kirkburn|afkYes, well it's not up to you :)
20:15.21Zealall that information would be in the body of the article, properly referenced or cited and explained in a full sentance. not done in a labelled list format.
20:15.23*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
20:15.29Zeal*should be
20:15.45Kirkburn|afkDo you have any idea about how to present information, Zeal?
20:15.55Zealand i made the npc tooltip to satisfy those who think otherwise, and keep it having a purpose.
20:15.59Zealyes Kirkburn|afk?
20:16.12Kirkburn|afkHave you ever seen a modern reference book?
20:16.34Zealdo you have any idea how to propoerly present information for the chosen medium and audience? :P
20:16.35Kirkburn|afkYou'll find most summarise the info as well as write it out in full form in the text
20:16.46Zealthats a book
20:16.51Zealdifferent medium
20:16.57Kirkburn|afkIt's still text!
20:16.59Zealthe web isn't
20:17.13Zealthat information can be presented in a better way on the web.
20:17.22Kirkburn|afkWhich is why wikipedia uses infoboxes?
20:17.41Zealno need to summarise anything on the web unless that information is being included in something else.
20:18.20Kirkburn|afkThere is no difference between prose on a page and prose on a monitor. People don't always want to read it, they want a quick summary of the info, which is what the infobox serves as
20:18.29Zealand a page the web has functionality to highlight and direct you to the important information, unlike a book.
20:18.46Zeal*-a page
20:19.52Zealthe infobox serves as nothing but an obstrusive redisplay of information in a format without validation, explanation or context.
20:20.04Kirkburn|afkWell yes, but if we didn't have an infobox, how would you suggest going about showing Gender, Race, Occupation, Character Class, Relatives, Affiliation, Status and more? 7 links?
20:20.06Zealit has no practical purpose.
20:20.18Kirkburn|afkI completely disagree :/
20:20.35Kirkburn|afkIt serves a very practical purpose /for me/
20:20.45*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:20.49Zealwell that stuf goes down to my proposal. all that stuff should exist as a link/category system.
20:21.55Kirkburn|afkIn any case, voidvector don't worry about infoboxes, I don't think there's anything to upgrade there (apart from the template itself perhaps)
20:21.56Zeali don't pretend to be good at writing articles, but designing how it's presented is my domain :P
20:22.28Zealwhich i feel mediawiki as standard is awful at >_>
20:22.29Kirkburn|afkAnd designing how the WoWWiki is presented is one of my domains.
20:22.42voidvectorwell as of right now, {{Npcbox}} looks 10x better than {{Infobox Warcraft character}}
20:24.31Kirkburn|afkThe idea is that the lore box is supposed to look RPG-style
20:24.39Zealeither way, first thing, switch to a div design and drop wowbox styling. secondly, only use it on npcs.
20:25.19Kirkburn|afkNPC box fine with looking sleek, etc, but I like the lore pages having a little 'somethin, somethin'
20:25.57Kirkburn|afkIt's not divs?
20:26.04voidvectoralso we need to incorporate more templates into boilerplate. e.g. item tooltip on most pages are just plain tables (html or wiki) which means if we establish a new layout, we would have to change all the item page manually
20:26.14Zealand the idea behind what i'm saying is that it shouldn't be emulating anything unless it serves a purpose to exist in that format (tooltips for example, which if you were about at the time, was a compramise from me to start with :P)
20:26.34Kirkburn|afkOh yeah, get the (item) templates on the boilerplates!
20:26.54Zealvoidvector, i've already been doing that when i get a chance
20:27.48Kirkburn|afkWe just keep going up:
20:27.55Zealand i dunno the specifics of each template Kirkburn|afk, but all the oens designed to fit into {{wowobox}}, and the template itself, are tables.
20:28.21Zealso unless someone converted wowbox to divs, it would sitll be the same.
20:28.34Kirkburn|afkI'm fine with the templates being upgraded to not be a fudge, but I do want to keep the border style :)
20:28.52Kirkburn|afkOnly for the really important lore chars
20:28.57ZealKirkburn|afk, you're a designer no?
20:29.16Kirkburn|afkThere's a time for sleek and there's a time for RPG-ing :)
20:29.31voidvectori am trying to figure out if i can using bot to replace all the crappy item tooltips, but since item properties are not universal, it is not likely possible
20:29.32Zealtheres always a time for accesability though..
20:29.33Kirkburn|afkNot a professional designer, no
20:29.55Kirkburn|afkThe border causes a problem with accessibility??
20:30.28Kirkburn|afkBtw, an example of my website design:
20:32.08Zealimages should never be used for layout design, only background images. images for images (like what we thumb) that are relevent to the content, and logos etc. If a user has images, or css turned off (or not full support) the whole page can become unreadable.
20:32.08Zeali'm not professional either..
20:32.08*** join/#wowwiki Patrigan (
20:32.09Zealjudging by that design, you know that too :P
20:32.27Zealthat's why the styling for the box needs to loose the images. for corners.
20:32.30Kirkburn|afkLook at :)
20:32.53Kirkburn|afkZeal, yup, all my website work with CSS turned off :D
20:33.01Zealgd gd
20:33.04Kirkburn|afkI say look at that cause it's not updated yet
20:33.14Kirkburn|afkGive me 5 mins and you'll see the difference ...
20:33.30Zealerm.. ok
20:34.02Zeallol.. "newscf inforeadmescreenshotsdownloadschangelogabout"
20:34.09Kirkburn|afkI know :P
20:34.19Kirkburn|afkReload now!
20:34.46Zeal\o/ :)
20:34.54Kirkburn|afkEven added a toc :P
20:35.20Kirkburn|afkWent from a full table layout to fully divs
20:35.58Zeal try that without styling
20:36.35Zealfyi.. your page (with css) is broken in FF :P
20:37.07Zealperfectly fine in IE7 though
20:37.16Kirkburn|afkDid you do a full cache refresh?
20:37.20Kirkburn|afkFine in my FF2
20:37.27Kirkburn|afkPink :)
20:37.30Zealthis isn't 2
20:37.49Zealwhich, if it's not working in that, you've got some issues :s
20:37.56TepetkhetPear :(
20:38.00TepetkhetI hate upgrades.
20:38.07Zealand i did do a full recache
20:38.13TepetkhetI'd be better off building a new server.
20:38.16Zealbut now it works..
20:38.23Zealbut anyways
20:38.40Kirkburn|afkZeal, funky stuff you've got on that test site
20:38.43Zeallike the new layout :)
20:39.41Kirkburn|afkBtw, top result for zeal vurte in google is now ... your wowwiki page :)
20:40.21Zealrofl, i noticed :P
20:43.24*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
20:43.57Zeal fear the table layout :P
20:45.44Kirkburn|afkThe table code goes off my widescreen
20:46.30Kirkburn|afkYup, it's about 2 screen's width =)
20:47.03Kirkburn|afkZeal, I must say that's a lovely picture of a foot
20:48.40voidvectorwhat's the policy on self-links?
20:48.59*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:49.18voidvectore.g. use [[Blah]] in article Blah to bold the text.
20:52.06*** join/#wowwiki pENTAcUBE (
20:53.22voidvectorif it is none, i am going to replace all of them, because they would mess up when the page is moved
20:57.15*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
20:59.52Zealit's been discussed heavily on the manaul of style voidvector, suggest you check there
21:00.03Zealthough i personally say to use [[ ]] and not ''' '''
21:03.46Zealstupid wiki
21:04.22Patrigan-Syldracry more Zeal
21:04.50Tepetkhetgotta go
21:06.14Zeallol pat
21:06.30ZealKirkburn|afk, table is past your screen? :s
21:06.38Zealodd, it shouldn't be
21:06.39Zealisn;t for me
21:07.24Zealand yes.. that's a very old foot pic, lol
21:09.05zealanyways, gunna go watch SG1 and then get a bath. bbl
21:12.00Tuqui-tuquiwatch SG1 while taking a bath
21:12.21zealif i had a hd tv in my bathroom i would.. and a bath in my living room :P
21:15.23voidvectorwhat's the benefit of [[]]? obviously it is unavoidable in templates
21:16.21voidvectorbtw, manual of style says '''
21:27.51Patrigan-SyldraWho would use [[]] to bold text? oO
21:28.02Patrigan-Syldrafix it with Voidvectorbot
21:40.35*** join/#wowwiki Eriksen (
22:05.56*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
22:09.41Kirkburn|afkArgh finally got rid of my Uni project partner
22:10.22*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
22:10.44Kirkburn|afkI was wondering how obvious my hints of "okay, I think we're finished now, can you go?" were gonna have to be :/
22:11.35Kirkburn|afk"I'm going to make dinner now", "I'm going to get the washing out of machine", I start hanging around outside my room, "I'm going to go to bed soon"
22:14.53Kirkburn|afkI'm sorry, who killed everyone?
22:15.30Kirkburn|afkvoidvector, your bot is gonna receive a 10,000 edit award soon enough :P
22:15.47*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:17.06voidvectordon't bother
22:17.08voidvectorits a bot
22:17.36Kirkburn|afkYou obviously haven't seen your bot's homepage recently ...
22:18.17voidvectoroh, i saw the 5k edit thing
22:19.28Patrigan-Syldrabots do good work
22:19.29voidvectorspeaking of which, i think i should write a guide on how to bot, right?
22:19.43Kirkburn|afkvoidvector, I'd mark deprecated templates for deletion rather than redirect
22:19.46Patrigan-Syldramyeah, I'm currently working on that pywikipedia bot thingy myself
22:20.09Patrigan-Syldrawould be cool if you could make a nice guide for botting voidvector
22:21.33Patrigan-Syldravoidvector just wondering
22:21.46Patrigan-Syldrawhat times do you run your bot 'please add timezones XD)
22:22.29voidvectorgrr, i run it like 24/7, lol
22:22.44Kirkburn|afkEspecially with this latest set
22:22.59Kirkburn|afkIt's hardly halfway through 'A' atm
22:24.14voidvectoras long as i am playing the game, i have it running (if i have a job for it). when i got to sleep, i let it keep running until it ends its task
22:24.43voidvectorsometimes it breaks cause server time out or something
22:25.16Kirkburn|afkWell, you're doing great work, keep it up =)
22:26.39Kirkburn|afkI wonder if the bot can fix race names cases at all
22:27.19voidvectorthat just simple text replacement, no?
22:28.20Kirkburn|afkIt has exceptions though - e.g. sentence beginnings
22:28.58voidvectorserver is dying again?
22:30.28Patrigan-Syldravoidvector if you would be planning to put a botting guide
22:30.31Patrigan-Syldrabe sure to ,tell me
22:30.34Patrigan-SyldraI want to use it :p
22:30.51Patrigan-Syldragot some TCG related things that I might consider to bot
22:31.25voidvectornevermind, just realiezed
22:55.57*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
22:56.15Kirkburn|afkPost on here!   =)
22:58.53TusvaCurse my non-EU account :P
23:01.42*** join/#wowwiki Serleenah (
23:04.35*** join/#wowwiki Thrae (
23:05.57Kirkburn|afkTusva, yes, curse it!
23:07.59*** join/#wowwiki Karrion (
23:08.17*** join/#wowwiki kahdgarxi|sleep (n=kahdgarx@
23:08.46Kirkburn|afkvoidvector, has your bot got past 'A' yet? :)
23:09.15Kirkburn|afkPatrigan-Syldra, what TCG stuff do you want to bot?
23:11.49ZealKirkburn|afk, that PC policy has a note saying it's not finished and ready for review :P
23:11.59Kirkburn|afkI know, but look at the history
23:12.21Kirkburn|afkIt appears it was forgotten about
23:12.32Zealand if i had the choice, i'd vote no. It's very focused on PC pages being for the wiki, thus dropping bias and player information (talents, gear etc).
23:12.59Zealwhich imo would simply be better to remove them completely if that's the view.
23:13.35Kirkburn|afkI haven't read it fully, but I know it has incorrect stuff in it
23:13.39AdysMy love <3
23:13.58TusvaDon't be jealous Zeal. You'll get a <3 someday.
23:14.09AdysInfobot, give tusva a big kiss!
23:14.11infobotACTION gives a big kiss! to tusva
23:14.19Adysthanks infobot
23:14.21Kirkburn|afkerror error error errror :/
23:14.27Adysinfobot, give zeal some love aswell
23:14.28infobotACTION gives some love aswell to zeal
23:14.28Tusvaackpth. Bot tastes funny.
23:14.32Kirkburn|afkbloomin thing
23:14.41Zeali'm only getting problem errors atm : /
23:14.42TusvaYeah, I was getting that all day, too.
23:14.46Zeal20+ in a row
23:15.07Kirkburn|afkBtw a policy to comment on!
23:15.15Kirkburn|afk(a possible one)
23:15.55Kirkburn|afkIt is quite restrictive
23:16.26Zealisn't that the one i'm talking about? :s
23:16.33Kirkburn|afkPersonally I think it all comes under WW:PA
23:16.43Kirkburn|afkYes, I was linking it here for others
23:16.50Zealkk :p
23:17.11Kirkburn|afkPersonal Articles
23:17.30Kirkburn|afk(nearly every time, anyway
23:18.15Zealwell i kinda consider PC: to be in the same boat as User:
23:18.18Kirkburn|afkoh ho?
23:18.54Zealpersonal, contain bias, contain non-wiki relevant info etc.
23:20.00Kirkburn|afkPretty much
23:20.16Kirkburn|afkOne I thing I don't think any of us want is them cluttering up the main namespace
23:20.23TusvaA large portion of PC articles seem to be sub-articles of User: which is good, I think.
23:20.29TusvaAre there many that take up the primary namespace?
23:20.41Kirkburn|afkProbably not
23:20.54Kirkburn|afkI don't think we have many PC articles anyway
23:21.12Tusvaunder 600 in the category, anyway
23:22.08TusvaI'd say the policy should dictate that it only appear as a User: subarticle, but maybe go easier on the content restrictions..
23:22.36Zealyes, i think that's because the existing policy (though i've heard conflicting reports and cba to look) says they have to be in the userspace.
23:23.00Zealthose socket tempalte exampels are wrong ffs
23:23.15Zealwhy i haven't touched sockets yet, or set bonuses for that matter..
23:23.55Tusvabtw Zeal, how does your tooltip template handle multiple attributes? +25 Intelllect<br/>+20 Strength?
23:26.05TusvaCurrent naming policy says "Personal articles should be located as subpages of the author's user page (e.g. User:Aeleas/The Last Druid)." Should stay that way imo, even for PC pages.
23:26.51Zealyes tusva, just added that on it's talk page :p
23:27.12Zealimo PC's deserve PC:
23:27.40Zealor removal from the wiki completely..
23:28.13TusvaWhy give them their own namespace?
23:29.08TusvaIt's easier, in the end, to match up the PC to User, no better way to keep it that way than have them stay in User:
23:30.38ZealCategories handle that
23:32.09TusvaSo instead of having users continue to have them in the User: space, we're going to have them make it its own article and add them to both the PC category and the "Tusva's PC's category?". Seems a little unwieldy :P
23:41.38*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
23:41.45Hobinheiminfobot, hello
23:41.46infobotHowdy Bub
23:41.49ZealPeople can then look at your PCs, or they can stumble upon it when browsing the PCs and see it belongs to you,
23:41.59Zealwb Hobinheim
23:42.12Karrionshouldn't it be "characters" not "players"? a player can have multiple characters...
23:42.17ZealTusva, any idea where the socket images are stored in the mpqs?
23:42.29Zealthe existing oens on the wiki are screwed up and jpgs..
23:42.35*** join/#wowwiki Jimmy (
23:42.53Tusvathe little circles?
23:43.11Zeali was going with the idea of users have players, players belong to users. as characters also applies to NPCs
23:43.14Jimmyby perchance do they host the patches on here somewhere
23:43.17Zealcan change it to PCs if you want..
23:44.01Zeal those Tusva
23:45.11Zealalla's look liek shit quality, but aren't screwed up :s
23:46.51Hobinheimty zeal
23:48.05Zealfound them..
23:48.28Tusvaaye, ItemSocketingFrame
23:48.49Kirkburn|afkYou could make your own ...
23:50.18Zealthe red one is invalid :S
23:51.30TusvaNot on mine it doesn't seem to be
23:52.05Zeali get invalid bit depth for grayscale image..
23:53.57Zealyeah.. working fine on my other converted
23:54.11Zealodd that the msot up-to-date converter out is bugging on it : /

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