irclog2html for #wowwiki on 20070120

00:00.03Hobinheim sad face
00:00.25Hobinheimhe's being a negative nancy too...
00:01.10Hobinheimhis edits have been unnecessarily flamey as well
00:02.03Hobinheimhe left a flame on my user page... *sigh*
00:02.17KirkburnSo I see
00:02.26KirkburnYou're the one in the right anyway
00:04.05Hobinheimi can totally see his point
00:04.12Hobinheimbut like... we're not eqiupped to deal with it right now
00:05.13KirkburnWritign a response
00:05.41Hobinheimoh noes
00:06.23Hobinheimare we lower casing classes?
00:06.32Hobinheimi know we're not totally consistent but i think we should
00:06.40KirkburnNo there's special ways
00:06.50KirkburnIf you're talking about the class or a player, capitalise
00:07.07KirkburnIf you're talking about warlocks (in-universe, group), then lower case
00:07.29KirkburnIt's proper noun versus description
00:07.46Hobinheimi was bouncing back and forth between what you just said and a global lowercase
00:07.56Hobinheimbasically a measure of how immersed i was feeling at the time
00:08.00Hobinheimcuz the quests always lower case
00:08.14KirkburnAh, that's cause they're not referring to the player, they're in-universe
00:08.45KirkburnConfusing, eh
00:09.07Hobinheimno i know exactly what you mean
00:09.16KirkburnI play a Warlock, but the NPCs see me as a warlock =)
00:09.17Hobinheimdamn you blizzard inconsistency!
00:09.37KirkburnHow can it best be said, i wonder
00:09.47KirkburnIf it's referring to the WoW Class, then capitalise
00:10.24KirkburnIf it's a lore article, lowercase
00:11.31Hobinheimif the sentence is referring to the player class, such as Warlocks use Death Coil, then capitalize
00:11.50Hobinheimotherwise, when talking about the general concept or occupation or role, lowercase
00:11.53Hobinheimwarlocks are scary
00:13.14Hobinheimso Kirkburn, thoughts on a new todo portal?
00:15.18KirkburnWe need one?
00:15.24Hobinheimi think so
00:15.31Hobinheimsomething more expansive, nicer looking, and obvious
00:15.39Hobinheimone stop shopping for "duhhh what do i do or how could i contribute"
00:15.50KirkburnPart of the community portal would be sensible
00:15.56Hobinheimi'm just unsatisfied with a little box in the cp
00:16.33KirkburnThe CP needs redoing, so I would suggest merging the two in a new one
00:17.16sancusreading the blood elf article and talk page makes me want to pretty much stab everyone on the article edit list.
00:17.47sancusKirkburn: I promise not to stab you so much that it impedes your add-on creating abilities
00:18.42KirkburnWhat's wrong with it?
00:18.55sancusthis excessive talk about 'young adults' and 'winning wsg/ab' makes me fucking boggle
00:19.10sancusdoes anyone really believe that anyone relevant CARES about wsg/ab win rates
00:19.11KirkburnOh god, I know
00:19.21sancusor that some fucking moron honestly believes that OLD PEOPLE win wsg/ab more?
00:19.49sancuswhat does 'young adult' even mean?
00:19.51Hobinheimthere was this one night
00:19.54Hobinheimwhere it was after 10pm
00:19.57Hobinheimand i started winning
00:20.01Hobinheimso... unfortunately...
00:20.06Hobinheimi can't say i totally disagree =(
00:20.21KirkburnArgh, what an idiotic image:
00:20.23sancuspick your definition, huh
00:20.47Hobinheimoo niceimage
00:20.56KirkburnBoth images are specifically posed to alter the effect
00:20.58Hobinheimlooks like the nelfs been takin the roids
00:21.06KirkburnOne has a cloak extending his width
00:21.10KirkburnThe other is sticking his chest out!
00:21.11Hobinheimand the belfs are definitely homosexuals..
00:22.05sancusthe final model looks like a pretty big improvement to me heh
00:22.24sancus'original blood elf' has the most terrible bug eyes and featureless face
00:22.33vlad_night elves look stupid
00:22.38sancusthat goes without saying
00:22.44vlad_gorilla arms
00:22.48Hobinheimthey're so over the top
00:22.55Hobinheimwere there ever night elf males?
00:22.59Hobinheimin wc3?
00:23.09Hobinheimare druids of the night elf species?
00:23.12sancusum yes
00:23.18sancuspretty sure they are, yes :p
00:23.20Hobinheimall i remember is the potm and archers
00:23.23Hobinheimand huntresses
00:23.29Hobinheimand that druids were... beary
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00:24.11KirkburnAnother d/c
00:24.38Hobinheimi'm sure Tekkub's fave unit in wc3 was the druid of the claw, teeehee
00:24.42sancusactually I dont want to delete the article
00:24.50Hobinheimyou want to soul fire it
00:24.53Hobinheimwith curse of the elements
00:25.02Hobinheimthe pandaren?
00:25.07sancusI want to scrawl on it in giant letters "NO ONE CARES ABOUT OBSOLETE IRRELEVANT BATTLEGROUND WIN RATES"
00:25.09Hobinheimwhat was his name... pandaren brewmaster
00:25.11TekkubI'd gime 'im one
00:25.23Hobinheimsancus, i dunno, horde have been sucking hard core when i play
00:25.46sancusI especially like how it was flagged for fact checking
00:25.51sancusgood luck fact checking anything on that page
00:26.34sancusmy guess would be any statement on the entire page that isn't something a CM said is bullshit and unverifiable
00:27.41sancusnot being able to communicate with the opposing faction decreases tension, also, it doesn't increase it :/
00:28.04Hobinheimfact checking... *sigh*
00:28.36sancusI think I'm going to stop reading this now and get back to work, because it only increases my rage against the stupidity of some people who play WoW.
00:28.40*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
00:28.59KirkburnBetter? :P
00:30.08Hobinheimsancus, i think wow should be moderated like the goon forums
00:30.11HobinheimWITH AN IRON FIST
00:30.37Hobinheimlol u nuked collabs
00:30.49nemppudear god no
00:30.54sancusI wish
00:31.06sancusthe wow forums have already descended far past usability into UTTER TRASH
00:31.17sancusthe only reason I read them anymore is for really stupid Mage forum posts
00:31.20sancusthat I can flame
00:31.26sancusI pretty much do not post anything that isn't a flame anymore
00:31.30sancushaven't in like over a year!
00:31.41sancusI sure posted a lot of flames on the beta boards, too.
00:31.41Hobinheimit's what keeps somehting awful in line
00:31.45Hobinheimheavily moderated
00:31.48Hobinheimand costs money
00:31.55Hobinheimi believe that to be the solution to nearly any troll
00:31.57Hobinheimexcept rich ones
00:31.59sancusthe alpha boards weren't /that bad/
00:32.16sancusmostly due to volume
00:32.29Hobinheimi can't believe some of the shit blizzard doesn't mod down
00:32.32sancusblizzard's friends and family method of picking testers is possibly the worst, most counterproductive concept I've ever heard of
00:32.45Hobinheimwhat else should it be?
00:33.05sancusWell it's fine to add your F&F, but for them to be the primary testers for the vast majority of the testing cycle is obscene
00:33.17vlad_F&F in is great; F&F only is stupid
00:33.24sancusIf it wasn't for the fact that Furor added a huge amount of competent players from the community
00:33.30sancusI dunno that they would have gotten any good testing at all
00:34.20KirkburnUn'goro is deserted :P
00:34.55Kirkburnlol, I just killed someone :D
00:35.01sancusso much for deserted?
00:35.15Kirkburnheh, apparently not =)
00:35.25Kirkburnsilly hordie had PvP on
00:35.36KirkburnSent his treants against me \o/
00:36.00sancusthat reminds me of arena I did with a hunter and druid in alpha
00:36.05sancusI was a frost mage
00:36.09sancuswe literally zerged people down with pets
00:36.13Hobinheimi can't believe you're chatting and playing at the same time
00:36.14Hobinheimdual monitors?
00:36.15KirkburnHe thought he could get away in cat form, yay for my felguard
00:36.17Hobinheimand editing...
00:36.19KirkburnDual PCs
00:36.23Hobinheimdual nerd
00:36.23sancusequipped barov trinket
00:36.25sancuswith treants
00:36.27sancuswater elemental
00:36.28sancusand hunter pet
00:36.33sancusall on the opposing healer
00:36.34sancuswas hilarious
00:36.52KirkburnAww, he's not respawning :P
00:37.24KirkburnI had to get a laptop in Italy, and I have a desktop from before
00:39.02*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
00:39.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
00:39.14KirkburnI thought he'd got away!
00:39.16KirkburnI just got disconnected
00:39.24KirkburnLogged back in, his body is next to me =)
00:39.37KirkburnI'm such a asshole
00:39.57Kirkburnis Baron Charr hard?
00:40.41MatthewSnot really
00:41.01KirkburnBah, won't risk it, am alone and only 61
00:41.29MatthewSyeah, i usually go with another for the elemental bosses
00:41.36KirkburnI have no idea why I'm here tbh
00:41.52KirkburnI just have this obsession with doing lots of quests
00:42.22KirkburnI spent about 10 hours doing starting quests before release :/
00:42.31MatthewSyou're one more person not clogging up hellfire peninsula. thanks :)
00:43.27KirkburnDon't worry, I'll be there soon enough
00:43.30Hobinheimquest itis
00:43.33Hobinheimcombined with alt itis
00:43.34KirkburnCrud I wanted to go to Tanaris
00:43.43MatthewSi jumped straight into the marsh when i got into tbc, then came back to do some hellfire stuff, but it's an overcamped zone right now
00:43.48Hobinheimsay, Kirkburn, what spec are you
00:43.58MatthewSterrakar/whatever was pretty though
00:44.47KirkburnWith 6 in affliction
00:45.15KirkburnAll the zones are beautiful - not sure what I liked most
00:45.23KirkburnNagrand is cool
00:45.35KirkburnActually, not a big fan of Shadowmoon, too dark
00:46.03KirkburnHere's hoping I stopped flying
00:46.37KirkburnI disconnected myself to stop myself flying
00:46.38Hobinheimwhat the christ odd number is that?
00:46.41Hobinheimimp corr?
00:46.48Hobinheimjust put the other point back into demonology =)
00:46.56KirkburnI've got every point in DM I want
00:47.08KirkburnNot sure
00:47.17KirkburnTrying to log in atm, not having much luck
00:47.26Hobinheimit's hard to hit all the pets and still get aegis at just 41
00:47.34Hobinheimalthough some goons say the pets aren't worth it
00:47.38Hobinheimhow can they say that about my babies! =(
00:47.42KirkburnI keep appearing off the edge of the world, and then get logged out again
00:47.52Hobinheimlog into another char and ask for a gm unstuck
00:48.00Hobinheimthey'll probably port you to the barrens, haha
00:48.26KirkburnI *think* I might still be flying
00:48.53KirkburnI missed Tanaris
00:49.15KirkburnI've always been a pet person, can't imagine going without
00:49.23Kirkburn46 in demo
00:49.28Hobinheimi wonder if flying mounts are as dumb as swimming
00:49.33Hobinheimor how they figured out the nav for it
00:49.37Hobinheimyou did beta, how was it?
00:49.39KirkburnI've got every felguard-helping talent
00:49.50Hobinheimhow about hunter?
00:49.53KirkburnThe flying mounts were just amazing
00:50.01Hobinheimwhen i think hunter, i think of the hunter stigma, and then how boring my pet will be
00:50.20sancusthat hunters are dumb jerks who just afk autoshot through everything?
00:50.23KirkburnI've done a hunter to 20, but then just ... stopped, I guess
00:50.25sancusyeah, yeah, that's pretty much true.
00:50.27HobinheimHUNTAR WEAPON
00:50.45sancusif you pick a hunter it basically makes you a bad person.
00:50.47Hobinheimit's like... what warlock would be if you took away the magical variety
00:50.52Hobinheimsancus, right
00:51.13Hobinheimalthough i still think mages and locks should be eligable for the thunderfury =(
00:51.20Hobinheimcuz technically the item has no restrictions
00:51.25Hobinheimbut the bindings needed to produce the item do
00:51.27Hobinheimso... f that
00:51.33Hobinheimf your mother, blizzard
00:53.12sancuswhy would a mage or lock want thunderfury
00:53.58KirkburnGlad that's over, now back to Shattrath :)
00:54.15KirkburnCause it looks cool ^^
00:54.31sancusatiesh looks way cooler
00:54.41KirkburnAnd is a harder to get :)
00:55.12sancusbut it's actually good ;p
00:55.20Hobinheimbecause we can use swords
00:55.32sancusshaman can use staves and they don't get an atiesh
00:55.37HobinheimTHEY SHOULD THEN!
00:55.50Hobinheimbut i'm not a shaman cheerleader so i could careless
00:55.58sancusI actually pretty strongly dislike the whole concept of the legendaries
00:56.04sancusbut at least atiesh is somewhat less objectionable than thunderfury
00:56.15Hobinheimwhy are you against it?
00:56.28Hobinheimcuz it produces a phenomenon greater than DA PURPZ?
00:56.41Hobinheim(i actually heard someone say da purpz in real life and i wanted to punch him)
00:56.47sancusno, the idea that you have a powerful item that is arbitrarily 'hard' to get where 'hard' actually just means time consuming/incredibly lucky
00:56.54*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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00:57.02Hobinheimseason pass to molton core!
00:57.21sancusatiesh isn't quite as bad because it's time consuming but not really about luck at all
00:57.28sancusthunderfury is a fucking abomination, though
00:57.33sancusas it's 0 skill and all luck
00:58.26Hobinheimwhat is it, get two rare bindings and then grind the resource list?
00:58.37sancusmost people have the resources before they get the bindings
00:58.42sancusbut yes, the bindings are bullshit
00:58.59Hobinheimthat they're rare squared?
00:59.08sancus'rarity' is dumb
00:59.16Hobinheimi've never done end game. does getting the bindings essentially guarantee you the thunderfury?
00:59.29Hobinheimso getting one binding is like FUCK WHERE IS THE OTHER
00:59.32sancusthunderaan is not hard, he's trivial
00:59.52sancusat least to complete atiesh you have to kill kelthuzad and c'thun which are like... kindasorta skill requiring barriers
01:00.15sancusThough I'd personally prefer if you had to kill something like pre-nerfed ouro that everyone believed was impossible :)
01:01.07KirkburnI'm glad Blizz have moved away from luck drops
01:01.24sancusatiesh isn't really good enough to justify the effort it would require to kill pre-nerf ouro or osmething of that difficulty level, though
01:02.16sancusthunderfury was the best legendary and I doubt we'll ever see anything that good again
01:02.36sancusbecause they probably don't want another legendary that's a fundamental near requirement for raid content
01:02.37KirkburnHobinheim, Crash is just being silly now
01:08.31Hobinheimwouldn't the barrier of entry for the thunder fury be a lot lower now since we can break 60?
01:08.35Hobinheimi.e. making that dungeon trivial
01:08.45Hobinheimcompounded with the fact that it might one day be able to be run in heroic omde
01:09.02Hobinheimunless they ninja edit the loot tables
01:09.14Hobinheimand i'm curious as to what they have their beepers set up for
01:09.19Hobinheimlike that one leaked legendary
01:09.27Hobinheimor they know exactly who and when someone kills saph/kel
01:10.45KirkburnHobinheim, mind if I ask your age?
01:11.04KirkburnI'm just humoured that Crash described us as "kids"
01:11.39Hobinheimwtf i'm on facebook
01:11.44Hobinheimi'm like the same age as you
01:11.50KirkburnOh yeah, of course
01:11.55KirkburnI barely visit there any more :P
01:11.57Hobinheimconsequently, i think everyone is the same age as us
01:12.02Hobinheimwhich... is certainly false
01:12.10Hobinheimlike when i see older goons or older warcraft players i'm like what the christ
01:12.21sancusno the barrier of entry for thunderfury is higher
01:12.32Kirkburnragestorm is a good example, i guess
01:12.33sancusbecause you have to convince a bunch of people to do molten core
01:12.38sancuswhich is a complete and UTTER waste of time for them
01:12.44sancusthey derive 0 benefit from it
01:12.46HobinheimKirkburn, you know how old ragestorm is?
01:12.54KirkburnI think in his 40s
01:12.59Hobinheimsancus, people will always be curious and have quest itis
01:13.03Hobinheimor may not purchse TBC
01:13.10sancusyou don't get a thunderfury from being curious and having quest itis
01:13.18sancusyou get a thunderfury from grinding molten core for a year until the shit drops
01:13.28Hobinheimsancus, lots and LOTS of different, curious noobs =)
01:13.39sancusthose people will do it once or twice and then stop
01:13.50sancusa few might get lucky, ofc, its always possible especially with the way thunderfury works
01:13.55sancusbut overall there will be a lot fewer of them appearing now
01:14.05sancusnot that it matters since there's already 9438793457943583495 of the things around
01:14.14sancusand they'll probably be obsoleted by the first set of 25-mans anyway
01:14.28Hobinheimdo people already know what new epic gear looks like?
01:14.32Hobinheimor did they block those out of beta?
01:14.34sancuser, yes
01:14.50sancust4 and t5 are both known
01:14.52Hobinheimso artificats and legendaries?
01:15.03sancusthere are no known legendaries or artifacts in burning crusade
01:15.16sancusI can guarantee there won't be any artifacts :p
01:15.24sancusthere might be a legendary in the first set of 25-mans, but we didnt get to see that
01:18.32sancusand ofc we know full details on all the karazhan loot and its all epic
01:18.38HobinheimKirkburn, i'm waiting for crash to say one more thing
01:18.42Hobinheimjust so i can ban him
01:18.58*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
01:19.03Hobinheimif this was sa, he would have already been probated for mod sass
01:21.12*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
01:21.56sancusexample #1
01:21.56sancusCombat pets feels like fratricide at times: not playing a lore-master at the moment, but this came to mind when reading the 'i want a kitty' thread...
01:21.56sancusdoes anyone else have bad feelings when their pet bear is helping them kill other bears? i think this would be extremely traumatic to the pet in question. it just feels _wrong_. i don't know what could be done to adjust this, it just bothers me.
01:22.30Thraesancus: What's worse is when they drop 'bear meat' and you feed it to your pet to increase their 'happiness'....
01:23.10sancusno, I think it's hilarious that someone would object to that
01:23.13sancusbears kill bears all the time :P
01:23.22HobinheimCRITS YOU FOR LOLZ
01:23.23sancusand probably eat them.
01:23.42sancusPeople are so fucking stupid and don't know how to seperate their anthropomorphist idiocy from reality.
01:23.59Thraesancus: It's natural when a bear kills another bear in the wild, it's murder when you train a bear to kill another bear.
01:24.20sancusdid you actually just say that?
01:24.27sancusI hope you're being sarcastic.
01:27.17HobinheimBear.Aggressive() = Winnar!
01:29.18Hobinheimstaying in the city, working late... worst idea ever
01:30.07*** join/#wowwiki cchristianDraco (
01:30.33KirkburnI totally forgot to train my 61 spells :/
01:31.32*** join/#wowwiki Murdoc|Sleep|Plz (n=Guy@
01:31.44*** part/#wowwiki Murdoc|Sleep|Plz (n=Guy@
01:31.45Kirkburnvarh spam!
01:32.11*** part/#wowwiki cchristianDraco (
01:32.13KirkburnI want to mark him as a bot ;)
01:32.21Hobinheimyeah he's aggressive
01:32.26Hobinheimi'm not loading rightr n-w 9
01:32.49Hobinheimsancus, coudl you tell us details about what wowwiki is hosted on?
01:32.51Hobinheimor where it is?
01:33.03Hobinheimlike... is it bound to a hosting service? or is it in someone's basement?
01:33.19Hobinheimand why isn't it loading right now... =(
01:33.22Bagginswwworld server down :p
01:33.31sancusloads for me
01:33.38KirkburnWorks here too =)
01:34.03sancusIt's on a dual core pentium with 4GB of RAM at a colo ISP in Toronto
01:34.08Hobinheimhah it loads at home
01:34.17sancusand some sort of RAID disk setup
01:34.21Hobinheimcolo.... colated escapes me...
01:35.02Hobinheimoh well neat
01:35.12Hobinheimi thought it was some joe schmoe's dyndns box =(
01:35.28Bagginswwwell gorganash is down LOL
01:36.17HobinheimKirkburn, maybe that was a varg bot
01:36.24Hobinheimassisted editing
01:37.03Thraes/debug it/debug it in-game/
01:37.31Thrae"varg bot"?
01:40.19HobinheimKirkburn, would you be offended if wikipedia was written in american englihs?
01:41.05KirkburnInstead of wikipaedia? :P
01:42.44Hobinheimis that how you spell encyclopaedia?
01:43.23Hobinheimi'm wondering just how ignorant it is of me to expect everything to be american english
01:43.34Hobinheimbritish english outnumbers american english, so they say
01:43.59KirkburnLosely, yes, probably
01:44.27KirkburnYou have India and places like that
01:47.40Hobinheimthe colocation article in wikipedia was colocation *centre*
01:48.42ThraeWell that's what a "varg bot" sounded like to me.
02:04.18Kirkburnzomg, I'm PvP toggled
02:10.23KirkburnKilling so many Kailiri - no feathers!
02:15.27*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
02:22.27*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
02:22.27*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
02:24.31KirkburnDamn PC has started doing its tidying :/
02:46.25KirkburnSomehow I just knew he was gonna bring up the discrimination card
03:20.57Kirkburnbloody fel reaver
03:27.54*** join/#wowwiki enon (
03:33.00*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
03:33.25TusvaOoh, neat.
03:33.31TusvaLotsa people :D
03:38.02enonbut they dont talk
03:38.20nemppui do talk \o7
03:38.29nemppudraenei are so cool
03:43.26KirkburnNeither do you, enon :P
03:43.41*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
03:43.44enoni never said i did =P
03:43.44Tusvaoh i'm all about the talking :D
03:43.52enonno wai!
03:43.54KirkburnTalk bitch, talk!
03:44.17TusvaI'm very impressed at the amount of people in here Kirkburn :D
03:44.19enonsounds like a sex hot line ><
03:44.35KirkburnAtm, I am awaiting Fei Fei's arrival
03:44.35enonnot that id know :S
03:45.01KirkburnTusva, :)
03:45.07KirkburnGlad to hear it
03:45.15KirkburnReached 43 or so yesterday
03:45.27TusvaWell, I'll be here from now on as well you can be sure of that ;)
03:45.42KirkburnHobinheim and Bagginsww are away atm, hence the quietness
03:45.49ThraeTusva: Look at the chanstats and you may find Kirkburn mostly talks to himself...he clones most of these guys! Including me.
03:48.55TusvaDoes that newly crowned admin Adys come in here, that bugger? :P
03:49.53Hobinheimdon't say the a word
03:50.41Hobinheimwe're going to add a new policy WW:SAS
03:52.31HobinheimKirkburn, would you be opposed to a one week shut the hell up period for our friend
03:56.26KirkburnI'm going to be sickening and have myself some Phish Food icecream
03:56.34Hobinheimwhat's phish food
03:56.40TusvaIt's delicious!
03:57.19KirkburnIt's bit of dried fish food in raspberry cream :P
03:57.25Hobinheimoh god please tell me this isn't uk only
03:57.34Hobinheimi can barely read it
03:57.36KirkburnWhat, like Spotted Dick?
03:57.44Hobinheimchoclate ice with marsh caramel and choclate fish?
03:57.57KirkburnTasty =)
03:58.30KirkburnI know everyone thinks we eat odd food over here, but we really don't )
03:58.30Hobinheimif i didn't already have ice cream in the house, i would drive to the super market and get some
03:58.36Hobinheimwhat do you call a store
03:58.37Hobinheimor super market
03:58.46Hobinheim"drive to market"?
03:59.06Hobinheimabsence of the word "the" is a very funny concept to me
03:59.13Hobinheimlike kirk is at uni or on holiday
03:59.32Hobinheimas opposed to being "at school" or "at the university" or "on vacation"
03:59.43TusvaI bet Oompa Loompas would mine marshmallow veins for you Thrae, at minimal cost
04:00.08ThraeHobinheim: Whenever I hear "uni", I think of the snip-snip "euni".
04:00.22KirkburnHobinheim, have I missed something?
04:00.29HobinheimKirkburn, every time i see your sig, i have the hardest time NOT changing mine
04:00.45ThraeIn a Sultan's Palance, "going to euni" has a whole other meaning!
04:00.57KirkburnIn Soviet Russia, Sultan's Palace snip-snip YOU!
04:01.08Bagginswwits so easy to be away LOL
04:01.24BagginswwI can't even pick up my rpg books right now LOL
04:01.25Kirkburn"absence of the word "the" is a very funny concept to me" <-- Hob, what do you mean?
04:01.26Hobinheimwhat am i not getting about euni
04:01.41HobinheimKirkburn, you say someone is "on holiday". that phrase doesn't exist in en-us
04:01.50BagginswwTBC is great
04:01.50KirkburnOh right :)
04:01.53Hobinheimor someone is "at uni"
04:02.01ThraeKirkburn: Yacov Smirnof would be "In Soviet Russia, you snip-snip Sultans!"
04:02.08Hobinheimso i wondered if you would say you're driving to market or somethign weird like that
04:02.12Hobinheimas opposed to driving to THE market
04:02.27KirkburnIf you were a seller of cows, then perhaps
04:02.43Hobinheimgod dammit Kirkburn... what other signatures are left
04:02.47KirkburnFor anyone else, driving to the supermarket
04:02.53Hobinheimat the time mine was awesome and yet you've found a more awesome signature
04:02.57Hobinheimi will ponder this....
04:03.04KirkburnDesign yourself onw
04:03.56KirkburnTonight's highest level draenei - 23
04:04.05Hobinheimonly? feh
04:04.20Hobinheimwtf are you doing up?
04:04.31Hobinheimlol yeah wow 11 - 5 is 4AM...
04:04.39Hobinheim(i'm in -5 territory)
04:04.53Hobinheimhappy saturday
04:05.16HobinheimLOL i can upload something awful icons
04:05.24Hobinheimto fully encapsulate my frustration at certain editors
04:05.31Hobinheimor {{yay}}
04:06.59Thrae"You are not prepared!" Damn straight...I need to reinstall my patches >.>
04:08.18ThraeYeah, I think this installation doesn't have the 2.0.5 patch.
04:11.59KirkburnBloody broken mobs
04:13.32Hobinheimwho babysits the server articles
04:14.18KirkburnThrae, it takes about 15 mins to dl 200MB for me :)
04:14.22Hobinheimit's not really blizzard's p2p implementation of anything, it's bit torrent
04:14.48Thrae"The tracker is not responding."
04:14.55Hobinheimare there auchindoun's in europe?
04:15.01equiraptorWhat's annoying to me is that they don't let us just use a normal bittorrent program with it.
04:15.03Tusva !
04:15.14Hobinheimdon't use patch mirrors! you might get owned!
04:15.18equiraptorI mean, yeah, you can extract the stuff and get it, but I think they should make it easy to use others.
04:15.19Hobinheimequiraptor, you can
04:15.21ThraeHmm, now it's going faster
04:15.33Hobinheimequiraptor "just look it up on google, hurr"
04:15.48equiraptorHobinheim: I think I should be able to just grab a link off Blizzard's site for it.
04:15.57Hobinheimfuck there are two auchindoun's
04:16.02Hobinheimwhy don't we have an article on the european one
04:16.03equiraptor"Patch seed here" Copy and paste the link to the torrent client on my server, and boom.
04:16.21Hobinheimis there a list of realsm?
04:16.27Hobinheimprovided by blizzard?
04:16.47ThraeHobinheim: realms.lst or realmlst.lst or something like that.
04:17.14Hobinheimfreakin europeans...
04:17.45ThraeI wonder if Blizzard claims "WTF" extensions are "suppose" to stand for something else.
04:19.50*** join/#wowwiki Kaet (
04:20.54Kaetfor the "/click ButtonName [RightButton]" can i use it to right click on something?
04:21.12Hobinheimuhh i didn't know there was a click slash command
04:21.24Hobinheimyou might want to try a diff channel for interface stuff
04:21.29Hobinheimlike the #wowi-lounge
04:21.36Kaetno ones there
04:23.31KirkburnServer restart :/
04:24.48nemppuyeah :/
04:24.54nemppuKirkburn EU?
04:25.26nemppuwhich servor?
04:26.15Kaetwhich server?
04:27.01*** join/#wowwiki Industrial (
04:27.19KirkburnThe other one
04:28.28Industrialhmm, would it be hard to take a yatlas map, maxlevel zoom, and map every quest in an area? lol.
04:29.43Industrialand then draw lines to make a good path for question in an xp/time efficient way
04:29.44Industrialtheres one problem it takes a hell of a lot of work :(
04:29.47KirkburnThere's already something like that
04:29.53Hobinheimlol what kidn of guild goal is this it doesn't make any sense
04:29.54HobinheimFocused on both PvP and PvE
04:30.18KirkburnIndustrial, sec
04:30.18IndustrialKirkburn: sure
04:30.18Hobinheimdude show me
04:30.18Hobinheimi've been looking for soething like that
04:30.23Hobinheimoh wait you mean at a quest guide
04:30.26Hobinheimthose exist
04:30.33Hobinheimi'm trying to write one... i'm such an amateur tho =(
04:30.47Industriallets writeone with evertone
04:30.51nemppuserver reset and 0630 yells "GO TO SLEEP"
04:30.52Industrialeveryone, god the typos
04:30.52nemppuso i shall!
04:30.53KirkburnWow cartgographe - it's not an addon though, it's out of game
04:31.11Industrialid rather have it out of game
04:31.30KirkburnIn fact:
04:31.46Industrialgot it, thanks
04:31.47Hobinheimi think we could do beter
04:31.54KirkburnPeople have added mob paths etc to it
04:32.15Hobinheimfrench... fe
04:32.17Industrialits french :| (oh dids i see that coming)
04:32.24KirkburnIt has english files
04:32.32HobinheimGO AMERICA!
04:32.41KirkburnIt has ENGLISH files ;)
04:33.13Industrialcant we just call English (the language) International?
04:34.42KirkburnNo, you smell
04:34.54Industrialyes, i do.
04:35.01Industrialomg im loving this thing
04:35.53KirkburnHaven't tried it for a while, wonder how much Outland stuff it has
04:36.59Hobinheimhmm maybe i should download it =(
04:37.03Industrialthis is great :O
04:39.48Industrialbut the language is snobby.
04:40.06Hobinheimthe documentation is LE TERRIBLEH
04:40.21Industrialwho needs docs it works fine
04:40.52IndustrialI can see every chest and resource and quest npc and his related npcs and mob levels and quest items to open etc
04:41.05Hobinheimfuck we need something like that =(
04:43.14Industrialmankriks wife.
04:43.39Industrialmind if i spread this on every wow related channel? mankriks wife has been found.
04:43.49Industrialits a horde joke
04:44.04Hobinheima lame one at that
04:48.01Hobinheimit's not as usable or as sexy as it should be
04:48.32Hobinheimnot impressed
04:55.02*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
04:55.58*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
05:02.30KirkburnI've run out of interesting/easy HFP quests - all group and loong quests
05:05.03Kirkburn... I just got Cenarion Circle rep
05:05.17KirkburnYou might wonder what's odd about that
05:05.33KirkburnCenarion Expedition?
05:11.52Kirkburnoh come now
05:12.14Industrialwhat im level 20
05:12.30KirkburnHellfire Peninsula, noob
05:41.14Bagginswwhow odd
05:41.23Bagginswwtwo quests with the name, "Return to the Marsh"
05:41.38Bagginswwa low level mage questg, and a quest in outland
05:42.15*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
06:50.47KirkburnBagginsww, so I see, weird
07:22.31*** join/#wowwiki _dok3Dal (
08:47.34*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
09:06.21*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
09:16.06*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
09:37.27*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
09:47.57*** join/#wowwiki pierce (i=pierce@gateway/tor/x-ba815f03bf9e8095)
09:51.27*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
09:58.08*** join/#wowwiki fLUx-- (
09:58.16fLUx--hey guys
09:58.33fLUx--If anyone hasnt seen the South Park WoW it!! lmao
09:59.19amrothey ruined it when the guy didn't just rezz at the end
10:00.05fLUx--I watched it then it was aired for the first time, but of course, as a non-wow player, i didnt get most of it...
10:03.56Kirkburntwas awesome
10:03.59fLUx--Hey, the "The Sword of a Thousand Truths" is real in TBC... ;)
10:29.29Apollozeusno fLUx--
10:29.31Apollozeusit was removed
10:29.43Apollozeusit was in the beta for a short time, but it hasn't made it to the final version of TBC
10:30.16amrothey should've left it, like wirt's third legg
10:32.55*** join/#wowwiki Jennaxorz (
10:37.14*** join/#wowwiki Wulgar (
10:38.51fLUx--oh thats gay! :P It should have been kept in for the final version! :P
10:39.19JennaxorzWho what now?
10:39.36fLUx--The Sword of a Thousand Truths
10:39.41JennaxorzYou're right.
10:41.08fLUx--anyhow, gonna get dressed, have some food, and play wow for 10 mins (well, 10 mins in wow time, 3 hours in real life time! :P)
10:42.20JennaxorzHave fun with that Burning Crusade.
10:43.02fLUx--nope, im a noob still on normal WoW :P
10:43.32JennaxorzI wouldn't really call you a noob.
10:43.34JennaxorzI would call you..
10:43.42JennaxorzNot having enough money for it?
10:45.53amroyou can call me not caring enough to go through the trouble of importing it
10:48.19fLUx--:P I dont see the point really......Im only lvl.11 so far lol
10:48.50fLUx--Though, I do have £160 GBP in my paypal from i can afford to order it! just so you know!! lmao
10:48.54JennaxorzLol, I guess.
10:50.01fLUx--what lvl do you have to be for tbc anyway? I guess it contains high lvl mobs yeh?
10:52.00JennaxorzUm. You don't have to be a certain level to do it..
10:52.11JennaxorzJust like... start over and then you can go from there.
10:52.24JennaxorzMost of the new stuff is level 70 but you don't HAVE to be that level to play.
10:53.02fLUx--do you have to totaly start from lvl.1? Or can you just use your wow1 char in it?
10:53.35JennaxorzYeah, you can use your old character if you like and still do all the same things, just get up to 70, which is pretty l337.
10:53.50JennaxorzDo you play on a PVP server or a normal server?
10:53.54JennaxorzOr what?
10:54.08amrolevel up in hillsbrad
10:54.10amrototally safe zone
10:54.20JennaxorzLol You should totally reroll on Coilfang and join the guild <Swarm>.
10:55.01fLUx--whats swarm?
10:55.13JennaxorzIt's just the guild that I'm an officer in.
10:55.20JennaxorzAnd basically help to run.
10:55.46JennaxorzWe're looking for people to play to get up to level 70 and do end game raiding with and whatnot.
10:55.54fLUx--what server? Coilfang?
10:55.57JennaxorzWe have a nice guild full of cool people.
10:56.03JennaxorzNew server, only like 3 days old.
10:56.29fLUx--I know I'm only a lvl.11, but ive restarted 3 times already! :P
10:56.41JennaxorzHaha, it's cool. I've rerolled several times.
10:56.57JennaxorzJust thought I would do some guild propaganda.
10:57.18fLUx--rerolled = start from scratch?
10:57.21JennaxorzWe're honestly looking for some serious members though.
10:57.41JennaxorzBasically rerolling is starting a new character on a new server, so basically yes.
10:57.55JennaxorzI just said basically twice in the same sentence.. looks kind of odd. Lawl.
10:58.27JennaxorzBut yeah. We have a guild website and a vent server of course.
10:58.46fLUx--whats the site?
10:59.48fLUx--ah shite...
10:59.58fLUx--bet your on the US servers aint you?
11:00.29fLUx--Im on EU :(
11:00.38JennaxorzIt doesn't matter though, even if you normally play Oceanic, you can still switch over whenever you want.
11:00.48JennaxorzLots of people play on US servers that live in different continents.
11:00.59fLUx--how you mean? How can i do that safely?
11:01.13JennaxorzWe have people from Canada (Still the same continent, I know.) and Australia too.
11:01.16JennaxorzLol Just switch over.
11:01.17fLUx--I though blizz were deleting EU accounts on US servers?
11:01.27JennaxorzWhere did you hear that?
11:01.32JennaxorzThey can't do that.. i think
11:01.41JennaxorzAt least I don't think that they can do that.
11:01.50JennaxorzI don't see why they would delete those accounts.
11:01.53JennaxorzThat's really not fair.
11:02.00fLUx--yeh i know
11:02.06JennaxorzYou just chose a US server and go on it. That's all.
11:02.09amrowhy would they?
11:02.19JennaxorzI've played on Oceanic servers before and it's fine..
11:02.25JennaxorzSo I'm sure it's the same way.
11:02.29JennaxorzI don't know why they would do that.
11:02.39amroyou get a higher ping but that's your problem not blizzard's
11:02.44fLUx--how can I get onto a US server though?
11:02.50JennaxorzBut yeah, the site is:
11:02.52amroyou buy the US version of the game
11:03.08JennaxorzYou don't need the US version of the game to play on a US server? o.O
11:03.21JennaxorzI can get on Oceanic servers.. and I have the US version.
11:03.34JennaxorzSo wouldn't it be the same both ways?
11:03.40fLUx--whats Oceanic?
11:03.46JennaxorzOther continents and stuff.
11:04.04JennaxorzEu, Au, Asia, etc.
11:04.48JennaxorzWhat kinds of options does it give you when it allows you to pick a server?
11:04.57fLUx--how you mean?
11:05.00JennaxorzBecause I can choose between oceanic and US.
11:05.25fLUx--those tabs at the bottom?
11:05.27sancusoceanic servers aren't oceanic
11:05.28JennaxorzWhen you first signed into WoW, and you chose a server, did it only let you pick from European ones?
11:05.36fLUx--i think so yeh
11:05.40sancusthey're just servers hosted in the US that are "intended" for oceanic people
11:05.51sancusEU/asia are seperate distribution zones and have their own isolated account systems
11:06.05sancusand are run by people other than blizzard
11:06.24sancusso nope, no crossover
11:06.39fLUx--it sux because in the EU, theres like 10% of the people whos first lang is english, so its hard to talk to them properly lol
11:06.39sancusit's actually against the rules now to play on US servers if you're in asia/europe, theoretically
11:06.40JennaxorzWhat about Austrailia?
11:07.03sancusaustralians buy the US version and play on the US servers/"oceanic" if they like
11:07.12JennaxorzAhh so that explains that.
11:07.16sancusso do uh new zealanders and singaporeans, I believe
11:07.28fLUx--so the english servers in the EU have every other lang exept german, french, and spanish
11:07.30JennaxorzI figured it applied for all other continents.
11:07.45fLUx--im on stormreaver
11:07.47sancusoceania is just basically not big enough to justify selling the rights to its own publisher
11:08.14JennaxorzBlizz is a bunch of Nazis when it comes to their user agreements.
11:08.20JennaxorzSeriously, have you read some of that stuff?
11:08.39fLUx--lol no
11:09.26JennaxorzIt says that you don't even own the account that you pay for, so technically you can't sell your account because it doesn't belong to you.
11:09.27JennaxorzBut people do it anyway.
11:09.27fLUx--how would i find a serious guild on a server? should i just talk to random people or what? :P
11:09.27JennaxorzAlso, some of the name rules are RIDICULOUS. They basically narrow it down so you can't have any name in the game cept the ones they randomly generate ofr you.
11:09.48JennaxorzLook for guild names and then do /who <guildname> And it should tell you how many members they have I think.
11:09.58JennaxorzSo like.. /who Swarm.
11:10.01amrojenna, ive seen the weirdest names that were never renamed
11:10.09JennaxorzYeah me too.
11:10.21JennaxorzThey don't really pay attention to those rules, the GMs I mean.
11:10.35JennaxorzThey'll let you get away with an innappropiate name just as long as no one reports you.
11:10.52JennaxorzLike.. I had a gnome named Fagbox, that my friends made just to go make fun of people in Ironforge.
11:10.55JennaxorzThat got me reported.
11:11.17JennaxorzI had to change the name/ delete the character.
11:11.21*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
11:11.23fLUx--anyhow, gonna play now....cyas later
11:11.27JennaxorzHave fun.
11:12.00JennaxorzI wonder why there are like 3492794824 people in this room and only like 3 are talking.
11:12.22JennaxorzIRC never fails to amaze me. You see all those things on and you wonder how they could have ever possibly come to be considering that no one EVER says anything.
11:12.34sancusyou wonder why?
11:12.44sancusmost people in IRC idle and only talk when they're paying attention to the window :P
11:13.01JennaxorzThey should pay more attention. .
11:13.10JennaxorzBut I figured that might be why.
11:13.11sancusit's like aim or msn
11:13.18sancusyou dont talk most of the time you're logged into it :P
11:13.25JennaxorzI do. I guess I'm weird.
11:13.53JennaxorzUsually I don't leave it AFK cause then people pm and I'm like WTF when I come back because there are like a million messages I didn't see.
11:14.07JennaxorzPeople that think I'm there because my name doesn't idle.
11:15.02fLUx--oh btw, anyone know how many people are in each server? If it says Full....whats full mean? 500? 1000? 10,000?
11:15.45JennaxorzI would guess around 5000 people is fullish.
11:15.49JennaxorzBut that's just a guess.
11:16.03fLUx--oh kk
11:16.18fLUx--is it normal to never see anyone exept in citys? :P
11:16.23JennaxorzMaybe a lot less, but I heard people talking and saying that there are like 1000 some people to 3000 some people on Horde side.
11:16.27JennaxorzI guess so.
11:16.31JennaxorzIt depends.
11:16.45JennaxorzIn the starting zones there are usually ALWAYS people, unless you play on a low server.
11:17.02JennaxorzLow population I mean.
11:17.11amronot always, in a few months they'll be empty as usual
11:17.24amroits hell to get groups for >20 quests
11:17.41JennaxorzBut since Burning Crusade came out and I started as a Draenei, there were so many people that they were fighting over respawns.
11:17.45JennaxorzWaiting in line to kill things.
11:18.01JennaxorzIt's not so hard when you're in a good guild full of people your level.
11:18.05JennaxorzCalled Swarm.
11:18.12Jennaxorz*Cough.* On Coilfang.
11:18.17JennaxorzPst Genevieve.
11:20.23JennaxorzAre you guys like.. Horde side or Alliance side?
11:20.32JennaxorzWhich do you prefer, rather?
11:21.18amroi badly wanted to get my mage to 60 and aoe the starting area quest mobs for draenei
11:22.36JennaxorzYou would have one hell of a time getting in there my friend.
11:23.16JennaxorzI mean seriously, getting into the Draenei starting area, in my opinion, would be just as hard as getting into the Night Elf starting island.
11:23.30JennaxorzIn fact I don't even think it's possible to get over there.
11:23.35sancusI'm a level 64 undead mage on executus in ropetown
11:23.35JennaxorzThe island is too far away I think.
11:24.04JennaxorzI love Horde. So much.
11:24.06nemppuJennaxorz i remember when eu retail launched, there was a RING around the 100% exact spawn spot of that quest-mob-orc-in-the-cave, in durotar. and they would all just stand there and mash right click and when it did spawn it would die nearly instantly :D
11:24.21JennaxorzBut I guess I kinda like Alliance too..
11:24.27JennaxorzThat's cool.
11:25.05JennaxorzI love Horde side because I can go into the Barrens and talk about Chuck Norris and other stupid stuff.
11:25.57JennaxorzThis one time we were talking about this guy that someone knew who told everyone that his shoulders had spikes on them and fought for him in battle.
11:26.08JennaxorzAnd did extra damage.
11:26.19JennaxorzWe just made fun of that guy to no end.
11:40.04*** part/#wowwiki Jennaxorz (
11:41.14Apollozeusany around? D:
12:10.51fLUx--do you get more xp on quests the faster you do it?
12:24.17*** join/#wowwiki Industrial (
12:30.59*** join/#wowwiki Tusva (
13:23.52*** join/#wowwiki macolor (n=mirc616@
13:25.03*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
13:25.10*** part/#wowwiki macolor (n=mirc616@
13:53.46*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (
13:53.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
14:05.51*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
14:29.48*** join/#wowwiki jrr_ (
15:08.08fLUx--anyone know what the little line on my xp bar is? cant seem to find any info on it
15:23.33equiraptorIs your XP bar blue currently?
15:23.44equiraptorWell, the XP you have blue.
15:29.55*** join/#wowwiki cK^DeathmanX (
16:03.10*** join/#wowwiki pluim (
16:04.15*** join/#wowwiki LucidFox (n=Sikon@
16:05.01LucidFoxcan I play on European servers with the US client, provided I have a European account?
16:05.51nemppuyou need  to tickle your client a bit
16:05.54nemppuill tell you how
16:06.15nempputhere's a file in your world of warcraft folder
16:06.35nemppuyou need to open it with notepad
16:06.43LucidFoxI know
16:06.45nemppuand change it from whatever it is to: set realmlist
16:06.56nemppuok then yes
16:06.57LucidFoxI know I have to change the server address
16:07.13nempputhe clients dont differ in any way except that
16:07.27nemppuatleast i played US beta, korea beta, EU beta and EU retail with the same client
16:36.41*** part/#wowwiki LucidFox (n=Sikon@
17:16.58*** join/#wowwiki Shadow2045 (
17:17.35*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:28.30cK^DeathmanXa level 31 draeni shaman?!
17:28.32cK^DeathmanXi must KILL
17:28.50cK^DeathmanXdidnt know they had hooves
17:31.01*** join/#wowwiki LadySerena (
17:34.10equiraptorI see a level 33 in STV on Whisperwind (PvE, sorry).
18:10.15*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
18:10.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
18:13.40*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (n=Cairenn@MMOI/Administratrix/Cairenn)
18:13.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
18:34.39*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
18:56.38*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
19:05.02*** join/#wowwiki LeJerk (
19:05.10LeJerki have a question
19:05.43LeJerkoh someone fixed it =]
19:05.53LeJerki added a screenshot to this page
19:06.16LeJerkbut it came up as the full size image
19:06.17LeJerkhow do i link it to a thumbnail?
19:06.27*** join/#wowwiki LucidFox (n=Sikon@
19:07.32*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
19:07.45ApollozeusI dig my new computer
19:07.48Apollozeusit's so much faster :D
19:08.08equiraptorWhat is it?
19:08.58ApollozeusI upgraded from a pretty-crappy-pc to a slighty-crappy-but-not-as-crappy-as-before-pc ;)
19:11.00equiraptorYeah. I was wondering what it was. You know, what processors, what RAM, graphics card, etc.
19:12.25ApollozeusI'll show you in a sec
19:12.25ApollozeusI'm too busy installing software right now :P
19:12.25LucidFoxwhat do you think is the creepiest zone in the game?
19:13.30*** join/#wowwiki Patrigan-Syldra (
19:13.55Patrigan-Syldradarn it
19:14.17Patrigan-SyldraBeen putting time in taking away the not WoW related pages like:
19:14.32Patrigan-Syldraand Beep2 just didn't find it better than to revert it, because he found it nicely explained
19:14.52Patrigan-SyldraWe're not here to explain glossary unrelated to WoW People looking for it will find it anyways
19:16.28LeJerkhow do you make a thumnail for a full size imagE?
19:17.08LucidFoxthumbnails are made automatically
19:17.22LucidFoxyou type: [[Image:Filename.ext|size]]
19:17.29LucidFoxwhere size can be, for example, 100px
19:19.03LeJerkis 100 the standard size for a thumnail?
19:21.16LucidFoxthe default size is 180
19:21.52LucidFoxso [[Image:Filename.ext|thumb]] will yield a 180px thumbnail
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19:42.25*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
19:45.52*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
19:49.39Bagginswwok elementals article lists bog giants as elemental, but I haven't run into one elemental bog giant
19:49.52Bagginswwall the ones i've seen has them listed as giants
20:27.38*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
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