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00:03.07KirkburnBeep2 is a creation machine!
00:03.30Finit's like... god?
00:04.06Kirkburnlol yeah
00:13.57Finit's BugSack reporting an error in another application
00:14.05Fin-5 points to Fin
00:23.05Finyes you can!
00:44.56*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
00:45.04Bagginswwhey kirkburn
00:45.56Bagginswwso so far I've been reading ROTH. Ragestorm had the impression that Kil'jaeden never appeared before the orcs in a "demon" form during his reading
00:46.06BagginswwI got the complete opposite interpretation
00:46.22Bagginswwthe book is very vague when it describes Kil'jaeden
00:46.44Bagginswwit points out he has similar legs to Draenei. Yet the orcs are not able to make a connectionb eyond that
00:47.14Bagginswwlater on it describes kil'jaeden as having a horned red-head, but it never strikes them as being similar to draenei
00:47.39Bagginswwinfact they remain confused wondernig what kil'jaeden's connection is and why he's after the draenei so much.
00:47.58Bagginswwbut never ever specifically see a connection taht he is infact draenei himself.
00:48.30Bagginswwor I should say "Eredar"
00:49.13Bagginswwthe fact that they don't put two and two together and think of them as the same species, seems to imply to me that Kil'jaeden may have infact been in disguise
00:49.31Bagginswwwhich is something that has been stated by other sources.
00:55.16KirkburnI get RotH soon so I can give my opinion
00:58.19Adysdoes anyone know about a newer version of bagnon than the one from 1 month ago?
01:02.33Bagginswwwow stormwind is on fire
01:02.38Bagginswwin beta
01:02.38KirkburnAdys, I'll ask
01:02.40Bagginswwstatues are burning
01:04.21Adys=/ nope
01:04.30KirkburnThat's the WoWI version
01:04.40Adysaye i searched on wowi, worldofwar and curse
01:04.42Adysits the same
01:04.53KirkburnYeah, the latest release is 6.12.13
01:04.56Bagginswwfirst row of statues are almost consumed heh
01:05.21Adysmm wowinterface down btw?
01:05.29Kirkburn<Kirkburn> Heya! What's the latest version of vBagnon? =)
01:05.29Kirkburn<Tuller> should be 12.13
01:05.45KirkburnWoWI is working for me atm
01:05.50KirkburnI know it was down earlier
01:05.59Adysmm is a blank page for me
01:06.09Adysback up, nvm
01:07.45Bagginswwgates are burning down LOL
01:09.46Adysmm kirk, silly question but do you know what the Patch vBagnon PT and addon Bagnon KC are?
01:10.24AdysPatch & Add-on List
01:10.45Bagginswwgoldshire is now under attack apparently
01:10.47Bagginswwgoing ther enow
01:10.50KirkburnGood question
01:12.14Bagginswwgoldshire is on fire
01:12.16Bagginswwthe carnage
01:12.22Adystake screenshots =P
01:12.54Kirkburn<Tuller> its periodic table rules for vbagnon
01:13.08KirkburnIgnore Bagnon KC
01:13.23KirkburnI wouldn't worry about them
01:13.31Adysmm kay, thx :)
01:14.26Bagginswwya I have a few
01:14.32Bagginswwthey are going up on blizzplanet
01:14.35Bagginswwmost likely
01:14.43Bagginswwhe's having me taking the pictures for him
01:14.59Bagginswwstill havne't seen any direct attacks yet
01:15.20Bagginswwrumors of spawned illidan, and rag though
01:15.44Bagginswwand apparently on the server that blizzplanet owner is on orgrimmar is being attacked by Kazzak
01:25.59Kirkburn<Guillotine> EVERYONE:;jsessionid=A3EB104B12791D2451D3D7C1CEAE6E81?topicId=65158373&sid=1
01:25.59Kirkburn<Guillotine> get on the beta realm for end-of beta event :D
01:26.15Adysend of beta event :D
01:26.16Zeallo all
01:26.31KirkburnHey zeal
01:29.51Bagginswwshattrath is fd up
01:30.03Bagginswwdeath, carnage everywhere
01:32.21Zeali cba to go on
01:32.36Zealbut then i cba with wow much at all lately
01:34.05KirkburnCan't see anything on Tempest Keep EU :(
01:35.04Zealthats what i'm on.. lol
01:36.23*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
01:38.07Adysnothing on eu servs :(
01:39.52Zealeu end of wow beta event was rather dead..
01:39.58Zealhardly anyone around on my server
01:44.45Bagginswwstatue in IF is burning and most of the mountain up to it is on fire too
01:45.04Bagginswwbig infernal guarding hte entrance
01:47.59KirkburnArgh I have to retalent again :/
01:56.01Zealok.. guess it's back to editing items
01:59.07KirkburnBoo! @ Adys :)
01:59.24Adystwo wow at the same time ftl
01:59.37Adysand reroll on stormrage! :(
02:00.12ZealBagginsww, check out the Cenarius talk page and the link i posted.
02:00.20KirkburnHmm, where's the Tomb of Lights?
02:00.32ZealUther's tomb?
02:00.39KirkburnNah, in Terokkar
02:00.47Zealah.. no idea
02:00.54Zeali know next to nothing about outland tbh : /
02:01.15Kirkburnnvm, found it :)
02:05.47Bagginswwthat sucked ya I would have liked a premade
02:06.22Bagginswwto be honest I know about next to nothing about tauren druids
02:06.35Bagginswwexcept for occasion one mentioned ins tories and the RPG
02:07.11Zealfair enough :P
02:07.27BagginswwI wish I had a level 60 horde character :p
02:07.41Bagginswwhighest horde character is about level 16
02:07.51Zeali wanna kno whats happened to alleria dammit..
02:10.41Bagginswwpit lord attacking stormwind
02:11.37KirkburnNo fair
02:12.00Bagginswwno pit commander
02:12.09Bagginswweven worse than a pit lord LOL
02:12.37Zealkalimdor should be safe tbqfh
02:12.44Zealstupid they've made it there
02:13.48Bagginswwonly thing I see is most guards ignore the incoming forces :p
02:13.56Bagginswwbreaks up the realism :p
02:14.34Bagginswwoh now the children are warlking to the front gate
02:14.49Bagginswwhey look teacher at the big creature killing everyone
02:15.01Bagginswwcan we ride on its back?
02:16.20Bagginswwall the NPCs should be running in panic :p
02:16.32Bagginswwor trying to defend the city
02:17.09BagginswwJust wait until we get Warcraft from the Burning Legion's POV
02:17.15Bagginswwand find out they have always been the good guys LOL
02:17.36ZealWell everything that has happened is ultimately the Titan's fault.
02:17.45BagginswwLOL or Old Gods
02:17.56Zealnah, that their fault too. they should have killed them.
02:18.47Zealeven the Burning Legion is the Titans's fault, though now it's their complete opposite.
02:19.16Bagginswwthe only issue I have now is wondering how Sargeras became how he is now
02:19.22Bagginswwif it wasn't hte eredar that drove him to madness
02:20.38KirkburnThe nazretheim?
02:20.57Bagginswwwho knows
02:21.00KirkburnJohn the Bastard?
02:21.13Bagginswwpit lords were supposed to have been corrupted by the eredar.
02:21.37Bagginswwstill would be interesting if Titans foughat against the Eredar int he distant past
02:21.43Bagginswwassuming them to be demons
02:21.48Bagginswwand locked them away in some part of space
02:22.01BagginswwEredar evolved into nicer people
02:22.10BagginswwSargeras goes back for htem
02:22.16Bagginswwand corrupts them LOL
02:22.24Bagginswwthen you could have both stories work LOL
02:23.06AdysTekkub too but hes not here
02:23.17Adysgot an idea for wowwiki
02:23.26Adysis it possible..
02:23.37KirkburnI have a chocolate bar
02:23.47Kirkburnbut it's not for wowwiki, it's for me
02:23.47Adyswith a few conditionnal templates and {{CURRENTDAY}} {{CURRENTMONTH}} etc
02:24.20Adysto fix up a calendar of events
02:24.23Adyslike a small table
02:24.29Adysnext darkmoon faire in x days
02:25.03KirkburnMy Felguard: "A poultry task!"
02:25.17KirkburnI like to think he's very fond of chickens
02:25.48KirkburnAn interesting idea
02:25.57KirkburnBut Blizz already have a calendar
02:27.23*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
02:27.23*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
02:27.41Hobinheimso i says, no, I GET the kids... LOL
02:28.31Kirkburn#wowwiki, the channel that turns the users to drugs
02:30.58Bagginswwok, this end of beta event has been fun, but I think I want to get back to RotH and finish it :p
02:31.02Bagginswwonly 100 pages to go
02:31.17Bagginswwbook is pretty quick read
02:31.27Bagginswwalthough that's probably cause the print is pretty big
02:31.38Kirkburnlol, nearly every mob is dropping greens for me
02:32.04Kirkburnbloody beta
02:33.27Zealh4 relaly needs to be set to a smaller font and indented tbqfh..
02:34.57Kirkburncrazy! :)
02:35.17Kirkburnmmm, gold, pity it'll be gone v soon :P
02:35.23Zealadys, if i'm following the same lines as you, yes you could do a event calendar, as well as a raid instance reset one.
02:36.04Zealhell.. you could make the front page change on certain events..
02:36.26Zeallike change the message to happy winterviel and chuck some decorations on it.
02:36.59Zealand hey Hobinheim :p
02:37.55Hobinheimadys, i like your qotd thing
02:38.14HobinheimA D Y S ding ding ding
02:38.23AdysIm here
02:38.59Hobinheimwhere's *adys*? weee ahhhh wee wahhh weee wahhh
02:39.11Hobinheimhey, do you guys know adys? AHHHHHH!! YOU SAID THE SECRET WORD!!!!
02:39.18Hobinheimi know adys! SLIMERRRRR!!!!!
02:39.37Hobinheimlol what
02:39.48*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
02:39.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
02:41.21kuinkalawhat's the Tabard of the Protector + where it can be gained?
02:41.38Hobinheimhave you checked google?
02:41.41Adysquest reward from a quest outside the dark portal
02:42.12Hobinheimyou can even check our wiki
02:44.30Hobinheimblizzard is taking away the elite quest flag
02:44.34Hobinheimand calling it "Group"
02:44.45Hobinheimdamn you reconstruction!
02:45.21kuinkalayeah, i noticed
02:45.25kuinkalakinda stupid :p
02:45.33Adysmakes sence
02:45.39Adysraid quests are elite too
02:45.42Adysand so are dungeon quests
02:45.49Adys"group" quests are not specially elite
02:46.42kuinkalaoh noes i need to go and get that tabard
02:46.55kuinkalai wanted AD tabard, but cant get it anymore :p
02:55.13KirkburnI think 'group' is far more sensible
02:55.25KirkburnEspecially since they're adding group size recommendations
02:58.46ZealAll formerly 'elite' quests are now listed disaplyed as 'group' with recommend group size shown in the quest text.
02:58.56Zeali'm very pleased about that change
02:59.14Zeal*-listed *displayed
02:59.57Zeali just hope they start adding quests that were never elite but required groups too it too
03:00.13Zealfirst one popping to mind, is stranglethorn fever.
03:00.24Zeal*to do it
03:09.46Hobinheimwhat is the goal of stra fever?
03:10.27Hobinheimaww that wasn't so bad
03:10.32Hobinheimi was over leveled tho
03:10.40Hobinheimyeah... i dunno how any one person would handle that
03:16.49Zeal and thoughts please
03:19.31KirkburnWhen journalists go absolutely bonkers:
03:22.01Zealoh no, i'm going to sit my child infront of a console for all ages and let them do what they want..
03:22.38*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
03:23.07KirkburnIf that was a UK journalist, I reckon she would get disciplined and become the laughing stock of the media. Only in the US ...
03:23.19Zealand tbqfh, if it was me, i wouldn't care less if my child did.
03:23.59KirkburnYeah, well, we're not exactly experienced in that yet, are we =)
03:24.27Zealplenty of research and opions however.
03:25.07Zealanyways.. parents jsut need to actually stop putting their careers and life before their kids and jsut leaving their kids to fall prey to things unsupervised.
03:25.26Zealback to the wiki
03:25.30Zealthoughts?! :P
03:26.34Zeali really think lvl 3 headers need the same styling, but smaller, than lvl 2. and leave lvl 4 headers to match lvl 3 ones.
03:26.51Zeal*but smaller than, lvl 2
03:27.14Zealalso think the speculation template needs new styling.. meh
03:29.44Zealacutally if i restyled the speculation header i could work round that..
03:30.56KirkburnAn idea
03:31.03KirkburnMake an example
03:31.16KirkburnShow exactly what you think looks good
03:31.29Kirkburnlorem ipsum ftw
03:31.46Zealoh, i am
03:31.52Zeali've got lots of test templates
03:32.03KirkburnAnyways, I'm off to bed
03:32.07KirkburnTime to watch some Spooks
03:37.40*** part/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
03:44.33*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
04:04.52*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
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04:09.34Bagginswwok yet another clan mentioned in rise of the horde
04:09.38BagginswwWhiteclaw clan
04:12.20Bagginswwlike the 3rd clan the book mentions that I don't think has appeared anywhere else
04:14.48Hobinheimtrivia: what color was thrall's wolf mount in wc3?
04:15.05Hobinheimsorry, i'm like in a trivia mood. there's this awesome WHAT ARE YOU AWESOME AT thread
04:15.39Hobinheimthe structure at which naga heroes are reborn is called ____________
04:17.00Zeal check out the speculation template used in that
04:18.57Zealblack, and alter of er.. tides? :S
04:19.53Zealtemplate of tides, alter of depths.. pfft. was close
04:24.17*** join/#wowwiki kazurk (
04:41.11Zealthought. tooltips for NPCs..
04:51.33*** join/#wowwiki Jim (
05:03.45*** join/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
05:05.24*** part/#wowwiki bleetah (n=Bleeter@guifications/developer/bleeter)
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05:11.16Zealhey Tekkub
05:17.13Zeal :o
05:17.38Zealhm.. wrong link
05:21.46Zealffs.. how hard is it to find a screenshot of a mob's tooltip..
05:21.53Zeali don't wanna go in game >_<
05:22.27Tekkubyou know what we need on a WoW DB site...
05:22.34Tekkuba really easy "wish list"
05:22.53Tekkubto track what instances ya need to run to get the gears you want
05:30.56Zealname, proffesion, level (rare/elite), faction, flag.
05:31.01Zealdunno about players..
05:45.40Hobinheimkalaban's loot list?
06:00.21*** join/#wowwiki Taylor (
06:04.54TaylorWhat's going down in WoWWiki town?
06:05.22*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
06:11.34Zealanyone wanna do me a favour? :P
06:13.39Taylorwhat would that favour be?
06:15.12Zeali need a screenshot (or a description of) what a player tooltip looks like.
06:31.08Zeal500KB/s on blizz downloader.. wow
06:35.25KuinKalasoon-to-be 10 ":D"
06:37.18Zealyears old? :P
06:39.09KuinKalanoes, yar download speed :p
06:40.04Zealbeen up and down between 200-500 lowest it went was 90
06:40.13Zealok not 41..
06:43.07KuinKalai told ya
06:43.19KuinKalaand soon-to-be 20 (numeric age)
06:43.42Zealdone, lol
06:44.05Zealall this for a stupid screenshot >_o
06:46.55Zeal4 mail.. all gold sellers..
06:48.41Zealgot it. Level <lvl> <race> <class> (Player). all one line
06:49.53Zealhunter in white+gold ftw.
07:28.17*** join/#wowwiki Kilabie (
09:16.12*** join/#wowwiki TheDeathArt (
09:29.33*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
10:22.48dok3Dal is totaly obsolete
10:23.36dok3Dalin this case does we "obsoletise" the page or just pray for someone to update it ?
10:34.15Adysdok : mark it as stub/accuracy i think
10:34.19Adysor cleanup if its really bad
10:38.08dok3Dalwell .. how do I mark it?
10:38.33Adyswrite {{Stub/Accuracy}} at the top of the article
10:38.39Adysmind the capitalization
10:39.05dok3Dalok and in fact it does/mean what?
10:39.26dok3Dal(<<< total new in wiki editing world)
10:39.52dok3Dalwhat exactly
10:40.59dok3Dalok I have seen
10:41.30dok3Dalbut in fact I know that data in this page are wrong
10:41.43dok3Dalwell so ... I have to update it myself
10:50.18*** join/#wowwiki Wulgar (
11:28.33*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
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14:18.36*** join/#wowwiki Tuqui-tuqui (
14:36.26Tuqui-tuquiI was fighting lvl32 nagas w/out a problem
14:36.36Tuqui-tuquijust to die by a lvl 16 lion >:{
15:26.14*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
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15:48.46*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (i=89de5c4b@gateway/web/cgi-irc/
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15:51.38KirkburnPew pew pew, i r in teh uni computer room
15:52.09*** join/#wowwiki DDL_ (n=Minhcodo@
15:52.47Grypheni gunna tell on u
15:52.55*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
15:54.16*** part/#wowwiki DDL_ (n=Minhcodo@
15:55.43Zealdamn beep2
15:55.53Zealbeat me to putting dude1234 on vandal list : /
15:56.37Zealhey Kirkburn, Gryphen
15:57.06Gryphenuh, now hes off the list
15:57.20ZealKirkburn, how are you doing your sig. manually doing "{{User:Kirkburn/Sig}} ~~~~~" ? :s
15:57.24Gryphendamn Kirkburn
15:57.27KirkburnDamn vandals
15:57.40Gryphenbeat me to putting dude1234 on the block list : /
15:57.58KirkburnI blocked him =)
15:58.23Kirkburnargh, so many admins doing the same thing :P
15:58.36KirkburnZeal: it's easy to make my sig
15:59.21KirkburnI made User:Kirkburn/Sig with the code. U:KB/SigX includes Sig as a template, then I set my preferences to use SigX
15:59.46ZealSigX huh?
15:59.57Zealgod i hate subst..
16:01.04GryphenWhere do you set the pref? I thought I had seen it before but I don't see it now.
16:01.31TepetkhetSupposed to set a customer's profile up with a static IP and we appear to not have our zone file commented.
16:01.35TepetkhetSo I'm not sure what's avail.
16:01.54TepetkhetWell, I have a pretty good idea.
16:02.14TepetkhetChecked the conf on the aggregator and didn't see the one I have in mind taken...
16:02.25Zealer.. hey Tuqui-tuqui? :S
16:02.51Zealprefrences is
16:03.19GryphenYa, I've looked through there, not seeing it.
16:05.03Zealand check raw sig
16:05.31Zealtook me long enough to figure out.. especially as mediawiki's own article on how to do sig is out dated
16:05.45Zeal*custom sigs
16:06.24KirkburnYeah, it forces subst, hence my templating it :)
16:06.49KirkburnAt least I now know how to vote with the custom sig now :)
16:07.19Kirkburn(instead of ~~~~,use sig=~~~~ ... perhaps that should be the default option anyway?)
16:07.35Zealsig= huh?
16:08.04Zealit jsut annoys me that you need to double up templates because of the subst enforcing for raw sigs.
16:09.40Zealand most of my templates, where you would normall just do {{template|blah|moo|foo}} if you wanted ==foo== or <span style="color: lime;">foo</span> you'd do {{template|blah|moo|foo=randomcraphere}}
16:10.06*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
16:10.20Bagginswwso I finished RotH. Good book.
16:10.23Zealbecause if the value contains an = everything before the first = is treated as the name of the variable.
16:10.50Zeali've almost finnished now
16:11.08Zealdammit.. there was soemthing i wanted to point out to you about you got wrong :s
16:11.22Bagginswwwhich part about what?
16:11.45Zealsomething in RotH you said..
16:12.08Bagginswwif it was about "timing" later on in the book it implies 2 years passed between the start of the fight with the horde and the draenei
16:12.23Zealoh nvm i realized i'll probably prove myself wrong there so wasn't worth mentioning yet.
16:12.45Bagginswwthere were some things in the book that seem vague
16:12.58Bagginswwcould be interpreted multiple ways
16:13.21Zealthough in your talks about Kil'jaeden's appearance, as you probably know, he does look "very, very" similar to a draenei.
16:13.43Bagginswwya at first about the main thing they see as being similar is the legs
16:13.43jrrface tentacles?
16:13.49Bagginswwdoesn't mention the face tentacles
16:13.58Bagginswwit says he has "Horns"
16:14.13Bagginswwwhich could merge the appearance from warcraft II
16:14.17Zealwell theoreticall females have horns..
16:14.20Zealso feasible.
16:14.24Bagginswwsome males do to
16:14.42Bagginswwcharacter selection choices LOL
16:14.55Zealdoes RotH rewrite d'aemon lore?
16:15.12Bagginswwuh well Daemon is more or less the word orcs use for demons
16:15.23Bagginswwit also means twisted soul
16:15.37jrror unix process
16:15.38Bagginswwdoesn't really rewite the lore
16:15.40Zeali thought the RPG pinned them as a whole difference race was all :p
16:15.55Bagginswwya it does
16:16.00Bagginswwwell a race of demons
16:16.11Bagginswwits not really contradicting
16:16.22Zealis to me :S
16:16.41Bagginswwwell its kind like "daemon" definition in reality
16:17.00Zealthe Black Template is what later becomes the Black Citedal right? :s
16:17.00Bagginswwits a term for demons to some, to others its more like a genie
16:17.09Bagginswwnot really evil or good
16:17.22Bagginswwya during warcraft III
16:17.30Bagginswwthen goes backt o black temple
16:17.46Zealcool, just checking. alot of this is new to me not having played WC1-2
16:18.08Bagginswwuh the black temple may be called something differeint in warcraft III
16:18.15Zealisn't it the citedal in BC though?
16:18.21Bagginswwno black temple
16:18.26TepetkhetThe Draenei, being a tentacled race, get bonus damage against Japanese schoolgirls.
16:18.26Bagginswwblack temple in BC
16:18.41Bagginswwin warcraft II the area was called Shadomoon Citadel I think
16:19.56Bagginswwbut ya back to kil'jaeden there is this very weird bit that basically thea uthor describes the horns on his head and acts like taht's one of the main differences between him and draenei
16:19.59Bagginswwthis is towards the end
16:20.10Bagginswwbut by then finally Gul'Dan is certainly sure that they must be the same race
16:20.15Bagginswwdespite the physical differences
16:20.27Zeali need to check that.. i swore all the devs said citadel for BC and the instance name follows that in beta.. :s
16:20.39Bagginswwit was changed towards the end I think
16:21.49Bagginswwhowever one thing I say is an issue with her always saying that draenei are blue, is that draenei come in many shades other than blue :p
16:22.00Bagginswwranging all the way to deep purple
16:22.02*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
16:22.02*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
16:22.39Bagginswwso the logic towards the end when they say velen would have been easy to find cause everyone else looked the same, just seemed weird.
16:22.52Bagginswwtake care
16:23.26Bagginswwadditionally other pictures of kil'jaeden he does not have horns heh heh
16:23.27Zealwell velen is unique in build and age
16:23.31Zealso still holds true
16:23.37Zealkk Kirkburn
16:23.38TepetkhetIn Velen's name...
16:23.40Bagginswwya he's blue in BC ;)
16:23.51*** join/#wowwiki sfl (n=chuckfro@
16:24.03Zeallo Hobinheim
16:24.09equiraptorvelen, valen, what's the difference? :)
16:25.25TepetkhetValen's the guy in Babylon 5.
16:25.50Gryphenyay for hijacking kirks sig
16:25.57Gryphenthanks for putting in all the work :)
16:26.05BagginswwI'm pretty sure there are more Valens than a guy in B5
16:26.24equiraptorYes, but my reference was to the guy in B5.
16:26.27equiraptorWho was also a prophet.
16:26.31BagginswwI see
16:26.41Bagginswwwas he blue or white, :)
16:26.50equiraptorWho saved "his" people from destrction in a war with more powerful races.
16:26.56equiraptorUmmm... More human colored.
16:27.02Bagginswwplagiarism :)
16:27.16equiraptorBagginsww: How old is that warcraft story?
16:27.28Bagginswwwhich are we referring to?
16:27.35equiraptorThe one with velen.
16:27.43Bagginswwas in last year
16:27.46equiraptorBecause the B5 valen story is from the early 90s.
16:27.56equiraptorAnd was in the creator's head before then.
16:28.03Bagginswwits likely an homage
16:28.09equiraptorSorry, I should be quiet.
16:28.15equiraptorI get rabid about B5.
16:28.18equiraptorAbsolutely rabid.
16:28.22BagginswwB5 is earliest
16:28.50equiraptorI love the story of Valen and how it plays in with the wars, etc.
16:28.51Bagginswwso blizzard probably didn't "plagiarize" much as honor
16:29.09equiraptorIf the similarity is even intentional. Which it very well may be.
16:29.13Zealhm.. Bagginsww, the whoel description of the kil'jaeden in the story actually reminded me stlightly of ered'ruin.. and considering the name is so close to eredar, thee resemblance, and that they speak eredun too (i know thats explained, but meh). makes me think they're an off shoot.
16:29.31Bagginswwits possible
16:29.33BagginswwI've thought of that too
16:29.37TepetkhetWell, Babylon 5's creator "honored" Lord of the Rings.
16:30.03Zeali do love how the story explains warlocks
16:30.04Bagginswwand I've always thought there was a connectionb etween dae'mon art design and doomguards
16:30.10Zealvery much in a context, lol.
16:30.19Zeal*a wow
16:30.27Bagginswwthe only thing the story lacked was the necrolyte
16:30.35BagginswwHPG goes more into their history
16:30.37Zealtru tru
16:30.46Zealnot sure what page i'm on
16:30.50Zeallost my bookmark.. heh.
16:30.58Zealbut onyl a few chapters from done
16:31.29Bagginswwheh, but ya Blizzard has homages to practically everything, and they really hide the fact that htey only slightly mask the names
16:31.35Bagginsww*don't hide
16:32.06Bagginswwalso the story really doesn't go into time between portal's first opening and when its finished
16:32.14Bagginswwit just goes right to the final full scale opening
16:32.53BagginswwBut as we know it started as a small hole in the fabric of space as they started the experiments
16:33.02Bagginswwthis is covered in WoW in a few ingame books as well
16:34.40Bagginswwoh look at warcraft 3 ered'ruin
16:34.46Bagginswwdid you know they have face tentacles?
16:35.22Tuqui-tuquithats not a face tentacle
16:35.34Tuqui-tuquithats a dyed beard :D
16:35.39Bagginswwso does kazzak
16:35.50Zealthere is one thing i don't get, and unless i've missed something, is pretty shitty. Why did Ner'zhul help hand over control to Gul'dan after he found out? Why didn't he speak out then and there? i know the story touched on he later decided he didn't want to die, but he still later risks his life, and Kil'jaeden already told him he won't kill him. :s
16:36.05Bagginswwbecause he wa sweak
16:36.16Bagginswwhe was too broken
16:36.23Bagginswwafraid of kil'jaeden
16:36.26Zeali don't except that. at that point, he wasn't
16:36.34Zealhe already started to rebel
16:36.41Zeali think its soem poor story telling tbh
16:36.54Traehey guys what is that place called Altar or whatever near Burning Steeps
16:37.05Bagginswwwell like I said there some writing in the book that comes off as vague to me
16:37.05Traeit's down the hill and to the right as you come out of BRD
16:37.14TepetkhetTemple of Atal'Hakkar or something?
16:37.19Traeyah I think
16:37.22TepetkhetSunken Temple?
16:37.23Traedo we have something on it?
16:37.25Zeali'm not blaming the author, i'm blaming metzen.
16:37.25Traenot ST
16:37.32Traeit's in Burning Steeps
16:37.39Zealthe one with the 3 statues?
16:37.47Traehmmm 4 statues I think
16:37.51Zealw/e :P
16:37.53Bagginswwplenty of other sources that talk about how he learned the truth, but didn't really do much about it
16:37.53Traeyou always see it when flying from IF south
16:38.12Zealyeah, but it doesn't seem to add up to me Bagginsww
16:38.13TepetkhetI never fly from IF.
16:38.21Zealseems silly
16:38.46TraeAltar of Storms
16:39.00Bagginswwhe also thinks how people probably wouldn't believe him at this point too, if the ancestors don't trust him.
16:39.13Bagginswwalot of self doubt
16:39.18Bagginswwgoing on in his mind
16:39.26Bagginswwconflicting mentality
16:39.29Traedo we have any info on that area?
16:39.44Zeal"Oh no what have i done?!" "fuck you i'm not helping" "i don't want to die" "oh thank god hes not going to kill me" "i'll just do as he says from now and" "wow i've finnally got the courage to say something at the last minute when it has little effect"
16:40.17Zealthat series of events just sounds ridiculous.
16:40.32Bagginswwsadly it kind of mirrors the mentality of germans during the rise of hitler
16:40.45Bagginswwalot of people knew what was happening
16:40.51Bagginswwbut no one had the courage to say anything
16:40.55Bagginswwfew that did were killed
16:40.59Zealit's the last two parts that make no sense : /
16:41.01Bagginswwno one would defend them
16:42.04Bagginswweven in the end many knew they were doing wrong but still went about continiuning with it.
16:42.23Traethe one in Burning Steeps
16:42.30Traedoes anything bad come out of there?
16:42.30Zealgotta love how they modeled it after the original one
16:42.37Hobinheimanybody know where i can find a list of draenei buildings in the wc3 campeign
16:43.11Bagginswwuh draenei structures?
16:43.11Hobinheimthe one where you had to like escort the caravan...
16:43.11Zealdidn't they just use orc ones? :S
16:43.11Bagginswwnah they were a little different
16:43.11Hobinheimyeah i think they did. any special buildings?
16:43.13Hobinheimlike you know how the naga had REAL buildings
16:43.25Hobinheimaltar of depths and black were the trivia answers i was looking for last night, btw
16:43.48Zealyeah, i got thoughs.. roughly :P
16:44.06Hobinheimoh BOOYAH
16:44.11Hobinheimawesome sir
16:44.19Bagginswwdraenei structures are more log and bone like
16:44.28Bagginswwwith a mushroom cap on top
16:44.30Hobinheimsee wtf permanent invisibility
16:44.32Hobinheimwrite that back in
16:44.57Bagginswwnot every unit as I recall LOL
16:45.12Bagginswwjust a specific class
16:45.41Zeallol@human tower
16:45.43Bagginswwand that looks like a cross between alliance design and a cliff
16:45.50Hobinheimthanks for the links. you have fueled my addiction for things that are similar...
16:46.17Bagginswwsee logs, mushroom caps and bone pillars
16:46.35ZealBagginsww, does RotH touch on Broken?
16:46.40Bagginswwnot at all
16:46.51Zealffs : /
16:46.59Bagginswwhowever it says lost ones are drainei nicknamed "lost ones'
16:47.05Zealok answer me this, do the Draenei leave in the novel?
16:47.16Bagginswwit says they hide in zangermarsh
16:47.21Zealah, i see
16:47.24Zealthat makes sense
16:47.26Bagginswwit doesn't explain
16:47.30Bagginswwhow they got a new ship
16:47.43Bagginswwat the end they just crash land 2 days before the books ends
16:47.45ZealYeah, i'm confused about Tempest Keep really.
16:48.05BagginswwI can only guess that K'ure must have contacted more of his species somehow
16:48.17Zeali originally thought that was where they were, that was the initial ship. but obviously not.
16:48.40ZealWell we know Khadgar had to bring the Naaru back
16:48.46Zealso i dunno about that.
16:48.54Bagginswwalso rpg and a few other sources explain that most lost ones were created during ner'zhul's destruction of the planet.
16:49.00ZealTempest keep had a Naaru ofc.. two we know of.
16:49.06Bagginswwfrom the planet ripping apart
16:49.17Bagginswwshaatrath has one
16:49.28Zealyeah, that's the one Khadgar got.
16:49.39Bagginswwwhen he was off traveling the planets
16:49.46Bagginswwafter jumping int he portals
16:49.53Zealhuh? nope :s
16:50.07Zealhe jsut used magic to contact them while they were fighting the Legion elsewhere.
16:50.19BagginswwKhadger jumped into portals that were ripping draeneor apart
16:50.21Bagginswwto survive
16:50.25Bagginswwhe came back later
16:50.33Zealwhere is this said...?
16:50.39Bagginswwwarcraft 2 and a dozen other sources
16:50.58Bagginswwshadows and light too
16:51.32BagginswwHe was too close to the explosion center, so he jumped through to save himself and those that were that close to the portal
16:51.35Zealhm.. Well i'm holding out on a possible retcon there
16:51.40Zealhe makes no mention of it : /
16:51.51BagginswwI came across a few places in BC that implies he returned later
16:52.07Bagginswwnot his own words but from others
16:52.17Zealwell feel free to add it to the Khadgar article. none of that is on it..
16:53.01Bagginswwwe can wait until BC is released to get exact quotes
16:53.34BagginswwAPG, and HPG also went into it as well as I recall
16:53.55Zealyeah.. i'm talking about that he went through the portal period..
16:54.03Bagginswwit only begs the quesiton on how brann knew so much about stuff that went on beyond the dark portal though LOL
16:54.05Zealnone of it is on there
16:54.26Zealsame way malfurion knows what his brother is doing..
16:54.38Zealwhile trapped in another plane of existance
16:54.53Bagginswwand unable to contain the terrible energies they unleashed, the archmage used Medivh's spellbook to close the Dark Portal from the other side, thereby shielding Azeroth from the final cataclysm of Draenor's destruction. Khadgar ushered the survivors into one of the rifts, and the Expedition's activities therafter are unknown.
16:54.55Bagginswwis there
16:55.03Zealacross a galaxy, and through again into anotherp lane of existance.
16:55.24Bagginswwor thrall apparently knows what happened to kil'jaeden
16:55.27Zealah, missed that.
16:55.53Bagginswwor the historians who put together warcraft 3 manual know most of the titan/sargeras history
16:56.02ZealLast Guardian released after WC2?
16:56.16Bagginswwbefore warcraft III? not sure
16:56.25Zeali'm with retcon on his age then..
16:56.39Bagginswwwho's age?
16:57.00Zeal*his appeared age
16:57.13Bagginswwoh Khadgar is weird though
16:57.18Bagginswwhe appears different in different sources
16:57.45Bagginswwin Shadow's in Light for example he is shown in one picture from about the time of him going on the expedition
16:57.50Zealwell The Last Guardian thorws up the question of a possible retcon, and WoW confirms it. simple enough for me.
16:57.51Bagginswwto appear young
16:58.20Bagginswwwhere as much earlier when he's just built the keep
16:58.30Bagginswwinj a short story he's shown to look like a bearded ancient old man LOL
16:58.56Bagginswwsimilar to how he looks on the statues
16:59.22ZealWe still don't know what's been used to open the portal do we?
16:59.23Bagginswwboth in the same book
16:59.58Bagginswwuh no, brann just mentions that has been rebuilt for a while now
17:00.07Bagginswwhe's not sure who did it
17:00.13Bagginswwbut no one wants to get past the demons guarding it it
17:00.16Bagginswwto find out
17:00.43Bagginswwin game the portal has been active for a while
17:00.48Bagginswwjust not accessable
17:01.04Bagginswwits been swirling since wow beta
17:01.08Zeali mean kazzak
17:01.12Zealthe story so far
17:01.22Bagginswwya he reconnects it to draenor
17:01.24Zealthe artifact hes used to reopen the portal
17:01.29Bagginswwits more of a reconnection
17:01.33Bagginswwthan a true opening
17:01.48Zeali think otherwise, but thats up for blizzard to sort out
17:01.51Bagginswwmaybe connected to those dragon shards
17:01.55Bagginswwthat krull calls out about
17:03.09Bagginswwaspect shards
17:03.39*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
17:05.26Bagginswwbtw Brann is funny, he mentions nearly word for word what occurs in Beyond the Dark Portal about the expedition
17:05.36Bagginswwand then he's like at least that's what we have heard
17:05.48Bagginswwbut aren't sure
17:05.58Bagginswwbecause they haven't been in contact with them in a long time
17:06.39Bagginswwso its like he got the story from another source
17:07.02Bagginswwonly guess maybe some of the lost ones or maybe some nobodies made it back through the portal
17:07.18Bagginswwsomeone part of the expedition but not the heroes
17:07.47Bagginswwpeasant ftw
17:08.09Bagginswwcause he's very unclear on what happened ot the heroes beyond the stories he's heard
17:08.36Bagginswwhearing that some had jumped through the portals etc.
17:11.22*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
17:13.47Bagginswwbtw HPG and APG also go more into Kazzak's background
17:14.04ZealI still find the Lost Ones being on Azeroth implausible
17:14.16Bagginswwthey came through the portal
17:14.27Bagginswwbefore Illidan disconnected the portals
17:14.39Tepetkhetportal reset by peer
17:14.42Bagginswwalong with apparently the broken.
17:14.42Tuqui-tuquidamn it >:{
17:14.48Zeallol Tepetkhet
17:14.50Tuqui-tuquihighlord Kruul is in UC right now
17:15.03Zealwhat says this Bagginsww?
17:15.08Tuqui-tuquiright now the courtyard
17:15.14BagginswwManual of MOnsters, Lands of Conflict
17:15.16Tuqui-tuquiI havent logged on
17:15.18Bagginswwthe quests
17:15.21Bagginswwin WoW
17:15.47ZealHang on, remind me how Illidan reponed the portal? :S
17:16.00Bagginswwthe portals between outland were open already
17:16.05Bagginswwthere were several of them
17:16.11Zealerm.. wtf?
17:16.12Bagginswwone in kalimdor btw
17:16.18Zealthere were several from them
17:16.22Bagginswwopened up to Outland Arena
17:16.30Zealonly ever one between Azeroth and Outland
17:16.39BagginswwTFT was unclear why these portals were open
17:16.47Bagginswwyou havne't played TFT?
17:16.51Zealas i thought
17:16.53Zealyes i have
17:17.00Zealand IIRC it was never touched on
17:17.00Bagginswwwell there are other portals
17:17.03Zealit was a mess
17:17.09Zealthere aren't though..
17:17.11Bagginswwillidan opens one up
17:17.13Bagginswwin the city
17:17.36Bagginswwof dalaran
17:17.36Bagginswwthat's how he escapes
17:17.36*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
17:17.36*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
17:17.42Bagginswwlater sources says he closes these portals down
17:17.45ZealIllidan was opening demonic portals left right and center in TFT
17:17.47Bagginswwand the ones to other worlds
17:18.01Zealwb Kirkburn
17:18.06BagginswwRexxar had to travel through one in Kalimdor
17:18.29ZealRexxar side quests were a bit of a joke tbh..
17:18.50Bagginswwbtw Khadger could open up portals to other worlds as well he just never opened them fully
17:19.04Bagginswwthey jsut are the same thing as The Dark Portal
17:19.13Zealwell know
17:19.37Bagginswwmain thing about the dark portal is its a permanant phonemena
17:19.44Bagginswwmost of the other ones are unstable
17:19.49Zealthe link to Draenor was always there, convienantly
17:19.50Bagginswwcollapse on themselves
17:20.07BagginswwDark Portal once it was fully opened has never fully closed
17:20.20Bagginswweven with the destruction of the gate strature
17:20.34Zealso what did Khadgar do?
17:20.46Bagginswwthat's the main reason why he set up nethegarde keep
17:20.53Bagginswwto moniter the size of the portal
17:21.00Bagginswwtry to prevent it from being oppenedf ully again
17:21.19Zealoddly for me i'm getting pissed off with this discussion, not at you, but at te ridiculous bs Blizzard do sometimes..
17:21.19Bagginswwthey had only shrank it
17:21.40Bagginswwand then beyond the dark portal happens because the portal is reopened
17:21.49Bagginswwmore horde stream out
17:22.02ZealHe set up nethergarde keep while he was on the otherwise of a closed portal? >_>
17:22.14Bagginswwand then someone rebuilt the structure between warcraft II and WoW
17:22.21Zeali'm talking about the last closure
17:22.23Bagginswwnethergarde was built
17:22.29Bagginswwaat tne end of the Second WAr
17:22.34Bagginswwafter they destroyed the gate
17:22.41Bagginswwbut found the portal existed
17:22.47Zealyes.. not talking about that.
17:23.04Zealtalking about the expedition, the closure from the other side.
17:23.08Bagginswwthe thing about "closures' is they aren't really full closures
17:23.22ZealBlizzard seem to beg to differ.
17:23.24Bagginswwthe hole still exists
17:23.36Zealthe link still exists
17:23.40Zealbut no portal
17:23.47Bagginswwnot a portal you could enter
17:23.53Bagginswwits very small hole
17:23.54Zealnot a portal at all
17:24.01Zealno hole, zippo
17:24.04Bagginswwits only a portal when tis big enought o enter
17:24.12Bagginswwthis is blizzard for you
17:24.19Bagginswwthey mix words
17:24.27Tuqui-tuquican I crawl through it?
17:25.04Tuqui-tuquihas a titan ever been seen in any of the games?
17:25.10Bagginswwbut ever since release of WoW the portal had been built and you could look into the energy vortex
17:25.26Bagginswwuh in WoW in a few quest lines I think
17:25.31Bagginswwone appears in spirit form
17:25.43Bagginswwthose giants you fight might be lesser titans
17:25.54Bagginswwthe gold colored humanoid giants
17:25.57Zealanyways.. cba TFT was rather laughable in places. gunna make food then sleep. Kirkburn, check out, let me know what you think of the speculation template.
17:26.54KirkburnDon't think the word 'fan' is needed
17:27.07KirkburnGood idea though :)
17:27.09BagginswwTFT may have things that make little sense but they are still part of lore
17:27.10ZealWhat they never really gets explained. they probably aren't titans but constructs.. though it makes more sense if they are titans.
17:27.28Bagginswwwell all titans are metallic beings themselves
17:27.56Bagginswwand they used that same model for the titan that contacts you via vision
17:28.00Bagginswwduring one of hte quest lines
17:28.04Zeali do, there is a difference between fan speculation and in-universe speculation. if you can think of soemthing better to say isntead of fan, sure. but making the difference clear is needed.
17:28.05KirkburnI have no sound on my Vista PC today as Creative left it until the driver expired to release a new version :/
17:28.08Bagginswwappearing inside of inn in Wetlands
17:28.37Bagginswwits unclear yes
17:28.45Zealdon't beleive i've done that quest.. actually might have, don't recall a titan though.
17:28.48Bagginswwall I know they just used the model for
17:28.51BagginswwTitan vision sequen
17:29.09Zeallame Kirkburn : /
17:29.11BagginswwYou get some artifact, spirit of titan appears
17:29.21Bagginswwwarns you not to look into their past further
17:29.27Zealsame area the blade of titans drops isn't it?
17:29.30Bagginswwit could be very dangerous
17:29.33Bagginswwrelease the end of hte world
17:29.34Zealor was that the reward?
17:29.40Bagginswwnot sure
17:29.55Bagginswwsomething you get out of that dig site in wetlands though
17:30.00Bagginswwas I recall
17:30.08Bagginswwhave to take it back to menethil harbor in
17:30.19Bagginswwdont' even remember the spirits name
17:30.28Bagginswwif he had a name
17:30.34KirkburnZeal, very lame. Downloading the new ones now :/ Seriously, they left it a bit late
17:30.54Bagginswwoh ya Princess
17:30.57Bagginswwremember her?
17:31.04Bagginswwwell the one in Aralthi highalnds
17:31.11Bagginswwthere are alot of princesses :p
17:31.18KirkburnI remember that wetlands quest, didn't see it on my first char, was v impressed :)
17:31.42KirkburnNot sure he had a name either, I think it was a generic "spirit of the past" type name
17:31.45Bagginswwyou go about doing alot of unsealing of elementals in alrathi
17:31.53Bagginswwand finally you release this being called Princess
17:32.01Bagginswwshe uses the female Titan giant model as well
17:32.27Bagginswwand may have been sealed away by the Titans
17:32.35BagginswwI don't remember
17:32.49Bagginswwya Kirkburn that's what I was trying to recall if it was a title not a name
17:32.55Zeal pick a quest, any quest Bagginsww.. lol
17:33.24Bagginswwmight have been tied to Uncovering hte Past
17:33.49Zealyeah, done the princess quest, now that fairly well.
17:33.58Zealbut shes certainly no titan
17:34.06Zealthey locked her up in the first place didn't they?
17:34.17BagginswwAs I recall yes
17:34.27BagginswwBlizzard is bad at reusing the same models for lots of things
17:34.47KirkburnOr reusing the wrong model - e.g. Onyxia :)
17:34.49Bagginswwuse the same dog model just change a few doodads like the head
17:35.18Bagginswwalot of creatures in Outlands are based on creatures in Azeroth with  a few doodad changes
17:35.34BagginswwYOu'll see chilmaera, more dogs, raptors.. :p
17:35.41KirkburnMost are new
17:35.52Bagginswwthat's good
17:35.58KirkburnDepends on the zone, I guess
17:36.10Bagginswwmosh'arg sp?
17:36.19Bagginswwthe stunted ones
17:36.27Bagginswwthey seem tob e based off the lost ones model
17:36.30Bagginswwwith a few changes
17:36.33Bagginswwfeet seem the same
17:36.33KirkburnThe nether storm is a very 'new' zone
17:36.43Bagginswwheh heh
17:37.01KirkburnYeah, the lost ones model isn't much changed
17:37.06Zealgief nether ray pet for draenei..
17:37.39KirkburnOh gan'arg?
17:37.39Bagginswwgan'arg looks somewhat like a modified lost ones
17:37.41KirkburnI see what you're saying, but they're not that similar
17:37.50KirkburnNot once you attack them :)
17:38.26Zealinfact gief pet abilities to draenei zones (there is not a single one, i've tamed everything) >_<;
17:38.31Zealanyways.. yes sleep. nn
17:40.40BagginswwI think they should replace Princess Myzrael's model with a smaller version of theradras LOL
17:41.02Bagginswwif she's supposed tob e tied to earth elementals
18:07.12*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (
18:07.12*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
18:09.03KirkburnApparently the end of beta event is currently on the EU servers
18:11.40Tuqui-tuquiYOU GOTTA WATCH IT! :D
18:11.47Tuqui-tuquiIts Kruul outside of UC
18:17.59Tuqui-tuquiwhat do you think
18:18.02Tuqui-tuquithats so badass :D
18:39.19Tuqui-tuquiawesome :D
18:44.00*** join/#wowwiki nemppu (
18:49.08*** join/#wowwiki t (
18:49.41tAnyone here that can help me with a problem?
18:51.02Tuqui-tuquiwhat kind of problem :|
18:54.15ti put my WOW in window mode
18:54.31tand when i unchecked the window mode option, it never went back to normal
18:54.49ti did all this in the cosmos configuration
18:54.51Tuqui-tuquidid you exit and reenter WoW?
18:55.08tyea tried everything, even reinstalled it
18:55.39Gryphenhehe that was unneeded work
18:55.54Gryphenyou have to enter wow and go to the video options and uncheck windowed mode in-game
18:56.05Tuqui-tuquihe did that
18:56.11Tuqui-tuquit and when i unchecked the window mode option, it never went back to normal
18:56.20Gryphenno, he unchecked it in the patcher
18:56.24Gryphennot in game
18:56.30Tuqui-tuquigood catch
18:57.38Gryphenwhen you check launch in windowed mode on the patcher it just does "wow.exe -windowed" which automatically checks that setting in game, when you uncheck the patcher it just launches "wow.exe" which will use whatever setting the game is set to, which is still checked on windowed.
18:58.33tkk thx, but now i gotta wait for all these UPDATES
19:19.34jrryay updates
19:36.30Tuqui-tuquidont take medicine from strangers
19:36.41TepetkhetCan't take Tylenol anyway.
19:36.49Dr|Tuqsterhere, take these happy pills
19:37.27TuqBillingthat'll be $50, please.
19:37.34Dr|Tuqsterfor each
19:37.49Dr|Tuqsterremember I have to fill up my gargantuan Navigator
19:59.37*** join/#wowwiki Kaso (n=Kaso@
20:14.02Tuqui-tuqui$280 for a game the seller does not even have -.-
20:15.41*** join/#wowwiki felibarr (
20:17.52*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
20:17.52*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
20:18.37nemppuTuqui-tuqui remember seeing one for $400 on ebay
20:19.01Tuqui-tuquitoo bad this is become a market
20:19.09nemppuyeah o,O
20:19.26jrrsome people made a lot of money on ps3s
20:19.27Tuqui-tuquiBlizzard should step in and ask eBay to pull down those bids -.-
20:19.39Tuqui-tuquiand Sony too!
20:19.42jrrbut there's nothing illegal, is there?
20:20.04Tuqui-tuquinot at all
20:20.49jrri don't think sony is making much
20:27.43TekkubI think PS3 is a load of horse shit
20:28.00Tekkubbut then, I'm not easily swayed by shiney objects
20:29.00mgg4_Ooooo.  Shiney.
20:34.50*** join/#wowwiki Patrigan-Syldra (
20:34.50Patrigan-SyldraHi guys
20:35.19Patrigan-Syldraany admin here?
20:35.26Patrigan-Syldracurrently at this very moment xD
20:36.43jrrTekkub: i agree =]
20:42.14*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
20:42.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:43.51GryphenPatrigan-Syldra yes?
20:44.32*** join/#wowwiki Adys8924 (
20:45.03Adys8924Kirkburn / Kirkburn|afk guess you know already but beta event started :P
20:45.20KirkburnYeah, had a look around :)
20:45.30KirkburnDied lots
20:45.42KirkburnBloody Doomreavers!
20:45.48Patrigan-SyldraWell, I'm wondering how exactly do the admins stand on bots...
20:45.50*** mode/#wowwiki [+o adys] by ChanServ
20:49.37KirkburnPatrigan-Syldra, ?
20:50.02KirkburnWhat do you mean/what have I missed?
20:51.07KirkburnTalking about Beep?
20:52.31KirkburnI must say, Beep2 is awesome :P
20:53.48Patrigan-Syldrano no
20:53.52Patrigan-SyldraI'm thinking
20:54.01Patrigan-Syldraif I want to put up all TCG Cards...
20:54.05Patrigan-SyldraI'm gonna need a bot >.<
20:54.14Patrigan-Syldrathat's about 400 atm
20:54.22Patrigan-Syldraand probably 340 more in march/April
20:54.24jrrthere may be a wikimedia mass upload
20:55.31Patrigan-Syldrawell, not on our WoWwiki
20:55.36Patrigan-Syldrabut a bot should be fine
20:55.45Patrigan-Syldra should do the trick
20:56.45Patrigan-SyldraJust still studying how exaclty to work with it XD
20:57.00Patrigan-Syldrabut as long as I don't make a botaccount I can't touch the wiki ^^
20:57.54jrrshell account?
20:58.59Patrigan-Syldrano no
20:59.00mgg4_Does wowwiki use the MediaWiki application?  I have need to create a Wiki-like project at work, and would like to use the same base code.
20:59.12Patrigan-Syldrauseraccount at the WoWwiki :p
20:59.27Patrigan-Syldraa bot runs from my computer inflicting changes on the wowwiki like a normal user
21:01.08Gryphenmgg4_ yes mediawiki
21:01.15KirkburnWe can add bot accounts
21:01.28Kirkburn*flag, I mean
21:01.38Patrigan-Syldrahmmm, k
21:01.43Patrigan-Syldrathen I just need to get the bot running
21:01.50Patrigan-Syldraput all images in top condition
21:02.03KirkburnBot accounts are fine as long as we know about them. Fandyllic can set them as a 'bot' and then they won't show on the RC list
21:02.23Patrigan-Syldra(smallfilesize good looks) and perhaps I should add a wowwiki watermark?
21:02.38Patrigan-Syldraand then I just need to make the account and tell you guys
21:02.40Patrigan-Syldrayou flag
21:02.46Patrigan-Syldraand on downtimes I run it ^^
21:12.59*** join/#wowwiki Adys8924 (
21:13.45*** mode/#wowwiki [+o adys] by ChanServ
21:22.35*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
21:23.46KirkburnDid you know:
21:23.54KirkburnWe have 4,691 stubs
21:24.42*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
21:24.42KirkburnAnd that's just the stubs that use the 'stub' image. There are others, too
21:25.03foxlit : datamined tbc image? :)
21:27.04Kirkburnfoxlit, I just said: <Kirkburn> We have 4,691 stubs
21:27.39Tuqui-tuquidid you guys know there are 4,691 stubs?
21:28.42foxlitQuite likely.
21:29.12foxlitQuite a lot of the database pages are stubs.
21:30.21Tuqui-tuquishh! Be Quite
21:30.46jrrOkay, i'm fed up. that's it.  I Quite!
21:30.52foxlitWee, overpowered talking cats in 2.0.3/
21:31.07foxlitFinally; shifting out to interact with things is was a pain.
21:31.27foxlitShapeshifted druids can now interact with NPCs and objects as if they were in human form.
21:31.30jrrshifted druids can interact with npc's now?
21:32.02foxlitCan't; just mentioned it because I just managed to repair in cat form.
21:32.18jrri thought you were reading patch notes or something
21:32.22jrrcould it have been lag?
21:32.35foxlitDoubt it.
21:32.47KirkburnWe need to reduce the number of unnecessary stubs. Just because an article is short doesn't mean it's a stub
21:33.09foxlit"Shapeshifted druids will now be able to speak to npcs while shapeshifted. "
21:33.17KirkburnI mean like, [[Retail]] (which is stupid anyway) is NOT a stub
21:33.30foxlitVfd, really
21:33.39foxlitGlossary -> page.
21:34.10foxlitAlmost no incoming links, too.
21:34.44KirkburnOh ffs, we're not a dictionary :/
21:34.50KirkburnThere's a page for "Unknown" too
21:35.08foxlitHow about it, actually?
21:35.29foxlitStamp a big VfD on Category:Glossary, merge things worth keeping into a single page.
21:35.44foxlitChange incoming links to Glossary#Term]]
21:35.50foxlitVote for deletion
21:36.49*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
21:37.03foxlitThink I'll actually do that -- merge Glossary pages into a single page and change incoming links.
21:37.15KirkburnThe glossary isn't small
21:37.16Patrigan-SyldraUnknown is a common phenomenon in WoW
21:37.46Patrigan-Syldrawhen it lags while logging in as an example
21:37.56foxlitNot all of it needs to be kept, really.
21:38.10KirkburnI'm going to look at reducing the number of stubs atm
21:38.25Patrigan-Syldraa Glossary page should be created
21:38.27Patrigan-Syldraor multiple
21:38.38Patrigan-Syldrabecause recently, I made a page for In-Game and IRL
21:38.42foxlit"First Person Shooter"
21:38.47Patrigan-Syldrabecause those were both very common words in WoW
21:38.55Patrigan-Syldrabut words like FPS aren't needed at all
21:39.05Patrigan-Syldrawe should keep things related to WoW and kick out the rest
21:39.23Patrigan-Syldra(watch it though, I heard of a specc called "First Person Shooter"
21:39.41foxlit"Three revert rule" aliasing to WW:Policy/stuff
21:40.30KirkburnYes, please do suggest articles for deletion
21:41.09KirkburnThis isn't wikipedia, we only need cover actual WoW stuff =)
21:41.31Patrigan-SyldraWe aren't wikipedia? :<
21:41.52foxlitDigital Millennium Copyright Act
21:42.06Kirkburnfoxlit, that was when we got the note from Blizz about datamines images
21:42.35Patrigan-SyldraThough we should also trim on the not so close but still related subjects
21:42.39foxlitHm, makes sense; but would make even more sense to change incoming links to [[Wikipedia:]]
21:42.46Patrigan-SyldraI could if I want make Communism related to WoW
21:42.52foxlitSince we already use them for things like NDA.
21:43.20Kirkburnfoxlit, yes
21:43.52KirkburnMost certainly. If we're not adding Warcraft specific stuff to it, then it should redirect to wp
21:44.24foxlit ?
21:45.36foxlitShould I just mark the DMCA/ESA chain that I'm redirecting to wikipedia as speedydelete?
21:46.06foxlit(plan is to trace links to the actual article / templates linking to the glossary pages in wowwiki, and change those to Wikipedia:links)
21:46.10KirkburnYeah, it is techinically DNP
21:46.35Kirkburn(So long as we're not adding warcraft specific info)
21:47.25foxlitHah, funny.
21:47.30KirkburnEventually, one day, there won't be more articles to add and we can actually fill out the ones we do have ;)
21:47.33foxlitDMCA <=> Digital Millenium Copyright Act
21:47.35foxlitNothing else.
21:50.32foxlit ?
21:51.48foxlitNo incoming links left once ESA is gone, which in turn has no incoming links outside DMCA/Digital Millenium Copyright act
21:53.23*** join/#wowwiki Cairen1 (
21:59.27Patrigan-Syldrahow is that still a stub?
21:59.49adysneeds links, quests, boilerplating etc
22:00.02Patrigan-Syldradoesn't it have all that? oO
22:00.12Patrigan-Syldraexcept for Boilerplating perhaps
22:00.16adyswhere are the external links?
22:00.31foxlit[[Offensive_Towering]] ?
22:00.58Patrigan-SyldraWhy are external links required?
22:01.23Patrigan-SyldraI'll be happy when we have some program running to take items of
22:01.33Patrigan-Syldrathere is nothing "convenient" to it
22:02.07Patrigan-Syldrait's just saying: "Yeah we don't trust urselves so here is a link to a "real" item site"
22:02.21foxlitI don't trust the wiki when it comes to items, honestly.
22:02.36Patrigan-SyldraHow do we ever actually hope to achieve the title of being trustworthy if we need to protect every page with external links to other itempages...
22:02.37*** join/#wowwiki mgg4 (
22:02.55Patrigan-Syldrawe are one of the few websites that had t5 stats listed
22:03.03Patrigan-Syldraon top of that
22:03.22Patrigan-SyldraAllakhazam and Thottbot are full with flaws... Like Mounts dissenchanting? oO
22:03.27Teomyrthe big advantage of wowwiki, in comparison to all the other sites, is that our content is mainly made by humans
22:03.51Patrigan-Syldraadvantage or disadvantage?
22:04.10Patrigan-SyldraI get annoyed by the fact that we need to prove with a true item page on every item...
22:04.21Patrigan-Syldrawhy? ...
22:05.23foxlitHm, someone should steal Kickburn's signature template for elinks. That'd make them smaller vertically :P
22:05.43Patrigan-SyldraSee that's why we need a program taking the Itemcache and reworking it into decent pages for the wiki...
22:06.00Patrigan-SyldraJust so we can stop always protecting ourselves with what is written...
22:06.10Teomyron the one hand, we don't have stuff like "Ironforge Guard drops Morrowgrain with 0.27849560%", but on the other hand, if we don't get some integration with a database, the pages might get outdated
22:06.26Patrigan-Syldraindeed Teomyr
22:06.28TepetkhetIt is payday.
22:06.34foxlitIt's fine, really. Should've never went into "let's database all items" anyway.
22:06.35TepetkhetIt is past the time I usually leave.
22:06.35Patrigan-Syldrawe need such a program
22:06.41TepetkhetAnd I have not been paid...and my boss is not here.
22:06.56Patrigan-Syldramake a fuss Tepetkhet
22:06.58TepetkhetI am broke and I have somewhere to be.
22:06.59Patrigan-Syldraa BIG fuss
22:07.04TepetkhetThere is nobody to make a fuss here.
22:07.08Patrigan-Syldraand they'll help you within minutes...
22:07.10Tepetkheter, make a fuss with here.
22:07.10Patrigan-Syldraow oO
22:07.19Patrigan-Syldrathat's less good :<
22:09.14Patrigan-Syldraell that cuts my plan for tonight updating every tabard...
22:09.23Patrigan-Syldranot feeling like it anymore atm...
22:09.57Patrigan-SyldraPeople work so hard on this website and still we have to prove our right with a silly page of flaws like ALlakhazam and Thottbot
22:10.13TepetkhetMy boss just arrived.
22:11.29Patrigan-Syldrabye Tepetkhet
22:11.37*** join/#wowwiki kaso_ (n=kaso@
22:11.42Patrigan-Syldrafor those who were doubting their partnership with EBgames
22:12.20Patrigan-Syldrableh it's not the same website ><
22:12.22Patrigan-SyldraI suck XD
22:14.56Patrigan-Syldranvm ^^
22:14.57Patrigan-SyldraI'm off
22:15.04mgg4Hey Patrigan, make sure that site didn't install a trojan.
22:15.20Patrigan-SyldraWhat site? oO
22:15.35Patrigan-Syldraand a trojan? oO Without me knowing it? oO
22:15.44Patrigan-Syldrahow in heaven would it get past all my Firewalls oO
22:15.57Patrigan-Syldranot to mention any other measures I take against it oO
22:16.05Patrigan-Syldrathough, no notificitations :)
22:16.16mgg4You visited a site other than the official Alla... site, right?  If you visit these sites, they could be fishers.  Just make sure.  Sounds like you got it covered.
22:16.16Patrigan-Syldradon't be so afraid of websites, seriously :)
22:16.54Patrigan-Syldraso if I visit google through Allakhazam
22:16.54Patrigan-SyldraI need to watch for a trojan? Xd
22:17.10Patrigan-Syldrapeople  and the fear for trojans ^^
22:17.19Patrigan-Syldrahuman kind can be so cute :o
22:17.30Patrigan-Syldraaw, I really love it here on earth ^^
22:17.35Patrigan-Syldraanyways, I'm off :)
22:20.20*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (
22:20.20*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
22:47.44*** join/#wowwiki Fin (
22:49.46Adysfin :)
22:58.10*** part/#wowwiki Fin (
23:02.18*** join/#wowwiki Fin (
23:25.46*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
23:25.46*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
23:26.31foxlitQuestion: all of this {{friendly}} {{neutral}} {{hostile}} stuff.
23:26.42foxlitA: is it really needed? B: What about faction-based monsters?

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