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00:00.05Zealand i have no idea what that means btw baggins, but because nothing could be evolution by the terminology you're using (which i assume is the one within antropology, which furthers my distaste for such things), i personally apply it to all forms, otherwise the word may as well not exist.
00:00.13BagginswwIf I ever see a discussion of evolution in wowwiki topic I'll scream...
00:00.39Bagginswwthe word really didn't exist until 18th century LOL
00:00.52Bagginswwerm 19th
00:01.12Zealwell yeah, the world is disorganised as wiki >_> rofl
00:01.31Zealmainly why i hate it
00:01.37Hobinheimlike in warcraft?
00:01.57Bagginswwtrying to apply real world definition of evolution towarcraft ya... there is no reaosn for it in topics
00:02.04Zeali like my little corner of reality where things are ordered, have purpose, have meaning. :p
00:02.26Zealwell i had to touch on it before, it's in my lore theories
00:02.50ZealBlizzard used evolution to describe what happened to the Qiraji in Silithus.
00:03.36Bagginswwthey never really went into the systme though
00:03.58Bagginswwsystem could be lermarkism or true evolution
00:04.01Bagginswwbut it doesn't matter
00:04.11Bagginswwwe don't need to know the biology of it heh heh
00:04.15Zealwell it mattered to my theory :p
00:04.27Bagginswwbtw as far as I know biology has only been mentioned once
00:04.33Bagginswwas a term
00:04.57Bagginswwfrom a story in S&L
00:05.00BagginswwI quote
00:05.35Bagginsww"Now he demonstrated his considerable knowledge of biology as he dissected the dragon's heart, and his alchemical skill as he added selected portions to a vile..."
00:05.43Bagginswwyes trivia ;)
00:06.08Bagginswwas far as I know that term has not shown up anywhere else unless its shown up in a recent book.
00:06.23Kirkburn :)
00:06.30Zealand what is the importance of that btw? :P
00:06.47Bagginswwjust that the warcraft doesn't really go into sciencies much
00:07.18BagginswwUsually don't give you the processes of how something happened
00:07.29Zeali noticed though, that Velen is described as being a silver/white skinned Draenei, bot Blue as he is in-game : /
00:07.29HobinheimKirkburn|afk lol
00:07.37Bagginswwor scientific knowledge by people in the wolr.d
00:07.57Bagginswwthe games and other sources don't always match up
00:08.04Bagginswwdiffernet authors different views
00:08.12BagginswwI'm sure a retcon will be made to explain that though
00:08.17Zealwell, it seems a ridiciously silly mistake to make tbh :/
00:08.19Hobinheimhobinbot reporting in at 4.97%
00:08.29Bagginswwand btw in game Drek'thar is blind
00:08.43Zeali i think you give to much credit to authors on the details tbh :P
00:09.01Bagginswwyou should see the places in game that don't always match up
00:09.04ZealRPG books it sounds about right though.
00:09.05Bagginswwour job is to remain neutral
00:09.23Bagginswwissues exist we live with them
00:09.30Bagginswwwe don't start undermining hte source
00:09.33Kirkburn ftw
00:09.35Zeali don't i resolve them
00:09.49Bagginswwoh if only we could resolve things
00:09.59Bagginswwbut of course resolutions on our part is only speculation
00:10.09Zeali only need to resolve it for myself though
00:10.13Bagginswwand go to far its fanfiction
00:10.25Bagginswwwell that's fine I just mean in wikipedia
00:10.36Bagginswwwe have to avoid assumptions too much
00:11.00Bagginswwmake quotes comment that something doesn't seem to match up exactly
00:11.08Zealif theres a whole and potential, i leave it empty or explain some theories of what goes in that hole.
00:11.12Bagginswwbut don't try to undermine the pedigree of hte source
00:11.25Bagginswwya that's why we have speculation sections
00:11.28Bagginswwwith the speculation tmeplate
00:11.45Zealexcept i dislike the template :P
00:11.57Bagginswwit is kinda ugly but hey it makes sense
00:13.29Bagginswwbtw were there any other draenei/eredar words we should know about in the book?
00:14.20Zealtheres also the citation thing that always seemed backwards to me. think i said it before in here. You either start citing everything directly with quotes and get in trouble with copyrights, or you sum it up for people and get labbled as being unreliable by the ignorant. the middle ground, which we seem to take, is no better really.
00:14.38Zealhm.. not that i recall so far
00:14.44Zealjust some incantations
00:15.03Bagginswwincanations and rough translations?
00:16.04Bagginswwfor example check out darnassian
00:16.25Zealdraenei language in wow != draenei language in RotH though i can tell you. WoW's sounds horrible, sharp sounding words, gutteral etc. Where as in RotH is compared to soft flowing and melodic..
00:16.47Zeal*it is compared
00:16.59Zeal*flowing water
00:17.23Zealand nope, no translations as yet : /
00:17.23BagginswwI don't know Draenor is kinda rough
00:17.34BagginswwEredar is kind of rough too
00:17.48Zealwell i'm wondering if they were still speaking Eredun back then.
00:18.01Bagginswwall I know demonic eredun is different
00:18.06Bagginswwit'll make you go mad
00:18.43BagginswwI'm pretty sure original eredun wouldn't
00:18.49*** part/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
00:19.31Zealwell i'm gunna make the unofficial timeline live if there is no objects
00:19.51BagginswwI have no objection
00:20.10Bagginswwit points out that its unofficial, and only our speculation
00:20.19Bagginswwthat's all it really needs
00:20.47Bagginswwhowever you risk the possibiility of being hit with the deleting valid "lore" stick
00:20.52Bagginswwif you aren't careful
00:20.57Bagginswwso leave a message in the talk page
00:21.03Bagginswwon why you changed the entire article
00:22.05Bagginswwso you are on the safe side
00:22.35BagginswwYou don't want something like happened when you redirected that one page happening agian :p
00:27.29Bagginswwwell gnight all
00:31.25Zealdone and done
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00:56.53Nailbeeranyone talking?
01:05.23Zealnot atm ,heh
01:05.26Zealwahts up?
01:05.44Nailbeeri cant think of a name for my shammy :(
01:09.21Zealno idea :s
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02:20.37AdysI cant believe Hobinheim's bot is still running
02:21.17Nailbeerwho is that?
02:22.53Nailbeerif i sign up do i get my own wowwiki page?
02:23.52Hobinheimsure, you get a user page
02:24.14Nailbeeri can write stuff on myself too?
02:24.22Hobinheimlike a player bio?
02:24.33Hobinheimif it's related to warcraft, a fictional warcraft character, or you being an editor, sure
02:24.47Nailbeeraha cool
02:25.06Nailbeerso i sign up and then i have a page already to edit or i have to make one?
02:25.18Hobinheimyou have one already
02:25.19Adysyou gotta make one
02:25.23Hobinheimit would be User:Nailbeer
02:25.25Adysat User:Nailbeer
02:25.40Hobinheimit's blank, but that spot is reserved just for you
02:26.01Nailbeerdoes it have to have a User: on it?
02:26.25Hobinheimanything under User: would be like your private stomping grounds
02:26.29Hobinheimthat you have the right to protect
02:26.29AdysHobinheim btw
02:26.33AdysBelow are the last 1,065 changes in the last 7 days, as of 04:25, 8 January 2007.
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02:26.42Hobinheimif it isn't under user, you release the rights to let people write whatever they want about the article/you
02:26.44Adysits getting sick :p
02:26.51Hobinheimis 1000 a lot?
02:27.15Adysits a third of my f'n watchlist><
02:27.22Hobinheimlike i could make an article called /Hobinheim the Great and Long Titled, but people have the right to write nasty things about me if they wish
02:27.37Hobinheimbut if it's User:Hobinheim/Hobinheim the Great, then i'm entitled to keeping the page the way that i want
02:28.07Hobinheimat least that's what the wisps tell me
02:28.13Hobinheimthey're so chatty
02:28.27Hobinheimsometimes you just wanna dispel 'em...
02:28.34Nailbeeraha cool
02:28.40Hobinheimand then they go all treant on you
02:28.46Hobinheimthrowing rocks n stuff
02:28.49Hobinheimgets kinda annoying
02:29.03Nailbeeri saw a tree in pvp once but i banished it and ran away
02:29.12Adysnot all trees can be good in pvp
02:29.16Nailbeercan druids shift out of a banished tree form?
02:29.33Adysactually not sure but dont think so
02:29.41Hobinheimi made an alt druid, i think i wanna be a tree
02:29.53Hobinheimthen i realized i wouldn't have access to charge; and that made me sad
02:29.55Nailbeermy drood is 34
02:30.01Hobinheimcharge is my favorite warrior skill, by far
02:30.09Hobinheimit's so chargey
02:30.26Hobinheimhobinbot reporting in at 4.62%
02:30.32Hobinheimit's touching articles less and less frequently
02:30.53Hobinheimi also thought of making a more accurate full sweep
02:30.55Nailbeerso how do i make a title section on my page? and a picture?
02:30.59Hobinheimsince there is an all pages function....
02:31.10Hobinheimyou could make a line that says:
02:31.16Hobinheim= Nailbeer the Great =
02:31.24Hobinheimand then a picture you can upload yourself
02:31.27Hobinheimand then link to it
02:31.34Nailbeerhow do i make it in bigger font? is it just html?
02:31.42Hobinheimlooking at other people's pages will answer your questions a great deal
02:31.55Hobinheimwe try to stay away from html if there's a wiki equivalent of it
02:31.59Hobinheimbut if you must, html is fine
02:32.05Nailbeerdo i need to add the table for pictures then?
02:32.18Hobinheimnot sure what you mean
02:32.24Hobinheimpictures have like... layout options
02:32.35Hobinheimso a table might not be necessary
02:32.37Adysi know im late hob but was searching this screenshot
02:32.41Nailbeerhow do i add a table?
02:32.41Adysfor the I wanna be a tree
02:32.43Hobinheimagain, looking at other people's pages will answer a lot of your questions
02:33.01HobinheimAdys, did you see the holiday pictures
02:33.10Hobinheima treant looking at an xmas tree and says, show off
02:33.18Hobinheimit's cool, find it on the official
02:33.35Hobinheimi heard of a most epic duel between a rogue and a treant
02:33.45Hobinheimthe treant kept overhealing himself and the rogue couldn't keep up
02:33.49Hobinheimand treants do have a melee attack
02:33.54*** join/#wowwiki Geb (n=chatzill@
02:33.56Hobinheimthe treant won because of thorns aura =P
02:34.12Hobinheimdude. tree form should totally make you fire vulnerable
02:34.15Hobinheimlike 300% fire dmg
02:34.19Hobinheimthat would be high larious
02:34.38Gebthat would suck for us druid though
02:34.39HobinheimBurn debuff prevents healing on oneself for 9 seconds.
02:35.49Nailbeerdo i need to upload an image to wowwiki to use it?
02:36.06Adysnot if its uploaded somewhere else
02:36.18Adysuse <imagelink>http...</imagelink>
02:36.20Nailbeeraha cool
02:40.23Hobinheimyeah i guess i'm surprised the bot actually works
02:40.28Hobinheimjust kinda... keeps going
02:40.37Nailbeeri cant get the picture to work
02:40.57Hobinheimadys are you sure tha'ts how imagelink works?
02:41.09Hobinheimi thought it was for linking an embedded image to an external website w/o showing the ext link thing
02:44.26Nailbeerregular html for image doesnt work
02:44.56Gebi thought HTML worked in the wiki
02:45.10Gebyou using <img src="URL">?
02:45.15Nailbeerthe table did but not the image...yeah
02:47.06Nailbeeris there a way to add an image to wiki?
02:47.16Hobinheimalways look up the wiki way of doing something first
02:47.42Hobinheimif you ever have a question of how to do something, you can look up the article on wikipedia
02:47.47Hobinheimwe're like 90% the same
02:48.06Hobinheimso if there's a wikipedia help page that you can find off of google that tells you how to input an image, we're probably doing the exact same thing
02:53.21Hobinheimlooks good so far
02:53.39Gebso how did you upload the image?
02:54.02Hobinheimheh teaching now
02:54.31Hobinheimit's the hallmark of a pro
03:00.16Nailbeeri dont get myspace but this is fun
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03:13.23Nailbeeraha i updated my page
03:15.04Zeal[[image:] is how you include internal images. <imagelink> is the only way to include external images or redirect interal ones on the wiki. images can't be used in css on the wiki. <img> can't be used on the wiki.
03:15.08Zealand i'm off, nn all
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04:33.05BagginswwWas anyone on when we were discussing humans, dwarves, and gnomes and stone flesh?
04:33.21BagginswwI forgot about the Sisters of Steel
04:33.43Bagginswwincludes human,s dwarves, and gnomes that have learned how to turn their flesh to steel.
04:34.06Bagginsww"proof that it isn't a dwarf only phenomena"
04:35.19BagginswwThe sister of stell has skin like steel. Her skin looks to be made of steekl or rock, and indeed at least part of her body is a form of rocky or metallic flesh
04:35.44Bagginswwthis would imply that humans gnomes,a nd dwarves would have a distant connection to titans.
04:35.58Bagginswwthe lore hints that it may be a connection to Khaz'garoth
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04:50.40*** topic/#wowwiki is Discuss all wiki issues and report vandalism here! | | Channel rules: | Watch me: | Be Nice™
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05:32.54BagginswwWow I never thought I'd get into an arguement with Ragestorm over his personal opinion of canon hierarchy and blizzard's statements on the issue...
05:34.38Bagginswwone inconsistency appears between HPG and ROTH and he's ready to call hell on the RPG... even though both books were written at the same time as each other, likely didn't have both staffs in communicaiton, and only had blizzard staff intermediating and editing, and fact checking.
05:35.57BagginswwI don't blame the authors, I blame those higher up on the issue
05:36.15Bagginswwthe creative minds behind the games, as stated in the book, and Metzen as he was on the staff of the book.
05:36.27Bagginswwbut its a hard job
05:36.29Bagginswwthey are human
05:36.37Bagginswwinconsistencies happy
05:36.41Bagginswwso I just live iwth it
05:36.49Bagginswwits not that big of deal :p
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14:34.09Tuqui-tuquigood morning -.-
14:34.20TepetkhetHello there.
14:34.30Tuqui-tuquidont come near me
14:34.35Tuqui-tuquifeeling seck
14:35.00TepetkhetFeeling secksy?
14:35.44Tuqui-tuquiI always feel the sexxeh
14:49.03Tuqui-tuquitwo days ago
14:49.13Tuqui-tuquialliance raided our crossroads
14:49.20Tuqui-tuquiand one of their mages turned into an angel?
14:50.40TepetkhetPriest would.
14:50.43TepetkhetBut not a mage.
14:50.47Tuqui-tuquibut what is it
14:50.49Tuqui-tuquiand what does it do
14:50.54equiraptorIt's the 21 talent point in holy.
14:50.58equiraptorLets them heal for another 10 seconds.
14:51.08Tuqui-tuquischweet :D
14:51.10TepetkhetThey can usually get off 2 or 3 more heals.
14:51.17Tuqui-tuquiI think Ill make my next too a priest
14:51.19TepetkhetAnd can't be killed again.
14:51.27Tuqui-tuquipriest are always in demand
14:51.41TepetkhetWe still need holy priests on my realm.
14:51.58TepetkhetAlthough we finally gave in and accepted a shadow priest.
14:52.04equiraptorCalled Spirit of Redemption. Increases total spirit by 5% and upon death, the priest becomes the Spirit of Redemption for 15 sec (Oh, I thought it was 10). The Spirit of Redemption cannot move, attack, be attacked, or targeted by any spells or effects...
14:52.06TepetkhetThey can do some good damage.
14:52.18equiraptorWhile in this form, the priest can cast any healing spell free of cost. When the effect ends, the priest dies.
14:52.18Tepetkhetequiraptor: I think that changed recently...
14:52.31equiraptorPossibly with 2.0 :)
14:52.56Tuqui-tuquithe priest dies?
14:52.56Tepetkhetwell, yes
14:52.56Tuqui-tuquibut at least it dies in a cool manner :D
14:52.56equiraptorIt comes when they've been killed in normal form.
14:52.56TepetkhetIt's when your character is killed off anyway.
14:52.59TepetkhetIt's like a last hurrah.
14:53.04equiraptorSo, when a priest with that talent reaches 0 health, it goes to angel form.
14:53.11TepetkhetOne last service the priest does.
14:53.14Tuqui-tuquiheh :D
14:53.15equiraptorIt then exists for another 15 seconds, during which it can heal.
14:53.18equiraptorAnd then it dies for good.
14:53.23Tuqui-tuquibut the priest can be revived by someone else right?
14:53.23Tepetkhet"for good"
14:53.29Tepetkhetnot really
14:53.34TepetkhetNot permadeath.
14:53.36Tuqui-tuquiso it really is a last resort
14:53.40equiraptorIt can't be rezed while in spirit form.
14:53.44equiraptorIt can once it really dies.
14:53.53equiraptorNo death in WoW is 100% permanent.
14:53.56equiraptorWoW doesn't do that.
14:53.59TepetkhetThey can release or be revived like normal.
14:54.06TepetkhetAFTER the angel form dies.
14:54.09*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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14:54.21Tuqui-tuquibut I mean
14:54.32Tuqui-tuquithey can be revived once they die in that spot
14:54.40equiraptorYeah. Once the angel dies.
14:54.49TepetkhetAfter the angel form expires.
14:54.52Tuqui-tuquiI was afraid maybe in an instance
14:54.57equiraptorOnce the angel dies, it's the same as if they hadn't had the talent.
14:54.58Tuqui-tuquithe priest would have to do it again
14:56.01equiraptor(oh, and the angel form does die, not expire. There was a time when priests with that talent were taking 10% durability loss on priest death + 10% duraility loss on angel death)
14:56.10equiraptorSo they have 20% durability loss each time something killed them.
14:56.17equiraptorThat was considered a bug, and fixed.
14:56.18TepetkhetOh, that sucks!
14:56.40equiraptorBut, in game mechanics, that talent makes a priest die twice for each time it reaches 0 health.
14:57.05Tepetkhet"Nobody dies, dies twice..."  Except for a holy priest in WoW!
14:57.24Tuqui-tuquiis that talent available for alliance AND horde?
14:57.31Tuqui-tuquido horde get an undead angel? :D
14:57.56equiraptorIt's available for both, I've never seen the horde angel.
14:58.04equiraptorI'd expect it to be the same, though. But I don't know.
14:58.04Tuqui-tuquiI wonder if horde gets the angel of death
14:58.07Tuqui-tuquiwith scythe and all
14:58.18Tuqui-tuquiand instead of healing friendlies
14:58.20equiraptorheh, that would be cool. :)
14:58.24Tuqui-tuquiit takes away health from enemy :o
14:58.33Tuqui-tuquihow bad ass would that be XD
14:58.41Tuqui-tuquiI should work in Blizzard ¬.¬
14:59.10Kirkburn'cept horde aren't evil =)
14:59.22Tuqui-tuquiAngel of Death ™©® Tuqui-tuqui 2007
14:59.27Tuqui-tuquiI knows :<
14:59.32equiraptorHaving an angel more repersentative of their races would be nice, though.
15:00.14Tuqui-tuquiTauren can have a cow
15:00.23Tuqui-tuquithe angel cow
15:00.32equiraptorTauren can't be priests.
15:00.56Tuqui-tuquiyeah :D
15:01.04Tuqui-tuquioh they cant? =\
15:01.16Tuqui-tuquithe holy cow moos over you
15:02.40TepetkhetHorde priests get an identical spirit form.
15:02.48TepetkhetIt looks the same for all races and genders.
15:02.55TepetkhetWhich I think is kinda lame...
15:02.56equiraptorThat's boring. :(
15:02.58TepetkhetBut whatever.
15:02.59Tuqui-tuquithats discrimnation >:{
15:03.07TepetkhetYeah, they are all ribbon-clad females.
15:03.17TepetkhetLook kinda like the angels from Diablo II.
15:03.30TepetkhetGeez, my cat really did a number on my wrist!
15:04.08Tuqui-tuquiwut did he/she do
15:05.54TepetkhetHe was just playing around...
15:06.02TepetkhetAnd "disemboweled" my wrist.
15:06.17Tuqui-tuquiyou havent declawed your cat?
15:06.22TepetkhetKicked with his hind legs.
15:06.39TepetkhetNo, I have not.  Don't ask why, or you will get an earful.
15:11.44equiraptorI love my kitties. Even when they scratch me.
15:12.10equiraptorOne of my mother's cats refuses to be picked up. Try to pick her up, and she turns into a ball of claws and teeth. We have to... Um... Plan ahead to get her to the vet.
15:12.35equiraptorShe also has some infection in her mouth. It's not harmful to her, but if she bites someone, the would will get infected. Badly.
15:12.46TepetkhetLike the komodo dragons.
15:13.09equiraptorFrequently, my parents make me deal with her.
15:13.18equiraptorApparently, I'm the animal person in the family.
15:14.16TepetkhetThat reminds me.
15:15.19TepetkhetI have a 15 year old kid (obsessed with muffins so made a mage named Zomgmuffins).  Kid plays an Alliance priest.
15:15.26TepetkhetOn another realm with Daddy.
15:15.34TepetkhetI play Horde.
15:15.44TepetkhetOur two realms happen to be in the same battlegroup.
15:15.58TepetkhetKid killed me in AV once.  heh
15:16.00equiraptorUh oh...
15:16.01equiraptorHeh :)
15:16.23equiraptorDangit. People are not following the standards I set forth.
15:16.25TepetkhetSo over the weekend, my guild was doing a bunch of Arathi Basin battlegrounds...
15:16.31TepetkhetAnd so was my kid.
15:16.42TepetkhetKid started asking me, "Hey, do you know so and so on Khaz Modan?:
15:16.50TepetkhetAnd then finally asked what BG my guild was in.
15:16.59TepetkhetAnd got into a few with my guildies.
15:17.30TepetkhetMy kid kept asking me which one they were in, so I started telling my guildies where to find kid's char.
15:17.57TepetkhetAB quickly degenerated from "capture nodes" to "see who can gank Tep's kid the most".
15:18.23TepetkhetThis actually went on for almost an hour.
15:20.31TepetkhetKid created a Horde alt on our realm named Spawnoftep just to say hi to a couple people that participated.
15:20.45equiraptorNice name. :)
15:27.03Tuqui-tuquimy next character will be
15:27.10Tuqui-tuquiNaked Cowboy
15:27.21Tuqui-tuquiI wont wear any armor
15:27.24equiraptorA tauren that doesn't wear any armor?
15:46.58*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
16:00.18*** join/#wowwiki mHobinhei (
16:00.46*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
16:00.56mHobinheihobinbot reporting in at 2.40%
16:01.06mHobinheiaww is my name screwed up
16:02.04Kirkburnlol, hello Hob
16:08.26mHobinheinice ad Kirkburn
16:08.33Tuqui-tuquipage takes too long to load -.-
16:08.43Tuqui-tuquiit better be a good ad XD
16:08.51KirkburnIt's real, too
16:08.58KirkburnYeah, excellent ad :)
16:09.07*** join/#wowwiki Cairenn (
16:09.07*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn] by ChanServ
16:09.51*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Hobinheim] by ChanServ
16:10.04Hobinheimlol that can't be real
16:10.58Tuqui-tuquifinally it downloads :D
16:11.22KirkburnHobinheim, oh but it is!
16:11.38Hobinheimhey i found a making of video on youtube
16:11.46Hobinheimis youtube an international thing or amero-centric?
16:11.57Hobinheimlike perfect example
16:12.06Hobinheimit is SHOCKING to american teenagers that not everyone uses AIM
16:12.15Hobinheimsome non-USers don't even know what IAM is
16:12.27Hobinheimif you don't use AIM, you're like... a weirdo
16:13.21KirkburnInternational, yes
16:13.43KirkburnEurope is Windows Live Messenger land
16:15.01Hobinheimi knew it, they photoshopped the hangers out
16:16.42Tuqui-tuquithat was great :D
16:16.45Tuqui-tuquiI love it!
16:17.57TepetkhetYeah, most Europeans I know use MSN Messenger.
16:18.28TepetkhetI use Trillian and GAIM so I can communicate with all of 'em.
16:19.38Tuqui-tuquiI use MSN mobile -.-
16:19.42Tuqui-tuquibut then again
16:19.46Tuqui-tuquiI dont have anyone in there
16:33.25Apollozeus<@Hobinheim> is youtube an international thing or amero-centric?
16:33.30Apollozeusyoutube is international
16:33.39Apollozeusbut about AIM... yeah
16:33.48ApollozeusI doubt anyone else in my class would have heard about it
16:36.43TepetkhetMy guildmaster wants to suspend raiding after the Burning Crusade comes out.
16:36.51TepetkhetAnd focus on levelling.  Rush to 70.
16:37.15TepetkhetThis makes me sad because we still haven't finished MC or gone into BWL or Naxx.
16:39.42*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
16:39.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Gryphen] by ChanServ
16:42.22jrryou'll fly through them at 70 =]
16:46.37HobinheimTepetkhet, i guess it would be every man for himself until people hit that ceiling again
16:46.44Hobinheimthat or just keep using outland greens
16:48.19Hobinheimi think blizzard is doing a good job focusing on less people and hybrids
16:48.26Hobinheimmakes the game more fun and more accessible
16:48.57Hobinheimand hopefully much less poopsocking
16:58.14Hobinheimi feel bad for priests though
16:58.37Hobinheimthe priest forum i read is all mad about hybrid classes still having excellent abliities in-tree
16:58.46Hobinheimand that playing a shadowpriest is boring
16:58.53Hobinheimi guess it's kinda true
17:00.10TepetkhetMost people I know say playing a healer is boring.
17:00.14TepetkhetAnd want to go zomgshadow.
17:00.18TepetkhetAnd melt faces.
17:00.23TepetkhetIt's a real problem for the Horde.
17:06.02Tuqui-tuquiI say we all become priests and nuns
17:06.29TepetkhetLet's not and say we did.
17:07.36dok3Dal<FrN~jrr> you'll fly through them at 70 =] << this is wrong
17:08.28jrrwhy is there "FrN~" stuck on the front of my nick?
17:08.39TepetkhetUh oh.
17:09.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:09.38dok3Dalbouncer with multiple network inside
17:10.35jrrso you don't think current 60 instances will be far easier at 70?
17:11.05*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
17:11.08jrrwelcome back.
17:11.35dok3Dalwell my connection suxx today :/
17:13.14jrrso you don't think current 60 instances will be far easier at 70?
17:13.30dok3DalAs I know, SkullBoss level will "scale" with player level for armor mitigation, damage mitigation, crit, crush, glancing and resist
17:13.57jrri thought the only variation of dungeon difficulty was in the explicit setting
17:14.03dok3DalOf course raid dps will increase, healing power too
17:14.37dok3Dalbut lets talk about warrior tanking pw
17:14.42TepetkhetI don't want to rush through the next 10 levels, though...
17:14.55jrrthen take your time
17:15.05TepetkhetExcept that's what our guild will be pushing.
17:15.07TepetkhetHurry up.
17:15.10TepetkhetRush to 70.
17:15.13dok3Dalactually my war have 12k ac and around 45% total mitigation
17:15.22TepetkhetAt least, that's what our GM wants.
17:15.22jrrwhen you were 50 did they push to rush to 60?
17:15.26dok3Daland around 11k+ pv for this fight
17:15.31TepetkhetGuild's 55+
17:15.50TepetkhetWe have a guy who just joined who's level 58.
17:15.55TepetkhetWe're like, "Hurry up!"
17:16.15dok3Dalthe fact is that at 70 with equivalent gear I will lose 30% of my mitigation due to rating system
17:16.18Tuqui-tuquiim lvl29 -.-
17:16.45dok3Dalincluding defense
17:16.58dok3Dalin fact making me no more immune to crit
17:17.07dok3Daland still getting crushing
17:17.19dok3Dalloosing dodge, parry, block
17:17.26dok3Daland armor absorb
17:18.03dok3Daljust because boss level will still be considered +3
17:18.18dok3Dalcac will still have glancing
17:18.28dok3Dalcasters will still have 17% resist
17:19.12dok3Dalso at 70 you will fly throught trash but not throught boss
17:19.30dok3DalYes it will be more easy but not as much as expected
17:19.38jrryou're sure the bosses will scale?
17:20.08dok3DalI have seen screenshot of a 69 warrior tanking crushing from Venoxis
17:20.30dok3Daland find some post on forums talking about that
17:20.48dok3DalSo as far as I know : Yes it will scale
17:20.57TepetkhetSo at level 69, Venoxis is still about the same as at level 60?
17:21.17TepetkhetSo we won't be able to just run in and swat him in 5 secs instead of the usual 10?  ;)
17:21.37dok3Dalat level 69 venoxis dont have more HP
17:21.56dok3Dalbut he will still crit and crush tank
17:22.12dok3Dalhe will still resist spells
17:22.32dok3Dalalso for resist gear
17:22.44TepetkhetSo the healers still need to pay attention and heal the freakin' tank.
17:22.54jrrbbl lunch
17:23.00dok3Dalfor exemple firemaw actually the tank wear 315 fr and it's ok
17:23.09dok3Dalbut at 70
17:23.28TepetkhetYou need more?
17:23.45dok3Dalthe resist cap againt all skullboss will be 365
17:23.53dok3Dalincluding actual ones
17:23.53Tepetkheter, Whoah
17:24.00TepetkhetOkay, that SUCKS.
17:24.10TepetkhetSo in other words...
17:24.24TepetkhetIt sounds like you're saying that at level 70, you'll need MORE base FR to do MC and the like.
17:24.46dok3Dalactually ... yes
17:24.58TepetkhetSo you won't be able to goof around in Molten Core at level 70 with the same FR gear you used at 60.
17:25.02dok3Dalif nothing change since the release
17:25.16TepetkhetDo you have any proof of this?
17:25.17dok3Dalonly against skullboss
17:25.21dok3Daltrash will not scale
17:25.27TepetkhetOh, so lava packs are still fine.
17:25.32TepetkhetBut Rags is blah
17:26.43TepetkhetSee, most people are thinking that MC and BWL and Naxx are going to be EZ mode at level 70.  Just hurry up and get to 70, throw on some of that new Outlands gear, and you're good to go rape the Core.
17:27.42dok3Dalyou will rape the trash
17:27.52TepetkhetCute avatar.  Is that a Guild Wars char or something?
17:27.57dok3Daland a lots of boss due to overall dpsincrease
17:28.15TepetkhetWell, we're already tearing stuff apart after 2.0 faster than usual.
17:28.35TepetkhetLike Bat Boss in ZG...we had a single molotov cocktail drop from the bats just as we killed her.
17:28.55dok3Dalbut some boss will still be hard and some will be fucking hard ... especially for resist gear purpose
17:29.02TepetkhetWhereas before, we had to survive one or 2 full waves.
17:29.43dok3Dallets talk about saphiron ... actually the resist cap is 315. full cloth resist gear give you about ~230-250 and at 60 it is ok
17:30.25dok3Dalat level 70 resist cap against him will be ... 365 ... and 230 frost resist will not be enough
17:32.04dok3Dalbut some fight like Gothik, Loatheb, Noth will be fucking easy
17:32.24TepetkhetMy guild hasn't even done Onyxia.
17:32.39TepetkhetAnd this this the only one you have on the phenomenon?
17:32.54dok3Dalno there is some post on official forum too
17:33.03dok3Dalbut they are lost in time
17:33.24dok3Dalabsolutely no blue response :/
17:33.48dok3Dalafk work
17:34.20TepetkhetThank you.
17:41.05*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
17:41.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
17:41.15Adysdear god in heaven hobinheim
17:41.19Adyshow long left for the bot :P
17:54.11KirkburnYou have bot changed showing, Adys?
17:54.29Adysyes :D
17:54.34Adysfunnier that way :P
17:54.42Adyson watchlist only
17:56.39Adysback in a bit
18:05.16KirkburnEU have annouced 2.0.3 for wednesday
18:05.47AdysKirk, did you hear about realm splits?
18:06.01KirkburnHaven't logged the beta though
18:07.13Hobinheimwhat is a realm split
18:07.27Hobinheimbtw the bot isn't like...
18:07.29Hobinheimit doesn't end
18:07.34Hobinheimit's more of ... an editor
18:07.45Hobinheimwhose tireless efforts contribute to the entity that is elune
18:07.48Hobinheimerr wowwiki
18:08.09AdysHob shush
18:08.14Adyswhats the percent left :P
18:08.16Hobinheimthe percentage i keep reporting isn't like... how much left to go. well, it is, but it's not like... it won't end
18:08.37Hobinheimit's like fighting off an infection that looks like a level one heading
18:08.51Hobinheimdown from 20%
18:09.20AdysBelow are the last 1,183 changes in the last 7 days, as of 20:09, 8 January 2007.
18:09.36Hobinheimhe's a champ i tell ya!
18:09.59Hobinheimhe's a little quiet though. i wish he'd talk in village pump more
18:16.00KirkburnI gots to find myself a Wii this weekend
18:16.13KirkburnI love bots
18:16.29KirkburnOh, that reminds me
18:16.40KirkburnWe need to change how the bc template works
18:17.33KirkburnI suggest a 'main' bc template (same as the current one)
18:17.51KirkburnAnd a small short one for mobs and article sections, one line
18:18.00Kirkburnthe first one categorises, the second doesn't
18:18.19AdysHold on kirk
18:19.04Hobinheimdidn't we already have a bc-inline template
18:19.33Adyslook at top right
18:19.38Adyssmall comment like that + icon
18:19.49Adysand for sessions, we can eventually find another way
18:20.41Adysfrostbolt rank 12
18:20.43Adysfor example
18:20.47Hobinheimwhat's a session?
18:21.08AdysIm FRENCH
18:21.13Hobinheimsections, friend
18:21.18Hobinheimsek. shuns.
18:21.19Adysah sod it
18:21.29Hobinheimhow about the same bc icon
18:21.32Hobinheimbut just right-aligned
18:21.33Hobinheimno good?
18:21.50Hobinheim== Section == \\ {{bc-inline}} \\ Frostbolt sucks!
18:21.53Adysjust find a way to make it look cool
18:22.00*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
18:24.43Adyshere we go
18:24.51Adysand now to make Bc-inline look better
18:25.35Tuqui-tuquiI love this
18:25.45Adysis there any way to position the icon over the header line?
18:50.10*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
18:52.17*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
18:55.31Kirkburnlol, I made my sig wrong :P
18:55.43KirkburnIt included reams of text :/
19:05.55dottedwhats a good name for a Guild progress template with progress in MC, BWL and AQ40?
19:06.17dottedi cant seem to think of anything that sounds good
19:06.25TepetkhetWhat do you mean?
19:07.25dottedwell toy have, but we also need on for the others
19:10.36TepetkhetThey're all pre-BC 40-man content...
19:10.54TepetkhetWe call them endgame on our server.
19:11.03TepetkhetBut then we don't have any KT kills on our realm.
19:11.13TepetkhetAnd only one or 2 guilds even in Naxx.
19:13.44Hobinheimwhat is the original bc template used for with inline and article defined
19:23.46dottedTepetkhet since naxx is also endgame we cant use that :/
19:24.28equiraptor40 man raids? 40 man level 60 raids?
19:24.39*** join/#wowwiki Patrigan-Syldra (
19:27.14Tepetkhetdotted: SOME people tell me that only Naxx is endgame...
19:27.33TepetkhetAnd still others say it's not going to be for long since BC is coming out soon.
19:27.35Apollozeus<Tepetkhet> dotted: SOME people tell me that only Naxx is endgame... <-- stupid elitists
19:27.47Apollozeusanything from Zul'Gurub on is endgame
19:27.47TepetkhetYeah, that would be my first visit in here, actually.
19:27.54Patrigan-Syldrawhat Apollozeus
19:28.02TepetkhetThank you!!!
19:28.20Patrigan-Syldrathough I agree
19:28.28Patrigan-SyldraFrom the 16th
19:28.32TepetkhetMy first visit in here, somebody said that to me and I got upset and left.  :/
19:28.33Patrigan-Syldrait will no longer be endgame
19:28.54Patrigan-Syldrathat's silly
19:28.59Apollozeuspeople in good guilds tend to become elitist
19:29.05Patrigan-Syldranot only from the person saying that, but why leave?
19:29.06Apollozeusjust ignore their comments
19:29.11Patrigan-Syldraagree with Apollozeus
19:29.14Hobinheimendgame starts when you hit 60
19:29.19Hobinheimeveryone else is just jerks
19:29.22TepetkhetWell, a couple people were saying it.
19:29.34Hobinheimand then when you get bc, endgame is when you hit 70
19:29.35Patrigan-Syldrawe have this KZ downed guild and they are like "at the endgame of BC we only recruit people who got far in Naxx)
19:29.39TepetkhetAt least, one was saying and another was kinda agreeing, so...
19:29.43TepetkhetI didn't want to deal with it.
19:29.49Hobinheimit just occured to me... not eveyrone will purchase bc (or maybe they will
19:29.56ApollozeusPatrigan-Syldra, sounds like a guild which will disband... ;D
19:29.57Hobinheimso there will still be a coalition of tapped 60s
19:30.01Patrigan-Syldrano Apollozeus
19:30.07Patrigan-Syldraor well yeah in BC it will XD
19:30.13Patrigan-Syldrathough, I'm currently counting down
19:30.26Hobinheimthat'll be my recruiting msg
19:30.31Patrigan-Syldraof the 10+ guilds who we're in the DEEP endgame (that's what I refer naxx and AQ40)
19:30.38Patrigan-Syldrathere's only 3-4 left XD
19:30.42Patrigan-Syldraeverything else alrdy disbanded
19:30.47Patrigan-Syldra2 guilds are close to the disband
19:31.02TepetkhetMy kid's a priest on another realm...and has gone through 2 endgame guilds in the last month.
19:31.10Apollozeusfrom the ashes, some new guilds will arise
19:31.11TepetkhetBoth fell apart and stopped raiding after 2.0
19:31.17ApollozeusWoW is like a phoenix
19:31.20Patrigan-Syldraand the 2 last (the only 2 who have downed KZ) are currently recruiting the best from those disbanded guilds to keep themselves running ^^
19:31.36equiraptorMy raiding guild died before 2.0, and it seems like 2.0 may bring it back.
19:31.36Hobinheimi suspect smaller guilds will be the new blue
19:31.36Patrigan-Syldrabut the 2 last will disband
19:31.45TepetkhetNobody on our realm's killed Kel'Thuzad.
19:31.46Hobinheimand guild coalitions will be the new blue
19:31.50Patrigan-Syldrabecause atm many in their guild will leave again when their old guildies try a reform
19:32.00Apollozeusdon't worry
19:32.16TepetkhetI don't think any are even on Sapphiron.
19:32.28Apollozeusby the time the majority of wow's population has hit level 70, new guilds will have been formed
19:32.35Patrigan-SyldraBleh, I couldn't care at all, I have been in Naxx, but pffft, it's all the same to me
19:32.52Patrigan-SyldraI for one know that I will have a cool new guild in the endgame
19:32.57Patrigan-Syldranew endgame*
19:33.00TepetkhetI just want to down Onyxia before BC.
19:33.05Patrigan-SyldraA guild with only the 4 Healerclasses
19:33.11Patrigan-Syldratep, what server?
19:33.17TepetkhetKhaz Modan.
19:33.26Patrigan-Syldradoesn't rin an immediate bell
19:33.33TepetkhetIt's a year old.
19:33.39Patrigan-SyldraMay I advice aking an Onyxia PUG through the forums?
19:33.50Patrigan-Syldrano? oO
19:33.56Tepetkhet1st, there aren't really Ony PuGs on our server.
19:33.59Patrigan-SyldraPUGs work pretty well these days
19:34.01Tepetkhet2nd, I want our GUILD to down Ony.
19:34.04Patrigan-Syldratry it!
19:34.09Apollozeuswhat does it matter?
19:34.15Patrigan-Syldrawell Apollozeus
19:34.16TepetkhetGroup accomplishment.
19:34.25Patrigan-SyldraI for one know thta I will return to Naxx at lvl 70
19:34.29Patrigan-Syldrajust to down those bosses
19:34.36Patrigan-Syldrathat I haven't killed yet
19:34.38Kirkburn|afkAdys, what a Bcarticle? :)
19:34.44TepetkhetA sense of community.
19:34.45ApollozeusI was referring to <Tepetkhet> 2nd, I want our GUILD to down Ony.
19:34.57Patrigan-Syldraour realm is a community
19:34.59TepetkhetWe did this.
19:35.00Adyskirkburn|afk: difference beetween bc, BC, Bcarticle and Bc-inline
19:35.12TepetkhetWoW is a community, too.
19:35.22equiraptorTep's done a lot for her guild.
19:35.30TepetkhetI'm an officer and a recruiter.
19:35.36equiraptorShe'd like to see it make good progress.
19:36.02TepetkhetLike getting your team to the Stanley Cup or the Superbowl.
19:36.07Patrigan-SyldraI understand that though
19:36.12Patrigan-Syldrahowever, without any offense
19:36.17Patrigan-Syldrabut it'll be hard to down her
19:36.19*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
19:36.35Patrigan-Syldramany players want to have something hard to hold
19:36.40Patrigan-Syldrasomething purple
19:36.43Patrigan-Syldrathat they can use
19:36.43TepetkhetI know she's not cake for noobs.
19:36.53Bagginswwhas anyone finished ROTH in here?
19:37.00Patrigan-Syldrayou just need to get things right
19:37.05Patrigan-Syldraall 40 players
19:37.13Patrigan-Syldraand therein lies the problem
19:37.17BagginswwI heard that the book describes velen as having "alabaster skin"?
19:37.22Patrigan-Syldraif 1 person gets into the eggs
19:37.25Patrigan-Syldrayou're back from 0
19:37.37TepetkhetMANY WHELPS!  HANDLE it!
19:37.39Bagginswwwhat part? cause in the prologue he describes his skin as blue
19:38.01*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
19:38.03Kirkburn|afkI suggest we deprecate this:
19:38.13Patrigan-SyldraTepetkhet without any offence, if only that worked :p
19:38.16Patrigan-Syldradon't forget
19:38.20Patrigan-Syldrathey wiped that try :p
19:38.24TepetkhetI know.
19:38.28TepetkhetI just think it's funny.
19:38.38Patrigan-SyldraWell, I used to yell it at my members :p
19:38.54Patrigan-Syldra<= was a raid leader and a tactician leader
19:39.10*** join/#wowwiki Lutero (n=Murloc@
19:39.42TepetkhetI'm just a VERY involved officer.
19:39.50Patrigan-Syldrano offense
19:39.50TepetkhetI helped pick these noobs.
19:39.53Apollozeus<Patrigan-Syldra> <= was a raid leader and a tactician leader <-- 50 DKP MINUS!
19:40.03Patrigan-Syldrabut that sounds like you have a relation with the GL >.>
19:40.07TepetkhetPut a lot of time and effort into assembling the team, as it were.
19:40.14Patrigan-Syldrahi Lutero :)
19:40.14amrolol Patrigan-Syldra
19:40.18TepetkhetAnd in many cases, training them and helping them out.
19:40.30Patrigan-Syldrawell, then you do the hardest part of a guild
19:40.39Patrigan-Syldraand then I understand why you want to do it with your guild
19:40.40TepetkhetSo I like to see them succeed.
19:40.52TepetkhetAnd see "my boys" down bosses.
19:41.01Patrigan-SyldraI've did the same in my guild (as guild leader with 0 officers I trusted exceptfor my cousin and best friend)
19:41.12Patrigan-Syldrabut it's hard work
19:41.17TepetkhetUnpaid job.
19:41.20TepetkhetLots of stress.
19:41.24Patrigan-Syldraand essentially, in the end
19:41.36Patrigan-Syldranot very rewarding excet for the feel that you learned them how to fucking play! ^^
19:41.49TepetkhetHah, well...
19:42.00Patrigan-Syldrabut that's a great feeling
19:42.01TepetkhetI leave most of that to the raid leaders and class leaders.
19:42.11Patrigan-Syldralucky you >.>
19:42.18Patrigan-SyldraI did all that myself :p
19:42.18TepetkhetBut I try to help keep it all together.
19:42.26Patrigan-Syldraeventually I got myself a greeat officer team though
19:42.33TepetkhetAnd a lot of the recruits come to me first.
19:42.41Patrigan-Syldrawell, golden rule
19:42.42amroin one raiding guild I was in some hunter kept giving me bad advice in a rude way, like this is the last time i tell you to do this
19:42.45TepetkhetSome of them think/thought I was the GM.  heh
19:43.02amroi can't stand incompetent leaders
19:43.02Patrigan-Syldramake sure thta recruits visit forum and very often
19:43.11Apollozeus<amro> in one raiding guild I was in some hunter kept giving me bad advice in a rude way, like this is the last time i tell you to do this <-- wan ist invites to bolton moor?
19:43.29Patrigan-Syldracompetent leaders are as rare as players who have 10k g, without buying ^^
19:43.59amroat least they should accept the fact that someone else might know better
19:44.05Patrigan-SyldraI dare to say I was competent, because all my members are mad atm that I rerolled alliance ^^
19:44.17Patrigan-Syldrathat's the ahrdest part of leading
19:44.25Patrigan-Syldraif people tell you you're wrong
19:44.29Patrigan-Syldrayou start doubting yourself
19:44.31amrodammit in AQ20 they forced me to melee stingers even though they dont charge past 20yd
19:44.35Patrigan-Syldrait's not easy to withstand that
19:44.44Patrigan-SyldraLOL? oO
19:45.20TepetkhetYou can't hold aggro on them...and they charge around.
19:45.20Patrigan-SyldraI took a whole week off school just to make sure I understood every encounter in BWL, both thrash and Bosses
19:45.20amroPatrigan-Syldra: when somone tells you no this event is easier this way, does that make you doubt yourself? we're all still learning
19:45.22TepetkhetWe burh them down so fast now that it's not an issue.
19:45.31amroTepetkhet: they don't charge past a certain range
19:45.40Patrigan-SyldraI'm the kind of player who tends to be very stubborn
19:45.46amrobut i still got yelled at on vent for no reason
19:45.46Patrigan-Syldrathough, I learned my lesson
19:46.00Patrigan-Syldra9 tries on Neffy with my AoE all at the same time tactic
19:46.02Patrigan-Syldraand we failed
19:46.08Patrigan-Syldra1 try with split groups and he went down XD
19:46.16Patrigan-Syldraso, yeah, I do listen
19:46.33Patrigan-Syldraand Tepetkhet
19:46.41Patrigan-Syldrathe 20man are burned down fast
19:46.46Patrigan-Syldrabut the stronger aq40 version
19:46.55Patrigan-Syldraand they are slightly stronger
19:47.04Patrigan-Syldra(with a slightly sarcastic slightly)
19:48.11Patrigan-Syldraas said, I take weeks to study each single encounter
19:48.14Patrigan-Syldraget to learn their HP
19:48.26Patrigan-Syldrado death runs in instances to test out a few mobs that I can access
19:48.35Patrigan-Syldrastuff like that
19:48.56Patrigan-Syldrawhen you eventually down something, it's rewarding
19:48.59Patrigan-Syldrahowever Tepetkhet
19:49.12Patrigan-Syldramay I advise you to start checking who you will keep in BC and who you won't?
19:49.55amroi've had enough of pve
19:49.58amrono stress relief
19:50.01TepetkhetAttendance records help with that.
19:50.03amrothat's part of why i play games
19:50.16Patrigan-Syldraattendance is not everything though...
19:50.18TepetkhetWe're low enough population that we probably won't be trimming.
19:50.24Tepetkhet83 unique accounts.
19:50.46TepetkhetWe have been a very relaxed guild.
19:50.49amroaround 300 unique accounts in my guild =)
19:50.50jrrthat's enough to field three 25-man groups if there's high attendance
19:51.00Patrigan-Syldrawell it all depends on how you guild ran
19:51.06TepetkhetWe barely field a full 40 on a good night.
19:51.43jrrso if the same ~40 sign on later in BC that makes a 25-man group and ~15 unhappy campers
19:51.54TepetkhetHey, it happens right now.
19:52.03Patrigan-Syldrathat's sad :(
19:52.06TepetkhetWe have 30 people online and the GM decides he wants to do a 20-man.
19:52.16Patrigan-SyldraGO ONYXIA
19:52.22TepetkhetWe don't have enough attuned.
19:52.25TepetkhetFor Ony.
19:52.29Patrigan-Syldraaw :<
19:52.33TepetkhetStill working on it.
19:52.34Patrigan-Syldrathat's sad :(
19:52.42Patrigan-Syldranah, forget it then tep
19:52.50jrri don't think i'll likely ever commit to a raiding schedule
19:52.51Patrigan-Syldrayou have 8 days to get people attuned
19:52.59TepetkhetI am not going to give up.
19:53.02TepetkhetNever ever.
19:53.03jrrmy playing times are too random
19:53.10Patrigan-Syldrain 8 days, you can forget it
19:53.10TepetkhetYou know what happens when I don't give up?
19:53.20TepetkhetWe took down Garr for the first time.
19:53.27TepetkhetOur MT died and I freakin' evasion tanked.
19:53.32Tepetkhet<-- rogue
19:53.41Patrigan-SyldraEvasion tank
19:53.45TepetkhetNEVER EVER give up.
19:53.47Patrigan-Syldrawe did that for a while at Neffy
19:53.50TepetkhetI was up for about 2 minutes.
19:53.56Patrigan-Syldrawe wiped though ><
19:53.59TepetkhetEnough time for them to battle rez the MT and heal him.
19:54.09TepetkhetHe picked up Garr again just as I died.
19:54.16TepetkhetAnd we downed him.
19:54.25Patrigan-Syldrawe downed Garr easily
19:54.30Patrigan-Syldrabut we had 7 locks in that raid >.>
19:54.41Patrigan-Syldraand I happen to be a lock (or rather I was)
19:54.47Patrigan-Syldraso I had full control over them
19:55.04*** join/#wowwiki Indie (
19:55.07TepetkhetHm, I think we only had 3 locks.
19:55.10Patrigan-Syldraso yeah, that made Garr ez
19:55.25Patrigan-Syldrafor first kills, I always try to create a team who wuld be perfect for the kill
19:55.30TepetkhetI never give up until we're all eating dirt.
19:55.34Patrigan-Syldrafor our first Raggy kill
19:55.43Patrigan-SyldraI left most of the melee at home and brought a lot of caster
19:55.51Patrigan-Syldramelee loses too much with the knockback
19:56.00Patrigan-Syldrawhile casters can still cast their instants while flying XD
19:56.01TepetkhetThat's why even though I'm just a rogue, I have the whole raid out on my screen.
19:56.21Patrigan-Syldra<= same
19:56.35Hobinheimhow does one evasion tank
19:56.40Hobinheimyou're not causing threat
19:56.44Hobinheimyou're just kinda... stadning there
19:56.58Patrigan-Syldraa good geared Rogue
19:57.07Hobinheimi'm pretty sure besides stacking evasion, there are zero threat generation things in a rogue's talent tree. abilities, i'm not sure
19:57.10Patrigan-Syldracan outthreat many classes
19:57.12TepetkhetHobinheim: 1) Roll a rogue.  2) Pull aggro.  3) Hit evasion.  4) Stabby.
19:57.25Hobinheimwhat's evasion? lol rogue ignorance ahoy
19:57.30Tepetkhet50% dodge
19:57.35Patrigan-Syldrawhat she said
19:57.56Tepetkhet3) Hit evasion and watch the boss miss landing almost every shot.
19:58.02Patrigan-Syldraand add to that
19:58.08amroa good rogue can have 80-90% dodge with the proper talents
19:58.12Hobinheimdo rogues have +threat anywhere?
19:58.12amroand evasion
19:58.16Hobinheimaside from raw dmg?
19:58.19TepetkhetWe stab.
19:58.20amrothey have -threat
19:58.21Patrigan-SyldraShe prolly didn't use any threat reduciing abilites (like most rogues SHOULD do on bosses)
19:58.23TepetkhetOr slice.
19:58.36TepetkhetPatrigan-Syldra: I use feint like a good little rogue.
19:58.38Hobinheim-threat = dps class. +threat = tanking opportunity
19:58.44Patrigan-Syldranot while you were tanking :p
19:58.48TepetkhetANd USUALLY do not pull aggro until half the raid's dead.
19:58.52Hobinheimlike by warlocks have searing pain, i'm not sure other than i like being different
19:58.55Patrigan-Syldraif warriors don't use their threat abilities
19:58.59Hobinheim*by = why
19:59.03Patrigan-Syldraa rogue can stay above them in thereat
19:59.13Hobinheimwell. duh =P
19:59.15Hobinheimdps class
19:59.21TepetkhetI know how to watch my aggro.
19:59.32Patrigan-Syldrawarlocks do their best to watch it
19:59.38Patrigan-Syldrabut they have 0 threat reducing abilities
19:59.48Patrigan-Syldraforcing them to lower their DPS XD
19:59.54Patrigan-Syldraluckily blizz fixed that now ^^
20:00.06TepetkhetI am actually a weak rogue.
20:00.10TepetkhetAs far as DPS goes.
20:00.26TepetkhetI have low frames per second and I'm a backstab rogue.
20:00.34TepetkhetSo positioning is often hard for me.
20:00.46Patrigan-SyldraI'm a tak drood now ^^
20:00.47Tepetkhet3 fps...try to find a mob's back.
20:00.50Patrigan-Syldra<3 it
20:01.22Patrigan-Syldrasry ^^
20:01.44Tepetkhet2.0 has really helped us embrace our feral druids again.
20:01.56TepetkhetI love having them in the raids now.
20:02.28TepetkhetMost of the time, they are nice and will pass on obvious "rogue gear" for rogues with high attendance.
20:02.59Hobinheimugh hello
20:03.01Hobinheimwarlock ignorance
20:03.03Patrigan-Syldrarogues should go for AP gear
20:03.08Hobinheimmaster demonologist imp buff
20:03.10TepetkhetBut I don't feel bad when they win something nice that I could use.
20:03.11Patrigan-Syldrawhil droods should go for agility and str gear
20:03.15Patrigan-Syldramostly str
20:03.30Tepetkhetagi agi agi
20:03.31Hobinheimmd reduces a warlock's threat by a %
20:03.44Tepetkhetagi to my boots
20:03.45Luterowhat are you speaking about?
20:03.47Tepetkhetagi to my gloves
20:03.51Tepetkhetagi to my offhand
20:03.56Hobinheimagi to your moms, hehehe
20:04.01TepetkhetI'm a mom.
20:04.10Patrigan-Syldraowned Hobinheim
20:04.10TepetkhetLifestealing on my MH.
20:04.20Patrigan-Syldraand Hobinheim
20:04.33Patrigan-Syldrawhy take a tree with a threat reduction that lowers your DPS
20:04.41Patrigan-Syldraso, you get lower DPS and lower threat
20:04.51Patrigan-Syldrabut, again, they fixed that now
20:04.55Hobinheimdemonology doesn't lower your dmg, what are you smoking
20:05.09TepetkhetKinda like me when I was a subtlety/ass rogue.
20:05.09Patrigan-Syldranot anymore no
20:05.09TepetkhetI had much lower threat.
20:05.09Patrigan-Syldrabut it used to do that XD
20:05.11TepetkhetBut I also sucked so bad.
20:05.17TepetkhetDidn't do much damage.
20:05.25Patrigan-Syldrano offense
20:05.31Patrigan-Syldrabut the sentence you are writing
20:05.36Patrigan-Syldraare so fast misunderstood
20:05.40TepetkhetI know.
20:05.53Patrigan-SyldraYou have a subtle ass, but you suck bad :<
20:06.05jrra subtle ass?
20:06.37Patrigan-Syldralet's not go further into that subject shall
20:06.38TepetkhetDouble entendre ftw
20:07.24Patrigan-Syldralet us try to behave like grown-ups :p
20:08.17TepetkhetAlright, alright...I'll try to behave.
20:08.30Patrigan-Syldrathough, that brings us to the common sentence, which one of the girls in my guild made me kick a person for...
20:08.33Patrigan-SyldraAre you hot?
20:09.03TepetkhetDepends on your definition.
20:09.09TepetkhetSome think I am.
20:09.09Patrigan-SyldraGood answer oO
20:09.46Hobinheimever play final fantasy v?
20:09.54Patrigan-Syldraplayed all FF
20:10.09Patrigan-Syldraand I have nearly 7GB of music from them on my computer :<
20:10.14Patrigan-Syldrasome refer to me as Geek :<
20:10.19Patrigan-SyldraI refer to me as Nerd ><
20:10.26TepetkhetI played a little of the PS2 FFX-II or something.
20:10.31Patrigan-Syldra(nah I don't, but I do have the music)
20:10.32jrrwe're in a world of warcraft IRC channel.  i think it's safe to say we're *all* geeks.
20:10.38TepetkhetThe FF Dress-up game.
20:10.48Patrigan-Syldrayou didn't like it? Tepetkhet?
20:10.59TepetkhetIt was okay.
20:11.07TepetkhetMore interested in it for cosplay than gameplay.
20:11.08Hobinheimisn't syldra the name of faris's pet dragon?
20:11.10Hobinheimthe one that powers the ship
20:11.25Patrigan-SyldraI always wondered where I fetched the name
20:11.29Hobinheimwatch the kefka cosplay on youtube
20:11.43Hobinheimif kefka was made into real life, that's exactly what he would sound like
20:11.44Patrigan-Syldrait was somewhere in my mind when I was deciding the name for my droodle
20:12.24TepetkhetI've seen some scary good FF cosplayers.
20:12.36Patrigan-Syldraell, I loved the WoW cosplayers
20:12.40Hobinheimi dont' think i've met a cosplayer yet
20:12.44Patrigan-Syldrathose who were wearing those armor sets
20:12.44Hobinheimi'm not sure if i want to
20:12.48TepetkhetI haven't seen many good WoW cosplayers.
20:13.06Patrigan-SyldraWoW isn't hard to cosplay though
20:13.15TepetkhetI've seen lots of crappy NE cosplayers.
20:13.21Patrigan-Syldrajust be yourself with a WoW item set on
20:14.31TepetkhetBest FF cosplayer I saw was an original design Lulu Moogle.  She was all purple and white with that corset dress on and she had little purple wings on her shoulderblades and was carrying a Lulu doll.
20:15.36TepetkhetThere she is...
20:17.34Patrigan-Syldrayou know...
20:17.43Patrigan-Syldrashe is kind of...
20:18.11TepetkhetNot all cosplayers are scary.
20:18.48Patrigan-Syldraofc they aren't
20:18.55Patrigan-Syldrabut not all cosplayers are hot either XD
20:20.03Patrigan-SyldraGood lord >.> that can't be healthy ><
20:21.35TepetkhetWhat can't?
20:21.53Patrigan-Syldrathat last picture >?>
20:22.01Patrigan-Syldrathose shoes
20:22.21TepetkhetOh, the foam platforms?
20:22.44TepetkhetThe soles are only a couple inches thick.  They're safer/healthier than regular high heels.
20:22.51TepetkhetAnd a hell of a lot more comfortable.
20:22.55amrothey look bored
20:23.11Patrigan-SyldraI always wanted to cosplay
20:23.17Patrigan-Syldrabut I would just fail at it XD
20:23.23amrohow can you be bored if you're wielding a sword?
20:23.28TepetkhetA lot of times when people pose like that, you end up with a dozen people taking pics.
20:23.31jrrthat rhymes!
20:23.46TepetkhetAnd they walk by and go, "Oh, wait!  Hold that a little longer..."
20:23.52TepetkhetAnd they put their bags down...
20:23.56TepetkhetAnd get out their cameras...
20:24.03jrrand your friend takes their bags
20:24.03TepetkhetAnd 5 minutes later, they all take their pics.
20:24.13Patrigan-SyldraTep, you are rather very experienced at it I hear :p
20:25.14TepetkhetAs an example...
20:25.32TepetkhetWe did that pose and I literally had to close my eyes for 5 minutes while the flashes went off.
20:25.44TepetkhetPoor Junpei's girlfriend was getting unhappy.
20:26.09TepetkhetSuch...Powerful Finishing Move...
20:30.22TepetkhetI haven't done any cosplay in a year...
20:30.44TepetkhetIn related news, I have been playing WoW for just over 1 year.
20:31.51jrrbut it's lost it's grasp on me; i'm not hooked anymore
20:33.06TepetkhetI am!
20:33.22TepetkhetI took my time.
20:33.56TepetkhetDidn't kill our first raid boss until 08/29/2006
20:34.56*** join/#wowwiki NeoGeo-x (
20:35.41Patrigan-Syldrasec gonna play a round of cards
20:35.53jrrwhat game?
20:37.29*** join/#wowwiki dotted (
20:51.01Patrigan-SyldraWoW what else? :)
20:58.48*** join/#wowwiki Lancelion (i=solarlin@
20:59.53*** part/#wowwiki Lancelion (i=solarlin@
21:08.51Kirkburn|afk ^^
21:10.49Adysthat was my idea kirk!
21:11.01Kirkburn|afkWas it now ...
21:11.05*** join/#wowwiki ostojic (
21:11.10Adys :|
21:11.39Kirkburn|afkI thought about linking there
21:11.52Adysthey should pay us for this ;P
21:12.35Kirkburn|afkDone more updates here, still needs more work though tbh -
21:12.53Kirkburn|afkomg bold omg
21:17.36*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
21:17.50ZealKirkburn|afk, what happened to the old-edit border? :(
21:17.59Zealnow just a thick line down the left
21:18.09Kirkburn|afkIt broke FF2
21:18.18Kirkburn|afkMade the whole frame unclickable :/
21:18.26Zealstupid FF2..
21:18.29Zealfair enough
21:19.18AdysKirkburn|afk: what do you mean?
21:19.29Adysthe editing old version thing?
21:20.54Kirkburn|afkWhy are you asking me! I'm the 'afk' one :P
21:21.01Kirkburn|afkWhen you edit an old version, yeah
21:22.48*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
21:24.27Zeali realized soemthing last night
21:24.49BagginswwKirk are you really afk?
21:24.51ZealMother Geyah is roughly 200 years old. that's not possible for an orc.
21:25.00Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, well duh! :)
21:25.10BagginswwJust making sure you are here ;)
21:25.28Bagginswwremember we were discussing stone flesh?
21:25.51Adyskirkburn|afk, you here?
21:26.13Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, yes ;)
21:26.21Adyswhat was the point of the old edit thing?
21:26.29Bagginswwwell, I came across the phenomena happening to humans and gnomes too
21:26.34Adysim using ff2 so I guess I didnt see what it was about
21:26.35Bagginsww"sisters of steel"
21:26.38Bagginswwin APG
21:26.56BagginswwI brought up a few facts about it in the Origin of hte races article.
21:27.09Kirkburn|afkBig warning ZOMG OLD STUFF YOU'RE GONNA DELETE STUFF BE CAREFUL!!!!!!!1111eleven stuff, Adys
21:27.22Kirkburn|afkBagginsww, really? oooh
21:27.24Adysyeah but I mean what was it doing?
21:28.21BagginswwIt has possible ties to Khaz'goroth the Titan
21:28.44BagginswwHe may have the titan that created dwarves, gnomes and humans or at least their ancestors
21:29.34Zealadys, basically, nedded a better warning for when editing an old version of a page
21:29.40Zealthe header is easily missed
21:29.48Zealso, i proposed a border to the edit window
21:34.54*** join/#wowwiki abug1 (
21:37.16*** join/#wowwiki kaso (
21:37.48jrrZeal: i could easily miss that too.  what about changing the color of the text field, and the text on the submit button
21:38.43Zealyou can't miss a border.. it takes up the whole screen :S
21:38.53Zealyou'll always see it where ever you are
21:39.07jrrit's visible, yes
21:39.12jrrand also very ignorable
21:39.23Patrigan-SyldraSay guys
21:39.25Patrigan-Syldrajust wonderin
21:39.27Zealit's not present on any other page, so not really
21:39.40Patrigan-Syldranyone care to cretae a bot to upload all Card pictures? >.>
21:39.41jrrgot a mockup online?
21:39.51Patrigan-Syldradon't think I can get the scripting done XD
21:39.55jrrPatrigan-Syldra: if you have all the images, i'd take a stab at it
21:40.03Zealwell do we have pics of all cards? lol
21:40.17Patrigan-SyldraI can fetch them XD
21:40.25Patrigan-Syldraor we can just ninja them from their site >.>
21:40.35Patrigan-Syldrathey have scans of all pictures ^^
21:41.01Patrigan-Syldranah, but I can get good quality scans normally
21:41.37Zealthey do? cool
21:42.06Patrigan-Syldradon't know if that's allowed -_-
21:42.11Zealthats un usual for TCG afaik, tend not to do it because you're get pricks making fakes and selling them.
21:44.31Patrigan-Syldrayou don't need their page for that
21:44.36Patrigan-Syldrazillions of pages to get them from
21:44.41Patrigan-Syldrain great quality even
21:44.58Patrigan-Syldraso, in essence, it's a bit silly to not do it for that reason
21:49.51ApollozeusI concur
21:50.00Apollozeusthose pricks will exist anyhow
21:51.34Patrigan-Syldrapricks that take it from theirs?
21:51.46Patrigan-Syldrathough, pricks exist also when taking it from other sites...
21:51.54Patrigan-Syldraso they prolly couldn't care less ^^
21:52.05Patrigan-SyldraEither way, cards are up on their sites
21:52.11Patrigan-Syldraso we can ninja them
21:54.38Apollozeus/roll for them first :p
21:57.05Zealofc they will exist, just making it easier for them is all :P
21:59.02Patrigan-Syldrawe need a roll bot command imo!
21:59.10Patrigan-Syldracouldn't do /roll
22:00.43Patrigan-Syldranah, but anyways
22:00.56Patrigan-Syldrawho is capable of scripting a bot for uploading all files?
22:01.16Patrigan-Syldradon't really feel like uploading 400+ files (and after a while another 340)
22:02.33Patrigan-SyldraI'll take the silence as a "do it yourself, lazy bum"
22:02.54Apollozeustry hobinheim
22:03.14Apollozeushe loves his bot
22:03.25Patrigan-Syldrabah wrong channel
22:03.32Zealyou can do !roll 6d6 or !roll 1-100 btw ;)
22:03.49Patrigan-Syldra!roll 1-100
22:03.49ZealPatrigan-Syldra rolled a 99
22:04.02Patrigan-Syldraand see no rollhax!
22:04.07Patrigan-Syldradidn't roll 100
22:04.14Zealindeed, gg
22:05.06Patrigan-Syldraperhaps I should annoy hobinheim...
22:05.15jrri like that game!
22:05.47Zealbah, obvious i wouldn't beat 99 :P
22:06.14jrronce upon a time in guild wars they had to disallow /roll in town because people opened 'casino' services
22:08.44Zealwell they did that in wow
22:08.52Zealwas gone quickly, lol
22:09.17*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (
22:09.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
22:10.26*** join/#wowwiki Bagginsww (
22:10.41BagginswwLOL, so Thrall means slave in Common, as it does in the english language as well.
22:11.00amroi thought it meant BAMF
22:11.15BagginswwMore evidence that Common is a strange mix of real world words with original fictional words.
22:12.51amrowiktionary: 3. A person who is forced to perform sexual acts or other acts on a regular or continuing basis against their will.
22:12.55Bagginswwbur doesn't have an official definition now
22:13.10amrono wonder thrall hates humans
22:13.46BagginswwIf that's true it adds another level of scummy ness to old Blackmoore
22:13.48TepetkhetHome soon...later
22:14.16amroi want to play that cancelled adventure gam
22:15.31Bagginswwdon't we all
22:15.51BagginswwI wish someone had the alpha or whatever and could piece it together with AGS
22:15.51Apollozeusamro, you'll need to have some blizzard employee leaking it first
22:16.23Bagginswwonly problem is we have a handful of official screenshots, and character models
22:16.31Bagginswwbut not the script
22:16.42Bagginswwwhile we could base something off the novel
22:16.52Bagginswwit lacks a few key scenes that were going to be in the game
22:17.17amroi was thinking it might turn out to be a warcraft-style monkey island
22:17.21Zealeg. what the hell is deathwing doing in it :P
22:18.05Bagginswwdeathwing, and Gazlow
22:18.48Bagginswwat least I don't remember if Gazlowe is in the novel or not
22:19.08Bagginswwbut I have a screenshot of him in art of warcraft
22:19.28Bagginswwapparently a death knight was going to be in it too.. is that in the book?
22:21.00BagginswwOne screenshot shows a warcraft II style temple of the damned.
22:21.38Bagginswwahh, here is a picture of Zul'jin
22:22.54BagginswwYa, I'd love to know the original storyline
22:25.20BagginswwI have a copy of the trailor somewhere
22:28.06*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:28.29amroworst name for a clan
22:35.08*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
22:51.09Zeallol amro_
22:56.21*** join/#wowwiki dok3Dal (
22:56.52*** join/#wowwiki BawB (
23:14.26*** join/#wowwiki Hobinheim (
23:15.51Hobinheimpaging admin
23:21.51*** join/#wowwiki [FUN]Herald (n=twicky_k@
23:22.16[FUN]HeraldI'm looking for a guild on the windrunner server horde very new to WoW lvl 19 mage almost lvl 20
23:23.15Kirkburn|afkBest to ask on the official forums for that
23:26.25Hobinheimi was thinking at work today...
23:26.31Hobinheimthe burning crusade is getting really close
23:26.44Hobinheimand some forum goers pointed out that the login servers are going to be hammered
23:26.55Hobinheimit made me think about the wiki... and how much increased traffic there will be
23:27.04Hobinheimlike... an explosion of content is upon us
23:27.12Hobinheimi know bc has been public for a while, but not en masse
23:27.20Hobinheimi dunno. just thinking outloud
23:27.28Hobinheimor should i say, outland *snickers*
23:28.12Zealyeah, the servers will probably cope exactly the same, it's the authentication server that's expected to fail, as it always has been the bottleneck of their setup.
23:28.33Zealeveryone tries to login at once, bam foums, account management and login down :P
23:30.32Hobinheimi think blizzard changed it so that the forums and realm login servers are different
23:30.41Hobinheimi could have sworn that was one of the features of their hardware upgrades
23:30.49Hobinheimso that people could continue to get information as the servers were down
23:31.00*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
23:31.00*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
23:31.08Hobinheimthinking of how much processor power they have makes me dizzy
23:31.19Hobinheimdammit kirk you missed my whole spiel about the bc
23:31.37Kirkburndamn thing didn't rc properly
23:31.45Kirkburncopy paste in PM?
23:31.51Hobinheimoh and my bot shut off again
23:31.55Hobinheimit was at 2.1%
23:32.00Hobinheimi think that's enough
23:32.05Hobinheimthe rest we'll just have to do when we see it
23:32.24Hobinheimi was just saying earlier how once the bc goes public, maybe we'll get more edits
23:32.26Hobinheimand more traffic
23:32.35Hobinheimi've seen random people cite wowwiki. makes me happy =)
23:35.45Zealhehe, i see random people getting spat on for citing wowwiki ;)
23:35.59Zealand yeah, i think they did change that with the setup
23:36.22Zealbut i'm fairly sure guild, server, characters can't be displayed/changed on the forums when the servers are down still : /
23:37.47KirkburnI can understand the problem some people have with wowwiki, it's from the early days
23:38.11KirkburnSame with cosmos, people continually dredge up the past to prove an (ignorant) point
23:39.20Hobinheimnot sure what you mean w/ cosmos
23:39.55Gryphenmeans people dont comment on how Cosmos is today, they judge by what they saw 2 years ago
23:45.53KirkburnExactly, Gryphen :(
23:48.42Zealindeed Kirkburn
23:48.57Kirkburnheh =)
23:49.12Zealthough in the wiki's case, they also don't commont of it's positive potential
23:49.32Zealit is is improving, and it it's still got tons of ways to improve even more.
23:49.42KirkburnOn some lore forums, they've come around to quoting it now :)
23:50.33Zealnone i visit
23:51.19Zealmy general attitude is quote wowwiki, but don't use it as fact unless you've done the checking up yourself or it's clearly sourced so others can confirm it.
23:53.30Zealbut yeah, it bothers me to see someone with sway promoting anti-wowwiki ideas.
23:53.32*** join/#wowwiki Paymon (

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