irclog2html for #wowwiki on 20070101

00:04.13KirkburnHappy New Year from the UK!
00:05.00DissonanceGuys we've still got 4 hours till new years over here.  I'm about to head out to a party.  =P
00:05.19Adysslooow pokes
00:05.30Kirkburnyeah, soooooo slow
00:05.32Dissonance2006 was a good year.
00:05.37Adyslol kirk who speaks there
00:05.38DissonanceI don't know if 07 can top it.
00:06.02dropsHappy New Year from Poland. We've got it an hour ago. :P
00:07.08DissonanceHeh, anyway, Happy New Year and such, I'm off to a party.  :)
00:07.19KirkburnSee ya, have fun!
00:09.20Hobinheimfour hours... where are you?
00:09.40Hobinheimthere's nothing east of jersey
00:09.40Hobinheimwater. canada?
00:09.40Hobinheimyou're a naga?
00:09.40Hobinheimhe's gone
00:09.57Hobinheimhow do i change my name
00:10.13Hobinheimand what's an irc voice?
00:11.05KirkburnWhat IRC client?
00:11.21KirkburnBtw, your can type /mode +o Hobinheim to OP yourself
00:11.28KirkburnThen I have no idea :P
00:11.41Hobinheimi can't
00:11.49Hobinheimlike Kirkburn|away
00:12.10KirkburnFor me, using XChat, I just click on my name to change it
00:12.20Kirkburn(my name is shown next to the input box)
00:13.28amrotype /nick newnick
00:14.58*** part/#wowwiki awayman (
00:20.11dropscu some other time, guys at the rescue
00:32.32Adysor however the f its spelled
00:34.58KirkburnWell is cut down a lot
00:35.05KirkburnNeeds more though, but I've done enough for now
00:35.40AdysWhats exactly the point of these articles anyways?N
00:41.14Kirkburn"The replication of news from the official site was mostly for back when they couldn't handle downtime days and they're site was frequently down. --Fandyllic (talk) 3:45 PM PST 29 Dec 2006
00:41.31Adyswb teo
00:41.49*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
00:42.02Teomyrhappy new year (at least from this timezone) :D
00:42.08Adysaye happy new year =)
00:42.29AdysKirkburn: any point to keep them still now then?
00:42.40KirkburnKeeping the interesting ones
00:42.47AdysSuch as =P
00:42.52KirkburnI've not finished yet, though
00:43.17Kirkburn ?
00:43.28AdysPatch 1.3.1 hotfixed on server Silvermoon US because a NPC was not spawning correctly
00:43.40Adysthats not a news
00:43.45KirkburnLol, I deleted those type
00:43.46Adyswth is it doing in this category =P
00:46.19AdysCategory:Game Info will do for now
00:46.59AdysRemoved some boring ones eh lol
00:48.17KirkburnHey, I just deleted about 300 pages
00:48.23KirkburnDo you know how tiring that is?!
00:48.31KirkburnYes, you probably do :P
00:48.48AdysI still remember when you deleted 500 icons or so :p
00:49.53KirkburnOuch, my IE7 mem usage hit 700MB!
00:49.59KirkburnMuch fun
00:50.36Adysscroll down =)
00:51.25KirkburnWow, what a list!
00:51.47KirkburnI've probably deleted as many pages as I've made edits
00:52.05AdysKirkburn (Talk | contribs | block) deleted "Image:INV Egg 05.jpg" (Bring a spade and a black bag ... We're going shoppin')
00:52.59Adysgood god... I count at least three full 500-pages, all of icon deletion
00:53.13Adysmind you, its one edit to tag it {{speedydelete}} for me
00:54.57AdysLoL, im reading in the undeletes
00:55.00Adys= /Cheer <font style="font-size:x-small;">- Blizzard on 12/23/05</font> =
00:55.00AdysAll of us here at Blizzard would like to wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season. May your holiday adventures be filled with warmth, cheer, and some truly epic loot.
00:55.00Adys&copy;2005 Blizzard Entertainment
00:55.43Teomyraaargh! a <font> tag! die!!
00:55.57Adysaargh! a .jpg! die!!
00:56.37Adysno seriously, 3 persons are holding in hostage 98% of the last 1000 edits on the RC
00:56.48Adys(and Im not in it, im jealous)
00:57.23Teomyri'm thinking about how to rewrite my wdb/dbc parser for the 3rd time so it isn't a pile of shit to maintain and read
00:59.51Teomyrthose file formats are evil... you can't really parse either of them without knowing exactly what type each field in the record is
01:00.12AdysHehe looking at the Im thinking
01:00.27Adyswe should make a 100 000 edits category and see how fast varg gets in it
01:00.51AdysAnd a 100 000 deletes category too !
01:07.29KirkburnI think Varg is around 30,000 atm
01:18.57KirkburnArgh, nearly all the red linked categories are due to Zeal
01:19.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Cairenn|afk] by Kirkburn
01:19.16Adyswhats up?
01:20.49KirkburnHe wants (wanted?) so many new categories
01:27.19Adysis that needed?
01:27.36Adyscant it be category:addons
01:37.59KirkburnHrm, good question
01:39.09KirkburnAdys, probably not, tbh
01:40.04KirkburnAdys, yes? :P
01:40.08KirkburnI just made it
01:40.25AdysAye just categorized World of Warcraft as World of Warcraft
01:40.31Adysbut I think I created a loop there
01:40.32KirkburnOh, good idea!
01:41.30KirkburnDammit, too quick for me
01:41.34KirkburnI was gonna add Cat:Games
01:42.16KirkburnEven better :)
01:42.51KirkburnWhee, category loops!
01:43.13KirkburnThis needs a clean too:
01:43.17AdysEven better!
01:44.31AdysA little lol to the last subcategory
01:45.31*** join/#wowwiki JiV3 (
01:46.02AdysI really dont like how ClydeJr is systematically uploading allakhazam's item pictures on wowwiki tbh
01:46.06Adysits such a waste
01:46.10KirkburnAdys, why'd you get rid of the WoW:TBC cats?
01:46.25JiV3any1 here from europe plz?
01:46.26AdysSubcategories kirk
01:46.34Adysand yes JiV3
01:46.47JiV3can i speak in pvt with u ?
01:46.55AdysBurning Crusade is subcategory of World of Warcraft which is a subcat of .. yaddiyadda
01:47.00Adysso no need
01:47.03Adysand yeah sure
01:47.03Kirkburnyeah, but the *article*
01:47.10Adysyes its what I meant ;P
01:47.21KirkburnWha? I think we're confused
01:47.38KirkburnThe *article* should be in Cat:Games, Cat:WoW, Cat:Coming Soon
01:48.07JiV3hmm im not registered. its not allowing to pvt u
01:48.12AdysBurning Crusade category is already categorized as Coming Soon and WoW
01:48.30Adysand WoW is already categorized as Games
01:48.31KirkburnSo what if the category is? The article should also be!
01:48.44Adysno, because the article is in the category ;P
01:49.11KirkburnYou're making no sense, man! :)
01:49.23Adyselse, instead of having something such as [[Category:Daggers]], you would get [[Category:Weapons]], [[Category:...
01:49.38KirkburnI'm not talking about categories :/
01:49.46Adysme neither =P
01:49.57KirkburnI'm saying that the WoW:TBC _article_ is a game. Games go in Cat:Games
01:50.15Adyshold on a sec =P
01:50.39KirkburnYou've lost the plot, you have :)
01:50.50KirkburnTotally doolally
01:50.52AdysCategories: Games | World of Warcraft
01:50.59Adys(and im gonna add coming soon in a sec)
01:51.09Kirkburn*look* at
01:51.17KirkburnNotice what articles are in it!
01:51.26Kirkburninfobot, slap Adys
01:51.28infobotACTION slaps Adys, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!
01:52.06Adysthese should not be in it
01:52.12Adysthey should be in warcraft, wc2 and wc3 cats
01:52.25Adysif an article is in a subcategory, it should not be in the mother category
01:52.44Adyssince as it is in the subcategory it is already considered as being in the mother category
01:53.17Adysso literally, Category:Users shouldnt be used for users in Category:Expansion beta testers
01:53.26Adyssince expansion beta testers is a subcat of users
01:53.30Adys(but cant be arsed)
01:54.02Adysinfobot, slap kirkburn
01:54.04infobotACTION slaps kirkburn, keep your grubby fingers to yourself!
01:54.07Adysthanks infobot
01:56.19AdysI think Im not being clear there ;P
01:56.31Adysbut wikimedia cats suck
01:56.45Adysthey should have an option to display all subcat members
01:57.13KirkburnBut those are still games!
01:57.29KirkburnBad example, I know what you're saying
01:57.29Adysthats why they are in Category:World of Warcraft
01:57.35Adyswhich is in category:games
01:57.53KirkburnDon't put everything in the top category and well as every  subcategory
01:58.53KirkburnIn _this_ case, that a category about games. The articles about games self-evidently go in the Game category *as well as* the subcategories for each game
01:59.29KirkburnBut for NPCs, it would be stupid to have every NPC in the main category, as the category would be *massive* :P
01:59.48Adysbut if the category displays as subcategories bc, wow, wc1 wc2 wc3 etc
01:59.52Adysit shouldnt be needed no?
02:03.21KirkburnIdeally, yes. But for this it makes more sense as it means less clicks for the user.
02:03.40KirkburnFor large categories I *certainly* agree with you
02:03.48AdysAight =P
02:04.05KirkburnSettled then :D
02:04.22Adystho bc shouldnt be in cat:coming soon nor game info
02:13.54KirkburnDear god some of DarkTichondrias screens are awful ^^
02:14.04KirkburnAdys, but it is coming soon :P
02:14.15Adysyes but category:burning crusade yaddiyadda ;P
02:14.44Adyswell thats quite cool
02:14.46Adysbut what is it ;P
02:15.08*** join/#wowwiki tato^ (n=tato@
02:21.58*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:21.58*** join/#wowwiki equiraptor ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:21.58*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by
02:22.35KirkburnHello again
02:22.55*** join/#wowwiki Adys ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:22.55*** join/#wowwiki sylvanaar ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:22.55*** join/#wowwiki grzesieq (i=grzesieq@irssi/user/grzesieq) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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02:22.58*** join/#wowwiki Slackwise ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:23.04*** join/#wowwiki amro`zZz (n=amro@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:24.21KirkburnAnd more!
02:24.22*** join/#wowwiki Fin ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:24.22*** join/#wowwiki Teomyr ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
02:24.22KirkburnHello :P
02:25.53KirkburnWhat fun
02:25.53KirkburnI love netsplits
02:25.53KirkburnEspecially in channels with over 200 people :P
02:25.53Adysyeah lol
02:25.53Adyswhats he doing?
02:26.22KirkburnRolled it back anyway
02:26.47KirkburnAh, I see:
02:27.11Adysjust gonna change it
02:28.41Kirkburnif you can work out why, please do :)
02:30.59KirkburnIt should work now
02:31.50KirkburnWait, didn't we delete that earlier?
02:32.12Adysyes we did
02:32.18Adysbut it was linked everywhere =P
02:32.20Adystold you
02:32.30Adysinfobot, bonk Kirkburn
02:32.38infobotACTION bonks Kirkburn over the head
02:32.38Adyscome on ..
02:32.38KirkburnI hate you
02:34.55KirkburnNow fixed!
02:45.34*** join/#wowwiki Mikk (
02:45.47Adysello, and happy new year
02:45.54*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Mikk] by ChanServ
02:49.50Mikkyay. i get to learn to type a new number :>
02:52.08Teomyryou know what i just realized? i noticed that blizzard stores dbc files differently than i thought
02:52.33Teomyrand that all the work from the last 2 hours (my attempt to write an universal dbc parser) was for nothing
02:53.11KirkburnMikk, heya
02:53.19KirkburnCan you set up auto-opping please!
02:54.04KirkburnHappy New Year, too :D
02:54.38Mikkyeah i can prolly fix auto opping
02:55.07KirkburnI keep having to OP people :P
02:56.55Teomyralmost 4 am :O
02:56.59Teomyrgood night!
02:57.25Kirkburncs help level
02:58.10Mikk"Contact access is required for [LEVEL]"
02:58.20KirkburnBut ...
02:58.26KirkburnYou're the contact??
02:58.26Mikki r contact
02:58.35KirkburnFully identified?
02:58.51Mikkah, now i am
02:59.11*** part/#wowwiki Mikk (
02:59.13*** join/#wowwiki Mikk (
02:59.13*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Mikk] by ChanServ
02:59.17Mikkyup work
03:18.15*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (
03:18.15*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
03:19.20KirkburnTekkub, auto opping :D
03:19.35KirkburnLookit, Mikklemas!
03:19.36*** kick/#wowwiki [Kirkburn!] by Tekkub (yup)
03:19.47*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
03:20.17*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
03:20.17*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
03:20.29Adysthey dont like me.
03:20.29*** kick/#wowwiki [Tekkub!] by Kirkburn (Kirkburn)
03:20.41KirkburnWe all love you!
03:20.44*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (
03:20.44*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
03:20.47*** kick/#wowwiki [Tekkub!] by Kirkburn (Kirkburn)
03:20.57*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (
03:20.57*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
03:21.00*** kick/#wowwiki [Kirkburn!] by Tekkub (yup)
03:21.06*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
03:21.06*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
03:21.11Tekkubpayback :P
03:21.28KirkburnWhy aren't you opped?
03:21.37TekkubI sent Rustak the fix for CSS page inclusion
03:21.58KirkburnAdys, it should auto op you, assuming you're identified
03:22.04TekkubI'm pissy that he can't bother to acknowledge us... it's a 3-sec copy/paste fix
03:22.14*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
03:22.23Adyshow do I auto identify ><
03:22.34KirkburnWhat IRC client?
03:22.42Tekkublern2user your client
03:22.59KirkburnThere should be the option to enter in your nickserv password somewhere
03:23.16KirkburnProbably on the options bit where you chose the servers to autojoin
03:23.22Adysfound it i think
03:24.09*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
03:24.09*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
03:24.12Adysawesome :)
03:26.41Adysbest wow song ever ;P
03:26.48Adysafter captain placeholder
03:29.00KirkburnI'm off to bed
03:29.04KirkburnG'night all!
03:29.05AdysGn =)
03:29.09Adyshappy new year again
03:29.09KirkburnHappy 2007!
03:30.07*** part/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
05:31.30Adysgn all
05:35.05Tekkubyou know what'd be neat
05:35.21Tekkubif we applied the drunk filter to the front page for New Year's :)
05:35.30Tekkubfuck with everyone waking up with a hangover
05:53.03TekkubServer is busy, please try again
07:27.38*** join/#wowwiki Tekkub (
07:27.39*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Tekkub] by ChanServ
07:39.22*** join/#wowwiki eXemplar (
08:25.45Cairennrofl Tekkub
09:36.50*** join/#wowwiki amro`zZz (n=amro@
11:08.15Teomyrhi all
11:28.31*** join/#wowwiki Apollozeus (
11:36.16Apollozeusoh my god
11:36.23Apollozeusblizzard should introduce those to WoW already
11:39.03amrothat would be awesome
11:40.41*** join/#wowwiki Royal (
11:44.53Apollozeusboth as vanity and hunter pets
12:38.26*** join/#wowwiki Pogogunnr (
12:56.33*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
12:56.51*** part/#wowwiki foxlit (
12:56.54*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
13:13.05foxlitI'm just against the 3% leftmargin.
13:13.35amroi don't like it that much either
13:13.56amrodoesn't look good with lots of subsections
13:14.12*** join/#wowwiki Mithos (
13:14.58foxlitIt's not even needed -- there are plenty of long and readable articles that don't use anything besides the standard headers.
13:16.13PogogunnrYou guys should really filter your advertisements
13:16.41PogogunnrA bunch are like "Pay $20 to get your character from level 1 - 60 in twenty days!"
13:16.49PogogunnrErm. Crap.
13:16.57PogogunnrIn Twenty-hour hours*
13:17.09amroI don't think you can filter Google's ads
13:17.30PogogunnrIll give a link, im pretty sure you can.
13:19.07amroadsense sucks anyway. it seems to be inaccurate half the time
13:20.19PogogunnrTime to go watch porn and idle.
13:21.12amrotime to go play some basketball
13:27.34PogogunnrPeople make pictures of WoW...
13:27.44PogogunnrThen put it in fucking JPG (lossy) format?
13:28.23Apollozeuswhy not?
13:28.38ApollozeusI know it's lossy, but it's usually smaller than png
13:28.44PogogunnrCause something as simple as putting in PNG format would be better
13:29.15PogogunnrIf you're on dial-up or have a slow connection, you are a moron and dont deserve the internet.
13:29.33PogogunnrOr well, im thinking about AOL'ers mostly here
13:29.50Apollozeus<Pogogunnr> If you're on dial-up or have a slow connection, you are a moron and dont deserve the internet. <-- I'm not gonna respond to that, that's just downright ignorant
13:30.07Pogogunnri have a way of pissing people off :)
13:30.31PogogunnrI got kicked and banned from one channel about seventy times in twenty days
13:30.48Apollozeuswhy don't they just akick you?
13:31.10PogogunnrToo incompetant, I believe.
13:31.49PogogunnrBut man, whenever I meet an AOLer...I always come away amused and angry.
13:32.01Pogogunnr"My automatic cup holder isn't working"
13:32.23Pogogunnr"What automatic cup holder, maam?"
13:32.32Pogogunnr...It was her CD-ROM drive.
13:33.07Apollozeusthat's so old :p
13:33.09PogogunnrYou ever meet an AOLer with a dialer on thier computer?
13:33.19PogogunnrApollozeus, that was last week.
13:33.36Apollozeuskidding me?
13:33.42Apollozeusbecause that is pretty fucking stupid XD
13:33.42PogogunnerNot at all
13:34.14PogogunnerIts even worse, considering I dont do hardware work.
13:34.47PogogunnerAll the AOLers ive meet cant tell the differance between hardware and I dont even get started on firmware
13:35.14PogogunnerBut sometimes, High speed connectors are even worse.
13:36.02Pogogunner"My computer is giving me pop-ups, can you come over?"
13:36.02Apollozeusdon't generalize the AOL
13:36.02PogogunnerGo over...two hours later
13:36.03PogogunnerMind if I take a screenshot?
13:36.05Pogogunner"Whats that"
13:36.11PogogunnerI explain to them...
13:36.14PogogunnerOkay, sure.
13:36.22Pogogunner"But why?"
13:36.35Pogogunner"Because no one is going to believe that you have..." (Let me check the photo
13:38.57Pogogunner152636 malware infections
13:39.15*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
13:39.21PogogunnerJust from the first ad-aware scan
13:39.23Apollozeusjesus christ
13:39.39foxlitad-aware scans turn up weird stuff and call it "malware infections"
13:39.40PogogunnerWant me to show you the photo? (I edited it a bit)
13:39.56Apollozeusyeah XD I'd love to see it
13:40.18PogogunnerIt was definately infectioned Fox
13:41.14foxlitHm. I think I know where that came from.
13:41.22PogogunnerFuck. :(
13:41.26PogogunnerExposed. :'(
13:41.48Apollozeustwenty toolbars
13:41.56PogogunnerYou count the one at the bottom?
13:41.59ApollozeusI don't believe I've ever seen anything like that before
13:42.08PogogunnerI got another one, let me upload it.
13:42.33ApollozeusI didn't count them, just an estimate
13:42.58PogogunnerIt even has freaking Bonzai buddy
13:43.15Apollozeusrofl, those still exist?
13:43.20Apollozeusand japanese adware
13:43.31PogogunnerI got japanese adware once...
13:43.39PogogunnerConfused the heck out of me
13:43.50PogogunnerNever got an ad, but ad-aware SE found it...
13:44.02ApollozeusI'm saving that picture
13:44.05Apollozeusit's awesome
13:44.06PogogunnerAnd I was like "What the heck is that?" (Looked it up)
13:44.18Pogogunner"How did I get Japenese adware!?"
13:44.26PogogunnerFox, yeah, thats where I got the second one
13:44.39PogogunnerWhat, I only claimed to have had the first one.
13:45.04PogogunnerNotice the second one seems even worse, with AIM...AOLer
13:45.28Apollozeus600x800 :x
13:45.47PogogunnerI got a couple more pictures, if anyone wants them
13:46.17Pogogunner(And no, I am not a FireFox advocate)
13:46.45Pogogunner(Or a Mac Moron)
13:47.21PogogunnerHeh, I know you guys are going to love the third one.
13:47.25ApollozeusMacMoron.. the burger with apples
13:47.45Apollozeusthe only burger that infects you with adware
13:48.43PogogunnerFox, are you a man or woman?
13:49.05Apollozeusfox is hermaphrodit
13:49.16Pogogunner...Both sexes?
13:49.39foxlitHot fox-on-fox action, get it elsewhere.
13:50.10PogogunnerI was about to make an oral sex joke about the yawning...but now im confused if I should or shouldn't
13:50.50PogogunnerYou guys want some pictures I created? :D
13:50.55Apollozeusshow them
13:51.05Apollozeusthe ones you already showed are great :p
13:51.39PogogunnerYou know what?
13:51.51PogogunnerI dont have time, im just gonna upload all my pictures onto a host
13:51.58PogogunnerHours of fucking fun :D
13:52.13PogogunnerLet me give you one to hold you off
13:52.29PogogunnerI created this in paint:
13:54.28PogogunnerArgh, I cant upload my folder :(
13:54.48PogogunnerOne pic at a time, I guess.
13:56.33PogogunnerOps, if I link too much, please tell me, okay?
13:57.26ApollozeusXD at the AOL one
13:58.21Apollozeushere's 25 more, bro
13:58.45ApollozeusI know the bible one, though
13:59.23Apollozeusand speaking of pictures
13:59.38PogogunnerNo, im not done, we have a couple hundred pics more to go
14:00.27ApollozeusI should use that one every now and then
14:00.43PogogunnerI cant be happy unless I know I am using
14:00.56Pogogunner90% of my neighborhoods uploading bandwidth
14:01.16ApollozeusXD @ the global warming one
14:01.37PogogunnerAnyone read Maddox?
14:02.45Apollozeusthe butter one just can't have happened for real
14:03.16PogogunnerOh yes it did :(
14:03.31PogogunnerFucking moron jew.
14:03.40*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
14:03.40*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Adys] by ChanServ
14:03.47PogogunnerHmm, time for hitler jokes to balance it out
14:03.55PogogunnerHi Adys
14:04.30PogogunnerAlright next batch coming up:
14:06.18PogogunnerNext batch:
14:07.33*** part/#wowwiki foxlit (
14:07.39PogogunnerPicture of me:
14:08.15Adys"uhoh.jpg" ?
14:08.43PogogunnerHave you looked at the picture?
14:08.52PogogunnerIt was a warning...
14:09.03PogogunnerNext batch:
14:10.28PogogunnerThis one is just true:
14:11.15PogogunnerIs everyone keeping up?
14:12.14PogogunnerNext batch:
14:13.04PogogunnerMan, I love that first one :D
14:13.30PogogunnerIm the only one who has talked for like...12 lines...(13 now)
14:14.21PogogunnerIm not linking to any more until someone else says something!
14:15.11PogogunnerOkay, time to start linking again! :D
14:15.34PogogunnerDid everyone see the Pogogunnerpwns one?
14:15.34Apollozeususeless website
14:16.09Apollozeuswow dude
14:16.18Apollozeusyou don't have my contacts at msn, now do you :p
14:16.35PogogunnerThat was my friend.
14:16.40PogogunnerAnd I dont use MSN, I use trillian
14:17.49PogogunnerThis is about pictures, NOT IM CLIENTS!
14:17.55PogogunnerBack to linking
14:18.16Adysyou want piccies?
14:18.40PogogunnerI like the second one :D
14:18.57PogogunnerIf you dont, the third one applies to you.
14:19.21PogogunnerOkay, the next one, I created :D
14:20.02Adysfree spyware download lol
14:20.03PogogunnerThat was back when I used non military time
14:20.40AdysStormrage EU having "issues" with instance servers :
14:20.41PogogunnerI like how two major shops allow you to shop for spyware
14:21.03Adysnotice the chat timestamps
14:21.35PogogunnerBack to funny pictures.
14:21.45Adysoi it was a funny one
14:22.21PogogunnerI hope you all know what the malware SpySheriff is...or else you wont get the next pics
14:23.41PogogunnerAdys, that loot picture is fake, right?
14:24.12Pogogunner...What kind of monster drops GOLD!?
14:24.39Adysumm, lucifron, gehennas, sulfuron, shazzrah
14:24.41PogogunnerAnd multiple epics...gotta be fake
14:25.17PogogunnerAnyway, back to uploading
14:26.51PogogunnerNext batch:
14:27.44PogogunnerQuestion to ops: Can I give out my porn folder next?
14:28.35PogogunnerNext batch:
14:29.31PogogunnerI created this one:
14:30.34PogogunnerOkay, im not linking again until someone says something...
14:36.56PogogunnerThanks a lot guys...
14:39.40PogogunnerIs anyone still here?
14:43.23PogogunnerGuess ill watch porn, also.
14:45.46PogogunnerI didn't even get to finish all the funny pictures :(
14:53.41*** part/#wowwiki Pogogunner (
15:04.11*** join/#wowwiki Zonyl|OfAwesome (
15:17.26*** join/#wowwiki amro_ (n=amro@
16:10.02*** join/#wowwiki Adys (
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17:07.22*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
17:07.22*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
17:08.39Apollozeusmorning kirkburn
17:12.54Apollozeuslawls >_>
17:12.59ApollozeusI found out Rustak's real name
17:13.17KirkburnApollozeus, how'd you manage that?
17:13.27Apollozeusrun a whois on
17:13.57Apollozeusit says the domain was registered by "Vladimir Vukicevic"
17:14.42KirkburnOh yeah, the original edits were by Vladimir so I knew that part
17:15.06Apollozeus"original edits".. so Rustak is now somebody else?
17:16.59KirkburnHe changed name
17:17.14KirkburnThe original front page edits were by "Vladimir"
17:18.10ApollozeusAre you positive Rustak and Vladimir are the same person?
17:18.35KirkburnPretty sure
17:21.23KirkburnYou madman!
17:24.14KirkburnI was totally confused at first
17:32.54*** join/#wowwiki Tem (
17:34.49KirkburnHullo Tem
17:37.17KirkburnTekkub really went to town on the front page, didn't he :P
17:37.57Temyep, he sure did :)
17:48.02Apollozeuslol at that
18:04.29*** join/#wowwiki foxlit (
18:14.30foxlitSome of those {{removedfromgame}} are really oddly placed
18:16.51amroshouldn't all ranks be on the same article?
18:17.50foxlitAren't they still ingame?
18:18.25foxlitDifferent capacity, sure, but you still see the icons and can display the title if you wish.
18:18.36KirkburnYeah, they exist
18:18.48KirkburnThe articles would need rewriting though
18:18.51foxlitPerhaps they should; not really what I'm contesting.
18:18.59KirkburnIn a way they are removed from the game since they're not obtainable, though
18:20.16foxlitThen we probably need a {{nolongerobtainable}}
18:26.30amroi don't see the need for the individual pages
18:55.42*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
18:55.42*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
18:56.22KirkburnRouter jammed again :)
18:58.21amro`afkKirkburn, is there anything like Katapult on vista?
18:58.58amro`afkyou hit alt-space, it brings up a small window, you type and it matches files/executables in your system and launches them when you hit enter
18:59.07amro`afkeg you type konq it matches konqueror
19:00.01KirkburnHmm, dunno,  but there's a similar thing for the start menu
19:00.16KirkburnYou type a few letters into the box and it matches stuff on the programs menu
19:00.36KirkburnDon't think it covers the entire system, but it's possible
19:00.47amro`afkthe start menu takes up half the screen. is the classic menu still available?
19:15.37KirkburnYes it
19:15.41KirkburnSo what that it's big??
19:16.07KirkburnIt's like saying Vista shouldn't use up RAM! :P
19:20.36Adyslol kirk
19:20.40Adysat the main page modifs
19:21.49Teomyrlol @ NPSHEESH
19:25.31Adysafk again
19:25.41*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
19:25.41*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:28.33amro`afkKirkburn: somone gave it a fancy name. The Paradox of Choice. if you have too many items in a menu it become ugly
20:30.16*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
20:30.16*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:31.53KirkburnOooh, would I be shouted at if I put the draenei article in Cat:Eredar
20:32.13ApollozeusI guess
20:32.19ApollozeusDraenei =! Eredar
20:32.35Apollozeusjust like Blood elves =! High elves
20:32.56Apollozeushmm, bad example
20:32.57Apollozeusbut still
20:32.59amro`afkwell if chris metzen forgot the eredar's story, you should be able to get away with it
20:33.35Apollozeusno "if then" stories ;p
20:36.17KirkburnWell there's Man'ari eredar, and there's draenei eredar :P
20:40.43Apollozeusyou're right
20:40.54ApollozeusI should have read [[Eredar]] before opening my mouth
20:42.00*** join/#wowwiki Gryphen (
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20:44.46*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
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20:47.23Kirkburnargh, so I'm still getting the disconnects
20:50.12amro`afkget a new router
20:54.33*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
20:54.33*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:58.05*** join/#wowwiki Kirkburn (
20:58.05*** mode/#wowwiki [+o Kirkburn] by ChanServ
20:59.34*** join/#wowwiki awayman (
20:59.42awaymananyone play ff12?
21:00.08*** mode/#wowwiki [+o hobinheim] by ChanServ
21:00.30Apollozeusnever been interested in ff
21:00.31amroim curious what it plays like though
21:01.36hobinheimi wanna make a mod based off of it
21:01.40hobinheimi'm wet with anticipation
21:01.52hobinheimbtw how can you tell i'm the real hob?
21:01.59hobinheimis there a way to see if i'm the owner of this sn?
21:02.13amroif you're registered
21:02.36hobinheimwhere does it say that
21:02.59Teomyr[22:02:41] Hobinheim is identified to services
21:04.35Apollozeus/nickserv info hobinheim
21:05.03Apollozeusif it says <<ONLINE>>, it's you :p
21:05.23amromore like, /stalk hobinheim
21:11.47Tekkubno, øffe
21:12.45Teomyryes, sir
21:15.44hobinheimapollo, scienes (lol wrong word probably) latine?
21:15.52hobinheimor... cogisne latine?
21:16.18Apollozeusnot much >_>
21:16.25hobinheimwhat does your quit message mean?
21:16.41ApollozeusOh and by the way, I believe that Carthago should be destroyed
21:16.58Apollozeushigh ranked roman politicians ended their speeches with that
21:17.02Apollozeusregardless of the topic
21:17.07hobinheimlol who's carthago
21:17.12Apollozeuscarthago is a city
21:18.11*** join/#wowwiki loos (
21:18.23hobinheimso you know how in 2.0 they got rid of mods that play the game for you
21:18.23loosHi guys, anyone know if there's a replacement for CastSpellByName?
21:18.36hobinheimwhat context are you talking about, like a script or a macro?
21:18.47hobinheimthat's been depracted in the form of /cast in a macro
21:19.10loosscript, I'm trying to do if (shield equipped) cast shield bash; equip sword; else equip shield;
21:19.44loosbasically I want to be able to hit one button so that I can swap in a shield, do a shield bash, and swap it back out
21:20.14loosbut I can't seem to find a spellcast that's not a slash command
21:21.13hobinheimsorry, out of ideas
21:21.42hobinheimanyway, yeah i was thinking of making a mod that SUGGESTS things to do
21:21.46hobinheimcuz that's perfectly legal in 2.0
21:21.56hobinheimit'll be like a really annoying advisor
21:22.09hobinheimi'm trying to think of an interface for it. not sure if floating text is appropriate
21:22.22hobinheimlike SCT but DO THIS and DO THIS and YOU SHOULD DO THIS
21:22.32hobinheimso it's like those auto play mods, but not
21:22.39hobinheimehh? EHH? you like?
21:22.54loosSo it's sorta like a WoWWife?
21:23.04hobinheimwhat is that?
21:23.12loosI just made it up, just a name
21:23.23loossomeone who likes to boss you around = wife = your interface :0
21:23.23hobinheimoh haha
21:23.43loosI should stop looking for this macro and just go play :(
21:23.50loosit's been 2.5 hours now :(
21:24.19loosnot a bad idea, for your mod though
21:32.42Teomyrfoxlit, wtf is that
21:33.11amrowhy is the index page 300px wide?
21:33.44foxlitBit of guess-the-item trivia :P
21:33.56amroit looks like a ring
21:34.51amrothat whole website is about that ring
21:54.07Gryphenand adsense which violate google policy :)
22:04.32*** join/#wowwiki amro (n=amro@
22:41.04ApollozeusI wish blizzard would implement those D:
22:42.03amrohehe, giraffes :)
22:44.10amroi like your userpage
22:45.08amrominus the blood elf :P
22:50.29Apollozeusblood elves look cool though D:
23:01.11amrousing headings looks ugly when there's little text in subsections. check, what do you think of the bottom one?
23:04.00ApollozeusIf the actual section would only be one sentence, I'd personally prefer it to be reworded so it doesn't need those sections
23:04.25Apollozeus"For the Horde, the quest line begins at Warlord Goretooth on the top of the tower outside of Kargath in Badlands. To obtain the Drakefire Amulet for Alliance, you must start the quest line from Helendis Riverhorn in the Burning Steppes."
23:04.28Teomyryes, right. the bottom one looks better (only tweak the spacing a bit)
23:04.52amroits 00:05. i don't think i should mess around with wording
23:06.11amroid have to reword 75% of should i just reformat it for now or reword it later?
23:11.53Apollozeusjust see what you can do now
23:12.04Apollozeusand check it again tomorrow or later
23:15.38Apollozeusgotta go now

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