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06:56.17yangCiao ao2
06:59.20yangI have purchased an android phone
07:01.18yang800 Mhz CPU
07:01.40yangfaster than my shell server
07:07.58yangI can say that OpenMoko GUI on the A780 was nicer :)
07:11.35yangmore intuitive
07:11.49yangnicer icons
07:11.52ao2from the pictures I've seen on the net android UI looks quite nice
07:12.05yangmaybe Android look can be modified aswell
07:12.18yangYou can try Android emulator on Linux its the same as on the phone
07:12.28ao2maybe I will
07:12.41ao2yang, what phone is it?
07:12.51yangRight now I have Android 1.5 on the phone, but there is allready an update to 2.1
07:13.06yangIts Samsung Galaxy Spica i5700
07:13.06ao2motorola or htc?
07:13.10ao2ah :)
07:13.19yang"the cheapest" from the provider
07:13.54yangOther cost more and there is no much benefit - they only have a 1Ghz CPU , a bit more RAM , better camera
07:14.20yangAnd these phones are being manufactured with blazing speed
07:14.29ao2I see. Just for curiosity do you know if it is possible to run a custom linux kernel on it?
07:14.31yangSo you buy one, there is allready another on its way
07:14.54yangao2: I am not sure, you should ask in #android ... This one has 2.6.27
07:15.24yangI think that kernel belongs to the firmware version
07:15.38yangso like - one kernel per firmware
07:16.15yangbut I can't say for sure
07:17.01yangDimension of the phonhe is similar to E6 a bit wider , for about 0.8 cm
07:17.12yangto have a larger screen
07:17.32ao2screen resolution?
07:17.36yangAnd I CANNOT use the pencil from E6 on it !
07:17.48yangit only works with the fingers, not sure why...
07:18.05yangdifferent screen type
07:18.12ao2yang, maybe different touchscreen technologies
07:19.01yangscreen resoltuion is 320x480 3.2" -
07:19.26yangSmaller screen than IPAQ
07:19.35yangso not really suitable to write into notepad
07:19.41yanga bit too small
07:20.25yangI can add the picture on wikipedia now
07:21.55yangThe call interface is nice and large, the virtual buttons expand all over the screen and they really fit a whole finger to dial a number
07:22.14yangthe call log interface is also nice
07:23.09yangI haven't done any experiments with the internet yet, as I wait for the number to be transfered to another provider with unmetered internet plan
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07:30.16yangA good thing is that it hasn't been locked to a provider (I was afraid of that)
07:31.09ao2good, tested wifi?
07:31.28yangI haven't yet
07:31.56yangThere is also the GPS module, but
07:32.03yanggoogle latitude doesn't work in
07:32.07yangour coutry
07:32.30yangSo, maybe there is another software to use GPS maps
07:32.49yangwhich doesn't require internet to work
07:49.17yangwi-fi works now
07:50.11yangWPA encrypted
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08:57.40yangGPS also works
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14:17.50yanghello mickeyl
16:08.56mickeylhi yang
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17:04.49ao2does anybody know who "xstar.bsd" is? I can see a commit about E6 from this name on openezx-svnlog, gmzhuo maybe? He has got an e6 IIRC.
17:08.50ao2ah, weird, it was a proposed patch, just only sent to openezx-svnlog instead of openezx-devel
17:11.06mickeylnever heard
17:34.17CIA-11OpenEZX: 03ao2 * r2519 10/trunk/src/blob/gen-blob/src/blob/boot_modes.c:
17:34.18CIA-11OpenEZX: Up keycode for Motorola E6 is 0x31
17:34.18CIA-11OpenEZX: Thanks to "xstar.bsd" for the patch.
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