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03:00.48tmztWyrM: hey, talked with ph5 and asked about gpio_vbus for udc and the configuration done in ezx.c for ohci host
03:00.58tmztit seems we should have a ohci pdata with certain flags set and call pxa_set_ohci_info
03:02.46WyrMtmzt we have no gpio for vbus.
03:03.25tmztI'm missing something then, this was two different things
03:03.43WyrMand the configuration for ohci on ezx.c is for another usb port.
03:03.52tmztan otg_transceiver implementation
03:04.25WyrMits is directly connected via single ended usb pins (6 vias, no transceiver) to the baseband
03:05.00tmztyeah usb3, the second part of that was about replacing the ohci_init in ezx.c with ohci_platform_data and calling pxa_set_ohci_info
03:05.37tmzteven still, pH5 said there's no reason to have the ioremap's because the register already has a macro define to access it
03:05.42WyrMdon't we do that already?
03:07.22tmztand set the flags in ezx_ohci_platform_data?
03:07.43WyrMany other flag we should set?
03:08.12tmztthe writels in ezx_ohci_init are to set bits on UP3OCR?
03:08.21WyrMwhich writel?
03:08.44tmztthe second one, the first is to enable usb2 and 3
03:08.57WyrMI don't have any ezx_ohci_init on  my code.
03:09.06WyrMonly ezx_bp_init()
03:09.14WyrMwith         UP3OCR = 2;
03:09.35WyrMand I don't have any ioremap either.
03:09.57tmztthen I have an old version of that because it was in ezx.c at some point
03:12.41tmzt__raw_writel(__raw_readl(iobase + 0x64) & ~((1<<10)|(1<<11)|(1<<5)), iobase+0x64);
03:12.45tmztthis is what I had
03:12.57tmztis that the same thing as UP3OCR = 2?
03:13.02WyrMlast time I looked at otg implementation (some time ago, when phillip and robert were working at it) it was hardcoded to the pxa internal transceiver.
03:13.51WyrMI even contributed an "one liner" to linux-usb to remove the hardcoding on pxa27x-udc to the builtin transceiver.
03:14.16WyrMwhat is iobase?
03:14.46tmztiobase = ioremap(0x40600000,0x1000); __raw_writel(0x00000002, iobase+0x24); iounmap(iobase);
03:14.49tmztiobase = ioremap(0x4C000000,0x1000); __raw_writel(__raw_readl(iobase + 0x64) & ~((1<<10)|(1<<11)|(1<<5)), iobase+0x64); iounmap(iobase);
03:15.00WyrMup3ocr is __REG(0x40600024)
03:15.26tmztoh, what's 0x4c000064?
03:16.11WyrMdon't know.
03:16.17WyrMneed to look at the manual :)
03:16.38WyrMafaik its not even the udc.
03:18.33tmzt05:40 < pH5> I think no, it's in the ohci driver code.
03:18.33tmzt05:41 < pH5> 4C000064 can be set via .flags
03:19.16WyrM4c000064 is UHCHR
03:20.24tmztwhat does that mean bitwise?
03:20.29WyrMinstead of trying to figure out old code, update your ezx.c :)
03:21.16WyrMohci is working on current tree.
03:21.25WyrMat least, BP is working.
03:21.28tmztmy ezx.c was the same as upstream because of topgit missing branches
03:21.33WyrMwhat are you trying to do btw?
03:21.44WyrMsame as upstream?
03:21.58WyrMthere is no ohci/udc/usb code at all on mainline linux for ezx.
03:22.02tmztI think, or at least the master in openezx.git
03:22.38WyrMcan't be either, as master is the same code as mainline.
03:23.37tmztI got that block of code from some version of ezx.c and it was needed to make usb host work for my msm chip (baseband), and was also enough to make usb host work on htc apache so I was trying to see why this was not upstream
03:24.18tmztbecause it didn't look very clean to have it in a board in pxa
03:24.27WyrMwith the actual ohci code on ezx.c your msm should work too.
03:24.46WyrMabout apache...
03:25.14WyrMafaik they use the internal transceiver of pxa, so it is pretty different.
03:25.59WyrMUP?OCR defines the kind of connection, so if UP?OCR is different, everything else is probably different too.
03:26.29tmztits is directly connected via single ended usb pins (6 vias, no  transceiver) to the baseband
03:26.36tmztwhat does that mean?
03:26.48WyrMdo you have the manual?
03:27.32tmzthold on
03:32.56WyrMsee 12.5.5 (what is used on EZX)
03:33.21WyrMvs 12.5.4 (what is used on htc phones)
03:33.24WyrMafaik :)
03:34.49WyrMif what you want to do is trying to use usb host on your motoq, the only needed change on the PXA part of the code is UP2OCR = UP2OCR_SEOS(3) instead of 2.
03:35.43tmztI am using the usb host with the block I posted earlier, the usb host is directly connected to the msm the way you described earlier I think
03:36.11WyrMso, it should work with the latest ezx.c too.
03:36.13WyrMjust try.
03:36.23tmztI just don't get how that's different than using the internal transceiver since the msm chip is designed to be interfaced to a standard usb host
03:36.26WyrMim talking about usb host on the mini usb port.
03:36.56tmztI don't have that unless the "eoc" chip supports it, and pxa only has one usb host port right?
03:36.58WyrMit is different. see the manual.. the same pins would have different functions.
03:37.45tmzthtc apache has a msm chip on the usb host as well, I don't think it has the capability of using the host through the miniusb
03:37.56WyrMafaik it has 2 usb ports which you can route to both udc and uhc.
03:38.10tmztI'm looking at the manual
03:38.42WyrMyes, you can use host on the miniusb.
03:39.18tmztpxa has three hosts, one of which can be used for otg by connecting a transceiver to it and the udc port?
03:39.25WyrMprobably on apache which uses the builtin transceiver, you wold have only unpowered usb host.
03:39.38WyrMon ezx you can have powered usb host because of the external transceiver.
03:39.55WyrM3 hosts or 3 ports?
03:40.02tmzt3 ports
03:42.09tmzt0x0 = host controller port 3 transceiver with external hsot controller
03:42.24tmzt0x2 = host controller port 3 transceiver with external device controller
03:43.26WyrMyes, as it looks port 3 is host only.
03:43.34WyrMport 2 supports both uhc and udc
03:44.05tmztok, on q and apache msm is connected to port3?
03:44.21WyrMI think yes.
03:44.22tmztsame as bp on some of the ezx phones?
03:44.33WyrMneptune is connected to port3 on ezx.
03:44.41tmztyeah ok
03:44.46WyrMand EOC/PCAP to port 2
03:45.01tmztI will try the new ezx.c code and see if the modem still works
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09:25.40Hopscotchguten morgen
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10:28.23florianhi jonwil
11:02.00sabrodhi all
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13:50.12gmzhuoE6's screen lock is GPIO15
13:50.28sabrod_hi gmzhuo
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14:19.29gmzhuoI can't push in ezx now :(
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15:05.38ao2hi gmzhuo, what is the problem with push?
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15:46.38ao2interesting mail on openezx-devel, usb host working on a780
16:08.54WyrMim curious to see if he placed a sysfs control or if he implemented some accessory detection logic :)
16:27.56gmzhuoHi,ao2,The remote end hung up unexpectedly
16:28.10gmzhuothis is my error msg for git-push
16:30.25gmzhuoI'm intresting of usb-host working on the a780 too,how to connect and how about the patch
17:15.42l403it nneeds external power though
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17:17.54l403but it is achievable with 2 AA batts
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19:18.51yanghi ao2
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19:37.16p3t3r__1Just kidding: Do you think there is a  way to connect / add a touchscreen to a non-touchscreen phone? Are there connectors to solder it to?
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19:59.29l403p3t3r__1: I think you can. just need a usable GPIOs to talk to a sensor driver. then there is the physical mount issue :)
20:04.00p3t3r__1Ok.. well, this sounds pretty difficult.. I have an E680 ts here, that's why i asked.. A910 with TS (and in a non clamshell case'd be the uber-ezx ;-) )
20:07.55l403btw there are howtos about how tthey work and even nhow to make your oown capacitive taouchscreen
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22:29.26johanbrfrom the mailing list: "We got usb-host working on the a780. Up to now we successfully tested  usb keyboards, a d-link dwl-122 wifi adaptor and a usb to ethernet  adaptor."
22:29.29johanbrwow :)
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23:42.21CIA-15OpenEZX: 03guiming zhuo <gmzhuo@gbsoft.localdomain> 07ezx/current * r63b32fac14 10openezx/arch/arm/mach-pxa/ezx.c: Add support for E6 lock switch
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