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01:39.24gmzhuowhere can I get mtn program?
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06:56.25gmzhuoanybody can help me with Building ?ngstr?m?
06:56.48gmzhuoanybody can help me with Building angstrom
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07:08.33gmzhuoao2,can you help me to build angstrom?
07:08.46ao2sure gmzhuo
07:09.26gmzhuoI excute  bitbake base-image,but get
07:11.36ao2I always started with console-image, but I don't think there's any difference.
07:12.03ao2well how does you env look like? echo $BBPATH
07:12.33gmzhuo[zhuogm@localhost org.openembedded.stable]$ echo $BBPATH
07:13.19ao2I have these settings in my .bashrc:
07:13.21ao2# OpenEmbedded settings
07:13.21ao2export PATH=${HOME}/Proj/EZX/OE/bitbake/bin:$PATH
07:13.21ao2export BBPATH=${HOME}/Proj/EZX/OE/build:${HOME}/Proj/EZX/OE/
07:14.15gmzhuothe irc DON'T let me send the BBPATH
07:15.15ao2well, just check it is ok
07:15.52gmzhuoI followed make source-me.txt to set the env,it should be right
07:16.14gmzhuoI don't if it because of local.conf?
07:24.16ao2I don't know for sure
07:26.53gmzhuoI have changed the DISTRO,now buiding again...
07:28.31ao2gmzhuo, there are the differences between the sample config and my config:
07:28.46gmzhuoI change DISTRO as ezx,it dosn't work,now change to anstrom-2008.1,works now
07:28.48ao2maybe that can be useful to spot if you missed anything
07:29.16ao2ah, fine
07:30.22gmzhuoI want to make a system with bluetooth pand,then I can hacker the USB 2.0 udc
07:32.47ao2ah, so even bt works on E6?
07:35.18ao2wow, great. What about posting the needed pieces to openezx-devel? Was it only about setting up GPIOs and powering up the module?
07:38.10gmzhuoOnly powering up the module
07:38.21gmzhuoI make mistake!
07:39.07gmzhuoI excute tar -zxvf Angstrom****.tar.gz at /,god save me!
07:39.23gmzhuo-bash: /bin/ls: cannot execute binary file
07:39.33gmzhuoMy god!
07:40.17ao2maybe you can still use your package manager and reinstall the needed packages
07:40.57gmzhuoMaybe I need reinstall now
07:41.12gmzhuoI always use root!!!
07:41.40ao2meybe It's a good moment to get rid of bad habits too :)
07:42.37ao2anyway I think you can still recover your system without a full reinstall
07:43.38ao2at worst you can boot a live cd and reinstall only the overwritten files, for instance /bin/ls is in 'coreutils' package in debian
07:44.51gmzhuoYes,maybe I only need to replace libs /bin /sbin etc
07:45.19ao2you can get the list of the overwritten files listing the contents of that .tar.gz
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11:52.55WyrMhi gmzhuo
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12:50.57gmzhuoE2 use 1583 too!
12:51.30gmzhuoWe can see it in arch / arm / def-configs / ezx-sumatra
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15:10.14gmzhuoMy system was installed on vmware,the root device is sda*,but now I need put it on real Pc,the hard disk become hdc*,How can I deal with this problem?
15:11.04EuroTrashDo you have a live cd of some sort?
15:11.20EuroTrashBasically what you need to do is change /etc/fstab and fix your boot loader.
15:11.27EuroTrashThat should be sufficient.
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15:19.09gmzhuoI have rescue disk
15:19.40gmzhuohow to change /etc/fstab and fix boot loader?
15:19.49gmzhuothe boot loader is grub
15:20.00gmzhuoyou mean change menu.lst?
15:20.23DominusMount your root drive (if the rescue disk doesn't already do it) and change /dev/sda* to /dev/hdc* for / and possibly your other partitions.
15:20.35DominusNot sure about grub, I don't use it.
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15:22.29gmzhuowhen i change /dev/sda* to /dev/hdc*,did I need to change dev major?
15:24.57DominusNot unless you're running a 10-year old distro :)
15:31.28sabrod-laptopgmzhuo: for what I know the kernel handle the root=/dev/xdxX command, but yesterday you made me learn it with you question!!!
15:32.38sabrod-laptopit handles this...perhaps only with some flexibles distro /init scripts
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