IRC log for #nslu2-linux on 20110704

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08:27.17_kaze_hi !
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18:51.40CIA-7803bzhou * r12496 10optware/trunk/make/ transmission: 2.31 -> 2.32
19:27.20CIA-7803bzhou * r12497 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/memcached/IOV_MAX.patch): memcached: builds for uclibc platforms on newer host
19:28.31CIA-7803bzhou * r12498 10optware/trunk/make/ lighttpd: 1.4.28 -> 1.4.29
20:08.07ka6sox-awayI am surprised...but optware doesnt' have telnet!
20:09.29enoka6sox-away: it's probably in one of the inet-utils packages
20:09.32enolet me check
20:10.16enoprobably netkit-telnet
20:10.40enoalso, you can use netcat, socat, ncat in nmap
20:14.32ka6sox-awayokay thanks...we need a telnetd
20:14.54enothere probably also exists one
20:15.00ka6sox-awaythe sourcecode for telnetd is harder to find than I thought.
20:15.58ka6sox-awayif I need to make it should I use the NCSA code (even though its old?)
20:17.04enonetkit-telnet ipk contains both client and server
20:17.42ka6sox-awayI will package that up for preware so we can use that for the new terminal app.
20:18.12ka6sox-awayjust a meta-data change.
20:18.32ka6sox-awayeno, I am uploading 3 new sets of Pix and will share when they are there.
20:36.46enosure, thx
21:01.44CIA-7803bzhou * r12499 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ utelnetd: a small telnetd, added & promoted
21:02.43ka6sox-awayI'm pretty sure the emulator uses something like that.
21:10.13CIA-7803bzhou * r12500 10optware/trunk/make/ memcached: used IOV_MAX.patch on all platforms
21:11.40enoka6sox-away: busybox probably also have a telnetd applet, it's just not enabled right now
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21:36.19CIA-7803bzhou * r12501 10optware/trunk/make/ git: -> 1.7.6
21:36.40CIA-7803bzhou * r12502 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/py-mercurial/ py-mercurial: 1.8.3 -> 1.9
21:54.40ka6sox-awayeno, in this case I'd rather have something separate as it will be a component of another package.
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