IRC log for #nslu2-linux on 20100420

00:14.50rwhitbyhillct: who was the guy?
00:15.22hillctIt's been a long time
00:15.35hillctgoes to look
00:18.58Unhelpful*finally*, *proper* cross-compile for Qt... realized when i was about to commit that it was broken and only worked for me because my target was x86 :D
00:19.46Unhelpfulturns out it's a bit of a pain to do it right :P
00:20.04hillctrwhitby: the guy's name is '"Rolf 'Laibsch' Leggewie"
00:20.22hillcthe aparently claims responsibility for all GOIP related packages
00:20.28hillcter VOIP
00:20.33hillctrelated packages
00:21.31rwhitbyhillct: you could do an overlay
00:21.52hillcthow do you mean?
00:22.11hillctI don't have direct acces to check things into OE
00:22.15hillctnever have...
00:22.40hillctso all I could do was open tickets and let this joker reject them
00:23.11hillcteventually I just kept the recipes in my own local SVN
00:41.17rwhitbyhillct: you could distribute an OE overlay from your own site
00:42.11hillctI guess I just don't care that much anymore
00:42.20rwhitbyno worries
01:23.13Unhelpfulanybody happen to know if any of the arm targets in optware are armv6? qt has an armv6-specific implementation of atomic operations... for now i'm just using the generic arm for anything arm.
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16:47.02CIA-6903bzhou * r11558 10optware/trunk/make/ whois: 5.0.1 -> 5.0.2
16:47.04CIA-6903bzhou * r11559 10optware/trunk/make/ bftpd: 2.7 -> 2.8
16:47.05CIA-6903bzhou * r11560 10optware/trunk/make/ tz: tzcode -> 2010f; tzdata -> 2010i
16:47.06CIA-6903bzhou * r11561 10optware/trunk/make/ libtasn1: 2.4 -> 2.6
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