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02:54.59rwhitbyattempts a Ubuntu install on a vanilla nslu2
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05:24.35CIA-6403bzhou * r10009 10optware/trunk/make/ cherokee: uclibc platforms stay at 0.99.11
05:51.23CIA-6403bzhou * r10010 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/pure-ftpd/configure.patch): pure-ftpd: 1.0.21 -> 1.0.22, patch now
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06:46.18CIA-6403alllexx * r10011 10optware/trunk/make/ clinkcc: should be fine now. Note that it depends on iconv and also fails to build on cs05q1armel (and maybe some others) due to the gcc 3.4.[3-4] bug
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06:51.51CIA-6403alllexx * r10012 10optware/trunk/make/ clinkcc: fixed a typo
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07:19.58rwhitbygets OOM errors with Ubuntu installer, and therefore puts it in the "not working yet" pile.
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11:20.47CIA-6403alllexx * r10013 10optware/trunk/make/ clinkcc: apply fix for glibc targets only
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17:35.18CIA-6403bzhou * r10014 10optware/trunk/make/ clinkcc: fix to build on more platforms, but 13MB static lib seems excessive
17:37.33Deffieany linux distribution for ppc coming with executables built for 2.6 < 2.6.18 ?
17:40.04enothis requirement seems very particular
17:40.49enomost linux distributions have moved to > 2.6.18
17:40.57enoat least the latest one
17:41.49enoi'm sure if you look for past distros, there might be one with 2.6 < 2.6.18
17:41.57enobut why?
17:42.15ka6sox-workDeffie,  what does YellowDog Linux have now?
17:42.23ka6sox-workthey were keeping up last time I checked.
17:43.24ka6sox-workkernel v2.6.27 << YDL 6.1
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17:43.45Deffiewow thank you for attention
17:43.56Deffieyup it is for a dreambox, a satellite receiver
17:44.05Deffievery limited with just its software
17:44.19ka6sox-workokay sounds good.
17:44.22ka6sox-workhave fun.
17:44.41Deffiei tried to debootstrap debian but the nearest is 2.6.18 and still doesnt work
17:44.46Deffiechroot says kernel too old :P
17:44.49enoif you can rebuild kernel, you can build any version
17:45.07ka6sox-workbut you need a good toolchain which YDL has.
17:45.09Deffiei think theres some problem with proprietary drivers
17:45.16Deffieor not
17:45.18ka6sox-workmight be that issue.
17:45.19Deffiedont know
17:45.38Deffiegoing to try ydl :D
17:46.50enoyou might want to try building apps with the existing toolchain
17:47.05enotry optware
17:48.29Deffiei did something with optware
17:48.48enodoes hello-ipk work?
17:49.01Deffiebut for example i got problems with the existing toolchain and libxml2
17:49.22Deffiethey are not in the original toolchain
17:49.30Deffiei built busybox too
17:49.43Deffieusing optware
17:49.52enotoolchain should be minimal, should not include libxml2
17:50.17Deffieshould i build it inside optware ?
17:50.36enoyes, make libxml2-ipk
17:51.32enoso far on all the platforms i know, libxml2 builds okay
17:57.06Deffieok built but toolchain ld doesnt find it
18:01.41enoyou mean libxml2 ipk built, but for some other app, ld doesn't find it?
18:02.31Deffiei have libxml2 into builds and theres the directory structure from opt
18:02.51Deffiebut my ld is in toolchain/cdk/bin
18:03.00Deffieand looks in toolchain/cdk/lib
18:03.28Deffiei merely tried to copy libxml lib/ contents into toolchain/cdk/lib
18:03.36Deffiebut maybe its not the way :P
18:04.22enothat's not the way
18:13.35enoshould use libxml2-stage to stage libs into optware/tuxbox/staging
18:14.36enothere're quite a lot of example .mk files using libxml2
18:14.45enogrep libxml2-stage make/*
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18:37.33Deffiethats a lot more politically correct :P
18:39.27enoDeffie: the key is to setup optware/platforms/ correctly
18:39.54enoso you can just type "make aria2-ipk" for example
18:40.16enoand it will build all the dependencies, populate staging directories
18:40.27enoand finally build aria2 ipk
18:40.32Deffieyup but just in case bind doesnt have libxml2 in its deps
18:40.47Deffiebut it doesnt compile without libxml2
18:41.25enois it a new package you're working on, or existing package?
18:41.58eno(does make/<the-package-you-want>.mk exists?
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18:43.35enoi'd suggest you 1) setup 2) try some existing package that uses libxml2
18:44.17enothis way you can re-use the optware infrastructure
18:46.18Deffiebind, the dns server
18:47.09enoin 9.5.0-P2, i don't see libxml2 as dependencies
18:47.37enofor home LAN, i prefer dnsmasq
18:47.41Deffiebut compilation fails for libxml missing
18:47.55Deffienop i need just nsupdate
18:47.58enosame version or newer version?
18:48.23Deffieof ?
18:48.54Deffieto be sincere i got it from download site :P
18:49.16Deffiebecause the one in the optware was failing for a double declaration in source
18:49.29Deffieand the one downloaded did the same
18:49.33Deffieso i corrected source
18:49.35ReedyOh, PPmarcel
18:49.45Deffieand it reached libxml dep
18:49.46Reedyand netBSD
18:49.56Deffieso maybe it is a problem I created
18:50.57enocan you try configure --without-libxml2 ?
18:52.12enoif you want libxml2, try --with-libxml2=$(STAGING_PREFIX)
18:54.07Deffiethats nice
18:54.26Deffieshould i launch configure manually or i can pass the parameter to it thru make ?
18:59.09enotry modifying make/
18:59.55enoi think optware/make/ should be more explicit
19:08.06CIA-6403bzhou * r10015 10optware/trunk/make/ bind: explicit --without-libxml2
19:08.45Deffienow a noob question
19:09.04Deffie(like if the ones till now were EXPERT)
19:09.23Deffiefrom what is provided the ipkg executable ?
19:09.59enoi don't understand the question
19:10.24enookay, let me try, ipkg-opt.ipk provides /opt/bin/ipkg
19:10.34Deffieoh wow
19:10.42Deffiethat was the question :)
19:11.02enoso you can try "make ipkg-opt-ipk" to build it
19:11.21enobut since you cannot install an ipk without an existing ipkg
19:11.49enooften ppl just extract ipkg-opt*.ipk with tar
19:12.49enosome firmware (like unslung) were built with an ipkg binary
19:13.02enok, bbl
19:16.29Deffiei have to send you some wine :P
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20:25.23CIA-6403bzhou * r10016 10optware/trunk/make/ bzr: 1.13.1 -> 1.14
20:27.41CIA-6403bzhou * r10017 10optware/trunk/make/ cherokee: revert to 0.99.11
20:28.22CIA-6403bzhou * r10018 10optware/trunk/make/ py-mssql: 1.0.1 -> 1.0.2
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