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02:19.21CIA-703bzhou * r9074 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/vim/ vim: 7.1 -> 7.2
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18:44.44CIA-703bzhou * r9075 10optware/trunk/make/ slang: 2.1.3 -> 2.1.4
18:45.38CIA-703bzhou * r9076 10optware/trunk/platforms/ toolchain-dns323: GCC_SITE adjustment
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19:14.46barnseenioanyone about?
19:15.06barnseeniomy slug (with debian) went down as someone switch power off, and now it doesnt start
19:15.30barnseenioi have memory stick with os, stick for swap, and an usb wd disk attached via hub
19:16.14barnseeniohmm lol may have sorted it, lol
19:17.14barnseenioi think it must have mounted the wrong way round, as i never bothered setting up that mounting by label
19:20.19barnseenioits pinging now, and i have two green lights (status and ethernet)
19:20.29barnseeniobut doesnt let me ssh
19:20.44barnseenioi have only the stick with the OS on plugged in now
19:21.47barnseeniolong time no see
19:24.31barnseeniohappen to know, if i had it setup with two sticks (one os, one swap) and an external drive. if i unplugged all but the OS stick, would you expect i could still ssh into it
19:25.42barnseenioi tried all the drives on another pc, and the files all seem intact
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19:28.08barnseenioim getting more beeps too, i get a double beep
19:32.10Reedyshould boot fine
19:32.16Reedymine does when its playing silly buggars
19:32.24barnseenioits wierd. i have only that stick in
19:32.28Reedyit just wont mount them
19:32.37barnseenioand my ssh is always set as port 443 and 444
19:32.46barnseeniohowever now, it seems open on 22
19:33.11barnseeniobut doesnt recognise my pass
19:34.14barnseeniois there some fallback?
19:34.24barnseenioive never had it running on 22
19:34.38barnseeniodoesnt seem to recognise my usual pass, or my root account
19:35.11barnseenioor my keyfile
19:35.55Reedyssh runs by default on 22
19:36.01Reedyso you must've at some point
19:36.21barnseeniosure, but i mean i changed it right at the beginning
19:36.52barnseeniowonder why it seems to have reverted, plus doesnt know my unames or password
19:37.34barnseeniodo you get disk1/2 green lights?
19:37.47barnseenioi cant remember if i stopped getting those after putting debian on
19:37.57barnseenioatm i only have status and ethernet at green
19:39.18Reedyi get disk1 to light up
19:39.21Reedybut have usb in disk 2
19:39.25Reedy*usb hub
19:41.36barnseeniodamn it
19:44.23barnseenioi dont get it, cos if i stick my stick in the pc, and look at sshd_config, then ssh is set to run on 443 and 444
19:47.22barnseenioif im running debian, what are my options to start with no disks in to try and recover this shit?
19:48.03Reedyserial console at best
19:48.44barnseeniosounds painful
19:49.30barnseenioi just dont see how ssh can be running on a different port to whats in the config, and not responding to known user logins
19:52.38barnseenioThe simple fix is to set "FSCKFIX=yes" in /etc/default/rcS
19:52.46barnseenioi tried that, but didnt seem to make any difference
19:52.57barnseeniothe power did go off to it, so it might have shut down 'wierdly'
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20:32.31barnseenioReedy, is it important which slots the sticks are plugged into?
20:32.41Reedyshouldnt make any difference
20:33.06barnseeniowhen i only plug one in (with os on) it doesnt work in 2, only on 1
20:33.35barnseenioand on 1, it seems not to work for a while, getting cycling orange/red/green in status light, then i get a double beep and it 'kicks in'
20:33.43barnseeniomake any sense?
20:34.44barnseeniothen when that is working, ssh is on 22 (not like the config) and no logins work. i enabled FSCKFIX and bootlogd, but i see no messages in /var/log/boot
20:35.42barnseeniomy dmesg file looks like
20:36.03barnseeniowhich has the write time of when it booted
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20:51.06[1]bbdamn pc
20:51.16[1]bbnothings working out for me this weekend!
21:38.19barnseenioi think i may be onto something
21:38.28barnseenioim using the openslug bootstrap method
21:38.38barnseenioperhaps its never getting to debian
21:38.51barnseenioand the ssh i see on 22 is it booting openslug?
21:40.26barnseeniohm., nice theory but i cant see any .recovery file
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22:04.09[1]bbif my bootstrapping from openslug to debian seems to have stopped working, and i have no .recovery file, any tips on what i can look for?
22:26.43[1]bbok so i managed to log into it with the opeNSLUg password
22:27.13[1]bbwierdly the slug just sits there cycling the leds until i start pinging it from other machine, then it seems to kick in and start openslug
22:27.43[1]bbReedy, run the bootstrap/openslug method?
22:27.55Reedynot a clue, unfortunately
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