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00:59.36CIA-4703bzhou * r8563 10optware/trunk/make/ mg: 20080322 -> 20080610
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03:53.08CIA-4703bzhou * r8564 10optware/trunk/make/ svn: added cyrus-sasl-libs to DEPENDS
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14:28.03kateri've installed e2fsprogs but the file ist not  present in /lib
14:28.12katercan anyone help?
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15:10.39kateryes i know. it's the package e2fsprogs. but there is no file
15:11.10mwesterLooks to me like it's in e2fsprogs-libs
15:11.33katerno I already tried this
15:11.54mwesterYou didn't tell us that...
15:12.14mwesterYou might also mention what firmware and hardware you are using, for completeness.
15:12.44kateri have a Synology ds207
15:12.56kateroptware ist running
15:13.05mwesterAh, so you are using optware.
15:13.12kateryes :)
15:13.49mwesterOk, then the library is not available, it seems.  Perhaps someone who knows about optware on this platform will comment, when they drop by this channel.
15:14.18kateroh that is bad
15:14.49katerI need this library to run subversion
15:19.26enothere are libuuid files in e2fslibs 1.40.3 for syno-x07, they're in /opt/lib
15:20.50katerok I must downgrade to 1.40.3?
15:27.47kater@eno: I get my packages from
15:28.00katerand there is version 1.40.11-1
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15:48.51enokater: no need to downgrade
15:49.28enosyno-x07 is using 1.40.3 because >1.40.3 does not compile
15:49.42enofor ds101g, libuuid files are at the same place
15:58.28katereno: but ipkg gets 1.40.11-1
15:58.51katerfrom here:
15:59.24enoyeah, ds101g feed uses e2fsprogs/e2fslibs 1.40.11
15:59.47enoare you saying e2fslibs 1.40.11 does not contain /opt/lib/libuuid* ?
16:00.22enothat's impossible, i just checked official build machine, they're there
16:00.44katerbut i cant find it
16:01.03katerif installed e2fsprogs ... e2fslibs
16:01.13enoipkg list_installed e2fslibs
16:01.15katerand e2tools
16:01.20katerok wait
16:01.57kateripkg list_installed e2fslibs
16:01.57katere2fslibs - 1.40.11-1 -
16:01.58katerSuccessfully terminated.
16:02.08katerno files
16:02.27enoipkg files e2fslibs
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16:03.59enothe description of e2fslibs does not looks right
16:04.10enoit should be "Ext2 Filesystem Libraries"
16:04.39enocan you try "ipkg update; ipkg -force-reinstall install e2fslibs"
16:04.50katerhey eno: i've made a ipkg e2fslibs -force_reinstall
16:05.00katernow the lib is present :D
16:05.15katerthank you very much
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17:01.20CIA-4703bzhou * r8565 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): ez-ipupdate: another dyn IP updater, added & promoted
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20:08.49CIA-4703oleo * r8566 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/transmission/transmissiond.c): transmission: downgrade to 1.22 to accomodate clutch - transmissiond reverted to r8214
20:51.23CIA-4703bzhou * r8567 10optware/trunk/Makefile: ez-ipupdate: promoted to COMMON_CROSS_PACKAGES
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21:27.49DrChairHi eno, I see you added amule to the optware feed... I ain't working correctly though...
21:28.58Sinclair73dehi, onyone knows a good benchmark/example prog (source-code) for testing floating point performance on the Slug?
21:29.29DrChairon first startup, it tries to create a cryptkey.dat, but hangs on there... So something seem wrong with crypto++.
21:30.47DrChairIf i test crypto++ on my router I get a FAILED:  Your machine is little endian.
21:31.34DrChairi'll see if i can get crypto++ to build in little endian..
21:49.36enoDrChair: that's strange, since build machine is intel, little endian
21:50.10enoand i've tested the cs06q3armel build, also little endian
21:51.06enoanyway, you're welcome to investigate it further
21:52.45DrChairafter forcing #define IS_LITTLE_ENDIAN in config.h, before building crypto++, the resulting cryptest.exe does work on Oleg. I'm now rebuilding amule to see the
21:54.44DrChairI guess defined(__mips__) is true, so it assumes big endian
22:14.07CIA-4703bzhou * r8568 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): crypto++: patch to recognize mipsel little endian
22:22.26enoif this fixes amule problem on ddwrt or oleg or openwrt-brcm24, let me know
22:22.41enoi'll bump amule IPK_VERSION to pick up this change
22:23.07eno(sinece crypto++ is static lib right now, not an ipk)
22:37.16DrChairwith my 'manual' little endian crypto++, amule seems to be working ok. So I guess it will also be with your patch.
22:38.19CIA-4703bzhou * r8569 10optware/trunk/make/ amule: bump IPK_VERSION to pick up crypto++ mipsel endian detection patch
22:56.24CIA-4703bzhou * r8570 10optware/trunk/make/ freetype: 2.1.10 -> 2.3.6
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23:58.07CIA-4703bzhou * r8571 10optware/trunk/make/ ez-ipupdate: strip as a separate step

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