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06:33.33CIA-2303bzhou * r7977 10optware/trunk/make/ classpath: 0.96.1 -> 0.97.1
06:33.35CIA-2303bzhou * r7978 10optware/trunk/make/ jamvm: 1.5.0 -> 1.5.1
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08:57.44CIA-2303rwhitby * r7979 10optware/trunk/make/ inetutils: Added missing readline dependency for ftp
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12:20.58yaustarHi, I am having trouble installing rTorrent on my OpenWRT (NSLU2), can anyone help me please?
12:21.50yaustarI keep getting the following error: Nothing to be done
12:21.50yaustarAn error ocurred, return value: 4.
12:21.50yaustarCollected errors:
12:21.51yaustarCannot find package rtorrent.
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13:56.53svu_is this the place for wl500g firmware discussions?
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14:25.06nassohi all. anyone here running slugos?
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14:40.43mwesterlotsa slugos running here
15:28.46CIA-2303bzhou * r7980 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/logrotate/postinst): logrotate: create dirs, migrate logrotate.status
15:41.26CIA-2303bzhou * r7981 10optware/trunk/make/ net-tools: moved ifconfig to /opt/bin to avoid update-alternative conflict with busybox or inetutils
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16:41.31hillctin setting up a slugos cross compile enviroment, I ran into the issue where the setup-env script when sourced, logs me out of the shell. I'd encountered this before but I forget the solution. it has something to do with the OE config file or something. Can anyone remind me what that's about?
16:44.31mwesterYoiu don't source it; just type ". ./setup-env"
16:45.50hillctsame behavior either way. I gorgot to make slugoos-image
16:45.52hillctworks now
16:45.58hillcter forgot
16:46.33hillctthe thing is, it really shouldn't be a reqwuirement that you need to make slugos-image just to get the config files into place
16:47.26hillctthe needed config file should be included in setup-slugos-4.8-beta and other setup-slugos version targets
16:47.39hillctat least from what I can tell
16:48.56mwesterI expect patches (tested) will be happily accepted by the maintainer of the master makefile :)
16:49.23hillctI'm not a makefile guru by any means
16:49.43hillctI wouldn't be confident providing makefile patches
16:50.28hillctI can do autoconf sort of, but not this interesting mastermakefile arrangement. It's impressive but rather alien to me, to do what you guys have done in this makefile
16:51.02hillctthe related lines seem to be:
16:51.04hillctsed -i -e 's/^MACHINE[[:space:]]*=[[:space:]]*\".*\"/MACHINE = \"nslu2be\"/' conf/auto.conf
16:51.28hillctecho "TOPDIR='`pwd`'" >conf/topdir.conf. conf/topdir.conf && test "`pwd`" = "$TOPDIR" || echo "TOPDIR='`pwd`'" > conf/topdir.conf
16:52.08hillctI believe those should be executed at the end of any setup-slugos-<version> target
16:52.33hillctnow to see about the toolchain...
16:52.53hillcthere goes.... back in (hopefully) 3 hours
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17:30.43CIA-2303bzhou * r7982 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/git/templates-Makefile.patch): git: ->
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