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02:04.34CIA-2203bzhou * r7947 10optware/trunk/platforms/ packages-dns323: promoted bunch of packages
02:45.11hoopymy slug keeps mounting one of my drives as read only
02:45.19hoopysays that it's write-protected
02:45.34hoopyi've tried chmod -R 777 /dev/sdb1 and that doesn't help
03:06.37mwesterhoopy:  that's a symptom of a drive with a file-system problem; Linux will force it to read-only in order to keep it from being damaged worse.
03:06.51mwesteryou need to run fsck on the filesystem
03:25.57hoopyi found out that this is a common occurance with my model of hard drive
03:29.35aadamsonmwester: did the corruption problem ever show itself again or determine it was real (file corruption that is)?
03:29.40aadamsonjust curious
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04:23.42CIA-2203bzhou * r7948 10optware/trunk/make/ whois: 4.7.22 -> 4.7.24
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16:06.24CIA-2203bzhou * r7949 10optware/trunk/make/ py-sqlobject: 0.9.4 -> 0.9.5
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17:01.48Jin^eLDhey oleo
17:02.09Jin^eLDhaven't seen you for quite a while :)
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19:22.00CIA-2203bzhou * r7950 10optware/trunk/make/ bzip2: inject CPPFLAGS into CFLAGS for dns323 -fPIC
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20:37.28MarkMikkelseanyone here
20:38.35ka6sox-worka few of us.
20:40.16MarkMikkelseanyone know something about DS ?
20:44.14enonintendo DS?
20:45.55MarkMikkelseDiskStation (synology)
20:47.40MarkMikkelseBeen there...BUT....doesn't seem to find anything
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20:57.05MarkMikkelsewhich devices does people inhere have ?
20:57.51rwhitbyMarkMikkelse: a very wide range of devices.
20:58.19rwhitbythe DS devices are very few and far between though.  I doubt anyone in here has one - there were only a few people on the nslu2 lists that had one.
20:58.58MarkMikkelseokay :-/
20:59.41ka6sox-workMarkMikkelse, synology does have a vibrant community with a full wiki iirc.
21:01.07rwhitbynslu2-linux really only supports it from an optware point of view.  we don't do replacement firmware for it.
21:06.16hoopythe DS devices?
21:12.44MarkMikkelsewiki iirc ??
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21:46.48CIA-2203bzhou * r7951 10optware/trunk/make/ lighttpd: build without mysql on dns323
21:47.40CIA-2203bzhou * r7952 10optware/trunk/make/ upx: 3.01 -> 3.02
21:48.41CIA-2203bzhou * r7953 10optware/trunk/make/ sudo: 1.6.9p13 -> 1.6.9p14
21:49.56CIA-2203bzhou * r7954 10optware/trunk/platforms/ promoted lighttpd on dns323
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23:23.09VoodooZjust built the latest slugos and after upslug'ing it my slug won't boot...
23:23.26VoodooZifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory
23:23.26VoodooZudhcpc (v1.9.1) started
23:23.26VoodooZifconfig: SIOCSIFFLAGS: No such file or directory
23:23.26VoodooZSending discover...
23:23.28VoodooZudhcpc: sendto: Network is down
23:23.50VoodooZanybody else got that or?
23:25.51ka6sox-workVoodooZ, that was on your serial port?
23:25.56ka6sox-workand using 4.9Alpha?
23:26.25VoodooZdoes upslug2 reuse the sysconf by default?
23:27.19ka6sox-workotherwise the IP would change.
23:27.20VoodooZok. I'm kind of new to upslug so I thought I did something wrong.
23:27.50VoodooZlooks like the network device is not present or something...
23:28.51VoodooZI guess my only option is to flash back the old version right?
23:29.01ka6sox-workI would to verify first.
23:29.38VoodooZthe only reason I decided to update is because my robot has been crashing (kernel panics) a lot lately...
23:30.10VoodooZusually on calls to send() in my robot's TCP server when sending images from the camera... probably unrelated..
23:30.34VoodooZthe same code worked for the last 2 years. odd.
23:38.40VoodooZyep. Just flashed the old image back successfully. something must be broken in the HEAD.
23:49.50VoodooZka6sox-work: let me know if you hear of anything pls..
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23:59.15VoodooZka6sox-work: Just noticed something earlier in the boot sequence that might explain it:
23:59.22VoodooZSlugOS booting...
23:59.22VoodooZStarting the hotplug events dispatcher udevd must be installed for pthread_cancel to work

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