IRC log for #nslu2-linux on 20080201

00:45.57CIA-2203bzhou * r7688 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ pv: added & promoted
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02:26.58CIA-2203rwhitby * r1024 10kernel/trunk/patches/ (11 files in 2 dirs): Reordered upstream patches
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03:18.20CIA-2203rwhitby * r1025 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.24/ (ixp4xx-subsume-nslu2-power.patch rtc-isl1208-new-style.patch): Back ported to vanilla 2.6.24
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04:02.32VoodooZ_rwhitby: slugimage's "set ethernet address" -e option: does it only work on packing or can I use for modding just redboot?
04:03.23rwhitbyjust pack a dummy image and then cut off the redboot part
04:07.46VoodooZ_you would think I could just do it manually in the bootloader too...But redboot is an handicap..
04:13.49VoodooZ_ok. I think I got it to work...
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04:32.55VoodooZ_rwhitby: I timed the stock slugosbe image boot to a usb flash disk to be 45secs which is not too bad considering REdboot takes 10 secs to start..
04:33.38VoodooZ_that udev populated part took a while but overall it's much better than the last time I tried it...
04:57.57VoodooZ_anybody gets "ipkg: fork failed" followed by a "Segmentation fault" on ipkg install wpa-supplicant???
04:58.19VoodooZ_lots of other packages installed fine before that one...
04:59.27ka6sox-laptopVoodooZ_, bug that.
05:01.02VoodooZ_hehe ok.. that would be my first time. shocking..
05:03.19VoodooZ_yipee. bugtracker gave me an error on login... not that I would remember if i have an account...
05:04.08VoodooZ_strangely I don't see a "create ticket" option.. I guess I must need an account...
05:04.14ka6sox-laptopare you using
05:21.45rwhitbyyou need a developer cert to enter it there.  just send it to the mailing list, and if someone can reproduce it we'll enter it.
05:25.04CIA-2203bzhou * r7689 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): perl: adapt to angstrom gcc4.2 cpp output
05:25.12CIA-2203rwhitby * r1026 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.24/KERNEL: Un-gitify the stable kernel patches
05:28.21CIA-2203bzhou * r7690 10optware/trunk/platforms/ ( initial {toolchain,packages}-angstromle
05:41.26CIA-2203bzhou * r7691 10optware/trunk/scripts/ optware-check-package: added sanity check for vt4 and angstromle
05:52.35VoodooZ_rwhitby: odd. now it worked...  the first time around the ipkg install complained "couldn't fork" so I manually wget'ed the ipk which segfaulted... oh well...
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06:01.12CIA-2203bzhou * r7692 10optware/trunk/platforms/ toolchain-angstromle: set STAGING_CPPFLAGS
06:23.29CIA-2203bzhou * r7693 10optware/trunk/make/ findutils: 4.2.31 -> 4.2.32
06:42.18mwesterVoodooZ_:  I've seen that before when I've asked ipkg install to do too much in a single operation.  I think it runs out of memory or something.  Were you installing a number of packages, or something that pulled in a lot of dependencies?
06:43.11ka6sox-laptopVoodooZ_, I forgot that I added like 1gb of SWAP and solved that.
06:45.37rwhitbyyeah, that's a memory issue, solved by adding swap.
06:48.14CIA-2203rwhitby * r1027 10kernel/trunk/patches/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed the LE mac addresses
07:00.59CIA-2203rwhitby * r1028 10kernel/trunk/patches/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed the RTC driver board info
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07:55.39CIA-2203mwester * r1029 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.24/ (series velocity-BE.patch): Updated the via velocity network driver (DSM-G600) for 2.6.24
08:07.25CIA-2203rwhitby * r1030 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.24/defconfig: Enabled PACKET in kernel
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13:59.10VoodooZ_ka6sox-laptop: ok. thanks. I'll try that..
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19:00.27CIA-2103mwester * r1031 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.24/ (defconfig kexec-rp.patch series): Upated kexec with RP's kexec patch.
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19:09.58CIA-2103bzhou * r7694 10optware/trunk/make/ swi-prolog: 5.6.49 -> 5.6.50
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21:44.09CIA-2103bzhou * r7695 10optware/trunk/ (4 files in 3 dirs): vsftpd: fixed and promoted on slugos
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22:39.43sdm485rwhitby: Hi. Is it worth check the latest build (4.9-alpha) to see if the fatslug problem is improved?
22:43.45rwhitbysdm485: I haven't applied or tested any fatslug patches yet.
22:48.20sdm485OK, Thanks.
22:50.05CIA-2103bzhou * r7696 10optware/trunk/platforms/ packages-angstromle: first pass
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