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01:07.14rwhitbyAnnirak: what's the problem you're having compiling Apex?
01:07.45AnnirakLame, I realise, but that is it.
01:10.55rwhitbyso you've compiled it now?
01:12.40Annirakno... I've just run make setup-host-debian
01:12.45Annirakit's nearly done
01:13.33rwhitbyyou don't need any of that to simply build apex
01:13.41rwhitbyyou do need a cross compiler though.
01:13.58rwhitbyand yes, the easiest way to get one of those is via the master makefile.
01:14.12Annirakafter running the master makefile
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01:14.28AnnirakI gotta run
01:14.31Annirakor I will be late
01:14.37AnnirakI'll be on tomorrow
01:14.46Annirakmaybe I'll figure it out then
01:15.20rwhitbyright, you need to build a cross compiler. either via building a firmware image (e.g. slugosle) or some other means
01:18.45rwhitby2.6.24 is released
01:57.30joshinYay.  Maybe that oom-killer problem will be fixed by 2.6.9876
01:57.53ka6sox-laptopjoshin, heh
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03:14.01Annirak_I'm a noob at crosscompiling.  How do I get arm-linux-gcc installed on ubuntu?
03:31.53CIA-1503bzhou * r7653 10optware/trunk/platforms/ toolchain-openwrt-ixp4xx: switch to toolchain of kamikaze 7.09 releases
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17:50.43AnnirakDo I have to go through the master makefile to build apex?
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17:51.23AnnirakHow would I install a cross-compilation environment without the master makefile
17:52.41enoAnnirak: read master makefile and you will understand
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17:53.03enoit really depends on which cross compilation env you're talking about
17:53.53Annirakeno: I'm trying to buid apex for debian on an ubuntu-i686 platform.
17:53.53enobut why not just use the master makefile ?
17:54.09AnnirakUpdating the monotone caches is taking forever
17:54.36Annirakit's been running for ~20 minutes and it's only at 900/21000
17:54.38enothat's certainly true
17:55.11enoi vaguely remember that you can copy a snapshot of mtn db from somewhere
17:55.13sdm485Annirak: Go to and get monotone-0.28. You can also tell Ubuntu package manager to lock the version and stop trying to update it.
17:55.46sdm485It takes my 2.4G celeron about 10 hours to migrate a db. Not worth the time.
17:56.08AnnirakI have a better idea: sdm485, I know you have an apex image with 128/256MB support.  Would you be willing to send that to me?
17:58.10sdm485This will be the second stage loader?
18:01.02AnnirakI want to use the installer image, which means 2.6.18
18:01.15AnnirakI was figuring on upgrading to 2.6.22-3 afterwards
18:02.12AnnirakWill that be a problem with apex?
18:04.29sdm485I doubt it. Can you send me a post with your address? yours appears blocked by Yahoo and I can't attach anything to it.
18:05.06AnnirakAh.  Yeah, that address is bad.  One sec
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18:15.00Anniraksdm485: did you get my message?
18:15.25sdm485I have a question about the mlock function call. When I launch memtester as a user, it refuses to lock memory which makes sense. When I run memtester as root, it will happily allocate whatever I ask to the point of crashing the system. Does this make sense?
18:15.32sdm485Annirak: not yet
18:15.53AnnirakYou don't see the PM I sent you?
18:16.15sdm485Oops. didn't see it..
18:17.56sdm485On it's way.
18:19.54sdm485Good. I think apex defaults to copying the maximum possible kernel size so about the only problem I see you having is if the location of the start of the kernel is different in a debian image
18:21.37AnnirakI think it should be the same
18:21.45AnnirakI hope it shoudl be the same
18:23.57sdm485It is also possible the area of the flash used for storing any additional env strings is actually used by debian. But if it makes the RAM available, there is no need for anything else.
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18:24.48AnnirakDo I need to pad the apex.bin or anything?
18:24.53AnnirakThe old one was 127k
18:24.59Annirakthe one you sent me is 48x
18:26.03sdm485Hmm. Not sure. That is the problem. I would try it without padding first myself as I think that is how it is pieced together in slugosbe
18:26.39AnnirakMaybe slugimage deals with that internally
18:27.12sdm485I am going to look through the logs on slugimage to see if there are any clues.
18:27.37AnnirakSo what I've done here is taken the debian-installer image, and replaced the apex.bin portion and replaced it with your apex.bin then reassembled it with slugimage
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18:34.38sdm485Annirak: It looks like 1 128k flash block is allocated for the <loader> and that is where apex is put. The kernel is loaded into the 5th block. Probably padding makes no difference as long as the total size is less than 1 block.
18:36.11AnnirakOk.  I'm loading the new image in now.  
18:39.30Annirakrebooted now... waiting for the beep
18:39.59Annirakthere's the beeps
18:40.08sdm485cool :)
18:40.50Annirakwell, that doesn't work.
18:41.01AnnirakThe kernel still only sees 32MB
18:41.17AnnirakLooks like I'll have to compile a kernel too if I want to go any further with that.
18:42.05sdm485I bet the kernel has a hardcoded command line. You need the version that will accept command lines from the bootloader.
18:42.24AnnirakAnd that version won't be in the debian installer image
18:42.47sdm485Probably not.
18:43.09AnnirakI wonder what would happen if I took the 2.6.22-3 out of the current di package and used its vmlinuz in the image
18:43.14sdm485Can you change the kernel?
18:43.37Annirakthe only problem is that I may loose ethernet support if I do
18:47.02sdm485If you need modules, you will run into a problem.
18:47.11AnnirakI've been using the unofficial image with the IXP4xx
18:50.12sdm485Have you thought of loading a slugos image (with the apex I sent) just to make absolutely sure the RAM is in order. I understand you aren't using a serial port.
18:51.47AnnirakI had thought of it...  I understand that slugosle works with debian...  Hmm.  That sounds like a viable option.
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18:52.09AnnirakI can always reflash later
18:52.31sdm485The apex version I sent you is from slugosbe.
18:53.42Annirakand yet it still booted.  Weird.
18:56.13sdm485Redboot is big-endian and apex is big-endian so the kernel must set the endian bit itself I guess.
18:58.11AnnirakWell, that works.  So there are conventional slugos images, right?
19:00.03AnnirakAnd by conventional, I mean binary
19:00.32sdm485Ah. You can download them from the website.
19:02.13sdm485Got to go. Have fun.
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20:16.03Reedy_Boymorning rwhitby
20:16.34Reedy_Boyhaving a VMWare PC that is on the same subnet as the rest of your network, would that have the same affect as me booting a ubuntu live cd?
20:18.14rwhitbyReedy_Boy: upgrade protocol does not work in vmware
20:18.25rwhitby(cause it's a non-standard, non-IP ethernet protocol)
20:19.09Reedy_BoyIf copy paste would work
20:19.17Reedy_BoyI've got both my NSLU2's in upgrade mode
20:19.31Reedy_Boythe debian VMWare PC has deteced the debian NSLU2 in upgrade mode
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20:20.59AnnirakSo, I've been having no end of trouble getting debian on to my slug
20:21.02AnnirakCurrently, I have Slugos/LE installed
20:21.08Annirakand that's working fine.
20:21.39AnnirakBut debootstrap is having some problems with me not having perl.
20:24.08AnnirakSo I'm installing perl.  I think I'm getting further now, but it's hard to tell.  I'll know for sure once debootstrap runs
20:24.40Reedy_BoyYou can use a premade image...
20:25.09AnnirakI haven't been able to get di-nslu2 to work
20:25.19AnnirakI've tried all the workarounds I've seen.
20:25.20rwhitbyReedy_Boy: wow - what version of vmware is that?
20:25.26aadamsonwhile we are talking about images... I've got slugos beta 4.8 image installed just fine and built the latest off the monotone tree (4.9)
20:25.40Reedy_Boyrwhitby, i think, its the networking method thats used..
20:25.42rwhitbymust be fixed in 6 then - I only have 5.x
20:25.47aadamsonwhen I installed it, the memory footprint was dramatically larger in 4.9 than 4.8 is that to be expected?
20:26.04Reedy_Boyrwhitby, ahhh.. I have it taking an IP via DHCP from my router
20:26.27rwhitbyReedy_Boy: yeah, I've tried bridged and nat before with 5.x - no go.  
20:26.27Reedy_Boyso it acts like its a pc on my network at home... not like a subnet only my pc can access
20:26.46Reedy_BoyThis is bridged :)
20:26.57rwhitbyThey've fixed usb2 in 6 too
20:27.49Reedy_Boyrwhitby, i think that proves that my unslung NSLU2 is at fault...
20:28.55Reedy_BoyIts already in the wiki...
20:28.56Reedy_Boy"Last solution, Upslug2 does work with VMware? Workstation. Note that the user must configure the VM to have access on the ethernet in Bridge mode. (Upslug2 requires layer 2 access on the network.) "
20:30.46rwhitbyReedy_Boy: note the version requirement for vmware
20:31.12Reedy_BoyGood idea, i'll put it on that it works in v6
20:31.27rwhitbyReedy_Boy: one last test - unplug the slug that it found and see if it finds the other one
20:31.39Reedy_Boyit didnt find it first
20:31.42Reedy_Boybut yeah, sure
20:31.56rwhitbyif not, then I agree the slug in question is not operating correctly
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20:32.15Reedy_Boy[no NSLU2 machines.....
20:33.40Reedy_BoyThat might become quite a popular method with there being the free VMWare player... for those in windows at least
20:34.11AnnirakAnyone here have deboostrap experience?
20:34.56AnnirakNevermind, I'm being an idiot.
20:35.18Reedy_BoyI'd just use
20:35.24AnnirakI omitted the http:// from the address.
20:35.32AnnirakReedy_Boy: didn't work for me
20:36.05rwhitbyReedy_Boy: windows users can just use the sercomm utility
20:36.24Reedy_Boyyeah, just it can be a bit arkward at times
20:36.26AnnirakThe installer crashes continuously.  That's supposed to be a symptom of low memory.  So I fattened my slug.  Except that now I need a build environment to get a kernel that supports a fatslug.
20:36.56Reedy_BoyDuring the drive partition/format
20:37.15rwhitbyAnnirak: the crashes are a symptom of large drives and mkfs.ext2 needing lots of memory to format large drives
20:37.43rwhitbyI believe if you get in and add swap before that step (by manually partitioning the disk on another machine first) then you can get it to work
20:37.44Annirakrwhitby: I'm using reiser, with keep existing data specified.
20:38.15Annirakrwhitby: I have turned swap on before that.  When partman runs, it unmounts your swap.
20:38.31Reedy_BoyThat you can, or at least, was Martins work around on the debian-arm mailing list
20:38.53AnnirakThe workaround is to manually enable swap, then partition manually, then let partman run, but tell it to keep existing data and not format.
20:39.02scantrwhitby: are you here?
20:39.17AnnirakAt the end of that sequence, my install hangs indefinitely, and eventually drops my connection.
20:39.33rwhitbyscant: yep
20:39.41rwhitbyAnnirak: just put a serial port on it.
20:40.04scantrwhitby: i'm asking for help in #oe, could you look?
20:40.16Annirakrwhitby: how's that going to help?
20:41.52rwhitbyAnnirak: it may be only the ssh connection that drops, at which point you can complete the installation using the serial console
20:55.01Annirakrwhitby: That may be.  So far, the slugos/le based debian install has been far less annoying, if far more involved.
20:55.37Annirak(annoyance happens when my slug kicks me out)
20:56.30rwhitbyAnnirak: yep, that's how I used to do my debian nslu2 installs.
20:57.48Annirakrwhitby: once I have my slugos/le+debian install done, I'm going to try to work out how to get a kernel with a larger memory support in there.
20:58.36AnnirakI understand it's purely a matter of the kernel arguments, since I have a modified apex loader installed already
21:10.50AnnirakI think I have a problem.  I just tried to unzip a file and got "tar: invalid gzip magic"
21:11.38Reedy_Boymissing dependancies?
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21:11.56AnnirakI don't think so.  It had worked earlier
21:13.04AnnirakI'm going to see what it does with a reboot
21:15.31AnnirakHere's a new one for me: mount: Cannot allocate memory
21:17.03AnnirakMemFree:         18704 kB
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21:24.17Reedy_Boyrwhitby, was looking into some filesystem stuff last night... They reccommeneded XFS/ReiserFS over ext3...
21:24.57Reedy_BoyA bit of googling showed Martin Michlmayr saying no to XFS - some debian kernel problem
21:25.07Reedy_Boybut JFS would be ok instead...
21:25.31Reedy_BoyWould a different FS make any difference
21:26.08Reedy_Boyi was looking into 25GB of missing space on my drive - the 5% reserved space... which was 25GB
21:26.16Reedy_Boyi've taken that downt o 1% = 5GB...
21:40.47AnnirakI think when I installed perl and reiserfs on my slugos/le it corrupted the onboard flash.
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