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01:51.37CIA-1903bzhou * r7224 10optware/trunk/make/ python24: tailor /opt/lib/python2.*/config/Makefile for native build; some cleanup
01:59.23CIA-1903bzhou * r7225 10optware/trunk/make/ python25: tailor /opt/lib/python2.*/config/Makefile for native build; some cleanup
02:24.01CIA-1903bzhou * r7226 10optware/trunk/make/ jamvm: 1.4.5 -> 1.5.0
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03:02.23enocvm is about 3 times faster than jamvm on MSS II
04:11.23CIA-1903bzhou * r7227 10optware/trunk/make/ py-weather: rm doc_ipk_dir
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05:36.45CIA-1903bzhou * r7228 10optware/trunk/make/ xmlrpc-c: force LDFLAGS for rpath
05:59.58CIA-1903bzhou * r7229 10optware/trunk/make/ rtorrent: --with-xmlrpc-c
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12:54.49rgerritsoleo: i'm trying to build the uclibc-unstable branch for target oleg, but make toolchain fails on missing patch-set for gcc 4.1.2
12:58.10rgerritsnow i'm using gcc 4.1.1 again, but i was wondering how you managed to to build a gcc 4.1.2 toolchain for oleg
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17:08.23rgerritsI found an error in the new : Line 194 should be 'rm -f $(@D)/python' instead of 'rm -f $@'  (now python25-host-stage is broken)
17:20.52CIA-1903bzhou * r7230 10optware/trunk/make/ python25: fixed python25-host-stage, thx rgerrits
17:21.49CIA-1903bzhou * r7231 10optware/trunk/make/ rtorrent: without-xmlrpc-c on slugosbe for now
17:44.08CIA-1903bzhou * r7232 10optware/trunk/make/ slugosbe toolchain problem, not rtorrent or xmlrpc-c specific
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18:57.13mindbendercould a glibc based optware feed work together with a uclibc based rootfs? this isn`t a crazy question i hope. the dns-323 uses a uclibc based rootfs....but it again is a marvell orion 1 variant like the LS Pro/MSS-II and so on....
18:58.06enomindbender: i don't think that's a good idea
18:58.43mindbenderi know that it is not a good idea. i am just curious if the optware ipkg feed design would allow such curious things.
18:58.56mindbendercurious things = crazy things
19:00.42mindbenderi mean...aren`t all the optware packages linked to the libc that is installed through ipkg? even it is crazy...maybe it is possible?
19:05.22enoit's probably possible, but right now optware does not install glibc
19:06.02enoyou need to install glibc, and make sure it get used, superseding /lib/libc
19:09.20mindbenderi understand. thx for the information.
19:11.28mindbenderjust noticed that there is no glibc in so the packages always use the systems libc....
19:12.19enooptware is more suitable as optional add-on
19:12.32mindbenderdefinitely. and it is very good at this.
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