IRC log for #nslu2-linux on 20070624

00:00.27NAiLDon't expect soft-raid to give much performance increase though
00:00.49BlueChipnot at all - it'll just be a mirror in case of drive failure
00:00.54NAiLand, running torrents works. But don't expect to run a bunch of them ;)
00:01.39BlueChipSo.... what do you guys get up to here if not user-support?
00:01.56NAiLThis is the dev channel, as stated in the topic
00:02.01BlueChipI'd love to add a little something as my new "pet-project"
00:02.34BlueChipwondering if you have a todo list or such
00:03.02NAiLWell, not as such I think. There are probably heaps of stuff that need to be fixed
00:03.12NAiLI haven't really done any dev work for a while, so I'm a bit out of touch
00:03.37BlueChipI do embedded stuff for a living AND a hobby [how sad is that? - LOL]
00:03.58NAiLnot really sad
00:04.16NAiLuntil recently, that was what I wanted to do ;)
00:04.23BlueChipI wrote the documenting disassembler for the ESS video ROMs :D <looks chuffed with self>
00:04.51BlueChipThere are two main competing DVD cores: MediaTek and ESS
00:05.12NAiLsounds like pretty hard-core stuff then :)
00:05.26BlueChipI love it :)
00:05.38BlueChipso much easier when there is no OS between you and the hardware
00:05.54NAiLheh, that depends on your level of knowledge ;)
00:06.06BlueChipall you need is the datasheets and you're away
00:06.16NAiLAssembler was fun.
00:06.23NAiLI remember doing that back in my DOS days
00:06.34BlueChipbeyond that it's little more than stuffing values in registers (albeit over such as and i2c bus)
00:06.51BlueChipIf you can write ASM you can write ANY language
00:07.03BlueChipC is just macro-assembler really
00:07.30NAiLC is a lot easier to wrap one's mind around
00:07.40NAiLof course, it doesn't require much knowledge of the hardware
00:08.00NAiL"back in the days", it was great fun. I started with ASM on the 386
00:08.24BlueChipLOL ...I'm not sure I should admit to starting on a 1KB Z80 machine
00:08.24NAiL(because the stuff I wrote in Pascal was way too slow)
00:08.30NAiLhaha, why not?
00:08.43BlueChipcos it'll age me terribly ;D
00:09.09NAiLWell, I'm 29 since yesterday
00:09.22BlueChipHappy Brithday
00:09.30NAiLthanks ;)
00:09.44BlueChipI was programming in assembler when you were about 2 - LOL
00:12.38NAiLI think the slowest cpu I've programmed for was the 6510
00:13.04BlueChipthe 6502 (65xx) is killer!  THREE 8-bit registers :O
00:13.18BlueChipmind you, they seem to be used ALL OVER telecomms systems to this day
00:15.03NAiLI destroyed a friend's 1541 with a few POKEs
00:15.44NAiLthe floppy ;)
00:16.09NAiLHe still owes me a C64... Gotta remind him of that ;)
00:16.52NAiLRight now I'm focusing a bit more on my car and less on embedded stuff. Working on a logic circuit for a car alarm today ;)
00:20.27caplink811-login these day tk systems uses modern and fast processors, e.g. xeon, or p4 and free os's like linux
00:21.02BlueChipI'm only going by the logs for my 6502 manual  
00:22.48caplink811-logyeah, misread this, english isn't my native language ;)
00:28.04BlueChipwell, my time is up lucky guys - probably see you again after I've got mine all hacked and wired up :)
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03:26.05CIA-803rwhitby * r876 10kernel/trunk/ (7 files in 3 dirs): Added more fsg3 support
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