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02:46.37RobNCrwhitby: am I capable of building Apex, now that I can "make slugosle", etc.?
02:53.22rwhitbygot the instructions from the other day?
02:53.33RobNCyes I am implementing this now
02:59.45RobNClooks like it says "checked out revision 819"
03:02.59rwhitbysounds right
03:03.09rwhitbyso you have /home/slug/kernel/Makefile now?
03:04.05RobNCyep got it now
03:06.08rwhitby"make apex" will do something
03:06.25rwhitbyyou may want to link your downloads dir to the same dir above
03:06.32rwhitbyln -s ../downloads .
03:08.25RobNCok gotcha...  I set up the extra PATH's per your previous info.  So do that from the kernel dir?
03:09.02RobNCyup I see apex in the Makefile - gonna try it now
03:09.47rwhitbyyou can also go "make APEX_CONFIG=debian apex" to use the debian config
03:10.22rwhitby(it defaults to slugos config)
03:10.22RobNCoops says devio command not found
03:12.08rwhitbywhat OS are you running on?
03:12.21RobNCCentOS 44
03:12.33RobNC4.4 I mean
03:12.54rwhitbyok, I have a devio-1.3-1 package installed.
03:13.05RobNCgot it - lemme see if I can yum it
03:13.24rwhitbylooks like I built it here
03:14.15RobNCcouldn't find it (even tried "yum install devio-1.3-1"
03:15.24rwhitbyyou know how to build rpm's given source and .spec?
03:17.22RobNCI've seen it done, never done it myself.  Is it better to just try one of the other RPM sources?  If it's easier with the "./configure; make; make install" then that would be easier (for me) but more likely to have issues and dependency problems.
03:17.23rwhitbyI'll upload an RPM for you
03:18.10RobNCok thanks!
03:21.16rwhitbycan you put that on the wiki somewhere?
03:22.46rwhitbylove your work
03:23.28RobNCThanks, just wish Firefox would let me "preview" it.  Preview on the wiki does nothing, so I keep having to save, view, edit, etc.
03:24.17RobNCoops - wget shows not found
03:24.34RobNCshould that be .src.rpm
03:25.17rwhitbynope, I just downloaded it from there.
03:25.55RobNChmm...  I went one dir up and I only see devio-1.0, 1.1, 1.2.tar.gz
03:26.05RobNCperhaps some sort of mirroring hiccup?
03:26.55rwhitbymust be some sort of caching on
03:27.19RobNCyeah that is the only thing that makes sense
03:28.46RobNC(meant to say bingo)
03:30.06RobNCyep it rpm'ed just fine.
03:30.22RobNCre-trying the make APEX_CONFIG=debian apex
03:30.58rwhitbyyou can then use slugimage to package them up, or tftp them manually
03:31.12rwhitbyso you should be all set for apex experimenting now, right?
03:31.31RobNCcool - three different versions of apex.  I see that Apex 1.4.18 was just released
03:32.58RobNCyeah I'll do as I already know - slugimage and then tftp them from my server to SLUG.
03:33.28CIA-503rwhitby * r820 10kernel/trunk/ (Makefile patches/apex/series): Update to apex 1.4.18
03:33.41rwhitbyyou can build 1.4.18 there now if you like
03:34.07RobNCre-do that svn again?
03:34.50rwhitbysvn up
03:35.03rwhitbymake clobber-apex
03:35.14rwhitbymake ....
03:35.54RobNCok gotcha...  thanks (never could have done this myself!)
03:37.15rwhitbythat's good, cause I doubt I could do the fatslug hardware mod successfully :-)
03:37.33RobNCyup yup, that did it...  now see apex-debian-nslu2-arm-1.4.18.bin
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03:39.05RobNCHeh yeah this is true; I wouldn't even attempt it w/o microscope and SMT tools.  BTW, I did rip off the old SDRAM 32Mx16 (4) and clean them up.  Microscope was in use all day today (by others) so I didn't have any time to get started.  Found a header though; now I have all I need to mod ur board.
03:42.00RobNCactually converted 2x6 to 1x6 :-)
03:43.06rwhitbyhow/where are you going to mount that header?
03:45.20RobNCwas going to do it per: but it might not be possible... can't recall where VSS/VCC (aren't they on the end of the connector?) are located.  The point of using the center for VSS/VCC is that you can use the thru-hole cap to firmly hold the header.
03:46.04RobNCthe pinout will be different than that pic, but layout location might be okay.
03:46.27rwhitbylooking at
03:46.54rwhitbyOne my other devslug, I put the jtag header between the two black dots underneath the ethernet port
03:47.42rwhitbythe pins stick out just enough that I was able to shave the case off enough to stick the jtag cable onto the header with the case closed at the same time the ethernet is plugged in
03:48.07rwhitbyI'll take a couple of photos and show you
03:48.32RobNCI see.  ok, sure.  I'll prolly superglue it then, and use some mylar to keep the eth left alone
03:50.12RobNCso the header stop (black part) was closer to the edge of the board than the thru-hole mounts for the ethernet?
04:00.26rwhitbyuploading images now
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04:07.24RobNClooking now.  Not sure what that wire is that seems to go from the eth ground overtop of the connector
04:07.47rwhitbyoh, that was just to hold down the connector
04:07.58rwhitby(I didn't have any glue handy)
04:08.55RobNCok gotcha...  gotta watch out b/c 3.3V and gnd (ethernet connector) don't like to come too close :-)
04:09.46RobNCthose treos don't take good close-up pics :-(
04:10.51RobNCif it was me, I'd probably put some mylar tape underneath the ethernet surround.  Guess I've just seen too many failures, but if you'r careful it is prolly ok
04:12.59RobNCok, I see a good pic - I'll use that as a reference and it keeps it easy to not make mistakes.
04:15.58rwhitbyit wasn't a treo - it's a cheap digicam
04:16.37RobNCyeah I figured as much when I realized it was better than 640x480
04:16.41RobNCand had flash
04:17.29RobNCdid you just dremel that out of the case; you didn't need to "eat" into the side, right?
04:17.57rwhitbyI just cut it down with a knife, until it was flush with the inside of the side.
04:18.43rwhitbyactually, it might be better if you don't mount the header or cut the case.
04:18.51RobNCok, sharp knife!  That makes sense.
04:19.13rwhitbycause I had to adjust it fairly finely to fit the cable.  Not something you could get right without having the cable there.
04:19.18RobNCok, I could just use flex cable (ribbon-type) and then bend it back for shipping.
04:20.31rwhitbyI may decide to not even have it protruding and not cut the case.
04:20.32RobNCOnly thing I would be concerned about is hopefully when you pull the cable out, there isn't stress put on the pads.  Those pads are so easy to rip right off, and they like to attract the opposite voltage potential
04:21.13rwhitbythis particular unit already had a big hole in the case, so I wasn't worried about cutting another one.
04:21.41RobNCyeah, same with mine.  Once you use the dremel tool or x-acto knife, the warranty is definitely void!!
04:22.29rwhitbyso please keep the case you send me unaltered.  then I can choose to use the other case, or just take the board out of the case for JTAG when required.
04:22.57RobNCSure, I'll leave the case unaltered.  So for the custom Apex build you did, there are some parameters you had to modify?
04:23.24rwhitbynope, the binary you get for the slugos config should be identical to what I sent you
04:23.43RobNCah ok so nothing special for 2nd stage boot, or extra mem commands?
04:23.57rwhitbynope - that's all in there already.
04:24.18RobNCI saw there was a Konfig that had lots of stuff not enabled
04:25.06rwhitbywhich things not enabled?
04:25.50RobNCCMD_MEMSCAN - default n, CMD_MEMLIMIT default n,
04:26.56rwhitbythe patches should enable that
04:27.21RobNCok, gotcha...  hard to take a 5 minute look at all of this and understand it completely
04:31.53rwhitbyRobNC: this was the previous connector on that slug:
04:31.53rwhitbybut I ripped all that off.
04:31.54RobNCDidn't know MEMLIMIT was enabled - looks like it is now.
04:31.55RobNCyeah I asked some guys at work and they never heard of a 34-pin universal.
04:32.46RobNCthat 34-pin was a nightmare!
04:35.02rwhitbyyeah, a real frankenstein.
04:35.32rwhitbyonly ever used the serial and jtag, so ripped it off and replaced it with the connector at the ethernet port.
04:35.42rwhitbybbiab (lunch)
04:35.57RobNCok, ttyl gotta get to sleep anyway :-)
04:36.03RobNCthanks for your help - wiki'ing right now
04:36.50CIA-503bzhou * r5913 10optware/trunk/make/ py-pastedeploy: 1.1 -> 1.3
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16:43.22CIA-503bzhou * r5914 10optware/trunk/make/ py-sqlobject: 0.8.1 -> 0.8.2
16:43.57CIA-503bzhou * r5915 10optware/trunk/make/ ipython: 0.7.3 -> 0.8.0
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18:35.03CIA-503bzhou * r5916 10optware/trunk/make/ pound: 2.2 -> 2.3, may still have runtime problem
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21:19.28CIA-503blaster8 * r821 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.21/ (8 files in 2 dirs): Update SquashFS to 3.2r2, no LZMA support as yet
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