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00:07.50CoreDump|homeI _really_ need to get the parts for the serial cable
00:08.20CoreDump|homeit's kinda a pain to debug altboot w/o
00:16.17CoreDump|homemuwahaha, first official altboot boot of a slug
00:19.32hillctwhat's altboot?
00:19.55CoreDump|homea flexible boot-manager
00:20.06CoreDump|homerwhitby: which mtdblock was / again?
00:20.15hillctreplacement for RedBoot or on top of RedBoot?
00:20.38CoreDump|homehillct: neither, it's a userspace helper replacing /linuxrc
00:20.39rwhitbyCoreDump|home: mtdblock 4 on a slug I think
00:20.58hillctoh, cool
00:21.11hillctso it lets you tweak the init process?
00:21.41hillctmore easily
00:21.59CoreDump|homeIt lets you choose which partition / device to boot from
00:22.05rwhitbyreplaces turnup
00:45.35CIA-1903bzhou * r5513 10optware/trunk/make/ erlang yaws: 1.66 -> 1.68
00:46.28mwesterCoreDump|home: mtd block 2 on the dsmg600 and nas100 systems, if that makes any difference for what you're doing...
00:48.52VoodooZis it still going to be possible to use the old method or none at all though?
00:51.09CoreDump|homeVoodooZ: You are free to completely ignore it. It won't affect your boot-time in that case at all
00:51.18CoreDump|homeusage is optional
00:51.51CoreDump|homemwester: thanks, but I found a better way to get to the partition (ie: I stole it from turnup ;) )
00:52.18VoodooZcool. Just curious. I'll definitely try it first though. I might love it. Keep up the excellent work.
00:53.04VoodooZrwhitby: I was thinking.. if I was to install angstrom (LE), do I have to change the FIS for proper endianess?
00:53.07CoreDump|home=) it will be some time before it's finished
01:21.06hillctwell, aparently the ansewer to my 'can't find popt.h' problem is:
01:21.08hillctCFLAGS_prepend = "-I${STAGING_INCDIR} "
01:21.30hillctyet it doesn't seem to pass the added CFLAGS to the compile process
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01:49.32hillctis there a way to force .bb files to be re-parsed when a build is done? I don't see any pattern to when my recipie file is re-parsed (regardless of file modifications)
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02:08.28rwhitbyVoodooZ: our kernel will read FIS in either endianness
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02:33.45hillctrwhitby: any thoughts on why CFLAGS_prepend = "-I${STAGING_INCDIR} " might not work in a .bb file? I'm trying to get my package to pickup headers from the dependency package popt ?
02:35.50hillctit just isn't being picked up
02:36.13rwhitbyno idea
02:36.19CIA-1903osas * r5514 10optware/trunk/make/ asterisk14: r53528 -> r55097 upstream fix for gsm codec
02:49.47hillctI've been trying all afternoon to try and get this build and it just won't work
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03:05.45VoodooZrwhitby: very nice. I'll try that soon...
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04:59.01chackoGood Evening!  For SlubOS/BE, where on the bootup disk is the ip# saved?  I am bringing up a second slug, with the image of the
04:59.02chackoanother disk running SlugOS/BE.  Even though the second slug had a different ip#, after bootup it assumes the ip# of the
04:59.02chackoother slug from where the disk copy was made.
04:59.03osasit should be /etc/network/interfaces
04:59.03chackoosas,  thank you very much!  I see the number there.
04:59.03osashow did you instructed the second slug to boot up from the mirrored disk?
04:59.05osaschacko ?
04:59.06osassee my previous question
04:59.06osashow did you instructed the second slug to boot up from the mirrored disk?
04:59.06chackoosas, I did it with turnup disk without the -i, since I had a fully made image of the working disk
04:59.07osasoh ... I see
04:59.08osasdid you used dd to mirror the disk?
04:59.10chackoosas, everything worked --- everything worked, it was unreal, I cannot tell any difference between the two slug!!
04:59.10osasdid you used dd to mirror the disk?
04:59.10chackoI used rsync to make the copy on the first slug
04:59.10osasah ... I see
04:59.11osasnow I know how to back-up my flash stick ;-)
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04:59.12chackoosas, I can help you with that if you need, I routinely do that
04:59.13osasI know where to find you ;-)
04:59.13chackoFor my harddisk, I have 4 identical 10GB partitions, and I usually backup my entire images to one of these in a rotating basis
04:59.14osasmaybe you can post it on the wiki
04:59.14osasI see
04:59.14osasmy goal is to ackup the flash
04:59.14osasI'm running asterisk from flash
04:59.14chackoosas, I did it based on the stuff in the Wiki, but I will add some stuff to confirm what I did
04:59.15chackoI can backup from the flash just as well, using rsync --- the same script
04:59.15osasI was thinking about dd ...
04:59.16chackoI have actually gone back and forth between flash and harddisk
04:59.16mwesterchacko: your rsync made a perfect copy of the disk, but the sysconf partition in flash overwrote some of the critical files, like the IP address.  If you were to reset the sysconf partition prior to booting the "cloneslug" up, it might not require the extra step to restore the IP address.
04:59.17osasI have two linuxrc files under / (internal flash)
04:59.51osasone for flash and the other one for hd
04:59.51osasI just need to use the right one and reboot
05:01.02chackomwester, in my case nothing was overwritten, that why I had the same ip# !!  I did not use turnp disk -i, but without -i
05:01.02chackowithout the new disk, I had a differnt --- correct --- ip# for the second slug in the flash, but the boot from the disk used everything from
05:01.03chackothe other --- as to be expected.
05:01.03chackoosas, the big advantage of rsync over dd is that after the first copy, rsync does delta copy by default
05:01.03osasI see
05:01.03chackoosas, for me the first copy takes 15 minutes to 30 min, depending on the data, but the subsequent just a min or less
05:01.05chackomwester, is there a way to determine what other data like the ip# may be different between two different slug need to operate on the same net
05:01.05osasjust the IP
05:54.11CIA-1903bzhou * r5515 10optware/trunk/make/ py-formencode: 0.6 -> 0.7
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05:54.13hillctIn case anyone has some insights into this, I've been stuck on this all afternoon:
05:54.14osascheck in the #oe channel
05:54.14osasyou did :-)
06:17.10hillctI've been in both all day
06:17.10hillctI've been learning a lot
06:17.10hillctan it seems I'm close to getting this to work
06:17.11hillctI know I haven't defined a target package, but one thing at a time ;)
06:17.11hillctas far as I can tell, I'm doing exactly as the docs indicate
06:17.12hillctI'm onviously missing something though
06:17.12hillctit seems that CFLAGS just isn't getting picked up
06:17.13hillctwhich of course, is the item I really need. The others are in there just for sanity checking
06:17.13chackoosas, hi
06:17.14chackoosas, I need to change the hostname too!  Where/how?
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06:17.18mwesterchacko: just run turnup init, or check the turnup script to see where it writes the hostname if you prefer.
06:18.27chackomwester, thank you!
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09:23.03hillcthow do I go about building a toolchain to include a specific version of libgcc1 ?
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12:54.28alain__Hi all
12:56.46alain__I've just installed unslung 6.8 on my nslu2 and when I connect by telnet or ssh on the shell I can't get auto-completion
12:57.51Tobbealain__: the default shell in unslung 6.8 is very basic, it doesn't have support for auto-completion
12:58.10Tobbeyou need to install bash or some other shell to get that
12:58.40Tobbealain__: and questions like this are better suited for #nslu2-general ;)
12:58.58alain__ok sorry
12:59.16alain__I asked this on nslu2-genral but got no response
12:59.43Tobbeohh, I missed that. Sorry :)
13:00.30alain__how much memory does bash use ?
13:01.50Tobbenot very much :) less than sshd
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13:30.20W_SHaRKI'm trying to compile glftpd on debian sarge, but I miss something : /usr/bin/ld: ERROR: /usr/lib/libc_nonshared.a(elf-init.oS) uses hardware FP, whereas /glftpd/bin/ansi2gl uses software FP
13:30.27W_SHaRKany ideas what's wrong ?
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15:02.37W_SHaRKI guess I need to use nwfpe
15:02.37W_SHaRKshould I ? :)
15:02.41CoreDump|homedoes anyone here know off-hand if commits to are synced back into the nslu2 monotone server?
15:02.41CoreDump|homehi NAiL and thanks. Makes kinda sense but asking doesn't hurt heh
15:02.41NAiLW_SHaRK: arm debian uses hardfloat (which is really silly since there are hardly any ARM devices with FP)
15:02.42NAiLthe kernel already has nwfpe. It handles all FP through exceptions.
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15:02.43W_SHaRKshould I compile this nwfpe module or is it already running ?
15:02.43NAiLIt's already running
15:02.43NAiLlook at the dmesg output
15:02.43NAiLAFAIK, it's not possible to compile an ARM kernel without either nwfpe or fastfpe
15:02.44NAiLso you need to compile glftpd with hardware fp
15:02.44W_SHaRKhow do i do that ? with cross compile ?
15:02.45NAiLare you compiling natively?
15:02.45NAiLor cross?
15:02.46W_SHaRKthanks a lot for your infos, it's much appreciated ! :)
15:02.46W_SHaRKok so I'll set a cross compile env
15:02.47NAiLYou might want to check #debian-arm on
15:02.47NAiLIf you're compiling natively and you get that error, I believe it's a bug with the toolchain
15:02.49W_SHaRKare you a fan of NiN btw ? :)
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15:05.28NAiLheh, I was a bit more NiN fan in the old days. I don't think it's actually related to my nick though :-P
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15:05.29ka6sox-awaycbpage ping
16:47.57hillctis there a set of virtual packages for building a toolchain that will cross-compile for 3.10-beta ?
16:47.57hillctwhen I got my recipie going for logrotate, I found it ended up with a dependency on libgcc1 (>= 4.1.1). How do I sddress this?
16:47.58hillcterthe resultant logrorate package did, I mean
16:47.58hillcthow do I address this?
16:47.59hillctif only I was running debian
16:48.00W_SHaRKyou can set a virtual machine on your pc or something like that ?
16:48.01hillctI suppose
16:48.01hillctI'm running FC6. I had no trouble with the current toolchain via 'bb virtual/armeb-linux-gcc virtual/libc'. I'm just suprised the virtual packages aren't versioned such that you can built toolchains suitable for each release
16:48.01hillctMy setup is as described here:
16:48.01hillctI guess the other option is to wait for my second slug to arrive (next week) and use it as a dev enviroment
16:48.01hillctinstalling the bleeding edge code there
16:48.02hillctor, I suppose I could try a native build...
16:48.02hillctthat too, would take a great deal of setup
16:48.02hillctI've already spent days at this and now I find I can't even test the damn package
16:48.02hillctquite frustrating
16:48.03NAiLmake setup-slugos-3.10-beta will check out the proper sources for 3.10-beta.
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16:48.03NAiLcd releases/slugos-3.10-beta/ && make DISTRO=openslug
16:48.03NAiLafter a while it'll have built you a toolchain that is correct for 3.10
16:48.03W_SHaRKI'm still a N00b with the arm slug... anyway, I thought native compilation will be easier, but it definitlvy not working on my nslu
16:48.04hillctgeez. I wish I'd known that days ago :)
16:48.04hillctwill update the wiki as soon as i get this working
16:48.05hillctNAiL: is there a way to avoid building the whole distro in that case, as there is with the current minimum toolchain?
16:48.07hillctNAiL: before I heard from you, I had attempted 'bb virtual/armeb-linux-gcc-3.4.4 virtual/libc'
16:48.07NAiLwell, building the kernel should build about the minimum
16:48.07NAiLmore or less
16:48.07hillctit does seem to be building the right versions, but it's still building. Should I wait for it to finish or would it just run up against other dependencies?
16:48.08hillctperhaps I should stop and start again with your approach since it's known to work
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17:21.36Jin^eLDhi, not sure if this is the right place to ask about the wl500g, somehow I can't find the prebuild toolchain from ASUS, any ideas where to get it? the GPL package from ASUS did not have it too
17:21.40W_SHaRKsorry can't help you :/
17:21.41Jin^eLDis there a dedicated optware channel?
17:21.41Jin^eLDwell ok, I'll try a different approach then :) eno created optware packages of the software that I am working on, but that only worked out for non uclibc targets
17:21.43Jin^eLDfor uclibc we had a problem with a dependency - with id3lib
17:21.44Jin^eLDI'd like to take a look at it, maybe I can fix it
17:21.44Jin^eLDso basically I just want to build optware for some uclibc target, but I am new to optware and I do not have any hardware supporting it
17:22.18Jin^eLDwhich target is the "easiest" in terms of installation?
17:22.18Jin^eLDi.e. - without any external vendor downlaods or something
17:22.19W_SHaRKdid you look at : ?
17:22.19Jin^eLDI did.. but I have to admit that I was looking for wl500g specific info :) let me check again
17:22.19W_SHaRKwell, it's a bit nslu2 specific here
17:22.19W_SHaRKI guess
17:22.20Jin^eLDwell, thats the thing - I did a test with optware and could build for nslu2
17:22.20Jin^eLDbut as far as I know nslu2 is glibc based?
17:22.20Jin^eLDI need some uclibc target
17:22.20CIA-1903osas * r5516 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/asterisk14/nv.patch): asterisk14: r55097 -> 55196 + adding three extra nv_app files
17:23.32W_SHaRKwhat are you running on your wl500g ?
17:23.32Jin^eLDI do not have a wl500g :) I just have a nasty user who keeps pestering me about a port of my upnp server to the wl500g
17:23.32Jin^eLDI think he uses Oleg's firmware
17:23.32W_SHaRKha sorry :)
17:23.33Jin^eLDso right now I am looking for an easy way to build something for this target
17:23.33W_SHaRKI understand now :)
17:23.33Jin^eLDbut I failed at... finding the prebuild toolchain, which is really stupid :)
17:24.07Jin^eLDthe links in the forums turn out dead, and the did not have it
17:55.41W_SHaRKare you talking about this forum ?
17:55.43Jin^eLDmaybe I missed something.. but so far the links I found did not work for me; I got oleg's update to the toolchain
17:55.43Jin^eLDbut afaik the original from ASUS is still required
17:55.43NAiLJin^eLD: You can make the toolchain by using the master makefile AFAIK
17:55.43Jin^eLDNAiL: you mean just set OPTWARE_TARGET to oleg and it will build the toolchain?
17:55.44NAiLI don't remember the specific target, but it should be in the list at the start of the optware makefile
17:55.44enoJin^eLD: try "cd optware; make oleg-target; cd oleg; make directories; make toolchain"
17:55.44Jin^eLDhey eno :)
17:55.44W_SHaRKstill building mine on my poor dual PII-300 lol
17:55.45Jin^eLDcrap.. Resolving failed: Name or service not known - it can't download the linux-libc-headers-TS101.tar.bz2 file
17:55.45Jin^eLDgoogle keeps silent.. are there no mirrors for this one?
17:55.45NAiLno, and you shouldn't need it
17:55.45NAiLinfact, I should remove that part from the makefile
17:55.45Jin^eLDok where do I disable it?
17:55.45Jin^eLDyep just found it..
17:55.46enoor you can try touch downloads/linux-libc-headers-TS101.tar.bz2
17:55.46W_SHaRKif you are maintaining the MakeFile NAiL, you should correct the setup-host-ubuntu to use sudo instead of su, because ubuntu disables root by default
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17:55.47Jin^eLDeno: thx, it seems to be building now
17:55.48NAiLW_SHaRK: I'm not, but I'll do it ;)
17:55.48W_SHaRKoops sorry, I forgot the wiki powa :)
17:55.48CIA-1903nail * r5517 10optware/trunk/make/ Remove traces of the ts101 target
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18:56.15enoany1 knows "ERROR: You must set MACHINE to nslu2le or nslu2be.
18:56.15enoi was trying to "make slugosbe-image"
18:56.15CoreDump|homeeno: your OE env isn't setup right. Dunno about the makefile thingy I'm afraid
18:56.19enoah, slugosbe/conf/auto.conf is where it's set
18:56.19osashi eno
18:56.19enoi probably setup slugosbe a couple of days ago, and it was using nslu2
18:56.19enohi osas
18:56.19osascan you check this:
18:56.19osastha latest post from digium
18:56.20osasabout the pg_conf
18:56.20osasI was trying to get postgres support for asterisk14
18:56.21enobesides checking the existence and trying to execute pg_config, what info does configure need?
18:56.21osasdunno exactly ...
18:56.21osasI will try to find out
18:56.22osasdo you think that we can build two pg_conf?
18:56.22osasone against the host and the other one cross?
18:56.22osasinstall the host one in the stage and the other on in tha package
18:56.22enosometimes we do that, we even have a host/{builds,staging} for that
18:56.23enoit really depends on what info configure needs
18:56.23osasI will check and let you know ...
18:56.23osascan we fix postgres?
18:56.23enoif we have these info (such as -I or -L -l), then we might just well give it
18:56.31osasright now the buil will fail b/c is checking the executable ...
18:56.31osasso we will need to patch the config ...
18:56.31enoi prefer not changing postgres unless we have to
18:56.31osasand the whole purpose of the bug was to get rid of the patches
18:56.31enowell, to me, patching configure to make it cross compilable is common
18:56.31osasI will dig more and let you know ...
18:56.32osasyeah ... but some good S/W out there will compile ok w/o a patch :-)
18:56.32osasand this is my goal
18:56.32osasI got openser to fix some issues :-)
18:56.32enoin this case, fixing postgresql will be more work
18:56.32osasI see
18:56.33osasmaybe we can live without it since we have odbc :-)
18:56.35enochecking and running pg_config made the assumption that compilation is not cross
18:56.36enothere are other packages depending on postgresql that can get -I -L -l info in different ways
18:56.36enoalthough i wish postgresql were using pkgconfig
18:56.36osasI will see what I can do ...
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21:36.38*** topic/#nslu2-linux is nslu2-linux developer channel - use #nslu2-general for end-user questions
22:00.23cbpagehope there's linux on the mips one too
22:00.36cbpageif there's one thing i know about dlink -- they can't write drivers/firmware worth a damn ;)
22:01.05Jin^eLDdammit.. I only changed the id3lib.tar.gz package in downloads, make id3lib - and it wiped out my toolchain and starts to build the toolchain all over again.. the 4th time today
22:01.12Jin^eLDany ideas what could be causing this?
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22:28.16CIA-1903marceln * r5520 10optware/trunk/Makefile: scponly works for the slug (wl-hdd builds but doesn't work)
22:29.45CIA-1903marceln * r5521 10optware/trunk/Makefile: Scponly ready for testing on the slug
22:46.32*** join/#nslu2-linux DaKa (n=David@nslu2-linux/daka)
22:55.05CIA-1903bzhou * r5522 10optware/trunk/Makefile: scponly promoted
23:10.29hillctyay! My second slug will be ariving next week
23:11.06NAiLthe more, the merrier )
23:11.10hillctslugs 3 and 4 will stay at a friend's house
23:11.28hillctconnected via vpn
23:12.06hillctwhat exactly does it take to put together a native package? Is there an automated native build system out there?
23:12.27NAiLI'm not sure the native builder is active anymore
23:12.37NAiLThere was a slug dedicated to doing native builds
23:12.55NAiLAFAIK, it hasn't been updated for a long time
23:12.57hillctsince I seem to be aquiring so many of the damn things, I figure I'd put together a distributed native build mechanism
23:13.20hillctsaw that mentioned
23:13.26hillcthow comprehensive it it?
23:13.56hillctdoes it just work from a list of packages and allocate to a list of slugs?
23:14.11enothere is someone running gentooslug, build with distcc
23:14.52hillctI may play with it a bit just as soon as I get done with logrotate and (next) ntpclient
23:15.15NAiLhillct: btw, you might want to send the .bb to the mailinglist so it's added to the repo
23:15.22NAiLisn't ntpclient already in the repo?
23:15.35hillctnot in OE
23:15.39hillctit's in optware
23:15.43hillctsame with logrotate
23:16.06hillctoe only has logrotate-script which is IMHO rather weak
23:16.38NAiLisn't ntpdate enough? ;)
23:16.49hillctI'll send the .bb files off to the list just as soon as I've tested them
23:17.15hillctthere's rdate that's part of busybox
23:17.18enosometimes i build optware packages natively, with or without distcc
23:20.10hillctI didn't see ntpdate in the repos
23:20.49hillctntpdate is part of the xntpd package which is bloated
23:20.56hillctntpclient is nice and lean
23:21.34*** join/#nslu2-linux yvasilev (n=yvasilev@
23:21.38hillctit operates as a demon rather than being fired off via cron
23:21.52NAiLtried openntpd?
23:22.01NAiLIIRC it's way smaller than xntpd
23:22.29hillcthasn't looked at openntpd
23:22.49hillctguess I'll compare with ntpclient once I have it going
23:22.51NAiLI spent a couple of weeks tearing my hair out over openntpd ;)
23:23.19hillctdo you feel strongly that it's the way to go?
23:23.27hillctI'm not interested in reinventing the wheel
23:24.11NAiLWell, it's small, fast and works very nice. Except if your clock is *way* off, or is drifting too fast for it to cope (which used to be the case with earlier firmware, fixed now)
23:26.09hillctI'll see about building ntpclient just because I need the practice with bitbake. If it gets too hairy, I'll just go with openntpd
23:27.05NAiLlet me know what comes out of it
23:27.15NAiLI'll push it to the stable feed
23:28.25hillctcan I safely remove all the build directories (in slugosbe/tmp) other than cross, after I build the toolchain?
23:28.36hillctI could use the space
23:29.33NAiLyou can remove "work"
23:29.49NAiLYou won't save that much space with the rest of the dirs
23:30.00NAiL(and I don't know which of the other dirs are safe to remove)
23:30.13NAiLdo not remove the stamps dir ;)
23:30.22NAiLor staging
23:30.38NAiLdeploy is safe
23:30.55NAiLrootfs should be safe too
23:50.54CIA-1903bzhou * r5523 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/asterisk14/nv.patch):
23:50.54CIA-19asterisk14: worked around use_ast_mutex_t_instead_of_pthread_mutex_t compilation error on uclibc
23:50.54CIA-19by changing include order, see
23:50.54CIA-19exclude .svn when building tarball next time
23:51.41hillctwhat are your thoughts on the Fedora/Redhat style cron run-parts mechanism?
23:52.20hillctseems it makes for far more convenient crod job addition by other packages

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