irclog2html for #nslu2-linux on 20070211

00:01.04chackoeno, bye.  talk to you later
00:01.12scanteno: any ideas?
00:02.01enoscant: one second
00:06.15enoi'm launching a distcc native build of faad2 right now
00:11.07scanteno: cool
00:11.07scanteno: can you help me while you are doing that?
00:11.07enofirst i got a problem of not finding aclocal, i try to remember why i have the autoreconf there
00:12.02enoah, actually the faad2 package does not come with configure
00:12.03scanteno: i fixed that issue
00:12.19enoby using aclocal-1.10
00:14.06enowe have a problem that the autotool versions of cross and native build do not match exactly
00:15.18scanti've noticed
00:16.26enodo you have this error message?
00:16.29enoCan't exec "automake": No such file or directory
00:17.10scantACLOCAL="aclocal-1.10 -I $(STAGING_DIR)/opt/share/aclocal" AUTOMAKE=automake-1.10 \
00:18.49scanti got this error: "configure: error: conditional "HAVE_BMP" was never defined."
00:18.59enoit's possible faad2 is not compatible with the new autotool
00:19.13scantand used this line to get rid of the above error: sed -i '/E_B/d'; \
00:19.50scantthen i get this error:   config.status: error: cannot find input file: plugins/
00:19.59scantand i don't know how to fix this one
00:21.12enoif faad2 is ONLY compatible with the old autotool, then this path requires lot of work
00:22.02enoit may even be easier if you replace autotools with old versions
00:22.06scantsomeone said to just create the file and it will go
00:22.18scanti'm trying that now
00:22.32scantit didn't work
00:22.56scanthow do i replace?
00:23.17enoand may i ask why do you need to build faad2 in the first place? any problem with the binary in the feed?
00:24.24enoit's like "ipkg remove automake"; manually download automake-1.9...ipk from feed; "ipkg install automake_1.9...ipk"
00:26.37enowith all the effort, you might as well setup a cross build environment and tackle any runtime problem
00:26.56scanti was trying to compile myself
00:27.26scanti don't have a distro to use, can you reccomend one that works well in a vm?
00:27.56enoi'm running ubuntu 6.10 under vmware server
00:28.09enoworks pretty well
00:28.37enoi just installed the server version, which is quite small
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02:14.47scanti don't think the mpd ipk on the feed works for unslung and alsa
02:41.47rwhitbySlugOS/BE 4.3-beta nslu2 ttyS0
02:42.06rwhitbyFirst boot of SlugOS/BE (formerly known as OpenSlug)
03:00.46scantone poster said it worked
03:00.55scantit can't find my audio device, but my own builds do
03:32.42scanteno: it works
03:33.43CIA-1903bzhou * r5459 10optware/trunk/make/ faad2: native build also works now
03:34.12rwhitbyThere is a live BoF happening now at SCALE.  jacques is doing a great job in answering questions from a room full of people interested in nslu2-linux
03:34.13enoscant: when you say "it" works, means ...?
04:19.47scantmpd works w/o alsa... but i can't get it to work as a non-super user
04:21.01drifmwester: where do you reside normally then?
04:21.17CIA-1903rwhitby * r688 10kernel/trunk/patches/arm-kernel-shim/ (cross-compile.patch place-boot-section.patch series): Removed arm-kernel-shim patches
04:22.14scantanyone here familiar with the raid1 instructions for unslung6 on the wiki?
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04:36.10VoodooZrwhitby: slugos 4.3b boots you say?
04:36.21rwhitbydoes for me
04:36.27VoodooZgood news.
04:36.42rwhitbyand I've just got an updated arm-kernel-shim to test too
04:37.02VoodooZI build head weekly but can't flash it as I only have one nslu2 and I need it for my robot stuff.
04:37.23rwhitbyI would perhaps wait a bit until you flash this one.
04:37.34VoodooZand because I replaced redboot w/ apex a while back I'm afraid to change anything until it's stable.
04:37.46VoodooZyep. perhaps I'll try loading it in ram soon
04:37.51VoodooZout of curiosity.
04:38.17VoodooZI'll have to figure out how to do it with my apex though. can't remember.
04:38.54VoodooZanyways, keep up the excellent work on the slugos redesign (angstrom). that's what I'm waiting for...
04:41.36scantdo i need use the raid diversion scripts if i whole drives seperate from my boot drive in a raid array?
04:42.31mwesterYep, slugos 4.3-beta boots and runs fine on the dsmg600 -- I'll test the NSLU2 perhaps tomorrow...
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05:12.55CIA-1903rwhitby * r689 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.20/00-fix-redboot-bad-code.patch: Updated MTD patch from upstream
05:13.06CIA-1903rwhitby * r690 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.20/series: Disabled nslu2 and nas100d cmdline hacks
05:13.24CIA-1903rwhitby * r691 10kernel/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Updated Makefile to use arm-kernel-shim for endian switching
05:19.34rwhitbynot yet - haven't migrated that to OE yet :-)
05:20.19rwhitbybut will be doing so as soon as I test the other three kernel variants (nslu2be and nas100d{b,l}e)
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05:56.04CIA-1903rwhitby * r692 10kernel/trunk/Makefile: dsmg600 apex le config not ready yet
06:01.41mwesterrwhitby: what config do you need for the dsmg600 and apex?
06:03.06rwhitbyit's probably the same as slugos_nas100d_arm_config - can you check it?
06:03.48rwhitbyalthough I expect we'll be using arm-kernel-shim on the dsmg600 too
06:04.35mwesterIt's actually a bit different; I'll go see if I can dig up what I ended up with that actually worked some months ago
06:06.47rwhitbyok, feel free to check it into the kernel svn repo
06:38.55CIA-1903rwhitby * r693 10kernel/trunk/Makefile: Fixed big endian arm-kernel-shim handling
07:08.20rwhitbyarm-kernel-shim looks good now.
07:08.27rwhitbywill upgrade slugos to use it later tonight.
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14:37.08hillctgood morning all
14:45.22hillctis there documentation of the differences between the perk and microperl ipk's?
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17:03.42mwester-laptophillct: google microperl for info - it's actually fairly restricted in what it can do.
17:04.04hillctwill do again. tried. didn't get much
17:05.53mwester-laptopWhat I was able to find informed me that it originated from the Perl bootstrap process; has the perl language but can't interact much with the OS.
17:08.17hillctI was basing my thinking on this
17:08.28hillctwhich suggests they're basically the same thing
17:08.34hillctunless I misunderstood
17:10.38mwester-laptopMy understanding is that the process of building perl involves building microperl, which is then used to construct the full Perl version.  Sort of like how libc and gcc are iteratively built up when building a toolchain.
17:10.48CIA-1903bzhou * r5460 10optware/trunk/make/ py-mysql: 1.2.2b2 -> 1.2.2b3
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17:12.43hillctgood to know
17:12.55hillctanother question
17:13.11hillctlooking at the de-underclocking hardware hack on the wiki
17:13.43hillctmy brand new nslu2 seems ot be running at 133mgz using an IXP425
17:13.53hillctI gather this is a new hardware revision
17:14.27hillctwill investigate and make updates, but has anyone run into the new revision?
17:16.56hillctno manufacture date in site on the chasis
17:21.31CIA-1903bzhou * r5461 10optware/trunk/make/ py-tailor: added py25 subpackage
17:40.42NAiLhillct: sure it's an ixp425 and not an ixp420?
17:43.46hillct# cat /proc/cpuinfo
17:43.46hillctProcessor       : XScale-IXP425/IXC1100 rev 1 (v5b)
17:43.46hillctBogoMIPS        : 131.48
17:43.46hillctFeatures        : swp half thumb fastmult edsp
17:43.46hillctHardware        : Intel IXDP425 Development Platform
17:43.46hillctRevision        : 0000
17:43.48hillctSerial          : 0000000000000000
17:44.42hillctso full clock speed should be 533mhz
17:44.45hillctin theory
17:45.21hillctam I misreading the cpuinfo output?
17:45.28NAiLanyway, don't trust the software. Does the actua chip say 425?
17:45.41hillcthavn't opened the chasis yet
17:45.45kollawhat patches are needed for 2.6.20 to run on the slug, apart from the ixp400_eth driver?
17:45.57NAiLkolla: they're all in the svn repo
17:45.58kollaany at all? :)
17:46.59CIA-1903gda * r5462 10optware/trunk/sources/amavisd-new/rc.amavisd: amavisd-new: rc.amavisd still didn't work
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17:50.56kollaNAiL: care to give me the url to the repo that the kernel patches?
17:51.02kollathat has ...
17:52.58NAiL probably
17:53.34kollayes, looks like it, thanks
17:53.41CIA-1903gda * r5463 10optware/trunk/make/ forgot to increment the ipkg version
17:53.58kollaoh right.. I recognise this
17:54.25hillctgoogling for chip ID info now
17:54.44hillctI really like this chasis design. quite elegant
17:55.06NAiLhillct: The stuff in cpuinfo is defined in the kernel
17:55.36NAiLand linksys wasn't exactly following the rules :-P
17:55.43NAiLHardware        : Intel IXDP425 Development Platform
17:55.57NAiLThat's just plain wrong.
17:56.34hillctI grabbed the ixp 42x developer guide PDF but can't find chip ID info
17:56.45hillctany ideas where I should be looking?
17:57.02NAiLcrack open the case.
17:57.55NAiLIt's probably an ixp420bb
17:58.00hillctjust trying to find a reference for chop markings
17:59.04NAiLThat *might* be in the list of CPU's that Intel has published specs for. The BB isn't in their list.
18:01.20hillct420bl seems to be widely available now
18:07.18NAiLNo idea what the difference is ;)
18:07.36hillctreally minor as far as I can tell
18:09.49hillctconcensus seems to be the nail clippers method is best for removing R83
18:10.26hillctI'd de-solder it but that' some very close quarters work
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18:22.10jason0_Anyoen here running lighttpd and php5-cgi? I'm trying to reduce the memory footprint on my slug, and when I run top I see ~8 php5-cgi process running. Is this normal?
18:31.23hillctnail clippers suck. Curved tip needle nosed pliers. It's all about findsing the proper surgical implement
18:31.26hillct# cat /proc/cpuinfo
18:31.26hillctProcessor       : XScale-IXP425/IXC1100 rev 1 (v5b)
18:31.26hillctBogoMIPS        : 263.78
18:31.26hillctFeatures        : swp half thumb fastmult edsp
18:36.21mwester:) I always *love* de-underclocking one of those -- it's like getting something for free, isn't it?
18:37.33nbdlike getting a pc with windows and enjoying the process of installing a sane os on it
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18:42.08jason0_Is there any way to install the ipkg packaged available to unslung users on debian?
18:48.05*** join/#nslu2-linux vmaster_ (
18:52.57mwesterjason0_: don't know, but I doubt it would work very well, as the dependencies are almost certainly not right (libc versions, etc).
18:53.34CIA-1903bzhou * r5464 10optware/trunk/Makefile: promoted memtester
18:53.34mwesterI think you can just rename the .ipk to .deb and perhaps it can be read.  But that's only a small part of the solution, if that even works.
18:53.42jason0_mwester: good point. Can't seem to find php-fcgi source to try and compile
18:54.05mwesterDon't forget that you need the LE version of the ipk as well.
18:54.20CIA-1903bzhou * r5465 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ added and promoted mcabber
18:54.23joshinSo from the warning message I just saw, is "slugosbe" (or *le) replacing "openslug" for builds?
18:55.28mwesterPHP -- seems to be a constant source of trouble for folks.  IMO, some users of PHP need to get together, decide on a set of features and tools required, and set up a meta-package of some sort -- in order to ensure that the feeds always contain compatible versions of PHP, Apache, etc. :D
18:57.14mwesterjoshin: there was some thought of normalizing the names before the next release of slugos; in particular it might reduce some confusion if we got rid of "debianslug".
18:57.51joshinMake sense.  
18:58.21joshinI was hoping that it was a new release that wasn't still tied to an ancient version of glibc.
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18:59.09NAiLjoshin: Won't be until we switch to Ångström probably.
18:59.22NAiLIt's apparently very hard to update glibc
18:59.44mwester(which will require that we all learn how to type the "o" with the two dots above symbol ;) )
18:59.48joshinI should probably start poking at Angstrom builds for my spare slug to get a handle on any issues with that.
19:00.22VoodooZisn't that what rwithby is doing?
19:01.13joshinBut I'm the weirdo running Gentoo on my other slug.  So I do crazy things.  :)
19:01.47VoodooZpersonally I just want a light & customizable slugos with a newer glibc (for NPTL)
19:02.28joshinI really should see about fattening one of my slugs.  With 64MB or 128MB, it would be awesome!
19:02.38VoodooZbut being a weirdo (using it for a robotic project) my needs are quite special
19:03.08VoodooZyeah, 32 is not much after loading a few modules and progs.
19:03.34VoodooZBut for me it's still a lot as I'm used to programming on AVRs/PICs w/ 2-4K ram! :)
19:05.29joshinmwester:  That is the hardware the NSLU should have.  
19:06.31VoodooZI require low power for mobile robotics so I like to keep hardware to a minimum, Flash based and webcam.
19:06.31mwesterBut then it would be a dsmg600, not an nslu2 ;)
19:07.25mwesterVoodooZ: did you look at OpenWRT at all - I'm told it the replacement for the UCslug stuff.
19:07.34mwesters/it/it is/
19:07.48mwesterthank you jbot!
19:07.52VoodooZno, I thought it was more network oriented and thus less flexible for my use.
19:08.31VoodooZI invested enough time in openslug anwyay.
19:08.47joshinWe probably could use fewer hardware specific names for builds.  
19:08.55mwesterI thought so too, but it seems that OpenWRT is a small flash-based OS that you build upon -- it supports packages from the optware feeds.
19:09.56VoodooZI'll have to look into it then. I've just been avoiding any new learning curve. :)
19:10.25VoodooZdoes it support NPTL?
19:10.47mwesterdunno - sorry?
19:11.49joshinMan, I've been trying to ignore OpenWRT.  Been running DD-WRT and it has just been working without me having to think about it.
19:12.17VoodooZso I can concentrate ont he robotic part.
19:12.36cbpageyeah they started with sveasoft and moved over
19:12.37VoodooZtoo many potential hobbies, not enough time.
19:12.39joshinI'd imagine so.  
19:13.09mwesterain't that the truth!
19:13.49cbpageand too much lazynes.
19:16.47VoodooZthe openwrt page says the nslu2 support is WiP
19:22.39*** join/#nslu2-linux pleemans (
19:24.03VoodooZIs openwrt based on 2.6 kernel?
19:25.52mwesterNo, I think it's a recent 2.4 kernel.
19:25.58nbdopenwrt uses 2.4 for two targets and 2.6 for the rest
19:26.26nbdat the moment we're using 2.6.19
19:27.01mwesterThanks for the info - I stand corrected.
19:31.29CIA-1903bzhou * r5466 10optware/trunk/Makefile: mcabber: demoted for wl500g
19:43.20VoodooZls -la
19:43.22VoodooZcd /local/work/robot/
19:43.23VoodooZls -la
19:47.01mwester:) glad to see I'm not the only one who does that.
19:47.30mwesterBut it's worse when you type in your password by accident.
19:48.43NAiLI've had to change my nickserv password a couple of times :-P
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20:45.08rwhitbyjoshin: can you test slugos builds with the latest glibc in OE?  If it builds, we will update.
20:45.57rwhitbymwester, VoodooZ: OpenWRT doesn't work yet - there's a jffs2 problem that requires three reboots each time you use a new block of flash in the rootfs.
20:46.27rwhitbyopenwrt for nslu2 is 2.6.19
20:46.27joshinrwhitby: I've never had any luck when trying to figure out how to build a newer glibc in OE.  That's most of why I gave up and went full bore with GentooSlug.
20:46.42joshinIt has been a while since I tried.
20:47.16rwhitbyjoshin: try commenting out the PREFERRED_VERSION stuff in conf/distro/include/
20:47.55joshinI'm pretty sure that I did.  NAiL had similar troubles.  I'll see about giving it another try.
20:48.35rwhitbythere's another big slugos naming change coming down the pipe probably today too - there will be a single 'slugos' DISTRO, and you change MACHINE to nslu2be or nslu2le to change endianness.
20:49.22joshinI saw that.
20:52.17joshinThat's good.  Should reduce confusion significantly.  
20:52.45rwhitbyjust rebuilding slugosbe and slugosle from scratch to make sure everything works before commmitting, so it will be a number of hours yet.
20:52.50rwhitby(if not another day)
20:53.30joshinI'm building a slugosbe with the glibc preferred commented out.  Should get to glibc in an hour or 2.
21:57.14*** join/#nslu2-linux scant (
21:57.35scanti need some help, whenever i try to use mke2fs it says Writing inode tables: Terminated
22:03.15NAiLit probably runs out of memory
22:03.20NAiLgot any swap?
22:04.18scantNAiL: on my flash drive i have swap
22:04.25NAiLhow much?
22:04.42scantthe amount the web interface gives on a 1gb flash drive
22:04.53NAiLdo a "free"
22:05.13scanti'll do it as soon as my slug is back up
22:05.14NAiL"free" gives you the amount of ram/swap
22:08.08scantif I want to set an option in the kernel for unslung, do i have to recompile?
22:12.08*** join/#nslu2-linux yvasilev (n=yvasilev@
22:22.03scantanyone here?
22:23.46scanti need some help setting up crosstool
22:25.39scantmarceln: hi
22:25.46scantmarceln: how do i setup crosstool?
22:25.50scanti have the tar downloaded
22:25.58scantand i have untarred it
22:32.57marcelnWHich tar. What do you mean by crosstool?
22:34.34scanti want to compile ipks from the feed on ubuntu
22:35.11marcelnFor what os?
22:35.21marcelnWhere did you find crosstool-0.28-rc35.tar.gz?
22:36.05marcelnDo you main from:
22:36.36scantyes that's where i got it
22:36.41marcelnThe main remark there is: "is no longer required"
22:36.45scanti know
22:36.53marcelnThis is obsolute information
22:37.05scantbut for a newb, it doesn't give the new directions
22:37.42marcelnOne moment i will give you the new information
22:40.21marcelnDo you use unslung?
22:41.23scanti use unslug, i was natively compiling
22:41.29scantbut everyone on here says to start doing crossbuilds
22:41.37scantso that's what i'm trying to do on ubuntu
22:42.42scanthow do i install svn on ubuntu?
22:42.51NAiLapt-get install subversion
22:43.28scantcan one of you answer this question...
22:43.34scantif I want to set an option in the kernel for unslung, do i have to recompile?
22:46.36marcelnThe unslung kernel is compiled from openemmeded.
22:46.51marcelnYou need the "mastermakefile" setup for that.
22:47.28*** part/#nslu2-linux hillct (
22:48.45scantis it easy to re-compile unslung6.8?
22:49.12marcelnIn the monotone repository you will find the file "openembedded/packages/linux/unslung-kernel/defconfig"
22:49.26marcelnChange that file and type "make unslung".
22:49.44scantin defconfig i can set kernel options?
22:50.05marcelnDefconfig are the kernel options for the unslung kernel.
22:50.15scantthx for the info
22:50.30marcelnBut do you really now what you are doing?
22:51.13marcelnIt's really not that hard to understand all the details if you have enough
22:51.32marcelnexperiences with linux.
22:51.34*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby (n=rwhitby@nslu2-linux/rwhitby)
22:51.56scantno i have no clue what i'm doing
22:52.01scanti'm doing multiple things at once
22:52.37scanti need to rebuild the unslung kernel because i need to use a USB1.0 device on a USB2.0 hub, in order to do that, i have to set the CONFIG_USB_EHCI_SPLIT_ISO kernel option
22:57.24marceln1) Start with the real problem not your sollution
22:57.46marcelnSo please tell me what device do you want to connect
22:58.43marceln2) There is no option CONFIG_USB_EHCI_SPLIT_ISO in the unslung kernel
22:59.34marcelnThis looks like a kernel 2.6 option
23:02.32scantmarceln: oh
23:02.46scantmy problem is described here
23:04.54rwhitbyscant: that option is not available in Unslung.  Use SlugOS instead if you want that option.
23:05.21rwhitby(or find another way to fix the 1.1 on 2.0 hubs problem)
23:05.43scanton SlugOS is that kernel option set by default?
23:06.30rwhitby2.6.20 kernel
23:06.55scantso all i would have to do is install SlugOS, no recompilation of the SlugOS kernel is involved?
23:08.45marcelnThat seems a reasonble sollution unless you really want to solve the problem for unslung.
23:08.52marcelnI have to leave as well
23:09.07*** part/#nslu2-linux marceln (
23:12.48*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby (n=rwhitby@nslu2-linux/rwhitby)
23:13.53scantrwhitby: how come that option isn't aval in unslung, is it because it's based on a different kernel and those options aren't available?
23:14.19rwhitbyunslung is a 2.4 kernel
23:15.12scantis there another way to use a USB 1.0 audio device on a USB 2.0 hub with kernel 2.4?
23:16.41scantNAiL: I think I was getting that inode error because i was using a flash drive and i did touch /.ext3flash
23:18.18scantNAiL: thx for the troubleshooting
23:19.31joshinrwhitby: FYI, I commented out the PREFERRED_VERSION_glibc in with no change.  It still build 2.3.5.  (Not worth fighting with.  I'd rather the effort go to unifying with Angstrom)
23:19.58rwhitbyjoshin: note that SlugOS cannot go to Angstrom until EABI works BE.  I don't see that happening soon.
23:20.15joshinFine.  Then I'll stick with Gentoo.  :D
23:22.29scantshould I install OpenSlug, UcSlugC, or SlugOS/LE?
23:28.03joshinrwhitby: So with the current slugos versions using Apex, would I need to do anything special if I Fatten my slug or should it just recognize the extra memory?  
23:29.15rwhitbyjoshin: apex as first or second stage bootloader?
23:29.40rwhitbyslugos doesn't have apex as a second stage bootloader any more.
23:29.53rwhitbyit's being replaced by arm-kernel-shim
23:30.00joshinOh.  Never mind then.  
23:30.18joshinSo what magic do I need to make extra memory show up?
23:30.49rwhitbyyou'll need to modify the arm-kernel-shim configuration to reflect the memory configuration.
23:31.00rwhitbysee packages/arm-kernel-shim/files/config-nslu2.h
23:31.05joshinOk.  Thanks.  
23:31.25rwhitbywe'll somehow make that so it can be overridden in your local.conf

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