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04:38.38CIA-803osas * r5446 10optware/trunk/make/ asterisk14: switching to svn: clean build (no patches required)
04:53.15CIA-803bzhou * r5447 10optware/trunk/make/ py-moin: 1.5.6 -> 1.5.7
04:53.36CIA-803bzhou * r5448 10optware/trunk/make/ mpg123: 0.64 -> 0.65
04:54.02CIA-803bzhou * r5449 10optware/trunk/make/ libgd: 2.0.33 -> 2.0.34
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06:37.44CIA-803bzhou * r5450 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ added and promoted libshout
06:38.41CIA-803bzhou * r5451 10optware/trunk/make/ vlc: enable shout
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16:05.32CIA-803bzhou * r5452 10optware/trunk/make/ samba: 3.0.23d -> 3.0.24
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16:07.08kop_hi guys. just FYI: the work with the DNS-323 progresses, we've even gotten a wiki page up:
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16:50.21Tobbekop_: It says "RAM: 2x32MB" What does that mean?
16:50.59NAiLProbably that there's 2 32mb chips, totalling 64mb
16:51.21Tobbeyeah, that's what I was hoping
16:51.46Tobbe500mhz, 64mb ram. Sound pretty nice!
16:52.58NAiLcheck out the Thecus N2100. 600Mhz, 128mb DDR400 (replaceable up to 512MB) ;-)
16:56.13Tobbe$300 though :(
16:56.17NAiLyeah, I know
16:56.22NAiLIt's damn expensive
16:56.26NAiLbut it's impressive ;-)
16:56.31Tobbesure is
16:56.42osashow's the support for it?
16:56.47osasis it easy to hack?
16:56.54osasjust like the NSLU?
17:00.07NAiLthe n2100?
17:00.17NAiLdebian runs on it, atleast ;)
17:01.14NAiLIt has a sane redboot to begin with, so repartitioning the flash is no problem
17:01.28NAiLchanging the bootscript isn't a problem either
17:02.24osasdo you have a link?,
17:06.52kop_oh, sorry, I was busy in other channels
17:07.01kop_DRAM Total size  64MB
17:07.10kop_[8192kB@ff800000] Flash:  8 MB
17:07.25kop_CPU: ARM926 (Rev 0) running @ 500Mhz                                    
17:07.25kop_SysClock = 166Mhz , TClock = 166Mhz                                  
17:07.40kop_^- DNS-323
17:08.28ByronTNAiL, you don't need another device to mangle! ;)
17:10.00NAiLI've only "mangled" one
17:10.10NAiLAnd I suspect it was actually DOA
17:10.44ByronTdon't forget that I've seen pics of that workspace of yours...
17:11.19NAiLWell, I've moved, and it's much better now ;)
17:12.04ByronTI haven't moved and my workspace is much worse.... I have an Ott light and haven't been able to turn it on at my home desk
17:18.39NAiLdefine Ott
17:19.24NAiLByronT: btw, I *have* a n2100 ;)
17:23.44ByronTfull spectrum "sunlight" like lighting.... less eye strain
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17:46.18osasByronT: about your ott light, does it really helps?
18:02.03ByronTdon't know.... I haven't taken it out of the box
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21:29.02NAiL~weather enva
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22:50.41joshin~weather phoenix
22:52.17joshin~weather kiwa
22:55.35rwhitbyjoshin: you run gentooslug, right?
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