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00:52.32CIA-803bzhou * r4971 10optware/trunk/Makefile: promoted dozens packages for ds101 including libstdc++
00:53.36CIA-803bzhou * r4972 10optware/trunk/make/ ( libtorrent: 0.11.0 -> 0.11.1; rtorrent: 0.7.0 -> 0.7.1
00:56.56CIA-803bzhou * r4973 10optware/trunk/make/ ruby: 1.8.5-p2 -> 1.8.5-p12
00:57.30CIA-803bzhou * r4974 10optware/trunk/make/ lighttpd: added sqlite-stage
00:58.34CIA-803bzhou * r4975 10optware/trunk/make/ ncursesw: 5.5 -> 5.6
00:59.28CIA-803bzhou * r4976 10optware/trunk/make/ cabextract: 1.1 -> 1.2
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03:28.49CIA-803bzhou * r4977 10optware/trunk/make/ ncursesw: changed from $(includedir) to ${includedir}
04:09.16CIA-803bzhou * r4978 10optware/trunk/make/ py-routes: 1.6 -> 1.6.1
04:54.31CIA-803bzhou * r4979 10optware/trunk/make/ opencdk: 0.5.9 -> 0.5.11
04:54.59CIA-803bzhou * r4980 10optware/trunk/make/ gnutls: 1.6.0 -> 1.6.1
04:55.48CIA-803bzhou * r4981 10optware/trunk/make/ openldap: 2.3.27 -> 2.3.31
04:56.35CIA-803bzhou * r4982 10optware/trunk/make/ net-snmp: 5.3.1 -> 5.4
04:58.08CIA-803bzhou * r4983 10optware/trunk/make/ imagemagick: 6.3.1-4 -> 6.3.1-5
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05:18.18CIA-803bzhou * r4984 10optware/trunk/make/ tcpwrappers: made to work on gcc4; stripped binaries
05:19.28CIA-803bzhou * r4985 10optware/trunk/Makefile: promoted tcpwrappers on slugosbe
05:20.29CIA-803bzhou * r4986 10optware/trunk/make/ nagios-plugins: removed -I/usr for gcc4 cross compilation
05:44.08CIA-803bzhou * r4987 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ madplay: is working on slugosbe; stripped binary
06:28.03CIA-803bzhou * r4988 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/w3m/file.c.patch): w3m: security fix
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09:44.19CIA-803oleo * r4989 10optware/trunk/make/ nfs-server: source location change
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09:59.03CIA-803oleo * r4990 10optware/trunk/make/ c-ares: initial import - C library that performs DNS requests and name resolves asynchronously
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10:18.08CIA-803oleo * r4991 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ libuclibc++: remove libstdc++ dependency - now libuclibc++ Provides libstdc++
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12:05.57oleorwhitby, Could all oleg and ddwrt packages be reubuilded with new gcc-4.1.1 toolchain. This is suggestion form Oleg.
12:08.46oleoFrom my tests this is unnecesasry. I have rebuilded all apps and it seems there are no issues except that mine gnuplot build OK, while the nudi one does not link (build) executable properly.
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12:54.35rwhitbyoleo: we could easily do this if desired.
12:55.26rwhitbybut not this week, as we're dealing with a slugos rebuild now
12:55.36oleothe question is if we should rename ddwrt or add openwrt
12:56.00oleoNext week will be OK.
12:57.05oleoI am now dealing it idea to provide separate libstdc++ and libuclibc++
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13:14.42jellehere is something new.... I bought my third slug, and when entering upgrade mode it doesn't do red-green-red-green, but orange-green-orange-green
13:16.27jogaI don't think I've ever seen actual red leds on my slug...I think they're orange
13:29.40VoodooZslugos rebuild??? sounds good.
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13:46.23Caelian|workguys ... perhaps i am being totally senile ... but how on earth can i convince ipkg to simply install the ipk file i give it .. instead of it trying to redownload the version it thinks is probably what i want instead ?
13:52.43CIA-803oleo * r4992 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ optware: native toolchain for uClibc
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14:57.12mwesterCaelian|work:  You are not being senile.  I, too, have not been able to force ipkg to do what I want it to do, instead of what it wishes to do.  Perhaps there's a magic combination of flags, but I haven't found it!
14:59.07jelle_I have a problem with ipkg install, any guru's here?
14:59.46[g2]mwester Caelian|work I'd be guessing that after you tweak the ipkg.conf (or whatever it's called) there are depenency issues
14:59.47jelle_it says it can't find the package postgresql, which I'm trying to install
15:00.07[g2]jelle_ isn't there an ipkg list or show ?
15:00.15[g2]it'll show you all the packages in the repo
15:01.11jelle_it's not there... not in the list
15:01.12hrw|workCaelian|work mwester: rm /var/lib/ipkg/lists/* (or where does ipkg keep lists) and retry
15:01.46jelle_while   tells me it is there...
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17:03.08enojelle: postgresql right now is optware package, if you're using openslug (slugos/BE), then it's not available from the openslug package feed
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17:05.02jelleeno: eh, what does optware mean?
17:05.13jelleshould I move to unslung?
17:05.48enooptware are s/w that installs to /opt
17:06.18jelleso I could install it somehow, right?
17:06.18enodepends on your experience and what you want to do with the slug
17:06.33jelleI'd like to run php with progresql
17:06.48jellewhat would you advise?
17:06.58jelle(apache probably too, or cherokee)
17:07.06enoi believe a php package is coming to openslug feed soon
17:07.39enoif you don't care too much about kernel and drivers, then optware has what you need
17:08.11enothere's actually a new optware feed called slugosbe, targeting openslug
17:08.28enojust it's not documented and announced yet
17:08.40enoyou have to do manualy bootstrap
17:09.05enoanyway, you're more on-topic in #nslu2-general
17:09.31jelledo you know about unslung? are they normal packages there?
17:10.06enooptware started as the package feed for unslung, it was initially called unslung
17:11.19jelleright. ok. I'll tell my brother to move to unslun
17:11.42jellewhile I keep running my thingies openslug. thanks a lot
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17:47.25CIA-803bzhou * r4993 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/postgresql/postinst): postgresql: removed nslu2 specific stuff ifneq nslu2, postinst more robust
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18:02.57HopsNBarleyanybody using the compsys ttl/rs232 adapters for serial access?
18:03.17HopsNBarleyi've had the transmit side go out (I think).  just wondering if anybody else has seen this.
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20:10.46zaarDoes anyone of you have had problems with the ethernet port of the NSLU2? My Slug works well in my 100 Mbit/s network but has stalling problems when uploading to the internet over 512 kbit ADSL modem.
20:13.06zaarI suppose it's either bug in the driver or in the chip
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20:33.05mwesterzaar: a bug?  you might be jumping to conclusions, depending on the firmware you're running.  Can you give us some more detail?  Firmware, what tools are you using to upload, how do you know its stalled, what makes you suspect the NSLU2?
20:41.16zaarMy firmware is Debian/NSLU2 and I followed instructions in the page
20:42.09zaartransferring files between my desktop and slug has no problems
20:42.26zaartransferring data from internet to slug has no problems
20:42.41rwhitbyzaar: it's a known problem with the new open source ixp npe ethernet drive
20:43.22zaarso you know that it's driver's fault?
20:43.39zaardo you have a workaround?
20:43.52rwhitbyhave you done the tcp_wmem fix?
20:44.22zaarsysctl net.ipv4.tcp_wmem="4096 8092 8092"
20:44.28rwhitbyno other work-around.
20:45.29hrwbtw - which nas-like device you would suggest? 64-128MB ram, 1xethernet, 1xusb 2.0 + hdd would be enough
20:45.59rwhitbyfor consumer nas use, or for linux hacking use?
20:46.33zaarI hope we see some day fix for the bug. Thanks for information.
20:46.38hrwrwhitby: something which will be udner my desk and will serve storage and printer
20:46.54hrwrwhitby: so hacking consumer use
20:47.30rwhitbyhrw: fan or fanless?
20:47.55hrwrwhitby: preferred fanless or silent/exchangable fan
20:48.19hrwrwhitby: I will spend >8h daily close to device
20:49.26rwhitbyhrw: 32MB ram too small?
20:50.25hrwrwhitby: my progear webpad is another solution (112M ram) but lack usb 2.0
20:51.02zaarfor me 32 is enough for home use (apache + postfix + dovecot + squirrelmail)
20:51.20hrwzaar: without swap?
20:51.33zaarwith 512MB swap :)
20:52.17zaarsince there is usually one session per time passive servers are swapped out of way
20:55.57zaardo you know any small fan which is also quiet?
20:56.37rwhitbyhrw: do you require a 2.6 kernel, or is 2.4 ok (with Optware packages?)
20:57.17hrwrwhitby: 2.6/angstrom preferred - small set of distros to care
20:58.36rwhitbyhrw: I would ask HopsNBarley about which OpenProtium machines are going to be supported in Angstrom.
20:59.39rwhitbyfrom an nslu2-linux point of view, the options are nslu2, nas100d (noisy fan), dsmg600revA (noisy fan), Loft, FSG-3 (support not proven yet), QNAP-TSxxx (ask NAiL)
21:00.27zaarwhat about DS-101J?
21:01.20hrwok. will remember. thx guys
21:01.39hrwnow need to debug mod_rewrite rules
21:09.00hrwRewriteRule ^(.)(.)(.*)$        $1/$1$2/$1$2$3 [L]
21:09.22hrwgcc-3.4.4.tar.gz -> g/gc/gcc-3.4.4.tar.gz is should do or not?
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21:16.42hrwRewriteRule ^([0-9a-zA-Z])([0-9a-zA-Z])(.*)$    $1/$1$2/$1$2$3 [L]
21:16.54hrwworks but it is not ideal
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22:04.23osasI'm here
22:04.44enoosas: i know it's quite confusing with optware/slugosbe
22:05.08enobut the idea is to have optware as self-contained as possible
22:05.14osasI'm just trying to figure out what should O expect
22:05.33osasI see
22:05.49osasso it will be pretty similar like unslung
22:05.53enoso even though openslug package feed has openssl, optware/slugosbe will not use it
22:06.31enoeverything will be under /opt managed using a separate ipkg
22:06.35osasit will be just like having /bin/ls and /opt/bin/ls for the ls command
22:07.36osasgotta go now ...
22:07.41enonow, asterisk14 passed the first PATH_MAX problem
22:08.18enostopped at add.c with "unknown architecture `armeb'"
22:08.34osasI think that we need a patch into a Makefile
22:08.41enoyou know where -march=armeb is set?
22:09.09osasI remember that I ran into it ... but dunno out the top of my head
22:10.56osasthere is in the top Makefile for that directory
22:12.01osassee sources/asterisk14/gsm.patch\
22:12.14osasmaybe is something else this time
22:12.24osasI really need to go
22:12.39osase-mail me if you need something from me
22:13.23enoalright, thx
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22:39.17CIA-803bzhou * r4994 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ sources/asterisk14/gsm.patch): asterisk14: fixed asterisk14 for slugosbe with the help of osas
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23:56.35CIA-803oleo * r4995 10optware/trunk/make/ perl-class-accessor: 0.27->0.30
23:59.31CIA-803oleo * r4996 10optware/trunk/make/ perl-par-dist: 0.16->0.21

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