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00:07.48CIA-803bzhou * r4519 10optware/trunk/make/ opencdk: use newer
00:08.16CIA-803bzhou * r4520 10optware/trunk/make/ libtasn1: 0.3.6 -> 0.3.8
00:08.55CIA-803bzhou * r4521 10optware/trunk/make/ gnutls: 1.4.4 -> 1.6.0
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00:15.17CIA-803oleo * r4522 10optware/trunk/make/ buildroot: nail another ts101 ifdef typo
00:40.50oleobuildroot toolchain for uclibc needs reinstall due to libuclibc++ not patching g++ wrapper
00:45.44CIA-803bzhou * r4523 10optware/trunk/make/ added catdoc
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00:51.41CIA-803bzhou * r4524 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ promoted catdoc
00:53.51enooleo: could you send email to related mailing list?
01:05.23CIA-803bzhou * r4525 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ added and promoted cscope
01:24.30CIA-803bzhou * r4526 10optware/trunk/make/ ncftp: ac_cv_func_setvbuf_reversed should be no, up IPK_VERSION
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03:19.42rasherIs it possible to control the power for the usb ports (individually), or are the simply powered always?
03:44.57widronerasher: Far as i know they are wired.
03:46.59rasherMakes sense
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06:10.05CIA-803bzhou * r4527 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): gnutls: patch libgnutlsxx.vers for wl500g & mss
06:57.52CIA-803bzhou * r4528 10optware/trunk/make/ m4: define MB_CUR_MAX=1 for wl500g
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07:32.48CIA-803oleo * r4529 10optware/trunk/make/ libuclibc++: enforce -toolchain rebuild if buildroot stage changes - buildroot toolchain was not updated against g++ wrapper if changed
07:33.46oleothis means that some c++ packages stopped working at the time when buildroot was touched. Notably enhanced-ctorrent.
07:53.37CIA-803oleo * r4530 10optware/trunk/make/ libuclibc++: upgrade to r16395
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09:24.14CIA-803oleo * r4531 10optware/trunk/make/ enhanced-ctorrent: IPK bump due to libuclibc++ linking problem
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10:14.39oleooops, NUDI wedged by me
10:18.39CIA-803oleo * r4532 10optware/trunk/make/ libuclibc++: upgrade to 0.2.2
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13:15.53oleoautoclean does not work on libuclibc++ !!!
13:16.59NAiLpossible to clean manually?
13:17.23NAiLI have to leave in 10 mins, but I can log in and fix it if it's not to advanced
13:17.40oleostill investigating why this is the case.
13:19.10oleoIt looks like autoclean works, but Packages are not properly listed
13:21.56oleoI've found problem in libuclibc++-dirclean target
13:23.49[g2]oleo what are you building ?
13:24.37oleonothing special.
13:27.22oleono problem in libuclibc++-dirclean tough. I would love to see output of "ls -ld builds/libuclibc++*"
13:34.54NAiLsorry, gotta go
13:34.56NAiLcan check later
13:44.05oleoNAiL , It looks like false alarm from me regarding libuclibc++ -> packages. Problem solved all by itself. Maybe there wa some propagation delay with rsync.
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14:13.00CIA-803oleo * r4533 10optware/trunk/make/ imagemagick: upstream upgrade to 6.3.0-5
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15:18.56CIA-803bzhou * r4534 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/units/): units: 1.85 -> 1.86, template update
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16:56.10[g2]sorry for the repeat from openslug:  Any nfs wizards around ?
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18:11.23CIA-803bzhou * r4535 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/abook/ sources/abook/0.5.6-01_editor): abook: 0.5.5 -> 0.5.6
18:27.27CIA-803bzhou * r4536 10optware/trunk/make/ squeak: 3.9-7 -> 3.9-9
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18:41.41kfm82msg nickserv identify pr0ject81
18:42.58VoodooZkfm82: oops. You forgot the / and now we all know your password! :)
18:43.47VoodooZdon't worry I won't tell anyone! :)
18:43.49kfm82this was bound to happen one day, switching back and forth between clients and all
18:44.10VoodooZyeah. I probably did it once or twice already.
18:45.26kfm82now i've had to change it with nickserv, how inconvenient... until the next exposure then
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19:49.16likewisehello world
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19:57.39mr_claus__hmm, why openslug does not mount the right partition while booting if a second harddisk is plugged on? the UUID is correct in /linuxrc
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20:11.31CIA-803bzhou * r4537 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ added and promoted quilt
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20:37.39dwerywould we have problems if I remove /proc/driver/rtc from the kernel?
20:54.03[g2]dwery you are the RTC expert no ? :)
21:13.12CIA-803gda * r4538 10optware/trunk/make/ fetchmail: upgrade to 6.3.5
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21:45.07CIA-803bzhou * r4539 10optware/trunk/make/ added ncurses(w) and libcurl to DEPENDS, up'ed IPK_VERSION
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22:41.29cogitatiomorning :)
22:41.56cogitatioanyone here using unison and might be able to help me with a problem?
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22:51.51cogitatioits me again. if anyone answered my question, please do it again :)
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22:54.47EvilDevilcogitatio, maybe you could mount the vfat drive with noatime
22:55.09EvilDevilor convert it to ext2/3 ;)
22:56.38h8dcMorning!   Is SlogOS-4 ready to try?  Have a slug here with nothing to do and don't mind alpha-testing. :-)
22:56.57EvilDevili'm not sure if noatime works with vfat partitions though
22:57.09cogitatioi am seriously considering converting to ext3, but i really need to be able to plug the drive into a windows machin any time
22:57.22cogitatioill try that.
22:57.42EvilDevilcogitatio, what about a small vfat partition which contains the ext2 driver for windows?
22:58.11cogitatiothere are ext2 drivers for windows?
22:58.29cogitatioi definately have to look into that
22:58.34EvilDevilyes :)
23:00.24cogitationice :D
23:01.00EvilDevili'm using this driver since at least 10 month without any issues
23:01.19cogitatiowhat about unix rights? are they completely ignored?
23:02.20cogitatiogotta restart my machine. brb
23:03.37EvilDevilh8dc, according to Rod Whitby the current SlugOs HEAD is functional again
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23:04.26h8dcEvilDevil: thanks.  Will give it a go.
23:04.41rwhitbymorning all
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23:29.15CIA-803bzhou * r4540 10optware/trunk/make/ fetchmail: patch config.h for uclibc platforms
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