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00:58.47likewiserwhitby: morning
01:19.44likewisegood nite, cu
01:43.28HopsNBarleyhey rwhitby
01:43.56rwhitbyhey HopsNBarley
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01:53.04meklortive been trying to get openslug beta 4.1 to work, but every time i get this error: FATAL: Module ixp4xx_mac not found. This casuese the mac adress to not be set and the network interface to not work. I cannot find this in the rootfs directory on the build root, any ideas why that is (is it a but in 4.1 or in my setup?)
01:55.17meklortAlso, when I look at the config file for the kernel, it shows it as compiled in directly, not as a module
01:58.22widroneI seem to remember the 3.1 needing some "magick" hex number in a file for some MAC adress during bootup.
01:58.48widroneLast time I skipped it and spent loads of time troubleshooting a none booting slug.
01:59.04meklortI know that the 3.1 firmware works (a prebuilt version)
01:59.20widroneBut 4.1 is out? Need to have a try of that then. Youre boulding from cvs or?
01:59.38meklortits svn, but yes, im building it form that
02:00.16widroneOh, svn sorry. Old words die slowly.
02:00.47meklortthe kernl is supposed ot have the module built in, but ist also trying to load it. So i would think that since its already ther it should take care of the mac address, but it hasent
02:02.31meklorti might see if there is a way to set the mac addres in the /sys filesystem
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02:47.58widroneI seem to have read something about open sourced drivers for the network card in the nslu2. Any pointers to exsisting code, I cant seem to find any.
02:48.48widroneI knw this may be utterly new and horribly broken, but I just wanted to take a look. Appreciate a pointer/url/whatnot.
03:02.46rwhitbymeklort: the mac module problem has been fixed in monotone head now
03:03.15rwhitbywidrone: latest monotone head builds slugos 4.1 with open source driver
03:03.23rwhitbymac address and microcode load from flash
03:03.28rwhitbyapex is second stage bootloader
03:03.54widronerwhitby: Ill give a looong hauled "MOOOO" to that, thanks for the info.
03:04.14widroneGuess he just made us both happy and left.
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04:04.46CIA-803bzhou * r4502 10optware/trunk/Makefile: promoted mp3blaster
04:43.34CIA-803bzhou * r4503 10optware/trunk/make/ bash: upstream upgrade to 3.2
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07:14.36CIA-803bzhou * r4504 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ added and promoted 'connect'
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08:14.25CIA-803blaster8 * r583 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.18/ (00-linux- 00-linux- series): Update to
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11:50.18likewisemorning fooks
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12:50.10NAiLmorning likewise
12:50.25NAiLno, not buildroot-ng, just the buildroot in optware
12:50.37likewiseNAiL: morning NAiL.
12:51.10likewiseNAiL: So buildroot-ng is for openwrt, buildroot is in optware?
12:51.38likewiseNAiL: I'll try to remember. Lotsof build environments and distros's these days...
12:55.11CIA-803nail * r4505 10optware/trunk/Makefile: Makefile: Add QNap TS-101 as an optware target
12:56.55CIA-803nail * r4506 10optware/trunk/make/ Add various stuff to enable TS-101 as a working target
12:57.23NAiLnow to figure out why it uses the wrong .config..
13:18.02likewisedwery: ping
13:21.11dwerylikewise: pong
13:21.26likewisedwery: hi there dwery.
13:22.00likewisedwery: I just built a IXP4xx kernel without PCI support (for boot purposes), however your PATA driver depends on some PCI function it seems.
13:22.24dwerylet me check
13:22.41dweryyes, probably some kine of readb/writeb
13:23.06dwerywhoops.. no
13:23.07likewisedwery: ‘ata_pci_default_filter’ undeclared
13:23.15dweryyes, I think it can be easily solved
13:24.06likewisedwery: cool. My colleague is first designing in a hardware ATA controller (Silicon Image), but I thought I might give the build a try this way :-)
13:25.06dwerylikewise: care to make a little patch for me?
13:25.22likewisebut I have no commit access.
13:25.44dwerythanks. we can pastebin the patch. just define a new function in my driver's code
13:25.54dwerywith the same prototype as unsigned long ata_pci_default_filter(const struct ata_port *ap, struct ata_device *adev, unsigned long xfer_mask)
13:26.28dwerycalling that ixp4xx_mode_filter
13:27.14dwerywith the following code:
13:27.14dweryreturn xfer_mask & ~(ATA_MASK_MWDMA | ATA_MASK_UDMA);
13:27.28dwerywe are telling libata we do not support any DMA mode
13:27.43likewiseok, check
13:27.59dwerythen, this should be changed to use the new function:
13:27.59dwery.mode_filter    = ata_pci_default_filter
13:29.29likewisetesting build
13:29.42*** join/#nslu2-linux sto-- (
13:32.40likewisedwery: here you go:
13:33.08likewisedwery: put furnction on top, not sure if that is estatically nice...
13:34.41dweryseems fine to me, I will send to libata mntners. May I have your Signed-off-by: line?
13:37.08likewisedwery: sure, will add that
13:39.49likewisedwery: hmm, I build this against 2.6.19-rc5 from nslu2-linux, is that the right base?
13:41.06dweryyes, it should be\
13:41.45likewisedwery: then this should be it:
13:42.36dwerypeefect! will send it later today
13:44.02[g2]likewise rc6 was in the baseline last I checked
13:46.06likewise[g2]: ah well, this is against dwery's IXP4xx PATA driver, so he probably knows if the rc5 baseline is correct for this single-file patch.
13:46.24likewise[g2]: I will work against rc6 in a moment. I just finished my squashfs patches for 2.6.19-rc5
13:46.59[g2]likewise dwery is definitely the expert, It was just an FYI about the baseline
13:47.32likewise[g2]: yup, is my web browser default page actually. :-)
13:48.06likewise[g2]: That's why their traffic is so high :-)
13:50.03dweryit seems everyone started compiling the kernel in the last few days :)
13:50.09[g2]likewise should have an rss feed
13:50.55likewise[g2]: I s*ck at using new technologies :-)
13:51.42likewise[g2]: I would like to have a central RSS feed collector (independently from where I am logged in), so that I can skip read news easily.
13:52.40[g2]likewise I think you just need to run an aggregator that's got a shared profile
13:52.51likewise[g2]: yes, can you recommend one?
13:53.00likewisecross-platform ideally.
13:53.35[g2]it's all xml based so it should be very portable
13:54.21dwerylikewise: use google
13:54.22[g2]I'm actually looking to switch the things I'm using now
13:54.25dweryit has an aggregator
13:55.00likewisedwery: what is the google service called?
13:55.17[g2]for me the trinity is aggregator, contacts, and bookmarks (all portable and runnable off-line)
13:55.20dwerygoogle personalized home page iirc
13:55.37dweryI use for bookmarks
13:55.45likewiseWow... I should spend some time here...
13:55.48dwerynot offline thought, but powerful.
13:55.59likewiseI still use the Firefox Bookmarks Synchronizer plug-in
13:56.14[g2]likewise with WEBDAV ?
13:56.50likewise[g2]: in my case, SFTP
13:57.05likewise[g2]: (up), and HTTP (down)
13:57.26[g2]likewise could scp work ?
13:57.59likewise[g2]: not with that plugin, AFAIK. But SFTP (SSH FTP) often is installed when you run sshd.
13:58.25dwery[g2]: where's the kernel rss?
13:59.09[g2]dwery I said there _should be_ a kernel rss :)
14:00.03[g2]s/kernel/nslu-linux kernel/
14:00.26[g2]jbot got that one all wroing
14:00.39dwery[g2]: trac seems fine.. I would like to use it for my customers
14:02.38[g2]likewise sweet!
14:02.58likewisejust googled it, there doesn't seem to be a mention anymore on the main page...
14:03.10likewise[g2]: what rss aggregator you use for linux?
14:04.07[g2]likewise right now I'm using Kontact for just the aggregator and contact mgmt in KDE on my laptop
14:04.28[g2]the contacts exports and are fully portable
14:04.53[g2]I can export to vcard 3.0 directly to the Nano and everything is there
14:05.28[g2]I'm just playing around with the portability, but to the Nano and OS X things work great
14:08.22*** join/#nslu2-linux GPSFan (n=kenm@
14:11.37likewise[g2]: what's in the Nano then that is related? (I also s*ck at buying enough gadgets :-)
14:12.07[g2]likewise there's a contact menu item
14:12.46[g2]everything is automatically alphabetized and you can just scroll-whell through the list
14:13.33[g2]with the openmoko phone, I'll have that stuff running on the phone and all locked down with keys
14:14.41[g2]as it'll be just another linux box to me
14:16.21likewise[g2]: but at least with the openmoko you can use the contact, the nano is just a way to carry-with-you your contacts?
14:16.32likewises/contact/contact list
14:28.17[g2]likewise for me it's more of a retrieve issue than update
14:35.10likewiseDid anyone test printk timestamps on the slug?
14:35.56likewiseI'm getting weird results (time seems to jump back and forth, maybe an endianess issue?)
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21:37.20*** join/#nslu2-linux kfm82 ( updates to the kernel in the last days...
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22:24.50[g2]dwery mainline ?
22:25.02[g2]or our repo
22:28.21[g2]dwery there were two old kernel updates today :) 2.4 :)
22:29.44dwery2.4? what's that ? :)
22:33.31[g2]dwery a distant memory :)
22:34.03dweryI'm waiting for .19 final to recompile for my desktop and laptop..
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22:50.27[g2]dwery wow you're crispy fresh on the desktop and laptop
22:53.34dweryI'm .18-xx and .19-xx now... I would like to stabilize with .19 final for at least a couple of months :)
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23:30.29[g2]dwery 99% of the time just use the standard ubuntu kernel on the laptop/desktops
23:31.04dwerynothing standard works fine for me :)
23:31.25[g2]dwery is _special_ :)
23:32.38[g2]wow vmaster must be up late :0
23:32.43vmasternot that i really needed it, but it was fun playing with all the new stuff
23:32.50vmasteruhm, no
23:32.58[g2]up early ?
23:33.15vmasterheh, no, i meant it's not late yet
23:33.30vmasterthere's 1984 on tv
23:33.56vmasteryeah, definitely
23:34.14vmasterthat, and "brave new world"

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