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00:07.59GPSFanah, there are 2 33-*** patches, I only had one..
00:18.58GPSFandwery:  it works..
00:21.21GPSFandwery: well it seemed to work the MAC address is wrong, and I can't ping anything. cu tomorrow.
01:08.21CIA-803rwhitby * r4318 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): denyhosts: Added config file, renamed log file, added data dir.
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01:15.00rwhitbyeno: thx for unbreaking denyhosts - I forget to svn add the new file
01:15.30rwhitbymwester: good email topic (unslung future)
01:49.27enorwhitby: no problem
01:49.57rwhitbyeno: do you run dspam yourself?
01:50.27enorwhitby: i'm thinking about adding optware/host/ directory
01:50.39rwhitbywhat's that do?
01:51.04enofor python-host, perl-host, erlang-host, ...
01:51.23enoso that various platform does not need to do host build multiple times
01:52.01enounder host can have builds/ staging/
01:52.02rwhitbyI see, and symlink it from the subdirs, like downloads.  Then have the autobuilder build that first.
01:52.45rwhitbyok, as long as it works in both cases (optware/fsg/... autobuilds and optware/... single platform builds)
01:53.01enoit will
01:53.22rwhitbyany how does it work for native autobuilds?
01:54.23enoi can have host/.configured actions do nothing
01:55.00rwhitbyalso, at the same time, can you think about how foo-stage targets should work for native builds?  should they run ipkg install ?
01:55.47enoi probably will have separate foo-stage and foo-host-stage
01:56.14enofoo-host-stage is meaningful only for cross
01:56.49rwhitbydoes this allow us to move anything out of NATIVE_PACKAGES into CROSS_PACKAGES ?
01:57.27enoit's only a bit cleaner than the current way
01:57.50enosince perl-host-build happens for every platform, where it only needs to be built once
01:58.33rwhitbyok, so it's mainly time-saving for multi-platform builds.
02:08.32CIA-803bzhou * r4319 10optware/trunk/Makefile: added HOST_* variables and host/.configured target
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05:23.29CIA-803rwhitby * r4320 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/denyhosts/rc.denyhosts): denyhosts: Updated rc script to kill the process according to the pid file
05:32.16CIA-803rwhitby * r4321 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): denyhosts: Moved the pid file back to /var/run (to match other optware packages)
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06:00.42CIA-803rwhitby * r4322 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): dnsmasq: Now uses the pid file to kill the correct process
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06:15.02CIA-803rwhitby * r4323 10optware/trunk/make/ dnsmasq: Added CONFFFILES support so /opt/etc/dnsmasq.conf is not overwritten
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06:39.36CIA-803rwhitby * r4324 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs):
06:39.36CIA-8openssh: update start script to only kill the parent process, if it's been
06:39.36CIA-8recorded in /var/run/ - otherwise killall sshd. This allows us to
06:39.36CIA-8override stock sshd on fsg-3, while still enabling upgrades on openssh without
06:39.36CIA-8loosing the child connection.
06:45.08CIA-803bzhou * r4325 10optware/trunk/make/ erlang: share host build
06:46.02CIA-803bzhou * r4326 10optware/trunk/Makefile: added HOST_STAGING_* variables
06:46.57CIA-803bzhou * r4327 10optware/trunk/make/ erl-yaws: use the new ERLANG_HOST_BUILD_DIR
07:14.42CIA-803rwhitby * r4328 10optware/trunk/sources/template/ (. postinst prerm rc.template): template: Added example startup, prerm and postinst scripts
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07:16.34rwhitby-awayeno: we need a way to detect which optware host we are running on in the startup scripts (e.g. to do special things on an fsg-3, for instance, so the optware package can read settings from the stock configuration)
07:16.40rwhitby-awayeno: any ideas?
07:20.13CieDmorning all
07:33.01CIA-803rwhitby * r4329 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/bpalogin/rc.bpalogin): bpalogin: fixed startup script
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09:05.19CIA-803blaster8 * r534 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.18/ (5 files): Fix 2.6.18 clocksource support, thanks to Gordon F. for diagnosing and fixing this
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09:30.42CIA-803blaster8 * r535 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.19/loft_defconfig: Add loft_defconfig - no reference to mtd-load patch included
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16:19.12CIA-803g2-tbillman * r536 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.19/loft_defconfig: Changes for actual Loft testing.
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17:25.51dumfrac~seen blaster8
17:25.56jbotblaster8 <n=blaster8@nslu2-linux/blaster8> was last seen on IRC in channel #nslu2-linux, 22h 49m 47s ago, saying: 'good luck with this'.
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18:59.35[g2]dumfrac ping
19:00.02dumfrac[g2] pong
19:00.13[g2]dumfrac testing etch ?
19:01.17dumfracyeah - I'm trying to keep up with the 2.6.19 patches because Debian is running 2.6.18 and will probably be released with 2.6.18
19:02.02[g2]ok, I've seen a little instability with CF
19:02.10dumfracoops - got to go and eat lunch
19:02.23dumfracI haven't been following the CF stuff
19:02.35dumfractalk to you later
19:08.32GPSFan[g2]: ping
19:08.45[g2]GPSFan pong
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19:09.10GPSFanhowdy, do you know if anyone has had ethernet working on BE on the avila?
19:09.45[g2]GPSFan I haven't tried running BE with the new IXP drivers but I think they started BE
19:09.54[g2]GPSFan are you running the CF driver ?
19:10.24[g2]I've tested this AM for a couple hours and things look pretty good except I think there's an issue with the CF
19:10.37GPSFanyes the cf driver seems to work ok, the npe firmware loads ok and the interfaces come up, but trash comes out the wire.
19:10.48[g2]I think there's race condition hiding or a timeout issue
19:10.58[g2]GPSFan are you booting to the CF ?
19:11.10GPSFanah, that could be hard to find without massive testing.
19:11.23[g2]well booting on the drive is enough
19:11.45GPSFanI have a couple of times. with the 2.6.19-rc3 kernel on cf, and the rootfs on the cf too.
19:12.04GPSFan'redboot likes hda1, the kernel, sda1 ;>)
19:12.06[g2]you've got a tiny rootfs right ?
19:12.14GPSFantiny indeed.
19:12.37[g2]right I'm testing with sarge and etch and a 500MBs rootfs
19:12.52GPSFanwhat are you seeing?
19:12.58[g2]it works sometimes, but then the fs gets corrupted
19:13.48[g2]I've corrupted both a CF partition and Microdrive partition on two different boxes
19:14.02[g2].18 with the old driver has been totally stable
19:14.13GPSFanhmm, baybe a race or buffer flushing issue.
19:14.19[g2]oddly, SDA1 on an external drive see good too
19:14.39[g2]I haven't tried bonnie++ or anything
19:15.21dwery[g2]: got problems?
19:15.22[g2]hey dew
19:15.22[g2]hey dwery
19:15.33[g2]dwery I was testing this AM for several hours
19:15.45[g2]things look pretty good, but not 100%
19:15.51GPSFandw hey..
19:16.11dwerymmm... did you got any dmesg related to corruption?
19:17.02GPSFandwery:  if you didn't see my dmesg on the ethernet in the logs here it is:
19:17.10dweryGPSFan: I've got it, thanks
19:17.21dwerystrange that eth doesn't work. It was born BE
19:17.41dweryyou might want to try with another npe firmware
19:18.10[g2]lol "born BE"
19:18.19dwery[g2]: may I have you dmesg lines identifying the CF and microdrive?
19:18.39GPSFanyeah, I havn't a clue. the interfaces go up & down with cable insertion, and when I ping something the packet tx counter increases, but tcpdump on the target box says bad length (or somesuch)
19:18.50GPSFanno errors in dmesg
19:19.41dweryGPSFan: redboot version?
19:20.02dweryI'd try with another firmware
19:20.12[g2]dwery 2.02 works fine for me
19:20.13dweryyou might download them from the intel website
19:20.22dwery[g2]: ixp4xx net driver?
19:20.34GPSFan[g2]: that's 2.6.18?
19:20.44dwerymaybe the net driver does not like the npe firmware in 2.02 redboot
19:20.51[g2]GPSFan .18 is fine, .19 is fine for the Intel Driver
19:21.14[g2]I've been runnning .18 alot with the new driver and RedBoot 2.02
19:21.20dwery[g2]: open source net driver works for you?
19:21.34[g2]dwery yeah I've been running a quite well
19:22.02[g2]dwery yeah I've been running it quite well
19:22.13dweryand you are running BE, right?
19:22.37[g2]nod, but it swaps the microcode
19:22.43dwery[g2]: can you try the net driver in BE mode?
19:23.00[g2]dwery when I get around to testing BE
19:23.15[g2]I don't have the toolchain or rootfs setup
19:23.19GPSFanI don't get any errors out of the microcode load. would things like packet counters work if the microcode ahd crashed?
19:23.23dwery[g2]:  uh. I thought you had
19:23.33[g2]dwery long time ago
19:23.39dweryGPSFan: I suspect the driver is 99% ok
19:23.52GPSFandwery: I'm sure it is.
19:23.58dwerywith maybe a minor issue that prevents BE from working properly
19:24.30dweryit would be interesting to have a tcpdump of a single IP packet, like a ping
19:24.39[g2]GPSFan dwery I've pinged Kaloz
19:24.39dwerya ping with a known payload
19:24.41GPSFanI looked through the code for any any endian references, but couldn't identify anthing obvious.
19:25.29dwerycan't remember the option, but I think there was one to se the payload. for the count the option is -c <count>
19:25.58dwerys/to se/to set/
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19:27.22[g2]Kaloz appear!
19:27.56*** join/#nslu2-linux Kaloz (i=kaloz@openwrt/developer/Kaloz)
19:28.22[g2]Kaloz welcome
19:28.26GPSFandwery: I think this it.
19:29.12*** join/#nslu2-linux nbd (n=nbd@openwrt/developer/nbd)
19:29.15[g2]Kaloz fyi .19-rc3 and the new IXP open driver are working pretty well
19:29.17NAiLand nbd
19:29.28[g2]welcome nbd
19:29.30NAiLhiya there :)
19:30.30[g2]GPSFan Kaloz and nbd are openwrt guys
19:30.31nbdstill need to debrick my ixp unit, stupid openrg loader :)
19:30.40Kaloz[g2]: good. any idea why doesn't 2.6.17 (w gcc 4.1.1 and binutils 2.17) boot on the avila?
19:30.49*** join/#nslu2-linux dwery (n=dwery@nslu2-linux/dwery)
19:31.01[g2]dwery wb
19:31.03dwerygaim crashed :)
19:31.09GPSFanah, I have several wrt54g's !!
19:31.22dwery[g2]: please introduce Kaloz and nbd to me
19:31.32[g2]Kaloz ppl have been runing 2.6.17/gcc 4.1.1 for quite some time
19:31.49[g2]dunno which the version binutils
19:32.12[g2]the 2.18 port for the Loft/Avila is all done for LE
19:32.24[g2]I'm testing .19-rc3 now
19:32.34[g2]dwery did CF/libata chagnes
19:32.50dweryGPSFan: can you send the tcpdump in binary form to me via email?
19:32.55Kaloz[g2]: wondering if something is missing from mainline back then.. btw, am i wrong, or the avila is BE by default as well?
19:33.13[g2]yeah BE is the default
19:33.38GPSFandwery: uh, tell me what to set as params for tcpdump, and I'll get it done.
19:33.41[g2]we use a 2 instructin shim to switch the box to LE to run Debian
19:34.17dweryGPSFan: tcpdump -w file
19:34.31[g2]Kaloz you'll also want to pickup FIS updates
19:34.37Kaloz[g2]: yeah.. well, i won't switch it, as networking in general is BE :) we'll have iop support soon, tho (got an allnet 6500 last week)
19:34.39dweryGPSFan: maybe you want to filter like "host <ip addr>"
19:35.36joshinAnyone have a guess as to when kernel updates later than 473 will be added to the main repositories?
19:35.42[g2]Kaloz that's fine. We're pretty endian/libc agnostic
19:36.02NAiLjoshin: HEAD builds svn rev 534 now
19:36.11[g2]heh... a gentoo guys speaks :)
19:36.14joshinOh, that must be new.
19:36.21NAiLjoshin: yeah, earlier today
19:36.33joshinNow if only I could connect.  :p
19:36.45joshinYeah, Gentoo Forever!!!!
19:37.05[g2]joshin are you running the box BE or LE ?
19:37.51joshinBoth my Slugs are BE and running 473 kernels.  One is Gentoo bootstrapped over OpenSlug and the other is OpenSlug only
19:38.45[g2]joshin which kernel/IXP driver are you currently running
19:39.27joshinLinux slug 2.6.18slugos #1 PREEMPT Wed Oct 18 07:22:58 MST 2006 armv5teb XScale-IXP42x Family rev 1 (v5b) Linksys NSLU2 GNU/Linux
19:39.50[g2]joshin that's built with gcc 4.1.1 right ?
19:40.11joshinIXP4XX MAC driver 0.2.0
19:40.27joshinThe kernel and all drivers are built with the defaults as per the master makefile
19:40.40dweryso the open ixp driver seems to work fine in BE... ?
19:40.41joshinMy Gentoo chroot/pivot-root is all built with 4.1.1 and glibc2.4.
19:40.47Kalozcat /proc/version will let you know
19:40.48[g2]I'm pretty sure that's 4.1.1 but dunno the binutils ver
19:41.10joshinI had some ipv6 related oddnesses with glibc2.5 that I haven't figured out.  (May have been my fault)
19:41.15joshinChecking on versions now...
19:41.57[g2]hey that /proc/version trick is pretty handy :)
19:42.10joshingcc is 4.1.1 , binutils looks to be 2.16
19:42.33joshinmy gentoo chroot/pivot-root uses binutils 2.17
19:44.47dwery[g2]: you might try adding a small delay in ixp4xx_mmio_data_xfer
19:45.19dwery[g2]: just after *data->cs0_cfg &= ~(0x01);
19:45.24GPSFandwery: email on the way, tcpdump didnt find anything with the filter on, so I just captured a few packets the ethernet mac is in the body of the e-mail message
19:45.27[g2]dwery ok. root delay doesn't seem to effect it
19:45.32dweryand another before *data->cs0_cfg |= 0x01;
19:45.45dwerythe old ide driver had udelay(100)
19:46.02dwerythat will affect performance :(
19:46.07joshinAny hints on this: usb 1-1.2: reset high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 4
19:46.23joshinIts my microdrive.
19:46.39dweryjoshin: I'am having troubles with usb too, but I'am running .19-rc3
19:46.59joshinIt does recover.  I'm not sure if it is a kernel issue or if I should track down an AC adapter to make the hub/reader powered.
19:46.59[g2]joshin I was seeing some of those on 2.6.18 with OHCI under heavy load
19:47.11joshinGentoo by default makes it heavy load.  :)
19:47.14[g2]but only on 1 drive
19:47.41[g2]joshin yeah building Gentoo is a good CPU and Disk test
19:47.52[g2]a developer's patience test too
19:48.12joshinThank goodness for distcc.  My 3 A64's do the compiling which speeds things up dramatically.
19:48.25joshinNow if only I could figure out how to do the same with OE.  
19:48.35dweryGPSFan: interesting, you're runninv IPv0 :D
19:48.44[g2]dwery I'll have to come back to testing the libata changes in a bit
19:48.58GPSFandwery: that's interesting.
19:49.32dweryit really seems to be a byte swap issue
19:53.07*** join/#nslu2-linux caplink811_log (
19:58.20dweryGPSFan: given the level of alteration in the packet, I don't think anymore is a simple byte swap problem
19:59.34dweryyou might want to try with another firmware or maybe use the other interface
20:04.23*** join/#nslu2-linux dwery (n=dwery@nslu2-linux/dwery)
20:05.48GPSFandwery: tried the other interface, it didn't work either, I sent you a tcp dupm of its packets too.
20:06.11joshinStupid MTN gods didn't like my sacrifice.  Still refusing to allow me to connect.
20:11.09dweryGPSFan: :(
20:12.14dweryGPSFan: do you have another fw?
20:12.19GPSFandwery: wouldn't there be an error message from the npe if it didn't like the downloaded firmware ie. corruption/checksum error etc?
20:12.26dwerythe fw is ok
20:12.39dwerybut probably the driver doesn't like it
20:12.53GPSFandwery: no I don't I'll have to dl it from Intel.. gotta run out for a while. thanks for all the help.
20:12.56dweryin terms of minor changes in the api
20:13.01dweryor something like that.. I'am guessing
20:13.09dwerywe would need its author
20:13.15dweryok, see ya.
20:19.09Kaloz[g2]: you wanted to speak about something, didn't you? :) i'm a bit sleepy :P
20:20.10[g2]Kaloz I wanted to let you know several ppl are running and testing the latest in BE land
20:20.28[g2]specfically, GPSFan is beginning testing on 2.6.19-rc3
20:20.37[g2]and joshin has Gentoo going
20:21.03[g2]Kaloz that's all
20:21.44[g2]I'll be getting to testing BE in a little while, but right now mostly LE
20:22.12Kalozokay :)
20:23.53Kalozwill the CF driver go into mainline?
20:24.46dweryKaloz: yes, if we find the corruption bug
20:25.13[g2]Kaloz and have it's tested for both endians
20:27.15Kalozokay, sounds good
20:27.43dwery[g2]: theorically, we should check the IXP4XX specs regarding the setup time of the exp bus line we are twiggling in the cf driver
20:27.49dwerybut I'am lazy :)
20:28.49[g2]dwery you're not writing directly to the EXP bus you're interfacing via the memory controller right ?
20:29.01dwerythe bit is twiggled directly
20:29.13dwerydata goes thru the mem controller
20:30.14*** join/#nslu2-linux CieD (n=CieD@
20:30.48[g2]Ok so you are setting everything up via bit twiddling then pulling the data via memory accesses ?
20:30.55dweryyes. like the old ide driver.
20:32.06dwerybtw, my loft nfs boots in 15 secs :)
20:36.38dweryI've checked the ixp driver, there should be no endianness issues
20:36.44dweryI can only think of different microcodes
20:37.44[g2]well everyone but us runs BE
20:38.40[g2]dwery I've got some more test data
20:39.00dweryeveryone but us uses different microcode :)
20:39.24[g2]that's pretty easy to switch
20:39.42dweryyep. we need a BE user to try
20:39.47dwerymore test data?
20:40.42[g2]Ok the image booting to sda1 on external driver and on hda1 with the old GW ide LE patch is booting fine on 2.6.19-rc3
20:41.22[g2]the libata driver hangs during "Init", but think it's because data isn't getting written to the disk properly
20:41.40[g2]but that needs more investigation
20:41.49dweryyou're using ide and libata together?
20:42.01[g2]no. One or the other
20:42.24[g2]I tried the libata stuff first
20:42.31dweryit hangs with any message?
20:43.14[g2]Init hangs, then on reboot the rootfs is corrupted
20:43.33[g2]pretty badly
20:43.44[g2]like fsck doesn't fix it
20:44.06[g2]it repairs it, but the fs isn't bootable anymore
20:46.14dweryquite strange.
20:46.55dwerymine works quite realiably
20:47.25*** join/#nslu2-linux yvasilev (n=yvasilev@
20:48.50CIA-803pawsa * r4330 10optware/trunk/ (3 files in 2 dirs): sendmail: fix queue location in default config file
20:51.22dwery[g2]: any integrity test I can run?
20:54.25*** join/#nslu2-linux kolla (
20:56.06[g2]dwery I think we can setup some tests
20:56.10dwery[g2]: I just copied a 30MB file
20:56.25dweryand the md5sum is NOT correct
20:56.39[g2]heh... that's a good test
20:56.50dweryata1: no sense translation for status: 0x51
20:56.50dweryata1: translated ATA stat/err 0x51/00 to SCSI SK/ASC/ASCQ 0xb/00/00
20:56.51dweryata1: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
20:56.51dweryata1: no sense translation for status: 0x51
20:56.51dweryata1: translated ATA stat/err 0x51/00 to SCSI SK/ASC/ASCQ 0xb/00/00
20:56.52dweryata1: status=0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error }
20:56.56[g2]"if it bleeds, we can kill it" :)
20:57.04dwerytrying to add some delay
21:14.27CIA-803azummo * r537 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.19/96-pata-ixp4xx.patch: Fixed data integrity bug.
21:17.03barnseeniodoes anyone know if you can use a usb hub with debianslug?
21:18.14dwerybarnseenio: I think so.
21:19.13barnseeniok, i'll have another sniff on d'web, and maybe mailing list
21:20.39CIA-803pawsa * r4331 10optware/trunk/sources/sendmail/config.patch: sendmail: one more default queue location fixed
21:20.50[g2]dwery THX for the fix
21:24.14*** join/#nslu2-linux kolla (
21:28.50*** join/#nslu2-linux dwery (n=dwery@nslu2-linux/dwery)
21:31.39dwery[g2]: it seems the second udelay is required too
21:31.58[g2]dwery more errors ?
21:32.16[g2]is only the first in the repo ?
21:37.05CIA-803azummo * r538 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.19/96-pata-ixp4xx.patch: Hopefully fixed the data integrity bug
21:38.36[g2]new build started
21:40.00dweryI'am doing more integrity checks
21:43.05[g2]if I can boot I'll run bonnie++
21:44.04dwerybonnie also does integrity?
21:45.40dweryapt-get install bonnie++ :)
21:47.15[g2]dwery do you have a microdrive ?
21:47.22dwerynope :(
21:47.45[g2]use and old flash :)
21:48.11dweryyes.. I will see If I can fine a cheap one on ebay
21:49.50*** join/#nslu2-linux kolla (
21:51.00kfm82speaking of which, regular write cycles to /var and /tmp are supposed to hurt compact flash media, how about that on a slug running off e.g. a 1gig usb thumb drive?
21:53.07dwery[g2]: im trying with delay 10. integrity seems ok, but bonnie++ triggers ata errors
21:53.33[g2]dwery could be more than one problem :)
21:53.49[g2]a) data integrity
21:53.58[g2]b) libata stress
21:54.14dweryI'll let you try with delay 100 :)
21:54.50[g2]laptop still building
21:55.19[g2]wow... plugs in CPU fan
21:56.09[g2]cpu temp 82C
21:56.52dwery[g2]: how much should a new 2GB microdrive cost?
21:57.08[g2]< $100
21:57.16[g2]may $125
21:57.27dweryI think I've found one at 79EUR at a supplier
21:57.29[g2]the 4Gs were $150 6 months ago
21:57.34dweryand several others on ebay
21:58.13dwerymaybe I'll buy one ..
21:58.51[g2]depends on what your are planning to do
21:59.11dweryplaying with the loft :)
22:00.05[g2]well same cost gets you a 120G USB 2.0 drive that runs 15X faster on the Loft
22:00.26[g2]60x capacity, 15X speed same cost
22:00.34dwerybut wouldn't allow me to test the driver :)
22:00.50CIA-803blaster8 * r539 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.18/11-arm-generic-time.patch: Remove timeofday.h noise from 11-arm-generic-time.patch
22:00.51[g2]right it all depends on your goals
22:01.14*** join/#nslu2-linux kolla (
22:06.14[g2]bonnie running
22:07.38*** join/#nslu2-linux blaster8 (
22:08.29blaster8dumfrac: ping
22:08.33blaster8~seen dumfrac
22:08.50jbotdumfrac is currently on #nslu2-linux (1d 5h 51m 12s). Has said a total of 6 messages. Is idling for 3h 6m 15s, last said: 'talk to you later'.
22:14.17dwery[g2]: how's bonny doing?
22:14.22[g2]dwery running away
22:16.00blaster8dwery: data-corruption bug?
22:18.56*** join/#nslu2-linux dwery (n=dwery@nslu2-linux/dwery) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
22:18.56*** join/#nslu2-linux GPSFan (n=kenm@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
22:18.56*** join/#nslu2-linux AdamBaker ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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22:18.57*** join/#nslu2-linux tkimball_ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
22:24.14[g2]dwery it's on to the rewriting stage
22:24.44dwerymaybe I might add a module parameter for that udelay value
22:25.15[g2]dwery I'm gonna be afk for a bit
22:25.41[g2]want me to post the results in here or e-mail when I check back in later ?
22:27.05dweryemail please
22:27.11dweryI'll go to bed in a while
22:27.30[g2]dwery nod. THX for all the help and fixes
22:27.52dwerythanks for your tests
22:28.00[g2]sweet dreams if I don't see you before bed
22:28.18[g2]dwery np. always a pleasure
22:29.10[g2]still running
22:37.59CIA-803blaster8 * r540 10kernel/trunk/ (12 files in 3 dirs): Cleanup to patch numbers
22:38.15*** join/#nslu2-linux blaster8 (
22:38.35blaster8dwery: ping
22:38.42dweryblaster8: pong
22:38.43blaster8Time to run svn update - I've changed some of the patch numbers
22:44.55joshinAhahahaha, the MTN gods finally allowed me to connect!
22:58.02nbddamn... jtag is really slow from a 125 mhz device with only ppdev available
22:59.36*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby (n=rwhitby@nslu2-linux/rwhitby)
23:15.58*** join/#nslu2-linux [g2] (n=g2@nslu2-linux/g2)
23:24.32[g2]nbd which arch ?
23:25.26nbd[g2]: mipsel, wl-500g
23:25.34nbdbut i switched to using my amd64 box now
23:25.35nbdmuch faster :)
23:31.35nbdi hope the redboot image boots on this board
23:31.43nbdi don't want to see the rgloader crap again. ever.
23:35.26*** join/#nslu2-linux yvasilev (n=yvasilev@
23:59.17CIA-803rwhitby * r4332 10optware/trunk/Makefile: Makefile: demoted bpalogin

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