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07:01.23CIA-803blaster8 * r495 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.18/ (5 files): Move Redboot Patches to submit upstream
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07:15.18CIA-803blaster8 * r496 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.18/ (7 files): Major cleanup and refresh of Loft patches
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07:33.10CIA-803blaster8 * r497 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.19/ (3 files): Add 2.6.19 redboot patches
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08:43.01CIA-803blaster8 * r498 10kernel/trunk/ (README STATUS patches/2.6.18/defconfig): Update defconfig, docs
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08:46.14barnseeniolibtorrent/rtorrent finally finished building on my slug
08:46.49barnseenioso, i'm resigning my recent foray into x-compilers into history.
08:47.02barnseeniolong live the slug!
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09:05.08[g2]barnseenio congrats!
09:05.45[g2]barnseenio I'm up early today
09:06.51blaster8[g2]: I need you to sign off the 01-mtdpart patch and add a description and sign off 02-redboot patch
09:07.03blaster8they are in the 2.6.19 directory (not 2.6.18)
09:07.09blaster8Thanks for your work on the SVN repo
09:08.59[g2]blaster8 Ok I'll take a look at that
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09:14.10blaster8dwery & [g2]:
09:14.16blaster8One last thing from me
09:14.26blaster8I'm not moving the loft config patch to 2.6.19
09:15.14blaster8We need to integrate the libata CF patch, then as the ixdp425-setup.c suggests, produce a separate avila setup file (with Loft support)
09:15.43blaster8That should go into 2.6.19, then go upstream
09:15.57blaster8ok :)
09:20.48[g2]blaster8 re: the CF patch, sounds good
09:21.40dweryblaster8: I need to convert the libata cf to the driver model.. I thought I did did.. but maybe was the ep93xx libata pata driver
09:22.04blaster8I saw a libata ixp4xx driver somewhere
09:23.38dweryyep, that's mine :)
09:23.57blaster8so, less work? - just need to move that file to drivers/ata and check it works ??
09:24.30dweryyes. The last time I used that drivers was months ago on the Loft
09:24.36dweryI need to check if it still works
09:25.23blaster8ok, we should be able to get loft support in piggy-backed on the CF card updates :)
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09:27.06dweryi don't know how is the cf connected on the Avila but I suspect the same way as the loft
09:27.35blaster8ask [g2] - I think the 2 boards are very similar
09:28.31[g2]the Loft is a custom Avila board
09:29.00blaster8so the cf should be connected the same way?
09:40.31blaster8OK, Christian got back to me
09:40.45blaster8He says we should switch to data coherent mode for increased performance
09:43.15dwerydoh! :)
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10:30.12CIA-803blaster8 * r499 10kernel/trunk/ (4 files in 2 dirs): Add ad741x hwmon chip support to 2.6.18
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10:39.08CIA-803blaster8 * r500 10kernel/trunk/Makefile: Revert Makefile
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13:25.39CIA-803azummo * r501 10kernel/trunk/patches/2.6.18/13-hwmon-ad7418.patch: AD7417/8 driver
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15:16.54joshinWhere can I find the most recent version of the new network driver?  The version with the MAC address patch still hasn't hit the main repository.  
15:18.04dwerythe latest we are using is the one in the svn repo
15:18.07dwery.19 dir
15:20.24joshin.19 or .0.2.0?
15:21.20joshinUnforturnately I have 2 slugs and the MAC Address seemes fixed to 00:0C:BE:00:01:01.  My network does not seem to approve of the twins.
15:22.08joshinI was told that 0.2.1 fixed that.
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15:35.14dweryjoshin: directory 2.6.19, driver 0.2.1 . it has a mac randomizer.
15:35.22dweryanyway you can change the mac via ifconfig
15:35.58joshindwery, I swear I have tried with .0.2.0 and it hasn't worked.  It is driving me batty.
15:41.35joshinAha, I have to down the interface before I can change it.  So "ifconfig eth0 down && ifconfig eth0 hw ether 00:0C:BE:00:01:0a && ifconfig eth0 up" works
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15:49.55likewisehi fooks
15:53.16joshinhowdy likewise
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15:56.36likewisejoshin: hi
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16:26.30CIA-803blaster8 * r502 10kernel/trunk/ (9 files in 3 dirs): Add AD7418 support to 2.6.18/2.6.19
16:28.16CIA-803blaster8 * r503 10kernel/trunk/Makefile: Revert Makefile again
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20:34.33Szafrani'd like to know if some1 allready found an alternative to apex for enabling memory mod on the slug
20:38.40[g2]Szafran what's the issue ?
20:38.52[g2]The bootloader needs to configure memory properly
20:39.05[g2]which means you'll need an updated bootloader
20:39.21[g2]APEX probably has the most air time on the nslu2
20:39.47[g2]and you should definitely be JTAG ready if you are adding memory
20:40.01Szafrani allready have the mem mod
20:40.02[g2]you could even use the JTAG for testing for shorts
20:40.15Szafrani don't have the ability to configure apex
20:40.32[g2]Szafran I don't understand what you mean
20:40.43Szafrani've tried 3 different perspectives for a serial mod and none worked
20:41.00[g2]so you don't have serial ?
20:41.20[g2]phone call
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20:58.13Szafranthe thing with the serial mod is that each time there was only one way connection - i couldn't write anything to the slug - i've tried a module from a siemens phone cable, a module with max3232 compatible and finally i bought a module with the original max3232 - all the same - only one way connection - wasted over a month for test and stuff - checked the connections betwen cable and ixp processor and everything looked ok. i don't have a
21:04.36HopsNBarleydid you get the level converter?
21:07.14HopsNBarleySzafran, do you get a plus sign right at power on?  i do, fwiw.
21:07.44HopsNBarleyah, but it's input that's not working.
21:08.01Szafrani know
21:08.08Szafran3x weird
21:08.08HopsNBarleyyou are using a level converter and all that i assume....
21:09.05HopsNBarleyalso assume you've tried reversing the input pair of leads.
21:09.19Szafranyou mean rx/tx ??
21:09.27Szafranif so ... then yes
21:09.40HopsNBarleyno, the tx+/tx- order
21:10.41Szafranalso... yes
21:10.42HopsNBarleywe know the rx works (-;
21:10.42HopsNBarleywhat kind of DTE are you using, minicom or something?
21:10.42SzafranDTE ?
21:10.55HopsNBarleyoh, old timer expression : data terminal equipment.  in serial communications such terms are important
21:11.07HopsNBarleyjust think terminal.
21:11.21HopsNBarleyor a x86 serial port
21:11.38Szafrani'm using soft on my pc
21:11.46Szafranif that's what u mean
21:12.01HopsNBarleysetting the parity and word size correct to 8/n/1?
21:12.22Szafrantried a few proggys on windows and linu systems with different settings... nothing helped
21:13.15HopsNBarleywell - it looks like a hardware problem.  you could try another slug... or another level converter.  
21:14.05Szafrani've allready delpeted the money resources for this, so i need to find an alternative now
21:15.18HopsNBarleythat's a bummer.  tried a different serial cable?  
21:15.25Szafranis there a way to make the kernel to use the command line in the /boot/config* file instead of using the command line passed to it by the boot loader
21:15.39Szafranyep... different cables, different chips
21:16.00HopsNBarleybad luck.  
21:18.44Szafranany1, anything ? i'm desperate - 32mb is not enough, sure could use the power of the 128mb that is allready on the board :/
21:21.00likewiseSzafran: its APEX on the board?
21:21.23likewiseSzafran: or RedBoot?
21:22.05Szafranflashing apex without serial makes no sense
21:22.30likewiseyou can manually set the SDRAM controller register if you get into the command prompt
21:22.54likewiseif the default Redboot is installed with has memory modify function
21:23.28Szafranhow ? and would it be done permanently or do i have to do it every time i boot the slug ?
21:24.25Szafrani have debianslug beta 2 from 2006.03.11 flashed
21:28.38Szafranlikewise: can you tell me how can i do it ? or give me a link for site with description on how to do it ?
21:28.51CIA-803bzhou * r4256 10optware/trunk/ (4 files in 2 dirs): python24: upstream upgrade to 2.4.4
21:30.34likewiseszafran: It's low level, you would use the redboot to modify IXP4xx registers. You need to read the IXP4xx docs on the SDRAM memory controller. "mm 0xcc000000 0x00000018" for example in RedBoot.
21:31.04likewiseszafran: but forget it, this is low-level stuff
21:32.07Szafranso if sthing goes wrong there's no way of coming back ?
21:32.50likewiseSzafran: of course, just reset and everything is fine
21:33.24Szafranoh... so the changes aren't permanent
21:34.06Szafranbut if i'd find that it's working fine is there a way to make it permanent after doing some test ??
21:45.15likewiseSzafran: yes, build a new bootloader
21:45.56likewiseszafran: or modify the Redboot fconfig script, that way you do not need to build the bootloader
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21:51.47Szafrani don't know if that version of redboot is able to edit fconfig - as i remember i've tried that once a long time ago and it said that it does not recognize the command
21:58.55CIA-803bzhou * r4257 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ added and promoted py-ply
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22:34.36[g2]bummer Szafran left
22:34.56[g2]Szafran double check the flow-control on the serial connection
22:35.01[g2]it needs to be off
22:36.57HopsNBarley|bikei'm not sure that will make any diff. as there are no hw flow lines connecting the devices.
22:37.05HopsNBarley|bikebut you never know  :-)
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