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00:43.49CIA-603bzhou * r3729 10optware/trunk/ (Makefile make/ added mpage
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16:15.33iwohey, i'm trying to add a cron job, however I have found many crontab files
16:15.38iwothere is: -
16:17.07iwowhich should i edit to add my job? i tried editing /opt/etc/crontab, but it doesn't seem to run (and executing crontab -l gives the message "no crontab for root")
16:17.59iwodo some of them get reverted at boot time? (like many of the other unslung props files)
16:18.05iwo(i'm on unslung btw)
16:20.36iwothere's not much about cron on the wiki :\
16:24.42iwomaybe I should echo the required line into /etc/crontab via a diversion script at boot??
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17:12.59CIA-603gda * r3730 10optware/trunk/make/ clearsilver: revoked changes, because it builds on nudi
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20:09.02marcelnCould someone help me with:
20:10.48AdamBakerWhat help do you want?
20:10.58marcelnI have a fix.
20:11.16marcelnThe problem is that i don't now where to apply it.
20:11.31marcelnThere are many scripts involved in the build
20:15.22AdamBakerThe 0.38 version of crosstool that the build process uses is a bit old now - it might be worth checking if you can just bump CROSSTOOL_VERSION=0.38 in make/ to 0.42
20:16.40marcelnIt's running!
20:23.26marceln*** These critical programs are missing or too old:gcc
20:23.27marceln*** Check the INSTALL file for required versions.
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20:31.15AdamBakerAh, now I understand why it is non trivial to fix - it is the configure script for glibc that is broken and that is downloaded by crosstool so it can't be patched until after the point in crosstool where it has downloaded and unpacked glibc
20:33.01marcelnI know how to fix it manualy.
20:33.19marcelnBut i want to solve it for others as well.
20:33.56marcelnThe only needed change is adding "4.1*" and it will work.
20:35.02marcelnI have tested this setup from 17 Jun.
20:35.08AdamBakerI didn't read the bug report carefully enough - I thought it was crosstool, not glibc doing that check
20:35.28marcelnNow i want to use a other system for building and i have the same problem again
20:42.33AdamBakerHaving re-read the crosstool scripts it looks as though you should be able in to just copy the patch from the bug report (which needs to live in sources/crosstool) to toolchain/crosstool/patches/glibc-2.2.5
20:43.55marcelnIn that directory is already a patch "glibc-2.2.5-allow-gcc-4.0-configure.patch" which add support for 4.0*
20:44.42marcelnStill i need a place to modify that directory.
20:47.16AdamBaker#       cat $(CROSSTOOL_PATCHES) | patch -d $(TOOL_BUILD_DIR)/$(CROSSTOOL_DIR) -p1
20:47.39AdamBakerThat was an extract from make/
20:48.48AdamBakerI'd replace the commented out line there with cp $(CROSSTOOL_PATCHES) $(CROSSTOOL_BUILD_DIR)/patches/glibc-2.2.5
20:49.32marcelnI am thinking about adding a "sed -i" line to change the "glibc-2.2.5-allow-gcc-4.0-configure.patch"
20:49.58AdamBakerand put a modified version of the allow configure-4.0 patch in CROSSTOOL_PATCHES - modifying and overwriting the existing patch is probably safer than creating a new one
20:50.40AdamBakerA sed script at the same point should work just as well
20:51.15marcelnA new patch could be applied in the wrong order.
20:52.12AdamBakerThat's why I suggested overwriting the old patch but editing it is as good if not better
20:58.54marcelnsed '/+/s/4.0\*/4.0\*\|4.1\*/'
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21:17.44NeoMatrixJR1need a hand getting upslug2 to work.  I see something about needing darwinports?  this looks like it's for MAC?  Do i need this on Deb/Ubuntu?  How do I install it?
21:19.59marcelnA normal configure/make/make install should work.
21:20.15marcelnBut probably there is a debian package as well.
21:20.16NeoMatrixJR1I installed upslug2 from a debian package
21:20.46marcelnWhat's the problem then?
21:21.09NeoMatrixJR1when I go to run it I get an error.
21:21.16NeoMatrixJR1give a min...and I'll post6 it
21:21.20NeoMatrixJR1post it
21:23.00NeoMatrixJR1grrr...I forgot I don't have ssh on that system yet.
21:23.33NeoMatrixJR1Operation not permitted: error using device [N12NSLU2Upgrade9WireErrorE]
21:25.09marcelnYou need raw acces to your ethernet card.
21:25.10NeoMatrixJR1sorry...more specific: upslug2 --device=eth1
21:25.11NeoMatrixJR1eth1: Operation not permitted: error using device [N12NSLU2Upgrade9WireErrorE]
21:26.01marcelnIf you start "upslug2" as user you aren't allowed to access your nic in raw mode.
21:26.15NeoMatrixJR1need to be su/root?
21:26.17marcelnYou will get this error because upslug2 needs raw access
21:26.41NeoMatrixJR1ok!  Thanks!
21:26.46marcelnupslug2 sends ethernet packages.
21:26.59marcelnIt doesn't use the ip stack
21:27.32NeoMatrixJR1It just runs broadcast?
21:28.20NeoMatrixJR1makes sense...since you give it the MAC it probably puts it in the header and anything else just ignores the packets
21:29.26NeoMatrixJR1well, I'm off till I get home in about an hour! :( I wish I would have left it on and plugged in @ home or I could have it all nice and flashed to go by the time I got there!
21:29.29NeoMatrixJR1thanks again!
21:29.57marcelnBye and succes.
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22:29.08CIA-603marceln * r3731 10optware/trunk/make/ crosstool: FIX gcc 4.1.1 (fc5) see
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22:36.35marcelnAdamBaker: Thanks. It look likes it worked.
22:40.06CIA-603bzhou * r3732 10optware/trunk/make/ ( bumped IPK_VERSION to trigger a rebuild of packages depends on expat
22:41.47AdamBakerglad to hear it
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22:50.58NeoMatrixJR1ok, new question w/ upslug...
22:50.58NeoMatrixJR1I need to do a kernel and jffs2 upload but I don't have a zImage-openslug.  I have (zImage-):
22:50.58NeoMatrixJR1dsmg600be, nas100dbe, ixp4xxbe, nslu2be, ds101be, loftbe
22:50.58NeoMatrixJR1Mostly I have been working in the ixp4xxbe work folders.  Is this the right one or the nslu2be?
22:59.53NeoMatrixJR1is anyone here?
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23:27.03*** join/#nslu2-linux bullet ( question?  is there a way to watch the boot process after a flash?
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23:32.53mwesterTo watch the boot process you will need a serial console.  Check the wiki for the mod.
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23:40.14NeoMatrixJR1my slug's just flashing red-green after boot
23:41.15NeoMatrixJR1actually it's more amber, red
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23:43.48NeoMatrixJR1restarted and now it's just holding amber

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