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00:12.51CIA-603bzhou * r3689 10optware/trunk/make/ ( py-paste*: upstream upgrade to 0.9.6
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00:15.13CIA-603bzhou * r3690 10optware/trunk/make/ py-wareweb: upstream upgrade to 0.2
00:21.13CIA-603bzhou * r3691 10optware/trunk/make/ py-bittorrent: upstream upgrade to 4.20.4
00:28.20CIA-603bzhou * r3692 10optware/trunk/make/ dcraw: upstream upgrade to 1.338
00:35.35CIA-603bzhou * r3693 10optware/trunk/make/ git-core: upstream upgrade to
00:36.35CIA-603bzhou * r3694 10optware/trunk/make/ py-mercurial: upstream upgrade to 0.9.1
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03:17.45CIA-603bzhou * r3695 10optware/trunk/make/ rubygems: upstream upgrade to 0.9.0
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04:39.04CIA-603bzhou * r3696 10optware/trunk/make/ gnupg: corrected zlib dependency, bump IPK_VERSION
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08:24.33CIA-603oleo * r3697 10optware/trunk/ (4 files in 2 dirs): gift: drop perl dependecy, startup scripts and setup check
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11:39.01CIA-603oleo * r3698 10optware/trunk/sources/buildroot/uClibc.config-locale.patch: buildroot: build static ldconfig - this will enable coexistance of wl500g and uclibc packages if new uclibc libs are moved to other dir to prevent name clash
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13:20.19CIA-603marcusb * r53 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/trunk/ixp400-accesslib/debian/ (8 files in 2 dirs): Microcode loading support.
13:21.10CIA-603marcusb * r54 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/trunk/ixp400-accesslib/debian/ (2 files): Rename.
13:45.35CIA-603marcusb * r55 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/trunk/ixp400-accesslib/debian/rules: Add missing dh_install* calls.
13:53.37CIA-603marcusb * r56 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/trunk/ixp400-accesslib/debian/rules: Add needed debian/ files to module source archive.
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16:18.21CIA-603marcusb * r57 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/trunk/ixp400-accesslib/debian/ (6 files): Correct filenames for module-assistant.
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18:05.56CIA-603gda * r3699 10optware/trunk/make/ perl: cross build for ds101g, next try
18:10.04l0c4lh0st`afkIs php-cli available for DebianSlug?
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22:29.43CIA-603oleo * r3700 10optware/trunk/ (make/ sources/ipkg/ipkg_download.c.patch): ipkg: upstream upgrade to 0.99-163 - added support for uclibc targets
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22:31.26CIA-603oleo * r3701 10optware/trunk/Makefile: optware: add ipkg to list of specific packages for uclibc
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22:51.06le-lemurienis anyone here using php-apache with openslug? i have httpd running with the php5 module loaded (from /var/log/apache/error_log: [Wed Aug 02 00:42:07 2006] [notice] Apache/2.0.54 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.54 OpenSSL/0.9.7g DAV/2 PHP/5.1.4 configured -- resuming normal operations). the problem is that apache server html correctly but does not interpret php files at all.
22:52.30le-lemurienit just displays the source. the php file is executable.
22:53.27le-lemurientypo - apache serveS html correctly
22:57.44NAiLthen it's not filtering the source through php
22:58.04NAiLthere's a couple of lines needed in apache.conf (or whatever that config file is called)
22:58.23le-lemurieni added the line that loads /opt/libexec/
22:58.36le-lemurienit doesn't seem to raise an error
22:58.40NAiLyou need to add one that adds the .php extention too
22:59.13NAiLsomething like AddType application/x-httpd-php .php .php3 .php4 .phtml
22:59.27NAiLalso, possibly  DirectoryIndex index.php index.php4 index.php3 index.cgi index.html index.htm
23:00.25le-lemurienhmmm... yes, makes sense... i'm checking httpd.conf right now
23:00.42le-lemuriensuch lines do exist, but no php there, you must be right
23:00.43NAiLif you get it to work, make sure to update the wiki ;)
23:01.22le-lemurieni will...
23:04.43le-lemurieni will.
23:04.50le-lemurienit works perfectly :)
23:05.31le-lemurieni just had to paste your AddType line. thanks a lot!
23:07.23le-lemurieni'll have a few other things to add to the wiki... it suggests to install an apache package that ipkg doesn't want to install, even once downloaded locally...
23:07.37le-lemurieni was able to use another from another repository.
23:08.17le-lemuriensome files seem to be missing on the regular openslug repository. you can't just go ipkg install php-apache.
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