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08:19.20CIA-503rwhitby * r3 10debian/devio/ (25 files in 7 dirs): [svn-inject] Installing original source of devio
08:19.27CIA-503rwhitby * r4 10debian/devio/devio/branches/upstream/1.2/: [svn-inject] Tagging upstream source version of devio
08:19.34CIA-503rwhitby * r5 10debian/devio/devio/trunk/: [svn-inject] Forking devio source to Trunk
08:20.37CIA-503rwhitby * r6 10debian/devio/devio/trunk/ (15 files in 3 dirs): Load devio-1.2 into devio/devio/trunk.
08:24.25CIA-503rwhitby * r7 10debian/branches/: Removed file/folder
08:25.00CIA-503rwhitby * r8 10debian/trunk/: Removed file/folder
08:25.14CIA-503rwhitby * r9 10debian/tags/: Removed file/folder
08:25.34CIA-503rwhitby * r10 10debian/ (devio/ trunk/): Renamed remotely
08:26.00CIA-503rwhitby * r11 10debian/devio/: Copied remotely
08:26.24CIA-503rwhitby * r12 10debian/trunk/: Removed file/folder
09:35.52CIA-503rwhitby * r13 10debian/ixp400-eth/ (9 files in 5 dirs): [svn-inject] Installing original source of ixp400-eth
09:36.00CIA-503rwhitby * r14 10debian/ixp400-eth/branches/upstream/1.5/: [svn-inject] Tagging upstream source version of ixp400-eth
09:36.07CIA-503rwhitby * r15 10debian/ixp400-eth/trunk/: [svn-inject] Forking ixp400-eth source to Trunk
09:36.55CIA-503rwhitby * r16 10debian/ixp400-eth/trunk/ (25 files in 3 dirs): Load ixp400-eth-1.5 into ixp400-eth/trunk.
09:51.53CIA-503rwhitby * r17 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/ (547 files in 106 dirs): [svn-inject] Installing original source of ixp400-accesslib
09:52.01CIA-503rwhitby * r18 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/branches/upstream/2.1/: [svn-inject] Tagging upstream source version of ixp400-accesslib
09:52.09CIA-503rwhitby * r19 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/trunk/: [svn-inject] Forking ixp400-accesslib source to Trunk
09:54.11CIA-503rwhitby * r20 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/trunk/ (33 files in 6 dirs): Load ixp400-accesslib-2.1 into ixp400-accesslib/trunk.
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14:23.12CIA-503marcusb * r21 10debian/ixp400-accesslib/trunk/debian/rules: exclude .svn directory from module source package
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15:09.36gandhijeehey when the ixp module from the intel CSR lib builds
15:09.41gandhijeeis it a .ko or .o file?
15:10.38eFfeMon slugos a .ko file, maybe on unslung a .o
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15:27.08gandhijeeslugos is 2.6 based, right?
15:29.08eFfeMgandhijee: yes
15:30.21gandhijeethey patch the source to add skb or whatever back?
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15:48.57gandhijeewhen ever i try to compile my module, i get -mabi=apcs-gnu , invalid option
15:49.08gandhijeehas this been removed from gcc?
16:07.00[g2]eFfeM-away I just pulled a few minutes ago and there was a head conflict in OE
16:07.05[g2]in the monotone DB
16:08.54gandhijeeg2: did you guys have to modify the make file any to get the 2.6 kernel modules to build?
16:10.11[g2]gandhijee what are you trying to build ?
16:13.47[g2]gandhijee I mean which distro are you building for ? debianslug, openslug, ucslugc
16:15.10gandhijeenone of the above
16:15.15gandhijeei am working on an IXP465
16:15.36gandhijeei got it as a gift
16:15.59gandhijeeand i am trying to make the modules for the damn thing so i can get network running on it.
16:16.26gandhijeebut everytime i try to build the module in the ixp400_xscale_sw lib i get this BS error
16:16.53gandhijeeERROR: Can't build ixp46X/lib/linuxbe/ixp400_.ko.o because ".ko" is not a valid component name
16:17.17[g2]what do you want to run on the 465 ?
16:17.22gandhijeeand i can't get support from an intel FAE or whatever, and the sourceforge page doesn't exist anymore
16:17.44gandhijeei dunno, gonna try asterisk and try to port zaptel to it maybe
16:18.13gandhijeebut i'd rather build it buy hand, i got everything else on the damn thing working, cept these lame NPE's
16:18.50[g2]are you running 2.6.16 or later ?
16:19.15gandhijeei am on 2.6.12 right now
16:19.30gandhijeei had a problem when compiling the intel modules w/ 2.6.14
16:19.40gandhijeesomething about skbuff or somethign like that.
16:19.45gandhijeeone sec, i can recompile it and tell oyu
16:20.25[g2]which version of gcc are you x-compile with ?
16:20.53gandhijeei get an error about mabi=apcs-gnu too
16:20.57gandhijeeso i just removed it.
16:21.11gandhijeefrom the makefiles and hte macros
16:21.13[g2]have you pull all the patches from the nslu2-linux CVS kernel ?
16:21.28gandhijeei really really don't feel like installing monotone
16:21.43[g2]I said CVS not OE
16:22.04gandhijeei didn't know there was a CVS for nslu2
16:22.19gandhijeeeveryone just kept telling me about monotone when i asked for a source tree
16:22.26gandhijeeor patches
16:22.35[g2]well it's going away (as we'll migrate to SVN) but it's only been around for nearly 2 years :)
16:22.52[g2]monotone is the mainline for lost of stuff
16:23.07[g2]but all the optware stuff was in CVS
16:25.17[g2]we've been running CSR on 2.6 since 9/2004 and 2.6.7
16:26.29[g2]jbot should learn those tricks :)
16:29.02gandhijeeis there a guide on how to pull down the pages for the cvs for nslu2
16:30.32[g2]gandhijee um checkout kernel cvs type "make"
16:31.04[g2]you'll need the Intel NPE sources from Intel and the kernel from
16:31.16[g2]but all the other patches are in the repo
16:31.26gandhijeeNPE microcode, or the AccessLib?
16:31.31gandhijeei already have the access libs
16:31.39gandhijeeand NPE stuff
16:31.45[g2]NPE and accesslibs
16:31.51gandhijeeok cool
16:32.10[g2]we've built for nearly all the versions
16:32.15gandhijeeand i have 22 kernels :
16:32.38[g2]22 kernels ?
16:32.48gandhijeevarious 2.6 kernels
16:32.59[g2]heh, I've probably got 222
16:33.08gandhijeeand minor revs on them just for xscale
16:33.59[g2]the makefile is setup for build about 5 or 6 different machines all in BE or LE
16:34.21gandhijeethe NPE's build for LE????
16:34.43[g2]Ummm yeah we've been running Debian for quite a long time
16:34.56gandhijeeoh wow
16:35.01[g2]obviously Debian can distribute the NPE modules
16:35.05gandhijeei am behind
16:35.12gandhijeehow so?
16:35.26[g2]The Intel license issue with the NPE/IAL modules
16:37.27gandhijeeman i am cvs retarded, how do i even log in to it?
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16:47.04iwocan anyone tell me what the install-strip is for in t he -ipk section of the .mk template?
16:47.49iwoi'm getting the error: No rule to make target 'install-strip'. Stop.
16:52.52eFfeM-away[g2]: do you still have the head conflict
16:53.03eFfeMwas away for dinner  ...
16:53.14eFfeMJust checked and here it thinks everything is ok.
16:53.19[g2]eFfeM I was about an hour ago
16:53.25[g2]I can try and pull again
16:53.38[g2]I'm building something now it'll be a while until that completes
16:53.47eFfeMok, np
16:54.00eFfeMactually I will be gone in an hr or so
16:54.07eFfeMthere are some odd things in the build system
16:56.03eFfeMpvrusb2-mci does not appear in the archive, yet I am sure it builds ok
16:56.18iwogot past the install-strip problem (just commented it it out). now i have a new problem that is not so easy to understand...
16:56.53iwothe error is: CONTROL/control is missing field Section
16:57.09iwoThe Section field should have one of the following values: ....
16:58.29iwoah, ok got it (need to define the SECTION variable
17:00.59iwoam i right in thinking, that just by using the optware makefile, i haven't actually built a slug compatible binary??
17:01.59iwoand only when i commit to svn and add the package to be build, then i will see whether it can be built for the arm platform?
17:35.52gandhijeeg2: you guys don't happen to run CVS on another port do you?
17:36.07gandhijeei configed my FW to let me out through 2401 but i still get no route to hose
17:36.43[g2]gandhijee sourceforge isn't super reliable
17:38.39gandhijeeman this sucks
17:38.55gandhijeei just want to play with my new toy =/
17:42.19iwooops sorry (wrong window :P)
17:51.22gandhijeethere doesn't happen to be a CVS mirror for them by any chance is there?
17:52.49vmasterwhich module do you want?
17:53.12vmasteror kernel/2.6.x?
17:56.02vmaster <- that's CVS HEAD of kernel/
18:03.07gandhijeei need some patches for the intel csr too
18:03.35gandhijeewhenever i try to make the module with this crap they give, i get ERROR: Can't build ixp46X/lib/linuxbe/ixp400_.ko.o because ".ko" is not a valid component name
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18:35.20gandhijeehow long is it supposta take for the kernel module to load?
18:35.33gandhijeei got the thing nice and build, but it takes FOREVER toload
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19:03.07gandhijeevmaster: what version of gcc do you guys use to build the kernel modules?
19:04.20vmastergandhijee: i don't have an IXP (yet)
19:04.44vmasteri just grabbed the sources from cvs and put them up for you via http, as you seemed to have problems accessing the cvs
19:05.04gandhijeeahh, many thanks
19:05.26gandhijeeits just sourceforge cvs for some reason
19:05.35gandhijeei got the the freebsd cvs no prob
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19:05.52vmasteryeah, as g2 said, sf is quite unreliable
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20:13.44iwohey, are there any devs here that could give me some advice on new optware package i'm attempting to create?
20:19.43iwoi've created my .mk file, and i can successfully run make and make -ipk.
20:25.10[1]gandhijeehow long is it supposta take the NPE's on an IXP to start up?
20:25.45vmasterheh, how long did you wait so far?
20:26.36iwoif a dev is interested, could you take a look at and tell me whether it looks okay?
20:26.43iwoit's my mk file
20:30.21iwoanyone ? :)
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20:37.31AdamBakeriwo: Are you posting this because you want help with it or because you want commit rights, if the former then say what the problem is, if the latter you need someone with admin rights rather than just a developer so its best to post to the devel mailing list
20:38.30iwoi am going to post this to the dev list (as per AddAPackageToUnslung on the wiki), i was just wondering if a dev could sanity check it before i do
20:38.47iwoit seems to work for me, but i'm new to this and i don't know if i am missing something
20:38.59iwobut i suppose the dev mailing list will tell me if i am :)
20:40.58AdamBakerhave you actually installed it from the ipk, you seem to have commented out all the bits that copy the code into the ipk
20:41.44AdamBakerYou also haven't set the text of EXTRACT-XISO_DESCRIPTION
20:46.11gandhijeevmaster: i've wait for up to a minute
20:46.31gandhijeei might go take a shit and come back and see what happens
20:46.53gandhijeeand i cant seem to login on another console to see what is happening....
20:47.25iwoAdamBaker: okay, description is now filled in.
20:47.36iwothe only bits i commented out, were the bits that caused errors :\
20:47.56iwomuch of it was example lines that didn't seem to apply to my package
20:48.17iwoare you talking about the lines that start with 'install ...'
20:48.37AdamBakerThere is plenty that doesn't apply when building something that isn't based on autoconf
20:49.04iwoi guess the line that puts the ipk package in the right place is:
20:49.08iwooops sorry
20:50.14iwoi mean the line is:
20:50.24AdamBaker#       $(MAKE) -C $(EXTRACT-XISO_BUILD_DIR) DESTDIR=$(EXTRACT-XISO_IPK_DIR) install-strip
20:50.42AdamBakeris the line you need a replacement for
20:51.00iwomy problem is that 'install-strip' was unrecognised
20:51.21iwoi got an error (something like: No rule present for target 'install-strip')
20:51.38AdamBakerAs the package doesn't have an install target in the Makefile I guess the end result is a single executable
20:52.34AdamBakerin that case you need to copy that executable to $(EXTRACT-XISO_IPK_DIR)/opt/bin (IIRC) and then ideally strip it
20:53.49AdamBakerstripping isn't essential to make things work but reduces the space it uses for those working with flash disks etc.
20:55.23AdamBakerwhen you think you have got the ipk OK you can copy it onto your target and ipkg install it. If it doesn't install the binary you have done something wrong
20:56.57AdamBakerWhen you are happy with your package add it to READY_FOR_TESTING in the main Makefile then do make testing which will do somee sanity checks for you
20:57.19iwookay, thanks for the help! i'll try to install the ipk before i post to the dev list
20:57.45iwosorry for being dense, but to you have any idea what the line would be that replaces the line we are talking about?
20:57.53iwocan i just put  simple cp command in there?
21:00.59AdamBakera simple cp should be fine if you do the strip afterwards
21:02.44AdamBakeryou need to use $(STRIP_COMMAND) to do the strip
21:11.41iwothanks for the help AdamBaker, got to go but i'll be back on this tomorrow :)
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