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09:27.27pepijnNAiL: ping?
09:27.41pepijnrwhitby: ping?
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09:29.43pepijni'd like to check out the slugos 3.10beta and it looks like it is currently living at
09:29.54pepijnbut what is the correct URL?
09:30.15l0c4lh0stHolland pwns.
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09:31.42pepijn127.0.0.1: let's hope so ;)
09:32.23l0c4lh0st"pepijn" is a Dutch / Belgium name, so eh :P
09:42.11l0c4lh0stHuh I just installed Debian/NSLU2 on my NSLU2, but it won't let me login? :(
09:42.31pepijnhow did you install it?
09:42.35pepijncan you ping?
09:43.02l0c4lh0stI can get into via SSH
09:43.06l0c4lh0stBut I can't login
09:43.10l0c4lh0stit says access denied
09:45.38pepijnso, which procedure did you use to install it?
09:48.18l0c4lh0stI first flashed the di-nslu2.bin
09:48.20l0c4lh0stto install Debian
09:48.27l0c4lh0stwent through the whole process
09:48.39l0c4lh0stthen flashed the debian-sda1.bin
09:48.44l0c4lh0stbooted, now I can't login
09:49.19pepijnyou did create a local user / configured root password when running debian installer?
09:51.33l0c4lh0stYes, I did
09:51.41l0c4lh0stI can't login with that username either..
09:53.41pepijndid you remove the initial host key from .ssh/known_hosts ?
09:54.17l0c4lh0stIt didn't say I had to :o
09:54.38l0c4lh0stI went through the installation, as described here:
09:55.01l0c4lh0stHowever, I didn't get this screen at the end:
09:55.16l0c4lh0stI got some sort of menu out of which I could choose what to do
09:55.38l0c4lh0stI chose finish installation and I got in that menu again
09:55.51l0c4lh0stSo I plugged out the power and put it in upgrade mode
09:56.00l0c4lh0stAnd flashed the other image
09:58.09pepijnsounds ok
10:01.05pepijnyou do get the password prompt then?
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10:05.18l0c4lh0st14(pepijn14): Yes, I do
10:05.31l0c4lh0stI put in "root" and then my specified password
10:05.37l0c4lh0stor my username + password
10:05.46pepijnyou can try the alternative approach as described on
10:05.48l0c4lh0stBut it says "access denied" everytime, no matter what I try
10:06.06pepijni.e. get DebianSlug firmware and manually bootstrap
10:06.30l0c4lh0stIs that hard?
10:06.33pepijnthat is the procedure i originally used
10:06.40l0c4lh0stI liked the Debian installer thing....
10:06.45pepijndefine hard
10:06.47l0c4lh0stJust curious why I can't login
10:07.06pepijnyou might want to mount the usb disk on a different machine
10:07.12pepijnand check /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow
10:07.24pepijnand /etc/ssh/*
10:07.52l0c4lh0stYeah, problem is, I don't have any Linux machine here :D
10:07.57pepijndi is 'a work in progress'
10:08.24pepijndebianslug as well, but it has the advantage that it has its own 'recovery' mode
10:08.41pepijnso you can boot into the firmware, and then mount the disk for inspection
10:08.57pepijnthis is something that is on the todo list for di
10:09.08l0c4lh0stSo you recommend me to install DebianSlug?!
10:09.35l0c4lh0stI installed that yesterday, but found out I couldn't install Apache on it, so I switched to the firmware I'm running now
10:09.39pepijnjust saying that is how i have installed my system at the moment
10:10.00pepijncould not install apache?
10:10.07l0c4lh0stThere is no package for it
10:10.49l0c4lh0stSo bazz- (if I remember right) recommended me to switch to Debian/NSLU2
10:11.14pepijnDebianSlug *is* Debian/NSLU2 as well
10:11.25pepijnterminology is quite confisuing
10:11.34l0c4lh0stORLY? :P
10:11.37pepijnjust a different way of getting there
10:11.38l0c4lh0stDamn, I'm confused now
10:11.50l0c4lh0stSo what should I do?
10:12.03pepijnand look at 'state of the project'
10:12.26pepijni just fixed a minor thing there to make option 1 easier
10:12.43pepijnthe difficult part is the manual bootstrap
10:12.56pepijnbut as long as you follow the procedure there, you should be fine
10:13.22pepijnand you end up with the same result as when running di
10:13.51pepijn-firmware image which is different (but that is only noticeable when you have serial cable during boot)
10:14.46l0c4lh0stSo... I download the new DebianSlug 3.10 firmware?
10:15.09l0c4lh0st First link on that page
10:16.00l0c4lh0stOr what?
10:16.03l0c4lh0stI'm totally confused now..
10:17.13l0c4lh0stWill apt-get work on that?
10:18.32l0c4lh0stGonna eat now, bbl
10:18.38l0c4lh0stLot of work with this NSLU2 man....
10:19.00pepijnyes, apt works
10:23.36pepijnproblem is of course that lots of people have done lots of different things for modifying the NSLU2 firmware
10:23.44pepijnand you have to figure out which one suits you best
10:24.09pepijnthe thing is just too flexible ;)
10:47.24l0c4lh0stSo, pepijn, I need to install the new DebianSlug 3.10?
10:47.32l0c4lh0st First link on that page <---
10:48.19pepijnyes, that is step 1, and gives you a 'locally' (no usb disk connected) boot
10:48.44pepijnthis boot can later be just as a 'failsafe' boot
10:49.38pepijnactually, you can already use that to examine your current debian install ;)
10:50.11l0c4lh0stI think I'll just reflash the whole thing again
10:53.23pepijnyou won't lose your debian installation by doing that
10:54.07l0c4lh0stI know, it's on the USB stick
10:54.19l0c4lh0stI'm gonna format that USB stick too
10:54.24l0c4lh0stI want a clean install
10:54.56pepijnk, although it would be interesting why the ssh login failed ;)
10:55.18l0c4lh0stUhhhhh yeah, that too
10:55.37l0c4lh0stSo I just flash the new DebianSlug 3.10 image and attach my USB stick so I can check the files on it?
10:55.41l0c4lh0stMakes sense :P
10:56.02l0c4lh0stDo I need to boot into RedBoot again?
10:56.15l0c4lh0stI had to do that a lot of times because the slug won't boot
10:56.35l0c4lh0st(and then use fis command to write something in it)
10:56.37pepijnno, you should be able to load the image with upslug
10:56.45l0c4lh0stah okay
10:56.58pepijnactually the fis trick won't work for the debianslug image
10:57.21pepijnbut it does work for the di-nslu2/sda1 images
10:58.22l0c4lh0stdamn that stick is HOT
11:09.00l0c4lh0stSo.. it's done flashing
11:09.07l0c4lh0stnow I end up with the same firmware I was using yesterday
11:09.11l0c4lh0stapt-get is not working
11:10.45pepijnnow you can mount the stick and check the filesystem
11:10.58pepijn/etc/passwd, /etc/shadow, /etc/ssh/sshd_config
11:11.09pepijn(on the stick)
11:11.56pepijnthen, you can either try booting from the stick (use 'turnup')
11:12.10pepijnor try installing debian on it using the bootstrap method
11:12.37pepijnnote: booting from the stick probably requires copying /lib/modules from flash to the stick
11:12.48pepijnkernel differences
11:13.00pepijnthus:module differences
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12:38.08rwhitbyl0c4lh0st: use DebianSlug firmware and debootstrap if you want the latest kernel - the Debian/NSLU2 is easier to install, but the official Debian kernel does not have all our latest patches yet because Debian policy is that they must be pushed upstream first.
12:38.44rwhitbySo DebianSlug and Debian/NSLU2 are the same from a userland point of view once you are running a Debian rootfs, but your kernel and kernel modules are quite different.
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