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01:07.25hanjohi all
01:08.21hanjoyesterday we've installed 36 slugs with debianslug and debootstraped them on nfs roots
01:08.51hanjoall is working quite nicely, but we did face significant problems with the hwclock
01:10.08hanjowe experience total freezing of the system when the hw clock is not synchronized with the system time. If a service like NTP tries to reconcile the difference the slugs are freezing completely and they are not longer accesible via the network interface
01:10.26hanjohas anyone experienced something similar?
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02:25.34CIA-503jp30 * 10unslung/ (4 files in 2 dirs): optware: fix libtool patching for use on recent gentoo hosts; remove some broken libtool archives from staging
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05:39.22eno-awaymwester, you're right, i just wget the latest Makefile
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10:50.43hanjohi all
10:51.57hanjodo we have a debianslug specific channel?
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13:38.39cbrakewhat is the best way to get the "stat" command on a nslu2?  I think Rsync needs it.
13:46.39NAiLdoesn't rsync use the "stat()" syscall?
14:02.33cbrakeNAiL: it may -- still checking.
14:03.24cbrakeNAiL: I'm getting a bunch of " failed to set times on " when running rsync on debianslug.
14:04.17cbrakeNAiL: also noticed OE includes a "stat" package, so I gess that is one way to get the "stat" command.
14:08.25NAiLwhat filesystem are you rsyncing to?
14:27.47cbrakeNAiL: ext3
14:33.27CIA-503bzhou * 10unslung/make/ py-lxml: upstream upgrade to 1.0.beta
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14:47.39cbrakelstat64("make.profile", {st_mode=S_IFLNK|0777, st_size=50, ...}) = 0
14:47.41cbrakereadlink("make.profile", "../usr/portage/profiles/default-linux/amd64/2005.1", 4095) = 50
14:47.42cbraketime(NULL)                              = 1147994738
14:47.44cbrakewrite(2, "rsync: failed to set times on \"/"..., 104rsync: failed to set times on "/media/sda2/backup/happy/etc/make.profile": Function not implemented (38)) = 104
14:49.09cbrakeNAiL: guess I'll need to look at the rsync source -- still not sure what is failing ...
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18:04.45Caramba_Hi folks! I had troubles with a hard drive connected to the slug, so I ran fsck on it. Some minor problems were fixed, and I replugged. Now everything seems fine, except that some links or somesuch seem to have been lost. Accessing the hard drive from a ssh prompt works fine, likewise from my SLimserver. When I try to browse the drive from the homepage of the slug ( 1) I get...
18:04.46Caramba_...the error message "The requested URL '/DISK%201' was not found on this server." Could anybody tell me where this link should be, and where it should point to? Thx!
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19:53.21CIA-503jp30 * 10unslung/make/ ntfsprogs: fix package creation
19:58.13CIA-503jp30 * 10unslung/Makefile: optware: promote ntfsprogs
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21:17.05CIA-503jp30 * 10unslung/make/ optware: add cdparanoia
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21:42.24marcelnjp30: Thanks for correcting the ntfsprogs
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22:56.36jp30-workmorning marceln, no worries... but i do recommend that you try "make testing" after adding to CROSS_PACKAGES_READY_FOR_TESTING as it will diagnose these sorts of issues
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