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00:06.23CIA-403placid * 10unslung/Makefile: pyogg: remove pyogg from cross as it needs some tweaks for wchar
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00:52.51CIA-403placid * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/vorbis-tools/ vorbis-tools: patch install to remove target name from exec
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01:56.26CIA-403bzhou * 10unslung/make/ enable-utf8, bump IPK_VERSION
01:57.46CIA-403bzhou * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/dokuwiki/postinst): upstream upgrade to 2006-03-09
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02:33.40CIA-403placid * 10unslung/sources/vorbis-tools/ vorbis-tools: fix AM_CONFIG_HEADER error in
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03:31.29CIA-403placid * 10unslung/Makefile: vorbis-tools: remove from cross pending resolution of incorrect target prefix on execs
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03:41.30enoplacid_, if you want to remove the target prefix, you can also try passing program_transform_name="" to make install
03:42.16enosee make/ for example
03:45.02placid_crikey that's much simpler
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03:58.07CIA-403placid * 10unslung/ (Makefile make/ vorbis-tools: fix target prefix issue
03:58.25placid_eno: nice to have some good examples. thanks for the tip
03:58.53placid_I've got to learn to avoid trying to fix the problem at the source
04:00.52enoglad it works
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04:17.52CIA-403bzhou * 10unslung/make/ py-sqlobject sometimes gets built unnecessarily, try something harmless here
04:22.04CIA-403bzhou * 10unslung/ (6 files in 2 dirs): upgrade PHP to the latest 5.1.4
04:34.19placid_bzhou: are you updating php-thttpd at the same time?
04:36.39eno-awaythe autoclean should pick up the new PHP_VERSION for php-apache and php-thttpd
04:37.17placid_ah ok
04:37.36placid_ah so dependencies are automatically rebuilt
04:37.45placid_or is that specific to those packages
04:39.22eno-awayin, it tries to grep _VERSION from .mk file first, if the _VERSION does not make sense, it uses query-FOO_IPK make target
04:39.43eno-awaythen compare the .mk version with the version in the Package file
04:40.51eno-awaytry issue a "make query-PHP_THTTPD_IPK"
04:41.25eno-awayand you'll understand
04:41.31placid_yeah ok
04:42.24eno-awaybut, i still haven't figure out why php-fcgi & py-sqlobject sometimes built unnecessarily
04:43.21placid_I'm still trying to make sense of the cross compile
04:44.13placid_don't understand why it says "vorbis-tools is out of date. Feed=1.1.1-1 .mk=1.1.1-3" but doesn't try to build it
04:44.27placid_next lap?
04:44.51eno-away1.1.1-3 is in the feed
04:45.56placid_so what is that message telling me?
04:46.07placid_it is in the latest log
04:47.07eno-awayat the time when the script was running, feed only had 1.1.1-1, and is 1.1.1-3
04:47.16eno-awayso it should build
04:47.30placid_so maybe I missed the build
04:48.01placid_hmm feed looks good but the last log seems to be out of date or missing the build process
04:50.06rwhitbyplacid_: it might just be still building other targets
04:50.26placid_but shouldn't I see something in the log then?
04:50.45rwhitbyno, the log is only copied after everything is finished
04:51.40eno-awayif you search for vorbis-tools_1.1.1-3_armeb.ipk, it is in the last build log (08-May-2006 04:30  464K)
04:52.07placid_yeah the log just got updated
04:52.51placid_I'm just too impatient obviously!
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16:33.50CIA-403cdoban * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/asterisk/codecs.gsm.Makefile.patch): updated to version
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