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00:00.13tbmSnide: and you're happy so far?
00:00.42SnideOh, yea, I couldn't be happier with it
00:00.54SnideIt does everything I could ever need :-P
00:01.15SnideThe only question I have about it is, if it boots the kernel from /boot/vmlinuz
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00:01.51SnideI have to make a module and hopefully I will be able to get my atmel based Wifi card working
00:02.23tbmSnide: no, it boots from the kernel in flash; i still need to supply a tool so you can flash the kernel after upgrading the .deb
00:02.49SnideWell, upslug2 should be able to do that right?
00:02.52tbmSnide: is that an OSS driver, i.e part of 2.6?  or outside/proprietary?
00:02.53tbmSnide: yeah
00:03.00tbmbut there'll be a nicer way
00:03.02Snidetbm, yes
00:03.36SnideThe problem is, I couldn't get the wifi card working on my desktop. I think it may only work in the 2.4 tree.
00:04.11tbmSnide: but the code is there in 2.6?  if so, that's a bug and should be reported and fixed
00:04.39SnideThe code is there for PCI based... this is a USB
00:05.05tbmso usb is supported in 2.4 but 2.6 isn't?  That sounds weird
00:05.31SnideEither that or its a difference in the vanilla 2.4 config and the 2.6 verison I compiled by hand
00:05.37Snidei.e ohci or the otherone
00:06.36tbmyou could install a debian^Wvendor kernel on your i386 and test with that
00:07.19SnideYea, but the i386 is slackware
00:08.00tbmah, okay
00:08.15tbmwell, anyway back to the original point...
00:10.47SnideWell, I hope my room mate turned the slug off, because it was turned off when I got back from work.
00:11.11Snideand now, after I turn it back on it doesn't boot up
00:11.25tbmoops :/
00:11.39tbmdo you have a serial cable?
00:11.52SnideUSB > Serial, but it's not set up
00:12.29tbmwell, you can either do teh telnet redboot trick or put it in upgrade moe and see if it responds
00:12.35tbmthen you know whether it is at least alive
00:12.43SnideI think its alive
00:13.13SnideYea, he tripped over the power cable
00:13.36tbmah, okay.  So AMTEL should be available as a module already.  Can you try?
00:14.03SnideYea, if I can SSH into it, but I have no route to host
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00:18.02SnideHmm, that would be the first time I rebooted. I didn't think there was anything special that I had to do after it was installed
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00:36.54SnideAny one know why after a accidental power down the slug will not come up?
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00:39.05ByronT-LogSnide, that's by design (unless you've modded it with one of the always-on power mods
00:40.08ByronT-Logor do you mean that you cut it off accidentally and it won't power back up at all (aka it hangs on power up now)
00:40.52ByronT-Logah, just read the log
00:41.33ByronT-Logserial modded slugs (at least with the PL-2303 cables) won't boot unless the usb side is plugged into something
00:42.28ByronT-LogI've got a mod that will allow that kind of cable to work, but even my mod is not 100 % (meaning it doesn't work with every cable or every serial-capable slug)
00:42.39SnideI don't have serial
00:42.56SnideIt hangs on power up... am about to view logs on the hard drive
00:43.17ByronT-Logat what point does it hang?
00:43.41ByronT-Logif it hangs prior to accessing the hdd, you won't see anything in any log
00:43.57SnideRight, I can't see where it hangs
00:44.10ByronT-Logdescribe the LED sequence
00:44.33SnideIts debian so there are no LED's really
00:44.41ByronT-Logthat will tell you as much as anything else (and there is a wiki page describing the boot sequence along with the led sequence)
00:45.08ByronT-Logyou haven't flashed APEX have you?
00:45.08Snidei hear the hard drive crunching after I restart, but I can't SSH in
00:45.16SnideNope, havn't done APEX
00:45.39ByronT-Logk, so it some LED sequence has to happen in Redboot at the very least
00:46.18ByronT-Login your situation, *I* would first verify that you can still access Redboot
00:46.50ByronT-Logand then if Redboot is ok - then serialize the slug ASAP
00:47.57ByronT-Logserial is just about the only way to make sure something in config hasn't been toasted (and makes troubleshooting a heck of a lot easier)
00:49.05ByronT-Logbbl, good luck Snide
00:49.52SnideI believe that Its fine since it came up for maintenance mode
00:50.09SnideI will try putting the debian-sda image back on it and see
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01:59.43CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/make/ mv $(SWI-PROLOG_BUILD_DIR)/hostbuild/$(SWI-PROLOG_DIR)/lib/`uname -m`-linux/libpl.a out of the way during package build
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02:39.45CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/make/ enabled libmemcache, bumped IPK_VERSION
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06:17.17CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/vim/ upstream upgrade to 6.4
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06:42.04eddypa debian system without a hdd attached should just boot without problems, right?
06:42.13eddypand open ssh
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06:46.01tbmeddyp: no
06:46.18tbmeddyp: a _debian_ system requires a hdd.  if you want hdd-less, you unslug
06:46.44tbmit's somewhere on my todo list to add some rescue mode when no hdd is attached
06:48.50tbmanyway, I should sleep
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12:48.37NAiL*** glibc detected *** malloc(): memory corruption: 0x096c7543 ***
12:48.37NAiLcvs [update aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)
12:48.46NAiLI'm not entirely sure I like that message
12:58.46CIA-803orepvik * 10kernel/2.6.16/defconfig: Update forgotten changes to defconfig
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13:50.33dwery-zzzzNAiL: the other day I found the pins for the two extra usb ports in the dsmg600: pretty impossible to solder on.
13:51.45NAiLhmm, they're not traced out to any resistors?
14:02.12NAiLthat's kinda ... odd
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14:05.22NAiLbut that is proving hard...
14:07.05NAiL"Change device to a bridge"
14:07.10NAiLI guess that does what I want :-P
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14:26.13NAiLbridging adsl-router->ip-phone-adapter->dlink-router->clients
14:26.23NAiLit's the only way I can get *everything* to work properly
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15:05.56dwery-zzzzNAiL: i'd say they are not, unless the resistors are on the other side of the pcdb, which I forgot to check.
15:14.30NAiLstrange.. I thought it was necessary to add pull-{up,down}s to those ports
15:14.58NAiLthis is indeed a good day
15:16.10mwesterPerhaps floating ports would be a good source of entropy, especially if any radio or tv transmitters are nearby?
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15:32.13SkySurferhi is it possible to extract files from an imagefile ?
15:32.37NAiLthat depends on the imagefile in question ;)
15:32.43NAiLis this for the fsg3?
15:33.19NAiLdo you have an url for the firmware image?
15:33.24SkySurferthe bootloader try failed it seams they changed the port
15:48.47NAiLOT: Anyone got any experience with Acronis True Image?
15:49.15SkySurfera few
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15:51.05SkySurferin my opinion better than norton ghost
16:04.01NAiLlooks like it suits my needs quite good
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16:14.00SkySurfernews about the image ?
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16:18.45NAiLmore netsplit hawoc
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16:46.15SkySurferNAiL: have you had some time to have a look at the image ?
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18:24.49kami22hi can anyone help me i compiled cyrus sasl from source and i always get this error when i am trying to launch saslpasswd2 in my /var/log/messages:
18:43.32NAiLI'm currently controlling 5 windows-boxes from my linux laptop
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19:28.08Daluvdoes openslug support xfs?
19:28.20DaluvI dont find a mkfs.xfs :(
20:03.21eddypit would be nice if when pressing the power button, the slug would power off if it was on in Debian; here it only seems to restart
20:04.09eddypis this implemented somehow differently?
20:04.12tbmpepijn: any idea of unslug does this?
20:05.38pepijntbm, eddyp: no, i run unslung for about 1 hour ;)
20:05.57pepijnrunning debian since
20:06.44pepijnbut i does restart gracefully, so i guess it is configurable
20:07.06pepijnmaybe it is actually the ca line in inittab ?
20:07.14pepijneddyp: you care to try?
20:08.13pepijnreplace the -r in /etc/inittab on the line that starts with ca: with an -h
20:09.01pepijnrun 'init q' to load the change
20:09.05pepijnpress button
20:10.51pepijnbeyond me why you want that, though?
20:24.27eddyptbm: unslung does this
20:25.07eddypI know, I have been using unslung for 4-5 months
20:25.22eddypit also beeps when powering on and off
20:25.43pepijnthe beeping is a kernel thing
20:26.32pepijnif you use the sda1 image (as suggested in tbm's d-i page) you won't have beeping because of the kernel being used
20:26.50pepijnif you use self-built kernel, it will beep and the leds will work too
20:26.52eddyppepijn: I have seen this
20:27.07pepijntbm: any plans on using 2.6.16 kernel for the installer ?
20:27.15tbmpepijn: sure
20:27.30eddyppepijn: when it enters unstable
20:27.38tbmpepijn: the package was uploaded today; once it's built and in the archive we'll have d-i images
20:28.06pepijnbtw, installed debian using d-i beta2 on MacOSX Virtual PC yesterday
20:28.10pepijnworked flawlessly
20:35.38CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/sources/swi-prolog/ ( try to get 64bit machine to work
20:37.36eddyptbm: yay for one day kernel uploads
20:42.14Daluvso uhm uh no one is using xfs?
20:51.50eddypit seems that jfs it less CPU than other FS
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21:15.31hanjohi, anyone having troubles with the openssl package? the armeb.patch is somehow missing...
21:19.06Daluvis there mkfs.jfs?
21:19.45NAiLZzZDaluv: iirc, no. There is XFS support available through ipkg though
21:20.32Daluvwell ipkg return nothin for xfs
21:20.39Daluvpackage search that is
21:22.00NAiLZzZipkg list|grep xfs?
21:22.27NAiLZzZwhich firmware, btw?
21:23.16NAiLZzZshould've been built
21:23.25NAiLZzZit's not there ;)
21:23.36Daluvwell jfs
21:24.07Daluvlook like I didnt choose the right firmware :(
21:24.14Daluvno jfs too.
21:24.31DaluvI wonder if a formatted jfs driver would work..
21:24.35Daluvor xfs
21:24.36NAiLZzZlemme see if I can fix it
21:24.51NAiLZzZurgh, no... the feeds aren't being built right now
21:25.10Daluvdoesnt to have any module for xfs and jfs
21:25.32Daluvthere is soem reiserfs support
21:25.37NAiLZzZyeah, I know
21:26.08NAiLZzZcould you file a bug about the missing support? Assign it to repvik, and I'll take a look at it tomorrow.
21:26.23Daluvok on the
21:26.54Daluvok will do that right now.
21:27.39Daluvin openslug package
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23:02.47CIA-803repvik * r285 10/releases/slugos-3.6-beta/openembedded/packages/linux/ (39 files in 2 dirs): ixp4xx-kernel: Upgrade to 2.6.16-final
23:05.33CIA-803repvik * r286 10/releases/slugos-3.6-beta/openembedded/conf/distro/slugos.conf: slugos.conf: Change PREFERRED_VERSION for ixp4xx-kernel to 2.6.16
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23:09.04CIA-803repvik * r287 10/releases/slugos-3.6-beta/openembedded/packages/udev/ (8 files in 2 dirs): udev: Update to 0.84
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