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00:26.11AdamBakerHi, does anyone know if the ability of the busybox mount command in Optware/wl500g to mount NFS shares has ever been tested?
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09:53.16oegHi All
09:55.54oegI'm in the process of building unslung v6, I have follow what instructions I could find on the wiki, but I have not been able work out if I  have build the correct version or not.
09:56.30oeginfact I'm not even sure where the build images will end up
09:57.24NAiLhmm.. no idea about unslung. Never used it :-P
09:58.28oegwell I just heard that the guys needed 20 build copies
09:58.49NAiLyeah, for alpha testing I presume
09:58.53oegbefore release
10:00.12oegwell with what ever you have build how did you control the version of the build ?
10:00.55NAiLI'm using openslug/debianslug, which has a slightly different build process
10:01.39oegyou still download that make file thought
10:01.57NAiLthe versioun of openslug/debianslug releases are set when a new release is made, and split off to a separate tree. So either, one builds from that tree (and gets a released version), or one builds "unstable". I don't know how that works with unslug.
10:02.33oegok how do you set unstable or stable ?
10:05.03NAiLAnyone here that knows a bit more about unslung than I do? ;)
10:05.13NAiL(ie, anything)
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11:25.37drif_for example?
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12:06.38Anguamorgen ... ( oder so )
12:06.58Anguaor morning, indeed ...
12:08.10Anguaactually about the Dallas one-wire modules. practically, ( i know how to compile a kernel ) i just enable the modules in the .config file
12:08.37Anguanow, i have already compiled the debianslug image completely, and it works like a charm
12:09.00NAiLthe .config is in openembedded/packages/linux/ixp4xx-kernel/2.6.15/defconfig
12:09.21Anguaah, which is, i think, exactly what i need
12:09.41Anguaso changing the .config won't do a thing, ( as i found out ;)
12:10.05NAiLif everything can be built as modules, please send the diff on the mailinglist :)'
12:10.21NAiLor, send the diff anyways
12:10.47Anguaas it is, it will be the perfect box for some home-automation related things
12:11.06Anguasince it draws no mentionable power ...
12:11.12NAiLIt's rather versatile :)
12:11.36Angua( and i like these arm boxes, it is essentially my third, after the peplink manga, which does a lovely job as firewall/router and the nokia 770 )
12:11.45NAiLooh, you got a 770
12:12.08Anguait's nice
12:12.49NAiLI can't afford one right now :(
12:13.11NAiL(and even if I could, I'd have to order it from some other country. Nokia doesn't sell 'em here)
12:17.37Anguathey don't sell it in norway ?
12:17.39Anguathat's strange
12:18.23Anguawell, you could probably get it in sweden
12:19.04Angua( with the help of a friend ;)
12:19.45Anguai am looking forward to the new firmware for it
12:20.08Anguabut i am pleased, after getting familiar with scratchbox, it was not a problem getting vpnc to run on it
12:20.17NAiLI know a few people in .fi and .se, so I can probably get them to send me one when I can afford it
12:21.37Anguawell, it is almost a replacement for my iPAQ, the only thing i still use it for, since i have the nokia, is for GPS ... unfortunately that is an area where you can't really get maps etc yet
12:23.45Anguabut hopefully that will change as well, eventually anyway. until then, i will use it
12:25.41Anguaanyway, thanks, if it works well, i will get in touch again for the diff
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17:59.07CIA-803azummo * 10kernel/2.6.16/ (94-loft-setup.patch 93-loft-maclist.patch 96-loft-leds.patch): fixed loft support
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19:24.12*** topic/#nslu2-linux is nslu2-linux developer channel - use #nslu2-general for end-user questions
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22:22.04CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/make/ ( adding newer turbogears dependencies
23:00.03CIA-803azummo * 10kernel/2.6.16/series: loft leds bugfix
23:03.57CIA-803rwhitby * 10kernel/2.6.16/series: Removed non-existent patches.
23:04.01CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/make/ corrected svn site and install param
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