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01:23.23CIA-803repvik * r255 10/releases/OpenSlug-2.7-beta/openembedded/packages/zd1211/ (8 files in 5 dirs): Update zd1211-driver to -r52 with new firmware
02:18.51EvilDevilNAiL is the zd1211 working in master (ap) mode? there were some success stories (, but not with the recent r52 ( i might get one of these zd1211 devices from nmy sisters husband
02:18.57NAiLIt should
02:19.02NAiLBut I haven't tried it
02:19.02CIA-803repvik * r256 10/releases/OpenSlug-2.7-beta/conf/distro/openslug-bbfiles.conf: Update openslug-bbfiles so the new .bb is actually used
02:19.31NAiLThey're cheap though, so it's worth the risk :-P
02:19.44EvilDevili'll ask him tomorrow, err later that day
02:19.53EvilDevilhe's not using it at the moment
02:20.18EvilDevilso i could be playing around with that thing
02:20.22NAiLThere's a bit of work going on on the zd1211-devs ML. I'm trying to keep up ;)
02:21.12NAiLI'm going to try to add WPA2 support, probably tomorrow
02:21.19NAiLjust added a couple of fixes today
02:21.36EvilDevilnoticed it ;) 8 files in 5 dirs :)
02:22.02NAiLhehe, that's just cleaning up a bit in the old dir. Actually it's just three files in two dirs
02:22.20EvilDevilanyway lot's of work
02:23.38NAiLTrying to get the next slugos release through the door aswell
02:24.10EvilDevilit's looking pretty good to me :-)
02:24.30NAiLYeah, there has been a few issues though, and the version needs to be fixed
02:24.41NAiL(it can't be 3.5.1, so it'll be 3.6 or 3.7)
02:25.22EvilDevildebianslug is based on slugos too, right?
02:26.15NAiLdebianslug is slugos-lag, with filesystem support
02:26.32NAiLie, LE openslug.
02:26.59EvilDevilok, i wasn't sure about that :)
02:27.21NAiLI spent quite a bit of time being confused over that myself.
02:28.16EvilDevili think it's time for the new release so things could go a little slower and some cleanup could be done on the webpage
02:28.46NAiLThere's been a fair bit of moving around on the webpage lately too
02:29.01NAiLeFfeM and I spent a couple of hours moving/fixing howtos
02:29.13EvilDevil(it's kinda gross... i recently stumbled over a wiki page i hadn't seen yet)
02:29.31NAiLthere, new zd1211 module pushed to the 2.7-beta feed ;)
02:30.42EvilDevili'm running debianslug head (compiled 4 hours ago) ;)
02:31.01NAiLBootstrapped to debian?
02:31.15NAiLthere's a few known bugs in the head right now IIRC
02:31.21NAiLipkg is one
02:31.58EvilDevili'm not using ipkg ;)
02:32.13NAiLok, good ;)
02:32.30EvilDevili installed debian some weeks ago and i'm updating the flash from time to time
02:32.32NAiLIt's fixed in the release candidate, but not in head I think.
02:32.41NAiLSame as me
02:32.49NAiLDebian rocks on the slug ;)
02:32.56EvilDeviltrue :)
02:33.16EvilDeviland no searching for the config files spread all over the system ;)
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06:26.26CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/make/ upgrade to 3.0.21b
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08:33.26oleoeno-away: ping
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09:21.05CIA-803rwhitby * 10kernel/Makefile: Moved version to 2.6.12-rc2.
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10:29.11CIA-803rwhitby * 10kernel/2.6.16/defconfig: Updated for 2.6.16
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11:16.40CIA-803rwhitby * 10kernel/2.6.16/defconfig: Added new leds support.
11:18.33CIA-803rwhitby * 10kernel/2.6.16/ (6 files): Added new leds support patches
11:28.08rwhitbyNAiL: you missed an opportunity - EvilDevil complained about the wiki, so you should have invoked rule #4
11:29.05rwhitbyheh - to think that things will slow down just case a binary release is done ...
11:35.41NAiLman, this is taking ages. I guess I shouldn't be doing the svn stuff on my laptop :-P
11:37.05rwhitbymy laptop is the fastest machine in the house now ;-)
11:37.30rwhitbydwery: rebuilding LudeOS in OE right now - gone past the kernel.  There are some I2C patches there which we are not including.
11:38.06dweryrwhitby: which patches?
11:40.54rwhitby60-nas100d-i2c, 60-nas100d-ide and 60-nasd-rtc
11:41.11rwhitbyalso 50-nas100d-arch (which is not in 2.6.16 I think)
11:41.29rwhitbyand 55-rtc-pcf8563 (which should be superceded by an RTC class now, right?)
11:41.35dwerythe ide we don't need anymore
11:41.52dweryneither 60-nas100d-i2c if the rtc class driver works
11:42.13dwerynor 55-rtc-pcf8563
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11:50.24CIA-803rwhitby * 10kernel/2.6.16/series: Synched with OE.
11:52.06CIA-803rwhitby * 10kernel/Makefile: Updated to the the .bz2 version of kernel -rcX patches (just like in OE).
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13:48.09CIA-803azummo * 10kernel/2.6.16/ (80-nas100d-fix-i2c.patch series): i2c pins swap on nas100d fixed
14:01.07CIA-803rwhitby * 10kernel/2.6.16/defconfig: Enabled new PATA support
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14:18.56CIA-803azummo * 10kernel/2.6.16/94-nas100d-setup.patch:
14:18.57CIA-8Removed .hctosys from cmdline fixup: it is now CONFIG_RTC_HCTOSYS in
14:34.48CIA-803oleon * 10unslung/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Added mini_httpd 1.19
14:38.38CIA-803oleon * 10unslung/Makefile: mini_httpd 1.19 ready for testing
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16:00.40oleoanybody knows nslu2/overclocked site with bhpBB for tryout?
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16:48.23EvilDevilhi. do i need some special kernel-module to use /dev/leds ?
16:48.42EvilDevilError: Could not open LEDS device file '/dev/leds' : No such device or address
16:48.50EvilDevills -la /dev/leds
16:49.04EvilDevilcrw-r--r-- 1 root root 126, 0 2006-01-23 19:51 leds
16:49.53EvilDevili'm using debianslug le
16:50.33VoodooZis that the latest and greatest version?
16:50.41EvilDevilchanging permissions to 660 (according to didn't help either
16:50.59VoodooZI don't know if the new system did away with the /dev/leds system we had in place or not.
16:51.05EvilDevilVoodooZ built and flashed it yesterday.. about 18 hours ago
16:51.27VoodooZMy robot is using the leds successfully but it's openslug-3.1beta so...
16:52.25EvilDevili know there were some changes in the nslu2 specific code to allow the integration in the official debian stream
16:52.49NAiLdev/leds isn't used anymore
16:52.53VoodooZpossible.. We'll have to talk to jbowler or rwithby.
16:53.11VoodooZDid somebody update the wiki with the new method?
16:53.15NAiLthe new leds app is merely a shellscript that echoes certain values to /sys somewhere
16:53.38VoodooZok. but I'm wondering from a developer/programming point of view.
16:53.41NAiLsys/class/leds/<led-name>/ I think
16:53.48VoodooZHow would my robot code deal with leds?
16:54.13EvilDevilso, the instructions (If you are in a hurry then you can find the support files in /initrd/. Carefully update Debian by copying /initrd/sbin/leds, /initrd/etc/init.d/zleds and /initrd/etc/default/functions to their Debian root locations. While you're at it /initrd/bin/beep works too.) are obsolete?
16:54.15NAiLEither write to sysfs, or use ioctls. I think there was some ioctls involved.
16:54.44VoodooZI'm currently using ioctls (the old system).
16:54.49NAiLVoodooZ: You should talk to RP in #oe though. He's (afaik) the one that wrote the leds system
16:55.03NAiL(atleast he was the one pushing it upstream)
16:55.13VoodooZcool. I guess I'll have to update the wiki as I doubt nobody else will ever use this.
16:55.26VoodooZperfect. Got to run. Food time...
16:55.32NAiLsomebody probably will, but you're the first one ;)
16:56.16VoodooZI guess I'll just have a look at the code. shouldn't be too hard to figure out. I did it for the last system so...
16:56.51EvilDevili noticed that the slugos part (booting without hdd) does the led-trick, but debianslug (booting with hdd) is unable to do it?
16:59.28NAiLEvilDevil: yes. That is because the leds-script doesn't exist in debianslug after bootstrapping
16:59.52NAiLuntil you install nslu2-utils (which probably still installs the binary which doesn't work)
17:00.06EvilDeviltrue... i installed nslu2-utils
17:00.14NAiLso, the solution is copying the script from /initrd/ somewhere, I guess
17:00.23EvilDeviland leds is complaining about /dev/leds
17:00.30EvilDevilokay, i'll take a look :)
17:00.32NAiLwhich doesn't, and shouldn't exist.
17:00.40NAiL(dev/leds, that is)
17:03.43EvilDevilokay... i think i figured out what to do :)
17:03.47EvilDevilwiki time ;-)
17:04.02NAiLhehe, good ;)
17:05.23EvilDevilhmm.. seems like it is already there... i'll just add some lines to make it cleaner
17:06.18EvilDevilmy fault was that i assumed /initrd/sbin/leds should go to /sbin/leds, but it has to sit in /usr/sbin/leds
17:07.37NAiLoh, why?
17:09.07EvilDevilseems like PATH is searching /usr/sbin first and ignores the /sbin/leds
17:11.21EvilDevilwhich leds helped ;) dpkg -L nslu2-utils would have been good too ... i'm just too lazy sometimes
17:13.01CIA-803repvik * r257 10/releases/ (5 files in 3 dirs): Move slugos 3.5.1-beta to 3.6-beta. Update feed addrs, readme and tarball name
17:14.08NAiLThat commit took me a good couple of hours
17:15.18NAiLactually, it's still not done....
17:16.34EvilDevilgood things take time ;)
17:26.11EvilDevilwiki is updated
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18:03.06VoodooZNAiL, what's that? Are you saying 3.6Beta is ready?
18:05.04NAiLWell, if it still builds and runs, there should be an announcement soon ;)
18:05.23NAiLThe feeds aren't up yet (and won't be for probably 16-18 hours)
18:05.51NAiLBut I'm confident that a release will be within 24h
18:05.59NAiL(atleast the source)
18:07.11VoodooZgreat work!
18:07.24NAiLI'm looking forward to the release so I can delete a gazillion build dirs :-P
18:07.27VoodooZI don't use the feeds any way so I guess I'll download it. (what's the link?)
18:07.47NAiLjbowler has done a lot of work getting it to run properly
18:08.46VoodooZIs there a web accessible source tarball yet I could tryout?
18:09.04VoodooZor is it all on SVN?
18:09.08NAiLnope, not until it compiles
18:09.22VoodooZI see.
18:09.29NAiL(which I'm sure it does, since it's only a rename of the dir)
18:09.44VoodooZSo you are currently compiling the whole thing?
18:10.01VoodooZI could have helped with my dual xeon.
18:10.38NAiLsvn checkout svn:// <build dir>
18:10.45VoodooZcool thanks
18:11.03NAiLThat'll get you the source. Be sure to read the README ;)
18:11.20VoodooZof course.
18:11.37VoodooZLots of changes since 2.7 so I'll need to redo my roboslug distro for it.
18:11.47NAiLI have to build all the dists anyway (except ucslugc), since that's what populates the feeds ;)
18:12.03NAiLWhat changes have you done anyway?
18:12.39VoodooZjust tweaks and extra drivers specific to my bot. Mostly removing excess junk.
18:13.16VoodooZthat's cool. I don't use packages.
18:13.18NAiLThat's harmless though, and can be fixed before the release is done.
18:17.17CIA-803repvik * r258 10/releases/OpenSlug-2.7-beta/Makefile: Add convenience target
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18:26.07VoodooZNAiL, does this new beta use the ixp-kernel by default now?
18:26.19NAiLixp4xx-kernel? yes.
18:26.27VoodooZok. thanks.
18:26.38VoodooZIs the nslu2-kernel junk going to disappear though?
18:27.33NAiLthe .bb-files? Dunno, it should probably be cleaned up, but I'm gonna leave that for those who mess around with the kernel ;)
18:27.44NAiLI basically just do defconfig changes anyway
18:28.07VoodooZyes, definitely. I was just wondering if you knew what jbowler's plan for these were.
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18:43.13NAiLok, debianslug, openslug and slugos-ltu now building. They'll probably be finished in... tomorrow ;)
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18:54.33^herman^i should build a fsgslug..oneday
18:55.10^herman^fsg= new xscale device slug runs on.
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23:47.23CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/make/ getmail upgraded to 4.5.3
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