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01:28.03rwhitby-treono news is good news
01:29.22rwhitby-treois the wiki working fine for everyone?
01:29.28NAiLLooks like it
01:30.19EvilDevilyeah it's working
01:30.36EvilDevilthough it still seems to be a little slow
01:32.11EvilDevilis it still running on the old machine or is the original server back from repairs?
01:34.38rwhitby-treosee ML
01:35.40EvilDevilalready did that... i just wasn't sure if i understood it correctly
01:43.43rwhitby-treoit's a new machine
01:45.02EvilDevilthe search functions is still slow
01:49.49rwhitby-treodoes the wiki say read-only for you?
01:52.11EvilDevilnot that i'm aware of
01:52.36EvilDevili tried to edit debianslug/homepage and it showed me the edit-page
01:53.04mwesterG'mornin' - seems a bit slow; editing wiki seems to work but I didn't actually save any changes yet. is the new machine?
01:55.12mwester(rwhitby-treo - I presume you're using a Palm Treo -- I just got one of those; what IRC client are you using on it? - Thx!)
01:58.27rwhitby-treowe've still got edit passwords on until we know it's stable
01:58.57mwesterAll pages are passworded for the moment, then?
02:00.02rwhitby-treoprobably for next 8 hours
02:01.28mwesterOh - no problem, I'll be busy with other stuff until Sunday or Monday anyway.
02:15.54rwhitbyhmm - actually, the non-password pages should be writeable now
02:28.34rwhitby-treoipkg should now be on new server
02:47.54EvilDevilwill the nslu2 repo on move too in the future?
02:53.06EvilDevilto be ...? defined?done?.. don! :)
02:53.27EvilDevilto be done
02:53.39EvilDevili got it.. i hope
02:54.27rwhitby-treomight be svn
02:54.54EvilDevili c :) as long as it's more reliable than cvs on ;-)
02:56.15EvilDevilokay. this sounds promising. thx for the info. gtg, bye
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06:46.48CIA-1303bzhou * 10unslung/make/ should not polute the global MAKE var
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11:36.04eFfeMhi marceln
11:36.36eFfeMwe still need to exchange some info for april 1
11:37.12rwhitbymarceln: you were looking for me?
11:39.05eFfeMneed to know what will be available and what I have to bring myself
11:39.24eFfeMalso i'll probably bring 2 more people with me
11:41.48marcelnYes and Yes
11:42.12eFfeMrwhitby, is it possible that S40networking stalls if there is no cable connected? I tried to make a S41pegasus to fire up my usb-to-ethernet, but this one only started working after I connected the ethernet cable to the slug. also other scripts did not start
11:42.25marcelneFfeM: We have a alv this month. After that i will work on the slug meeting.
11:43.29marcelnrwhitby: I gave a small lecture about nslu2-linux to a clossed group of people.
11:43.57rwhitbymarceln: dunno about the networking stall
11:44.06rwhitbymarceln: can you send me any slides you presented?
11:44.07marcelnThis was a group of ex colleges.
11:44.33marcelnAfter that lectures i noticed about 10 downloads from cisco.
11:44.34eFfeMmarceln, good; when you are there it might be good to check out which of the following can be made available
11:44.53eFfeMinternet connection, tv signal, beamer, tv
11:45.06eFfeMdepending on what is there, I can prepare a demo
11:45.19marcelnThe slides are on "" but the are in "dutch".
11:46.56marcelneFfeM: We have internet and a beamer. But probably i need a second one. But probably i can use the beamer from my work.
11:50.16eFfeMmarceln, if you can't get a 2nd beamer, let me know and I'll try to borrow one
11:50.42eFfeMif there is antenna signal I can show that the thing actually records
11:51.25marcelnI am not sure about that. I will have a look on the next meeting in februari
11:51.26eFfeMand with a tv I can show playback fron the slug using twonkyvision. I can bring a digital media adapter.
11:51.58eFfeMmarceln, that's why I was putting the question now
11:54.18eFfeMmarceln, nice presentation. promised to tell something to a bunch of Origin guys about my setup. Probably I'll use it as a rehearsel for april 1 (or the other way around :-) )
11:56.48marcelnI just post a other message about the meeting on the mailinglist.
11:56.51eFfeManyone knowldegeable about serial? is max232cpe what I need ?
11:57.19eFfeMmarceln, great
11:57.40marcelnYou mean serial access to the console?
11:58.53rwhitbymax3232 - it has to be 3.3V
11:58.57eFfeMi acquired a small pcb with this chip, some elco's and an rs232 plug
11:59.38eFfeMmarceln, did you post on nslu2-general? can't see it yet
12:00.12marcelnWell. I used MAX232N and it works.
12:01.08marcelnBut you need to get the power directly from the power line and not from the first pin.
12:01.55marcelnI used "" is there also a nslu2-general?
12:03.10marcelnNAIL: yes? what.
12:05.45eFfeMmax3232 has two drivers in it (I'm browsing the datasheet right now)
12:06.54dyoungif you use a max232 *AND* power it with 5V, you are sure to blow up the IXP eventually.  Putting 5V TTL into a LVTTL devices is asking for trouble.
12:07.12dyoungUsing a 3232 is the best.
12:08.28dyoungeffem yep theres 2 in there, in case you have something that needs hardware handshaking.  so in theory you could use one 3232 for 2 slugs. :-)
12:08.41dyoungDuct Tape 'em together.
12:10.26eFfeMdyoung, no need to have two of these. actually just wanted to know if the 232 i had is any good
12:10.52dyoungIf you power it with 3.3V you wonto be in danger of blowing up your IXP; but it will be flaky.
12:11.32dyoungMy original serial adapter was a 232' but it was kinda flaky so I buffered it with a extra 'LV244
12:13.13eFfeMit is ineed a 5v device i could not find anything about Vmin, but on the pcb I see that they also bring vcc to the rs232 connector
12:14.16eFfeMprobably better to try to find something else, don't want to mess with this board
12:14.39dyoungwe've had good luck with phone cables.
12:15.04dyoung is the one I'm u sually using these days
12:16.05eFfeMyeah, i think i saw that before
12:18.32dyoungheh heh.  I like the program for Slug Day
12:19.40eFfeMdyoung, good reason to come over to NL ?
12:20.48dyoungI barely can read dutch.
12:21.00dyounghearing it will make my brain break.
12:21.23dyoungAlthough it would be a nice trip.
12:21.46eFfeMwell marceln wrote in the nslu2-linux message:
12:21.47eFfeMThe language will be dutch unless we get request to switch to
12:22.01dyoungOh yeah that reminds me.. Lennert was supposed to send me a mp3 of his name so i dont mangle it next week.
12:23.10eFfeMdyoung, his first name is easy; it sounds quite similar to Leonard (as in Leonard Cohen, the singer)
12:23.18eFfeMbut his last name will break your tongue ...
12:23.25dyoungheh heh.  thats what he said.
12:23.32dyoungI can say Lennert just fine. :-)
12:23.51dyoungits that buy part that will give problems
12:24.04dyoungHe said he doesnt care; but I still dont like mangling peoples names.
12:25.00eFfeMwell, with a name like that you'll probably get used to it. I'm getting used to mine being mangled
12:25.51dyoungheh.  I still wish to put forth my best effort. :-)
12:25.57eFfeMimagine the following scenario: order cab in hotel, hotel calls cab company, that needs to pass the name to the driver. by the time they get there it is completely different
12:26.24eFfeMif a cabbie pops in and asks for a name an no-one reacts I normally take it if it sounds only a little bit familiar :-)
12:27.17eFfeMdyoung, you mentioned the serial cable. Are these the ones for e.g. nokia 3310 etc
12:27.48eFfeMsaw this one at ebay:
12:28.06eFfeMonly 3 pounds so roughly 5 euro/ $6
12:28.20dyoungTheyre the ones with a USB on one side, with a lump in the middle.  the phone side will be cut off so is not relevent.
12:28.55dyoungHmm, its hard to tell if that one has a USB/Serial thingo in it.  It might have a Serial thingo in it.
12:29.33dyoungIf you need a USB/Serial cable, we might be able to help....
12:29.38eFfeMdyoung, why would I want usb/serial? I just need a level converter isn't it
12:29.57eFfeMwhat I currently have is a small board with the 232 that I borrowed from work
12:29.58dyoungDunno, I like the USB Serial ones because I dont have serial ports on the laptop
12:30.07eFfeMbut as that is the 5v thing it is probably no good
12:30.15rwhitbyand you can plug it into your control slug or asus router
12:30.27dyoungoh yeah that too. :-)
12:30.34eFfeMah, that is interesting
12:30.58eFfeMmy laptop still has serial
12:31.18rwhitbyssh wirelessly to router, run microcom to talk to RedBoot on slug
12:31.34eFfeMdyoung, the cable you are using, for which phone was that originally?
12:36.21dyoung has some models.
12:36.30dyoungmine was for the Nokia 3285 and 585
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12:38.38eFfeMforgot about this wiki page, might also try to get a siemens cable, as i'm close to DE these might be more easy to get
12:39.17eFfeMs/forgot/I forgot/
12:39.34eFfeM(not: forget about :-) :-) )
12:40.05dyoungGood Plan
13:13.47dyoung~emulate rwhitby
13:13.50jbotAnother Satisfied Customer!
13:13.58dyoungnot that one
13:14.02dyoung~emulate rwhitby
13:14.03jbotAnother Satisfied Customer!
13:14.17dyoung~emulate rwhitby
13:14.18jbotAnother Satisfied Customer!
13:14.32dyoungmaybe jobot forgot
13:14.51dyoung~emulate rwhitby
13:14.53jbotAnother Satisfied Customer!
13:15.01dyoungYep, guess he forgot.
13:15.19dyoung"My work here is done."
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15:12.38marcelnIs there someone here from the build farm?
15:15.24marcelnwget-ssl isn't in the package list after my upgrade to 1.10.2
15:17.13marcelnI fear that the build on the farm failed.
15:18.06marcelnI did a update:
15:18.34marcelnCVS>  revision 1.5
15:18.34marcelnCVS>  date: 2006/01/30 22:38:41;  author: marceln;  state: Exp;  lines: +5 -3  
15:18.34marcelnCVS>  Newer upstream version with a security fix.
15:19.41NAiLyeah, the autobuilds are failing right now. I'm looking into it.
15:20.53marcelnAll or just the wget-ssl?
15:21.42NAiL*** Errors during autobuild: openslug debianslug ucslugc unslung optware/wl500g ***
15:30.28NAiLthis is why it fails:
15:30.29NAiLERROR: Nothing provides dependency file-native
15:30.29NAiLERROR: dependency file-native (for unslung-packages) not satisfied
15:36.38NAiL~emulate rwhitby
15:36.41jbotWell, my work here is done.
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16:46.21NAiLoh... the autobuilds aren't running at all. I guess it's the transition to the new server that is the reason.
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17:17.48CIA-803bzhou * 10unslung/make/ roundup upgraded to 1.0.1
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22:02.22pumpkin0i have tried building the intel ipp-samples on the slug. After creating links to the gcc/g++ compiler it runs But compiling fails with "[: ==: binary operator expected". What is the difference between the cross-compiler and the native on-slug gcc ?
22:02.32eFfeMphilips, any progress on your audio? I gave up on mine and am awaiting an el-cheapo dongle from ebay (HK)
22:04.09philipseFfeM: Just got a chance to work on it today
22:04.27philipseFfeM: Monotone repo seems broken ATM however, monotone: misuse: branch has multiple heads
22:04.53philipseFfeM: need to figure out how to work around that...
22:05.58NAiLAs soon as I get monotone up and running on my box I could fix that. Or if I had the darn laptop PSU handy :-P
22:06.27NAiLoh... eFfeM... You've got write-access, don't you?
22:08.13NAiLphilips: which server are you syncing agains?
22:08.13NAiLagainst?, using MasterMakefile
22:09.59eFfeMsorry was away for a moment
22:10.30eFfeMNAiL, I indeed have write access
22:10.47NAiLCould you merge the heads?
22:10.50eFfeMlet me check (or help me out with the right cmd)
22:11.04NAiLmonotone pull && monotone merge
22:11.21NAiLthen monotone update, IIRC
22:11.36eFfeMmt head says:
22:11.36eFfeMmonotone: branch '' is currently merged:
22:11.36eFfeM8fb0e135d3da67bc1fa37bd6ad67902d8cf02bcb 2006-02-04T14:07:40
22:11.51eFfeMbut let me try the pull
22:13.23eFfeMphilips, when did you try this?
22:13.38philipseFfeM: I just did a clean checkout about 10 minutes ago
22:13.46eFfeMphilips, thinking of it, this can also happen if you made local chagnes
22:14.06eFfeMi'm doing a new pull as we write
22:14.14philipsbrand new build directory...
22:15.36eFfeMbtw if someone here is looking for serial and does not want to have much hassle. check this out:
22:19.02eFfeMok, the head is indeed not merged, merging it right now (actually my change had some delay propagating to oe and that caused the problem)
22:22.51eFfeMphilips, please try again, I did a merge so things should be ok now
22:27.02philipseFfeM: that fixed it, thanks.
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23:11.12Sharemangood evening ... got a question about the build results of debianslug-image target
23:30.52AwayNAiLShareman: what's the q?
23:31.34Sharemanhmm ... debianslug-image produces a complete flashable LE image right?!
23:33.22Sharemanwe also overwrite the bootloader this way which reside on top of flash.?
23:33.45NAiLno, it doesn't overwrite the bootloader unless you specify that it should.
23:33.50NAiL(very unwise)
23:34.09NAiLIt does produce a complete flashable LE image. The bootloader is BE though.
23:34.18Shareman;) but the generated image has a size of 8M .. is this a option of UpSlug?
23:34.26NAiLThe contents are (AFAIK) the same as OpenSlug.
23:34.46NAiLyeah, it's an option of Upslug
23:35.37Sharemani'm a little irritated *g*
23:36.26Sharemani thought about compiling the kernel, downloading it using serial into redboot and make a testrun
23:37.20Sharemanthe descs of the howtos let this step out completely ... delivering a direct way to target
23:37.52Sharemanbut without letting me understand the things which one are done more than that...
23:38.36NAiLWhat do you need to know?
23:38.50SharemanSay me please: the partitioning of the flash
23:38.57Sharemanwhere is this defined?
23:46.15SharemanNAiL: the zImage is already LE in any case in /tmp/deploy/images
23:46.28Sharemanso i can do this what i want
23:47.36Sharemantaking zImage-nslu2le would be the right
23:50.45Sharemanso kernel will boot, missing rootfs after .. or what to expect?
23:51.40Sharemancould one provide rootfs via USB-disk already on this state?
23:55.28NAiLonly if USB is compiled into the kernel. Which I think it is
23:55.35NAiLbut then you have to change the commandline
23:56.01Sharemanyou mean the kernel args

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