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00:12.36rwhitby-webShareman: no GB slug that I know of
01:15.06Sharemanrwhitby ... still there?
01:25.38Sharemani did a complete new (debian linux) install for development issues on a pc... any suggestion on package set for working with toolchain?
01:27.17rwhitby-webI use Debian Sarge, and install build-essential, then subversion, cvs, etc ...
01:27.22rwhitby-webyou also need monotone from
01:35.14Sharemanme too sarge, i remember monotone ...
01:35.42Sharemanbut now i'm going to sleep *gaehn*
01:35.54Sharemancomplete the rest tomorrow
01:36.53bulletShareman: gut nacht ;)
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06:07.55CIA-103unslung * 10unslung/make/ miau compiled with ipv6 does not work on an Unslung 5.5 machine. Removed that option.
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13:18.06drifanyone around?
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13:21.00Sharemani'm working on my ds101 trying to run debian
13:22.48drifI'd need someone with unslung 5.5
13:23.38Sharemannot me .-)
13:26.10AdamBakerdrif: would 6.5alpha do?
13:26.38drifadam: I think so, I just need to know what /etc/rc.d/rc.xinetd contains
13:27.24drifadam: how's that alpha working btw?
13:27.55AdamBakerworking fine - I posted a detailed description to the ML
13:28.04AdamBakerif ( [ -f /unslung/rc.xinetd ] && . /unslung/rc.xinetd ) ; then return 0 ; fi
13:28.04AdamBakerif [ -n "`pidof inetd`" ] ;then
13:28.04AdamBaker#   killall -9 inetd &>/dev/null
13:28.06AdamBaker/bin/inetd &>/dev/null
13:29.47drifso that one line is also commented out?
13:29.54drifkillall -9 ...
13:30.09driforiginal or own modification?
13:33.41drifok, thanks :) I hope it's the same as 5.5
13:36.15AdamBakerThe only difference from 3.18 is the extra diversion checks for sda / sdb are no longer needed, the killall -9 is still commented out
13:44.43drifhm, vsftpd just doesn't start :-\
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13:47.06Sharemananybody knowing the reason, why "md5sum" which is part of debian "coreutils" package has naming "md5sum.textutils" inside?
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13:49.58Sharemanmy debootstrap on ds101 just complained, not finding "md5sum" and i didn't find it either for some time
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15:05.15SharemanGreat ... debian working on ds101g+ as chroot :)
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17:59.04Sharemanovercloaking nslu2: as of the website, there's nearly no change on power consumption, right?
18:00.05Sharemanalso for temp... those 1.6C seems to be "unchanged" ;)
18:00.28eFfeMwell, i did not really notice a difference and my slug is running at 266 for several months now
18:00.59Sharemanfine ... do you think, putting a little passive cooler is it worth?
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18:02.02Shareman(I have cooler for memory chips of aluminium - self glueing)
18:05.02SharemanI read about people saying not to put the slug horizontal due to temp issues ... why that?
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20:27.07snotlinghello, has anyone succeeded at cross-compiling mldonkey ?
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20:59.32rwhitbyShareman: I expect if you put the slug horizontally, and put something on top of it, then you're asking for heat issues irrespective of whether you're running at 133 or 266.
21:12.54CIA-103rwhitby * 10debian/Makefile: Intermediate solution for building official debian kernels
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21:47.11CIA-103rwhitby * 10debian/ (3 files in 3 dirs): Updated to -rc7
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22:16.27Sharemanrwhitby :)
22:17.20SharemanI thought, 8 watts never produce any problems ...
22:17.52SharemanCIA: What are you talking about?
22:18.24Sharemanwhat is the most common way to upgrade nslu2 to debian?
22:22.25SharemanDoes NSLU2 run on little and big endian mode?
22:38.35chouimat|puband going to a pub too :)
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23:02.42Sharemanhey rwhitby .. some seconds?
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23:21.15rwhitby-webShareman: whassup?
23:26.54Sharemanhey ... i don't understand on unsl2 ... it's an arm platform
23:27.10Sharemancan this run under big and little endian?
23:27.42Sharemanbut it needs to be consistent...
23:27.45rwhitby-webStock bootloader and firmware is armeb
23:27.58rwhitby-webUnslung, OpenSlug, UcSlugC are all armeb
23:28.07rwhitby-webLeSlug is armel
23:28.29rwhitby-webOpenSlug can use the debian-armeb port
23:28.31Sharemanand armel is the arch told to be "arm" on debian
23:28.42Sharemanstandard port
23:28.46rwhitby-webLeSlug can use the normal arm debian packages
23:29.03Sharemannow i see..
23:29.06rwhitby-webOpenSlug and LeSlug are identical, apart from the endianness is building sarge and sid armeb packages
23:30.12rwhitby-web(for use with OpenSlug)
23:30.16Sharemanyes that's what i read
23:30.29rwhitby-weband I am working on getting NSLU2 supported by the standard debian kernel and installer
23:30.37Sharemanbut i didn't fully understand why (because i could see "arm" as arch on deb)
23:30.51Sharemanthat's great
23:31.19Sharemanso you work on the debian packages itself
23:32.52rwhitby-webI'm working with the debian-kernel team to try and get the existing arm/ixp4xx debian kernel image package to work on the nslu2.  This involves changes to kernel-package and debian-installer.
23:35.18Sharemanhmm... so what option to choos to run a debian on nslu2 for now?
23:35.49Sharemanany speed differences between LE and BE?
23:38.15Sharemanyou probably would suggest debonaras, right?
23:39.56rwhitby-webI would suggest running OpenSlug with a hard disk partitioned with / for OpenSlug (maybe 400MB), / for OpenDebianSlug (maybe 1GB), swap (maybe 1GB), and the rest of the disk for /home.
23:40.16rwhitby-webthen debootstrap debian onto the OpenDebianSlug / partition and turnup disk to that,
23:40.52rwhitby-webyou can do the same thing with s/OpenSlug/LeSlug/, but I think I am the only one running that at the moment.
23:41.42Sharemanyou remember - i did debootstrap yesterday for my chroot (ds101g+)
23:42.04Sharemanwas a nightmare since debootstrap depends much more than listed in dependencies
23:43.56SharemanPlease make some things clear to me: OpenSlug and DebianSlug is listed as "Project" with "firmware"
23:45.45Sharemanif you suggest this: this means in concrete which firmware applying?
23:47.23rwhitby-webflash openslug, then debootstrap
23:50.57Sharemanis it okay to extend the wiki with my dependency notes?
23:51.14rwhitby-webthat's what the wiki is there for ...
23:52.10Sharemanokay so let's begin take part of the process ;)
23:53.43rwhitby-webbut instead of doing that, perhaps you can write this page instead:
23:54.12rwhitby-weband give a step-by-step on how to build and install LeSlug, and then debootstrap to debian unstable
23:55.13rwhitby-webIf you undertake to write that page, then I will undertake to help you with any questions along the way.

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