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00:06.59tlhackqueI have just built rsync V 2.6.6 (current ipkg is 2.6.3) and am testing it now.  I was seeing hangs, timeouts & other ugliness.  If there are no objections, I'll commit the changes when it's run successfuly overnight.
00:23.33rwhitby-webno objections here.  Note that I am making significant changes to the structure of the top-level Makefile right now, so stay away from changes there.  No change to individual *.mk files.
00:24.06rwhitby-webtlhackque:  (No change from me that is - you're welcome to make your change)
00:27.20tlhackqueOK, will do.  It's a small edit on our side & doesn't touch the top-level makefile (just rsync's makefile & private stuff.)
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00:59.26rwhitby-webhey davidv
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05:01.20CIA-603mwester * r3e8391a2... 10/packages/busybox/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Update slingbox umount to support -f and add the Linksys custom -L (-lazy umount) option.
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05:44.22CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Complete re-vamp of the PACKAGES variables. Intended to make it more likely for packages to end up supported for multiple targets, rather than just being added for one target and being forgotten about for the others.
05:52.50CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Demoted appweb from ds101g.
06:03.17CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Changed over to filtering out packages that do not build on a single target.
06:14.14CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Demoted appweb from wl500g.
06:16.04CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Demoted libstdc++ from wl500g.
06:20.05CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Fixed the strip command.
06:25.37CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
06:26.10CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
06:29.12CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Fixed the Packages target so it only rsyncs packages for the correct architecture.
06:30.16CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
06:34.12davidvrwhitby-away:  yo ?
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06:44.53CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Enabled all NSLU2 packages for all other targets, to see which break.
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08:27.10rwhitby-treodavidv: just saying g'day ...
08:47.58CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
08:48.35CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/bzflag/control: control file now generated
08:50.05CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/sqlite2/control: control file now generated
08:54.52CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
08:55.21CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/ctorrent/control: control file now generated
08:57.13CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
08:58.20CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/giftcurs/control: control file now generated
09:00.19CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
09:00.48CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/imagemagick/control: control file now generated
09:01.53CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
09:02.38CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/jikes/control: control file now generated
09:03.58CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
09:04.28CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/metalog/control: control file now generated
09:06.19CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
09:06.49CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/mdadm/control: control file now generated
09:43.07CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/tcl/strstr.c.patch): tcl: upstream upgrade to 8.4.12 - bash 3.1 configure fix
09:47.45CIA-603tlitt * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/rsync/rsync.patch): Update rsync to 2.6.6-8
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10:01.16CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
10:02.35CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/nfs-server/control: control file now generated
10:04.35CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
10:05.18CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/nfs-utils/control: control file now generated
10:10.11CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
10:10.51CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/nload/control: control file now generated
10:14.57CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Fixed the package name.
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10:43.34CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ tcl: two digit TCL patchlevel SED fix
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12:05.42CIA-603unslung * 10unslung/Makefile: Identified the broken packages for mss and ds101.
12:21.47CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
12:22.11CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/sudo/control: control file now generated
12:23.12CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Converted to generated control files.
12:23.39CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/ser/control: control file now generated
12:25.05CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Further package rationalisation.
12:29.32CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Demoted apache for ds101g.
12:32.39CIA-603unslung * 10unslung/make/ Fixed the version in the generated control file.
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13:21.24CIA-603rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Removed the comment which was causing the build to fail.
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13:37.04CIA-603unslung * 10unslung/Makefile: Demoted some more ds101g packages, and promoted tcl back again (it was a error).
13:39.32CIA-603unslung * 10unslung/Makefile: Demoted clamav for ds101g.
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14:25.25CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/groff/groff.patch): groff: disable broken doc generation
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16:33.37CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ antinat: download source fix
16:34.38CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ apache: download source fix
16:35.59CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ ( apr: download source fix
16:38.27CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ atftp: download source fix
16:40.05CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ asterisk-sounds: download source fix
16:43.28CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ hdparm: download source fix
16:47.04CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ dokuwiki: upstream upgrade to 2005-09-22
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17:11.36CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ ( TLS: download source fix
17:15.33CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ imap:upstream upgrade from 2004f to 2004g
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17:40.53CIA-603oleon * 10unslung/make/ (33 files): optware: remove regional sourceforge references
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21:58.14marcelnHi rwhitby
22:00.56marcelnI see that mwester worked on busybox?
22:01.06marcelnWhat are the results.
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23:22.25rwhitbymarceln: haven't tested mwester's new busybox yet
23:22.34rwhitbyhe's only done the umount command so far
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23:29.39CIA-603unslung * 10unslung/Makefile: More demotions for wl500g and ds101g.
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