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00:30.20rwhitby-webInteresting disk mounting behaviour in Linksys V2.3R63:
00:32.46NAiLthat looks like it could be used for openslug
00:34.05rwhitby-webhow so ?
00:34.17NAiLie, udev could make device nodes named that way, and turnup could list them (and their partitions/sizes), then you could choose what disk/partition is the root fs
00:35.19NAiLthat solution makes sure that the same port always is the "root-disk" port
00:35.53NAiLso swapping disks for a different root fs won't require an edit of any files in flash
00:37.26NAiLMaybe I should set up udev/turnup so that you can choose... either make one port "always-root-disk", or make one disk root-disk based on identifier (like serial).
00:38.45NAiLDoes ucslugc use udev?
00:45.04NAiLbtw, does anyone use LE debian without an usb dongle?
00:45.11NAiLI haven't followed the development there
00:53.30NAiLah, re nas100/ds101 hardware btw.. there's another difference... the ds101 uses DoC... Haven't gotten that working quite yet.
01:02.22rwhitby-webLE debian without extra hardware should now be possible, cause the IXP modules build LE now
01:02.32rwhitby-webyeah, the DoC is a problem
01:03.05NAiLI can't get it to recognize the DoC... Dunno why yet.
01:06.52NAiLI wonder if I can do that poweron mod
01:07.06NAiLOrdered a few samples now
01:49.46CIA-803azummo * 10kernel/2.6.15/ (50-rtc-platform-x1205.patch 50-rtc-platform.patch): fixed ARM conflicts while building
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03:23.46foutsis there a git repository of the openslug kernel somewhere?
03:44.21foutsnever mind, patches will do
03:45.28jacquesfouts, all the most recent openslug patches are in openembedded monotone repository
03:54.35foutsi just stopped doing arm kernel development at palmsource and i'm going through withdrawl so i thought i'd play with a slug until i figure out what to do next. any particular projects need picking up?
03:58.51jacquesfouts, heh I think there are probably lots of things you could help with
03:59.33jacqueshmm, does this mean palmsource is backing off its linux plans?  :-(
04:01.57foutsno. it means that palsource and i didn't get along. :{
04:02.03jacquesah :-\
04:02.34foutsthat, and i think that palmlinux is going to end up getting mostly done in nanjing, and my mandarin isn't that good
04:03.32jacquesmore outsourcing. yay.
04:05.48foutswell, they bought CMS because they were already doing Linux, and then got bought by the japanese company access, so it'll be no surprise if Access moves the linux work from sunnyvale to nanjing
04:06.14jacquesah yeah
04:06.36jacquesgood point - I am being an a$$ - it's not outsourcing because they are now a japanese company
04:07.36foutsnah, you're not being an a$$, it's just become a more complicated world.
04:21.29foutsah, well, isn't talking to me, anyway, so i'll have to dl oe later
04:22.39foutswhat dragged you to sunyvale, and how did you manage to escape?
04:23.03jacquesyeah I am having my own problems with now - very frustrating
04:23.41jacquesgot dragged to sunnyvale from houston by a cool job doing linux sysadmin
04:23.45jacquesand good pay
04:24.01jacqueswas a start-up so I left after three years of it not really starting
04:27.34jacquesfouts, I misspoke before - I shoulda said out project has its own oe repository
04:28.00foutsah, that. already building from there. thanks
04:28.15jacquesunfortunately, the problem I am having right now is that apparently the compressed db file being distributed right now iw corrupt
04:28.28jacquesit won't uncompress
04:29.40jacquesI'l updating from an older db - it will take a while
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04:30.43rwhitby-webfouts: g'day
04:30.57rwhitby-webjacques alerted me to a new developer in the house :-)
04:31.17rwhitby-web(I try and lead this motely crew towards some semblence of progress ...)
04:32.11foutsi've been whacking away at arm linux for palmsource for a while. we split up.  i'm looking for something to do while i hunt my next job.
04:32.29rwhitby-webare you interested in running an OpenEmbedded-derived rootfs, or Debian ?
04:32.35foutsyes ;)
04:32.41foutsi've got debian on it now
04:32.45foutslittle endian
04:32.50foutsbut i can go back to the other easily
04:33.18rwhitby-weblet me dig up the latest "state of the project" email for you
04:33.34foutsthe one on armlinux of 15 nov?  got it
04:34.00foutsor a more recent one?
04:34.16foutser, sorry, 2 nov, not 15.
04:34.54foutsah.  thanks.
04:34.58jacquesthis one would be after thanksgiving - at the miniconf in austin ;-)
04:35.51foutsthat would be just before i got on the mailing list, i think
04:36.21rwhitby-webfouts: depends what kind of stuff you like to work on ...
04:36.44foutsi suppose i could look into getting the ixp ether driver working in le mode if no one else is interested
04:37.31rwhitby-webHave you ever worked on the debian installer ?
04:37.49foutsbut i could
04:38.42rwhitby-webThe end goal for DebianSlug is a flashable image which boots into the debian installer running a network console install, which then installs Debian to the attached hard disk
04:39.01rwhitby-webat the moment, everything should be in place to be able to do that for Debian arm LE.
04:39.51foutsjust a matter of dotting the Is and crossing the Ds?  sounds doable
04:39.56rwhitby-web(i.e. ixp modules should now work LE, then you build slugos-lag for the kernel and rootfs, then debootstrap an armle debian sid rootfs, then use that to build the debian installer from the latest svn sources.
04:40.51rwhitby-webthen package that debian-installer rootfs as a flashable image with the kernel and ixp modules, and we distribute that image.
04:41.10foutsmakes sense
04:41.28rwhitby-webthen we repeat for debian BE when there are enough pakages built to complete a d-i build (which there aren't at the moment)
04:42.01foutswhich kernel do you want this with?
04:42.11fouts(kernel version, that is)
04:42.54rwhitby-webfouts: so if it's debianslug you're interested in, then the place to discuss is in #debonaras rather than here.  meet you there?
04:43.13foutsok.  same irc net, i assume?
04:43.45foutsi'm there now
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04:43.53rwhitby-webHopefully dwery-zzzz and Jacmet will follow us there when they awake ..
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06:54.26rwhitby-webThe Unslung 6.x alpha firmware image needs the cp437 and ufsd kernel modules added before it can mount ntfs drives.  Once those are added, you can actually mount multiple NTFS drives on a usb hub on the Disk1 port.
06:58.07rwhitby-webSo we might need to include cp437 in the kernel instead of making it a module.
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09:16.34CIA-803koen * ra6dfe9e9... 10/packages/linux/handhelds-pxa-2.6/h2200/defconfig:
09:16.34CIA-8h2200 defconfig: tweaks
09:16.34CIA-8* compile in hamcop dma
09:16.34CIA-8* change localversion to 'openembedded'
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10:06.26rwhitbyUnslung 6.3-alpha pushing now.  Not sure it will fit in the jffs2 though, but if it does, then it will be able to mount NTFS disks ...
10:11.47CIA-803rwhitby * r9a8ac466... 10/conf/distro/slugos.conf: slugos.conf: Updated default nslu2-kernel version to 2.6.15-rc5
10:11.50CIA-803rwhitby * r08cf288e... 10/packages/linux/ (unslung-kernel/defconfig unslung-kernel: Added cp437 back into the kernel instead of being a module.
10:11.53CIA-803rwhitby * r34211767... 10/ (5 files in 3 dirs): unslung-rootfs: Update nslu2-linksys-ramdisk to include the ufsd module from the original firmware. Updated downstream packages to use the new file.
10:14.57dweryrwhitby: hi!
10:15.21dwerysaw a lot of traffic.....
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11:12.24CIA-803rwhitby * 10debian/ (30 files in 6 dirs): Committed IXP patches from azummo
11:29.07CIA-803azummo * 10kernel/2.6.15/60-nslu2-rtc.patch: no more useful
11:31.25CIA-803koen * r51df6c00... 10/packages/pcmcia-cs/ pcmcia-cs: bump PR
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11:45.16CIA-803rwhitby * 10debian/Makefile: Updated to latest debian source package.
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12:24.39oleonThe question is: Just updated 52 broken links from unslung/make out of 434 packages. Is it OK to commit changes to CVS or am I doing something wrong?
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14:01.53CIA-803pH5 * r90643841... 10/packages/dbus/ (6 files in 2 dirs):
14:01.53CIA-8dbus: add new version 0.60, still disabled
14:01.53CIA-8- DEFAULT_PREFERENCE = "-1" in
14:01.54CIA-8- there is a small API change in dbus_bus_request_name()
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15:16.45CIA-803pH5 * r24e9a57c... 10/packages/linux/handhelds-pxa-2.6/ipaq-pxa270/defconfig:
15:16.45CIA-8hx4700 defconfig: update to 2.6.13-hh1
15:16.45CIA-8- disabled BLK_DEV_NBD, IPV6_TUNNEL and BRIDGE
15:16.45CIA-8- enabled INOTIFY and NO_IDLE_HZ
15:16.47CIA-803hrw * rd4e0f069... 10/packages/module-init-tools/ (11 files in 3 dirs):
15:16.48CIA-8module-init-tools: upgraded to 3.2.2, removed all versions older then 3.2.1
15:16.49CIA-8- module-init-tools-cross upgraded to 3.2.2 (byteorder switch patch no longer needed)
15:16.51CIA-8- all not needed patches removed
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18:16.28CIA-803mickeyl * r62a13cce... 10/packages/qpegps/ add qpegps - the latest version of a GPS viewer application for Qtopia/Opie
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21:46.41CIA-803pH5 * r71d07213... 10/packages/ (5 files in 4 dirs):
21:46.41CIA-8gcc_csl-arm, gnu-config, orinoco-modules, quilt: move
21:46.41CIA-8- Fix for bug 523.

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